The Brilliant Beautiful Bipolar Amy Winehouse Finally At Peace



When singer Amy Winehouse rose to the to top of  the music scene she was charming and adorable, beautiful and  incredibly talented. She knew how to sell herself with her beehive doo and cat like painted eyes which was inspired from her fascination with the girl groups of the 60’s.

Before she made it big she had a more natural fresh faced look.   A video of her speaking about her favorite artists and her work showed she was arm and pleasant and extremely self confident as you can se/

Year after year as she performed she became more beautiful and more radiant.

When she did her Rehab video, she was at her peak as you can see in the above photo. It is a shame that she did not do the opposite of what the lyrics in the song suggested and “go to rehab” and stay there until she could function properly.

Amy w. She was quoted as saying that she did not like fame or seek it, She said she was a musician.

But she got fame sought her out as you can see by the crowd at the Glastonbury event . The adulation and the public scrutiny was too much to bear. She began to self destruct.

She began drinking and drugging.

Her marriage to husband Blake Civil Felder may have fueled her drug  addiction. Here we see a zoned out Amy and Blake trying to feed her a pill of some sort off of the tip of his tongue.

Amy’s relationship with husband  Blake ended badly in violence  and in a divorce.

She had several bouts in reahab and stated that she was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. She also stated in the press that she rrefused to take any drugs to treat the condition.

In one very poignant interview she said I am my own worst enemy, The interviewer tried to correct her and said you mean you are your won worst critic. Amy looked at him and said, no I am my own worst enemy.

Amy hanging out with musician Peter Doherty of the group Babyshambles and doing drugs with him proved she was right- that she was indeed her own worst enemy. She admitted to drinking a lot . here was no doubt that she was taking drugs as it was captured on a video on youtube.

From the looks if this photo with the sores on her face  she may very well have been doing meth.She also got extremely thin.

Her face broke out and some of her teeth fell out as a result of the drugs. She smoked and drank in an attempt to medicate herself and to deal with emotional pain she was experiencing.

She ended up in the hospital on several occasions  which may have been drug related. She tried to go out n the road again and was met with boos and hisses in Serbia and other countries when she just stood on state and didn’t sing. her backup singers had to take over.

Whether it was the extreme embarrassment of being booed off a stage, being overwhelmed by performing, not wanting to do it anymore, her heartbreak over Blake, being so severely addicted she couldn’t cope, Amy either did herself in purposely or accidentally.

If Amy would have stopped taking drugs to medicate her  and started to  take  bipolar medication to mediate her , she may be  still be alive.

Her father Mitch was very supportive of her throughout her life and throughout her career, It is ironic that his daughter died the day he was to make his singing debut in NYC. As soon as he found out, he rushed home.

My heart goes out to Amy’s dad and mom and to the rest of her family. Her short life inspired so many with her  music.  It also  serves as a huge lesson to young people that drugs can kill. RIP Amy!


Dr. Lillian Glass First to Detect Charlie Sheen’s” Crazy” Acting Scam As He Finally Reveals to Press He’s Been Playing A Game All Along

Charlie Sheen has  been goofing on everyone and I picked it  up through his body language and communication patterns early on. In fact my blog that Charlie was ” Crazy Like A Fox”  said it all.  Today, it was confirmed that Charlie Sheen is indeed “crazy like a fox”  as he revealed in a candid interview  to the press that his “public meltdown” is merely  a “performance art”  thanks to his acting skills.

When I first appeared on CBS’s  The Insider, I remarked that Charlie was angry as we could  see by his body language. The furrows on his forehead and knitted brow were genuine. They revealed that he was furious about not getting his way and coming back to the “Two and Half Men” set to resume working. He was furious that someone else, namely Chuck Lorre, his producer  was controlling what he could and couldn’t do.

Then his anger started to escalate. However, the anger he reveled on his videos  seemed rather controlled. Real anger gets out of control quickly in most cases and this was not the case with Charlie. His Sheenisms seemed contrived and planned. The physical transition from his anger to non anger and even pleasantness was too quick , which was  the first signal to me  that something wasn’t  quite right.

While Charlie may very well be bipolar (only he and his psychiatrist know for sure)and while he may very well have been on drugs (only he, the medical lab  and his physician know for sure) he was doing some excellent acting as he raged on in his videos in order  to get public attention.

