Tina Fey- The Real Mean Girl Who’s Shaming Famed Dermatologist May Have Lead to His Death

Tina Fey’s humor of making fun of others is not funny. It is Toxic, cruel and mean. . Based on what happened with famed dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt, she owes his heirs and apology and needs to be held accountable for her actions.

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Apparently she created a character in her netflix show called the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that was poking fun at the 65 year old smooth skinned, tanned, platinum haired dermatologist  with a hyperarticulate high pitched voice named Dr. Franff, ( a play on his name Dr. Brandt) played by Martin Short.  When the NY Post brought the similarity between the fictional and the real character to light in an article last month, the doctor felt humiliated. He told friends and colleagues that he was devastated by this portrayal of him. In fact his PR agent Lesley Abravanel shared this tweet about how devastated Fr. Brandt felt over the comparisons on Tina Fey’s show.

Though Abravanel suggests that Dr Franff is a protagonist on the show, Martin Short's character only appeared in one episode of the first season

It was too much for the doctor to take and he committed suicide at his home in Coral Gables, Florida.

Television personality Kelly Ripa and Dr. Frederic Brandt attend Dr. Fredric Brandt's SiriusXM launch event at SiriusXM Studio on September 26, 2011

The news of this doctors death and his public humiliation is devastating. Here is a  bona fide physician who spent years in medical school and in a residency, who built up a top notch dermatology practice in Miami and in NY of A list clients like Madonna,  model Stephanie Seymour, talks show host Kelly Rippa, fashion designer  Marc Jacobs, and so many others,  as well as developing his own brand of collagen booster,only to be publicly humiliated  and  ‘devastated’ by unflattering comparisons to Dr Franff on the show Kimmy Schmidt.

Allegedy the doctor had suffered from issues of depression in the past but  many believe that this public humiliation  by Tina Fey must have pushed him over the edge.  Sadly he died alone and was discovered by his maid at his Miami mansion.

This type of mean humor to poke fun at someone’s appearance, the way they speak no longer works in this day and age. neither does humor of race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Years ago this type of humor was prevalent and tolerated but it is no longer the case. The Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and now Tina Fey type of humor where people are made fun of  because of their looks, ethnicity,  or demeanor is not tolerated. Prior to her death, Joan Rivers was called out for calling Michelle Obama a tranny and rightfully so. Jamine Fox was also called out for his jokes making fun of Bruce Jenner’s transsexuality.

This type of humor is mean spirited and should not be tolerated or encouraged. There are consequences to making fun of people, which is  essence  a form of  bullying them. That is what Tina Fey did to Dr. Brandt. This type of “humor” can push people over the edge like it did with the famed dermatologist. Monica Lewinsky even spoke about how she was close to ending her life after constantly hearing jokes about her.


Broken Relationships, Mean Girls,Toxic People Fallout From Presidential Campaign Need Healing

The Presidential Election is finally over and President Barack Obama has been elected to a second term.  Even though I did an inordinate amount of press for it from numerous Associated Press interviews to appearing on  CNBC, to the Daily Show, Good Day LA, Geraldo, Mancow and countless radio shows across the country concerning the body language of the debaters and wrote extensive blogs on the candidates as well, I too share the sentiments of the precious little girl who went viral on youtube who was crying .

She was crying because  she was sick of  “Bronco Bama and Mitt Rom men nee. “No doubt she was sick of the hatred and ugliness she was hearing  on TV or on the radio, or perhaps from her  from her parents  and others when discussing their candidate.

While I honor that everyone has their own political views, I can assure you that  my intention  during my national interviews and in my blogs were  to never be political.I am not a political person or a political analyst. I just report what I observe from a body language standpoint. That is the truth coming from my own mouth. So when people have commented that I am partisan they are wrong as I support no party and have no agenda.

Even though I repeatedly stated this, several  refused to accept that and  subsequently spewed forth their own political beliefs via their  comments. Many went on a diatribe and leveled personal attacks which were uncalled for.

What was most shocking to me was that the ones who made the most TOXIC comments  and leveled the most vitriol were acquaintances whom I barely knew who  came out of  the woodwork.  One  such commenter was so hateful and vitriolic that my fans on my facebook page turned against her in my defense.  Apparently this  woman turned out to  be someone whom I hadn’t spoken to since I was 8 years old in the 3rd grade and whom I  only remembered  as a frizzy haired child with a strange looking  mole on her face who liked to color.

