Chuck Schumer Body Language Reveals Toxic Manipulation Dragging Refugees On Stage Phony Gestures, and Fake Tears


Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 7.59.47 PM.png

He brings a handsome Syrian family on stage  with the women dressed in scarves and three cute children.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.01.02 PM.pngHe eyes the father. As he parades this “newly arrived family” of immigrants on stage, it seems very contrived and manipulative to me. It appears Schumer is doing this for his own agenda not for this family as they look traumatized being on stage.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.04.32 PM.pngAll children look sad and uncomfortable as you can see in the photo above.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.07.32 PM.png

As he reads his speech there is no emotion and no inflection as it appears to be a monotonous drone. There is no passion in the speech as she says that he is saying No to Trump’ executive order. He rarely looks up as he reads from his script.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.10.34 PM.png ASshe says so many are opposed to this order we see him raised his finger in a rehearsed manner that looks awkwards. It is an upward point which is not showing true anger. True anger would be shown by a direct point with finger extended and pointer lower  not upwards as he has it positioned.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 8.13.25 PM.png

He continues to sound boring and emotionless as he reads his script as he discusses the military.He then says something ridiculous that it makes lone wolves  are not so lone after all and their acts occur more not less. This  statement is nonsense as most lone wolves are usually beholden to some cause, doctrine , or group as they commit acts of terror.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.13.49 PM.pngHe does not seem upset at all facially throughout the speech as he even leaks out several smiles. This indicates that he appears to be enjoying his moment on stage.

Once again there is no vocal emotion as he speaks as she is saying negative things about Trump’s program.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.16.31 PM.png

He then refers to “the beauty of these people” which is so phony and contrived as he says it. It further validates that he is using ” these people” as props for his own agenda.He purses his lips for emphasis, after he says this which is further indication of his phoniness as this is  a conflicting facial gesture to what eh just said.

His phoniness continues as he stammers as he reads from his script and says let me tell you about this family. Clearly he is reading about this family and shows know emotion or no real knowledge of this family he is using as a political prop.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.21.36 PM.png

Asn he talks about the father he looks down as he continues to read about the man and awkwardly  seeks out the man’s shoulder in an attempt to show how much he cares about the man. It is blatantly contrived and phony and insincere.

Then he ridiculous slaps the poor man on thr shoulder in an aggressive gesture as eh said that the man came here because he translated for the Americans and got death threats for helping American soldiers. This is not some poor refugee that was injured or wounded in the war and left to die and rescued  he was an employee paid by Americans for his translation services for  whom he is serving and should very well be protected by his employer- the Americans. This is what is usually done and everyone knows it. yet Schumer is making it seem like this is some unusual case and that his man is some type of hero.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.29.16 PM.png

Schumer makes a  fist as he continues to exploit this poor man who doesn’t seem to happy with being paraded on stage and used as a prop as you can see by his facial expression. To further illustrate Schumer’s phoniness her doesn’t even look at the man. As he speaks he continues to stumble on his words, further indicating that he is manipulating and using this man to make his point.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.36.18 PM.png

Then he stumbles on the name of the next family he seeks to publicly exploit on stage. He rocks back and forth as he speaks indicating his discomfort and lack of sincerity. he then points upawrds  to the little girl maya who is 16  which makes her shirk away from him. The finger point is an angry gesture and the upward finger in the context in which he is using it is incongrous with what he is saying. This  further indicates how contrived and phony this is.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.40.29 PM.png

Then he points to Hamza and reads that  he turned 14 yesterday, Haza 8, and Hara 6 as he lays his hands on these two younger children which obviously makes the older  16 year old child feel uncomfortable as you can see by her expression ,

The Schumer bangs on the podium with his hand as he says the family arrived a month ago This would have been an angry gesture but there is no anger in his voice He then elks out a smile as he says their parents ( in laws) are American citizens.  So even though he is feigning anger his gestures and facial expression are totally inconsistent with the words he is saying which means he is being phony and manipulative. He even stammers and stumbles as he says what section  in the  Bronx the parents live.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.47.41 PM.png

He then uses another phy inconsistent gestures as he raises his hands and says that Trump wants us to believe that all  immigrants are terrorists when they are not but rather like these families. First of all Trump never said this and Schumer knows this . That his why one hand shows his fingers spread out and the other hand shows his fingers close together.If his gestures indicted honestly his hands would BOTH display  open  fingers in his gesturing.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 9.51.36 PM.png

He then leaks out as smile as he says they aren’t a threat to American but a promise to America. WE all know these people are not a threat to America and he knows it too. he also knows that these are not the people Trump is referring to in terms of being a threat to America. That is why Schumer leaks out a smile as an indication of dupid delight. he knows exactly what he is doing- being manipulative and trying to pull at people’s heartstrings by using this family. But it is not working as his phoniness belies him.

