Body Language of Groom Who Committed Suicide May Have Been A Warning Sign

Fernando Brazier , 28 committed suicide just a few hours after his marriage ceremony to the mother of his two children Trudian Hay.


This photo of the two of them walking down the isle is haunting. Look at Fernando’s body language. He is stiff. He leans away from his bride. There is no smile on his face. He is wide-eyed and there appears to be an enormous amount of tension around his mouth and shoulder area a he awkwardly hold his bride’ hand. He does not look like a man who is happily in love or happy to be married.

Trudian Hay, who is also the mother of his two young daughters has no clue what he was about to do a few hours later.

In contrast, she appears to be elated and in a world of her own. She is laughing. Her head and body  is turned away from Fernando as she  has no clue that he  looks extremely uncomfortable, upset  and  almost on a state of shock as he completed  saying his vows and walked down the isle.


No one seemed to notice Fernando’s misery as he and the bride kissed as they all looked on , sharing in what they thought was the couple’s mutual joy. If you look closely at their post marital kiss he is stiff and non responsive.

It is Trudian who appears to be more dominant in reaching up to kiss him as indicated by the way she is straining and elongating her neck. He doesn’t bend down to meet her kiss. He is ridged  in his posture and there appears to be no joy expressed in his face. It is the complete opposite facial expression that his bride has on her face.  TO READ MORE  CLICK LINK BELOW



Ricardo Morales, Casey Ex Mentions and Sleeping In Same Bed With Caylee


Ex Boyfriend Ricardo Morles’  body language where he consistently leaned back in the chair and spoke in a  monotone delivery and gave  curt,  staccato,abrupt answers indicated that he clearly  did not want to be there.  Thus far, his testimony appeared to be  one of the most shocking testimonies thus far. It may be jaw dropping to any juror to hear  his description of  his  sleeping arrangements with Casey and Caylee. Apparently Casey slept next to him with Caylee in the bed as well.

Sleeping on the same bed your new boyfriend and your  little girl  shows that Casey had absolutely no boundaries. Casey  could have made Caylee a  small makeshift bed on the floor with pillows and sheets nearby. She did not need to put the toddler in the bed next to her and her new beau.

Hearing this speaks to Casey’s  motive in getting rid of Caylee. Caylee was clearly a burden to her sex life. While Ricardo Morales was open to including Caylee  in the bedroom, her subsequent beau, Tony Lazarus would have none of it.

In fact he was not too keen on having Caylee around. When he was on the stand his body language clearly revealed to me the discomfort when Caylee was there. At first he was being personable and allowing Caylee to swim in the pool with them. But I am sure he drew  is the line at Caylee being in their bed and doing a sleepover. That is why Casey never spent the night with him in the initial stages of their courtship. She began spending the night when Caylee was no longer around.

The visual of a little  girl in the same bed as a young twenty something man is beyond disturbing. Morales  did manage to  make it clear that Caylee was never next to him and was only next to Casey.

If Casey was busy cuddling up to her new man or having sex with her new man there is no doubt that Casey wasn’t paying that much attention to Caylee.  If they were engaged in the sexual act and they were coupled together, Morales would indeed be next to Caylee. He would be way too close for comfort. The fact that she may have  had a child  see her   engaged in a sex act or hear any strange sounds from her mother and a strange man may have upset or frightened Caylle.

What if she wet the bed? What if she needed to have a drink in the middle of  the  night? This does not create an ambiance for a good sex life with a boyfriend , let alone a new one.

Another thing that Morales said that raised eyebrows was  that he was aware of the date a photo was taken because of the bruise under Caylee’s  eye.  Did Caylee fall down or hit herself in a non- baby proofed home where young men and women lived? Was Caylee punched or slapped?

After hearing Morales on the stand, the bottom line, jurors may have a hard time believing the defense’s argument  that Casey was a good mother.

Casey’s Ex Boyfriend Tony Lazarro’s Lust, Casey’s Coldness, and Self Mutilated Eyebrows

When Tony Lazarro was on the stand,  Casey often looked away from him.  She did not focus on him directly. She showed little, if any emotion body language wise. But her upper chest heaving deep breathing reflected  her nervousness  and discomfort . 

When Tony said that they hit it off  the only emotion Casey leaked out was contempt. Look at how her angry eyed gaze and how one side of her lip is pulled to the right. It makes me wonder if she ever liked Tony but was simply using Tony for his club connections as a DJ along with a place to stay.

When Tony speaks of how Casey would initially just come over to his house, he was uncomfortable talking about it as you can see by his lip lick leak.

