Dr. Lillian Glass First to Detect Charlie Sheen’s” Crazy” Acting Scam As He Finally Reveals to Press He’s Been Playing A Game All Along

Charlie Sheen has  been goofing on everyone and I picked it  up through his body language and communication patterns early on. In fact my blog that Charlie was ” Crazy Like A Fox”  said it all.  Today, it was confirmed that Charlie Sheen is indeed “crazy like a fox”  as he revealed in a candid interview  to the press that his “public meltdown” is merely  a “performance art”  thanks to his acting skills.

When I first appeared on CBS’s  The Insider, I remarked that Charlie was angry as we could  see by his body language. The furrows on his forehead and knitted brow were genuine. They revealed that he was furious about not getting his way and coming back to the “Two and Half Men” set to resume working. He was furious that someone else, namely Chuck Lorre, his producer  was controlling what he could and couldn’t do.

Then his anger started to escalate. However, the anger he reveled on his videos  seemed rather controlled. Real anger gets out of control quickly in most cases and this was not the case with Charlie. His Sheenisms seemed contrived and planned. The physical transition from his anger to non anger and even pleasantness was too quick , which was  the first signal to me  that something wasn’t  quite right.

While Charlie may very well be bipolar (only he and his psychiatrist know for sure)and while he may very well have been on drugs (only he, the medical lab  and his physician know for sure) he was doing some excellent acting as he raged on in his videos in order  to get public attention.

In his second video, if you weren’t  listening to his words, but rather paying attention to his physical movements and the tone of his voice and to his  delivery, you could have sworn he was reciting Shakespeare. In other instances on the tape as he quoted his poetry,  he was quite brilliant and wonderfully entertaining.

There was no question in my mind that he was acting. As I said in my previous blog about Charlie- he was crazy like a fox” By acting crazy he got a Funny or Die commercial to bring even more attention to him. He has now  teamed up with companies and has a tee-shirt line  with his new catch phrase  “Winning”. There are  even Tiger Blood alcoholic beverages.



 One Sheen fan even had  a tatoo made of Charlies head on a tiger with red blood dripping out from the tails .    

Here is what Charlie told the Austrailian radio network Nova:

. “It wasn’t like I was really believing that if you take a drug called Charlie

Sheen your face will melt off and you’ll weep over your exploded body!”

He said he has been playing a game with the media.

“They love me,” he said

“It’s a big, warm hug. It’s like a nude Jacuzzi,” he added





The bottom line is that Charlie won the war against “Two and a Half Men”. So what if they fired him and he won’t get two

million dollars an episode. He still gets a hefty sum in residuals when the re runs of the show occur all over the world.

Most likely there will be some type of settlement with CBS. He will NEVER come back to the set to finish the remaining

episodes. Chuck Lorre would rather poke pencils in his eyes and sit on hot coals than work with Charlie Sheen ever again.  

CBS can never go back on their word and unfire him and rehire him or they will look like weak wimps to the world. Besides

the ego of the “suits”  would never let that happen.   So Charlie will make even more millions in a settlement more than

the remaining two million per episode. There was apparently  no” moral clause” so CBS in my view doesn’t have a leg to

stand on, much to their chagrin.

Charlie is more popular than before and no doubt his film career will be HUGE! In polls that have been taken men LOVE him

and it is men who will go and purchase tickets to see a Charlie Sheen movie. Lots of people will want to see his films or

anything else he does because they want to see what he will do next.!

Charlie IS very entertaining and he IS the consummate actor and  now we have

discovered IS the consummate manipulator and marketer. So now we don’t have to take Charlie Sheen’s home made

videos  so seriously. It is all an act as we have seen.



Having said that, the man in my view is still TOXIC  and has serious issues especially  when it comes to women .He may

very well be a danger to women in my view.


 I believed he was a TOXIC MAN  when  my book TOXIC MEN book and described Charlie Sheen;s patterns with women.

Iam even more convicned of his toxicity than ever before as it realtes to women.


Any man who beats up on a woman like he has done in the past with Brooke Mullerand other women including John

Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston whom he shot in the arm when they were dating back in the day is a danger.


 His only relating to women  who are porn stars and  prostitutes speaks volumes about his inner feelings about women and

his clear disrespect for them. I am glad that Denise Richards is doing her best to keep her two young daughters awar

from Charlie as it is my view that he deep down he does not like nor respect women. If he  disrespects women, what

messages will be transferred over to his daughters  and what impact will that have  on them  as they get older?


While Charlie may be entertaining and amusing and a great marketer of his own brand, he is still a danger when it comes to

his relationships with women as no woman is safe in his midst.

 Recently, even one of his low self esteemed “Goddesses” couldn’t take him anymore and walked away, only to  return after

being wooed  back by him, Unfortunately her returnin to Charlie was the unfortunate typical response of an “abused

woman’s” psyche. Studies show that this back and forth brak up  between the abused and the abuser can occur seven to

eleven times until the abused has finally had enough and walks away for good. Hopwefully the “goddess: will see the light

before it is too late.

 So to any woman who gets involves with Charlie Sheen,  know that he will  never changeand that you can never change him.

