U of Iowa Mascot’s Angry Facial Expression ‘Traumatizing’ Students- Is Barney A Better Choice for These Big Babies?


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When actor Clint Eastwood recently called the new generation a “Pussy Generation”-a  generation of weaklings with no backbone, who are easily offended, he may have been right on target, especially with what recently happened at the University of Iowa.

Apparently, the U of Iowa has a school mascot named Herky the Hawk, a cartoonish gold and black figure. The Hawk has an angry, aggressive  look, complete with furrowed forehead. This depiction is to reflect the fighting spirit during university sports games.

Apparently, a University of Iowa professor has requested that the U of Iowa athletics department change Herky the Hawk’s facial expression and make him look friendlier because the character’s current  facial expression is apparently traumatizing students.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.38.55 PM.png

Resmiye Oral,  seen in the photo above, a clinical professor of pediatrics, apparently wrote  an email to the athletic department officials as well as to the U of Iowa Faculty Senate  where she stated,  “I believe incoming students should be met with welcoming, nurturing, calm, accepting and happy messages.”

“And our campus community is doing a great job in that regard when it comes to words. However, Herky’s angry, to say the least, faces conveying an invitation to aggressivity and even violence are not compatible with the verbal messages that we try to convey to and instill in our students and campus community,” she argued.

This Toxic professor in my view also told the Iowa Press- Citizen newspaper that she has been concerned for some time about Herky the Hawk’s lack of emotional diversity as she further stated ” “As we strive to tackle depression, suicide, violence, and behavioral challenges and help our students succeed, I plead with you to allow Herky to be like one of us, sometimes sad, sometimes happy, sometimes angry, sometimes concentrated.

In my view professor Oral needs to put her efforts on doing some meaningful research in her field instead of worrying about Herkey. Herkey has been around for generations and as not caused any lasting damage to any student’s psyche.

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If these big babies  with such tender psyche’s at the U of  Iowa can’t handle angry Herkey, perhaps they would be best suited to have another character as their mascot-purple “Barney” the dinosaur , who also happens to be a  huge hit with toddlers.

This is frightening to think that students cannot handle a cartoon mascot’s  angry facial expression. If it is  violence,  Professor Oral is concerned about, then she needs to not focus on the mascot,  but  rather, on the game of football. Will her next email missive be to banish the violent sport of football at the U of Iowa?  Does she believe football is too violent for student’s psyche’s and for their tender eyes to see?

And what about other sports? This can go very far if it is not stopped. Apparently officials with the U of Iowa  Faculty Senate told the  Iowa Press-Citizen that they are currently tackling the larger issue of ensuring that the university climate is one that is “safe and inclusive.”

Well here is the reality of life, U of Iowa students and any other student at any other university, as well as any faculty member who has been hiding behind the walls of the ivory tower of academia for so long,  they no longer have a clue as to how the real world operates and functions.

The world’s climate is NOT ” safe and inclusive” and that is the reality of life.  What better way to learn this message than at a university. At a university, you will have a glimpse of what life is really like, so that you can be better prepared to handle any of life’s annoyances and disappointments which you, like everyone else, will surely experience.

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In the university setting, not every student will get an award, a scholarship,  or be invited to join a sorority or a fraternity. A boy or a girl that you fancy may not be attracted  to you. In fact, they may ignore you. If you end up dating them, they may cheat on you, or  ghost you- dropping you like a hot potato for a reason unknown to you.  Not all students will make good grades and some will even flunk out. Some will be given grades that they deem unfair, while others will not be allowed to play on any one of the university’s sports teams. Some will  have to drop out because of financial  or family concerns. Others will excel in school and be admitted to grad schools, law, vet, or medical schools, while still others, will be admitted nowhere. Some will get excellent grades and even graduate with honors, only to find they can’t find a job and have to work in a department store as a sales clerk, summa or magna cum laude or not. Such is life. Life is full of ups and downs and it is not fair. Life is not “fair and inclusive.” Any university that gives students the illusion that it is, is not doing their job  in preparing students to survive in the real world.

In the real world, there are lots of people with lots of opinions. Some opinions will be similar  to yours, while other’s opinions will be the complete opposite. Just because someone has a different philosophical, religious, or political view, you need to respect that they are entitled to their opinion. Like any mature adult you need to learn to “agree to disagree”. You don’t need to kick them out of your life, avoid them, resent, hate them or find a “safe place” to run away from them.

