JonBenet Ramsey Brother’s Inappropriate Disturbing Smile and Body Language on Dr. Phil Interview



Twenty years ago 6 year old  child beauty queen, JonBenet Ramsey was strangled in her own home. There were only three people in the home at the time – her mother, father,and brother Burke. There was a lot of suspicion centered on the parents and even more suspicion centered on the brother’s involvement.


One thing which led to the suspicion involving the parents, was the  ransom letter which was allegedly left behind. There was specific information in it that that only family members knew. It also seemed to have terms that Patsy Ramsey normally used and much of the writing allegedly looked like her writing.  Also. it was determined the pad used to write the ransom note came from Patsy’s desk in the hallway and that both the pad  and her pen were found underneath the phone.

Another cause for suspicion was when  Patty was overheard in the background of her 911 call to police angrily admonishing her son Burke. She said  that she didn’t want to hear another world from “You!” Was she trying to cover something up regarding him? I always found that incident particularly disturbing. If she just lost one child, it would seem that she might have been more gentle and loving towards another child who’s life was allegedly spared.


Many eyed Burke as the killer.  In fact, in his Dr.Phil interview, he says “I know people think I did it.”  Many thought that Burke had a motive to killing JonBenet because she was given so much more attention with her mother. She spent more time with her mother on the beauty pageant circuit. This early photo of  JonBenet and brother Burke says a lot ot me. JonBenet is loving and affectionate, while Burke  is stiff . He seems to be wishing she would literally get off is back .

At the time of the murder, any also thought that Burke’s behavior was odd.  In fact, back then, I was often asked by the media to comment upon Burke’s behavior. I was even asked  to look at his drawings. I found  them to be very odd and disturbing.

As a child, Burke was constantly playing with videogames and disengaging. Now he has been interviewed by Dr. Phil and his body language is still odd and  disturbing.

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