Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Song About TOXIC Bullying Added Verses In This Age of Zero Tolerance Against Bullying

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The other day I was in the car listening to the radio,  when the popular Christmas song Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer came on . I began singing along with it and for the first time realized how the words to this catchy tune tell a very sad story.

t starts off fine describing a reindeer with  his red nose  as the lyrics are:

 Rudolph the red nosed reindeer                                                    

Had a very shiny nose

And if you ever saw it,

You would even say it glows

Then it goes on to describe how the reindeer was bullied and ostracized, simply  because he looked different. This verse actually saddened me as I listened to the following verse:

All of the other reindeer

Used to laugh and call him names

They never let poor Rudolph

Play in any reindeer games.

Luckily for Rudolph, Santa became  Rudolph’s savior as Santa  came to his rescue by  acknowledging Rudolph’s difference and turning his physical  difference and uniqueness into an advantage and an asset. It was because of Rudolph’s   unique difference which allowed    Santa to  navigate his sleigh through the foggy night.The lyrics are as follows:


Then one foggy Christmas night

Santa came to say

“Rudoph with your nose so bright

Won’t you guide my sleigh night?


Now here is the part that disturbs me. Only because Rudolph was useful and did something heroic based on his  physical difference did the other reindeer finally accept him.  Otherwise , they would never have  accepted him into their group and allow him to play reindeer games with them. Below are the lyrics which disturbed me.


Then all the reindeer loved him

As they shouted out with glee

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

You’ll go down in history.

These superficial  reindeer needed to accept Rudolph red nose and all from the beginning, not because he did something which helped Santa. Obviously these  TOXIC reindeer only liked him because he  now had Santa’s blessing who accepted Rudolph’s uniqueness which allowed him to become a  hero.

I don’t think the song  should end there. To me, it is not is finished.  It’s missing several  verses in my view so I took  my songwriting and skills to task and took the  liberty to  write some very much needed verses that apply in this  his day and age of zero tolerance for bullying.  So here are the additional lyrics I wrote  to the tune of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. 

Then Rudolph told all the reindeer

You hurt my feelings when teasing me

Just cuz someone looks different

You don’t have to be a bully 


We come in all shapes and sizes

And  just  to be direct

We all want  love and kindness

And  to be treated with respect.


I hope you learned your lesson

That teasing makes others blue

Everyone has feelings

Just like  me and you .


So in the  Spirit of  Christmas 

Where forgiveness is number one

Never  tease others

Cuz you can  really hurt someone.


While the song written back in 1939  by Robert L. May and  published by Montgomery Ward  and adapted into songs, television specials feature films and has become a figure of Christmas folklore, I believe that these  additional meaningful verses are  now needed  to teach children about the consequences of bullying  and hurt feelings in this age of Zero Tolerance for  Bullying.



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Toxic Teacher Who Had Children” Oink” At Messy Student Should Never Be Allowed to Teach Anywhere

What happens to us in our childhood has a lasting effect on who we grow up to be and what happens to us in life. As a communications and  body language expert I cannot begin to  tell you  just how many private clients I have seen in my life who had public speaking problems and who were terrified of speaking in front of others- no matter how small the group, just  because some insensitive  ignorant teacher humiliated them in front of the room.

I have seen grown men- CEO’s of major corporations break down and cry in my offices knowing they had to present the annual report for their company. I have seen beautiful women shake with fear and dread also cry when they had to go on an interview or speak at a presentation.

Consistently  in all of these cases it appeared to  stem back to a teacher who humiliated then in front of the classroom. They suffered a lifetime of  emotional  trauma as a result.

I also know of  someone   who hates anything to do with athletics every since  they  were traumatized by their  first grade  gym teacher who screamed at then for not knowing their right from their left  when they marched in the opposite direction during a class exercise.  As it turned out the boy who was dyslexic .Not only was his academic progress challenged, so was his athletic progress because of this ignorant  teacher.

So when I read that yet another ignorant and insensitive  teacher was guilty of causing psychic trauma to yet another student, I was livid.

This kindergarten  teacher Debbie Hayes at Bowers Elementary  was nothing more than a paid BULLY in my view. She had the audacity to tell the other students to encircle  their classmate and call him a pig while making pig noises and oinking at the boy simply because he had a messy desk. This BULLY needs to be fired and never be allowed to teach again.

Apparently Debbie Hayes, is a veteran educator who should have known better as she had taught kindergarten for 38 years in Roane County. Who knows what other harm  this abusive bully in my view  did to other children in her close to four decades as an educator.  In fact Dr.Toni McGriff the director of Roane County Schools, called the March 16 incident “simply unbelievable”

In her reprimand letter, McGriff told Hayes she was “appalled with the actions in this situation.””It’s a black eye on the profession,”. “It’s a black eye on our schools.”

Apparently another educator walked into Debbie Hayes’ classroom March 16 and saw kindergartners encircling their crying classmate.”The students in the circle were ‘oinking’ and making pig sounds at the little boy,”

A teacher  who witnessed the incident told Principal Candace Lett that afternoon. Hayes and Lett met the next day in McGriff’s office to discuss the episode.

During that meeting, Hayes said she was “tired of the student’s messiness and had repeatedly warned the child to be neater , However, the students in the classroom told authorities teacher   Debbie Hayes told them to encircle the child “and call him a pig and make pig noises,” according to the reprimand.

Hayes only received  one received a  one-day suspension from her job.

