Body Language Shows Otto Warmbier Did Not Steal Banner and Was Used by North Korea to Teach USA a Lesson About Their Cruelty As He Returns in A Coma and Dies

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There is nothing more  tragic  than what happened to  22 year young college student Otto Warmbier who had a beautiful future ahead of him.  He has died of a brain injury where the oxygen was cut off to his brain and the brains cells began to degenerate leaving him essentially a vegetable.North Koreans said he was in a coma for a year because of botulism ( the same thing botox is made of) and that he took s sleeping pill. Doctors in the US who examined his comatose body thoroughly and  said there was no trace of botulism but that his air supply was cut off causing the brain damage.

The propaganda by the North Koreans was that he stole a banner. They gave some cockamaimie reason that Warmboer did it for the church and on a $200 bet. This is ridiculous according to his father Fred Warmbier in that he wasn’t a member of the church and certainly did not need $200 to win a  bet. That sounds like something a naive Korean propagandist would make up.

As we learn more and more about Otto we see he was a super bright young man who never even had a fight. he was not a trouble maker.

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After again reviewing the tapes of his allegedly stealing a banner, in light of what we know of Otto, I have doubts that he did so.  It seems very mechanical and staged. It is my view that perhaps he was made to do this by the North Koreans, who then filmed him. I believe he was singled out because of his height. he was the only one in the group who could easily reach the banner and take it down.

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Look at the photo of him with some of his fellow students who were on the trip with him in North Korea. Observe his height and his presence.

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Now look what Warmbier does with the banner. he places it down on the ground. To me that seems odd. If he was planning to steal it he would not have put it on the ground in a mechanical methodical way. Instead he would have folded it under his arm and quickly walked away. But that is not what happened

From what we know, he was a very intelligent young man and has never been in trouble or even had a fight according to his father. Usually when people steal banners or commit acts of vandalism they don’t do it quietly. They do it in the presence of others as a form of showing off. His walk is too mechanical for this to be anything other than a staged attempt in my view by the North Koreans to show he did something wrong.

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His apology was a performance  as his father admitted in his presser.   But nevertheless he was in sheer terror as he did what he was supposed to do- apologize for his act which no doubt the North Koreans staged.  His praying above was real and his face shows he is in terror. As he looks up to pray to God he says ” Save this poor innocent scapegoat.” He is in essence telling us that he was used as a scapegoat by the Koreans to show how bad the Americans are and to detain him and punish him as a symbol of punishing the US.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.54.47 PM.png

Look at his face. he is in anguish. He knows exactly what will happen and he is devastated.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.56.00 PM.pngHe bows down not only as a symbol of “apology” to the North Koreans that he was forced to make, but also in resignation of his fate.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.58.56 PM.pngHe did what the North Koreans told him to do and made a public apology which he read and which the North Koreans, no  doubt wrote for him to say. In this photo you can see the script that he was no doubt forced to read.  His father said that he was proud of his son’s performance as that is exactly what it was. Look at Warmbier in this photo. He is alert and his skin tone is flush and his eyes are open and bright.


Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.02.23 PM

As he apologies he is in tears as he is forced to say what never happened and apologizing for something he was told to do by the North Koreans. Look at his right wrist , To me it looks bruised as though he was placed into tight handcuffs.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.02.01 PM

As he stands up and realizes he will be going into a hard labor camp, the realization hits him hard and he is in mental and emotional agony.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.02.37 PM

