Body Language and Speech Shows A Very Different Donald Trump on 60 Minutes- More Subdued and Sombre

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First and foremost, I was so impressed with 60 Minutes journalist Leslie Stahl. She was professional, as she has been throughout the campaign. She was gracious, elegant,  and a pleasure to watch. Other journalists should take heed and follow her example.

Now that Donald Trump is President Elect, I believe someone has to tell him to clean up his makeup.Not to be mean but he looks like an albino racoon with all that non-made up white skin around his eyes. I think that the orange hue that people have been discussing since he decided  to run for office is a spray tan.  Perhaps the reason his eyes look so white may be due to his using those eye protection goggles after getting the spray tan. Since his skin is tanned or oranged and he doesn’t need a full on makeup applied. So, he may want to carry a little liquid makeup with him to put under his eyes and on his lids. He may also want to get some dark blond or light brown mascara to bring out his lashes. Since he is vain and is concerned about looks and looking his best, this information can improve his on-camera appearance.

Trump said that on election night when he won, he went completely silent. I mentioned in previous blogs that he was stunned by his win as well and was taking the time to process everything. His body language showed this. That is why he looked as though he was going to cry when he arrived on stage for his victory speech. It was and still is a shock to him. He said that he realized that this is a whole different life for him now.

Perhaps that is why throughout the interview we saw a completely different Donald Trump than we saw on television or on the campaign trail.   There was no loud tones or blustering. There was no over the top rhetoric. In essence, there was no showmanship that we have seen him display for the past 18 months.

When he spoke about Hillary’s call to him, he said it was a lovely call and imagined it was a tough one for her to make. He was very soft spoken and gracious when he mentioned Hillary, which leads me to believe that all the anger he displayed towards her and all the threats he made to her  ( like locking her up) seem to have dissipated. He even spoke of Bill Clinton’s call, saying that it was an amazing run. When asked if he had any regrets for the nasty tone of the campaign he looked down and thought about it.

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While he said he had no regrets because it got him here  to the Presidency, his body language said that he did indeed have some regrets. After hearing him speak, it seemed to me that deep down he does respect Hillary’s political experience and he does actually like her. After all, he has known and supported her for decades. She even said how he would make a good candidate to run for President and he has sung her praises for years. He then said he wished it was nicer and softer and more on policy,which supports what I just observed in terms of his body language.


Regarding his meeting with Obama, which he said could have lasted 4 hours, he said Obama told him the good things and the bad things. He wanted to learn all he could about Obama’s views on the middle east because he will be inheriting this. But as he spoke about Obama, there was not a smile or any warmth. I think he was being professional in his statements, but I stick to my previous observations, which I shared with the media that there is no love lost between the two. He said he found Obama to be terrific, very smart and very nice, which may be all  true. But  as he said this he shook his head “no,” which may indicate that even though he may think those things about Obama, there is  perhaps still a negative charge after all that was said  during the campaign. It is clear that Obama may have welcomed into the White House on a superficial level, but not  on a deep level. If that were the case, we would  see more smiles and facial enthusiasm.

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Leslie then said that he looked pretty sober sitting in the White House with Obama. He then replied that he is a sober person. Perhaps this sober person is the real Donald Trump and the one we saw on the campaign trail was the showman Donald Trump who riled people up to get their vote. He then said his actions in the White House  showed respect for the office and the President. I believe that. I believe that his going to the White House and sitting along site of the President gave him a  “huuuuuge ” reality check.

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Leslie Stahl brilliantly asked him if it was awkward being with one another in light of what they each said about one another. Trump said they never discussed it. But deep down those comments can never be forgotten as words leave indelible scars. He said from his standpoint there was  zero awkwardness. But from Obama’s standpoint there was clearly some awkwardness.

He also said that he will conduct himself well in the White House, but he may be rougher if the situation calls for it, which seemed to be an honest assessment of himself. He also said he didn’t want to be that monotoned character, which I agree with. In essence, he was saying that he wanted to be authentic.

Here’s what he said we can expect in his Presidency.

