Jodi Arias Body Language As She seeks Mercy Was Non Emotional, Non Apologetic, Self Absorbed, and Contradicted Her Testimony


Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 10.58.03 AMWhen I  the saw Jodi Arias interview right after she was found guilty of First Degree Murder requesting death, it was obvious to me that she wasn’t believing a word of what she was saying based on her body language, facial expression and voice quality and measured speech pattern.

In my view, it was a ploy and yet another one of her manipulative mind games to say ” I want you to kill me” in hopes that the jury would do exactly  the opposite and not grant her satisfaction of yet one more time in getting what she wanted. It was also her way of taking control, just  in case she was given the death penalty by saying that is what SHE wanted all along.


As Jodi spoke to the court to try and plead her case as to why she should be given life, she spoke in a cold  nonemotional, non heartfelt tone.  her posture was extremely erect with her hed up. There was an air of arrogance surrounding her.  Her speech pattern was mechanical and stacatto.

When Jodi gave a slide show of her happy family all together for celebratory events it completely contradicted her testimony of being an abused victim in her home. If she was so abused why would she show up for the photo shoots and be all smiles at family functions? This did not help her credibility with the jurors.

She even spoke about her family being the reason why she should not have the death penalty. When she spoke of her father crying for the first time, this also did not seem to ring true. No doubt her father was crying his entire life over the antics his daughter demonstrated. Maybe his tears were silent but no doubt Jodi’s actions brought him much sadness throughout the years.

When she spoke it was as though she was  victim by stating that now she can never be a mother and that her nieces will be as close as she will get to becoming a mother.

She said  that up until a few weeks ago she had to give up hope that she would ever become a mother. That statement spoke volumes. It showed how she actually did believe the jury would NEVER convict her.

She also mentioned how she wanted to AVOID trial. This is another lie. if she wanted to avoid trial she needed to plead guilty and take her sentence.

She admitted to the jurors that she preferred death but now she saw there were options like all the charitable work she would do in prison from giving up her hair to “Locks of Love” to teaching illiterate inmates how to read. The first thing many jurors may be thinking is ” who would want hair from a murderer?”  As far as teaching inmates how to read, with her arrogant. superior attitude and narcissim, her fellow inmates may not take very well to having her as their teacher or instructor. She mentioned other charitable ventures she wanted to pursue in prison with a leaked out smile as though she was looking forward to these ventures.

The reality may be that she may be spending all her time in prison taking care of herself as in the general population she will no doubt be a target for those who may want to pick a fight with her or damage her in order to make a name for themselves because she is so public. Maybe she will be able to have fellow inmates who will be her protectors. Maybe she will pay for their help with her commissary goods or with her artwork.

The reality is also that Jodi will be giving a lot of interviews behind bars which will keep her busy throughout the years and feeding into her ego. She will also be writing or co-writing books, selling her artwork and spending her time drawing and coloring (which she loves doing). She may even make some prison friends by  drawing portraits of them. Jodi will always have cash in her commissary account as she will always make money.

She may even find romance behind bars. She may  also have  disturbed suitors from all over the world who may want to marry her, like Casey Anthony experienced. And like Susan Atkins, a Charles Manson follower who spent her life in prison, she may even marry behind bars.

In any event, Jodi Arias’ life may be fulfilled if she is granted life behind bars with growing her hair, watching TV,  teaching reading and spanish to inmates, drawing, coloring, writing, media interviews, and having some sort of love life.

Travis  on the other hand will have none of these things.The photo of him naked and vulnerable in the shower haunts me as  I am sure it will haunt many of the jurors.  Here is where many believe that an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ may be the solution as  jurors may realize that Travis can’t give to charity,  watch TV, or do media interviews, or teach, or have a love life ever again. Whether or not he was an angel, he didn’t deserve to be killed  so horrifically.

By Jodi sharing  what she CAN do while she is still alive, it magnifies what Travis CAN’T do now that he is dead.Perhaps the jury will see this as they make their final decision as to whether she lives or dies. The fact that she didn’t give a heartfelt apology to what she did to Travis and look directly at his family and apologize to them  may have sealed her fate.