As soon as Warmbier is taken out of the courtroom his skin tone has changed. He is more pale. he is subdued as though he may have been given a shot or a pill to calm him down as  he is dragged by these two North Korean enforcers and Warmbier can barely stand on his feet. He can barely walk.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.10.07 PM.pngHis devastated parents were told nothing and were not allowed to have any contact with him. the Obama administration told them to lay low and they did NOTHING to inform the parents as to what was going on or to help get their son released. The father n essence said that he holds Obama and his administration responsible for not doing anything to help their son. They were only told a week ago that their son had been in a coma for a year. This in my view is unconscionable and cruel and inhumane. But that is exactly what Kim Jung Un wanted to do. he wanted to show how cruel he could be on the world stage and he succeeded. It was only through the efforts  of the Trump administration and Rex Tillerson  that Otto Warmbier was released to his parents.  Unfortunately, he was released to them  as a comatose vegetable instead of the vibrant son they once knew.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 8.57.37 PM.pngIf you look at Otto on his arrival he looks pale and cannot move on his own. Apparently though medical tests it was revealed  that he would not see or hear and that there was extensive brain damage. His father said that when he arrived his face showed a lot of tension but when he settled in at the hospital and his mother was at his side along with his father  his face relaxed. Obviously he was given a  lot of touch and made to feel comfortable- something he was deprived of for over a year in North Korea. Whatever brain cells he had left in terms of hearing and feeling, he knew he was with those he loved him and his facial muscles and body language responded.

The brain damage was so extensive that there was no way Otto could recover, so his parents made the agonizing decision to let him go. No parent should ever have to make this decision, but in Otto’s case, there was no hope and no chance of recovery whatsoever. The damage done to him in North Korea was so massive, he could not be rehabilitated. Perhaps his systems were shutting down as well.

Perhaps the parents took him off life support and gave life support of his organs to those who could use them like donating his heart, liver,  kidneys, eyes, lungs, pituitary gland, ear bones, and skin. Perhaps they gave others a gift of life through Otto so that Otto could live on through them. But we will never know at this point.

May this precious young man forever rest in peace and may his legacy be an example to every American who travels abroad. Do NOT go to countries where the Department of State reports there is danger. Do not listen to any advertisements from any other country telling you it is safe to go there when the Department of State says the opposite.

I have no doubt that Otto Warmbier was singled out and  used as a political pawn to be used as an example of what North Koreans are capable of doing. If you have that gene that makes you live on life’s razor’s edge and want excitement, find it elsewhere, not in North Korea or in countries where the Department of State tells you to beware.

Rosie’s Tweeted Apology to Melania Insincere

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-3-37-11-amAnalysis of Rosie O’Donnell’s tweet where she allegedly apologized to Melania for asking if Baron was autistic, showed insincerity and  embarrassment at all the backlash she received.   O’Donnell wrote the following tweet:

 “I apologize to @MELANIATRUMP – i was insensitive in my RT – i am sorry for the pain i caused – it was not my intent – i am truly sorry.”

Look at the i’s. She begins it with a capital I but in three other places she uses the small  “i” indicating that she is embarrassed and ashamed. It shows a lack of self confidence in her statement. But in my view, she is embarrassed not by what she said, but embarrassed  because she got caught and the backlash was so strong against her. People who were even her fans let her have it for calling out her nemesis’ 10 year old son as being autistic.

As further indication of her embarrassment, she got rid of her twitter account to the public and made it private. that is a huge indication that she is retreating in shame from the public who lambasted her.

When she says she was insensitive in her RT (retweet) she is attempting to share the blame in stating that it wasn’t really her fault because she just tweeted what someone else tweeted in the first place. Also the use of the word “insensitive” shows insincerity. Had she said I was “wrong” it my retweet it would have been a stronger more real apology.

She said I am sorry for the pain I caused. What about saying that she is sorry for tweeting misinformation. In saying this she is making it about her -and showing how she things she has so much power to cause another pain. If she was truly sincere she would have said I am sorry “you were hurt.” It makes you wonder if she did indeed enjoy causing that pain. After all, she despises Trump. So anything to hurt him- like hurting his wife and his son would certainly not cause her to feel sorry. She also  doesn’t say she was in pain for hurting Melania.

Also there is too much repetition of the same phrases and same theme  ie. “I apologize”, “i am sorry”   “i am truly sorry”which smacks of deception. The word “truly” means just the opposite here.There is too much information and the adjective reflects that she is trying too hard to convince Melania how sorry she is.

The most telling tell of all is that she did not even  mention Baron. He is the one that really deserves her apology.



Trump’s Body Language Shows Shame As Well As Anger at Bill and Hillary


As Donald Trump begins his apology, we see his furrowed brows and wrinkling of his forehead and  a tight jaw,  which indicates he is very angry that he has to make an apology for actions he did 11 years earlier.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.01.23 PM.png

His tone is very defensive and his anger escalates as we see his lower jaw jut forward as an indication of this anger.