In the real world, some people won’t like you for no reason at all. Other’s won’t like you because of where you are from, your family background, the color of your skin,  your personality, the color of your hair, how you look,  how much or  how little money you have, how successful or unsuccessful you are,  or how attractive or unattractive you are. Like it or not, that is the reality of life.

What you learned in the first grade -that everyone has to like everyone and get along is what your first grade and subsequent school teachers told you because they didn’t want to deal with a classroom of chaos and fighting children. But the truth is that in the real world,  you will NOT like everyone and not everyone will like you and that is OK. Some people will be Toxic to you and you will be Toxic to others. That is a reality of life, not only for  for human beings, but for animals as well.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.40.22 PM.png

When I am at the park with my goldendoodle Annabella, even though she likes most dogs, there are some  dogs, she simply  doesn’t care for. She is not playful or friendly to them, like she is to others. It is her animal instinct kicking in that tells her who is friend or foe. The same is true for us humans. Our instincts also tell us who is Toxic, who to like, and who not to like.

And here is a “newsflash” for the real world:  THERE ARE NO SAFE PLACES! If someone offends you with their ideas and beliefs – (and they will), get over it!  Move on. Don’t sulk and brood and cry. Mommy and daddy, may have provided a safe physical and emotional haven for you at home. But in real life,  there are no safe havens. Maybe you got an award for just showing  up at a team sports game when you were younger. Maybe your parents helped you with your homework or may have even done it for you. If you had trouble with a classmate, friend, or teacher, perhaps they were there to fight your battles. But in the real world you can no longer rely on your” helicopter parents.”

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When I read that  students said they “didn’t feel “safe”at one of  the most prestigious universities in the south, Emory University in Georgia  simply because someone wrote the word TRUMP on the sidewalk, I was appalled. They clamored that they were “in pain” over this. Well if writing the name of a political candidate  in chalk brings you pain, then you will have a very miserable and painful life.

Students at Emory University, claimed that  writing ‘Trump 2016′ on Sidewalk Is a Racist Microaggression …,” with references to students needing “trigger warnings” and “safe spaces” to protect them from presidential candidates’ names and slogans. For many, it was another sign of college students being so overly sensitive, that even political campaigning could be seen as hate speech.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 4.40.50 PM.png

Well, college students, get over your being overly sensitive. There are two major political parties in this country. While you may prefer one candidate, there are others out there who may prefer the other candidate. If someone supports a candidate you don’t like, they are  not  committing a hate crime. Conversely, if you support a candidate someone else, likes, you are not committing a hate crime.

So whether it is dealing with an angry looking school mascot, who has harmlessly been around for decades,  or having a difference of  political opinion from someone else, grow up and stop acting like a toddler- hiding in a safe place like mommy’s skirt or in a special room.

Not everything will make you feel comfortable in life.  So deal with it! That is what grown ups, not babies, do in the real world.


Aaron Hernandez Cocky Body Language and Smiles in the Courtroom Will Turn Off Jurors

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.42.40 AM Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is on trial  in a Massachusetts courtroom for  the murder of his fiance’s sister Odin Lloyd. . While  prosecutors their case  case that he killed another man.

While he has a serious facial expression as he appears to listen carefully to the evidence against him displayed on the monitors, he often laughs and jokes with his fiance or with his family members when they are present.In fact, he appears very charming and beams his dimpled smile.

He has been reported to have a swagger when he walks as well and a cocky demeanor as he sits in his seat.

What he doesn’t realize is that his body language and facial language will be working against him.Jurys as well as judges  don’t like seeing happy or cocky people when they are on trial for murder. So this may very well influence how the jury voices as well as his sentencing.

Jodi Arias’ Body Language May Do Her In

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.34.38 AM

On opening day of Jodi Aria’s trial, she  “cried” when the prosecutor spoke of her alleged evil deeds in stabbing her boyfriend 27 times and slashing his throat and then shooting him in the head. She also “cried” when her defense lawyer said that  her acts we in self defense. But the crying she did for  both  the prosecution and defense’s arguments  looked like what you see in the above photo, She hid her face and looked down.

