Dr. Lillian Glass Ten Top New Years Wishes for Newsmakers in 2011


 Stop trying to spin the press because the public can see right through it. Know that they are not stupid!  Be open and honest and tell it like it is. Never do what you did last on the Today Show when you spoke  about your expelled children.

You will be more respected if you come clean whether it is about your relationship with your “bodyguard” to  your troubled kids. Also stop blaming Jon for your troubles and stop trashing him on TV because it only hurts the kids and will come back to haunt then in the future.

You mentioned that the children who are being home schooled are  now seeing a therapist for their behavioral issues. It may be in your best interest for the New Year to follow suit and also seek a therapist to help you deal with all of the inner anger that you leak out whenever you are on television.

Be grateful for what you have and give  back. Instead of giving the  kids used toys and clothing to  a consignment shop so you can earn more money, give it to an orphanage or to a place where children who have nothing- who are homeless or abused can benefit.


2. Rachel Uchitel

Stay out of the media. No one cares that you are a love addict (which by the way, we all are). No one cares that you are  becoming a private investigator and  can now  use your   “ sneaking around skills”  you used  when you cheated with   married men  in a more acceptable  way as a private investigator. Hiring a private investigator is hiring a person one can trust. Do you actually think   anyone can fully trust a woman who cheated and snuck around with several high profile married men ?

 And Rachel if someone calls you a whore or a hooker stop threatening to sue them because you would have a hard time  defending your position in a court of law, especially after so many perceive you as shaking down Tiger Woods for millions of dollars in exchange for your silence about your sex life with him. Some would consider that a rather  whorey or hookery thing to do. So lay low and enjoy your Allred induced millions that Tiger once earned for his golfing abilities.


3. Michael Lohan

Go to acting classes to get a legitimate theatrical education. Then try out for local theatre to get your acting chops. Get some guest shots on a TV series to further hone in your acting skills or even a gig on a soap for a while. With all your business enterprising skills, begin raising money for a film project showcasing yourself. Maybe then you won’t have to ride on the coat tails of Lindsay and you can have your very own legitimate acting career.

 Maybe then you can stop showing up in the press and embarrassing yourself and everyone else you have secretly tape recorded to blackmail them. Stop being Lindsay’s mouth piece so you can show up in the press.

 And stop trashing your enabling ex wife Dina. We all get it! We get that she is a large part of Lindsay’s problems. For the new year be a part of Lindsay’s solutions and not her problems. That means stay out of the press unless it involves you and your acting career, not hers. 


4. Nadya Suleman- “Octomom”

Stop showing up in  the press to beg for money or to garner sympathy whenever you can’t pay your rent. It is your responsibility, so you will have to manage it.

 Since you don’t want to do a reality show or any nudity  figure out a way to raise money to properly house you kids. Maybe you really do want to do nudity. After all why would you show up in so many photo ops with your breasts half exposed as we see int he photo above. Why not get paid for photos like you already do for free? Maybe for the new year you may want to reconsider   Mr. Vivid’s offers. 

You need to do whatever it takes to make sure those kids are well cared for in every way no matter what sacrifices you have to make along the way. Come up with a plan or a series of plans and follow through with them.

5. Mel Gibson

Spend a month with Rabbi Marvin Hier at the Museum of Tolerance. He will  cure your anti-Semitism and educate you about the Holocaust so you won’t continue to show your ignorance about the topic . You should also go on a field trip with him and with actual Holocaust survivors to Auschwitz so you can see  and hear first hand the atrocities of hate and how innocent people suffered for nothing other than what you have spewed for- hatred towards them.

 Next you should spend another month living in the inner city so you see that Black people are people and not animals as you have referred to them in calling them “packs of n word”  You can see firsthand how the kids desperately need  after school centers and sports programs and cultural programs. Perhaps with all you money you can fund programs for them in every inner city in the US. You need to spend another month with Rev. Jesse Jackson who is one of the pioneers in the Equal Rights Movement. He will educate you about what it took throughout history for  Blacks  to be where they are today. He will share personal painful moments with you and  tragic moments in history where hatred like yours caused what happened to innocent young Black man Emmit Till. He will show you before and after photos of this innocent young man who was pummeled beyond recognition by those who spoke the same hateful words as you about Blacks.