  1. There will be a wall and a fence in certain areas.
  2. He just said he would deport gang members and drug dealers deported  ( 2 million of them) not regular good people as he just wants to secure the borders.
  3. He will lower taxes.
  4. He will change health care to make it more affordable.
  5.  He wants to get rid of lobbyists and special interest groups.

When Leslie said all his transition team is lobbyists, he said that is all the people who are down there as that is what is wrong with the system. He phumphered a bit as she busted him on this as it is a real issue for him. It may have sounded hypocritical to those listening to it. He said the whole place is one big lobbyist and he wants to get rid of them even though he is relying on them now and wants to phase it out.

6. He will have term limits.                                                                                                                             7. There will be restrictions on foreign money coming into the county.                                          8. He will quickly appoint someone to the supreme court who will be pro life and pro second amendment                                                                                                                                         9.If Roe vs Wade were overturned he said it would go back to the states.                                        10. He will continue to use twitter  in moderation as a form of modern communication.  11.He will be focusing on jobs, health care, the border, and immigration  as opposed to putting Hillary in jail. He also said he didn’t want to hurt them as they are good people.       12. He will find out more about Comey when he  speaks with him directly.                                    13. He won’t take any vacation.                                                                                                                     14. He will only accept $1 as salary for being President.

When asked point blank, if he was intimidated or scared by the gravity of the enormous situation he is taking on, he answered “no” without hesitation, which leads me to believe that he feels confident he is up to it and can handle the job of the Presidency.

She said people are scared and are demonstrating right now. He said it is only because they don’t know him. This may very well be true as all we know is what we heard on the campaign,  in the media, and what he said 11 years ago on a bus to Billy Bush about women and their privates.

He believes many of the the demonstrators are professional protesters.He also said he would tell people to not be afraid and that there is a double standard with him and Hillary’s supporters. He also firmly told his supporters to not make racial slurs or incite violence as he said his aim is to bring the country together.

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In fact, he looked right into the camera and told everyone to STOP IT! He  was talking about his supporters stopping any harassment towards blacks, muslims, and latinos.

This was a completely Donald Trump.This was a much more subdued and professional Donald Trump. He spoke openly and was forthright. Now we will have to wait and see what he does.







Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Body Language Shows He Had No Remorse For Cheating On Maria

The most interesting thing during The 60 Minutes interview of Arnold Schwarzenegger was when his true body language leaked during the discussion of his cheating on Maria. Veteran reporter Leslie Stahl (who was clearly smitten with Arnold) doing her interviews with him says : You cheated on Maria.” Instead of looking remorseful or sad, he leaks out a smile as you cans see above. It is a genuine smile a the apples of his cheeks are raised and his eyes are squinted. The sides of his mouth go up.This indicates that he is clearly not sad.

Does Arnold have any remorse that he cheated on Maria In my view based on the body language he exhibited the answer is No.  He may have remorse that he got caught and that it was an embarrassment for him but that is it. Otherwise the whole interview was complete PR spin as I see it.

The other bombshell in the interview was that he cheated on Maria while they were dating. Below are some photos when they were dating and even when they were married as you can see they are completely disconnected as they have been throughout their marriage.

In this photo we can see just how disconnected they are. When two people who are supposedly in love look in different directions and are out of synch it does’t look good.

While dating they continue to look in different direction and there does not seem to be the warmness and passion between a couple that should be there during the initial stages of the relationship.

They were still disconnected during their wedding as in all of the photos released that are looking in different direction (not a good sign) and they are not very affectionate with one another.

For Maria marriage to Arnold was making a statement as he was so different from any man a Kennedy would consider for Maria. He was not the blue blood, highly educated,professional man that her family might have envisioned for her. For Maria marriage to Arnold  breaking out of the mold and asserting her independence.  For Arnold the marriage to Maria was a quick ticket  into society and respect. He was obsessed with ambition and he stopped at nothing short to make sure Maria was a vehicle to further help him rise to the top.