Jodi Arias’ Body Language May Do Her In

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.34.38 AM

On opening day of Jodi Aria’s trial, she  “cried” when the prosecutor spoke of her alleged evil deeds in stabbing her boyfriend 27 times and slashing his throat and then shooting him in the head. She also “cried” when her defense lawyer said that  her acts we in self defense. But the crying she did for  both  the prosecution and defense’s arguments  looked like what you see in the above photo, She hid her face and looked down.

That type of body language will not bode well for a jury because it looked fake and manipulative.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.23.17 AMThere has  been a lot of talk  that because Jodi Arias is so attractive, a jury will not convict her or give her the death penalty. There is a lot of truth to the fact that those who are judged to be more physically attractive are judged to be less guilty of committing crimes. Research for the past three decades has validated this.  In the above photo blond, and curvy Arias looks very attractive.
Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.25.57 AM

She also looks very beautiful as a blond in various modeling shots which were taken of her. 

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 5.25.14 AM

But in court, she did not look that pretty or glamorous  or sexy.  Instead  she looked like an average woman, which will put her on a evel playing field as far as the jury is concerned.   The crying she showed in court was no doubt designed to make her look like a vulnerable victim. But in reality  she oozes too much self confidence that verges on cockiness that the jury will detest.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.40.43 AM

The jury  got a glimpse of this in an interview she  did with Inside Edition where she stated emphatically  that a jury will not convict her and to mark her words. I cannot imagine any attorney  allowing their client to go on a tabloid magazine show to declare her innocence, So I can only assume that she did this on her own. It was a huge mistake for her to do this if she wants a jury to not convict her.

She also changed her story too many times which is a huge red flag to a jury. It says that she is a liar and they will assume the worst. The jury was shown the sexual and bloody  photos of what she  did to her boyfriend from photos that were  retrieved from a  camera she put in a washing machine to wash away the evidence.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.24.39 AM

A jury will never believe that she was  a victim as they see the body language of photos of the two of them together.In this photo she looks like she is the dominant one in the relationship as she grabs her boyfriend by the chin in a move to try and control him.

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 4.26.23 AM

This is another telling photo body language wise as he is pulled away from her while she leans on him.

She appears to have a sickening sweet tone which will turn a lot of people off. Whenever you hear someone with a high pitched baby girl tone, run, because there is often hidden anger  and rage under such a contrived tone. There is  also a monotone which is disconcerting and off-putting. Finally she appears  to have a mask like appearance devoid of emotion. There is also  a coldness to both her tone and facial expression which will not reflect well, especially of she takes the stand.

My view of what likely happened was that she got involved with a sexually inexperienced an naive young man with a Mormon background. According to his friends, he lost his virginity to her. At first it was exciting for him and he may have allowed her to take control over things, but as he spent more time with her he  realized, as he confided to his friends , that she was not the type of woman she wanted to settle down with and marry.

When he apparently began dating other women, she  obviously lot her control and hold  over him which angered her. He tried  to break up with her according to friends  but she wouldn’t hear of it.  Even though he wanted out there was a part of him that still enjoyed her sexually and that is why they were  obviously together on the last day  of life.

While she was taking photos of him  in the shower and engaging in sex with him she must have felt there was hope  for the relationship but  then something  happened that set her off. Perhaps he didn’t agree to get back together as a couple, or reciprocate and tell her that he loved her. Something that was said  or not said clearly angered her  to the point that she grabbed a weapon to stab him and keep stabbing him 27 times. She was in a fit of violent rage over the thought of not  having him.  She was so angry and violent with him that she slit his throat and just to make sure he was dead, shot him in the head.

To me this is clearly a crime of passion. The fact that she had a gun with her indicates that she must have thought about killing him that day. Who brings a gun to their boyfriend’s hime unless they plan to go to a gun range together, go hunting, or use it on the person?