That type of body language will not bode well for a jury because it looked fake and manipulative.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.23.17 AMThere has  been a lot of talk  that because Jodi Arias is so attractive, a jury will not convict her or give her the death penalty. There is a lot of truth to the fact that those who are judged to be more physically attractive are judged to be less guilty of committing crimes. Research for the past three decades has validated this.  In the above photo blond, and curvy Arias looks very attractive.
Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.25.57 AM

She also looks very beautiful as a blond in various modeling shots which were taken of her. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.25.14 AM

But in court, she did not look that pretty or glamorous  or sexy.  Instead  she looked like an average woman, which will put her on a evel playing field as far as the jury is concerned.   The crying she showed in court was no doubt designed to make her look like a vulnerable victim. But in reality  she oozes too much self confidence that verges on cockiness that the jury will detest.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.40.43 AM

The jury  got a glimpse of this in an interview she  did with Inside Edition where she stated emphatically  that a jury will not convict her and to mark her words. I cannot imagine any attorney  allowing their client to go on a tabloid magazine show to declare her innocence, So I can only assume that she did this on her own. It was a huge mistake for her to do this if she wants a jury to not convict her.

She also changed her story too many times which is a huge red flag to a jury. It says that she is a liar and they will assume the worst. The jury was shown the sexual and bloody  photos of what she  did to her boyfriend from photos that were  retrieved from a  camera she put in a washing machine to wash away the evidence.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.24.39 AM

A jury will never believe that she was  a victim as they see the body language of photos of the two of them together.In this photo she looks like she is the dominant one in the relationship as she grabs her boyfriend by the chin in a move to try and control him.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.26.23 AM

This is another telling photo body language wise as he is pulled away from her while she leans on him.

She appears to have a sickening sweet tone which will turn a lot of people off. Whenever you hear someone with a high pitched baby girl tone, run, because there is often hidden anger  and rage under such a contrived tone. There is  also a monotone which is disconcerting and off-putting. Finally she appears  to have a mask like appearance devoid of emotion. There is also  a coldness to both her tone and facial expression which will not reflect well, especially of she takes the stand.

My view of what likely happened was that she got involved with a sexually inexperienced an naive young man with a Mormon background. According to his friends, he lost his virginity to her. At first it was exciting for him and he may have allowed her to take control over things, but as he spent more time with her he  realized, as he confided to his friends , that she was not the type of woman she wanted to settle down with and marry.

When he apparently began dating other women, she  obviously lot her control and hold  over him which angered her. He tried  to break up with her according to friends  but she wouldn’t hear of it.  Even though he wanted out there was a part of him that still enjoyed her sexually and that is why they were  obviously together on the last day  of life.

While she was taking photos of him  in the shower and engaging in sex with him she must have felt there was hope  for the relationship but  then something  happened that set her off. Perhaps he didn’t agree to get back together as a couple, or reciprocate and tell her that he loved her. Something that was said  or not said clearly angered her  to the point that she grabbed a weapon to stab him and keep stabbing him 27 times. She was in a fit of violent rage over the thought of not  having him.  She was so angry and violent with him that she slit his throat and just to make sure he was dead, shot him in the head.

To me this is clearly a crime of passion. The fact that she had a gun with her indicates that she must have thought about killing him that day. Who brings a gun to their boyfriend’s hime unless they plan to go to a gun range together, go hunting, or use it on the person?

In my view, she had plans to use the gun on her boyfriend if things didn’t go her way. Things  obviously didn’t go her way and she used the weapon. So there was premeditation involved in my view.It was in my view a premeditated crime of passion that could have gone either way, depending on whether she thought she could win him back,

The three different stories she told after  finally admitting she killed him in self defense will not make jurors sympathetic to her. As we will most likely hear in the testimony of his close friends and family, he  will have had  no history of being abusive.

Jodi does not appear credible or likable and the body language she has displayed thus far will seal her fate. While she will most likely be convicted she may or may not get the death penalty. There may be jurors who will sympathize  with her Some jurors may even feel that her boyfriend lead her on and  mentally abused her, based on the fact that they engaged in sex after he tried to dump her.

Unlike what the media has portrayed, this is not a case which is at all similar to the Casey Anthony case. There is no child involved and this woman doesn’t have enabling parents who are front and center trying to enable their daughter.Thus there are no parallels here.

Romney’s Body Language, Voice, and Speech Pattern Outshine Obama In First Debate


Before you read this blog know that I am NOT a political commentator nor am I a political person. I am objective and just report only what I see from my viewpoint and expertise as a behavioral analyst and body language and communication expert.