Then he looks down and taps two times on the podium which makes no sense.  he then looks down and fumbles through his papers as he reads a quote from the Old Testament ( Exodus) the  New Testament ( Matthew) and then he brings up a quote by Catholic comments  Pope Frances ( who in my view has no business sticking his two cents into politics especially when his own flock  of priests are a complete disaster with raping young children and destroying them forever.)As he reads what Pope Frances says he raises his awkward finger and says “This is the Pope speaking” As you can see from the expression the children’s faces they could care less. They are bored and can’t wait to get out of their and end their exploitation.

The Schumer embarrassingly invokes the name of his dead relative Ellis whom he was named after  who was named after Ellis Island. As she does this is  manipulative and corney behavior shows clearly.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.09.00 PM.png

Then for his final act he musters up a FAKE CRY with no tears as he calls trump mean spirited.

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 10.10.22 PM.png As you can see there are no dripping tears, He just held his eyes open without clinking which caused the to glisten. But it was NOT a real cry. if that was the case you would ee a downward turn in his mouth which was not evident.

And then we see what his real agenda is-  getting some press time and promoting himself as he mentions he is a Senator from NY and how he will fight and scrap with all of his being to overturn Trump’s directive.

The bottom line is that the cry was phony and his dragging these poor families on stage with him was contrived and manipulative to further his own agenda.




Paula Deen’s Body Language, Fake Tears, Insincere Apology, and Racist Punchline Tuned Off Fans and Sponsors

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 6.00.36 PM

Deep down, Paula Deen did not  feel that  she did anything wrong. Hence you hear her empty sounding hollow apologies. She made three apologies, one worse sounding than the other.The body doesn’t lie and neither does the voice.

Her tears were non-tears with no liquid in them. And worse or all she used a phrase”I is what I is” which is the punchline of a racist joke.  She went from the fire into the frying pan and fried her reputation for good.

Had she said, “Look I said that 20 something years ago out of anger at one particular person.  I am ashamed of it. Let’s move on because I am not a racist and for anyone to think so is wrong.   But let us use this as a teaching moment that whether we are black or white we must eliminate that word from our lexicon because it brings hurt to everyone.Let’s stop using it in our music and  everywhere else.”

She also needed to put her money where her mouth was and say that she was starting up an educational fund where she would go to schools along with other professionals to teach children about not using hurtful words and telling racist jokes to hurt others.

But instead she got way too defensive about a black guy having a gun to her head and then ending it with an over the top dramatic statement about throwing a stone so hard that it should kill her and then shockingly saying “I is what I is.” She didn’t say “i am what I am”but made reference to  racist joke.

Here is the joke:

There was a black guy and a white guy.
They were debating over whether god was white or black.
The white guy said that there was only one way to find out and that is to
So they go up on a hill and they pray, and pray, and pray.
Finally they hear a voice say, “I am what I am.”
The white guy jumps up, and says, “Aha, I told you he was white.”
The black guy jumps up and says, “What do you mean? That didn’t prove
“Yes it did. Because if he was black he would’ve said I is what I is.”

Her insincere apology and defensive explanation on the Today show  is the reason why she has been dropped by so many including Walmart and Target and her diabetes drug company.

It is not that she said the N words over two decades ago. It is that she now showed no remorse . it was  her body language and how she said it that turned people off.

Casey Anthony Does NOT Cry Real Tears On Day 3 As She Hears Charges Against Herself For Second Time! Casey’s Not Looking At Jury Pool May Scream “Guilt”


Casey looked a lot better today as she entered room , appearing more refreshed. This indicates that she must have had a shower and more sleep. pont She also spend mort time grooming her hair coiffed into a split ponytail with hair around her face.

  Once again she was  not seated between  Jose Baez and  Cheney Mason .  Instead  she was  situated between Ms. Finnell and Baez’ attorney Ruiz with whom Casey has developed good rapport. 