As he continues to apologize, we hear a monotone which is very unlike Trump’s usual inflected and lively ,animated tone. His eyes could also be caught moving back and forth  as he was clearly reading the teleprompter in his scripted message in a monotone voice.
Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.09.20 PM.png
Then he says what we would never expect to hear out of Donald Trump’s mouth, “I pledge to be a better man tomorrow.” As he says this, he  brings shoulders together and slightly hunches over, indicting shame and sincere contrition.
Then  Donald moves his body forward as though he is addressing you personally.  We  now see the Donald we know, animated  and intense as he says that ” this is nothing more than a distraction.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.12.41 PM.png
He is now his facially animated self as he says” we are less safe than we were 8 years ago”.  As he says this,  he turns his head to the side which appearrs to be a sincere gesture based on the context in which he is speaking.
Next, he says “ I ve said some foolish  things” as once again he pulls his shoulders inward  as a signal of embarrassment and shame.
Now we see a very confident Trump as he says ” there a big difference between words and actions of other people. As he says this he squares his shoulders in confidence . And then, in a more animated and louder tone he says ” Bill Clinton has abused women and Hillary Clinton has bullied, attacked, intimidated and shamed his victims.”
In general, he was sincere and showed remorse and shame for his actions as was demonstrated via the shame gestures of pulling his shoulders forward and hunching over a bit. However, he was angry that he was put in this situation of being no doubt forced to atone for his behavior as indicated by his monotone, reading the script, and angry facial  language of a furrowed brow and wrinkled forehead and tight jaw. But then we see the Donald we have come to know as he comes out swinging with squared shoulders as he uses this opportunity to pummel Bill for his abuse of women and Hillary for her behavior towards Bill’s victims.
Once again, this is a body language blog, not a political blog. I am not showing any favoritism or partiality towards one candidate over another. Donald Trump is the focus of this blog because he was the one who apologized. If Hillary was apologizing I would do an analysis of her body language.

Tiger Wood’s Cheating Taking It’s Physical Toll On Wife Elin’s Body Language






This is a photo of Elin Nordegren with her husband Tiger Woods, before she had any clue he was having sex with mistresses, hookers, whores, or escorts.“Before” she looks like  a stunning 20 something year old, bright- eyed and fresh- faced. Her facial muscles are relaxed and she looks pleasant and healthy. Her jaw looks relaxed as does her forehead, indicating no tension and both her eyes and her lips are smiling as she shows teeth. This is a clear indiction that Elin looks happy.


In this photo,  you can clearly see what I have always said regarding body language  and the voice. What goes on in your head and your heart comes out in the way you look and speak-how you act, move,  behave and talk.

In only a few short months in her “ After Leaning About Tiger’s Affairs Photo,” Elin looks at least a decade older, with puffed bags under her eyes. She looks gaunt and her jaw looks tense, indicating a lot of internal anger.  

 Even though Elin is trying to put on a brave front in this photo by projecting a smile, it isn’t working. The half-smile, the lip tension and the lack of smiling around the eyes clearly shows her unhappiness and inner turmoil.  There is also tension in her forehead, further indicting the anguish she is experiencing.

 This has aged her tremendously. There has been a considerable weight loss and she looks like she has spent a lot of hours crying and in a lot of internal turmoil.

While Elin has not yet filed for divorce and is doing her best to try and work things out with Tiger by showing up at his Sex Addiction Rehab sessions in Mississippi (which personally I feel is bogus and a PR ploy in Tiger’s case) it has clearly affected her in a very bad way.  And who can blame her?

It was bad enough to discover that her husband was having an affair, but to discover that he was cheating with whores, hookers, and escorts was even more degrading.

Adding insult to injury, was her discovering that Tiger was telling these mistresses,  unbeknownst to Elin,  that their marriage was a sham, that he never really loved Elin and loved them more.


Just knowing that would take its toll on anyone. It is not only feeling betrayed by Tiger’s cheating with which Elin has to deal. It is these words resonating in her head. As time passes, and the more time she spends alone, physically away from  Tiger, these words, no doubt get louder and louder. They resonate deeper and deeper as they burrow into her psyche.

