Jodi Arias’ Defiant Voice and Body Language During Sentencing Trial As She Sadistically Torment’s Travi’s Family

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Jodi Arias’ tone of voice and her body language were defiant up until the end.When she states her case in her defiant overly self confident and arrogant tone, you see her shoulders straight as she has her head up and stands erect. But then after the verdict is read and she suddenly realizes she will never get out of prison alive and be a free woman, her body language demeanor dramatically changes, with her  being next to tears, slouched posture, and head forward with neck extended in  resignation.

It shows that Jodi actually thought she would manipulate the judge during her final statements and have the judge give her 25 years so that she would be a free woman by the time she was in her 50’s.

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As the sentence was being  handed down, Jodi did not move as Judge Steve’s spoke . She stood there as  stiff as a board which indicates to me that she was in shock at the judge’s decision and that she actually believed the judge would grant her eventual freedom.

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But then Jodi began to crack. as we can see from her body language and her  facial expression right after she processed that she didn’t get what she wanted and would never smell freedom again. Her shoulders began to slunch forward in resignation and submissiveness as the reality of her situation was setting in. There was also severe tension around her jaw and lip area as though she wanted to cry.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.46.39 AM

Then we see the tension in her lower facial  muscles as they bulge out, her nose becomes red, her eyebrows raise raise and forehead crinkle and eyes water as shown in  the photo above. Jodi is crying. Although she is trying to hold it together for her image, the media and the the public not seeing her natural reaction, she cannot do so. He body belies her true feelings of anger and frustration that she did not get what she wanted from the sentencing- being a free woman after a period of time.

But let’s go back to what happened before Judge Steven’s sentenced her and look at her mother’s behavior.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 5.38.04 AM

When we heard Jodi Aria’s mother speak at the  sentencing trial, we also heard defiance in her voice as well as she spoke. She said that her daughter was wrongly incarcerated as she said ”  seven years ago she was incarcerated because  she wanted to live”   What??? No, Mrs. Aria, your daughter was incarcerated because she macerated  her lover’s body and shot him in the head as he bled to death in agony in a shower.   Next she stated. “they can cage her, they can strip her of her rights but they can  never take away her beautiful soul.”  Beautiful soul ? Mrs. Arias, a  beautiful soul is not someone who did what she did to Travis  with 27 stab wounds and a bullet to the head  as well as  all of the lying  and manipulating as we saw her do often. After hearing Mrs. Arias finally  speak, we not only see how she is in clear denial. We get a glimpse as to why Jodi may have turned out the way she did. No doubt her mother was in denial about Jodi her entire life and refused to see Jodi’s abberant behaviors.

The fact that Arias’ mother smiled as she walked up in front of Judge Stevens to speak on her daughter’s behalf was chilling and validates how much in denial she appears to be in.

When Jodi Arias finally spoke at her sentencing  hearing the tone of her voice was cold, defiant. She managed to take one last sadistic stab in tormenting at Travis and his family so they can never have any peace of mind. When prosecutor Juan Martinez said that Travis’ family hoped that he was unconscious when Jodi took that knife to him for the last time, Jodi responded to Martinez’ statesment in graphic detail. She said ” I remember the last time when the knife went into Travi’s throat and he was conscious.”

That  statement says it all about who Jodi Arias is- a sadistic, mean, hateful  creature with no remorse who’s comment was designed  to torture the family who had hoped their brother  died with no pain at the end. But Jodi made sure that they knew that he was in pain and was not unconscious.

She then paused for several seconds, took a deep breath where she raised her shoulders ( a body signal of deception) and went on to say ” He still tried to attack me.” Considering the physical shape Travis was  in at the time, it is highly doubtful that he was trying to attack her at that moment. She then goes on to say, It was I who was trying to get away, not Travis.” She then says I never wanted it to be that way Judge…. ” She doesn’t say your honor or Judge Stevens. Instead she calls her judge which is another clear act of the passive aggressive defiance on Arias’ part.

When she said she was remorseful for the enormous pain she caused people who loved Travis.  it was said in a matter of fact monotone voice devoid of emotion. After what she said about Travis being conscious and  in essence feeling the pain at the time of his murder, there was no remorse on her part at all.

  • Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.02.03 AM

As she makes this incredulous statement, look at what Judge Steven’s is doing. The judge cocks her head in disbelief which is an indicator that she is well aware that Jodi is feeling no remorse for her brutal actions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.20.34 AM

After hearing the coldness in Aria’s voice, her lack of remorse and her meanness and  cruel sadistic actions, she should not be allowed to live. The lone juror who voted that she not be put to death did not show up to court while all other 11 jurors showed up wearing blue in support of Travis; family as they sat in their old seats in the jury box That was telling and very moving. The dissenting juror was as cowardly and sadistic as Jodi Arias by not showing up and representing her decision.

But unknowingly the one dissenting  juror, thinking she was doing Jodi a huge service by sparing her life, will no doubt have turned out to do Jodi no favor at all. Jodi will suffer tremendously.

 In the courtroom, immediately  after the sentencing one of Travis’ sisters yelled “burn in hell” This may be exactly what will happen to Jodi as she now makes her way to her new home of 86 square feet

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.28.47 AM

with a view from Jodi’s cell looking like this.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.31.30 AM

.Past prisoners have found Jodi’s new home a living hell.The heat alone and being put out in metal cages when the hot Arizona sun is blistering down upon them is a hell in itself.

But Jodi will be allowed education classes and counseling sessions. No doubt she will get attention from the media at the various anniversaries  of her sentencing. And she will be allowed to interact with other prisoners where she has the opportunity to try her skills at manipulating them behind bars.  But she will often meet her match as there are many Jodi Aria’s types which will surround her and try their hand at manipulating her.

Because Jodi is so high profile it is a real possibility that another lifer with zero to lose who is sick of the whole process may try to kill Jodi for the notoriety. Others may want to mess hr up and may be willing to face the consequences. One thing is for sure, her arrogance and” I’m better and smarter than you”  attitude  along with her  perceived “high falootin'” vocabulary  and hyper articulation of her words will not be well received.

Based ont he way Jodi has presented herself thus far, she will not do well in prison, especiallyw hen it comes to interacting with others. As Travis’ sister wished, Jodi will rot in hell behind bars.

Now that she has been sentenced, there will of course be appeals.  But it is my view that no one mention this fame seeing sociopath again- that no specials or anniversary  shows be made to boost television ratings  and magazine sales. There is NOTHING more that can be said about Jodi unless she dies behind bars. We have heard it all – all her lies and all her psychopathology.  Her celebrity infamy needs to end now.

Jodi Arias was an attractive white young female who murdered an ex  boyfriend ,who in essence rejected her but still continued to have sex with her.  She killed him out of  anger and revenge and then claimed she had nothing to do with it. She got caught, tried, sentenced and will now be put away for her crime for the rest of  her life. This type of thing is not new and has happened many times to many people all  around the world.

The perpetrator  is punished, never to be thought of again. But it is the media that has made Jodi Arias into a star from the sensationalism of  48 hours to  other shows. The media  needs to stop and not revisit this mental case and  we need to stop watching and paying attention to Jodi and her soon to be tortured life behind bars.

Kanye West’s Daughter North’s Disconnected Body Language Towards Him and Kim

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.13.28 AM

Little North West does not seem to be that connected to her daddy Kanye and hasn’t been since the beginning. She doesn’t cling to Kanye and doesn’t seem to have a bond with him as you can see in the photos. Above is the most recent photo of father and daugher. Look at how stiff she is. her had is the giveaway as it is balled into a little fist like position and it is out stretched as if to push Kanye away. She doesn’t cling to him or wrap her lega and arms around him body language wise as most babies do who bond.

Lets go back and look at this dicconnected body language with Kanye from the beginning.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.14.29 AM

In their infamous Vogue photo shoot look at how still infant Nori is as she has her arms tight with elbow locked amd has a balled up fist as if to push away Kanye. Look at her tense expression as well.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.15.01 AM

Here at a pumpkin patch outing, Nori continues with an unhappy face  and a stiff body posture  with her legs dangling with her dad, While her hand  and fingers are extended it is merely to balance herself. There is no clinging or bodlily connection here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.15.29 AM

Even early on we see no genune smile around Kanye as she pulls away from him. Look at his non smiling facial expression as well.