 Then you need to spend some time in every Latino community in the US  so you can see  how wonderful dedicated hardworking Latinos earn money, often  working  several jobs so they can feed and clothe their families.

 And then you need to read my book Toxic Men- 10 Ways to Identify, Deal With, and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable . Read it from cover to cover.

  Spend the rest of the year visiting Abuse Shelters and hearing stories from the mouths of  the women who have been tortured and brutalized. Perhaps then will you have more respect for women as you can now  put more of your money into Abuse Shelters in every city in this country.  This is my wish for you Mel so that your daughter Lucia can be spared the hatred and ugly prejudice that comes from you and so that your ugliness will not be passed down to her.    

 6. To MTV re  Teen Moms- 



 MTV Stop showcasing and  making these troubled girls into celebrities and putting them on the covers of magazines to pop your ratings. It gives the wrong message- get pregnant as a teen, get on an MTV reality show , be on the  magazine covers and be a star.

You may have had the right idea to show teens the problems of teen pregnancy but your show will have either no impact or the opposite effect. \

And by the way, when you saw the teen mom Amber  beating on her baby daddy and the child Leah was allegedly in the house, why did you not intervene?  So what if it made good TV. It ended up destroying several people’s lives.

 My wish for you in the new year is to take this show of the air and show great teens doing great things with their lives which will inspire other teens. And please be more responsible!


7.  George and Cindy Anthony- Casey Anthony’s Parents

 I hope that truth and justice prevails as Casey gets a fair trial so that we can finally put this tragic case to rest.

And no matter what the outcome I hope that her Toxic Parents, Cindy and George stay out of the limelight and not  try to make money and profit over the death of their granddaughter or their daughter.

 Cindy needs to go back to nursing and George can be a security officer  or become a salesman. He has had a lot of practice trying to sell us a bill of goods  about  Casey.

The two of them need to be responsible and  pay their mortgage and  focus on their son Lee  and  dote on his offspring.

8.  Lindsay Lohan 

I pray that you work your program and stay off drugs  and alcohol. I also hope that you get a great therapist to work out your mom and dad issues and that you get a new manager not a momanager who wants to share the limelight with you and who does not appear to have your best interests at heart. If she did have your best interests at heart,  she would not have enabled you and lied about you on television interviews all these years.

While you were a cute child actress and had talent, the jury is still out as to how you will do as an adult actress and how you will be received at the box office.  You have wasted lot a lot of time and momentum when it comes to your acting career, so you  have a lot of catching up to do.

 Unfortunately the window for female actors is short, unlike it is for male actors like Robert Downey who was in a similiar situation as yourself years ago.

 You spent a great deal of that window not acting and gaining a fan base who would have been  impressed with your acting abilities and who would have rushed to theatres to see your next film. So  I suggest you study with an acting coach to hone your skills so when you do make a comeback you will have a better chance of succeeding for the short time your career will last.

My Favorite Performers

9. To Armie Hammer ( who played the Winkelvoss Twins in Social Network ) Matt  Damon,  Josh Duhmel. Paul Rudd,  Vince Vaughn, Jason Siegel, Leonard DiCaprio,  Reese Witherspoon, Richard Dean Morgan, Mark Walhberg, Eric Dane, Catherine Heigel, Brad  Pitt,and Angelina Jolie

  Since you all my  most favorite performers and since I love watching you so much, keep making  lots of movies in 2011.

10 Snooki

Keep growing and evolving as you have been doing. Also  keep referring to my book which you read Toxic Men . By your choosing the right guy in your life, who will treat you with the love and respect you deserve, you will inspire millions of other young ladies  who are your devoted fans to do the same.



The Body Language of “Itless” Infamy On TV And the Message It Send To Young Girls

It never ceases to amaze me when I see who shows up on a TV gig or their own show these days. In many instances, it doesn’t matter if they have talent, a skill, and education, on camera experience, charisma or the IT factor. It seems that these days if  some women take of their clothes, sleep with a rich and powerful married guy, make a sex tape, have lots of babies at once, or are a train wreck, there is a good chance you may make it to the TV screen for your 15 minutes to one hour of fame if not more.


