Does Casey Anthony Leak Out Her Guilt By Nodding “Yes ” As Linda Drane Burdick Speaks of Caylee’s Death By Duct Tape?


Opening Judge Perry addressed   the ladies and gentlemen of the jury and red her charges , we see Casey take a huge breath in to oxygenate  herself as we see her chest heave as she fills up her lungs with air and forcefully exhales as .  Her facial expression is sad and scared. You can see the tension in her forehead  As Judge Perry  reads on  we see Jose Baez  sneaking a peek at Casey to  make sure she is OK. 


Prosecution’s  Linda Drane Burdick’s  choice of outfit  during her opening arguments were  very revealing Red.  It was a color of passion and love- passion for being a voice for  Caylee and the  love for pursuing justice for this precious little soul. Linda Drne Burdick  was wonderful in her delivery with the perfect cadence and emphasis to stress important and relevant points. Her use of pause time was excellent as she allowed jurors to process everything she was saying. Her use of gestures for emphasis were also excellent.

When Linda spoke of Casey’s pregnancy at 19, she heaved a huge breath and raised her head and jutted forth her jaw which indicated a signal of anger. As Linda spoke about Father’s day, Casey tried to manufacture some tears, but they simply weren’t coming as she flared her nostrils and opened her mouth.

 Then we see her body leaking out the truth. Linda Drane Burdick said No one ever saw  Caylee Marie Anthony  alive again .  Casey shakes her head  NO as Linda says these words. In essence Casey’s shaking her head NO is mirroring the truth truth of Linda’s words that No one saw Casey alive.

Then Linda says the last time a photo was taken of Caylee Anthony was on Dec. 11, 2008. Casey leaks out anger . You can see the microexpression of her curled lower lip as she   vigorously shakes her head No as she mouths the words I’m not gonna listen as if she were a defiant child not wanting to hear the truth.

She immediately feigns crying as she puts her knuckle up to her eye and there are no tears and no facial expression of real crying as she pushes up on her skin under one eye.


 This is not the expression of someone who is sad or remorseful. Instead it is the expression of someone who is angry as she leaks out this expression. Casey is no doubt  angry that she had  to listen to the truth.


As Casey listened to what she allegedly looked up on the computer chloroform and neck breaking, she sat there without moving a muscle.She looked cold and heartless as she had no reaction to what was said. She had  no tears for Caylee as Linda described how C aylee was found near a school where she would be this very moment. Casey had no reaction whatsoever. Most people would cry a tear to think that  their child  would be school age had she been alive today. But not Casey. She looked as cold as ice when this was said.

Casey also squirmed around as the bags and duct tape were discussed. She flashed an expression of anger anger that she had to sit there and listen to what she may have done to Casey. Otherwise she was stoic. To me , her constant movement spoke volumes. It screamed that she was uncomfortable being forced to listen to what in my view is the truth.


The something major happened body language wise where Casey  may appear to possibly  be  admitting guilt. It is around  17: 25  Lind Drane Burdick says There is no other reason to put multiple pieces of  duct tape on a child’s   face mouth and nose other than the  other than the specific intent to end  that child’s life.    Casey nods YES twice as Linda says these words! To me that is a huge revelation body languaguage  wise.

Then when Linda says how Casey had access to the laundry bag, the shorts etc.  Casey shakes her head No  and tuns away and says “Thats not true”.

Cindy Anthony’s Jailhouse Letters to Casey Reveal Denial, Victim- Like Blame, Passive Aggression, and Immaturity


The letters of Cindy Anthony to her  daughter Casey who sits in jail as a result of her  reporting  to police that the car Casey was driving smelled like there was a dead body in it, are most revealing.  It reveals a profile of someone who is experiencing   guilt, denial, arrogance, aggression  and omnipotence,  who has to be in control. The level her  smallness in the name calling of a Channel 9 reporter also reveals her level of immaturity.


  Cindy writes They are still waiting for you to crack. I will not let that happen.  This statement shows her controlling nature and feelings of omnipotence as she tells Casey that she will not let Casey crack. The reality is that she has no control over Casey and whether or not she will crack.  Maybe she did in the past, but she certainly has no control over Casey now.


 Then you see a slice of arrogance and defiance when she writes  I don’t care who reads my letters.” It is the same defiance we have seen in Casey so it makes us more aware that the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. She also writes How much of this insanity are we supposed to endure ? Once again this reflects her victim mentality as in “look what they are doing to poor me.”

                                                                        CINDY CONTROLLING FAMILY DYNAMIC

 Cindy  continues to show her controlling nature as she attempts to control the family dynamic by  reassuring  Casey that her brother Lee  and father support her. This also shows her denial.  In my view there is no possible way that Lee or George can fully support Casey when a. they must know deep down that she  killed Caylee and b.  she outed them for sexually molesting her. If she lied, how can they support her for falsely accusing them?  If she is telling he truth, how can they support her for outing them?