How can she erase the thought that Tiger thought her marriage was a shame when she put so much into it? How can she stop thinking about him telling another woman with whom he was having sex that he loved her more, that he never really loved Elin, or that his marriage to Elin  was a marriage of convenience only?

 How can she ever forget that he told Rachel Uchitel, (who got millions of dollars from Tiger with the help of her attorney  Gloria Allred and who had the nerve to  get upset by Joy Behar’s comment “You ca tell she’s a hooker” as a play on her last name Uchitel) that he loved her more than he loved Elin and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her?  

The answer to these question, is you can’t forget these words. These words are the lasting effects of the affair. Unless there is joint therapy on a regular basis with both parties present a great and qualified therapist that has BOTH your interests at heart in terms of healing your marriage ,this marriage is doomed.


No matter if Elin stays for the sake of a) the kids, b) the money c) her wanting to save face, d) her love for Tiger,e) all of the above, or f) any number of the above, the marriage will eventually disintegrate unless these words are addressed and dealt with immediately.

This is the core of the hurt.  While knowing that your husband had sex with another woman is bad , What is worse is hearing or reading the words that your husband loved another woman more than you, that he never really loved you, and that your marriage was a sham, especially after you just produced two beautiful children out of love.


Of all the mistresses, hookers, and escorts, the one who showed any humanity thus far was Jaime Grubbs. She was the first to apologize to Elin early on, on national television. Her body language revealed that she felt bad about the whole affair and she showed genuine remorse. Recently she even had a few choice words to say to Tiger with an unflattering label which he clearly deserved.

But escort Jaime   recently refused to apologize to Elin, stating that she had nothing to apologize for. Below are her exact words when asked if she owed Elin an apology.

No, I don’t,” “I feel like that’s his — that’s his business. Everybody makes mistakes. This wasn’t something that I did yesterday or a month ago or a year ago. This was years ago. I was younger. And I’m not saying that what I did then was right. But — I’m certainly not gonna say that it was wrong. … I don’t believe that I owe her an apology.”

Well this certainly reveals a lot about Jaime Junger – an excuse maker who by her comment seems self- righteous, entitled, and heartless.

Perhaps if she saw this Before and After Photo she might change her mind and have some more compassion. It doesn’t matter that if her affair was yesterday, a month or a year ago, or years ago when she was younger. What matters is that she had an affair and that affair hurt another person. When you hurt someone you apologize. The fact that she says she doesn’t owe a person whom she hurt and apology, speaks volumes about Jaime.

While Jaime was the most defiant thus far, except for Grubbs, it speaks volumes  about all the other sex partners. They  were all so quick and eager to gain their 15 minutes of fame,

 (especially Rachel Uchitel wh gained the most- millions, an undeserved apology from Joy Behar, and a photo spread in OK Magazine complete with showing off her nicely decorated home and dogs).  

They were ALL willing to get media attention through paid interviews and/ or  free PR on national shows oe magazines, but yet were not willing to say two very powerful words which could have made a huge difference to Elin- “I’m sorry.””>

David Letterman’s Body Language Shows Signs of Embarrassment, Contrition and at Anger at Press Hounding His Staff

letterman open handsed appology staff
     We have heard so many empty apologies from so many people over the years, that most of us have become quite cynical, questioning the person’s sincerity or their motives.  We tend to ask ourselves whether the person is being genuine or not,  Well in the case of David Letterman’s apology to his staff and to his wife Regina, his body language, facial expression and tone all reflected that he was definitely being sincere and genuine.
     When he apologized to the staff he openly looks directly into the camera with palms raised up and in an open position for all to see, his body language indicates that he has nothing to hide. In addition you see his head bowed hidden between his raised shoulders which indicates embarrassment
letterman angry
    But then as you can see above,  you see him show signs of anger as his fists become clenched when he says “
“ And if it did not occur to me when I was having sex with women who worked on this show that reporters and newspaper people and radio and TV would start hounding the staff . “
letterman open handsed appology staff

Then his hands open up as he looks directly in the camera and says in a subdued and sincere inflected tone, “ No I am not having sex with these women. Those episodes have been on the past. So my apologies for subjecting them to that vulnerability and being browbeaten. And humiliated”
As Letterman says the word “humiliated” he immediately looks down. Thus, you you can see the how he most definitely must have felt humiliated by this entire experience.
By his facial expression, you can clearly see that he is extremely uncomfortable so in adding some levity to the situation he points to a band member and says in a deadpan expression “ In fact Alan Kayer kept wanting to know if we had sex, Do you remember that? Alan answers “We did and I don’t remember.” which broke the seriousness of mood and got a huge laugh from the audience.