In my view, she had plans to use the gun on her boyfriend if things didn’t go her way. Things  obviously didn’t go her way and she used the weapon. So there was premeditation involved in my view.It was in my view a premeditated crime of passion that could have gone either way, depending on whether she thought she could win him back,

The three different stories she told after  finally admitting she killed him in self defense will not make jurors sympathetic to her. As we will most likely hear in the testimony of his close friends and family, he  will have had  no history of being abusive.

Jodi does not appear credible or likable and the body language she has displayed thus far will seal her fate. While she will most likely be convicted she may or may not get the death penalty. There may be jurors who will sympathize  with her Some jurors may even feel that her boyfriend lead her on and  mentally abused her, based on the fact that they engaged in sex after he tried to dump her.

Unlike what the media has portrayed, this is not a case which is at all similar to the Casey Anthony case. There is no child involved and this woman doesn’t have enabling parents who are front and center trying to enable their daughter.Thus there are no parallels here.

Casey Anthony’s Flirtatious Body Language With Attorney Jose Baez May indicate Her “ Zoned Out Stoic Look In the Courtroom May Be Contrived


Since the sudden change in Casey Anthony’s courtroom demeanor where she looks stoic,  many have asked me if I thought Casey  looked  zoned out. Her not moving a muscle and having a vacant stare have lead many to believe that she is on some sort of anti anxiety  medication.

But based on her recent courtroom behavior where she was seen smiling, laughing, and blatantly flirting with Jose Baez, she didn’t look  very stoic or  zoned out . Her smiling and happy demeanor around her other attorney Cheney Mason also showed no indication of a zoned out look.

But as soon as Judge Belvin Perry entered the courtroom, that all changed. Cased turned stoic and looked zoned out.  Usually when one is zoned out on medication their zoned out demeanor is consistent.  They are not happy and bouncy  and flirty around some and then  zoned out around others- unless they are most likely acting that way on purpose. I think that this may be  the case with Casey Anthony.


When Casey walked into the courtroom I noticed that the conservative ruffled blouse  that she was no doubt,  forced to wear by her fashion consultant and death penalty attorney Andrea Lyons, was  unbuttoned to show the cleavage of her low cut  tank top underneath.

I knew that it was a matter of time that Casey would reject her new wardrobe which was so out of character for  her. She no doubt felt as though it was torture for her to be  forced into outfits to help disguise  who she really is. In her mind it made her feel unsexy and unpretty. So now that Andrea wasn’t in the courtroom to monitor her fashion and it was just the two men- Jose and Cheney, Casey decided to rebel and strut her stuff.


Casey’s eyes are wide open and she attempts to make eye contact with Baez, her head is tilted  and face is receptive as she has a sultry look on her face.

Casey finally makes direct eye contact with Jose Baez. There  is a slight smile on her face which shows she is happy to look at her object of affection Jose Baez. .

The eye gaze is more penetrating and the smile gets more intense in her flirting. Notice how her eyes gaze up towards Baez. When someone is attracted to someone they often have an upward gaze.

Now Casey is leaning into Jose. She doesn’t break eye contact. If someone is not flirting, they will break eye contact . Her smile is more intense and her cheeks begin to raise indicating a  genuine smile. She is no doubt happy that Jose is reciprocating as we can see by his genuine smile with his crinkled eyes. Jose do not maintain eye contact, which indicates that he is trying to maintain some dignity here as her attorney.  But he;s not doing a good job at it since he is laughing and engaging in this flirtatious behavior as well.

Now Casey leans her shoulder  and raises it up and cocks her  head towards Jose as she continues hr flirtatious body language.

Now Casey breaks out in genuine laughter with crinkled eyes, raised cheeks and an open mouthed smile showing teeth. Jose;s head is leaned in towards her and it looks as though they have a private secret between them.


The flirting and laughing between Jose and his client Casey completely  nauseated me. There is absolutely nothing that could be funny in a situation where someone is accused of killing their child. What could be funny about the possibility of  having a lethal injection coursing through your veins and paralyzing and killing you if you are found guilty.

Are these two so smug that they actually think this is all a big joke and that Casey will get off scot free? I know that Cheney Mason has said that he believes that he will walk out of the courtroom with Casey arm and arm when she is set free as a result of his brilliant lawyering skills.