So before you spew out your political views and make personal attacks towards me know that I am ONLY reporting this from a BODY LANGUAGE point of view and that I have NO political agenda.

                                             THE GREETING 

It was very interesting to watch both candidates greet one another as they both used the power gesture which let the other one know that they were the one in control. As they shook hands they mutually grabbed one another’s forearms as they both smiled and looked directly into one another’s eyes. They obviously  let the other know that they were equally powerful and  self confident as you can see int he photo above.

As they began the debate  Obama did not look directly into the camera as Romeny did. When someone looks directly at their audience there is  a greater connection. 

When both candidates made there final statements Obama only looked directly into the camera for a few seconds while Romney looked directly into the camera  on a continuous basis and spoke directly to his audience.

Obama displayed signals of anxiety as he spoke as he pursed his lips and licked his lips which may have indicated he had a bit of dry mouth during the debate. When he spoke for the second time during the first section of the debate he said “uh” or “eh” a total of 15 times which distracted from his fluency in delivering his message. This may also have been a reflection of his anxiety at the beginning of the debate.

Over all throughout the debate Romneny used wider, broader  gestures  that were more away from the body which reflected more of an openness

while Obama used more closed gestures closer to his body which reflected that he was more self contained in what he was saying.

Whenever Obama spoke on behalf of Romney and laid out Romney’s views, he was slammed by Romney, who vigorously defended himself. This was not a very wise  plan on Obama’s part. Each time he was slammed by Romney, Obama looked down and had a sheepish expression on his face complete with tight lips which were  pursed and a non genuine smile of what appeared to be a “smile of embarrassment”.

Most of he time when Romney spoke, Obama did not look at him. Instead he looked down and pursed his lips which indicated tension. Even though his lips were positioned into a smile, it was not a genuine smile but rather a smirk as his lips often swung to the side.

On the other hand, whenever Obama spoke, Romney calmly looked directly at him and did not make any  extraneous negative facial movements.  

Romeny had a lot of passion in his voice and a lot of emotion as he spoke. He used a lot of varied inflection to express his points, whereas Obama did not do so.

When confronted by Romney you can see Obama look down and there is muscle tension at the side of his jaw which on several occasions was seen pulsating. This indicated  suppressed anger on Obama’s part. You can see this lower jaw tension in the photo above.

As Romney spoke, Obama not only did not look at him, he leaked out signals of anger as seen above as he pursed his lips several  times , where there is considerable muscle tension around his obicularis oris muscles around his lips.

While Romney  didn’t follow the rules of the debate and overpowered the moderator by  insisting  he  define and defend  his position when he believed he was allegedly misquoted by Obama,it did display a quality  of leadership, taking charge, and a no nonsense approach.  He also consistently enumerated  his points as #1, #2, #3, etc. which made it easier for the viewer to follow what he was trying to say.

Obama followed suit but only did this one time in the later part of the debate and only enumerated on a point 1 and point 2.

Feet can tell you a great deal about a person’s state of mind. When we look at Obamas’ feet at the podium we see that his toe is on the ground while his heel is off the ground. When a person does this it usually means that the person  wants to get out of there and they don’t want to stay. Obama was most likely subconsciously saying “Let me out of here. ” “I can’t wait until this debate is over. ”

When Romney told Obama that he picks the losers in relation to various companies he mentioned, Obama looks down in embarrassment, yet smiles a genuine smile as the apples of his cheeks are raised, his teeth are showing and his eyes are squinted as you can see above. This is a smile of truth, indicating that he acknowledges that he did indeed pick some losers.

But then his expression morphs into one of  embarrassment as he realizes that he is not happy about this point which was  brought out during this debate.

Then his expression quickly  morphs into anger as he cocks his head and jut his lower jaw and lip foreword.

When Romney confronts Obama and says that he has been in business for 25 years and doesn’t know what Obama is talking about, we see Obama raise his eyebrows  as indicated by the crinkling of his forehead in  an expression of surprise that Romney could actually say this to him. The lip pursing indicates anger at what Romeny has said.

During the last part of the debate a Romeny sets Obama straight with  the fact of what he plans to do ,Obama’s facial expression indicates that the is holding back his anger as you can see  by his severely pursing  his  lips and the  narrowing of his eyes and the  lowering of his eyebrows . He is also seen swallowing hard.