 Cindy writes “Lee has always been a very private person, so his wisdom has kept him away from most of this nonsense,” This clearly shows how much  denial Cindy appears  to be. First of all Lee is not so wise. We have all seen him act life a buffoon with his inappropriate laughter during depositions and on the witness stand. We have seen him inappropriately  mouth “I love you” to Casey when he was on the stand. That in my view is not wisdom. Instead, it is stupidity. When she write  ..kept him away from all of this nonsense it really shows her  state of denial.  One would never  call  having her daughter on trail for her life for killing her granddaughter nonsense


 Her statement “Don’t let them destroy you.,” reflects  the guilt she is  no doubt  feeling . Cindy is feeling   destroyed  about  Casey and  her present situation. It was Cindy who told Casey in a fit of anger that she was throwing her out and keeping Caylee. That is  when Casey left with Caylee, who was never to be seen or heard from again.  It is clear projection on Cindy’s part when she says not to let them destroy Casey because what has happened has clearly destroyed Cindy . It is obviously too painful for her to admit her role in all of this so she tells Casey to    
 Hold on to the truth and know that Jesus is with you. He will protect you from your enemies.”  


Once again we see the: us against them: denial pattern and blaming everyone else out there—the enemies”  for her and Casey’s situation. It also reflects Cindy’s lack of taking responsibility and  for allowing a dysfunctional stealing, lying. daughter to get away with her antics for a lifetime. Now that it has come to the point that her deviant  her daughter is  facing the death penalty, all she can do is play the victim and blame others instead of looking at herself and her role in all of this.


Her Control Freak nature surfaces once again as she gives Casey orders  in command terms by writing I need you to  stay focused and strong. Don’t let all of the games that the state’s attorney’s office is playing get to you. Referring to it as agame” speaks volumes. rest assured that the Prosecution is not looking at this as a game.


Cindy also holds Casey’s looks and appearance at a premium as she comments on Casey’s hair length and how beautiful she looked. It is no wonder why Casey is so self-conscious in the courtroom and constantly grooms herself.  Casey no doubt believes that her  only worth in her mother’s eyes is evidently in how  beautiful she looks . When a person’s daughter is facing the death penalty, their looks should be the least thing on a parent’s mind. 


When Cindy wrote  in a letter to Casey, “I’m proud of you.” we can defiantly see how  she  has a distorted way of  thinking.  What is Cindy proud of?  a.  her daughter killing her granddaughter?  b. Casey’s ignoring her and not acknowledging her  in the courtroom as she strains to get Casey’ s attention? c. Casey’s sending law enforcement on a wild goose chase and lying to them? d. Casey’s trying to pin the blame on a fictitious Zanny the Nanny or e. All of the above?  No one in their right mind would be proud of Casey under any circumstance. 


When Cindy trashes the media and says “It makes me sick that I don’t even have some of the pictures of Caylee that they do,” it shows just how Cindy is trying to manipulate Casey  even behind bars, as she no doubt did all of Casey’s life.
The   photos  were no doubt Cindy;s photos at one time . Cindy doesn’t have the photos of Casey she is complaining about  because she most likely  sold them to the media. How do you think the media got the photos of Caylee in the first place? 
Caylee was not  a celebrity who was hounded and stalked  by paparazzi during  her three years of life.   So the question is , who sold her photos to agencies , who   may have sold the the photos  to media outlets?   Did Cindy sell them to specific media outlets herself?  We  know that ABC paid 250,000  dollars for photos. It was Cindy or the Anthony family,  who no doubt took Caylee’s photos. It  was most likely in my view Cindy who sold them to media outlets,  who no doubt  paid a  licensing fee  to use the photos. If  Cindy doesn’t have the photos, it is  because  in my view she sold them.



Once again in blaming mode and making  others the enemy, Cindy refers  to a reporter as “Little Ms. witchy pooh from Channel 9. No doubt  she was referring to Cathy Belich  who asks provocative questionsn and who’s  physcial appearance may not be up to Cindy’s standards. It also reflects Cindy’s immaturity level in having to resort to name- calling to make herself feel better and to release her anger and animosity at the reporter. 

In my view,Cindy;s mis guided anger at the reporter should really be directed at  Casey who most likely killed her granddaughter.


But when Cindy writes to Casey that she wants justice for Caylee more than anyone and says  I will not rest ever until that happens,”  her comment  may be a passive aggressive dig at Casey. It  may be her attempt to indirectly lash out at Casey. She must know deep down what Casey did to Caylee, especially after reporting that the car smelled like a dead body was in it She  wants justice for Caylee and no doubt is letting Casey know that she wants Casey to pay for what she did to Caylee.    