Babies mirror their paren’t facial expressions and when ther parent always look at them with a serious expression or a sour puss children tend to emulate them until it becomes what they do on a consistent basis.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.15.52 AMAs you can see early on, Nori fares no better with him who tends to use her as a photo op and a prop in my view. Look at the  unsmiling baby mirroring unsmiling Kim’s non facial expression. Look at how stiff Nori is early on.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.33.14 AM

Not only does Nori look away she doesn’t cling to Kim as most babies that age do, she balls her hand into an unghappy little fist as mirrored by her facial expression and uses her arm as a barrier with Kim.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 9.32.57 AM

We see Nori pull away from him here and have a serious facial expression. Now we see how Nori is imprinted with her non-smiling face as a result of the lack of smiling and loving feedback she is getting from Kim.

Looking at photos of Nori with kanye and photos of Nori with Kim are sad to me becuase you can see how the  overt lack of  physical affection and smiles by Kim and Kanye has resulted in a very unhappy, non physically connected child who doesn;t seem to bond with either mom or dad.

This is not a good sign from a  body language point of view in terms of the child;s emotional and psychological development in my estimation.  If I was in Kanye and Kim’s shoes, I would get Nori to a child therapist who could perhaps (if not too late already) teach them how to better engage with Nori and become more affectionate and playful with her,  lose their sour puss expressions around her , and stop using her as a prop in photo ops.

Children love colors. Colors are a huge part in their development so dressing her in drab greys and blacks and dull browns is not a good thing.  Bright colors stimulate the senses as  studies on the psychology of color shows. Children need to be excited about what they wear- reds pinks, blues,  aquas, green, yellows, purples.   Black and grey don’t work to stimulate a child.

These two parents have done so much wrong with Nori rom the beginning in my view. With their unlimited finances they need to spend a lot of time with play therapists and  child psychologists. After examining countless photos of their interaction with Nori, they need some help in terms of how to help her. There is something terribly wrong with a child who doesn’t cling, bind or smile, especially when she is around her parents. They need to get some family counseling now before it is too late for Nori.

Tina Fey- The Real Mean Girl Who’s Shaming Famed Dermatologist May Have Lead to His Death

Tina Fey’s humor of making fun of others is not funny. It is Toxic, cruel and mean. . Based on what happened with famed dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt, she owes his heirs and apology and needs to be held accountable for her actions.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 5.31.03 AM

Apparently she created a character in her netflix show called the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that was poking fun at the 65 year old smooth skinned, tanned, platinum haired dermatologist  with a hyperarticulate high pitched voice named Dr. Franff, ( a play on his name Dr. Brandt) played by Martin Short.  When the NY Post brought the similarity between the fictional and the real character to light in an article last month, the doctor felt humiliated. He told friends and colleagues that he was devastated by this portrayal of him. In fact his PR agent Lesley Abravanel shared this tweet about how devastated Fr. Brandt felt over the comparisons on Tina Fey’s show.

Though Abravanel suggests that Dr Franff is a protagonist on the show, Martin Short's character only appeared in one episode of the first season

It was too much for the doctor to take and he committed suicide at his home in Coral Gables, Florida.

Television personality Kelly Ripa and Dr. Frederic Brandt attend Dr. Fredric Brandt's SiriusXM launch event at SiriusXM Studio on September 26, 2011

The news of this doctors death and his public humiliation is devastating. Here is a  bona fide physician who spent years in medical school and in a residency, who built up a top notch dermatology practice in Miami and in NY of A list clients like Madonna,  model Stephanie Seymour, talks show host Kelly Rippa, fashion designer  Marc Jacobs, and so many others,  as well as developing his own brand of collagen booster,only to be publicly humiliated  and  ‘devastated’ by unflattering comparisons to Dr Franff on the show Kimmy Schmidt.

Allegedy the doctor had suffered from issues of depression in the past but  many believe that this public humiliation  by Tina Fey must have pushed him over the edge.  Sadly he died alone and was discovered by his maid at his Miami mansion.

This type of mean humor to poke fun at someone’s appearance, the way they speak no longer works in this day and age. neither does humor of race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity. Years ago this type of humor was prevalent and tolerated but it is no longer the case. The Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and now Tina Fey type of humor where people are made fun of  because of their looks, ethnicity,  or demeanor is not tolerated. Prior to her death, Joan Rivers was called out for calling Michelle Obama a tranny and rightfully so. Jamine Fox was also called out for his jokes making fun of Bruce Jenner’s transsexuality.