Know that you can get seriously hurt!  So think twice before you enter Charlie’s  Tiger’s den because that blood you may see

willnot be the fictional  Tiger blood. The blood you see may be your own.  



Charlie Sheen’s Body Language Shows He’s ” Crazy Like A Fox” Which May Be Why So Many Are Embracing Him But He May Still Be A Danger To Himself and Others

After watching Charlie Sheen  on his recent  home videos and on CNN with Pierce Morgan I am more convinced than ever that he has  “ gotten over”  on everyone. Yes, there is no doubt that he appears as though he is in some type of manic  phase with his constant movement , high level of anger and agitation,  and pressured  speech  rate.  But if you listen carefully between the lines,  Charlie knows exactly what Charlie is doing, And  no doubt Charlie will come out ahead of this as far as making money goes and being even more popular than ever before.

Having said that, if he is in his manic phase and if he is drinking  and drugging along with it, there is a super high risk he may get even more angry and violent and either do himself in or do physical harm to others.


‘In my latest book Toxic Men, I write about Charlie Sheen being one of the most Toxic Men based on his alleged history of violence towards women. He was accused of beating a woman up back in the 90’s. He shot Kelly Preston- John Travolta’s wife in the arm once when they were dating. He threatened and abused  ex wife Denise Richards. His Christmas fiasco with holding a knife to Brook Mueller’s throat also shows his extreme violent tendencies .

So based on this,  there is a high probability that Charlie may physically harm or even kill someone out of  his  uncontrolled anger and rage . Another possibility is that  he may accidentally kill himself by ingesting either too much of something or a combination of something.


The reason I say” accidentally”   is that there is no question that Charlie appears to have narcissistic tendencies.  While delusions of grandeur  often accompany a manic phase,  what is really confusing is that Charlie’s delusions of grandeur are a reality.

He thinks he can get millions of followers to rally behind him and guess what?  He can!

 He thinks he can make million and millions from representing product and guess what? He can!  

 He thinks he will be a huge film star. And guess what ?  He will be!  People will flock to see his movie just to see how he turned out.

Can he get insured? Absolutely! He is so cleaver that before any physicals or  drug tests  are conducted he will make sure he is clean just like he did when he took the test in front of   cameras.

The fact that he is in such great shape  complete with ripped abs,  at his age and with all the partying he has done is also impressive to many fans and non fans alike.  


CBS absolutely  knew who they hired  when they hired  Charlie. They knew he could do the role but what he didn’t know was that he could do it so well and make the show such a hit and a cash cow for them.

That is why they let him get away with so much for so many years and turned a blind eye.They felt that his personal life was his personal life and as long as he showed up on the set and did what he was supposed to do- no problem!

In fact they were of that mindset when Charlie had his latest binge in the hotel  in NYC and caused a lot of public embarrassment. While most companies would  fire an employee immediately after that fiasco or after the  fiasco in Aspen at Christmas  when Charlie put a  knife to his wife’s throat, CBS turned a blind eye.

In show business bad press may be good press. It keeps you name out there.  His bad boy behavior certainly didn’t hurt his image or CBS ‘s ratings. So they kept him on.  A long as he made money  for them, they did not  care what he did in his off camera life.

Charlie knew that  and he kner he was safe with his 2 million dollar income an episode . So he had no worries.

During this last binge, the only reason he was given a break in production is that CBS knew Charlie was their cash cow and wanted him to take care of whatever ailed him.

They were willing to wait until he sorted himself out. They were willing to give him 30 days or longer to dry out in a rehab facility and put the show on hiatus until he returned. Charlie  WAS the show so they were willing to wait for him.

But Charlie didn’t want to wait. He didn’t want to be in rehab.  He didn’t think he needed to have anything rehabbed.  

He loved his life. 

 he loved that he could get away with anything.

He loved that he could have any woman or as many women as he wanted.

He loved the hookers and prostitutes and having two women at once .

He loved the fights and high drama inside and outside of his life.

He loved his his kids.

He loved the drugs and drink.

He loved getting whatever he wanted at the snap of a finger.

And  most of all He loved Charlie as we have all seen on his many interviwes. The common theme is  Charlie loves Chrlie and Charlie thinks he is omnipotent.



CBS knew he was getting out of control and believing his own press as being the greatest and even God-like as we have all seen in his on camera musings.

When Charlie wanted to get back to work a day or so later instead of taking off the  30 days or whatever it took to get “well” CBS for the first time in Charlies life said NO! They really wanted him to sort himself out and at the same time wanted to show they were the one who were  in control and had the power- not Charlie.

So Charli , like any spoiled child who doesn’t get his way went on a tirade and threw a tantrum. He took his tantrum to the airwaves tell everyone how bad and awful  the producer Chuck Lorre was to him.

This no douBt  freaked out  my dear friend, PR maven  Stand Rosenfeld,  who no dount  said NO WAY! You can’t do that! This is career suicide to trash your producer in public! I am having nothing to do with this! I am out of here!