Obama gains control by taking in a  visibly large breath of air  and  abruptly exhaling to immediately  release his anger and  his tension.

But then  when Romney shared how many of those green companies supported Obama in his campaign, once again we see the “smile of embarrassment ” as Obama pulls aways from Romney’s verbal punch by  cocking  his head to the side as he leaks out  a sheepish expression.

Overall, Romeny is much more  fluent , fluid,  inflected and animated  in his speech than Obama  which makes him more appealing as a communicator in this debate as opposed to Obama who is more hesitant and staccato and exhibits more pause time  in his speaking pattern and often repeats words and interjects multiple “uhs” which breaks the flow of his communication.

In making his final statements Obama does not take advantage of speaking directly to his 40 million viewers around the world by looking directly into the camera.  He looks down and to  the side.

Romney on the other hand  made his final appeal to the public by looking right at them through the lens of the camera. He took full advantage of that opportunity.  While Romney appeared to be more relaxed and in control throughout the debate, while making his final statements he did blink excessively at times. While eye blinking is often known as a signal of deception, it can also be a signal of anxiety as well as he made his final points directly to the eye of the camera.He was passionate and dynamic in his delivery. There is also a breathy quality to his vocal pattern which is reminiscent of  Ronald Reagan as he expresses key points.

As far as body language, facial expression,voice quality, and speech pattern are concerned, Romney  clearly won this debate 

Kim Kardashian’s Lack of Facial Expression May Turn Off Fans

Look at Kim  Kardashiasn’s facial expression.  She is sitting on Santa’s lap and is supposed to be happy. But her facial expression says something entirely different. While her lips are parted and teeth are  teeth showing to indicate a  smile, there is something odd about the lip area as there is  no muscle movement seen. When you smile, there is muscle  movement in the lower jaw and at the side of the lips



Kate Gosselin’s Shockingly Abusive and Degrading Body Language Behavior Towards Colin

When one of my dear readers sent me the above photo of  Kate Gosselin  picking up her kids from school last Friday and asked me to analyze Kate’s and Colin’s body language, I was appalled by what I saw. Seeing Kate’s angry and aggressively shouting at Colin as his facial expression shows him wincing  in discomfort. This is especially evident when you see the next photo below.

Since there are a series of these  photos depicting Kate’a abusive behavior towards Colin,  taken in progression of occurrence, the above photo was when she  placed her hand over the child’s mouth, not allowing him to speak, let alone breathe out of his mouth.

If you look at the muscle tension  in her hand and fingers, you can see the hostile force she used to silence Colin. You can also see her anger in her face and mouth and jaw  as well as the resulting  distress  in little Colin’s forehead. This is evidenced by the  the furrowed  muscle tension above his brows.

Little Colin is obviously uncomfortable as he leans away with his body and tries to turn his head away  from Kate and casts his eyes down and away from her as he  attempts to get away from her and her  strong grip over his mouth. You can see the tension in her fingers and the indentation of the pressure of her fingers on Colin’s distorted cheek. This shows the force at which she used on him.


In my view as a Communication Expert, I strongly believe that NO CHILD should EVER be stopped from talking or expressing him or herself. No one should EVER put their hand over a child’s mouth to stifle them or to cut off one of their two breathing channels.

What if little Colin had a stuffed up nose and couldn’t breathe through his nostrils. She would have been cutting off  the air he needed to sustain his life. Even if she did it for a millisecond, it still woud be too much as far as I am concerned. Her behavior can  have serious emotional and developmental implications  on the child’s communication. I have spent over two decades working with people who’s communication was stifled one way or another and they suffered greatly.

It doesn’t matter if Colin was screaming at the top of his lungs,  (which there was no indication that he was doing this based on the photos which preceded the event) you don’t do this to a child! It is abusive and humiliating to the child. This action  does  NOT build a child’s confidence not his self- esteem.


If a  child is  overly chatty or  yelling at the top of his lungs, or even hurling out obscenities , you don’t ever do what Kate did to Colin.  Instead, you do like Nanny 911 or Super Nanny Jo  taught us to do.  You bend down to the child’s physical level so that they can see you eye to eye. The, you  look directly  into  their eyes so they can see your face.

You can even hold their little hands as you  look into their eyes and say” No this is not acceptable.” Maybe while you are down there, you may even want to ask them what is bothering or what they are so upset about. What you say is up to you. But NEVER  do what Kate did!