When he talks about how Casey brought Caylee with him when she came over, he appeared to leaked out that he may possibly not have been that  thrilled  about  it as he cocks his head to the side and purses his lip. One has to  admit that it is a bit awkward to begin a social relationship with a two year old in tow. No doubt Tony’s facial expression reflects this feeling.

When Lazarro says that she did  bring her daughter, he  literally jerks his body back . To me it reflects that he was taken aback at someone bringing their child on an initial date. While he may have welcomed Caylee he may have felt that it was unusual.

When asked if Casey stayed over his house during their initial interactions, he was uncomfortable and embarrassed  taking about it as evidenced by his lip licking and squirming It appeared that she may have just come over for a sexual liaison and left afterwards, not staying the night.

When Lazarro speaks Casey usually seems to look  off to the side, but she occasionally manages to sneak a peak. Casey’s eyebrows appear to be  mutilated. hey She may have over tweezed or shaved them. Oftentimes when people feel cornered, pressured or guilt they may “beat themselves up” or even engage in self mutilating behaviors. There is no question in my view that Casey may have engaged in this behavior with regard to her eyebrows. It appeared that she  tweezed or shaved  away of half of her brow on both sides,  giving her a devilish appearance in my view.

As soon as she sneeks a peek at Lazarro, she immediately turns  away from him as we see in the photo above.

Tony leaks out sadness when discussing Caylee being at the mall with Casey while he was there handing out leaflets. His pursed lips indicated that he didn’t want to discuss it as it no doubt brought back a sad memory.

Here we see Lazarro leak out some anger as he talks about how Casey talked to him about  the fictional people at work and mentioned Jeff and Zanny the Nanny. His curled lower lip shows upset at how he was duped by Casey.

When Tony mentions Zanny, Casey looks away and appears expressionless as she stares in the distance.

When asked if he cared for Casey he said he did but the give away was that he exhibited an immediate shoulder shrug. To me this shows that he may have cared for her but not that deeply. He sort of cared for her. He may have cared for her at that time but was ambivalent.

When their trip to Blockbuster was brought up Tony gets a case of the “itchy scratchies” which indicates that he is uncomfortable talking about it. This was the time that Caylee went missing and he was with an alleged murderer  who showed no difference in behavior and demeanor as they checked out movies.


His discomfort continues to be  evident as he discusses how Casey had nor change on her behavior and demeanor at the time they went to Blockbuster. He scratches himself in discomfort and his pursed downturned lips and curled back lower lip  shows that he is both  sad  and  angry about it.

As Tony says that he played hooky from school the next day because he didn’t want to leave the bed, we see him smiling and happy as he recalls his lustful sexual liaison with Casey during that time period. This is significant. Now that Caylee was no longer in the picture, Casey may have felt  more free to express herself sexually. Hence Tony’s intense sexual memories of Casey’s  hyper sexuality at time. It is interesting that he doesn’t express  his lust about her  when Caylee was with her and Casey came over for sex and left. But now that Casey was free of Caylee and  felt more free sexually, her  sexual freedom obviously left  such an indelible impression  in Tony’s mind that three years later as he recalls it, his face reflects the lustful memory.

When Tony is reminded by Jose Baez that in Tony’s deposition  he said that Casey warned Caylee to stay away from the pool, Casey showed emotion for the first time. She showed sadness as you can see above.  But it appears to be contrived sadness as her eyes look tense and sad but her lips are not downturned as one would normally see in a sad expression. To me it appears as though it is contrived.

No doubt, through  Tony’s statement ,  the defense got in their point in of how  great and watchful a mother Casey was and how Caylee seemed to always want to venture into pools by herself.  Now the defense  can easily make the leap that because  Caylee tried to venture into  Tony’s pool alone, she also ventured into the Anthony pool alone and drowned.

Day 9 Casey Finally Wears Black, Does NOT Cry When Court Is Recessed As Reporte

The defense team finally dressed Casey in black. Now  in my view,  the jury won’t be distracted by her manipulative outfits in baby colors to give the illusion of innocence. Black  says she is in mourning( even though it is not for Casey but for herself) and says she is taking this  seriously and is no  longer the little party girl. But they missed the fact she needs black pants not gray. Gray is a horrible color for someone to wear who is  on trial for their life. It is drab and depressing. So her teams  needs to go get her black pants to go with the black top .

She also needs to lose the swishy butt swager when she walks into of  and out the courtroom especially if she wants to rid herself of the part  girl image.

