Toxic YouTube Vlogger Logan Paul body language shows insincerity in apology

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 2.01.22 AMLogan Paul is a YouTube  celebrity for his who showed his true vapid character when he went into  Japan’s “suicide forest,”  and discovered a lifeless body hanging from a tree. Apparently a man had committed suicide.  Logan and his crew continued to film this horrible situation, which was bad enough. But what was worse was Logan Paul’s reaction to the tragedy.

He mugged for the camera, had over the top expressions, giggled, laughed and treated this very serious situation as a complete joke. It was appalling to watch. The insensitivity of Paul is what even his loyal fans have reacted negatively towards.

Only becuase of the backlash, he took the film down. he also made a video where he apologized. But his body language showed it was insincere.  It too, was phony in terms of emotion as he repeatedly mentioned that he apologized to his sponsors.

He was NOT sorry at all based on his body language and facial language.  He was sorry that the public reacted so vehemently towards him.


He begins  his apology as he pretends to chokes back tears, his speech stilted and stifled.  When he says in his apology video “The reactions you saw in the video were raw and unfiltered,”   that said it all. If that was a raw and unfiltered reaction it showed his inhumanity and obnoxiousness as a human being.

His next statement, “We didn’t know how to react” is also damaging to hin. No one “knows” how to react. But one does know that when there is a tragedy you don’t laugh and make a joke out of it and make light of the loss of someone’s life.  

When he says” from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry,” there is nothing further from the truth. he is not sorry for what he did. he is sorry that the public turned on him and rejected him for being so insensitive and callous.

Logan looks away from the camera and there’s no emotion in his voice. He says his reactions are raw and unfiltered, but it’s really ‘raw and unfiltered’ of someone who has no class or dignity. Any human being would not make a joke or make fun out of this. He should have shown decency and compassion for a dead human being.”

Logan continues, barely speaks above a whisper as he sayd. “I want to apologize to the internet, I want to apologize to anyone who’s seen the video,” he says. “I want to apologize to anyone who’s been affected or touched by mental illness, or depression, or suicide. But, most importantly, I want to apologize to the victim and his family.  This is obviously something perhaps his handlers or legal team told him to say as it did NOT sound sincere at all. 

Throughout his apology he appologized to his sponsors several times which made it obvious as to why he made the apology in the first place. It was to appease his sponsors so they wouldn’t cut him off financially. It was sickening to watch him pander to them.

 He id not come across sincere. And, that is  what people are reacting to. He has no respect for somebody who’s passed away and it’s such a horrible thing. The body language is not good. He’s insincere. You cannot fool the public. They feel it. He comes across cocky, obnoxious and disrespectful. This is so serious. Someone’s life is over and he’s acting like this is a joke.
 Logan ends his video with this: “The goal of my content is always to entertain. To push the boundaries, to be all-inclusive. In the world I live in, where I share everything I do, the intent is never to be heartless or cruel, or malicious. But his intent is to be heartless because that is who he is as she showed his true colors under the circumstances. Circumstances are what show your  true character. And she showed extremely low character.
He said that ” I don’t expect to be forgiven. I’m just here to apologize. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m disappointed in myself. And I promise to be better. I will be better. Thank you.” The tone in which he said these words were also insincere sounding. He is not ashamed of himself. He is just ashamed and disappointed the public didn’t like what he did.
Through making this statement, Logan is  trying to save face so that his highly popular and successful YouTube channel doesn’t get shut down. This is not a lapse in judgement, it shows his character, the lack of humanity and lack of sensitivity.
When he says he doesn’t expect to be forgiven it’s because he knows his sponsors and investors are about to dump him. There are no feelings in his apology. He looks like a scared deer in the headlights because he knows his career could be over. No matter how you look at it he was making fun of a man who was in such turmoil and had such pain that he ended his life.
Paul was making light of suicide and disrespected the victim found in the forest.  who I think he should be kicked off YouTube entirely as people get kicked off for lesser offenses.

50 Cent’s TOXIC Tweets About Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami Show Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance

One can tell a lot about a person in terms of what they say after they hear about a crises. When  rapper 50 Cent responded to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami with sick  humor, it speaks volumes as to who he is as a human being-  a not a very sympatric or kind one in my view.

 Freud once said “there is no humor only truth.” I agree with that as there is truth in humor. But there was no truth in the humor that rapper 50 Cent put forth in a tweet.  


There is nothing more devastating than to have to have innocent  people lose their homes,

worldly possessions and most important their lives as a result of not one but multiple natural disasters- tsunami,  earthquake and  major aftershocks.


