Casey Anthony Pays For Baez’ Legal Services By Working As Assistant In Her Own Trial

While Jose Baez  may lack experience and may have made mistakes, he  is no dummy and no  bozo. He  has cleverly  managed to get some FREE help on Casey’s case, by making  Casey serve as her own legal assistant. She’s now  filing papers, organizing them, and  underlining them , as well as  taking things in and out of  legal notebooks.  Jose hands her papers and she has  obviously been instructed what to do with them.

Doing this, makes Casey actually looked focused for the very first time ever in the courtroom, But I don’t think a jury will like to see this.  In fact they will be distracted by this. They will want to see her paying attention to what is going on, not serving as  her own legal assistant. I refuse to label Casey as a ” paralega”l becuase  it takes a lot of intelligence and formal training to be one. So I will refer to her as an “assistan”t who is given specific tasks and told what to do. 

Prior to this we have only seen Casey playing with her hair, fiddling with what she is wearing, grooming herself , and looking vacant at whomever is in front of her, crying fake tears, wiping her eyes, and poking her fingers in her eyes to eek out some tears. And of course, smiling inappropriately and flirting.

Her flirting smile was seen as  soon as Casey walked into the courtroom. This unnerves me  when I think of the torture she most likely inflicted on that innocent little girl. After doing the analysis on how Casey  treated little Caylee when she sadistically ignored the child  on videotape, one can only imagine what Casey did to Caylee when no video was present.     

 As soon as Casey is seated, she  immediately begins  to search through Baez’ files. Here she is handed a file folder by Jose.

Even though she manages to keep busy, when she has a millisecond or two  of time on her own hands,  she still manages to groom herself as she tugs at the bottom of her form fitting sweater. Her smirk is uneerving as well. She is LOVING her newfound job which has given her a  purpose in life. The smirking indicates that  she is  feeling self satisfied.

As the K 9 officer is asked questions on the stand by Jose Baez, Casey is wtiting away like a maniac. Either  Jose asked her to write down  everything the officer said or he asked Casey to  write down her personal thoughts for an uncoming book she may be writing . Even though she writes and writes and writes, she still manages to sneek in  her grooming, with a pull at her sweater .

In all of my years, I  have never seen a client act like this where they serve as an attorney’s legal  assistant in the courtroom. As Jose has handed her the trial book, Casey  had trouble physically manipulating it. That is probably the only thing in her life she has ever had trouble trying to manipulate. We all know how her life has been spent trying to manipulate everyone with whom she comes in contact.  

Casey  is all spread out all over the table.  I can assure you that a jury will HATE  seeing this. They will wonder why SHE is doing this work and not the attorney’s staff. If she continues to do it in the courtroom,  it will defiantely  detract from any  positive  perception of Baez as well.

Casey frantically searches through the pages in the notebooks. It is clear that she has no previous experience in doing this. It is very disconcerting to watch her do this, in light of the fact that she is on trial for killing her daughter. This is not her role. Her role is to sit there and to be defended and not to function as a legal assistant.

Above we see her consult with one of Jose’s other attorneys on some of the deposition papers in one of the  notebooks.

The bottom line is that Jose has  finally put Casey to work so he doesn’t have to hire an extra pair of hands to do what he needs DONE. While I give him a lot of credit for that, I don’t think that Casey should be those extra pair of hands. He needs to get an intern, a law clerk,  or a voluteer, or  even a family member to do the job. He needs to get  anyone else other than Casey Anthony to assist him.