This didn’t phase Charlie in the least as he certainly  didn’t need a PR person to get  press . Everyone  in the media clamored to get some airtime or press time with him. In a few day period he generated major league press  all by himself  by appearing on every major morning and entertainment show including CNN Pierce Morgan.

While he was an angry mess on every morning show and shocked viewers with his rhetoric and outrageous sayings,   the ratings went through the roof. People never saw this Charlie Sheen before. They always  saw a clean and funny watered down version of him on Two and a Half Men.  Now they saw him raw and angry!

  I even commented about him on  CBS’s the Insider saying how angry  and hostile he looked body language wise.

When Charlie arrived at the CNN Studios to do Pierce Morgan’s show, there was tension in the air.  I was even at the CNN  studio shooting the Nancy Grace Show  and everything there seemed to be on lockdown.

There was a heaviness and nervousness  in the air and people were walking on eggshells.  You couldn’t roam around freely as usual and there were  only certain rooms you could be in.  Secuity was everywhere and in full force. It was becuase  Charlie was on the loose and no one kne what would happen. Would he fly off the handle?  Would he harm someone? So as a precaution,  they wanted to keep everyone away from him and out of his path.


When I walked out of the  CNN studio to get into my limo, a throng of paparazzi  three feet deep were waiting outside for Charlie to take his photo as soon  he emerged from doing  Pierce Morgan’s show.  Because they were so anxious and camera trigger happy they immediately  began flashing away at me when someone yelled out That’s Dr.  Glass

 Then the  multitude of questions and cameras  came at me as I was asked  what I thought about Charlie Sheen on CNN as I was getting into my limo.  Since I dint see the show at the time because I was busy filming Nancy Grace I hadnothing to say except that I didn’t get to see it .  


I did manage to see the show  while I was in an airport in Salt Lake City that Sunday .Charlie was not as angry on the show In fact he was hilarious at times!  He was bright and sharp and clearly knew what he was doing and saying. He did not seem  crazy at all. In fact Peirce  also remarked that he didn’t think Cahrlie  was crazy and actually thought Charlie was great AND CHARMING.

But those who did not find Charlies interview charming was CBS! Charlie committed the Cardinal sin in Hollywood- Biting the hand that feeds you!  He was discussing money and whether or not he would come back and the negotiation process . This is a HUGE NO NO!  That is why there are agents and lawyers . You cannot discuss this on the air. It made CBS look bad as well as all producers.

Because of Charlies popularity, he used his forum to in essence badmouth his employers and put them in a bad light. They could have none of that and rightfully so.  So they fired him on  Monday.  They clearly had enough of him making them look like the bad guy when all they did  was try to give him a chance to sort himself out.




Charlie was shocked and no doubt went on a binger as he ranted and raved and looked even mor out of control and manic than ever on his  home made reality show.  He looked awful as there was no makeup and hair stylist to make him look good. It was just raw real Charlie.

When his kids were taken away it was sad and horrible.  Nut the right thing to do as kids cannot be anywhere near this man now. He seemed to take it in stride but when the reality sets in, that  he will not be seeing his kids when he wants to it will no doubt have a huge emotional impact on him.’

Maybe that will be the catalyst for him to sort himself out.  One thing is for certain he truly loves those kids and that was evident on the video.


Charlie;s legal battle with CB S is far from over and no dount a settlement will take place. Noone wants a drawn out trial which would kee this ugly situation alive. It won;t look good for CBS as Charlie;s growing populaity would make them look like the big bad wolf even though they were not.

Marty Singer, a great contracts attorney who also specializes in defamation against clebritiers  will make sure Charlie comes out ahead and no doubt he will from sa financial point of view.

I think CBS would rather settle than see the likes of Charlie on the set of Two and a Half Men. I am sure that producers would rather stick hot coals in their eyes than see Charlie show up on the set again. No dount they will replace him. There is talk of replacing him with Rob Lowe, whoim I have known for years. That would be a grat move in my view. Besides being funny, he is defianately  easy onthe eyes and would attarct a lot of female viewers.


On his latest home reality show he was funny. I even laughed out loud.  He gets under the table and takes a swig of something and says he isn’t going to tell us what it is because he hasn’t goTten paid for it.

 So now it is all about money as we hear how he is getting this offer and that offer. Charlie will no doubt make more money than ever and make more of a name and a brand for himself than ever before.

He will probably make so much that he may end up producing his own movies and end up one of the biggest moguls and powerhouses in Hollywood. Since he is such a porn star afficionado, perhaps he may even produce some porn as well.

The money machine has started the sound of ka-ching   already, There is a  WINNING Tee shirt line and a Tiger’s Blood drink and I’M ON A DRUG CALLED CHARLIE SHEEN  tee shirts . “Pulling a Charlie Sheen” will no dount become part of our vernacular.

I am sure that TROLL tee shirts will be on the way. Maybe there will even be a cartoOn series and a reality show or even a  film called “Charlies Trolls. The point is that Charlie has reached the tipping point in a good way and his money making machine has become viral with his Charlieisms.

With social media and good old marketing Charlie doesn’t need CBS . If he doesn’t kill himself with drugs or end up in prison for  hurting or killing someone,  Charlie has a very lucrative future ahead of him.