The answer to this question is NOTHING! In carefully examing all of the photos in the sequence in which they were taken, there is nothing that Colin coud have done to merit Kate’s abusing him as we she she did. See for yourself.

Colin steps off the bus and drags his coat on the floor, something most kids that age do based on their size in relation to the ground, the size of their coats which ate almost as big as they are, and their awkward coordination at that age. Kate is no doubt upset at Colin for this as you can see by her open mouth in the shape of an O. This facial expression  indicates anger as also visually  evidenced by her jaw tension. Her hands with toward turned palms also reflect anger and non- open and non- accepting  behavior  to what she has just witnessed with Colin and his jacket.

Kate no doubt told Colin to stop dragging hs coat on the ground and to put it on, he is trying to do it but the poor little guy has it all upside down with his hand in the wrong sleeve. Kate s pissed as her mouth is still open, no doubt telling him what he is doing wrong, and maintaining her angry body language compete with palms facing downward.

As his brothers and sisters files into the bus, Colin lags behind, He leans his little body into Kate, no doubt wanting some affection and a little loving reassurance after being yelled at by her as he descended from the school bus moments earlier. You can see his head nuzzling into her forearm.

His brothers and sisters are boarding the van but he wants some of mommy’s attention and grabs on to the bottom of her coat. She ignore him and by the angry expression on her face she is yelling at some of the other kids. He looks away trying to ignore her anger  as he is waiting to get a moment of  alone time with mommy to regain some self esteem after being yelled at in front fo everyone about his coat being on the ground a little while earlier.

Next we see Kate’s anger escalating as she is super pissed at Colin as evidenced by the look of rage in her facial expression for grabbing her coat and pulling it. You can see how the coat is pulled  away from Kate. He was innocently  doing this to get Kate’s attention, but it obviously  did not sit well with her that he grabbed her coat, so she let hm have it as you see in the first three photos posted at the top of the blog.


After looking at these series of  photos, there was no doubt that little Colin felt bad at being yelled at earlier, and waned some of mommy’s loving attention. Instead he got emotionally slapped.

Colin clearly did nothing to merit Kate’s abuse in my opinion. All the boy did was ask for a little attention and wanted to make nice after she yelled at him about his coat. It was his 5 year old way of offering an apology for upsetting mommy. Instead, th poor little guy got abused even more.

If a  child is  overly chatty or  yelling at the top of his lungs, or even hurling out obscenities , which Colin was not doing according to these photos, you don’t ever do what Kate did to Colin.  Instead, you do like Nanny 911 or Super Nanny Jo  taught us to do.  You bend down to the child’s physical level so that they can see you eye to eye. Then, you  look directly  into  their eyes so they can see your face.

You can even hold their little hands as you  look into their eyes and say” No this is not acceptable.” Maybe while you are down there, you may even want to ask them what is bothering or what they are so upset about. What you say is up to you. But NEVER  do what Kate did! That is egregious behavior in my opinion.


If Kate treats her children as abusively as she treated Colin in these photos , no man will be attracted to her no matter how many hair extensions TLC makes sure are in her head. If TLC wants to do a new show with Kate and that focus of the show is a dating type of show (getting her a new man), it will be a failure unless they do what I said in an earlier blog. They need work on Kate’s inside and not just focus on her outside in order to make her more appealing  to the opposite sex. Pretty IS as pretty DOES- and Kate’s abusive behavior towards Colin IS NOT PRETTY!

Seeing Kate in action where she is sarcastic, self-centered,  hostile, and  or abusive as she was with Colin makes me stand by my belief that this woman is clearly not ready for prime time or ready to have any television show whatsoever until she gets herself sorted out internally.

Who would want to watch this woman when you know that she is so abusive! She was like that with Jon which I am convinced has a lot to do with his  aberrant behavior.   On her last show of Kate Pus 8 she was verbally abusive to Aden, telling  this 5 year old to be a “man,” and now she has clearly abused and humiliated little Colin. The way      she treated him in these photos now makes me understand why  little Colin was so abusive to his brothers and sisters in the past- something we all witnessed on the show.


Now for all of you Kate lovers out there who will no doubt write me to tell me I hate Kate, like you have in the past,  here is my response to you directly from my mouth. I DO NOT  HATE Kate.