 We also see a sense of false idealization , The ways he signs off in each leeetr shows how she would like to feel about Casey. But unfortunately the reality is different.  In all of her letters Cindy signs them Love you always and forever.I wonder if Cindy will love Casey always and forever as the trial begins and as she hears the gruesome accounts of what Casey no doubt did to Caylee. I wonder if she will love Casey  always and forever when she is grilled on the stand and some unpleasant things come out about her pertaining to Casey. I wounder if she will love Casey always and forever  if and when a unanimous jury finds her daughter  guilty of murdering her granddaughter and sentences her to death.  



Casey Anthony’s Body Language Undergoes A Dramatic Change In the Courtroom For The First Time In Two Years

Several of my loyal readers have written to  inform me that they have noticed a  significant change in the body language of Casey Anthony, the  accused murderer of her three year old daughter Caylee.  They observed that  Casey Anthony’s body language during her latest  court appearance was completely different, where  she appeared in front of the new judge  presiding over her case, Judge Belvin Perry,  .

Many shared with me that they believed that Casey Anthony’s team may have been studying  my  past Body Language Blogs  blogs where I discuss Casey’s inappropriate  and disturbing body language.  After looking at how Casey comported herself  in court today, for the first time in two years, I may very well agree with them, I  could see no laughter, no smirking, no smiling  and no OCD- like ritualistic behavior of palm rubbing, hand fiddling, self  grooming, self, clothes brushing with her hand, or hair flicking with Casey.


But  before the court proceedings began, Casey did leak out some chuckles when attorney  Jose Baez, who was equally as stoic,  spoke to her. No doubt he must have cautioned  her to watch her body language and not laugh or smile.  But she chuckled anyway. Perhaps it was a nervous  chuckle in response to his telling her that she better show no emotion, especially in front of this new “no-nonsense” judge- Judge Belvin Perry .


In watching the proceedings Casey did not move. She sat there like a statue. She was emotionless.  She barely moved. She reminded  me of those people  that  you see in shopping malls who are human mannequins and are frozen into position, not moving for hours at a time.

But it didn’t work. If a jury sees her stoic and mannequin like  the way she appeared today and she appears that way throughout the trial, the jury  will definitely see her as the cold blooded  calculating murderess  the prosecution will paint her to be.


I am sure many of  probably saying to yourselves,” stop right there!” Don’t give away your professional secrets. Don’t let  Casey Anthony’s defense team in on any information which could help her or mislead the jury.

Instead,  let her keep looking  serious and stoic and not move throughout the trial. This way there will be no doubt  a jury  will see that Casey is a cold- hearted mother who  killed her daughter.  This way they will not have to deliberate for long as they  find her guilty in a matter of minutes. “


I am not worried about giving away my information to the defense team via these blogs which could potentially be helpful to Casey. The reason is  because “ the body does NOT lie!” The face does NOT lie and neither does the voice or speech patterns.

What goes on in your brain, as research has shown repeatedly, manifests in the way you move and in the way in which you  communicate.

That is why all the coaching and jury preparation in the world  can NEVER work with someone who is guilty or who has something to hide.Eventually,  the truth will leak out in some behavioral, vocal, or speech “tell.”


Many who have observed Casey throughout these past few years believe that Casey shows signs of sociopathic behavior. A “sociopath is an obsolete term for what the DSM- IV defines as an Antisocial Personality Disorder. Below are Diagnostic Criteria of such a person, according to the DSM-IV

1. Since the age of fifteen there has been a disregard for and violation of the right’s of others, those right’s considered normal by the local culture, as indicated by at least three of the following:
A. Repeated acts that could lead to arrest.
B. Conning for pleasure or profit, repeated lying, or the use of aliases.
C. Failure to plan ahead or being impulsive.
D. Repeated assaults on others.
E. Reckless when it comes to their or others safety.
F. Poor work behavior or failure to honor financial obligations.
G. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others.
2. At least eighteen years in age.
3. Evidence of a Conduct Disorder, with its onset before the age of fifteen.

Based on all that we now know about Casey Anthony and her history, it seems that she fits these criteria.  But even if she is a “sociopath” or antisocial personality disorder, there are specific “tells” in her behavior that will definitely leak out to a jury.

They will see it over time as she sits in the court room. They will see it in her body language if she testifies on her own behalf. They will certainly hear it in her speech pattern and in her voice.

These signals in her behavior that will LEAK out to a jury  and they will  readily pick them up. They may not know specifically what they are picking up in terms of the nuances related to her body and facial language or voice and speech patterns. But they WILL be picking up that something is off, They will perceive that something about Casey is not quite right.