The nuclear plant explosions  and the radiation leakage are  no laughing matter and can cause devastation for generations to come with illnesses and severe birth defects.

 So when TOXIC 50 Cent made the following horrible  jokes on his twitter account,  it was adding insult to injury. He said

Its all good Till b*tches see there christian louboutins floating down da street shit gone get crazy.”  

“Wave will hit 8am them crazy white boys gonna try to go surfing.”

“Look this is very serious people I had to evacuate all my hoe’s from LA,Hawaii and Japan. I had to do it. Lol”

To me this has  sexist and racist undertones and is despicable! There is nothing to Lol (laugh out loud) about. Instead there is a lot to Col about- CRY OUT LOUD!


There is nothing funny about people being washed to sea and seeing innocent men women and  children dying or become orphaned as the result of this natural disaster killing their parents . 

There is nothing funny about not having a place to live or not having enough to eat.

 But obviously ignorant  50 Cent failed to see the gravity of the situation before he let his fingers do the talking.   

What he said was unforgivable. It was disgusting and arrogant and nauseatingly  sexist as he spoke of evacuating his whores out of  LA Hawaii and Japan. Referring to women as whores is sexist and degrading to women!

Obviously 50 Cent realized he did a bad  thing after he got a myriad of  negative and hostile  responses. So he lamely tweeted


“Nah this is nuts but what can anyone do about it. Let’s pray for anyone who has lost someone.”

“Some of my tweets are ignorant I do it for shock value. Hate it or love it. I’m cool either way 50cent”

No Mr. Cent. You are not COOL either way. instead , I believe you are TOXIC either way! You have lost a lot of fans and a lot of respect.  You acted as a petulant immature child in making fun of  one of the most tragic events in the world for SHOCK VALUE- so people would notice and pay attention to your pitiful self.

If you want SHOCK VALUE how about going over to Japan on one of your private jets and seeing how these people are suffering beyond belief? No  disaster film could come close to this horrific reality.

You lame ‘sorry” will never cut it. If you want to show yourself as a real man and as a compassionate human being put your “sorry” into action and give up some of your millions to help these poor earthquake and tsunami victims rebuild their lives.  Get some food and stock up your private jet with it and parachute it down to stranded hungry people.

Your fellow recording artist  Lady Gaga  (with the emphasis being on the word “lady”) clearly showed compassion and class by encouraging her fans to donate money for the  the victims. She even designed a prayer bracelet to raise money for the Japanese victims. 


 In fact you can go to her site by clicking the link above to order the bracelet so that money can be raised for the earthquake/ tsunami victims  

Why don’t you follow suit and do the same. Only then will your lame “sorry” have any value.  And yes, Mr. Cent you had it partially right in your last tweet when you said your tweets are ignorant .It is YOU who are ignorant, not your tweets, so  man up and do something in your power financially as well as doing a concert to help someone other than your superficial self.