Also she needs to loose the Snooki do.  Snooki do says party girl and subconsciously that will be picked up with her hair do in my view so she needs to stop with the  hair teasing in front.. She needs to stick to one hairstyle and leave it at that. When a jury sees her changing up her do they won’t like it and think she is being too self absorbed with her appearance.

As soon as the proceeding began for jury selection on Day 9, Judge Perry was very friendly to Jose Baez. He seemed very happy to see him and had a warm lilt in his voice and a smile directed towards Baez. So any talk that the judge doesn’t like Baez  and is being biased isn;t accurate. He seemed genuinely happy to see Baez.

As soon as Baez opened his mouth he didn’t sound like his peppy self on Day 9.  He seemd a bit monotone which was out of character for him. When attorney Fryer got up in court and told Judge Perry that he couldn’t swear in the jury separate  from the alternates, he let her have it with his brilliance and knowledge.He was very polite to her whens he finished and complimented her on having done a good job.

While Jeff Ashton is an accomplished attorney, he needs to slow down when he speaks and flow out his tone and  stop speaking in such a staccato tone.  Even the judge tells him to slow down all the time. When he sounds so choppy it is alienating. That is no doubt why one of the perspective male 42 year old  jurist,  got so defensive with him. The juror  did not get defensive towards Linda Drane Burdick. If Jeff Ashton doesn’t want to alienate jurors and witnesses,  he needs to change his tone and only use his staccato and hostile sounding tone when he wants to stress a point. Otherwise it does not make him likeable. He needs to use that tone  with Cindy Anthony when she starts her shenanigans or with George ans Lee.

Personally I think there may be a dramatic change in Cindy and George and Lee’s testimony and in their demeanor. I do’;t think they will allow themselves to be used as mitigating factors. I can’t imagine that they will admit to sexually molesting or abusing Casey or Caylee. After George and Cindy hear the details and the other;s testimony as they sit in the courtroom they may have a different perspective.

Casey appeared to have more of  a wide eyed  distant stare today as she listened to the jurors. I don’t know if she is on medication  or not but she appeared to look a little zoned out. At least she was not having an anxiety attack.

While we have all seen the hair of Casey playing with the front of her hair, she has now graduated to playing with her very long pony tail. This may very well we out of nervousness. That is why she needs to keep her hair back in a bun so she can stop fiddling with it an distracting jurors. When she plays with her hair it makes jurors think that she is self absorbed and  superficial as she seems to be overly concerned about her appearance. As we discovered,  that will be one of her mitigating factors- her  being raised to be concerned with outward appearances. If that is the case maybe all the hair grooming will work in her favor. But it can go either way. Jurors may or may not not buy it.

And last but not least Casey was NOT crying  as reported by mainstream media. She simply touched each respective eye  for less than  second after  she stood up when the court was recessed. There were no tears at that time.

Jose Baez and Casey Anthony’s Body Language Show Delight In Jurors Negative Reactions Towards Nancy Grace, Casey’s Courtroom Tension Builds on Day 6



Jose Baez shot back  at Nancy Grace by referring to her show as “Nancy Grace Entertainment” whenever he questioned  any of the  prospective jurors.

He appeared to be  loving  the multitude of  negative  answers and  comments  by jurors about Nancy and her show. Comments included that they switch channels  as soon as she comes on, they can’t stand  her, leave the room whenever she’s on,   or they think she is nonsense and ridiculous.  

With a  mischievous grin Baez kept chuckling as he was unable to contain his pleasure as he heard  all the negative comments towards Grace, who has been a thorn in his side, dissecting every inch of the case  since the beginning .

 As we see in the photo above, Jose looks the happiest we have ever seen him with his raised cheeks and open mouthed toothy  smile.

Even Casey Anthony was loving the  multitude of unsolicited  negative comments about Nancy Grace. She smirked when a prospective juror discussed how Nancy talked about Casey’s tossing her hair and pushing her pen and thought it was “nonsense.”

                                                                                   SIX DAYS OF PASTELS


Case appeared to be less bouncy and animated on Day 6 than she was on Day 5 when she was interacting with her mitigator Rosalie Bolin. She wore a pastel grey cowl  necked  type top covered by a white cardigan reminiscent of Cindy’s ” white sweater over every outft” attire.

Clothing does have an impact on people’s perceptions of you as research has found.Casey has been dressed in Pastel tops which by the way,  have been much better fitting than the tops she wore in the pre trial hearings. The tops which have been

                                                                     Mint Green

                                                                                      pastel blue

                                                                                 Pastel lilac

                                                                               Baby Pink

                                                             Pastel  yellow

                                                     and Pastel Blue/grey  complete with ruffles

have all  been chosen to no doubt,  give Cy set a softer childlike  sweet and innocent look during the jury selection process. I personally think this will backfire,  especially with the women on the jury,  who will  tend to pay more attention to her clothing. They will most likely see it as an attempt by the defense  to  manipulate then in showing  a softer Casey.