While Rachel Uchitel May have IT in the bedroom, based on her affairs with rich and powerful men including, Tiger Woods, in my view she was clearly ITLESS as she appeared on Extra with her nasal monotone, choked off , throat- closing voice, and lack of charisma .Even so, this ITLESS non- camera talent, like her or not, has a regular gig on Extra where she will be covering the party scene.


Equally “ ITLESS” non-camera talent who obviously had IT in the bedroom was prostitute Ashley Dupree, who’s liason with former NY Governor Elliott Spitzer, stripped him of his office. As much IT as she had in the bedroom, was as much” ITLESSNESS” she had when she appeared throughout the media giving advice to the other prostitute/ call girls/ mistresses and to Tiger’s wife Elin. Dupree consistently wore a mean-looking mono- faced expression as she doled out her limited and in my view lame advice!

Yet, she is not only giving that advice over the airwaves on top rated shows, this uneducated unprofessionally trained Elliot Spitzer prostitute, is disseminating advice on a regular basis in print , in the New York Post.



Tiger’s whores and mistresses and call girls are also cashing in big and getting their share of fame. Jaime Grubbs who is now posing for Maxim magazine and Jaime Jungers both got their 15 minutes of fame by appearing on top rated shows as the Today Show and Access Hollywood. Apparently there is also talk of a reality show consisting of all of Tiger’s mistresses.

While Jungers is monotone and monofaced, I do believe that Jaime Grubbs, actually seems to have little bit of the IT factor.

She has some life to her based on how she comes across in her interviews. I especially saw some watchability and likeability in her personality as she recently appeared in a Radaronline interview discussing her Native American heritage.


Now, ITLESS  Nadya Suleman who’s claim to fame was irresponsibly undergoing fertility treatment to have 8 more children when already had 6 that she could barely care for, is allegedly in talks with the Game Show Network about doing a dating show with her.
While she definitely needs the money to feed and care for her brood, getting your own show when you have no media experience is absurd. If she hosts a talk show I think that is a bad idea.

But if she  has a show where the premise of the show is to find her a boyfriend or a husband to help her with her babies, that might be a good idea. After all, why shouldn’t Nayda get some love in her life? I only hope it is not a show where her babies will be ever exploited. So far she has been really good about not exposing them.


Then there is the other woman who also rose to public fame as a result of taking fertility pills and ending up with sextuplets. On her Jon and Kate Plus 8 Show we saw Kate Gosselin abuse her husband, yell at her kids, throw things, and have multiple tantrums. It was not a pretty sight.

On her TLC Specials we saw her self -centeredness, sarcasm, snarkiness and arrogance up close and personal, as we watched her disrespectfully throw her papers on the ground containing viewers questions. Then we had to endure her fake tears as she publically complained about the father of her children.

Nevertheless, TLC is rewarding Kate’s abusive and bad behavior with her own show. They aren’t even sure of the format. At first they said it would be a talk show. Then it was changed to a dating show and apparently now it is a show where Kate does various jobs, like the old Simple Life on MTV with Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie.

While they are trying to give Kate some experience and develop her chops by having her serve a guest host on the View, in my personal view she still remains ITLESS. No matter how many image makeovers or hair extensions they give her and how much money she needs to support her brood, I personally can’t seem to erase the images of all of her egregious and abusive behaviors that have been engrained in my mind as I recall her previous antics on TV and in photos throughout the years.

And please don’t tell me what inspirational single mothers Kate and Nadya are and how difficult it is to have so many children to raise. No one forced the fertility drugs down their throats. They knew the risks, especially Kate who was a bona fide nurse at the time.

These two have an army of nannies and helpers, giving them plenty of time to get hair extensions and their nails done regularly, go to the gym, and pick out nice outfits to wear, as they gallivant around in limos to get them their various TV gigs.

Instead, tell me about the single mothers who have to do it ALL by themselves- the cooking the cleaning the clothes washing, the driving, the care taking on a full-time basis, so they don’t have time to go to the gym or get their hair done or nails manicured .