While  she was certainly free to express her opinions, when she decided  to make personal attacks  on me , especially  after I  repeatedly told  this obviously not very bright woman based on the  illogical thought patterns she expressed  and her refusal to accept that my site was not a political site.  She continued to make  personal attacks  until I told her that she was no longer welcome and blocked her from Facebook.

Next, a highly Toxic woman whom I  barely knew or  spoke to in high school but  whom I met decades later as a result of my high school reunion,  took  it  upon herself to defend  the  now grown up frizzy haired girl who was in my  3rd grade class .These two  were obviously friends who shared the same political beliefs. When I tried to once again reassure the Toxic  woman whom I was reaquainted with as a result of my high school reunion that my blogs and television and radio appearances were my observations about the candidate’s body language , she too  began to unload personal attacks until I blocked her from my Facebook account as well.

She even went to far as telling me that she, and the now grown up frizzy haired girl with whom I hadn’t spoken to since 3rd  grade, as well as a third woman- a former high school jock, (whom I  hadn’t spoken to since high school) all discussed me and came ot the conclusion that  thought that “all my fame went to my head”  and that I have turned into  a  vapid “talking head” on television.   With comments like that , it is obvious  this  Mean Girl is still mentally stuck in high school mode.

But what she intended  as  a mean cut was a actually a compliment  to me  as I am indeed  officially on the  media list as  a talking head and I  must say that I am proud of it. I should also share with you that this  Toxic woman  who made this comment  is the same woman who contacted me and  hit me up for advice about doing a television show  as she wanted to appear on camera.

Finally, a fourth woman with whom I had not spoken to since 7th grade gym class whom I only remember as having an unusually  deep hoarse voice  for  a 12 year old and who had  a very bad complexion at the time,  spewed forth her  own vitriol and made personal attacks as she chastised me for briefly  mentioning the above incident in a previous blog.

As I saw it, four  ugly  “Mean Girls’ – one from grade school,  one from junior high school, and  the  two  from high school, now  grew up and clearly  became  ugly  “Mean Women” in my view.

I certainly  am not the only one who has experienced this type of  Toxicity. There are a lot of people who turned into “Mean Women” and “Mean Men”  who   personally  attacked others they knew,  simply because they thought differently. There was no more “agreeing to disagree”  and still  maintaining  a sense of respect and dignity towards one another.

The vitriol was not only spewed  towards  remote insignificant acquaintances from the past as in my case, but  rather  with long time friends, work colleagues,  family members, and even spouses.


Many  saw other’s choices for a candidate as a reflection of their beliefs and personal issues. Tom, an Obama loving  gay man refused to ever speak to his  Romney supporting brother  Mike, (who  by the way was the only one  in his family who supported Tom  when he came out as being gay).  Tom said he could never look at anyone, including his own brother  who didn’t  support gay marriage like Obama did.

Another man, Ed  who was in ill health and supported Obama because of his Obamacare,  looked at his Romney supporting former best friend as a traitor who didn’t care about his friend’s heath.They haven’t spoken in months and  both never plan to speak again.

And  Jane, woman who  once had a daughter out of wedlock who’s daughter  grew up to become an attorney , will never speak to Lisa,  the Obama supporting  Godmother to her  lawyer daughter,  because Jane  is understandably,  vehemently opposed to abortion.

So when I was listened to a show on  NPR  (KPPC affiliate) discussing how once close  relationships have been destroyed over this election I listened carefully.The show told how families became divided over this election, refusing to speak to one another. One father kicked his son out of the house for not voting for Romney. One man who was interviewed on the show said that while his brother in law can come over he cannot partake and eat his barbecued cooking.

The NPR Affiliate in LA  also had another  show  about how Facebook friends  unfriended  one another due to political beliefs . They even   did a poll on it  where they found that people were indeed unfriended  others due to their political views and vice versa.

As I listened to the radio show detailing how specific relationships were so easily  tossed aside,  I thought that perhaps  these differences of opinions among so called friends may be an excuse to hang a hat on some true underlying negative feelings about the person.