While it was reported in the press that that Casey was crying, Casey was  clearly NOT crying real tears! They were not genuine tears.  Instead,  they were her usual manipulative fake non liquid tears we have consistently seen her use for manipulation . The reason I say that they are fake is because there is no liquid coming out of her eyes and that people do not cry one eye at a time.

Yes her nose was red but anyone’s nose would be red if someone wiped it consistently. As the first few charges were read,  Casey does not put her Kleenex up to  her face. She does breathe heavily as she pushes out a burst of air through her mouth. She also shakes her head “No” as the beginning charge is read.

 Ms. Ruiz is disturbed about Casey’s alleged crying behavior as she writes frantically on her notepad with her red pen. Casey finally reads the note and stops her fake crying as she continues to look down, away from the jury pool.

Jose Baez gets wind of what Casey is doing as well. He turns over to look at  her and he is clearly annoyed about it.

What Casey does not realize is that she has already began digging her own grave with her negative first impression. She has made all the jurors feel  uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable enough just being in a courtroom and now seeing Casey look like she is boo hooing it makes them feel even more uncomfortable, therebty adding to their stress levels.

What is even worse is that  by her behavior of not having any eye contact with the jury pool as the charges were read, Casey has essentially told potential jurors  she is” guilty” by not looking at them.

Casey Anthony’s Fake Cry While Cheney Mason Continues To Hold On To Her

As Casey Anthony entered the courtroom even though she tried to stifle it the obnoxious raised eyebrow  smirk was still there.  As she was walking into the courtroom she was even grooming herself and making sure her shirt was tucked in to her pants at the back. Cheney Mason pulled out her chair for her and pushed it back in.

Casey did her ritualistic grooming where she dusted off her hands ike people tend to do when they are lying about something or guilty of something, In essence it is a subconscious move to dust away the “dirt ” of the problem that is on the person.

It continued on to her lap as she dusted off herself.


Before Judge Perry had something significant to say and actually denied the press’ request, Casey was  fake boo hooing it for the cameras.It was  clearly  a fake boo hoo, so when I read the headlines from the media covering the trial it is obviously reported by someone has no clue about body language and deception.

Perhaps Casey thinks she will find her fake tear in the palm of her hand.  Usually, tears do not  form in the palm of  a person’s hand. If a person is  really crying, their tears would be dry by the time the palm of the hand was even a consideration.


  •  Casey shows no more tears or any indication that she is crying or upset. Her facial muscles indicate that there is no crying behavior whatsoever, Yet Cheney Mason continues to hold on to Casey’s back as if he is comforting her. Maybe he is comforting her in a sense considering she has had no human physical contact for the past few years. Maybe he thinks he is doing her a service just by holding her back and touching her.

Casey has absolutely nothing to cry about and she doesnt feign crying or do any real crying for that matter for the rest of the time Judge Perry speaks. Casey looks on in all seriousness with undivided attention.By the way, Jose has never looked so serious in th courtroom as well.

Judge Perry said that this case  has garnered more attention than the OJ case and he wanted nothing in the way of picking a jury for Casey as that was his number one concern.

But Casey can’t seem  to help herself as Judge Perry speaks. here we see her grooming herself once again as she straightens out her collar.

At this time, there are of course no tears, Casey is now busy grooming her hands and brushing them off.

Right before Judge Perry ends his speaking, there is Cheney Mason’s hand on Casey;s back. Why is he feel so compelled to touch her all the time? Jose steers clear of her and keeps his hands to himself and rightfully so.

As we see in this photo Casey needs no comforting for her fake crying so why is Mason still comforting her? It seems very inappropriate in my view. It makes no sense body language wise. You touch and comfort someone when they appear to be in emotional need which was clearly not the case here. Cheney was touching her just to touch her it seems.

Also in this photo Casey reveals her true emotion as a flash of anger appeared on her face as you can see by the leakage fo the furrowed muscles in her brow area.

If we are all wondering why Cheney is touching Casey so often and  supposedly comforting her when it appears she needs no comforting a jury will wonder the same thing. Also a jury  who will spend every day with Casey for the next three months or so will definitely  pick up on her fake tears and ritualistic  and aberrant behaviors.

