Does Ghadaffi’s Speech and Body Language Indicate Ill Health, Knowledge His End Is Near and Desire to Leave Legacy of Destruction Just Before He Dies?

 Why now after 41 years has Libyan leader  Muamar Ghadaffi become so vocal and violent  where he has ordered mass killings of his own citizens and even ordered the sabotage of the oil fields?

 In observing his body language and actions during his last  rambling speech which often was disjointed , my view is that he has been given some bad news regarding his mortality and he is now determined to leave his mark of destruction.

 In his rambling speech that does not make sense at times he looks  consistently frightened . His cotton mouth indicates  that he is tense and  pressured . He is full of anger and rage and even  wide eyed fear as determined by his facial expression in the photo below.


His left fist was clenched consistently as he gestured. This indicates extreme anger. What is most striking is that while he gestures with his right arm but  his left arm barely moves during his negative emotion filled speech. This may possibly indicate that he perhaps has suffered a stroke or has a lesion to the right side of his brain which may be indication for this physical response.

The left side of his brain which affects speech and language appears to be intact as he can form adequate sentences and phrases. The fact that his speech is fragmented and disjointed my thus be due to psychological  implications – severe depression at knowing  and realizing his soon to be his fate.

 It may also give some credence as to the recent Wikileak reports about  the cables which were intercepted about various world leaders that Ghadaffi always traveled with his Russian nurse. Now we may be seeing exactly the reason why he  may very well need a nurse by his side at all times.

  The phrases from his speech  below validate that he knows his end is near and how he wants to leave as a hero- a martyr.

 “I have paid the price of my remaining here “

“It’s not possible that I leave this place”

“I will be a martyr at the end”

“My father warrior of the warriors over there that is my grandfather my uncle they are warriers and generations”

“We will lead the whole world and cannot be stopped”

I have paid the price of my remaining here.”

” I am higher than other leaders in the world”

 This rhetoric clearly indicates  how desperate his  attempt  is to make himself known to the world and to leave something  of himself behind that will always be remembered – chaos and destruction.



The body language between President Obama and Libyan leader Muammar Abu al-Gaddafi says a lot of good things in terms of the relationship between the two men. Al Ghadaffi leans his body towards Obama and stretches out his hand a greater distance in what appears to be a firm gripped handshake. This indicates that he is making an effort to reach out. Both leaders look eye to eye at one another and share and there is an open mouthed bright smile showing teeth.
This indicates an openness and trust between the two and may indicate that they are seeing eye to eye. Apparently they do appear to see eye to eye as far as Iran’s nuclear program is concerned-a topic they discussed during their meeting. Both leaders agree that Iran should have a nuclear program as long as it is for peaceful purposes and not to develop nuclear weapons.
Finally, Al Ghadaffi’s shoulders are slightly rounded during his handshake, thus indicating deference and respect towards President Obama. In response, we see President Obama’s other hand extended with his open palm facing Al Ghadaffi and his thumb pointing upwards. This body language gesture indicates openness, confidence, and trust which Obama is expressing towards Al Ghadaffi. In essence Obama is saying that he is expressing a high level of confidence that he trusts that the two leaders will work together in harmony

Obama and Libyan's Muamar Al Gaddafi
Obama and Libyan's Muamar Al Gaddafi