So when he said that after he cheated on Maria with Brigette Neilson,while he and Maria were dating  it convinced him that he wanted to marry Maria it was no surprise. of course it did . With Brigette who was the sexy  bombshell of the day, there was no rising to the top. She was just as ambitious as he was and he saw much of himself in her. He wanted someone who was already there in terms of wealth and social standing who could help him get to places much higher than Brigette could help him get to.

The only heights he could reach with Brigette were sexual ones. In his photos with Brigette we see and feel the chemistry between them off the screen as we see above and

on the screen as we clearly  see above. He never showed that mush passion with Maria , at least publicly.

Maria helped him to get  what he wanted – more fame and power as she was the perfect Kennedy vehicle to help get him elected as California’s governor. But as you can see in the photo above they still continued to look in different directions and still continued to look disconnected.

As his stint as governor came to an end you can really see how disconnected the couple was as they appeared in public. You an see the strain on Maria’s face.

Body language wise Arnold does not really feel that his affair with his maid was the stupidest thing he did. Maybe not wearing  condom was the stupidest thing he did but certainly the affair was not stupid to him. When he tales about compartmentalizing the incident especially after a child was born, it show just how cold and calculating Arnold is and how he is able to put all emotion aside for his fame and fortune and power. He thought no one would ever find out so there was no concern to him.

As far as the interview itself was concerned, it was a free pass for Arnold. Leslie Stahl was clearly smitten with him. She fawned over him and was coquettish with him in a very school girl sort of way. It was actually disturbing to watch this veteran reporter get lost in her own obvious crush like  feelings towards Arnold.

The 60 Minutes piece showed that no one rally cares Arnold cheated on Maria except Maria. he still has throngs of vans and is loved around the world. He did a mea culpa and admitted his shortcomings in his book and on the road so now he is free to go on an pursue the next chapter in his life as he makes movies and perhaps finds real love and passion this time around.


Sexual Assault of CBS Reporter May Be A Warning Sign to All Female Reporters Who Cover Stories In Countries Where Women Have Limited or No Rights

The case of CBS Chief correspondent Lara Logan’s rape and beating by a gang of Egyptians in Tahrir Square who were  celebrating the stepping down of President Mubarak is  beyond appalling. But it is not at all surprising. This  isn’t the first time that a beautiful  female reporter has been violated.

In 2008, a  similarly beautiful blond  reporter,  Joanie de Rijke, a Dutch journalist went to search  for the Taliban in Afghanistan and found them. But she did not find them hospitable. Instead  fact found them to be a violent bunch of rapists who held her captive and repeatedly raped her.

Like Lara Logan, de Rijke was released by her captives, but she was not released until a week later only after a $137,000 ransom was paid on her behalf while being continually raped.

The ordeal obviously took it’s toll on her psychologically as she no doubt suffered from Stockholm Syndrome whereby she identified with her captors by stating ‘They also respected me, ‘They are not monsters.

Any man who rapes a woman is clearly a “monster!” A rapist respects no one- not even himself!

Two years later beautiful reporter  was in Mumbai trying to cover a story  when an angry mob attacked her and tried to rape her.  As the camera lights went out you can hear her guttural  sounds of distress  as she is heard yelling “STOP IT!”  There so no doubt whatsoever that the sound that was heard emanating from her voice was the fear for her life.

While rape and attempted rape is bad enough there is nothing worse than  a woman journalist losing her life because she is reporting in a part of the world that doesn’t respect women and doesn’t acknowledge that they have equal rights.

Zahra Kazemi, an attractive  Canadian freelance photojournalist who was arrested after taking photos outside a Teheran prison during a student  protest  not only suffered torture and rape, she was ultimately killed due to her injuries.

Beautiful Iraqi journalist and  reporter  Atwar Bahjat unfortunately suffered the same fate back in 2006. The Al-Arabiya television presenter was kidnapped, raped  and murdered in Iraq. Bahjat  died  of  bullet wounds to  her  head, neck and chest.

Her rapist ended up confessing to her murder as he stated  in a videotaped confession” We parked beside the main street, I asked the girl to step out and I told her, ‘You are pretty and I like you, and I want to have sex with you,”. Bahjat refused. But I put the pistol to her head, and I raped her.