Tell me about the mothers who have to raise their kids on their OWN with NO HELP and yet stay up late and during their kid’s nap times and school times, take classes on- line so they can get a college education and earn a degree to better their lives. These women are inspirations to me and would be to any young woman out there.


While Kim Kardashian is very pretty, after she opens her mouth and you hear her uptalk, nasality and monotone in my opinion, that is where her prettiness ends. Why is this woman famous and how did she become famous enough for her and her entire family to now have a reality show on E!

“No one heard of Kim Kardashian until she made sex tape where her ample butt was featured. That paved the way for her and her sisters to become household names. Today they are featured in practically every magazine in the country on a regular basis.


Then there is Tila Tequila who everyone seemed to forget about after her show, “A Shot With Tila Tequila” 1 and 2 on MTV ended. But recently, after a sex tape of her surfaced giving oral sex to someone, being allegedly abused by a former boyfriend, and becoming engaged to now deceased Johnson and Johnson heiress Casey Johnson, and now her alleged developing pregnancy, she is suddenly back in the limelight where her every move appears to be documented on Radaronline.


Now an alleged  sex tape and definate naked photos have allegedly surfaced of diminutive Snooki of the Jersey Shore, no doubt insuring that she will retain top star status of her show, if not a spinoff of her own show which she has mentioned she wants. She’s even names it “Sookin for Love.” There is no doubt that someone will eventually give her some type of show.


While I’m all for being making a living and even making that living on television, in my view, I feel that rewarding women for bad, vulgar or lewd abusive, or irresponsible behavior by giving them a show and an opportunity to be a role model, gives a very bad message to our future generation of young women.

I see it as a setback to women who have struggled so hard to gain respect and dignity that has been so difficult to achieve.

Women have worked very hard for equality and respect over the past three decades. Today women are in positions that they would never have been in decades ago. They are doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, politicians, judges , businesswomen, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and world leaders.


Some of the top movers and shakers in the world are women. These are the women who are talented and accomplished and  have so much to offer

They inspire others and need to be rewarded and looked up to as role models in my view. Women who have made it on their own, against all odds ,and who have done unselfish things for others also need to be looked up to and admired and rewarded in my opinion.


No matter what you think of Angelina Jolie, she in my view , a wonderful woman who is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. She is a great role model to women. Not only did she adopt needy children, she raises social awareness of what is going on with women and children in third world countries.

Even young and beautiful actress Hayden Panettiere is someone to be looked up to as she puts her passion into a worldwide crisis — being dedicated to save dolphins.

Their positive behavior, education, unselfish actions, awareness and genuine accomplishments need to be rewarded- not the reverse.

In my view I think that having these type of women on a television show where they can be a voice to other women and serve as a role model would be so beneficial to young people.


Mind you thes type of women on TV do exist in the form of Oprah, Ellen, Nancy Grace, Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric, Mary Hart, Joy Behar, Meredith Viera, Heidi Klum, Jane Velez Mitchell, Greta Van Sustern, Tyra Banks, Robin Roberts, Barbara Walters, Julie Chen, Chelsea Lately, Rachel Ray, and Whoopie Goldberg. Seeing these type of wonderful women over the airwaves needs to happen more in my view.

Young women need to look at these women and others as a means of inspiring them towards being the best they can be!

They need to see that it is a woman’s brains, behavior, actions, accomplishments talents, and abilities that should inspire them- not the fact that someone has spread their legs, shown off their booty, shown ugly abusive and self-centered behavior or are talentless and ITLESS.

There are way too many other women out there who have worked hard to gain the respect and recognition they deserve They have proven talent and abilities and have IT.

Let’s go forward with these type of women, not backward! Let’s feature women who can inspire our future generation of young women.  http://www.drlillianglass.com

Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Breaking Up? Body Language Shows Lots of Tension In Their Relationship For Quite A While


Right now , there are reports that  Brad and Angelina are headed towards splitting up while others in the media  they their relationship is strong an intact.

Some news outlets even reported they went to see a divorce attorney while others reported that reps for Brand and Angelina said this was not true.

