Sandusky’s Voice on Audiotape On Eve Before Sentencing Shows Extreme Fear and Anger

Convicted pedophile, Jerry Sandusky  released an audiotape  the evening before his sentencing for 45 counts  of child sexual abuse.

While he shifts he blame on to the victims, the media, and the justice system,  Penn State, psychologists, and attorneys, calling it  “a well orchestrated” conspiracy, there is a shakiness to his voice and an overcompensated volume to his voice  which shows  displaced anger and  extreme fear.

His statement speaks volumes about this vapid man who looks at life as wins and losses calling this “the worst loss of my life.”  He then goes on to say  “They’ve won.  “I’ve wondered what they’ve really won. Attention, financial gain, prestige will all be temporary.”

It is as though he is looking at this as a football game.

In fact , his cadence as he read his statement, sounds like a like a coach giving his players a pep talk. In essence his statement  was clearly  a pep talk to himself.

As he read this speech there was no emotion as it  was read in a monotone with the pitch breaks indicating fear and loudness bursts indicating anger.

He is incomplete denial as he convinces himself that “in his heart” he knows he didn’t do these disgusting acts.” He then goes on to share too much information about his sex life stating his “wife  was his only sexual partner, only after marriage”. This “only after marriage” statement is to  convince himself and others  how  moral and chaste  he considers himself and how  sexually pure he is. But  that is far from the truth. When someone gives away too much information, it is usually a signal of deception.

Sandusky very well knows what will happen to him during the sentencing as he has mentally  prepared himself by stating that he asks “that he has the strength to surrender himself to God regardless of the outcome.”

The outcome will be that he will leave prison in a pine box and spend the rest of his days in solitary confinement for his own protection as a sexual predator. This could be the worst punishment for someone who spent his life in the limelight and has had the adulation of thousands of people If by chance he does encounter other inmates, he will most likely be getting a taste of his own medicine.


Dr.Lillian Glass Analyzes Audiotape Claiming To Be Britney Spears Saying Boyfriend Beat Her And Finds It’s A Fake


Doing vocal forensic analysis as an expert witness in the legal field,  I can assure you that I know a great deal when it comes to the human voice. For over two decades I have send my time working with people who had voice issues. So when I heard  the alleged Britney Spears tape claiming that her boyfriend Jason Trawick  beat her I knew exactly what to listen for.


I knew to listen to all of the elements which make up the tone of a person’s voice. I listened for resonance or nasality, pitch of the voice, quality of the voice, and the loudness of intensity of the tone. I listened for nuances and patterns Britney had in her speaking voice. And finally,I listened for inflection pattern.  Then I analyzed the content of the speech in terms of what was actually said.

I carefully listened to the alleged  tape in its entirety. Then I carefully  listened to interviews Britney did throughout the years. There was a distinct pattern and a distinct and consistent cadence to Britney’s  voice and speech pattern through the years.




The person on the alleged audiotape had a slightly nasal sounding resonance in her voice. Britney  in all of her interviews does not have this sound.


The person on the alleged audiotape slurred her words into one another and had sloppy articulation. The real Britney has precise and crisp articulation.

The real Britney had clear /s/ sounds that are consistent throughout her speech while the person on he alleged tape has an often  distorted  sounding /s/ sound which sometimes sounds like a slight /sh/ distortion.



The person on the alleged audiotape had a loud bleating monotone.

The real Britney Is full of dynamic inflection. Her voice sounds interesting and not boring. She goes up and down with her inflection.


The person on the alleged audiotape was loud whereas the real Britney gets softer in her tones whenever she wants to express herself. She gets louder and softer just as she gets higher and lower in pitch to express her points.

This is not the case with the person on the alleged tape.



Finally the content makes no sense and is contrived in am amateurish way.    Jason Alexander her former husband whom she married and quickly unmarried years ago says I thought he proposed to you at the beach.

A real person would answer No or Yes and then go into an explanation. Instead this alleged person on the audiotape jumps in with “Was that after he beat on me.” It made no sense and sounded very contrived as though someone wanted to get this information out there at all costs.

Then another example of how contrived the alleged tape sounded was the reference to Britney’s father and his protective nature. We all know that Mr. Spears is Britney’s conservator and he really helped turn her life around.  We also know that he has been overprotective at times and that early on Britney was upset about it.

So the person on the alleged tape plays to this known fact in referring to what we all know about Briney’s father’s protectiveness , The person does this by saying “My dad has a shotgun and he’s just waiting to use it.”

.Does the person who made this alleged tape think that the public is that stupid and wouldn’t pick up on what they were obviously trying to do?