So now we have Lara Logan who was not physically killed.  But there is no doubt that there was a part of her  that died On February 11, 2010, when  the  humanity and dignity was taken away from  this  39 year old mother of two young children.

The same thing could have happened to her CBS colleague Katie Couric who by the grace of God got out of Egypt  in time, after  being harassed and abused on the streets of Cairo. CBS news anchor   Katie Couric  was suddenly surrounded by a group of angry  men. Her face shows her fear and upset over the situation.


So the question arises “ Should news outlets allow female journalists to cover stories in various parts of the world?

I say NO WAY!!   Let us learn from these incidents. These parts  of the world that are simply not safe for anyone, let alone women, Look at what happened to Anderson Cooper who was repeatedly hit in the head by protesters during the protests in Egypt or Miguel Marquez who was recently roughed up and beaten in Baharain .

While I along with every other American, Canadian and  European is all for women’s rights and women’s equality, there are places in the world where women will never be equal, let alone  have any rights.

In some countries, a woman still must walk in back of a man. They must not speak back to their husbands or they will get slapped and abused. If their husband dies, they cannot go out alone and fend for themselves.

A male relative must do their bidding. If they have no male relative they are simply out of luck. In some parts of the world a woman needs a man’s permission to do anything. A woman cannot  vote or drive, travel abroad or stay out late with friends. They cannot  go to restaurants without a man and they must ask a man’s permission before doing anything. In some countries, a woman’s worth is considered half  a person.

If a woman is raped in certain parts of the world, it is often considered her fault that she was “dishonored” and honor killings to get  rid  of the woman for  embarrassing her family are common.

If a man rapes a woman, nothing usually happened. Under Egyptian President Mubarak’s rule, if a man raped a woman and found guilty, he was sentenced to three years in prison, but the operative words here are”  if he was found  guilty”. Most of the time, the men are not found guilty and if they have to spend time in prison for their act, they are essentially on vacation, with little or no punishment or censure from members of their society.

So what will happen to the Egyptian men who were found guilty of raping  journalist Lara Logan?  Most likely, nothing will happen to them. It is doubtful that anyone will come forth and report the names of the actual rapists for fear of retribution themselves. In fact many would consider the rapists heroes for dishonoring an” Infidel” – an American infidel at that.

Her savage beating  of a reported “sustained sexual attack” actually means that she was no doubt gang raped. There is no way in my view that they will find her gang of rapists, let alone punish them.

It has been reported in the media  that she was saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers but who knows how accurate that report was. The fact that she got out alive is a miracle in itself. The fact that she  reconnected with her news crew,  returned to her hotel and was able to walk aboard a plane on the on the first flight out of Cairo to the US  the next morning is also a miracle.

I don’t believe any woman should be put into harm’s way. They are defenseless in certain countries and need to know all of the possible consequences before they commit to such assignments.

More than anyone else the world, the Israeli Defense Services know the dangers of women in combat in certain regions in the Middle East. Several years ago they  temporarily took on women in front line roles as part of a test  which investigated women in combat.

The results were so bad that they determined that  women could  no longer serve front line roles in the Israeli military but women could still serve in other forms of combat such as
fighter pilots , artillery gunners and most roles in the navy.

The bottom line is that any woman who insists on covering stories in certain parts of the world where sexually assaulting and  raping women and women journalists are common practice, are taking their lives into their own hands.

 The world is not always kind to women and like it or not, in many places they are less than equal.

Conan O’Brien’s Body Language Shows Emotional Pain, Hurt and Anger During His Interview on 60 Minutes


Former Tonight Show host Conan Obrien’s interview with Steve Kroft on 60 Minutes was was genuine  and open in terms of what he said and how he said it. There were no contradictions.

He was  honest and forthright  as his body language and facial expressions were congruent with everything he said.   As he openly shared his feelings, we could visually see the impact of what  losing the Tonight show in such an degrading manner did to him from an emotional standpoint.


Conan was not ashamed to share that he was depressed after the turn of events.

