Trump’s State of the Union Speech Showed Passion and Compassion While Opposition Showed Rudeness

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 6.05.23 PM.pngWhen Donald Trump first arrived to give his State of the Union Address  his body language was confident and he appeared to be highly focused and even a bit somber. His smiles were guarded.

His aim during his presentation was to try to unite the nation and in many ways he succeeded. He used the word “WE” hundreds of times throughout his speech. He was determined in his speech to let the world know that it is not about one side over the other , but that it was all inclusive. He made this point several times during his address.

Whether or not you support or like Trump, objectively speaking , his delivery was highly effective. He hyper articulated key points he wanted to make and spoke at at pace where it was easy to process all that he was saying. in order to  understand  exactly what he was trying to say.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.58.33 AM

There was also some vocal defiance where he stuck out his jaw in an aggressive body language move when addressing controversial issues and seemed to address his opponents personally.  He even jutted his lower jaw forward as he made these significant points indicating that there was serious conviction behind what he was saying.

He  not only showed a lot of  passion in his delivery but demonstrated a great deal of compassion and sensitivity, something we have not seen in the past. The story he told about the officer who adapted the baby was done with a great deal of emotion as reflected in his inflection pattern.  He also appeared emotional when discussing Otto Warmbier and made a pledge at the end of his speech to handle North Korea in the American way to honor the student who was unjustly  accused and brutally abused on North Korean soil

The most disturbing aspect of the SOTU address was the rudeness and poor attitudes  by certain Democrats who came in to the room  with a nasty attitude and sour facial  expression  to begin with  and who didn’t even stand or even applaud for issues that were for everyone.

When she spoke about working together and serving the people the nastiest of expressions was on Nancy Pelosi who was a sourpuss throughout the entire speech.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.58.47 AM.png

.When  Trump spoke about working together and serving the people the nastiest of expressions was on Nancy Pelosi who was a sourpuss throughout the entire speech.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.58.17 AM.png

The same was true for Chuck Schumer. It reflected that these individuals seems to be blocked from even considering working together.

This genuine lack of respect for the office of the Presidency  was a turn off to the public . No matter what side you or on Democrat or Republican the genuine display of rudeness will no doubt cost many of these lawmakers  in their own elections as it will not sit well with the public.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 8.56.51 AM.png

When Trump made  a positive and beneficial statement that  Black employment  was up and the entire Black Caucus  sat the stone faced, it did not sit well with many.

The fact that Ruth Bader Ginsberg didn’t show up is a travesty and makes one question her abilities to be on the Supreme Court which is supposed to be non partisan.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 9.24.20 AM.png

The fact that congressman Luis Gutierrz walked out in the middle of the speech showed extreme rudeness and distaste. It was unacceptable

The meanness and hatred of many of  these congressmen and Senators showed during Trump’s speech was not a good role model for the country  and contributed to the divisiveness in the country, While we can agree to disagree this level of toxic vehemence was uncalled for and did turn people off in their own party.

When the speech ended and Trump shook hands he was a bit somber> there was no doubt he felt the hostility in the audience  from  his  opposition. The bottom line is that his opposition didn’t even give him a chance to hear what he had to say. He said many things that would be beneficial to them as well, yet they sat stone faced and non reactive. They didn’t clap for things that all people should clap for like working together.

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 6.01.46 PM.png

Melania was regal in her posture and demeanor. When she entered she was very careful to walk down the stairs very slowly.  When she spoke to some of he guests before the speech she showed warmth towards them. The press  made a big deal about her arriving my herself in a separate motorcade  and speculated that it has something to due with the stripper’s alleged affair with Trump. In my view this was nonsense since all First Ladies arrive first and are their well  before the President arrives.  CNN  reported that she wore white to protest her husband which is more absurd. And this is why CNN is so despised and now regarded as fake news

Donald Trump and Melania’s Body Language Awkward and Tense on New Years Eve

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 8.44.38 PM.png

New years eve seemed like a tense time for the President and First Lady as they hosted a party at Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Florida. They were joined by 11 year old Baron  as they entered  the Grand Ballroom making a  a red-carpet entrance. The couple appeared  uncomfortable and cold towards one another during their arrival on the red carpet. No one smiled. Donald, Barron and Melania were serious and stone faced

Their body language was disturbing  as  Melania trailed  behind  Donald and Barron and looked distant.  She appeared tense and stiff as though she didn’t want to be there.

