Body Language Analysis of Dancing With the Stars Season 12 Week 1


I have a special relationship with Dancing With the Stars having been the Body Language Expert on the show. Today I am taping a segment which should air this evening on  CBS’s Entertainment Tonight about what the stars body language really said. It still amazes me how what goes on off the dance floor is reflected on the dance floor.  Below are my observations of  Episode  1 Season 12.

 Chelsea Kane  was stiff and nervous  when she first met her dance partner. She appeared very nervous before she even began. She didn’t exclude enough confidence. When she was in front of the judges her shoulders were hunched over indicating she felt very insecure. That is understandable considering she was the first  one to dance. It confirms what I have said all along that what one does off the dance floor occurs  on  the dance flor as Kerry Ann Inaba told Chelsea to “watch your shoulders.”   When it came time to get her score she was literally sick to her stomach as she no doubt felt the butterflies as she put her hand over her stomach as she was hunched over.

  Wendy Williams   had a great chemistry with her partner. She is open and  has a great deal of warmth. She is so  real  with regard to her emotions and not embarrassed by them  to the point of wiping her eyes with one of her wig. She was clearly spooked when she got to the dance floor on  stage as she didn’t act like the Wendy we all know and love. Her body language was stiff and she showed a lot of FEAR. Her face was tense and shows she was petrified which came out in her stiffness while dancing.  Her fear was  also displayed  in her timid movements. I think she needs to get over being self conscious and just go for it so that next week we can see the real large and in charge Wendy!

 Hines Ward  was having a lot of fun as determined by his relaxed smile and  exuberant smile. Unlike Wendy, Hines  wasn’t afraid  to let go as it made him a very confident and radiant performer.  There was also a very nice chemistry between him and his dance partner.

 Petra Nemcova was gracious and elegant when she met her partner and it reflected on the dance floor.  When you think of what she had gone through in the Thai  Tsunami with her broken pelvis and losing her fiancé  it is amazing to see how far she has come. So when the Tsunami hit in Japan on Friday  it clearly  restimulated  all of the devastating  feelings she once had as she broke down. One has to give Petra so much credit for her inner strength and soldiering through and delivering a beautiful  gracious performance.  Her graciousness showed on and off the dance floor. She is stiff lower bodywise because of the residual effects of her once broken pelvis but she compensates for it beautifully with her upper body movements.      

 Romeo Miller   showed that he was a very  poor loser as she leaned away from his partner when he was getting his scores from the judges and had to listen to their critique.  He was all over the place withhis dancing which showed he was not  very disciplined.

 Sugar Ray Leonard  was very emotional when he was working with his partner. He was not ashamed to cry which was rather touching. It showed his vulnerability.  His shoulders were hunched which indicated that he was clearly not confident, As the scores were being read,  his shoulders were squared which indicated that he was confident and was prepared to man up and hear the results of his performance.

 Kendra Wilkenson  was so  open when she met her dancing partner. She should her good natured  personality. Her openness showed on the dance floor.  She appeared a little insecure as she was a bit  hunched over when receiving  her scores which indicated she as a little self conscious.

 Ralph Macchio seemed a bit  timid and unsure of himself when he first began practicing,  but those feelings quickly left him when he hit the dance floor.  When he hit the dance floor he became confident as he held his head high. He  obviously mustered up his performance skills  and showed that he was the true exceptional  performer he was when 27 years earlier . He ended up being the best performer of the evening, receiving  the highest score for his Fox Trot.

 Chris Jehrico  the WWE seemed stiff in his rehearsals with a lot of upper chest and shoulder tension. But his partner certainly Cheryl  certainly worked on that with him. When he hit the dance floor she was charismatic and completely connected with the audience showing what a great performer he was.  He also has a great deal of chemistry with Cheryl. When they were waiting for their scores, he pulled her close to hiand after his score was read he kissed her. He feels extremely comfortable with her  as she does with him.