Mayumi Heene Balloon Mom’s Body Language Shows Signals of Being An Abused Woman

Balloon Boy
It came as no surprise to me after it was discovered that the whole balloon incident was a hoax, that the Sheriff asked Mayumi if she wanted to stay in a safe house. Unsurprisingly she declined. Why? Because she is reacting like a typical abused woman who is in denial and who doesn’t want to upset the situation.
Before I learned about the extent of Mayumi’s abuse, I clearly saw it on television. She had to ask for permission to leave in order to tend to her vomiting child. That was a HUGE red flag for me. Most mothers would react with extreme urgency when their child was ill. It’s a mother’s instincts. But it is not an abused mothers instincts. Oven times, they sit back and do nothing out of fear.
Because that behavior of Mayumi’s was so disturbing I wanted to learn more about her so I watched the episode of Wife Swap where she became very verbally abusive to her “swapped” husband, Mr. Silver. Oftentimes when a person is abused they will mimic the behavior of their abuser. It doesn’t always happen but it did play out in Mayumi’s situation. In a sense, it is similar to the Stockholm Syndrome where you identify with your captor, but it’s really not the Stockholm Syndrome per se. The captor she is identifying with is her own captor who verbally abuses her- Richard. So she transferred his behavioral model on to the situation with Mr. Silver.
Mayumi also mirrors the words of her husband, which she revealed on Wife Swap,” that they are descendents from aliens”. I am sure that she didn’t believe this before she met Richard.
When I saw the video of Richard screaming at her at the top of his lungs when she wasn’t holding the tether to his balloon properly, I got sick to my stomach from he sample I heard.
If this is what little Falcon hears day and night, no wonder he gets sick to his little stomach as well. No wonder he vomits a lot. When talking to Diane Sawyer Richard said Falcon vomits a lot because he has asthma. No. I think Falcon vomits a lot because his father is always angry and yelling violently at his mother.
I also happened to watch Richard’s first Wife Swap show where he said in essence he was glad he was married to a Japanese woman who didn’t run her mouth like the swapped wife did. His verbally abusive behavior was also nauseating to me, but not as nauseating as his physically abusive behavior on the second show where he threw food and threw milk over Mrs. Sheri Silver’s head. I was shocked. I could only imagine what he was doing to his real wife Mayumi. And then I found out.
I read on the internet where the deputy Sheriff of Larimer County came to the Heene home after Mayumi apparently called 9ll. When the deputy got there he saw there was blood in Mayumi’ s eye, a red mark on her cheek and her eye was swelling. She made some lame excuse that her contact was giving her trouble. In fact the deputy remarked that she wouldn’t even look up so he could see her eye. She was clearly protecting her abuser.
Who knows what else Richard has done to Mayumi over the years! He definitely expects her to do all the domestic chores and doesn’t pitch in to help as was revealed on Wife Swap.
According to a former business associate of Richard’s with whom he had a falling out due to his temper issues, Barabara Slusser also became friends with Mayumi. She told ABC News that “whatever Richard says goes and that she is basically his slave” .
What Barabara says next is very disturbing and very indicative of a woman who is abused as she tells ABC “He kept her isolated and separated from everyone else. She honestly asked me one time, ‘Is there something wrong with way we live?’ She wasn’t sure that American women lived this way with her husbands.”
How incredibly sad for Mayumi. But how did Mayumi get into this situation with Richard that she has been in since she married him a dozen years ago? Why did she pick a Richard type- an abuser?
There are many reasons why women will marry and or stay with an abuser, One of the many reasons has to do with imprinting. What we experience while growing up can often stick in our psyches. So we may subconsciously be attracted to those personality types that we find familiar.
According to Barbara Slusser, she said the following to ABC about her friend Mayumi. “She’s from Japan. She told me stories about her life in Japan with her father. He was very overbearing and abusive. She came over here to be an actress,” Slusser said. “Who does she meet? Richard Heene. They met in acting school when she could barely speak English. He wowed her. She kind of went from the frying pan to the fire.”
So apparently, if what Slusser says is true, than it may make sense why she agreed to go with Richard. She may have also wanted to stay in the US to get away from her abusive father for good and become a citizen get a green card so that may be another motivation for her sticking with Richard.
Freud once said, what we don’t resolve, we repeat”. I think this may be the case working here. Perhaps Mayumi didn’t resolve her issues with her allegedly abusive father and repeated them with Richard.
Having said all of this in terms of Mayumi being a victim of domestic violence and in essence going along for the ride, I don’t really see her as a co- conspirator but rather as a tragic victim. The consequences of her sticking up for herself or telling Richard that she didn’t want to participate in the hoax may have resulted in more verbal and perhaps more severe physical violence, soi she did what he said.
I think that information about her being an abused wife should come into play in terms of whether she is charged ort not. I think it would be such a shame for her to be put in prison and taken away from those boys. She is probably what allows them to be sane and civilized. You could clearly see her tenderness and love towards her older boy as he rubbed him and hugged him.
When I heard David Lane the attorney speak on the Today show I heard him say David Lane, the attorney
“I’m not their marriage counselor, and I’m not their priest,” he said. “I’m Richard’s defense attorney, so I can only comment on the charges.”
I thought that was a rather cold and disgusting statement.
Mr. Lane, You may not be their counselor or a priest but you can certainly have some compassion to suggest that they see a counselor or a priest so Mayumi won’t eventually end up like millions of abused women around the world one day- dead at the hands of her abusive husband Richard .

PS. Comedianne  Sundra Coonquist who knew Mayumi  speaks on  She too is frightened for Mayumi as  she confrims  exactly what I am saying regarding Mayumi being in danger. If the sheriff offered her to go  to a safehouse they must have seen that something was not right. I strongly believe that Richard can do something drastic to Mayumi and to the children if he thinks he will be going away to prison. Rest assured that when he is in prison,  no one will be waiting on him hand and foot like Mayumi does. I pray he doesn’t harm her or the kids. He needs to be watched like a hawk. Thahnk goddness the media is camped out there to keep an eye on things.