No coaching in the world  or spending countless hours of witness preparation can stop it from happening. That is why savvy defense attorneys do not like to put their “sociopathic” clients on the stand to testify.

That is no doubt, why we never saw accused wife and baby killer who now sits on San Quentin’s  Death Row, Scott Peterson on the stand. That is also why most likely never saw OJ Simpson on the stand during his first murder trial where he was accused of brutally killing his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.


After spending over  two decades of coaching  to  people to get ready for a trial in terms of their speaking and voice skills and body language behaviors, I have learned that no matter how hard  you train someone, who they are and how they  really think  ALWAYS leak out.  This has to do with the limbic system, located deep within the brain. It is responsible for controlling various emotions. Our emotions are then reflected in our facial and body language and voice and speech patterns.

This is especially true is the person is not forthright or they aren’t telling the truth. There  are body language “tells” which occur that usually show up.


No doubt, if and when Casey gets on the stand to testify , there will be “tells” will which emerge, over which she will have no control, no matter how hard  she tries to control them.

As an example, Jose Baez no doubt coached her to keep a stoic demeanor, but Casey  still managed to leak out a chuckle anyway.

Even though she managed to stay stoic for the remainder of her time in the courtroom, that one little chuckle is memorable and highly significant to a jury.

Body Language Which Will Not Endear Casey Anthony to A Jury in Her Upcoming Check Fraud Trial Or In her Murder Trial

Casey Anthony’s criminal trial for 13 check fraud counts will be on Jan. 25 where she will be having to defend against felony from allegations she ripped off hundreds of dollars from her former friend Amy Huizenga, going on several shopping sprees while daughter, Caylee, went missing. There are body language behaviors that Casey has exhibited thus far in the courtroom that have turned people off.

If she continues to exhibit them during her trials, no matter what her team of lawyers say to defend her, their words will fall on deaf ears. Here are some of Casey’s body language turn off’s which we have seen during her various courtroom appearances. They speak volumes about her.


Whenever Casey smiles in the courtroom,to me it is an insult to Caylee’s memory. A mother who’s deceased child was found in the form of a bag of bones would not be smiling, especially in a courtroom. It gives the impression that Casey just doesn’t really care and that Caylee’s deth doesn’t much affect her. This is what jurors will be tnking whenever they see her smile, for whatever reason. It send the wrong message.


No one ever bought the “intellectual” looking Casey, complete with glasses and a crisp white professional looking shirt. no doubt Jose Baez and his advisers did this in order to try and squash the image of her bimbo looking low cut top and short skirt wearing party girl image that ws plastered througout the media.

And absolutely no one ever bought the Casey as a conservative school marm image, complete with business suit and hair in an ill positioned bun in the back of her head. No doubt when her parents George and Cindy saw her in this get u,p they were equally as shocked at how she looked, as they were with the fact that that she was sitting in a courtroom, facing trial for killing their beloved grand daughter.

And finally, the poofy sleeve which gives the ” innocent young school girl” appearance working either. In fact it is annoying if not downright disturbing. The top gives contradictory messages in the fact that it is is in institutional green.The color looks like prison wear but the style says something completely different. In any event, it looks like yet another attempt to modify Casey’s party girl image nd it isn’t working.


Anyone who has two properly working eyes can see through Casey’s phony tears. Her crying routine is predictble. She covers her face, then dabs her non tears with her hand or with a kleenex, examines the kleenex or her hand and then keeps rubbing non tears away from under her eyes.

Once again, this off putting behavior is an insult to Caylee’s memory. The body doesn’t like when it comes to emotion and if Casey isn’t really feeling the emotion, neither is anyone else.


It must seem like an eternity to Casey since she has been with a man now that she is incarcerated. Based on the multiple boyfriends and hookups with whom she was photographed while she was roaming around free, Casey definitely knew how to flirt, be charming, gain their attention and get whatever she wanted from them. But her flirting modus operandi is definitely not working in the courtroom. Being flirty with Jose Baez is a huge turn off. Even though she has tried to hide it lately, it still leaks out. Jurors will definately pick up on that.


No matter what Casey or her lawyers try to do in order to control her image or her body language , it won’t work becuase the body does not lie. Casy will no doubt leak out some valuable infrmation to jurors, even if she never says a word. They will read the truth from how she moves and comports herself.

A jury will read the truth in the leaking of an emotion, like there was when Casey leaked out as flash of anger during her last court appearance. You can see the angry look on her ususal mask like facial expression when the prosecutor was giving a brutal and graphic blow by blow account of what must have happened to her daughter Caylee. No doubt Casey was angry that she had to sit through listening to someone bust her and reveal what she no doubt did to Caylee.

The bottom line is that no Witness Preparation in the world and no Image Makeover is going to hide the truth from the jurors, unless of course Casey shows up in court wearing burka.