 Even though CBS gave him the boot, Hollywood being what it  is and seeing how much he can make will give him yet  another chance for sure. Someone else will offer him a show-either cable or  NBC or ABC.  No dount it will be  a hit. Film offers will come in and people will flock to see train wreck crazy Charlie.

But as I said Charlie is not crazy, He may  be  manic and angry and hostile. But Charlie is still  funny,talented, the consummate actor as we have even seen in his over the top ratings on his own reality show.  Charlie clearly  knows what he is doing. Charlie is bigger than ever and is here to stay… unless he does himself or someone else in.  www.drlillianglass.com

Charlie Sheen‘s Agitated Body Language Reflects He May Be A Danger to Himself and Others


After analyzing Charlie Sheen’s body language for CBS’s “Insider” today  I can clearly see that Charlie is overly consumed with anger and hostility which I believe will eventually destroy him unless he gets out of his denial and gets some professional help.

 His vebally  attacking statements and self-aggrandizement, rapid staccato speech patterns,  harsh glottal vocalizations,  agitated facial expressions with furrowed brow and wide-eyed stare, and  constant body movements,  reflect a man who in my view,  is  either on some type of  drug that has altered his behavior or he  possibly has a psychological condition that reflects  his aberrant behavior.

 Based on Charlie Sheen’s body language his arrogance appears to be in full bloom. His outward expansive movements show that he thinks he is in control of the situation.

 His disheveled hair and his   smoking a cigarette during one of his interviews with the  cigarette even  dangling from his lips as he spoke, shows that he could care less about his public  image.

 Besides his bizarre speech which was intended to “shock”  the main thing I noticed which was disturbing  was Charlie Sheen’s voice pattern . It was harsh and raspy which is often an indicator that a person may be doing self-destructive acts which tend to injure the vocal apparatus, like   smoking, drinking and drugging excessively.

 While his bulging wide-eyed look and  furrowed brow, and lip pursing   showed constant  anger and arrogance , his  lip licking and  shoulder shrugs reflected that he may have been posturing as  deep down, he really didn’t believe everything he was saying.

This was particularly evident when he said that CBS could have to pay  him 3 million per episode if they wanted him back. It is clear that he knew his demand was   ridiculous, but it was his way of baiting and instigating and pouring verbal fuel on the fire.  

 There is no doubt that Charlie Sheen is so  out of control and that he may be a danger not only to himself but to those around him. There is no doubt that with all of his pent-up anger that he could possibly cause bodily harm to someone .

In observing his behavior it is easy to see what he allegedly did to his ex wife Brooke Mueller and to numerous women who have accused him of physical violence throughout the years.


While he didn’t take a physical shot at his nemesis and producer Chuck Lorre , he certainly took a verbal shot at him by outing his Hebrew name which he changed, Haim Levin. Many in Hollywood believe this was an anti Semitic act on Charlie’s part which Charlie in turn denied. No matter how hard Charlie denies it, many feel that it was hitting below the belt and spoke volumes as it was a hostile attempt to degrade Chuck for changing his  Jewish sounding name. Ironically, Charlie did the same thing by changing his own name – Carlos Estevez to Charlie Sheen in order to make it sound less Latino.  


Perhaps no one knows what havoc  Charlie may be capable of doing better than his longtime publicist  of  seven years, Stan Rosenfeld. Personally, I  have known Stan for decades. Stan is one of the finest men with a great deal of decency and respectability. For him to  abruptly drop and abandon Charlie  is HUGE!

 Stan being the ultimate diplomat didn’t trash Charlie. He merely stated,

“I have worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much. However, at this time, I’m unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned.”.

But that didn’t stop Charlie who secured his own publicity by appearing on ABC the Today Show TMZ and on Pierce Morgan. In each interview he appeared to get angrier and angrier, trashing everyone from his father to CBS, to Chuck Lorre to John Stamos, to Stan Rosenfeld. When he learned Stan quit, he ranted that it was he who fired Stan.  

He even said that he was going to sue CBS for  320 million dollars “mental anguish.” Based on what I have seen of Charlie’s behavior, it seems that CBS could easily file a countersuit as Charlie  has caused them an equal amount of  “mental anguish” if not more.

It is sad to witness  a man who was once  at the top of his game as an actor begin to fall so rapidly. His arrogant and hostile words and bizarre statements  are not endearing him to fans. He thinks that fans will rally behind him but they won’t . In fact they are quickly turning against him. They see his arrogance, self-aggrandizement, (being on a drug called Charlie Sheen)  and entitlement and they don’t like it one bit.

Charlie’s overinflated opinion of himself will be his biggest downfall. He will quickly learn that he is replaceable  and that he is not a powerful as he thinks when it comes to battling a network.  It will be a rude awakening when he sees that fans will not rally behind him.  