I  DO HATE Hitler, Stalin, Ahmadinejad (the horrific Iranian hate monger we all saw during his ugly speech at the UN), Osama Bin Laden, terrorists who try to kill innocent people by blowing themselves up and blowing up buildings and planes,   the Austrian monster Fritzl who impregnated his daughter and held her prisoner for a lifetime, any child murderer, murderers in general, any child or animal torturer, socio/psychopaths, and people who do verbatim copying of my intellectual property and  violate my copyright and trademark, and those who give their book the identical name as my  best -selling book, written over a decade earlier.

Since you do not see Kate Gosselin’s name on my list, you can rest assured that I do not HATE her.   Instead, I  disapprove of her abusive, snarky, and self- centered entitlement   behavior. And if after looking at the photos and  you do not think she was not being abusive to little Colin, I say ”TAKE OFF YOUR BLINDERS AND GET  YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND!


In my opinion Kate needs to work on what is underneath her $7,000 hair extensions and stop abusing her children like we saw he do with Aden and now with Colin. She needs to get on her knees every day and say a huge thank you to good Lord above for giving her physically healthy, bright, and beautiful children.

What does along with that prayer of  gratitude  must be her actions towards those wonderful innocent children. She needs to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. Abusing them by stifling their airflow and their communication, just because they want a little love and affection,  is definitely NOT giving a child respect or dignity in my opinion. www.drlillianglass.com

The Art and Science of Body Language –Unlocking the Real Truth About Others

Body language is both an art and a science. It is an art in that it takes a lot of practice and skill to become adept at it. It is also a science in that researchers for decades have specifically documented certain signals that allow us to understand what others are really communicating. Some of these signals are universal while others of which are cultural. Anyone who negates the importance of “body language” especially in this day and age, is completely ignorant and should be ignored. Understanding body language and acting on what you observe in others can change your life. It can even save your life!
Whether it’s saving yourself a lot of grief in the dating arena, knowing if your husband or wife is cheating on you, finding if a someone with whom you’re doing business is trying to con you, feeling more confident you’ve picked the right baby sitter, or wondering if that person planning to board that plane is a terrorist, you have to know how to effectively read people’s, body language. You have to know “before whom you stand” Why? According to my quote which you commonly hear me make throughout the media, it is because “the body doesn’t lie!” Neither does the voice or communication patterns.”
Body language is not only about body movement and action. It involves facial movement and expression, the sound of one’s voice and content of what a person says- their speech. In this “computer age” it also involves a person’s writing. You can learn a great deal about someone by the information that they “leak” out about themselves in the written form. This is especially true for those who blog and even more true for those who blog “anonymously.” These people feel more free to leak out pertinent information about themselves, because they assume no one will know their identity. It gives them a sense of freedom to say whatever they want, without being accountable- even if it is malicious.

Those who are involved in fighting cybercrime such as discovering the identity of child abusers and child molesters and/or sexual predators on line are adept at using body language analysis skills to discover pertinent information about the perpetrator which they leak out that often leads to the perpetrator’s identification. In profiling these perpetrators, which includes analyzing personality traits and other important data they may leak out , the information eventually incriminates them and often lead to their arrest and subsequent incarceration.
Child predators and abusers are not the only people on the internet who wreak havoc on other people’s lives. The internet is full of them. How can we ever forget the toxic adult Lori Drew who pretended she was a teenage boy on a social networking site only to emotionally abuse a fragile teenage girl Megan Meier who ended up committing suicide when the phantom boy ( the adult woman) rejected her. While she may have escaped prosecution and incarceration by the skin of her teeth, in the court of public opinion she has not escaped the public’s wrath who find what she did unforgivable.

The “anonymous” malicious blogger is yet another internet parasite creating havoc for others over the internet. Recently, I was able to use the same body language analysis skills that law enforcement agents have used to not only discover the identity of a one such anonymous and malicious blogger but as a result of my formal background and study of psychology I was able to have added insight, Therefore, I was able to construct a profile of the malicious blogger which includes an analysis of personality traits and other pertinent information. I did this by using the body language analysis skills I describe in my best-selling book about body language called “I Know What You’re Thinking- Using the 4 Codes of Reading People to Improve Your Life.”
After I discovered the identity of the malicious anonymous blogger, by using my body language analysis skills I could easily see a lot more about who this person was and what made them “tic”. I could see that:

a) she (the blogger was a “she” based on the linguistic components of her writing and also the fact that she mentioned a “husband” and “kid number one” and “kid number two” ) was no stranger to malicious blogging. In fact, when I pulled up her name on a google search, the internet was filled with postings and websites from countless disgruntled people who referred to her and her actions in extremely unflattering terms.

