On December 9, 2010, a jury in Los Angeles, California unanimously found in favor of media personality Dr. Lillian Glass in her copyright infringement trial against Marsha Petrie Sue, an author and professional speaker from Arizona.

  In the trial, Dr. Glass had alleged that Petrie Sue’s 2007 book “Toxic People” had wrongfully copied from two lists in Dr. Glass’ 1992 book “He Says, She Says.”  The jury of eight agreed.  

 Dr. Glass had also written a book in 1995 called “Toxic People.”  She stumbled across Petrie Sue’s book of the same title on Amazon.com and learned that it contained material from “He Says, She Says.”

 The author of fourteen books, Dr. Glass said: “I’m so happy, so proud to live in this country where we can send a message about improper copying.  My books are my life’s work.  They are full of  valuable and helpful information. If a person wants to use something, contact me.  But don’t copy my work without giving me credit and hope I won’t find out, because I will stand up to anyone who does this.”

 “I not only fought this legal battle for  myself,” added Dr. Glass,” I fought it on behalf of  everyone who creates something.” 

 Dr. Glass was represented by Karish & Bjorgum, PC in Los Angeles. 

 Late last month, Dr. Lillian Glass released a sequel to her best- selling book “Toxic People” about relationships called “Toxic Men- 10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable” from Adams Media (2010). Dr. Glass is also a regular contributor to the Nancy Grace Show and has a monthly column in Cosmopolitan Magazine.  Her commentary is regularly seen through the news media. www.drlillianglass.com




Each time I hear about the sickening  antics of  Lindsay Lohan’s Toxic Father, Michael Lohan, my heart goes out to poor Lindsay.  His latest antic of selling naked photos of his ex fiancé Kate Major while she was passed out  sleeping  to an online website shows how despicably TOXIC a human being Michael Lohan is in my view.

His even more recent shameless publicity seeking act of releasing a song to Lindsay because she refuses to have any contact with him is also repulsive in my view.


There is no doubt in my mind that Michael is the main reason that Lindsay is in the situation she is in.  She is absolutely doing the right thing in my view to cut off ALL communication with Michael Lohan for good.  

There are some things which are unforgivable. Riding on your daughter’s coat tails to improve your own lot in life and betraying your daughter  by revealing taped conversations of her in public  are just some of these unforgivable things.

This is why Lindsay needs to UNPLUG from Michael forever and never look back in order to live a healthy life.

While there are other options available to help and heal relationships between people,  as I say in my latest book TOXIC MEN, which will be out in November, there are times where a relationship can never heal, no matter what.

Michael Lohan’s relationship with Lindsay is one of those relationships. After seeing him up close and personal mouthing off under the guise of “helping” Lindsay get sober and even  showing up in court with a letter to the judge, it is clear to me  that  for Michael, it is about  Michael- not Lindsay

While it may look like he is a concerned father, in my view, this hostile, angry ,and TOXIC  man  is more concerned about himself and his own fame than about his daughters welfare. In my view it is all about him riding on Lindsay’s coat tails to establish his own fame. Without Lindsay Lohan no one would even care what Michael Lohan  did or said.


Michael’s recent  shameless antic was to release  what I think is a ridiculous and  lame song to Lindsay, which  he supposedly wrote during one of his jail stints a while back. In order to keep his name in the news he has released it now.  

The fact that he wrote it long ago and is releasing it now and his using the excuse that the song is how he can get through to Lindsay so that she will finally hear  him is disgusting.

He needs to get it through his head that Lindsay doesn’t want to hear from him and as she gets more sober she never will want to hear from hm.

After listening to the song on TMZ I wanted to throw up, especially after hearing lyrics like with lame lyrics “always daddy’s little girl”  

Michael clearly  needs to get it through his head that Lindsay is not daddy’s little girl. Instead, she is a    young woman who is in the state she is in because of daddy and the havoc he created in her young life.  

Hopefully when she gets sober after being released from jail at the Lynwood facility and release from her 90 day  stint in rehab, she will continue to see that  her “daddy”  has been and is a large part of her problem. With good therapy she will come to learn that she never should allow this TOXIC MAN back into her life to use her and to ride on her coattails .