In his second video, if you weren’t  listening to his words, but rather paying attention to his physical movements and the tone of his voice and to his  delivery, you could have sworn he was reciting Shakespeare. In other instances on the tape as he quoted his poetry,  he was quite brilliant and wonderfully entertaining.

There was no question in my mind that he was acting. As I said in my previous blog about Charlie- he was crazy like a fox” By acting crazy he got a Funny or Die commercial to bring even more attention to him. He has now  teamed up with companies and has a tee-shirt line  with his new catch phrase  “Winning”. There are  even Tiger Blood alcoholic beverages.



 One Sheen fan even had  a tatoo made of Charlies head on a tiger with red blood dripping out from the tails .    

Here is what Charlie told the Austrailian radio network Nova:

. “It wasn’t like I was really believing that if you take a drug called Charlie

Sheen your face will melt off and you’ll weep over your exploded body!”

He said he has been playing a game with the media.

“They love me,” he said

“It’s a big, warm hug. It’s like a nude Jacuzzi,” he added





The bottom line is that Charlie won the war against “Two and a Half Men”. So what if they fired him and he won’t get two

million dollars an episode. He still gets a hefty sum in residuals when the re runs of the show occur all over the world.

Most likely there will be some type of settlement with CBS. He will NEVER come back to the set to finish the remaining

episodes. Chuck Lorre would rather poke pencils in his eyes and sit on hot coals than work with Charlie Sheen ever again.  

CBS can never go back on their word and unfire him and rehire him or they will look like weak wimps to the world. Besides

the ego of the “suits”  would never let that happen.   So Charlie will make even more millions in a settlement more than

the remaining two million per episode. There was apparently  no” moral clause” so CBS in my view doesn’t have a leg to

stand on, much to their chagrin.

Charlie is more popular than before and no doubt his film career will be HUGE! In polls that have been taken men LOVE him

and it is men who will go and purchase tickets to see a Charlie Sheen movie. Lots of people will want to see his films or

anything else he does because they want to see what he will do next.!

Charlie IS very entertaining and he IS the consummate actor and  now we have

discovered IS the consummate manipulator and marketer. So now we don’t have to take Charlie Sheen’s home made

videos  so seriously. It is all an act as we have seen.



Having said that, the man in my view is still TOXIC  and has serious issues especially  when it comes to women .He may

very well be a danger to women in my view.


 I believed he was a TOXIC MAN  when  my book TOXIC MEN book and described Charlie Sheen;s patterns with women.

Iam even more convicned of his toxicity than ever before as it realtes to women.


Any man who beats up on a woman like he has done in the past with Brooke Mullerand other women including John

Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston whom he shot in the arm when they were dating back in the day is a danger.


 His only relating to women  who are porn stars and  prostitutes speaks volumes about his inner feelings about women and

his clear disrespect for them. I am glad that Denise Richards is doing her best to keep her two young daughters awar

from Charlie as it is my view that he deep down he does not like nor respect women. If he  disrespects women, what

messages will be transferred over to his daughters  and what impact will that have  on them  as they get older?


While Charlie may be entertaining and amusing and a great marketer of his own brand, he is still a danger when it comes to

his relationships with women as no woman is safe in his midst.

 Recently, even one of his low self esteemed “Goddesses” couldn’t take him anymore and walked away, only to  return after

being wooed  back by him, Unfortunately her returnin to Charlie was the unfortunate typical response of an “abused

woman’s” psyche. Studies show that this back and forth brak up  between the abused and the abuser can occur seven to

eleven times until the abused has finally had enough and walks away for good. Hopwefully the “goddess: will see the light

before it is too late.

 So to any woman who gets involves with Charlie Sheen,  know that he will  never changeand that you can never change him.

Know that you can get seriously hurt!  So think twice before you enter Charlie’s  Tiger’s den because that blood you may see

willnot be the fictional  Tiger blood. The blood you see may be your own.

Charlie Sheen‘s Agitated Body Language Reflects He May Be A Danger to Himself and Others


After analyzing Charlie Sheen’s body language for CBS’s “Insider” today  I can clearly see that Charlie is overly consumed with anger and hostility which I believe will eventually destroy him unless he gets out of his denial and gets some professional help.