Casey’s courtroom attire  does not reflect what jurors will see when they view her party photos in her skimpy attire. When they see a complete contrast in terms  of what she is wearing on the courtroom, adding to their sense ot manipulation. 

 Wearing a variety of clothing in various pastel  colors, instead of the navy  blue prison outfit she has been in for three years,  may make Casey feel a lot  better. After all, it is  only time she gets to  dress up.  But I don’t think her variety of pastels  is such a great idea. 

 As I have said all along,  I think she would be better off wearing a black suit. It might possibly  give jurors the impression Casey actually feels bad about what happened and is in mourning. But that will never happen. Casey is not in mourning and the only thing she feels bad about is that she is locked up.

                                                              CASEY’S TENSION IN THE COURTROOM

 Casey is definitely not faring well emotionally s we can see in her photos. It is easy to see all the tension signals occurring throughout her body language.

She often touched  the back of her neck and her shoulders where her body is most likely is carrying a great deal of muscle tension. No question that fighting for her life is  a pretty heavy weight to have on Casey’s  shoulders and it shows.

Casey often does  a lot of hang wringing. She is free of handcuffs for hours at a time, so  it is not the the cuffs that block her circulation. When we see her manipulating her hands over one another,  she is literally wringing her handsough she is worried.   This is an indication that she is tense and nervous. The reality of hearing what she is accused of doing is no doubt getting to her.

We also see a lot more of Casey exhaling large breaths whereby she is heaving her shoulders as she breathes out large puffs of  air. This also indicates tensiona nd nervousness.

 When she hears a prospective juror say that she felt  Casey was guilty by omission,  Casey shows a flash of anger. Look at how her  lower jaw juts forth , her eyes are narrowed, and her head is cocked to indicate anger towards the woman juror.

We have seen these flashes of anger whenever a potential juror says that they believe Casey is guilty. As Casey hears  the word “guilty” by so many different people, the reality is  beginning to sink in that she may ever be free again.  .

Also helping things sink in are  the repetitive comments made by attorney Finnell, the death qualified attorney.  As Casey constantly hears the words death sentence and dying by lethal injection it appears that is it  becoming clearer to Casey  that her life may be cut short,  just like Caylee’s life was cut  short.

Day 4 Jose Baez Sets The Record Straight, Is Concerned About Body Language Analysis While Casey Appears More Focused


On day four of jury selection, Jose Baez got up in court today and said that he did not tell Casey to stop acting like a two year old which was previously  reported throughout the mainstream  the press. If that is the case I accept that and feel that he is owed an  apology as mainstream media reported this as a fact.


Jose was also  mentioned that he was concerned about body language experts and  body language analysis.  No doubt he must have read my analysis and viewed my interview on Orlando’s Wesh 2

Whether he likes it or not he must realize is that the jury will be looking at every single body language nuance when it comes to him, Mason, and Casey. His every move is under the public microscope whether he likes it or not Casey will be under the microscope and he needs to make sure she presents herself in a way that gives her an equal  advantage. That means he needs to stop her grooming and fidgeting  and crying and flirting, laughing, giggling,  and touching and carrying.

It also means in my view they will be looking at his interaction with Casey and at Cheney Mason’s interaction with Casey and ter and  the rest of the attorneys interaction with Casey. They will notice laughing and  playfulness, touching and even perceived  flirtations .

The body doesn’t lie! People do form opinions by what they see and what they think they see. Whether they are  accurate or not, people make assumptions based on how others come across body language  wise and communication wise.


Today Casey appeared to be in a better mood. Her hands seemed to be working  much better than they were on Day 3. In fact they appeared to be working rather well and she used her hands in an animated fashion while speaking to a woman in red outfit and when she was writing.  She was all smiles. It seemed that she and Jose were also  in much better spirits with one another as well. So any  negative looking  issues which may have appeared to be between them appear  to have been resolved.



Casey was less fidgety and didn’t groom herself as much. So someone  must have finally set her straight. She looks much better when she sit  up, focuses and pays attention without the extraneous body  movements.

This is a drastic change in what we have been seeing of Casey during the past few days  It will be interesting if Casey can keep this up. If so, she has a much better chance of being perceived more positively and thus get a better chance at having a fair trial.