But then Letterman looks back into the camera and in a louder, even more inflected tone says how the staff has been wonderfully supportive to him now just with this incident but throughout the years.

letterman head powed down when talking about regina
     Suddenly his mood changes dramatically as his face completely changes he gets very serious. His forehead shows a vertical creased indicating the gravity of what he is about to say as hands are splayed open as if to openly beg for forgiveness. When he speaks of hurting his wife Regina there is a flash that comes across his facial expression that looks as though he is about to cry as he stammers through the beginning statement by saying, “My uh wife uh Regina has been horribly hurt uh “.
The consistent use of “uh’s” and stammering shows his obvious in discomfort in bearing his soul and his personal relationship on the air for all to hear and see. He immediately bows his head down to indicate extreme embarrassment as he goes on to say
“ If you hurt a person and it’s your responsibility you try to fix it, “as he talks candidly facing directly into the camera. It can go either way . You can either work it out or go the other way, “ he says.

letterman both fingers pointing

Then he points both pointer fingers directly in front of him as though he were pointing two guns into the camera. When people point one finger at someone it is an accusatory gesture at the person to whom they are pointing. But whne one points both finger outwards it is often a self accusatory gesture. This was obviously the case here with Letterman accusing himself of wrongdoing.
Then you see a flash of the expression of fear come across his face as he says wide eded to the audience
“ Lemme tell you I’ve got my work cut out for me.”
He interlocks his fingers which is a reflective gesture as well as a pious gesture often showing humility, He then closes his mouth and bows his head in contrition He looks very sad.
As the audient applauds, he continues to looks uncomfortable and places his finger over his mouth as if to say “I don’t want to say anything else about what I did to Regina. It’s too painful .

     ”It takes a big person to apologize for their wrong doings and an even bigger person to apologize sincerely and genuinely, something David Letterman clearly did. Perhaps that is why he even garnered higher ratings the following night. People want to see someone who is real and not phone., They want to see someone who is genuine and means what they say

Kanye’s Expressionless Face, Monotone, Disconnected Speech Mechanical Body Language and Signs of Deception on Jay Leno Showed Rehearsed Insincere Behavior