This type of humor is mean spirited and should not be tolerated or encouraged. There are consequences to making fun of people, which is  essence  a form of  bullying them. That is what Tina Fey did to Dr. Brandt. This type of “humor” can push people over the edge like it did with the famed dermatologist. Monica Lewinsky even spoke about how she was close to ending her life after constantly hearing jokes about her.


 I have always respected  newsman Chris Wallace’s professionalism just as I respected his late father. Mike Wallace who was a journalist for decades at 60 Minutes. So when I heard that  Fox New’s Chris Wallace  onThe Mike Gallagher Show  “fat shamed American Idol singer Kelly Clarkson by saying, “Kelly Clarkson’s got a lovely voice. She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while.” I was appalled.

It didn’t stop there as Mike Gallegher said “Have you seen Kelly Clarkson? You know the singer, Kelly Clarkson? Holy cow, did she blow up,” as both he and Chris joked about Clarkson’s weight.

Mike and Chris need to offer up an apology for their insensitivity. They need to do it ASAP!  How do they know Kelly isn’t  taking some medication that has “blown her up” as they said. How do they know she does not have some type of medical condition or an eating disorder.

One thing we know for sure  is that the woman recently had a baby. Perhaps she is retaining her baby weight. Perhaps she is content with being a mother and wants to focus on her baby and not her calorie count. Perhaps her days are so filled with motherhood and tending to her baby that she doesn’t have time for herself or for a workout. Perhaps she no longer cares about being thin and wants to live her life as she pleases and eat what she wants to eat.

Whatever the case as to Kelly Clarkson”s weight gain men who snicker and make fun of a woman;s weight speaks volumes about them and their toxicity.  It is immature and secxist, not to mention insensitive and hurtful.  For news men and media personalities to cut down someone’s physical appearance is unacceptable.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.01.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.01.56 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.02.04 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.01.40 PMScreen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.02.14 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.02.36 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.02.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 2.01.32 PM

When women who are in the public eye gain weight it is a as though they have committed a crime in the eyes of certain people. Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Christina Aquilera,  Kelly Osborne, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, and countless others have been vilified just for putting on the pounds. It must stop and can no longer be tolerated!

Instead those like Chris Wallace and Mike Gallegher need to be vilified for their hurtful and insensitive comments. They need to be held accountable for their vulgar words and fined, suspended  or be taken off the air for making fun of someone;s physical appearance.

Kelly Clarkson is happily married and a  new happy mother with a gorgeous baby. She has made a lot of money, is a respected singer with a gorgeous voice and seems like a genuinely nice and kind person who hasn’t hurt anyone.

Whether she is thin or has a few pounds on her she is still the same person. Saying something derogatory abut one;s weight is as hurtful as saying something derogatory about one; sex or race, or religious beliefs. It must NOT be tolerated and those who fat shamed must be called on their Toxic Behavior and held accountable.

Nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher Toxic Behavior at UCLA ER Center

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.01.02 PM

Jessamy Reed Fisher’s TOXIC Behavior at UCLA Emergency Center. We have all heard horror stories of Toxic Nurses  throughout the years and I wanted to share my personal  experience with a nurse who exhibited toxic behavior at UCLA Ronald Reagan ER Center – ER Nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher aka (Jessamy Reed Settles  or Jessamy Fisher or Jessamy Settles ).  As the author of the best selling book Toxic People, I am doing so to let you know that I walk the walk and talk the talk as described in my book. That is why I am sharing my personal toxic experience with you in order to let you know that you never again have to be victimized by anyone in the  nursing profession and that there are measures you can take to make sure that toxic professionals like this nurse is accountable for her actions which could jeopardize a patient’s health. These nurses like Jessamy Reed Fisher need to be outed and not hide behind their professional nurse badges as a warning to other patients who may encounter them.

I arrived at the UCLA ER with a close to 9 mm kidney stone that was stuck in my ureter. Needless to say the pain was so excruciating ( 12 on a 1-10 point pain scale) to the point that my body automatically and uncontrollably  let out screams as I  unsuccessfully  tried to sip in air for immediate relief. To further describe what the pain felt like it was as though I was being stabbed with a burning hot knife. For your women out there who have given birth, the pain is akin to a woman giving birth to a 20 pound baby with no anesthesia.