Perhaps the man who wouldn’t  allow his brother in law to eat his barbecued  meat really never liked him in the first place. Perhaps the father who  kicked his  twenty something son out of the house, finally found an excuse to use  to stop his freeloading.

Maybe it was the tone of the debates  themselves which brought out people’s vitriol towards one another. How can we forget watching   the second debate where  the two candidates physically looked as though they were in a boxing ring as they circled one another in a threatening looking manner.

Perhaps it was the ugly campaign  ads  with personal attacks which added fuel to the fire  and  leaked  into our personal relationships with one another. Perhaps it was the last ditch efforts we all saw where PR scavengers like Gloria Alred  and Donald Trump were trying to dig up some nastiness and personal dirt  on the candidates, which turned out to be a dud in both cases.

Well now that the debates and campaigning  have ended, we need to heal.  We  not  only need to heal from the ugly words that infected our eyes and ears throughout this campaign.

We also  need to forgive and let go and make attempts to rekindle those once special relationships  we have  suddenly cast off.  Politics is not worth coming  between people who  once  loved and cared deeply  about one another . We need to so what we did before the election when our friends and relatives didn’t agree with us and that is to simply  “agree to disagree” and not ” throw the baby out with the bath water” or “cut off our nose to spite our face” as the expressions go.


Tiger Wood’s Sex Partner, Rachel Uchitel Needs Serious Voice Work On Her TV Gig! Her Mean Girl Revelation and Body Language Tells of Deception Speak Volumes


As someone who has spent a lot of her professional life helping actors and on camera talent have a better speaking voice and become camera ready. I can assure you that no matter how well known Tiger Wood’s sex partner is, she won’t last on TV for long.

Her voice, in my opinion is downright annoying! The extreme nasal quality and the boring monotone,  throatiness and uptalk at the end of sentences may be appealing in Tiger’s bed, but they are not appealing over the airwaves.

The harsh glottal attacks which reveal an inner anger and defensiveness were also off putting. Her throaty closed off vocal quality was also a major turn off to one’s ears.


Her physical image with her now darker hair to apparently de-bimboize her, gives a conflicting message when paired with her ultra- short skit and very low cut top  revealing her separated cleavage, often indicative of breast implants.

If she wants to not be regarded as the” ho” people think she is for cheating with a married man, then she needs to  revamp her dressing style in my view.

This is the same woman who got her panties in a bunch when Joy Behar kidded around and said “YOU KA TELL SHE”S A HOOKER”. Well her getup on Extra certainly made Joy Behar’s words ring true as the way she was dressed  certainly helped make her  like a “hooker” in my opinion.



There was also a type of arrogant quality as she spoke to Mario Lopez about her life. I particularly did not find her likeable or watchable, especially when she spoke of what she was like in high school,

She described herself as being an original “cool”  Mean Girl. As soon as she said that, she completely turned me off!

To me, it spoke volumes about her character- purposely being mean to others and bullying them  for no reason, other than she may have felt that someone was beneath her or that they were not “cool!” Hearing that made me sick!  The fact that she would even admit this to the world, made me think that she is really not that bright.

Obviously Rachel hasn’t changed much as an adult, as she has continued to hurt people and not think about their feelings and the consequences of her ugly actions. After all look what she did to Tiger’s wife and the wives of the other married men with whom she was allegedly involved.

This woman with ugly character  in my view, also has the audacity to tell the word how even in her “cool “ clique hated each other. How disgusting! She obviously didn’t learn loyalty. By her own admission,by hating her “friends” she learned early on how to be two faced, duplicitous, and deceitful.

Then this woman who  got her panties in a bunch for Joy Behar calling her a hooker, got paid millions of dollars to not discuss Tiger or write a book about him. Just as hookers make money for doing a sexual service, she received money for doing the service of not revealing their sexual escapades to the public.

Rachael then told of how the girls she bullied turned out to be beautiful and successful and how she would see them in the street and  apologize to them 25 years later. Even if this ugly bully Rachel  apologized to them, her ugly words and bullying behavior no doubt left emotional scars on her prey. She even laughs as she said this making her look sadistic and witch-like.