To those of you who ask if Casey is on some kind of medication that makes her zone out, after seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the alertness in her demeanor and her focus and attention  in her  flirting behavior, I would say that the answer is No. If she was on some type of medication that made her zone out, chances  are that she would also act zoned out around Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.


After Casey’s  flirting session, Jose finally leaves the table. Casey is left with attorney Cheney Mason. He doesn;t say anything to her for a while and then appears to ask her how she is doing.

Casey smiles a genuine smile but she doesn’t feel as comfortable around Cheney Mason as she does around Jose Baez. Her rounded shoulders tell you she’s not feeling as secure. In fact she is feeling rather insecure as you see what she doers next. I should also add that s soon as they had their few seconds of communication, Cheney mason ignored her and went right back to what he was doing at the table.

My view is that Casey cannot seem to relate to any man without flirtation as we have seen in her past history.  No doubt Casey was great at the art of the flirt as she was able to garner the attention of  most men  she set her sights on. How else could she have secured thee myriad of  boyfriends in her life? She knew what to say and how to look at a man and how to smile and move. This no doubt gave her a sense of power,  self confidence , and security.

So when her flirty smile is not responded to, she gets really insecure as we see here . After all it was her looks that attracted men.  Mr.  Mason does;t seem to be responding to her looks or her smile  and for Casey i seemed that it was all about hr looks  So, she  immediately   starts her self grooming ritual. As you can see above, she grooms her hair.S he pats it down ont he sides to make sure it is in place.

Then she reaches for her buttons to make sure that they are still  unbuttoned , After all she went to a lot of effort to look sexy, showing her cleavage through her unbuttoned ruffled shirt and Mr, Mason  doesn’t even notice it.

Like a cat, she continues continues to groom herself by repeatedly  brushing off  her lap area, Then she brushes off her sleeves, In essence she got the brush off from Mason and is now literally brushing off the” brush off.”


By this time Jose Baez comes back to the table. But he is busy. he doesn’t acknowledge Casey. So she engaged in soME self stimulating behaviors

She fiddles with her eyelashes and pulls them repeatedly.  She dabs at the corners of her eyes like she did when she was faking all of those courtroom tears.

Then Casey self stimulates by rubbing her hands together as we see here, She does this repeatedly.

Then she does  what I call “lip glossing”. She rubs her lips as though she were applying lip gloss and subsequently purses her lips together as one would do to spread   lip gloss over their lips The only thing is that there is no actual lip gloss present. Doing this is yet another self stimulating behavior which makes her feel good, Psychologically the lip glossing behavior may be a reaction to Jose Baez now ignoring her and her narcissistic attempt to appear attractive to him. When a woman wears lip gloss it usually makes her look attractive, So it’s  Casey’s subconscious desire to feel and look good.

But sometimes self stimulation is done just to make one feel. Whether it feels good or bad doesn’t matter, just as long as some feeling is present.  Sometimes  self mutilation or self inflicted pain is done in order to feel something. That is what happened here, Casey is inflicting pain on to her self by actually pinching herself repeatedly.


When the prosecution got up to speak and they discussed the topic of Casey’s being a good mother and being seen partying and wearing a blue dress, you could visibly see a change in Casey’s breathing pattern as it became more deliberate and visible, This often happens when people feel angry.

There was als0 a great deal of muscle tension in the jaw as you see here. You can see the indentation in her jaw area which indicates the muscle  tension.  She was no doubt clenching her jaws  together tightly out of anger.


Perhaps one or all of her attorneys coached her to stop laughing and smiling in the courtroom and looking like she was having a good time.  Perhaps her attorneys read my blogs, which discussed   her smirks and smiles. Maybe the presence of a stern, no nonsense judge who is on the fast track changed her demeanor. Whatever the case, someone told her to do something that dramatically altered how she came across in the courtroom.

But based on all that we have seen it appears that her new image is done for effect. She does not appear to be on medication that would zone her out, otherwise  it would be a consistent , She would look zoned out when she would be flirting with Baez, talking to Mason, grooming herself, and doing her self stimulating  behaviors.