 Mike Catherwood of Love Lines  had no chemistry with Lacey which is not a good thing for success on DWTS. When he initially saw her she gives a poor hug and doesn’t even look at her , There is a disconnection between the two.  He is uncomfortable and very self conscious as he crosses his arms over his chest while his shoulders are hunched over.   He appears to be too self absorbed to connect with his partner or the audience. As he was given his criticisms from the judges it was apparent that it was very hard for him to take it.  He was overly serious and doesn’t seem as though he can easily laugh at himself in this situation. He doesn’t connect with or look at partner as there is too much physical distance between them. He feels very vulnerable which is indicated by his placing his hands over his genitals as a form of protection.


 Kirstie Alley was  good natured from the get go. As soon as she and Maxim met she was warm and affectionate and could easily laugh at herself . These are all great traits for someone who has the potential to be a winner  on DWTS. There is great chemistry between she and Maxim. You could see it when she was getting her scores from the judges. They were both affectionate with one another with Maxim hugging her and being totally supportive. One thing we have learned from seeing Maxim all these years is that has no tolerance for laziness or for people who are not dedicated to the dance. Kristie has definitely stepped up to the plate and that is why Maxim adores her.

 For the entire season, I will be bringing you weekly updates regarding my Body Language Analysis on DWTS.


Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows Poise and A Much Softer Side on Jimmy Kimmel Live

After watching Kate Gosselin on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other night I can say that she is coming across a lot more polished and a lot more poised. She looked absolutely beautiful with her softer hairstyle, toned body and gorgeous dress.  Her posture was excellent. This was clearly  her best  television appearance  yet. She was actually very pleasant, cordial and laughed appropriately at Jimmy’s jokes and at herself. She was even humble when she said she couldn’t dance.

But then at the end when she said”  I am  going to win,” it seemed like it was right back to the old Kate. If she hadn’t said that, I would have rated her performance on Kimmel Live as a near perfect. She needed to say that she would try her best and hope that she would win, not that she will win. Being  cocky like that does not put anyone in a good light, let alone Kate.  Kate really needs to work on her humility in my view. If she does that, she will be so much more appealing to audiences.

 There are obviously some changes taking place with her not only on the outside but on the inside as well. No doubt her handlers  are working to get her more likeable  and camera ready for her upcoming show.

 That is no doubt why she is doing Dancing With the Stars- one of the highest rated shows. It will let more people see her who haven’t seen her and it will allow those who have seen her to see her in a different light-hopefully in a better light.

At first I was concerned that she would be doing a show that demanded so much and that she would be away from her kids. But she explained on Kimmel Live that her partner (Tony Davolani) will be coming to her home in Pennsylvania to work with her in her basement so she won’t be away from the kids. Then she will be coming to LA once a week to do the show. I think that is GREAT! Being away from her kids for so many weeks was my main concern for her in doing DWTS. But now I think it will work out well.

Kate also mentioned how positive Tony is. That is exactly the type of person Kate needs to be around. Perhaps some of his positivity and kindness towards others will rub off on her. There was no doubt that being around Jon for all of those years brought out the worst in her and vice versa.

After witnessing Jon’s immature and self-destructive behavior and how he treated his girlfriends, it is no wonder that Kate had so many issues with him.

Hopefully her being around a positive kind dancing partner like Tony will  contribute to the positive changes that seem to be taking place with Kate.

Kate Gosslin’s Body Language on Jay Leno Shows She’ NOT Ready for Prime Time And Unrealtistic Expectations In Wanting to Appear on Dancing With the Stars


Before Kate is ready to appear on camera other than a mother disciplinining her husband and kids she needs a lot of work in my opinion. Her constant phony laughter on the show where there was no associated eye movement or cheek movement but just a loud laugh which was inaapropriate at times, her mugging for the camera, snarky sacrsasm,shoulder shrugs, and amature timing reflects that she does not have the IT factor required for on camera personalities.


As the Body Language Expert on Dancing With the Stars, I have personally seen the tremendous hard work and dedication that it takes to participate in this show- up close and personal. When you sign up to be one of the dancers you might as well kiss your life as you knew it goodbye. You will rarely see your family for months and if you do it will be for a very short period of time. That would be a horrible thing for her 8 kids. They would not be seeing their mother very often and that is for sure!