Kanye was insincere on Leno
Kanye was insincere on Leno

Kanye West’s appearance on Jay Leno’s new show was disgraceful and upsetting. It was obviously a PR spin that went awry. No one was buying what Kanye had to say, not even Kanye. Viewers saw a phony and insincere apology devoid of vocal emotion and facial expression with a contrived mechanical body language .
It was obvious that his unplanned appearance on the show was the work of his PR handlers because Kanye was definitely not prepared to be anywhere near a television camera, let alone in front of a camera on national television. Just the way he walked on to the stage and coldly greeted Jay with stiff and rigid body language and an emotionless face, not even responding to Jay’s embrace. Kanye was on a mission to try to spin his actions but it didn’t work.
His body language showed that this the questions he was asked were clearly rehearsed. Perhaps the most obviously contrived question was when Jay asked him how his mother would feel about the situation. Kanye did not shed a tear. His face was emotionless as was his monotone voice. He paused a rehearsed pause for several seconds and then rubbed his hand over his head. He uttered some disconnected phrases without finishing his sentences or the thought. But it was clear that he was saying that he never got to grieve his mother’s passing because he had been on the road and now he was going to take some time off to grieve and re evaluate his life.
His looking down and eyes roaming about, never looking directly at Jay or into the camera did indicate that he was ashamed and embarrassed but not for the reason which he gave “because he hurt someone and took something away from a talented artist .” Instead, he was clearly ashamed becuase of the public’s negative response towards him. In his hostile written non- apology he certainly took some below the belt shots at the “talented “ artist he mentioned as he poked fun at her “cheerleading lyrics”.
His defensiveness and trying to still not accept blame by offering the excuse that he was “trying to help someone” and how “all his life he’s tried to give “, clearly indicates how desperately he wants people to see him as the good giving guy that he isn’t. Instead it reflected how shallow, narcissistic and immature he is. He was NOT trying to “help” anyone when he took over the stage at the VMA’s with the exception of himself. He was trying to help himself and it backfired.
Then nothing made sense during his rambling as he used disconnected words and phrases that were no doubt rehearsed. Because the apology was not from the heart the words came out in phrases that went everywhere and made no sense whatsoever as he suddenly out of the blue mentions
something about someone’s “emotions”.
Then looking down and shaking his head “no” when he should be shaking it in the affirmative, he says that he would like to apologize to her. He doesn’t mention her name . He refers to Taylor as “her” . He doesn’t look up into the camera or at Jay. Instead he looks down. He needed to apologize to Taylor immediately not what is now over two days later. That proves the insincerity of his words.
The immediate neck scratching we observed after he spoke those disconnected phrases indicated deception as there is no way he wants to apologize to Taylor Swift. He didn’t even respect her enough to mention her name. The scratching I in the context of what he said indicated deception.
IAs the interview or shall I say monologue continued, it became so obvious that this was the work of his handlers as Kanye was definitely not prepared to be anywhere near a television camera. It was complete PR Spin through and through and he did a horrific job at it as we all witnessed. .
It was so clear that his handlers prepped him when Jay asked about what his mother would think, In an attempt to be dramatic he was silent for a few seconds but the giveaway was that there was no emotion in his voice or on his face. Instead he rubbed his hand over his head. The immediate nose scratching indicated complete deception with regard to this question. A ll the machinations of head rubbing and forehead rubbing were supposed to indicate a distraught Kanye. But it didn’t . Kanye failed to execute his the rehearsed lines in a believable manner. The body couldn’t lie. The truth about how phoney all of this was leaked out. That is why we saw all so much nose scratching . Ity indicated that was not being sincere or honest with his feelings.
Then he looks down and says “if there is anything I can do in the future to help Taylor” and then he adds the words “ or anyone,”. It clearly shows that he was stubbornly refusing to apologize to this poor girl he victimized and bullied and abused. His refusal to acknowledge her name without adding :he words “or anyone” shows his very poor character.
Then he reminds us twice that he is a celebrity and he has to deal with it. Well he may not be a much of a celebrity after all of this is over.
Finally jumbles words and phrase together which make no sense by saying “ I Iwanna live this thing its hard so ( and then he scratches his nose). To translate what he really meant to say is as follows” It is hard living with the fact that I am now a pariah and that I lost my fans and everyone thinks I am a horrible persona and a loser.”

Rep. Joe Wilson’s Body Language and Voice Quality Show That His Apology Wasn’t Sincere

Rep. Joe Wilson's apology wasn't sincere.
Rep. Joe Wilson, the congressman who shouted “You lie” during President Obama’s address to Congress, was forced to make an apology for his outburst, The operative word being, “forced”. It was clear from his shaky and cracking voice quality his consistent use of “uh’s” interjected between his words, his looking down, lack of direct eye contact, his shoulders rounded and his head sheepishly bowed, not to mention the sweat on his face, that he really didn’t want to apologize. The leadership made him apologize as he said. So he did. In his talking to the press he let it be known that it was the leadership’s idea for him to apologize not his idea as he said,
“I, last night, heard from the leadership that they wanted me to contact the White House, and state that my statements were inappropriate.”
But the truth leaked out at the end of his statement to the press he said what he really wanted to say which was as follows:
“ We need to be, uh, discussing, uh, issues specifically to help the American people. And, uh, that would not include, uh, illegal aliens.”
So Rep. Wilson still thinks Obama lied about illegal aliens. He may have been forced to apologize, but his body language facial language the words he chose and his shaky voice told the truth. He really wasn’t sorry about what he said at all.