Most Women Would Never Do What Obama and Bohener Are Doing

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Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a sex difference between men and women with regards  to communication. In fact I  discuss it at great length in my books He Says She Says and in my book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Men and Women. In fact Kevin Burke did an awesome Boardway play play on it called Defending of the Cavememan which everyone needs to see.

One of the things I mention is that while  men will leave disputes in the boardroom, women usually do  not do so.It has been shown that women as a whole tend to carry over grudges in the workplace more so than men.

And for you contentious types who like to play the “I know better than you game” please don’t write  me to tell me that you are not one of the women who do this  or that you are not one of the men who do this, so and  therefore this is wrong information.  And please don’t waste your time telling me this is sexist . It is in no way sexist. This information is correct and is based upon years of reasearch efforts.

Personally as a woman I happen to  find it difficult to break bread with someone with whom I may be at odds. Obviously this was not the case with House Speaker John Bohner who was very much at odds  with Obama last week.

Last week they were at severe odds with one another  over taxes, the debt ceiling and the conflict in Libya, but  they  managed to put aside their differences for around of golf.

In fact Obama was actually smiling and joking around. This is something we have not seen from Obama for quite a while. Body language wise Bohners left leg  is turned in towards Obama which indicates that there is camaraderie.

While this may be standardizedbusiness practice for many  men in terms of bonding and trying to work out their differences, most women often  cannot compartmentalize in this way as there is often an emotional component towards doing business.

Men and women are wired differently neurologically and hormonally as research has indicated.Thus they react differently. While women have been trained to compartmentalize and have cordial meetings with those they may not necessarily  care for ,like Secretary  Hillary Clinton must do on a daily basis, it is not the norm.

I have interviewed countless female attorneys who continue to be amazed by how the their male colleagues could fraternize with “the enemy” ( the opposing counsel).

A small example of that could be seen during the Casey Anthony case  when Jeff Ashton went on the airwaves afterwards and spoke highly of Jose Baez. In the  courtroom Ashton showed body language which indicated he detested Baez and vice versa. Jose  was also complementary about Jeff Ashton when he was in front of the camera.  But Linda Drane Burdick was mum. I cannot ever imagine her singing Jose Baez’ praises, let alone having a meal with him,based on what went on between them in the courtroom.

The bottom line is that we shall see if Obama and Bohner’s golf game made a difference in terms of whether they can come to an agreement  on some of the most  serious issues affecting  all of us.