Being the optimist I am and believing that this is such a wonderfully like-minded couple who are so committed to various social issues,  I certainly hope that it is not true.


But one thing I know for sure is that they have definitely been having issues in their relationship based on their body language.

.I have been asked to do a lot of body language analyses for a lot of magazines around the world over the past several months concerning Brad and Angelina’s body language at different events and I hate to report that it does not look good. After looking at so many photos of them I can assure you that their bodies are not lying. There IS trouble.


Let’s go back to Cannes Film Festival  which was in May, Brad and Angelina appeared on the red carpet and you could cut the air with the  tension between them.

Their facial tension and looking in opposite directions is NOT a good signal body language wise.

They clearly had words with one another in Cannes. Brad is mad as determined by his hand position with thumb extended and hands pointed towards Angie. Angie;s hands are in a  defensive position, pulled back along  with her rounded shoulders, This indicates that Brad is upset with Angie and she is feeling defensive.

While they tried to make nice for the camera they are looking in different directions. This is not a good sign. There is a lot of tension on Angelina’s face and Brad’s head is pulled away with a lot of tension in his forehead. There is also a clenched tight jaw and no smiling from either of them.

Here is the couple on the red carpet. They are both looking glum and not very radiant together. Angie looks upset with rounded shoulders and there is way too much distance between them, Bras has his hand in his pocket, a clenched  jaw as he is attempting to hide his obvious negative feelings. They are also  looking in the opposite direction, which is a very bad sign in a relationship. Angie’s face looks  sad with her head bowed down.


Angie is pulling Brad along and he clearly does not like it as you can see in his hand position, It is awkward with his fingers spread apart.The tension and furrow in his forehead and open mouth are further indication that Brad is not too happy about something, ALso his stiff arm is a giveaway that he doesn’t like  being dragged.

Here it looks like Brad is holding on to the car for dear life.  Both is arms are stiff and outstretched, This means that he is angry. Angie wears facial tension and her rounded posture shows that she isn’t as secure around Brad as she once was.


Now months Later, the couple  is an an event with  George Clooney, Look at how Angie is pulled away from Brad and her head leans coquettishly to the side as she gazes at George Clooney. George’s head leaning in her direction says that he is returning and acknowledging Angie’s flirt even though his eyes are focused on his best buddy Brad. Brad looks stiff  next to Angie and doesn’t lean into her which is also a distancing signal. It does not look like a good sign between them.

Now look at Angie’s radiance around Muhammed Ali, Granted it is Muhammed Ali, but this is an example of Angie at her best. Eyes are smiling, mouth is smiling, You see her teeth and her radiance .


There is no doubt that this couple has more pressure than most. Their working schedules, movie making, film commitments, PR commitments, philanthropic commitments, world travel,  raising little babies (the twins), rasing th rest of th children and tending to their physical and emotional needs.

They clearly are BOTH loving and caring parents as you can see their love towards every one of their children in every photo they take.

Recently Brad took little Maddox on an outing where Maddox wore a hat similar to his daddy’s. It was touching to see.There is no doubt that Maddox identifies with his dad and loves him as he loves his mom as well.

They may very well be going through a rough patch. Their stresses and challenges  are huge compared to most. I do hope they can work it out between them as they have so many beautiful things together. They are like-minded and caring .

They not only care about their own kids but they unselfishly care about what happens to others in the world.In my view, these are truly beautiful people not only on the outside but on the inside as well. They reflect the old adage of “pretty is as pretty does.”

I hope the best for them and are able to weather the storm of what seems to be a little rough patch. If they do, it will be well worth it and beneficial to everyone. I prey they hang in there and make it work.


Muhammed Ali and with George

More Recent Event

Once again you can see the tension in their faces. Brad has a half smile as there are no teeth showing a s slight pulling of his lips. Angie;s head is uncharacteristically down indicating that something is amiss between them. She also has a half smile indicating that she is trying to make nice for the camers but something isn’t right.

Angie is uncharactersitically holding on to her arm as though she is bracing herself and pulling Brad towards her. In essence she s manipulating his body positon in this photo op.Brad’s head is turned away and he has a half smile indicating he isn;t too happy.