There was too much physical  distance between the couple. This type of body language and facial language and  lack of interaction seemed inappropriate for the holiday occasion. It’s disturbing, especially since it’s the holidays. It’s one thing for a state dinner, but we’re talking about a fun, New Year’s Eve party where you are supposed to be more loving.

While you can  write off their interactions during more diplomatic, business-centered  appearances,  you can’t  pretend that their seemingly cold interaction in the middle of a holiday celebration doesn’t exist. It speaks volumes as to the status of their relationship.

Evan Vucci/AP/REX/Shutterstock

While Trump spoke of all of his 2017 accomplishments, Melania seemed to ignore what he said and didn’t even  nod her head in agreement or smile. She was dead serious.

There is clearly something bothering Melania and it leaks out in her facial language and in her body language. The body doesn’t lie and neither   does one’s face. So no matter how hard she tries to keep up a warm front,  she is not succeeding in this regard.   Young Barron seemed more in synch with his father as they walked together than Melania who stood behind both of them as they entered the party.


All this said, there are any number of reasons as to why Melania Trump’s body language seemed so stilted — including something as simple as a discomfort with the massive spotlight now on her and her family.  Unfortunately, however, that’s just part of the family’s new job, and those possible explanations are not going to stop the public from examining their every move.

Body Language of Trump and Obama at First White House Meeting Shows An Open Receptive Trump and Guarded Tense Obama


This was the first time President Obama and President Elect Trump met one another as they  had their first meeting at the White House.

Obama spoke and said a lot of Uh’s,  which showed he was uncomfortable in Trump’s presence and with the situation. Also in a measured tone, he  spoke very slowly,saying  one word at a time and then pausing until he said another word and then pausing again.


Obama spoke and said a lot of Uh’s,  which showed he was uncomfortable in Trump’s presence and with the situation. Also in a measured tone, he  spoke very slowly,saying  one word at a time and then pausing until he said another word and then pausing again.

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-10-12-21-amObama  couldn’t even bring himself to say President Elect Trump as he stumbled over the word as he said President twice- President  President Elect Trump

His tone was monotonous and there was no life in his voice.  He sounded like he was going to a funeral as he said that Michelle had a chance to greet  the first lady and had an excellent conversation with her as well. As he spoke, he kept looking down and made no eye contact with Trump.

Then he said “I want to emphasize to you Mr President Elect” but once again, he couldn’t  bring himself to look at Trump. He looked down the whole time even though he was addressing Trump.    


Then Trump spoke. He was warm and gracious and said it was the first time they met. He also said that while the meeting was supposed to take less time, it lasted an hour and a half and could have gone on longer. He said they spoke about some good things and not so good things. As you can see here Trump automatically  pulls his body away from Obama. In essence he is repelled. Obama holds on to his hands for security as does Trump.


Then they shook hands with one another. Their body language and facial expression said it all. Their hearts were not into it as they both pursed their lips. There was considerable tension in Trump’s jaw. This was no doubt the first time in a long time Trump had to do something  he didn’t want to do and it showed on his face.  There was no eye contact between the two which indicated how they really felt about one another deep down. Their body language showed that no matter how cordial and professional each of them  tried to be,  they were clearly not fans of one another. 












George and Cindy Anthony United Body Language

George and Cindy  Anthony have been living a nightmare over these past three years. They have tried to defend Casey at all costs. The two of them have obstructed justice and  made  bizarre statements  and have done bizarre things  that have left people’s  mouths agape.  Cindy insisted Caylee was still alive even though Caylee’s bones and remains  were found and a memorial service was performed.