 Based on what I have observed speech,voice, and body language wise I don’t have a lot of confidence that Charlie’s outcome will be good. He has said that he would never take medication when asked if he was bipolar. He said he was not bipolar but rather  bi-winning. He bragged about his drug intake and said he was proud of the way he partied.  If he doesn;t stop his self destruction he  will  up  doing  something to himself  that can never be repaired.  He has also  alienated a lot of people and burned many bridges that likewise can never be repaired. Sorry Charlie- that’s the sad and  brutal truth!  www.drlillianglass.com

Sexual Assault of CBS Reporter May Be A Warning Sign to All Female Reporters Who Cover Stories In Countries Where Women Have Limited or No Rights

The case of CBS Chief correspondent Lara Logan’s rape and beating by a gang of Egyptians in Tahrir Square who were  celebrating the stepping down of President Mubarak is  beyond appalling. But it is not at all surprising. This  isn’t the first time that a beautiful  female reporter has been violated.

In 2008, a  similarly beautiful blond  reporter,  Joanie de Rijke, a Dutch journalist went to search  for the Taliban in Afghanistan and found them. But she did not find them hospitable. Instead  fact found them to be a violent bunch of rapists who held her captive and repeatedly raped her.

Like Lara Logan, de Rijke was released by her captives, but she was not released until a week later only after a $137,000 ransom was paid on her behalf while being continually raped.

The ordeal obviously took it’s toll on her psychologically as she no doubt suffered from Stockholm Syndrome whereby she identified with her captors by stating ‘They also respected me, ‘They are not monsters.

Any man who rapes a woman is clearly a “monster!” A rapist respects no one- not even himself!

Two years later beautiful reporter  was in Mumbai trying to cover a story  when an angry mob attacked her and tried to rape her.  As the camera lights went out you can hear her guttural  sounds of distress  as she is heard yelling “STOP IT!”  There so no doubt whatsoever that the sound that was heard emanating from her voice was the fear for her life.

While rape and attempted rape is bad enough there is nothing worse than  a woman journalist losing her life because she is reporting in a part of the world that doesn’t respect women and doesn’t acknowledge that they have equal rights.

Zahra Kazemi, an attractive  Canadian freelance photojournalist who was arrested after taking photos outside a Teheran prison during a student  protest  not only suffered torture and rape, she was ultimately killed due to her injuries.

Beautiful Iraqi journalist and  reporter  Atwar Bahjat unfortunately suffered the same fate back in 2006. The Al-Arabiya television presenter was kidnapped, raped  and murdered in Iraq. Bahjat  died  of  bullet wounds to  her  head, neck and chest.

Her rapist ended up confessing to her murder as he stated  in a videotaped confession” We parked beside the main street, I asked the girl to step out and I told her, ‘You are pretty and I like you, and I want to have sex with you,”. Bahjat refused. But I put the pistol to her head, and I raped her.


So now we have Lara Logan who was not physically killed.  But there is no doubt that there was a part of her  that died On February 11, 2010, when  the  humanity and dignity was taken away from  this  39 year old mother of two young children.

The same thing could have happened to her CBS colleague Katie Couric who by the grace of God got out of Egypt  in time, after  being harassed and abused on the streets of Cairo. CBS news anchor   Katie Couric  was suddenly surrounded by a group of angry  men. Her face shows her fear and upset over the situation.


So the question arises “ Should news outlets allow female journalists to cover stories in various parts of the world?

I say NO WAY!!   Let us learn from these incidents. These parts  of the world that are simply not safe for anyone, let alone women, Look at what happened to Anderson Cooper who was repeatedly hit in the head by protesters during the protests in Egypt or Miguel Marquez who was recently roughed up and beaten in Baharain .

While I along with every other American, Canadian and  European is all for women’s rights and women’s equality, there are places in the world where women will never be equal, let alone  have any rights.

In some countries, a woman still must walk in back of a man. They must not speak back to their husbands or they will get slapped and abused. If their husband dies, they cannot go out alone and fend for themselves.

A male relative must do their bidding. If they have no male relative they are simply out of luck. In some parts of the world a woman needs a man’s permission to do anything. A woman cannot  vote or drive, travel abroad or stay out late with friends. They cannot  go to restaurants without a man and they must ask a man’s permission before doing anything. In some countries, a woman’s worth is considered half  a person.

If a woman is raped in certain parts of the world, it is often considered her fault that she was “dishonored” and honor killings to get  rid  of the woman for  embarrassing her family are common.

If a man rapes a woman, nothing usually happened. Under Egyptian President Mubarak’s rule, if a man raped a woman and found guilty, he was sentenced to three years in prison, but the operative words here are”  if he was found  guilty”. Most of the time, the men are not found guilty and if they have to spend time in prison for their act, they are essentially on vacation, with little or no punishment or censure from members of their society.

So what will happen to the Egyptian men who were found guilty of raping  journalist Lara Logan?  Most likely, nothing will happen to them. It is doubtful that anyone will come forth and report the names of the actual rapists for fear of retribution themselves. In fact many would consider the rapists heroes for dishonoring an” Infidel” – an American infidel at that.

Her savage beating  of a reported “sustained sexual attack” actually means that she was no doubt gang raped. There is no way in my view that they will find her gang of rapists, let alone punish them.

It has been reported in the media  that she was saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers but who knows how accurate that report was. The fact that she got out alive is a miracle in itself. The fact that she  reconnected with her news crew,  returned to her hotel and was able to walk aboard a plane on the on the first flight out of Cairo to the US  the next morning is also a miracle.