This is horrible, in my view. Hayes needs to be  fired for causing  abuse  and potential of lifetime psychic  trauma to this boy. She also needs to be sued by the boys parents and she needs to pay all of his psychologists bills that he will no doubt need to recover from this abusive trauma, if he ever recovers.  This  incident may have long lasting traumatic effects on this child for the rest of his life.

In essence this bully of a teacher taught the other children how to bully and she needs to be held accountable.

All this ignorant creature teacher needed to do was send a letter home with the boy or have a parent child conference or find out why he was being so messy. Oftentimes messiness is a sign of creativity. It may also be that this is how he lives at home in a messy environment. So he many have thought it was normal to be messy.

Apparently Hayes was  forced to  apologize to the students. Personally, I don’t think her apology is enough. It means nothing in the scheme of things. She traumatized this poor child to the point that he was crying. She needs a taste of her own medicine and needs to be ostracized from her school community and lose her pension that she worked so hard to obtain all of these years. She needs to see how she would like it if she was cut off  from ever working at a teaching job again.

She is the real pig in this situation.  The real messy person who messed with a  child’s psyche , That is worse than any messy desk or messy room.

Apparently the  school principal offered to transfer the abused  child  to another classroom, but the mother declined. I think the mother  did the right thing.  In the end , the teacher was made to look like the fool and the boy may come out to be  a hero. I also think that every child who called him a pig and surrounded him needs to be made to personally apologize to him, look him in the eye, say I am sorry and shake his hand. This way the boy will feel better and the other kids will now see him in a different light- someone they can respect.

I do hope that the parents of the boy don’t minimize this egregious act. They need to understand that this incident can have lasting repercussions. It is bad enough when one student bullies another but when the whole class is made to bully a child by a disturbed teacher it is a different matter. They need to lawyer up and sue the teacher, the school board and the school system in their community because there is no doubt that they  will need the money to pay for this boy’s psychological care int he future.

The boy cried which showed that he was upset and traumatized. Those tears run deep and can course through his psyche for a lifetime. Shame on this Bully Debbie Hayes who must never be allowed  teach again. Like a child abuser or child molester, she must never be allowed to  come in contact with children  again in my view.

Gosselin Children’s Angry and Hostile Body Language Mirrors What’s Going on Between Jon and Kate


Gosslin chiuldrns body languag

While Kate was on the Today show  manipulating the audience about how Jon left her penniless only to find out in the next segment that  the children were actually very secure financially and  that (by the way) she was also getting her own talk show, the kids were at home fighting and being reprimanded by the nanny.

  Apparently all the hatred and anger that Jon and Kate are feeling towards one another is spilling over on to the kids. When Kate said on the Today show that she had 8 of the most well adjusted kids, she needed to take a good look at this photo. Then, she would see what is happening while she is away on talk shows and speaking engagements.

    These are angry and upset children. The angriest of them all besides Maddy is   bully  Collin, who by the way is rewarded the most by Kate. His violent behavior has resurfaced once again. With Joelrubbing his shoulder and screaming in pain and the nanny grabbing Colin’s arm and yelling at him, it is obvious that  Colin has abused his brother.  Little Leah is upset too, crying rubbing her face.  It makes you wonder if she too was victimized by  Colins physical abuse.  When  Colin obviously he hit Joel with the orange plastic cone in his hand, did he also manage to hit  Leah as well?  And poor little Aden the one with the glasses,  leans his head over to Joel in sympathy but his little hand covers the side of his head  and  you see his furrowed brow indicating that he is  clearly upset. It makes you wonder if Colin lashed out and hit him in the head before or after her hit  Joel.

    There is nothing well adjusted about a bully child abusing his brothers and sisters. These children need therapy in a huge way. They are angry and upset and have a lot to be angry and upset about. First of all mommy and daddy are no longer together and living under the same roof with them. They may even wonder if it was their fault. Mommy is hardly ever there and when she is there she is “mean” (Maddy’s words) and short tempered and spanks and yells.

    Daddy has his mind elsewhere when he’s at home with them, He’s on the phone to one of his girlfriends. When he is there he may be paying more attention to the babysitter than he is to them. Just when they bond with one nanny or housekeeper or another , the fins out they will never see her or him again because Kate has fired close to fifty people and gets rid of “help” like she gets rid of a used klenex. So they never want to get too close to anyone else because they may  feel they will get abandoned.

There is no more Aunt Jody because Kate got into it with her. But the kids loved Aunt Jodi and seemed to be happiest around her. Maddy especially loved her little cousin (Jodi’s son) as she played with him and treated him tenderly, which was a very healthy thing for hostile and angry Maddy.

   So  despite what Kate thinks, these kids are definitely not well adjusted. They  need  therapy immediately! Kate needs to get her head out of the clouds in thinking she is a big celebrity and get back to the reality of being a mother who has 8 very upset and disturbed children. Similarly, Jon needs to stop running  around L.A. and NYC and get those kids in to see a child therapist before it is too late.  

   This  photo is heartbreaking because it speaks to exactly what I spoke about in my last blog. It will be the children who will suffer from the  fallout of  Jon and Kate’s hate in the media. The kids are five and nine years old, They know what’s going on. If they don’t see it on TV, they live it at home. They surely  feel mommy’s anger and disrespect towards daddy. They certainly feel daddy’s hatred towards mommy. And how does that all play out? They end up acting out their hateful and angry little feelings on one another.

    While TLC made a fortune  on displaying and following these eight children around as though they were zoo animals, TLC needs to step up and do the right thing. They need to foot the bill for some major family counseling for these children.