Cindy tried to throw everyone possible under the bus from Casey’s ex fiance  Jesse Grund to  Casey’s friend Amy Huizinga.Cindy even gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush. Instead of Caylee’s brush, Cindy gave them Casey;s. Cindy even made a Freudian slip and discussed “the woods_ when woods were not even a consideration at the time  Caylee went missing.  

George insisted that he was loyal to Casey no matter what and got furious and fought with protesters  who insinuated Caylee was dead and that Casey killed her. As we saw in an early interview, George was into blaming everyone but the person who needed to be blamed Casey. George even allegedly had an affair with River Cruz and according to her  and spent time with Cruz  instead of  searching for Caylee.

George and Cindy were known to have their  marital difficulties  before Casey left  with Caylee in tow.Apparently much of their tension was over their financial difficulties with George  allegedly having lost a considerable amount of money on an online scam. He had trouble finding adequate work and Cindy appeared to be the breadwinner. Casey allegedly kept running up their credit cards and taking money from them. No doubt this caused them a great deal of  anxiety and tension in their relationship.

The whole ordeal put a great strain on their relationship. In examining screen shots of their body language over the past three years, there have been times where they have turned their backs on one another even refusing to look at one another. At times they have been seen acting distant and  even hostile towards one another.

But all that has changed. Hearing Jose Baez’ testimony during his opening statement that George  sexually molested Casey, has brought them closer together.

Perhaps the two million dollar payout for the Lifetime movie also helped ease their tensions as well. At least now they won’t have financial worries.Their home will no longer be in foreclosure and t hey can even afford  move away to a more luxurious place in a gated community in order  to keep paparazzi at bay. In  addition, there will most likely be no Casey to run up any credit card bills since the state will pay for her room, board, and clothing as well as her medical bills as she sits in prison for life or sits on death row in Lowell Penitentiary waiting  for appeals and for her final day.

No doubt,  with a book deal  for George and another for Cindy, even ,more millions of dollars will flow into the Anthony household. They even trademarked the name Caylee In doing that they will make more money suing anyone who tries to use it commercially. They may even come out with their own Caylee products which will add even more millions to their coffers. So their financial tensions will be gone forever. They lost a  sweet granddaughter and troubled  daughter, but  gained millions of dollars.

The two of them have been forced out of denial and into the reality of grieving for Caylee and now grieving for Casey.Their newfound wealth has no doubt,  helped to cement their bond.

Even though George has been perceived as being weak and wimpy,  he showed strength and fortitude  as he had to physically and emotionally bolster up Cindy after she testified and sobbed on the stand. While she has always seemed like George;s pillar of strength, the tables have now turned.

The once screaming and hostile Cindy has been humbled and George  has been there to pick up her emotional pieces.

They are now in synch with one another as you can see from the above photo. They  now walk hand in hand . Ulrike before, look directly at one another.

While they may have lost a daughter and a granddaughter,  it appears they have gained  a renewed sense of love, respect, and affection  towards one another.

Tony Lazarro Says He Loved Casey, Confused By Her Behavior, Casey Cries Fake Tears As He Talks About Caylee

When Tony Lazarro took the stand for the second day and said Caylee was a smart girl and could count to 40 in Spanish which he said was incredible  given Caylee’s age. Casey smiled a smile as any proud mother would. She shook her head yes in agreement.

Then she started in with the non tears to  show how emotional she was. But there was no liquid coming out of her eyes. Se just wiped nothing away from under her eye to give the illusion that she was crying for Caylee.

As Jose Baez questions Tony Lazzarro about  told him  Casey dabs her eyes no tears. Her is her facial expression which shows no tears or upset as she has a somewhat angry looking expression.

Jose Baez tried to put words into Lazarro’s mouth by stating the relationship was intense. Lazarro said intense? How? Then Baez explains that they were spending more time together between the end of June and July. Lazarro he agreed.