I don’t believe any woman should be put into harm’s way. They are defenseless in certain countries and need to know all of the possible consequences before they commit to such assignments.

More than anyone else the world, the Israeli Defense Services know the dangers of women in combat in certain regions in the Middle East. Several years ago they  temporarily took on women in front line roles as part of a test  which investigated women in combat.

The results were so bad that they determined that  women could  no longer serve front line roles in the Israeli military but women could still serve in other forms of combat such as
fighter pilots , artillery gunners and most roles in the navy.

The bottom line is that any woman who insists on covering stories in certain parts of the world where sexually assaulting and  raping women and women journalists are common practice, are taking their lives into their own hands.

 The world is not always kind to women and like it or not, in many places they are less than equal. http://www.drlillianglass.com

Marsha Petrie Sue’s Copyright Infringement of Dr. Lillian Glass’ Book Reported By CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg Businessweek, Yahoo, Breitbart, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS




The most powerful media venues such as CNBC, USA Today, Bloomberg  Businessweek, Breitbart, Yahoo, FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC are among the many places which  have reported the trial where  Marsha Petrie Sue,  an Arizona Speaker and author was found liable for copyright infringement by a unanimous jury in a Federal Court in Los Angeles.


USA Today







                                                           FOX 29 http://www.wflx.com/Global/story.asp?S=13663139   FOX 40http://www.wggb.com/Global/story.asp?S=13663139







In reporting this story,the media has  clearly sent a message that this was  a newsworthy story and  a very important message for everyone to hear. It said that copyright infringement is a serious issue. It spoke of how someone boldly stood up and fought for their rights and took that fight all the way to a United States Federal Court and won. It said that a jury unanimously agreed that Marsha Petrie Sue was a copyright infringer.



The sweetest words to my ears was when the verdict was read. Below are the exact questions  which were read and the exact answers to those important questions- “YES”




It is a very powerful and moving experience to stick up for your rights. Doing so has empowered me. I will carry that for the rest of my life. It was  a very moving experience to sit in a courtroom for three days and watch the American justice system in action.  The system works and I am living proof that it does work.

Each day I was motivated by the beautiful large American flag that was in front of me in the courtroom. For me, it was the ultimate symbol of truth and justice and the foundation what this wonderful country is based on. Every time I looked at the flag, it gave me hope and courage.

My intention in going to court was not about the money or to get a windfall. Instead, it was about truth and justice. I felt very strongly about it. I have worked very hard all of my life. I have made a lot of sacrifices in my life and I have never taken the easy road or the simple way out.

So when I saw someone do word for word copying of my work without giving me proper attribution, refusing to apologize, or to make things right, I had no choice but to exercise my legal rights.

Marsha Petrie Sue wrote a book in 2007 called ‘Toxic People.’ In that book she had wrongfully copied my material in my ‘He Says She Says’ book which I wrote in 1992.

The jury of eight unanimously  agreed with  the fact that Petrie Sue did indeed wrongfully copy my material.

Coincidently, I also wrote a book called ‘Toxic People’ in 1995.  One day while doing a search on Amazon.com, I stumbled across Marsha Petrie Sue’s 2007  book that had the same title as my book, ‘Toxic People.’ That is how I learned that her book contained my material from ‘He Says She Says.’ 

Needless to say I was shocked. I have written fourteen books and they are my life’s work. My books are filled with a lot of information that have helped a lot of people. The countless phone calls, emails, and letters I have received throughout the years are testimony to that.

 If someone is interested in using some of the materials from  any of my books or blogs for that matter, I have no issue with that. But you must contact me first to get my permission. No one can simply copy my work without giving me or anyone else from whom they copy, proper credit and hope that I won’t find out.

Marsha Petrie Sue  not only copied my material and placed it in her book, she took my copyrighted material and put it in her website and claimed it as her own. In addition, she stated on her site that she gave  people permission to use my material only if they mentioned her name and gave her credit.


I stood up to Marsha Petrie Sue and her behavior and I did it in a Federal Court. I not only stood up to her for myself, I stood up to her on behalf of anyone who creates something.

Whether you are an author, screenwriter, songwriter, composer, sculptor, artist, illustrator, fashion designer, furniture designer, auto designer, poet, architect, photographer, jewelry designer, shoe designer, or anyone who has developed something from your own creation, you have a right to defend what is rightfully yours.   

My  legal victory is not just for me. It is for you too. I fought on behalf of you as well. I  kept you in my heart and in my thoughts throughout this entire ordeal.

It has now been a week since I set foot in Judge R. Gary Klausener’s courtroom and watched him sit high above on his bench in his regal black robe as he ruled on various technical legal matters.

It has been less than a week since my fabulous intellectual property attorney Eric Bjorgum of Karish and Bjorgum articulated  so eloquently and passionately on my behalf. His wonderful words were healing and will continue to resonate within me for a lifetime.

This was not an easy task by any means. But it was well worth it. I have come away from this experience more motivated than ever to be a voice for people. I am blessed to now be able to serve as an example to  empower others in letting them know that  they never have to feel victimized  and that they have recourse through the justice system.