In describing  his depressed emotional state, he shared  that what happened to him felt  like a marriage that ended abruptly and suddenly, where  he quickly tried  to figure out what was happening,


Then  Conan revealed that  he  decided to go on tour – one of the things that was he was  not prohibited from doing in his departing  contract  with NBC. He said that doing the tour was therapeutic and made him feel better immediately.

As he spoke these words,  you could actually see  a visible and   immediate transformation in his facial expression and body language. Both his facial muscles and body muscles  suddenly became more relaxed . This was the first time during the interview that he looked like the old happy go lucky Conan O’Brien that we used to see each weeknight  when he was the Tonight show host.

What impressed the most  in terms of what Conan said about his going on tour,  was that he chose to not remain a victim of his bad  situation. Instead, he became pro-active and did something about it . This   made him feel better and helped him regain his self confidence and esteem.


Having written a best selling book called “ Toxic People” over 15 years ago, my ears usually perk up whenever I hear anyone  use the word TOXIC to describe a negative  interaction with someone.

So when Conan answered “ when it started getting toxic,” in response to Steve’s question as to when he decided to leave the Tonight Show,  I was impressed as well.

Once again  it shows how Conan did not engage in a “victim mentality.”  His leaving a  “toxic” situation and not looking back, showed that he had and had enough self worth to not allow anyone to treat him so disrespectfully.  It showed that he had the inner strength and the fortitude to “unplug”  and walk away from the situation.


Throughout  the interview Conan’s legs were apart , an  appropriate masculine body language, which indicates openness.  His posture was relaxed and arms were apart at the sides of the chair, thereby exposing his torso.

When he would gesture, he would often expose the palms of his hands which also  indicated an open stance with nothing to hide.  This body language was consistent throughout the interview.


There were several times when  Conan the  comedian was “on.” When asked about the  agreement that he signed with NBC, he joked to Steve that he keeps the agreement in his pocket so when anyone asks”  what’s  the deal with Jay Leno” he can pull it out of his pocket and read it.”

As a true performer, Conan, acted out  pulling the contract from his pocket and reading it which added to the humor and Steve’s laughter.


Conan was one hundred percept  honest and upfront throughout his interview until Steve brought up the topic of “getting screwed.” When that happened, there were multiple signals of deception that could be observed. He as clearly not telling the truth when he described what he says to fans who come up to him in gas stations and restaurants  and say  “Hey, you got screwed!

Conan then says “I tell them I didn’t get screwed it.   It just didn’t work out . “

But as Conan makes this statement , he is showing  many  signs of deception with his body language, facial language and the tone of his voice.

In terms of his body language, we see a shoulder shrug which is a sure fire signal of deception. His head cocked to the side also indicates that he doesn’t’ t  believe what he says. It also signals doubt, meaning he doubts that  his fan is buying his “politically correct” rhetoric.


Another interesting thing that happened when Conan said “ No I didn’t get screwed” was the sudden flash of anger across his face  that followed . He then looked away.

World renown facial language researcher, Dr.  Paul Ekman of Stanford University, was the first to discuss the concept of facial leakage. This is  where a sudden flash of emotion occurs, indicating a person’s true feeling a about a particular  situation they are discussing In Conan’s case the flash of anger reflected his true feelings, even though his calm and measured words said the opposite .

Leakage can not only occur facially, but can occur vocally as well, which  my research in the area of voice analysis has shown.

As Conan  said “I’m fine,” there is an angry sounding  edge to his tone.   His tone reveals that he clearly  knows he got” screwed:  and he is NOT fine at all about it!


Steve then says to Conan that Jay Leno also feels that he got “screwed.” We immediately observe facial language that indicates  genuine laughter, complete with crinkled eyes, raised cheekbones and a wide,  broad smile”

But  shortly afterwards, the laughter turns to anger. We notice that Conan’s body language begins to    close off as does his voice. There is a creakiness at the end of his statement which indicates that his laughter and happiness was not genuine after all.

Being a professional actor  and performer  Conan  was indeed able to fool us for a moment or two. In fact his laughter was so engaging and contagious that Steve  soon began  to join in on the laughter.