Lazarro admitted Casey told him she loved him and he also told her he loved her. As he said this his expression softened and he looked very sad and hurt. H e shared how they spoke all the time and even told law enforcement  how they talked till they fell asleep.  He reveled that they were very close and called and texted one another  all the time. He said he was shocked when the news broke and was shocked even until today and said that her pre July 16th behavior to her post July 17 behavior was bizarre.

As he says this he pulls his shoulders inwards  towards his body as a self protective gesture. It shows how vulnerable he feels once loving Casey and the n experiencing a different Casey with bizarre behavior. His rounded shoulders and soft tone reflect sadness as he said how Casey didn’t confide in him when she could have done so.

His testimony is very powerful in my view. It humanizes  her to  make her seem like someone who can love and is capable of being loved by someone.  It showed how close they were with one another and how badly he felt that she didn’t  confide in him.I think that his testimony was very compelling and will have an influence on some of the jury members.

Casey Anthony Continues Flirting, Grooming, and Smiling in the Courtroom

I have repeatedly said that the body does not lie! I have also said that no matter how hard a person tries to conceal their thoughts and feelings,  the truth eventually leaks out from one’s body language and facial expression . It doesn’t matter how hard the person tries to hide it.  That was the case with Casey Anthonys last appearance in the courtroom.

While Casey Anthony may have been coached  to sit up straight or be given an image makeover  with a unique hairdo the truth always prevails as far as body language is concerned. The truth is that Casey is still flirting with attorney Jose Baez in the courtroom and it is clearly not endearing . It is   definitely not charming. In fact it is incongruent with why she is in court in the first place.

Anyone accused of murdering a child, especially their own child has absolutely  nothing to smile about whatsoever. The last time we  saw Casey beaming with smiles and laughter in the courtroom was when a  law clerk on her legal team was ambushed by Jose Baez  and was unexpectedly sworn in as an attorney.

But now there is clearly nothing to smile about. Her latest appearance in court dealt with some very serious matters on which her life hinges. They involve  very major issues in her cases that her  in terms of what would or would not  be admissible.

The second Casey is seen walking into  he courtroom there is a smirk on her face. No doubt, after being locked up in her jail cell with little or no human contact all this time. she is trilled to be out among people. But the fact that she enters the courtroom with a smirk on her face is disconcerting. It does not matter that she has a form fitting blue sweater  which showcase her  curvy figure to make her look  sexy and appealing. It does not  matter that she has  new hairdo. It does not  matter how good she looks if her behavior and actions are inappropriate.

While it is true that studies have shown that if a person looks good, they are perceived more favorably by a jury, that theory  is null and void  when behavior is inappropriate. Casey Anthony’s recent  courtroom behavior is inappropriate in my view, especially as it pertains to Jose Baez. Perhaps the photo above reflects her anticipation that she will shortly be seeing the object of her falsities Jose Baez.

While she always seems to have her ritualistic behavior going on where she grooms  herself , she is doing even  more  self grooming than usual.  Note the double handed hair groom . It may have been done  in anticipation of seeing Jose.

Now we see her facial expression change as she begins an anticipatory smile.  That means that she is getting excited that she will be having  an upcoming interaction with Jose. Like a school girl she readies  and  vigorously grooms  herself  so the  man she finds attractive Jose, will  in turn find her mutually attractive.

Jose sits  down next to her and Casey  does an initial eye flash of excited recognition.  But she  then does a body language behavior that clearly indicates flirtation and coquettishness. She immediately breaks eye contact and gazes downward, all the while trying to suppress a smile. But  he cannot do it for long. The truth always leaks out  body language wise.

She  beams a huge toothy smile as she is beyond thrilled to see Jose < She immediately  notices a change in Jose’s appearance  namely his new hair cut.  She lasers in on his hair change.  She obviously likes what she see as she can’t stop smiling. We  even hear her saying  to Jose  that he cut his hair.  No doubt  Jose’s  new closely cropped do makes him look hipper and younger in her eyes and  she lets him know it . Her shoulder is rotated forward indicates a  flirtations action.  She has an open-mouthed tooth showing smile which indicates that she can’t hide that  she  genuinely likes what she sees.