Michael clearly has issues with women as we have seen him become quite vicious and vindictive. His on going He Say She Says battle with Dina where  released personal audio tapes of their conversations was egregious.

His ugly and  public fight with an ex fiancé Erin and now what he did with Kate Major is the ultimate in toxicity and speaks to how vindictive and dangerous a person Michael Lohan

Kate Major accused Michael of being physically violent with her, That would not be hard to believe considering his  hateful and harsh and hostile tones we have heard throughout the years.  

The courts of New York also believed that he was abusive as well and filed a second degree harassment charge against him.


So in retaliation, Toxic Michael Lohan released naked photos of his fiancé  as you can see in the above photo which was published on the website kikster.com is of  Kate Major  completely passed out.

He no doubt pulled her top town while she was in a state of sleep as you can see from her body language.  He then   took very unflattering photos of not only  her breasts, but of her  vaginal area to no doubt use against her at a later date, which he obviously did.

That later date was after Kate accused him of domestic abuse. It was then that Michael saw fit to immediately retaliate against her by using these embarrassing  photo against her  and most probably receiving  a handsome  fee for doing this despicable act.


If Michael could do such an egregious thing  to someone he allegedly loved and  was going to marry, there is no telling what else Michael is capable of doing  to betray someone else he allegedly  “loved.” Michael has revealed his character as a Sneaky Backstabber  type of Toxic Man which I mention in my upcoming book Toxic Men –10 Ways to Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable  .

If Lindsay were to try and repair her relationship with her father, it would never work in the long run, in my estimation.  Eventually there would be a rift between the two or some type of altercation.  Lindsay would do something he may not like or vice versa.  

What is to say that Michael  would not  revert back to his known Toxic Pattern of behavior that he has always seemed to call upon- ” betrayal “?

He may even show his anger and hostility like he did on The Insider when Ney Ney one of the Atlanta Housewives said how he was riding on Lindsay’s coat tails.  Michael then  became verbally violent and attacked Ney Ney yelling and telling her on camera that she had a ” fat ass.”
What is to say that he wouldn’t  pull out a video or an audio of Lindsay revealing something she would not want the whole world to know.Anyone who could  reveal compromising  photos of  a person in a passed out state is capable of anything on my view.

Since Toxic  usually follow   patterns fo behavior, what is to say that Michael would not continue hos betrayal of  his own daughter Lindsay, He has done it before and chances are good that he might so it again.

 So my bottom is for  Lindsay is to always stay away from Michael for good, He has demonstrated time and time again that he  is a TOXIC MAN and cannot be trusted.

While the press appears to indulge  Michael  only because Lindsay is relevant in the news because of her  train wreck   behavior, as soon as Lindsay no longer becomes a train wreck Michael will be yesterday’s news. He will be irrelevant in my view.

 If Lindsay gets healthy and gets acknowledged and respected  for her talents for specific films,  Michael will not be relevant . On the other hand, if Linday remains in the state she is in or OD’s there is no doubt Michael Lohan will be all over the news reminding us on a daily basis that there are TOXIC MEN out there.

To pre- order Dr. Lillian Glass’  upcoming Toxic Men book on Amazon.com,  click here http://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Men-Ways-Identify-Miserable/dp/144050007X


Marsha Petrie Sue’s Word for Word Copying Exposed in Lawsuit Involving Book with Same Title As Dr. Lillian Glass’ Original 1995 Best Seller- Toxic People

I often listen to my favorite radio show, National Public Radio’s (NPR) This American Life”, hosted by Ira Glass. This time, one of the show’s producer’s, Sarah Koenig, hosted the show about her brilliant 88 year old father Julian Koenig, a pioneer legend in the advertising industry.

The show was called  Think Small: Julian Koenig v. George Lois. ” You can click here is you want to listen to the entire show


But in a nutshell,  the show  was about  Julian Koenig being ripped off  by a colleague named George Lois, who took  credit for Julian’s creative ideas like the classic Volkswagen add “Think Small” and countless others.