Anyone appearing on the show as a dancer has to be prepared for a lot of physical pain that may possibly even debilitate them for a while . This is especially true if they happen to break a bone, pull a ligament, or sprain an ankle. This could put a mother of 8 who needs to remain in tip top physical condition, out of commission when she needs to be there for her kids 100 per cent. She is definitely not considering her kids in her decision. She is obviously just considering herself and not her kids to even consider appearing on the show without thinking about that. While Marie Osmond was a mother with children, she didn’t have 8 little ones who were very dependent on her as Kate’s children are.

The dedication and the requirements to learn the dance routines each week is tremendous. It is not a frivolous show on which you appear to “laugh at yourself” as Kate said on Leno. The routines and the hours and the hours and of practice required and the physical stamina has been a challenge to world class and Olympic athletes. So when she said she is not a dancer and it was embarrassing to hear her speak and make light of this show.

As I said in my last blog, Kate needs to spend the time raising her 8 kids and giving them the attention they need and address any and all psychological needs they may have as a result of the fallout from her nasty divorce with Jon and their trashing one another in the media. She does not need to be away from them for months with only a few meager visits when they need so much attention at this crucial age.


Many may feel that since Kate rubs so many people the wrong way, it may be a bad idea to put her on such a popular well rated show as DWTS, as it could reduce the show’s ratings, with people turning it off if Kate appears on it. Personally, I think that the ratings would go up, but only if they paired her up with one of my favorite professional dancers Maksim Chmerovskiy.


If Kate does appear on DWTS, the only salvation would be if she gets partnered up with no nonsense Maxim Chmerkovskiy . Maxim is pretty hard on his partners if he detects any BS, attitude, or the dancers don’t live up to his professional expectations.

He would definitely give Kate a reality check. He wouldn’t let her get away with any of her nonsense. He would for sure give her a taste of her own medicine so she will completely get what it feels like to be treated the ways he treated Jon or her kids. Heaven help her if she tries to bully Maxim around! Now that would be GREAT reality TV! She can then see what it feels like when the tables are turned on her.


I am not the only one that thinks her performance on Leno was wooden and vey amaturish or thinks she performed so poorly on Leno that it was an embarrassment.

And for those of you who may say that I don’t know what I’m taking about, for the past two and half decades that is exactly what I did for people in Hollywood, helping them to get ready for “prime time” and learn how to effectively appear on television. In fact a lot of people who see on camera – talk show hosts, news personalilities as well as actors, political people and others have been trained by me. So I say with complete confidence that Kate needs a LOT of training!

TMZ said : Kate Gosslin- No Future in Showbusiness! With her appearance on that Jay Leno thing last night, we can now say with 100% certainty Kate Gosselin has absolutely no on-camera talent whatsoever … beyond yelling at children, of course.”

“Perez Hilton Said Shameless! Kate Gosslein Fishes for Work! Leno asked the mother of eight if there was a certain reality show she’d like to appear on.”Yes, Dancing with the Stars because I cannot dance,” Kate quickly offered. “I want to laugh at myself. I so cannot dance. It would be a sad sight.” Is that your open plea to ABC, Kate Gosselin??? Sad!”

The Baltimore Sun said “ TV: Kate Gosselin on Jay Leno: TV mom bombs again”

Radaronline Said “ Friday night’s Jay Leno show featured Kate Gosselin for the 10 @ 10 segment — that’s 10 questions at 10 pm, for those of you who’ve never seen it — and the newly-divorced reality star had just one quirky revelation.When Jay asked if there was another reality show she’d like to compete in, her answer was Dancing with the Stars. Although the former Jon & Kate star said she’d do it just as a laugh because she can’t dance at all, we have the feeling she was seriously floating the idea to producers.”


In a way I do hope that producers put her on so that even more people can be turned off by Kate’s whining, entitlement and self absorption so that they won’t want to tune into her own upcoming show on TLC .

When she isn’t able to take off and see her kids whenever she wants to because of her grueling workout schedule, she will not be laughing .

When she isn’t able to walk after the first week because of all the muscle pain and all the physical hard work it takes she will quickly see that she won’t be doing the show for “laughs.”

And finally when she gets a reality check from Maksim ,if the show pairs her up with him, I can assure you that she will not be laughing- but crying if she tries to pull any of the obnoxious behavior we have see her exhibit on television thus far.

If Kate wants a career on television, in my opinion she definately needs to get some professional training because being a mother on a reality show isn’t the experience you need to sustain a bona fide television career.