There is no doubt that Jose is flattered . Both Casey and Jose are now laughing at something the see in the  monitor in front of them. It must really be amusing because Jose’s cheeks are raised an his eyes are crinkeling. We have rarely seen Jose with this type of expression. Instead,   we usually see him with a very serious facial demeanor.   Casey continues to self groom as  subconscious flirtation with Jose.

No matter what they are looking at, it looks bad to others who are watching them.  It would be one thing is Jose was looking at something  in the monitor and it amused him  or that it was something he found funny.  But the fact  Casey is joining in  and being equally amused is very disconcerting.

What in the world could be funny two both of them at a time like this? I guess that Casey needs to find joy and laughter where she can because when she is sentenced to a lethal needle there will be nothing to laugh about.

And yes- that is a very real possibility especially if a jury sees her laughing and smiling and flirting and carrying on like she doesn’t have a care in the world. To a jury it will be sickening.  That is what happened to Amanda Knox who  now sits in an Italian jail cell accused  of murdering her roommate.

Like Amanda’s jury who saw her laughing and acting as though she did not have a care in the world. If Casey acts similarly,  her actions will anger a jury as well.

It will no longer matter is there is a male juror who finds her sexy or attractive or if a female juror identifies with her or takes pity on her. It will all be  negated when she leaks out her true self.  When she shows that  she  amused and laughs and flirts jurors will take that as a signal that she has little or no feeling about what happened to her own daughter Caylee.

Afterwords we see Casey begin to  rigorously groom herself even more . At one point she even turned away so that we could see the back of her hair  which she creatively coiffed into  in a very unusual looking  do. It looked like a combo if thee different styles she  flung over her shoulder  to one side.

The bottom line in all of this is that  while  Casey’s looks may indeed be  a factor  in how she is perceived on a jury, it won’t  matter if she leaks out her lustful feelings towards Jose and her uncaring non feelings towards Caylee.

Dr. Lillian Glass Shares Hit Singer Songwriter Calvin Harris’ Feelings About Chris Brown’s “Beat for Beat” Copying of His Song


There is nothing that I find more despicable and TOXIC than a person copying another’s work, especially  when they do word for word copying of someone’s creative efforts.In fact this happened to me as the  author of the book  Toxic People, 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your Life Miserable.

That is why  I am now pursuing legal channels against a woman who  who did word for word copying of my work and  suing her for copyright infringement and for trademark violation in hopes that justice will be served.

So when I heard Scottish singer and songwriter, Calvin Harris  insist  that Chris Brown of  Rhianna beating infamy, remark that Chris Brown stole his  “beat” and in essence,  did” beat for beat “ copying of Harris’ number one hit single “ You’re Not Alone” my ears perked up.

I immediately listened to Calvin Harris’ You’re Not Alone “ which was released in 2009. Click below to listen

I discovered that the song begins as a ballad but at  :47 it begins to have a distinct beat.

Then I listened to Chris Brown’s recent release “Yeah 3X.”Click  below  to listen



After listening to both  songs, my ears immediately  perceived that the beats were identical.

I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. In fact,  musically inclined Perez Hilton  is quoted as saying “ We’re not surprised. We don’t think there is any low that Chris Brown isn’t willing to stoop to, whether it be beating down or stealing a beat!

 In addition,  most of those who made comments on this matter,  on Perez’ blog appear to agree that the two songs sound identical.



After hearing Chris Browns new release, Calvin Harris twittered that he choked on  my cornflakes” as he felt  dumbfounded .

I knew exactly what Calvin  was feeling as he made those comments. When I discovered that this  person  did word for word coping of my work. She  even had the audacity to call  her book the same title as my best selling 1995 book  Toxic People,  I too felt dumbfounded.

No one deserves to take credit and reap financial benefits from work that another has done. I believe that people who take credit for other’s work and do word for word copying of their materials must be exposed . 

I  certainly hope that  singer songwriter Calvin  Harris does whatever he has to do to  preserve his creative rights.  Perhaps he too will pursue the same path  as I did in seeking justice .