And on a final note, I say God Bless America!” I’m so happy and so proud to live in this wonderful  country where we can send a message about improper copying. www.drlillianglass.com

Tiger Wood’s Toxic Cheating May Be the Result of His Having A ”Madonna- Whore Complex”


Last night when I appeared on the Nancy Grace Show I had an opportunity to weigh in about the Tiger Woods situation. My focus on the show was on why he was driving barefoot and a discussion about his reported mistress, Rachel Uchitel talking way too much when she spoke to the press. This made me quesiton her denial about her affair with Tiger.When someone talks that much, they are usually lying.

Today Rachel Uchitel verified my observations I made of her on the Nancy Grace Show. Rachel finall admitted that she did indeed lie for Tiger and that she did have an affair with him.


When I last blogged about Tiger Woods stating that he shouldn’t given a him free pass for his cheating because he is Tiger Woods, a lot of readers were upset . They refused to believe that Tiger Woods was a Toxic Cheater. They blamed the Enquirer and said that nobody should believe the Enquirer’s report because after all, they are only a tabloid and make things up.


While some tabloids may perhaps sensationalize a headline or two, in order to peak your curiosity and make you pick them up when you are in line at the grocery store, I can assure you that those days of bold faced tabloid lies are over. It’s way too expensive to make anything up. They are all lawyered up to the hilt and they check and recheck facts. The Enquirer is no longer the tabloid of yester year where two headed flying alien babies with sharp teeth and pointed ears were on the cover. Now, they can hold their own with any major publication.


It was their dedicated research and phenomenal reporting skills that broke the story about another Toxic Cheater, hypocrite and Illegitimate Baby daddy, former Senator John Edwards. who LIED to the public and to his cancer stricken wife that he was having an affair much less having a child with his mistress Reille Hunter.


I know how tabloid reporting works up close and personal because I do a lot of interviews with them, especially with the Globe where they ask my opinions about a lot of their cover stories. I can assure you that they check and re check and check again.

The Globe’s reporters and editor are ALL top notch veteran journalists who are also top notch writers, who know how to keep a reader’s interest.

Most of the stories you first see in the Globe have been subsequently picked up by mainstream media, from CNN to Fox News ABC, NBC, and CBS. Their crime reporting, like the phenomenal reporting they have done on the Casey Anthony case is top of the line.


If something appears on TMZ in my opinion you can just about take that to the bank. Harvey Levin is a cracker jack reporter, a top of the line journalist and a well respected, brilliant eagle eyed attorney. So if he says something is true and stands by it, I tend to side with Harvey.

TMZ also has a staff of lawyers who make sure their i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.


When I sided with Elin and called Tiger Woods “Toxic.” I knew exactly what I was talking about. Now, since all these mistresses of Tiger’s have come forth. it is easy for everyone to connect the dots .

We can see that that Elin, no doubt smashed out his car window because she was pissed at him. They probably had a fight because she now had PROOF he was having an affair or two or three.

In fact we even heard Tiger’s own cowardly voice telling his mistress to not put her name on her answering machine because he feared his wife would find out. Elin probably confronted him and he probably denied it and she got pissed at his lying because she probably had proof.

She no doubt, was overcome with anger at his bullshitting lies, so she lashed out physically, punching him in his lying mouth and splitting open his lip and clawing at his face in anger.

Now, I am NOT saying this is right or giving her a free pass on this. I do NOT condone physical violence (fantasies of it -YES, but actual physical Violence- NO!).

Knowing he was guilty and not being able to dispute her facts and the evidence she had against him, he most likely decided to walk away and leave the house. He also didn’t want to receive any more of her physical attacks, since she was no doubt really letting loose on him.

Also, he thought it was probably best to walk away before he did something to her, like hit her back and escalating it into something even more horrible. Self defense or not, he instinctively knew he was no physical match for her, so he admirably and quickly walked away from harm’s way.

That explains why he was barefoot (against Florida law) when he was driving the vehicle.

Pissed that he was leaving, Elin then most likely grabbed one of the many golf clubs lying around the house and went after him in the heat of the moment. He probably saw her coming and quickly locked himself in the car and proceeded to drive away. That may also be another reason that Tiger, who is known for taking excellent care of himself from what he eats to protecting his own safety, was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

She then no doubt, caught up with the car and began smashing the windows. He absolutely freaked out and that is why he was driving so erratically. The police report shows he drove over bushes and into some hedges before hitting the hydrant and ultimately the tree.

Also if you look at this photo of the smashed out windows, if the BS spin they are trying to feed the public was true, and Elin was trying to smash out windows to save him, why didn’t she smash out the window on the passenger side and open the lock and get him out? Oy would have been a lot easier. The glass would also be further from him as oppsed to directly in back of him.

The reason the back windows were smashed is because she was obviously at the back of the car, propbably hitting it with the golf club.


How she found out about his cheating and affairs is not the issue. The bottom line is that she found out! Maybe she found a love text she or a heard a love call, or found an extra pair of panties in Tiger’s suitcase. Perhaps the maid washed these panties and put them in her drawer and when Elin didn’t recognize them as her own, perhaps she put two and two together.