But the bulging vein in the middle of  Conan’s forehead said it all. It clearly said that Conan was actually  angry. His autonomic nervous system took over as his blood flow increased. That is why you see the engorged vein suddenly appear on Conan’s forehead.

As soon as Conan says”  Explain that to me,” he immediately flashes to an expression of  seriousness and anger.

In yet another attempt to appear to be joking around, he continues  by saying “ Jay has the Tonight Show and I have a beard and I’m  touring the city and  have an inflatable bat.”

With his serious expression, Conan is saying that this  is no joking matter.

Next, we see a flash of  intense  sadness wash over Conan’s face  as he actually  looks as  though he is about to cry.  Conan, then  acknowledges his false and insincere laughter by candidly revealing ” I’m laughing cuz crying would be sad.”

In making this statement , Conan is showing that he is completely vulnerable and genuine with regard to how he really feels about the situation.  His emotional state is openly  mirrored  by his facial expression


Steve then asks Conan  “ Has Jay reached out to you”? Suddenly we see that  there is an obvious muscle  tension in Conan’s  tight jaw movement. It  is a signal of hurt and upset as Conan continues with “  No, I don’t think I will be hearing from him.”

As he says these words, Conan looks up , indicating that he is attempting  to visualize and then choose his words carefully .  But what he says with his facial language, after speaking those  these words says even more.  His  pursing  down on his lips is a signal of anger .

It says that Conan doesn’t expect to hear from Jay, and that he  is angry  about  it. He is upset that his one time friend and  comedic colleague has not  yet reached out to him and will probably never do so.


Steve  then asks Conan  if he thought Jay acted honorably.

Conan looks down and inhales a huge breath of air. In doing so you can see his shoulders rising. This means that he is filling himself up with a reservoir lot of air in that he is gearing up for a lengthy communication about the topic.

But then he loudly exhales the massive amount of air he previously inhaled.  No doubt, he quickly realized that there is a contractual agreement in place and that he really can’t say all that he would like to say about the matter. He realizes that his  communication on the topic will now be  short and well thought out and within the confines of his agreement.


That is why he replied with “  I don’t think I can answer that.”  He is angry that he can’t say more  as we see him  looking down in anger once again pursing his lips. The lip pursing also  indicates that he is holding himself back from making any disparaging remarks and saying  what he really thinks about how Jay handled the situation. We also see a great deal of upset and pain in his facial expression as he is restricted from  spilling  out his true feelings.

Conan continue to look down and we see him biting his lip. Lip biting  often means that a person is holding  back and  and not saying what he really wants to say.

Silence can be deafening as was the case when Conan bided his time to carefully measure his words and formulate a  further response to Steve’s question concerning Jay’s honor.

Conan eventully  continues with “ I can tell you maybe how I would have handled it  and I how would do it differently .”  As he carefully speaks these words, he looks wide eyed and directly up  at Steve Kroft. This   indicates  that Conan  is once again ready to open communication-wise.

He continues, If I handed the Tonight Show over to somebody and wished them well , I would to have done what was done.” As he says the words “ what was done, ” there is no doubt that Conn must have been visualizing what was actually done to him by Jay.

You can suddenly  see how this situation  pains him as he furrows his  forehead and brow and displays a  scowl on his face.   This is an expression of anger and disgust ,which uncontrollably leaked out over Conan’s face .

But , then Conan soon regained  his composure  then as he says that  he would never have handled things that way. Using a controlled tone and concomitant facial expression he added .” But that’ s me . I guess everyone does things differently.”

The words he uttered were his  attempt to show that he would have taken the high road and that  Jay clearly did not do so.


In reading Conan O Brien’s interview on 60 Minutes his body language, facial expression, tones, and what he says indicates that he is still very raw and  feels very wounded .

He let everyone know that what happened had a serious affect on him to the point that he became depressed. However, he wasn’t going to let his depression stop him, Instead he became pro-active, went on tour and as a result, now feels a lot better.

There  was no mistaking  that Conan is still very angry about what happened and how poorly he feels he was treated by NBC, He is especially hurt   by the way he feels he has been treated by Jay. While his words may say one thing, his body and facial language and tone of voice leaked out  his true feelings.