Kate Gosselin’s Body Language on the Today Show Shows Signals of Deception, and Crocodile Tears,

kate today sheow jon took money
There is no doubt whatsoever that Kate Gosselin went on the Today Show, crocodile tears and all, to try to pull at the public’s heartstrings during her first of two interviews by telling how bad soon to be ex husband Jon emptied their joint account of $200,000 leaving her unable to pay her children’s bills. Yet in the second interview, she completely contradicts herself by telling how well the kids are provided for and that their money is substantial and secure and that she will be getting her own show.
During her first interview Kate’s body language belies her as she uses a victim like breathy sounding tone telling how John left her with only $1000. She looks down and casts her eyes from side to side as Meredith Viera asks her if this is accurate? Instead of answering as simple “yes’ Kate repeats Meredith’s words “this is accurate”. All of these signals indicate deception. While Jon may have taken money out of their joint account, there is no way he has left her penniless as he wants the public to believe and she knows she isn’t being completely honest. Hence, the signs of lying. She pretends to be crying as she tells of how Jon was making erratic purchases while leaving his children to go hungry.
There are also too many “uhs and um’ms as the the signals of deception increase with lip licking and shoulder raising as she panders and says “ when you have left the mother of your children so she is not able (she stammers here which is a clear indication of lying in this context) to pay for the roof over their head”.
She clearly knows this is not true and her body language shows it. In the first place, she was the one who started all of this by filing for divorce. Secondly she has made millions lecturing and being on television.
Another telling signal of deception is that she keeps talking and goes on and on and explaining. She clearly has an agenda and it is to make Jon look bad. In the second interview when Meredith asks Kate if the kids are protected. She in a strong tone with head uplifted self righteously says that the kids are well protected and provided for and that the money that “she alone” set aside for the kids is secure and substantial.
Then on the next breath, in a chipper voice tells how she will be getting her own talk show without the kids on TLC and is looking forward to that. She then goes on to tell how this show will allow her to further take care of the kids financially.
In her attempts to make Jon out to be the bad guy after he says he doesn’t want his kids on the show anymore Kate self righteously says that she is a contract honoree that when she puts her name on a piece of paper the contract is honored. Her statement is clearly a below the belt dig at Jon that he isn’t honoring their contract by not allowing their kids to do the show any longer.
Then she continues her attempts to let everyone know how good she is and how bad Jon is. When Meredith asks her about her communication with Jon, Kate says “ I have called 20 times a day” and can’t reach him. I find myself making decisions alone because I cannot reach him.” WE then see her shrugging her shoulder, This is further indication that something she is saying is not true. It is most likely the part about her making decisions alone. It may not be because she can’t reach him but because she is a control freak who likes to call the shots and make all the decisions. Maybe she can’t reach him because she calls 20 times a day and Jon doesn’t want to pick up the phone and listen to her abusing him like we say her do on the show.                                                                                                                                                                                            When Kate explained that when she told the kids there wouldn’t be filming there was sobbing and wailing, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Have these little kids grown so narcissistic that they need a camera to follow them around all the time or they can’t function? It was most likely Kate who was doing the sobbing and the wailing because she lost the revenues from the show. These kids are too young to really know what is happening or to care. And as far as the “missed opportunities” and “fun experiences” that the show provided for the kids, now she has the financial wherewithal from all from the millions she made in lectures etc to continue these fun opportunities for the kids.
Kate was asked about Jon ‘s wanting the divorce proceedings halted and wanting to reach out and apologize to her . Meredith point blank asks Kate. “ Can you become friends?” Instead of answering “yes” or” no” , Kate manages to throw in a verbal attack by saying “Obviously he has gone way off the trail “ She then continues to self righteously justifies herself that she will do whatever she can to keep peace whenever she can . Then she acts like a hypocrite and accuses Jon of playing to the media. Well, she has clearly done the same thing during this interview.
What saddened me the most was to see in what great denial Kate was in when she said she has eight of the most healthy and well adjusted children. She clearly needs a reality check. How healthy and well adjusted can any child be who has spent the most formative years of their lives – their first five years- living in a fishbowl under the microscope of a camera lens? How well adjusted is Maddy with all of her temper outbursts? How well adjusted is Colin with hitting his brothers and sisters and bullying them all the time? How healthy and well adjusted can any of these children be when they are feeling the tension and hatred between their parents as they bicker in front of millions to witness?
Ironically enough, now that the camera have stopped filming and Jon has put his foot down on this matter, they may very well have a chance to grow up and become healthy well adjusted children. In addition they will clearly need therapy to help them adjust to a new life without cameras and with a new life without mommy and day living under the same roof.