Then “You Ka Tell”, outs her “friend”by telling the world the friend was suicidal because the friend’s boyfriend broke up with her. She didn’t need to add that bit of personal information. But she obviously thought it would make her look “cool” and like a good friend as she demanded her “friend”  “get into the car with me and dive across country.” If Rachel was a real friend and not the selfish Toxic person she has revealed she is, she would have taken her friend to a clinic or to a doctor if she was suicidal.

Also what if it comes out in public who this “friend” is who went on this road trip with her. That would be horrible. Now, thanks to her “friend” Uchitel,  everyone would know she tried to kill herself over a breakup when she was younger.


Rachel also sickened me when she describes how her fiancé died in 911. Her selfishness and self- centeredness is out front and in the open as she says “ I lost my future.” What about her fiancé? He lost his life, for God’s sakes! She doesn’t talk about that.

Then she says there is nothing I couldn’t handle because of that.  Again I I I I I I and ME ME ME ME ME patterns emerge!

When she spoke of “Andy” it was in a matter of fact monotone voice like it was just another experience in her life to get her where she is today.


She is completely bullshitting as she describes herself as a homebody and saying she doesn’t venture out much. This is Miss NY Night Life Who is the  VIP Care Taker.

Her lip licking tell gave her statement away as  away  BS in her attempts to de-hookerize her image.


She is also a contradiction of  terms as she describes herself as a homebody and then tries to sound like Miss Adventurer as she describes  how she biked across Morocco by herself for 14 days.  You can’t have it BOTH ways! You can’t be a homebody and an adventurer!

Having been to Morocco and seeing firsthand how women are often harassed and mistreated and knowing a lot about the culture, I seriously doubt she was out biking alone without being harassed.

No doubt she was visiting someone, like perhaps a lover, and was biking on the premises of an exclusive resort where the two lovebirds were staying! As she tells this BS story in my view,  she pulls her head back and jerks her body back which is often a tell of deception. This is what people usually do when they aren’t being forthright and when they are lying.


Now we really see and hear her bullshit as she says she travels a lot alone. There are several hair tosses which is often associated with deception.

You see it when she talks about her trip to Thailand and how she went alone. She may have flown there alone but in my opinion based on all the hair tossing, head jerking and  downward head movement , that  I doubt she was completely alone when she was in Thailand.

You see a significant body language “tell” as  she pulls back and says how she studied for two weeks with the moi toi kickboxing team.

She bends  head down and looks down and  her vocal “tell” of inflecting her voice  upward as if she knows what she is saying is not totally true, is evident.

Maybe she went with a guy who was on the team or  who studied there. Perhaps she went along with him. Perhaps he is a married man like Tiger so this information can’t be verified.

Also how does a nightclub worker in the VIP section of a club who essentially guards the VIP rope, have all this time and money to travel to these exotic places so often and stay for weeks at a time? Could it be that some VIP who got through the velvet rope is paying for her to accompany them to these exotic places on perhaps exotic trysts?


Finally, Rachel says she would like a family of her own. Wouldn’t hat be something is she had a family of her own and some ho, hooker, mistress, call girl or prostitute  did the same thing to her that she did to Elin Wood- cheating with her married husband. Wouldn’t that be karmic justice if she found out about it the same way Elin found out about their affair?

Rachel  then said she wants to be at that point in her life where she is happy and proud and excited. Well she may be there now. She may be very happy that she is now a household name. She may be very proud that she with the help of her attorney  sucked out millions from Tiger’s wallet  as a payoff for her silence about their affair. And finally she may be excited that she has millions of dollars to her name so she never has to scramble for money again, and equally  excited about the fact that she has a TV gig on national TV.


I hate the fact that Rachel Uchitel, a sex partner to a married man who got her panties in a bunch because a comedian called her a  hooker, a moniker that  many people have called her, has now been rewarded for her bad behavior.

This is a horrible role model for young girls to see. I cannot stand the fact that young women are seeing this woman extort  millions of dollars from Tiger just for keeping quiet about the details of their affair. I detest that she now has a   TV gig with no professional training and without paying her dues, just  for sleeping with a rich and famous guy and getting caught!

It is sickening and sends a horrific message to young women.  I hope that her TV career lasts for  15 minutes  so that young women can see that even though someone may be infamous and be out there in the limelight, they don’t have staying power when they have no qualifications and a horrible speaking voice to boot! www.drlillianglass.com