Perhaps he even gave her an Sexually Transmitted Disease- from herpes to chlamydia to syphilis to gonorrhea. There is no question that if he was not using a condom, especially now that we know that he was cavorting with promiscuous or “party girl types ” and had multiple partners, he could have easily subjected Elin to HIV and AIDS.


Why would any man in their right mind cheat on an absolutely gorgeous woman, who has kept herself in excellent physical shape, who emotionally supports you, loves you to death and has been a wonderful wife? Why would any man cheat on a woman who was pregnant with their impending baby or cheat on their wife who had just given birth to their baby? Why would a man who had it ALL cheat on his wonderful wife?

The answer is simple. It’s because HE CAN! In Tiger’s life where he is in a different city all the time being catered to left and right, and having women throw themselves at him, he thought, “what the heck, I’m Tiger Woods, why not? No one will know. I can have my cake, with a different woman in every city when I’m on the road, and when I am at home with my beautiful wife, I too can have that cake of a stable home life.”


Tiger is a man who has been spoiled rotten. He has been given anything he wants carte blanche. He has never had to be accountable to anyone or anything expect to his golf game and to his sponsors.

He never had to listen to anyone except the one person who made sure he towed the line- his wonderful late fatherand coach Earl. When Tiger was younger and catting around with women back then, his father made sure his focus was on his game and not on the ladies. He certainly knew how to keep his son in line.

But now that Earl is gone, there has been no one to keep him in line and set some boundaries. There has been no one to really give him a reality check like Earl used to do.

Now that this fiasco has come into the open, Tiger will finally realize that he has to be accountable for his actions and that his egregious behavior will NOT be tolerated.


According to his multitude of mistresses, and the admission of one of them, we know that Tiger Woods began cheating at least 31 months ago.

That would have been the time his gorgeous and dedicated wife, Elin Nordegren was pregnant with their daughter Sam. He continued his cheating ways, even while Elin was pregnant with baby Charlie.

Another one of the myriad of reasons why certain men cheat on their pregnant wives has to do with something Freud referred to as the Madonna -Whore Syndrome.

These men can sleep with and have great sex with any woman, as long as the woman is not the mother of their child. After a woman has his child, this type of man now sees her in a different light, He is not as turned on by her sexually any more. No matter how beautiful she is or how good she is to him, he still isn’t all that into her.

It usually happens after a child is born. Men with this syndrome see their wives as” mothers” and not as “lovers” and they can’t combine the two like men who do not have this Syndrome are able to do.

A man with the Madonna- Whore Syndrome has two confusing opposing views about women. This results in a dilemma for him. He is unable to love and respect any women who can satisfy him sexually and by the same token is unable to be sexually satisfied by any women whom he can love. In essence his cheating is his attempt to justify his behavior of pursuing multiple women as a way of fulfilling each of these needs.
If Tiger does suffer from this Syndrome, then Tiger’s marriage can only have any chance of being saved if he addresses this issue in therapy. Otherwise, there is no hope for his marriage to ever survive, or for the cheating to stop.


Tiger issued these words in his public statement :
“ I let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart. I have not been true to my values and the behavior my family deserves. I am not without faults and I am far short of perfect.

I am dealing with my behavior and personal failings behind closed doors with my family. Those feelings should be shared by us alone.”
Personal sins should not require press releases and problems within a family shouldn’t have to mean public confessions.

Whatever regrets I have about letting my family down have been shared with and felt by us alone. I have given this a lot of reflection and thought and I believe that there is a point at which I must stick to that principle even though it’s difficult.

I will strive to be a better person and the husband and father that my family deserves. For all of those who have supported me over the years, I offer my profound apology.”

These are beautiful words and he is absolutely correct. These issues are personal and must be handled behind closed doors. He CANNOT do it alone and MUST get the help from a therapist who can help him personally as well as help his marriage.

He needs personal counseling to deal with his own demons as well as marriage counseling to help repair the damage he has done to his marriage.


I love that he also apologized to the public for letting them down. He is only human but what people are reacting to is the hypocrisy. He put himself out there as Mr. Perfect and Mr. Squeaky Clean, and now we have come to find out that he was anything but that.

People not only admired him for his golf abilities, they held him up as an example of a clean living man – an athlete who was faithful to a beautiful wife and had a lovely family. He did many things to help others in terms of charity and he seemed like an all around great and wonderful man. He still may be all those wonderful things. But he is also one additonal thing- a Cheater who has clearly broken his wife’s heart.

Now that Tiger has fallen off his pedestal, people who once thought his perfect image was real, need the time and space to regroup. That is why they are so curious to get as much information as possible about what happened.

They needed all the facts about Tiger and what happened so they can now regroup and re process who this new Tiger Woods really is. They need the time to shift their perception of his once perfect image into a more realistic one.

They need to see that what they perceived was now only their illusion. Even thoufh they now need to process that Tiger is human after all, complete with human foibles, that does not mean that they now have to love him any less. http://www.drlillianglass.com