Toxic YouTube Vlogger Logan Paul body language shows insincerity in apology

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 2.01.22 AMLogan Paul is a YouTube  celebrity for his who showed his true vapid character when he went into  Japan’s “suicide forest,”  and discovered a lifeless body hanging from a tree. Apparently a man had committed suicide.  Logan and his crew continued to film this horrible situation, which was bad enough. But what was worse was Logan Paul’s reaction to the tragedy.

He mugged for the camera, had over the top expressions, giggled, laughed and treated this very serious situation as a complete joke. It was appalling to watch. The insensitivity of Paul is what even his loyal fans have reacted negatively towards.

Only becuase of the backlash, he took the film down. he also made a video where he apologized. But his body language showed it was insincere.  It too, was phony in terms of emotion as he repeatedly mentioned that he apologized to his sponsors.

He was NOT sorry at all based on his body language and facial language.  He was sorry that the public reacted so vehemently towards him.


He begins  his apology as he pretends to chokes back tears, his speech stilted and stifled.  When he says in his apology video “The reactions you saw in the video were raw and unfiltered,”   that said it all. If that was a raw and unfiltered reaction it showed his inhumanity and obnoxiousness as a human being.

His next statement, “We didn’t know how to react” is also damaging to hin. No one “knows” how to react. But one does know that when there is a tragedy you don’t laugh and make a joke out of it and make light of the loss of someone’s life.  

When he says” from the bottom of my heart, I’m sorry,” there is nothing further from the truth. he is not sorry for what he did. he is sorry that the public turned on him and rejected him for being so insensitive and callous.

Logan looks away from the camera and there’s no emotion in his voice. He says his reactions are raw and unfiltered, but it’s really ‘raw and unfiltered’ of someone who has no class or dignity. Any human being would not make a joke or make fun out of this. He should have shown decency and compassion for a dead human being.”

Logan continues, barely speaks above a whisper as he sayd. “I want to apologize to the internet, I want to apologize to anyone who’s seen the video,” he says. “I want to apologize to anyone who’s been affected or touched by mental illness, or depression, or suicide. But, most importantly, I want to apologize to the victim and his family.  This is obviously something perhaps his handlers or legal team told him to say as it did NOT sound sincere at all. 

Throughout his apology he appologized to his sponsors several times which made it obvious as to why he made the apology in the first place. It was to appease his sponsors so they wouldn’t cut him off financially. It was sickening to watch him pander to them.

 He id not come across sincere. And, that is  what people are reacting to. He has no respect for somebody who’s passed away and it’s such a horrible thing. The body language is not good. He’s insincere. You cannot fool the public. They feel it. He comes across cocky, obnoxious and disrespectful. This is so serious. Someone’s life is over and he’s acting like this is a joke.
 Logan ends his video with this: “The goal of my content is always to entertain. To push the boundaries, to be all-inclusive. In the world I live in, where I share everything I do, the intent is never to be heartless or cruel, or malicious. But his intent is to be heartless because that is who he is as she showed his true colors under the circumstances. Circumstances are what show your  true character. And she showed extremely low character.
He said that ” I don’t expect to be forgiven. I’m just here to apologize. I’m ashamed of myself. I’m disappointed in myself. And I promise to be better. I will be better. Thank you.” The tone in which he said these words were also insincere sounding. He is not ashamed of himself. He is just ashamed and disappointed the public didn’t like what he did.
Through making this statement, Logan is  trying to save face so that his highly popular and successful YouTube channel doesn’t get shut down. This is not a lapse in judgement, it shows his character, the lack of humanity and lack of sensitivity.
When he says he doesn’t expect to be forgiven it’s because he knows his sponsors and investors are about to dump him. There are no feelings in his apology. He looks like a scared deer in the headlights because he knows his career could be over. No matter how you look at it he was making fun of a man who was in such turmoil and had such pain that he ended his life.
Paul was making light of suicide and disrespected the victim found in the forest.  who I think he should be kicked off YouTube entirely as people get kicked off for lesser offenses.

Joran Van der Sloot’s Body Language- Moist Eyes Do Not Remorse or Sadness But Stunned Look Shows How He Did Not Expect To Get Caught

Any moist eyes you see on Potential serial killer, Joran Van de Sloot, (and I use the term potential serial killer because the definition of a serial killer is having three or more killings under their belt and in Joran’s case there are only two of which we know)  are not tears of remorse or sadness .

Instead, they are tears  which reveal his body’s adrenalin rush  in both the shock and excitement over the new situation where he is the focus of being captured for killing a young Peruvian woman, Stephanie Flores .

In fact that is why it has been reported that Joan looked stunned. He is no doubt in complete shock that he was caught. His narcissism would never allow him to imagine what the consequences would be if this happened to him.

The tears are due to his autonomic nervous system essentially taking over and expelling tears in his system. The reason I say this is because serial killers and would be serial killers have no emotion. They do not feel the same things as we who are not serial killers feel. They shallow affect, lack of empathy, incapacity for love, and a definite  lack of guilt or remorse. In essence Joran is not at all capable of normal emotions in relation to situational appropriate events.


