Bobbi Kristina Is Not Doing As Well As She Says She Is Doing On Oprah’s Interview

The other day  I appeared on Entertainment Tonight and talked about  Bobbi Kristina’s body language after her interview with Oprah Winfrey. In my view  the interview was disturbing. Even though Bobbi  Kristina admits she is doing “just fine” her body language said just the opposite  to me.

For one thing, Bobbi Kristina did the entire  10 minute interview standing up.  Who does an interview standing up unless they are planning to hightail it out of there …TO READ MORE CLICK THE LINK BELOW


Dr. Lillian Glass First to Show John Edwards Lied About Baby. Now His Admission is Too Little Too Late

When the Edwards paternity scandal first broke Dr. Lillian Glass was the first to publically show how Edwards was lying based on his body language. After Edwards gave his now famous ABC interview with Bob Woodruff stating that he was not the father of mistress Reille Hunter’s baby, Dr. Glass showed that he was lying and that he was indeed the baby’s father.


The eye blinking, hemming and hawing, stuttering, circumlocution, staring, hand movements, foot movements, leaning, lip licking, voice cracking, uh ums, shoulder shrugging, and even his covering of his private parts right after discussing his not fathering the child, were all “tells” that Dr. Glass pointed out on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, and Access Hollywood as well as other media outlets.


Now , two years later and only because a tell- all book will be released in two days by Edwards’ former aide Andrew Young, is Edwards admitting paternity. Coming forward now and not earlier, clearly shows this man’s lack of character.
Edwards then goes on to say “It was wrong for me ever to deny she was my daughter and hopefully one day, when she understands, she will forgive me.”


Let’s hope that Quinn is able to forgive her father someday. But as far as the public is concerned, what he did was unforgivable. His lying was bad enough, but irresponsibly getting someone pregnant when his wife lie dying of cancer is unthinkable. Edwards is absolutely right when he says that he knows people cannot forgive him, even though he has apologized.
To think that this man had a chance of becoming our President at one time or even becoming Attorney General is a frightening thought.
The bottom line is that the body doesn’t lie. Neither does the voice or one’s speech patterns. His admission is too little too late. But Dr. Glass knew he was lying just as soon as he opened his mouth.

Dr. Lillian Glass Was the First to Publically Reveal John Edwards Lying About Fathering His Mistress’ Child Based on His Body Language. So Andrew Young’s Recent Revelations Are Nothing New

John Edwards (l)  and Andrew Young (r)
John Edwards (l) and Andrew Young (r)

      When the John Edwards scandal broke Dr. Lillian Glass was the first to reveal on Entertainment Tonight as well as on other media outlets how John Edwards’ body language clearly showed signals of deception. On Access Hollywood, Dr. Glass showed Edwards’ very revealing body language, as he actually covered his genital region with his hand when he spoke of not being the father of the baby.

     There were many other “tells” which signified  that Edwards  was not telling the truth like hemming and hawing, convoluting his speech by going off on tangents, being  overly ingratiating, eye blinking, looking away, shoulder shrugs, lip licking, leg movement,  leaning forward, stuttering and many others.

      So now, Andrew Young, the man who took the fall for Edwards when Reille Hunter got pregnant by saying that he fathered the child, is peddling a tell- all book about how Edwards lied and how Edwards betrayed him.

    What did he expect? If a man can betray a loyal and dedicated wife who is dying of cancer, why wouldn’t he expect that he would be betrayed as well?  

      The bottom line is that when Edwards made rumblings about perhaps being the father of Mistress Reille Hunter’s baby, Andrew Young looked like a complete fool. It was a pretty high price to pay to get nothing in return. So, he felt as though he had to get something in return for making the ultimate sacrifice  of  ruining his reputation and embarrassing his family so he decided to write a  “woe is me” victim like tale and pointing the finger at Edwards, .

   But there three other fingers pointing back at Young himself. The whole thing is beyond sickening. The real story is not about the scandal and how bad John Edwards was to him. The real story needs to be  about how a person with such weak character and low morals  could allow themselves to  stoop to the bowels of the earth and commit reputational suicide just to be liked and admitted into the inner sanctum of  someone who they think will have power someday.

      The real story is what kind of person would allow themselves to be paid off, lie they had an affair with someone else’s pregnant mistress and lie again that they fathered the newborn baby. What kind of person would allow someone else’s pregnant mistress to live under the same roof with his own wife and children for eight months?  Did he not get it that no one would believe this concocted story? Did he not think that people would wonder whether his wife was in her right mind in allowing her husband’s mistress to live together with her and her children? Did he not think that it would make his wife Cheri look like a fool as well?

   Obviously not. The kind of person who would sell out in such a huge way is someone with a very very weak character. It is someone who has little if any self worth or self respect. It is someone who is the type of person who would “sell their mother down the river” if it meant them getting ahead. Young actually sold his wife “down the river” so to speak, by dragging her into this fray. To lie and cheat and disregard others so you can be liked and appreciated by someone whom you perceive as having power is despicable.

      Therefore I hope that no publishing house will waste their time publishing Young’s book. Young’s healing needs to be in a therapist’s office not on talk shows hawking his book and pointing blame at Edwards. His behavior is just as bad. By covering for his friend John Edwards, Young, betrayed John’s wife Elizabeth as well as his own wife and family.