b) she, in my opinion had emotional disturbance issues involving anger and ill temper as she herself even identified her own negative personality traits in her own blog by referring to herself as “crotchety”. Several other self references and entries related to her anger issues which she described in her own words throughout her blogs further added the reasons that I came up with my opinion.

b) her nasty blogs were no doubt, the result of professional jealousy, as my body language analysis skills lead me to opine. The malicious anonymous blogger’s jealousy apparently got the best of her after seeing her”target” (who is in a similar field) interviewed on a television show. The blogger couldn’t contain herself. Taking to her keyboard once again, writing yet another malicious blog where she took shots at her “target’s” expertise. In doing so, the malicious blogger completely ignored the fact that she was in pending litigation with her “target”. Not a very smart thing to do! No matter what anyone says about their First Amendment Rights, the bottom line is that the malicious blogger’s professional jealously obviously clouded her intelligence and common sense by continuing to incite flames, especially during a legal battle.
( As a side note, after discovering the identity of this malicious blogger and analyzing her personality traits based on her own words and behaviors, it is so sad to observe people who are so consumed with jealousy and hatred. Unfortunately, it isn’t difficult to forsee the upcoming tragic future for these self tortured souls. The jealousy and inner hatred they consistently display will eventually do them in as they get cancer, a heart attack, or some other fatal illness. Hatred always consumes the hater. We must never forget that!
So body language analysis is not only used in detective and cyber detective work as in the case of discovering the identity of the malicious blogger for instance, body language skills are being used more and more to help people in a variety of professions.

Most recently I was able to use my skills in a divorce case where I examined the body language of both parties to see what was really going on “between the lines” and to observe signals of deceptions as well of signals of possible psychopathology. The bottom line is that it resulted in a more positive settlement for the party for whom I was working. I have also used my body language skills in numerous criminal cases. In analyzing the surveillance tapes of a drug deal, I was able to help determine that the attorney’s client was not directly involved. I also used my body language skills in the area of speech and voice forensics where I was able to help acquit an attorney’s client accused of armed robbery, based on his voice and speech quality. Through body language analysis, I helped numerous attorneys in the courtroom by sharing with them what juror, their witnesses, and their clients were thinking about them .

I also used my body language reading skills to help a major businessman who was doing a very financially significant business negotiation. While observing his opponent’s body language , I was able to share with him that his opponent was still open to further negotiation- valuable information which resulted in a major financial victory for the businessman.
The entertainment field is another arena where I have showcased by body language skills by instructing actors, many of whom you have no doubt seen in films and on television how to integrate the right body language with the characters they are portraying. For many of them, it resulted in Academy, Emmy, and Tony Award winning performances.

In addition, magazines and Newspapers from Newsweek to Wall Street Journal to practically every celebrity magazine in the US, UK and abroad have used my body language reading skills to analyze celebrities and newsmakers each week and what is really going on between the lines. Viewers have seen my body language analyses of newsmakers on television on almost every network.
One of the reasons why I’m repeatedly invited to do my body language analyses is because of my rate of accuracy in calling it like it is. In fact, last week I got kudos from an editor for breaking the story about two celebrities who denied their involvement but who now are an “item”.
One of the reasons my accuracy rate is so high in my body language assessments whether they be criminals, politicians, sports figures or celebrities is due to the extensive and unique background and education I have in various fields. That background combined with the extensive knowledge I have in such fields as communication, psychology, communication disorders, medical genetics, law, law enforcement, hypnotherapy, and journalism allow me to integrate and synthesize information I have culled from such a large body of knowledge. That along with decades of practicing in reading people is where the art comes in as I am able to do it quickly and effectively.
With shows like “ Lie to Me, based on the work of professor Dr. Paul Eckman, my own work and the work of others in this remarkable and exciting field , there is becoming an increased public awareness and appreciation of how essential it is to understand another’s body language. In fact it may be the key to unlocking the truth about them, what they are really thinking, and how they really feel about you. So when you are looking at someone, listening to what they say, or reading what they right, pay close attention to every detail you see, hear and read. It may prevent a lot of unnecessary problems and serve as a warning sign to identify and subsequently deal with the Toxic People in your life.