There is no way Mr. Spears would take a shotgun to anyone. He would have too much to lose. If he knew hs precious daughter was being beaten after all that she has been through over the past three years,  he would call the police or get a restraining order . He would do something legally to protect his daughter just like he did when Britney had that nefarious manager Sam around her.He took the law in his handsm not a shotgun.

He would never risk doing anything to jeopardize his being able to care for Britney and her boys. So what the alleged person on the tapae said, made no logical sense.


.Another giveaway that it was bogus was when Jason Alexander is sating My mom said Britney was engaged..  If you are talking TO Britney  you would say My mom says YOU were engaged,  not BITNEY was engaged. But if you were talking o someone other than the real Britney you would invoke Britney’s name. That was certainly the case here.

Then out of nowhere  the person on the alleged tape says it’s true he did that but it’s not true that I accepted it. WHAT????????? This is so contrived; It is clearly someone trying to manipulate the conversation. When someone discusses what is TRUE and NOT TRUE when truth and non truth is not even in question, you can be sure that what the person is saying is NOT TRUE!!!!


JA: I mean, but why ain’t he in jail baby?

Alleged BS : Because I didn’t want the public knowing about it and I didn’t want to file anything, so everybody could find out. So I’ve just left him and changed my number.

JA: So, y’all ain’t no hanging out no more?

Alleged  Britney : No we’re not.

JA: Y’all ain’t even talking?

WHAT???????????? A person who was not manipulating a tape would say, Are you OK or how are you doing or how do you feel about not being with him anymore but to say So yall aint no hangng out no more is ridiculous.  The alleged Britney  told him she was allegedly beaten and his nonchalant reply is whether or not they are hanging out, pr talking is completely  is ridiculous. Whether a person who has allegedly beaten up on a person is still taking to them is absurd.

Also his tone is very monotone and nonchalant  as well. If you find out your friend was beaten you show a little more emotion in your voice unless it is contrived.



Alleged  BS: No, but I am going to tell you right now, I found out and um, it’ll probably be in a magazine in a couple of weeks… I found out from Larry (Rudolph) – he told me that my dad is going to fire him because he found out that he had pictures of us, like, personal pictures for the paparazzi and he plans on selling them and acting like we are still together so that he can get money of it. So my manager, Adam, is probably going to release a statement, probably on Wednesday, saying that the pictures are going to come out and s—.


The above statement is full of signals of deception from  the no but to the um I am going to tell you right now. When someone is telling you the truth they don’t say that they are going to tell you something, They simply tell it to you. Also,  the last thing Britney cares about is whether oe not something is in a magazine. She has PR people who orchestrate her press which leads me to question whether Jason Alexander got some money  for selling these what I hear as BOGUS tapes in different magazines for some quick cash.

To me in all my years of watching scandals and what is and is not   real it sure sounds like a set up to me. It does not seem real. There is way too much information in this statement. There is too much detail for Britney to get into in terms of the photos, This leads me to question whether Jason is behind this photo deal.

Once again the alleged Britney evokes her father’s name as the conservator It seems very contrived to me.


After hearing the alleged Britney discuss the  Paparazzi and sayhe had pictures of us, like, personal pictures for the paparazzi and he plans on selling them and acting like we are still together so that he can get money of it. nothing can convince me that this is not a complete FAKE

First of all Britney would know that  personal pictures are NOT given to the PAPARAZZI.  What would you want a middle man when you could go to the source like a photo agency or to the magazine itself. So this is fake as the real  Britney knows the drill. Also Paparazzi don;t  accept and sell  photos  you already have. They have no rights to any photos they do did not take themselves.  There s no money in that for them. They take photos so they can sell them to agencies or to magazines directly.

And finally the reason I know it is fake is because Jason Trawick is an agent, They make HUGE money. If they don’t bring in HUGE money they get go or FIRED. So I am sure Jason Trawick does NOT need chump change of a making thousands  when he is making millions off of his clients.


Did Jason orchestrate this tape?  He certainly built himself up in the tape by coming across as  the alleged Britney savior and acting all macho to help this poor damsel in distress by saying:

JA: Well, well, do you need me to find this dude and have a conversation with him?

PUHLEEEEESZZZZZ!!!! This is like a bad  B movie . Who talks like that????  The answer is no one!!!! Does Jason think the other Jason would ever speak to him?? Of course not. Agents don’t even speak to their own clients unless the client is  making big money for them, so how can he think Jason  Trawick would ever give him the time a day?

Then there is the final goof up that makes no sense as the Alleged Britney  says  I really don’t know who to talk to you about it. WHAT ??????????? It makes no sense. She Britney impersonator obviously flubbed her lines.