 His vebally  attacking statements and self-aggrandizement, rapid staccato speech patterns,  harsh glottal vocalizations,  agitated facial expressions with furrowed brow and wide-eyed stare, and  constant body movements,  reflect a man who in my view,  is  either on some type of  drug that has altered his behavior or he  possibly has a psychological condition that reflects  his aberrant behavior.

 Based on Charlie Sheen’s body language his arrogance appears to be in full bloom. His outward expansive movements show that he thinks he is in control of the situation.

 His disheveled hair and his   smoking a cigarette during one of his interviews with the  cigarette even  dangling from his lips as he spoke, shows that he could care less about his public  image.

 Besides his bizarre speech which was intended to “shock”  the main thing I noticed which was disturbing  was Charlie Sheen’s voice pattern . It was harsh and raspy which is often an indicator that a person may be doing self-destructive acts which tend to injure the vocal apparatus, like   smoking, drinking and drugging excessively.

 While his bulging wide-eyed look and  furrowed brow, and lip pursing   showed constant  anger and arrogance , his  lip licking and  shoulder shrugs reflected that he may have been posturing as  deep down, he really didn’t believe everything he was saying.

This was particularly evident when he said that CBS could have to pay  him 3 million per episode if they wanted him back. It is clear that he knew his demand was   ridiculous, but it was his way of baiting and instigating and pouring verbal fuel on the fire.  

 There is no doubt that Charlie Sheen is so  out of control and that he may be a danger not only to himself but to those around him. There is no doubt that with all of his pent-up anger that he could possibly cause bodily harm to someone .

In observing his behavior it is easy to see what he allegedly did to his ex wife Brooke Mueller and to numerous women who have accused him of physical violence throughout the years.


While he didn’t take a physical shot at his nemesis and producer Chuck Lorre , he certainly took a verbal shot at him by outing his Hebrew name which he changed, Haim Levin. Many in Hollywood believe this was an anti Semitic act on Charlie’s part which Charlie in turn denied. No matter how hard Charlie denies it, many feel that it was hitting below the belt and spoke volumes as it was a hostile attempt to degrade Chuck for changing his  Jewish sounding name. Ironically, Charlie did the same thing by changing his own name – Carlos Estevez to Charlie Sheen in order to make it sound less Latino.  


Perhaps no one knows what havoc  Charlie may be capable of doing better than his longtime publicist  of  seven years, Stan Rosenfeld. Personally, I  have known Stan for decades. Stan is one of the finest men with a great deal of decency and respectability. For him to  abruptly drop and abandon Charlie  is HUGE!

 Stan being the ultimate diplomat didn’t trash Charlie. He merely stated,

“I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much. However, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”.

But that didn’t stop Charlie who secured his own publicity by appearing on ABC the Today Show TMZ and on Pierce Morgan. In each interview he appeared to get angrier and angrier, trashing everyone from his father to CBS, to Chuck Lorre to John Stamos, to Stan Rosenfeld. When he learned Stan quit, he ranted that it was he who fired Stan.  

He even said that he was going to sue CBS for  320 million dollars “mental anguish.” Based on what I have seen of Charlie’s behavior, it seems that CBS could easily file a countersuit as Charlie  has caused them an equal amount of  “mental anguish” if not more.

It is sad to witness  a man who was once  at the top of his game as an actor begin to fall so rapidly. His arrogant and hostile words and bizarre statements  are not endearing him to fans. He thinks that fans will rally behind him but they won’t . In fact they are quickly turning against him. They see his arrogance, self-aggrandizement, (being on a drug called Charlie Sheen)  and entitlement and they don’t like it one bit.

Charlie’s overinflated opinion of himself will be his biggest downfall. He will quickly learn that he is replaceable  and that he is not a powerful as he thinks when it comes to battling a network.  It will be a rude awakening when he sees that fans will not rally behind him.  

 Based on what I have observed speech,voice, and body language wise I don’t have a lot of confidence that Charlie’s outcome will be good. He has said that he would never take medication when asked if he was bipolar. He said he was not bipolar but rather  bi-winning. He bragged about his drug intake and said he was proud of the way he partied.  If he doesn;t stop his self destruction he  will  up  doing  something to himself  that can never be repaired.  He has also  alienated a lot of people and burned many bridges that likewise can never be repaired. Sorry Charlie- that’s the sad and  brutal truth!