When you look at the photo of Joran Van Der Sloot at the front desk to pick up his room key after a long night out with Ms. Flores in tow, there is the exact same sadistic smirk that he had when he told an undercover reporter that he killed another young woman, Natalie Holloway  him several years back.

The fact that Joran is walking in front of Ms. Flores  and doesn’t acknowledge her in the surveillance tapes  is not a good sign. It shows a detachment from her.

He doesn’t even look at her when he enters his room with her  which is also a bad sign as it shows he doesn’t care about her. There is not politeness of gentlemanly consideration of letting her enter the room ahead of him.

Once again it speaks to his extreme egocentric and narcissistic behavior ,which most psychopaths demonstrate.


If you look at this surveillance photo of Joran leaving the hotel room 4 hours  after he allegedly killed this young  woman as he is dressed in a fresh set of clothes,  his demeanor shows a calmness. There is no muscle tension in his face whatsoever.

There is even that sick smirk on his face that we saw when he admitted  killing Natalie and when he got the key from the front desk four hours earlier when he knew exactly what he was going to do to unsuspecting Sephanie Flores.

There is no tension, or upset or nervous reaction in his gait as he leaves the hotel. His strike is calm and relaxed and not hurried, In fact  His  He looks like he was going for a stroll without a care in the world, carrying a bag and a backpack.


But he taxi drivers to whom Joran paid $640 to transport him from Lima to Vinya de Mar Chile where he was apprehended, reported that they noticed that their passenger showed signals of nervousness.

No doubt Joran  moved around and squirmed a lot in the back of the cab as he was reported to continuously chain smoke.

Even though they interpreted his behavior as nervous the truth was that Joran was no doubt more excited than nervous and all the extraneous  movement the cab drivers observed  was the result of his autonomic system taking over.

Joran was excited that he was on his way to getting away with yet another murder to satisfy his sick appetite.


Joran’s narcissism and eccentricity allowed him to assume that he would get away with murder. He was so sure that he would not get caught that  didn’t even do anything to hide the brutally beaten body complete with the neck he snapped and broke. He didn’t even take the time to check out of the hotel. He just went on his merry way.

Why should he think of the consequences? Five years earlier, to the day, he got away with the murder of another young beautiful girl, Even though he was arrested repeatedly, he beat the system.


His father  Paulus also had his back at the time enabling him in his sickness. But now that daddy , who suddenly  died of a heart attack  four months earlier is gone, Joran has no one to cover for him or to tell him that he is loved unconditionally.

Perhaps Joran’s going out of his way to kill again had something to do with the recent death of his father. Since he cannot mourn  his father’s death because has no feelings, he  wants to feel something.

So he kills again to feel something, he kills to feel the excitement and the adrenalin rush he no doubt felt when he killed Natalie Hollyway.


Three times, Joran  wearing a green  bullet proof vest,  was paraded around to hundreds of people, including reporters.

No doubt authorities wanted everyone to get a glimpse of this real live monster who killed a lovely innocent woman who did not deserve such a horrific fate.


So now that daddy isn’t there to protect him, 22 year old Joran is reaching out to mommy as  told authorities to call his mother in Aruba. My heart does go out to his mother whom I am sure had no idea that she spawned a monster.


Of course  Joran  denied any involvement in Stephanie’s death. Little does he know about the surveillance cameras. The fact that he didn’t check out yet left with his bags and belongings, and took a cab to Chile instead of to the airport and flying directly  to Argentina and his cropped short dyed red hair at attempts to disguise himself,  does not bode well for him.

Even one of the best defense lawyers Joe Tacaopina won’t be able to help him. Tacopina was heard on television shows saying how it is easy to blame Joran because he has a bullseye on his back from the Holloway incident. But no one will be able to defend Joran this time- especially in Peru.


A Peruvian prison is not anyplace anyone would want to be, especially when they are only given on e blanket in the freezing cold of the Andes Mountains. Since Peru does not have the death sentence, the rest of Joran’s  life will be a living  hell.

Just ask former American college student  Lori Berenson in Peru. She spent  15 of the   best years of her life in this hell and she didn’t even  kill anyone like Joran did.I am not getting into what she did or didn’t do as that is clearly not the focus of this article. I only mention her  to point out that life for her in the Peruvian penal system was extremely  harsh.

So one can only imagine what will happen to Joran when he is locked up. The fact that he killed the daughter of a beloved national hero- a Peruvian race car driver and Presidential candidate  won’t sit well with prison guards and other prisoners. Neither will the fact that he is an outsider and a foreigner.

And let’s say he does get 30 years and is released when he is in his 50’s, no doubt he will be extradited  to the US where he will face extortion charges in Alabama and spend the remainder of his life in a US prison. He tried to extort $250,000 from  an associate of the Holloway family in exchange for revealing the whereabouts of Natalie.

One of Joran’s buddies  who was interviewed said he had a gambling and drug addiction. That is no doubt because those are the only times his adrenalin kicks in and he can feel anything. He also apparently has a killing young innocent women addiction which thankfully has come to an end. Now both Natalie and Stephanie can rest in peace!