George Lois even allegedly stole a personal experience that Julian Koenig had with Muhammed Ali, where Julian convinced the great boxer to pose as a pin cushion for a specific photo shoot. Apparently, George Lois wasn’t even present at the photo shoot, according to Julian Koenig.

As Julian Koening relayed these alleged egregious acts of George Lois I could hear the pain still present  in his voice for incidents which took place over  forty years ago.

Julian got some emotional relief by placing an ad in Adweek (which unfortunately he had to pay for) accusing George Lois of being “the greatest predator” of his work. The NPR radio show and podcast also helped him to gain back his dignity, which was made possible by the fact that his daughter Sarah Koening, is one of the show’s producers.



When I heard the emotional pain in 88 year old Julian’s voice, I was deeply touched to the bone. I  shared Julian’s pain as the same thing essentially happened to me.

The only difference is that Julian did not pursue legal channels as I am doing against a woman named Marsha Petrie Sue, a motivational speaker who did word for word copying of my work and called her book the same title as my book, TOXIC PEOPLE, which I wrote in 1995.

She had gone around the country giving lectures called Toxic People as well. I am now  suing her for copyright infringement for her word for word copying in my He Says She Says book which she placed in her version of Toxic People    in hopes that justice will be served.

I was so deeply moved by the NPR broadcast  that I wrote Julian Koenig’s NPR producer daughter the following letter that I wanted to share with you in this blog:


Dear Sarah

My name is Dr. Lillian Glass ( www.drlillianglass.com). Yesterday I heard the fantastic interview you did on NPR about your brilliant 88 year old father Julien Koenig, a genius and pioneer  in the advertising world and how his partner George Lois tried to take credit for your father’s original work with regard to the creative advertising campaigns your father originated.

I think what you have done for your father in presenting this information publicly is the biggest gift you could have given to this great man. It should be very healing for him to know that the truth has now been exposed to the world.

I want both you and your father to know that your father’s story touched me very deeply on a very personal level.

After hearing the emotional pain in your father’s voice as he spoke of the despicable act of someone trying to take credit for his work and representing themselves as the creator of your father’s branding, I became even more motivated in my own fight for justice in a similar situation with an author who has taken word for word copying of one of my books and put that exact word for word copying in her version of a book,  which she also   called by the same name as my  book,  Toxic People.

Like your father, I have worked hard all of my life. In 1995 I wrote a book called Toxic People and gave lectures on the topic throughout the world. A few years ago a Marsha Petrie Sue not only wrote a book called Toxic People but she did word for word copying of my work and has put herself out there as the author of Toxic People, causing  what I believe is considerable confusion with my brand.  Needless to say, I am involved in a lawsuit against Marsha Petrie Sue for copyright infringement .

I have had my doubts about going forward, but I always return to the conclusion: how can I look myself in the mirror if I don’t at least get a court to say whether this is or is not actionable copying?

As I venture forth in my own pursuit of justice, it will be your father’s voice that will help propel me forward. I will never forget the pain I heard in his voice as he discussed the egregious acts of George Lois.

I will keep your voice in my mind as well as someone who exposed the injustice and copyright infringement .

People who take credit for other’s work and do word for word copying of their materials must be exposed for the frauds they are.

I am only sorry that your father did not pursue his grievance against Mr. Lois through the legal system in order to achieve justice and closure.

But the fact that you have exposed this case around the world should bring your father peace of mind as he has definitely achieved  justice in the court of public opinion.

Thank you again for your brilliant expose and God Bless your father.
Dr.  Lillian Glass


As I essentially stated in this letter to Sarah Koenig, how could I live with myself and not look myself in the mirror if I did not fight for myself and what I have worked for my entire life? What would that say about me as a human being and about my self worth and my self respect?

I cannot allow what  happened to Julian Koenig over the past 40 years to happen to me. I cannot allow the pain about the  injustice  to fester within me for years  without resolution. As Julian Koening made reference to his “intellectual predator,   I am seeking legal action against my own  “intellectual predatorMarsha Petrie Sue.

Let Julian Koenig’s plight be a lesson to us all. Let us not keep things in when we believe injustice has been done to us in any way. Instead, let us speak up and act immediately so it doesn’t have to fester inside of us for decades.