While at the Ronald Reagan ER Waiting room late that afternoon,  I encountered  nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher, who displayed the most TOXIC behavior I have ever experienced. She started to type  my information  into the computer but immediately stopped typing and gave me an ugly cold stare as she said’ Stop screaming or I won’t continue.” She then refused to budge or type in my data as she  had hostile body language and used mean and aggressive tones towards me. As  she shouted at me, and by her  refusing to type and get me quickly admitted, she was essence standing in the way of my medical treatment.

God forbid she did this to a patient who came into the ER and was screaming becuase they had chest pains and was having a heart attack. Where time is of the essence, nurse  Jessamy’s  stopping her typing and refusing to continue typing in the patient’s information could have contributed to the patient’s death, since time is crucial in that circumstance.

Instead of comforting me verbally, saying something kind and soothing and /or getting me into the ER for some immediate relief from the excruciating pain,  nurse Jessamy coldly and rudely told the person who accompanied me to the ER that  in essence she didn’t care how much pain I was in and  that I would have to wait for a long, long time (for the 7 patients ahead of me) . To make matters worse, after I checked my medical records, a day later to obtain the records to share with my physician,  I discovered that Jessemay Fisher falsified my medical records by writing in false statements.

After suffering in  pain for what seemed like an eternity,  I finally got to see the ER doctors and nurses who were very nice and helpful and immediately relieved my pain through medication and an IV. They took a cat scan and  informed me as to the  huge size of my kidney stone and could fully understand why I was in so much excruciating pain. A few days later I was admitted to the hospital and underwent surgery to remove that stone and some others.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 1.02.39 PM

The pain of recovery from the surgery was nothing as compared the emotional pain and distress I suffered at the hands of this nurse Jessemay Reed Fisher. Her hostile ,sharp, barking tones, and ugly contorted mean facial expression  and cold nasty behavior towards me continued to upset me as I played her behavior and actions over and over in my mind. Her emotionally abusive treatment of me kept popping up into my thoughts.Having been trained at UCLA School of Medicine as a Post Doctoral Fellow in Medical Genetics I was doubly shocked at how such a nurse could work in such a wonderful institution where the patient’s care comes first.

As a vulnerable patient, writhing in pain, there was nothing I could do about her treatment, but now that I recovered and had more strength I contacted head of UCLA ER  Department Mr.  Mark Mayes.   Mr. Mark  Mayes was very  kind and receptive and admitted that he was appalled at Jessamy Reed Fisher’s behavior. He said no one at UCLA should treat any patient like that and that he would take immediate action towards her.  He too shared with me that he experienced a kidney stone so he knew what pain I was in. He told me that her treatment of me would not be tolerated.

I also contacted the California Board of Nursing and reported Jessamy Reed Fisher’s actions to them as they have to know how one of their licensed nurses has treated a patient and how their licensee’s  actions further emotionally traumatized a patient who was in severe pain. I got her license number from the California State Board of Nursing Website and this is what I discovered from their website. I am sharing it with you so that if a nurse jeopardizes and upsets your treatment like what was done to me you will know what to look for.  Go to your state Nursing Board’s website and look of the license number of the nurse. Sometimes there will be multiple licenses as was the case below. You need to write reports for each of their licenses as I did.

FISHER, JESSAMY REED (Previous Name) Registered Nurse 685604
FISHER, JESSAMY REED Public Health Nurse 71664
FISHER, JESSAMY REED Registered Nurse 685604
FISHER, JESSAMY REED Interim Permit 684440

After taking these two actions of l reporting her to her higher ups, and looking up her licenses and reporting them to the Board of Nursing , the awful thoughts of how nurse Jessemay Reed Fisher emotionally abused me when I was my most vulnerable and in pain,  no longer clouded my thoughts as much as they did before, although the thought of the incident  still brings me anxiety and upset.  I have even had some pretty awful  related dreams as a result of this incident. Clearly what she had done to me in the ER when I was so vulnerable had a traumatic effect on my psyche.

So the moral of the story here  is that whenever anyone treats you poorly in the medical profession,like a doctor, a dentist, or like what nurse Jessamy Reed Fisher did to me,  you do have recourse. You can and must report them to the highest authority at the hospital so that they are held accountable and so that they don’t treat others similarly. In addition, you can report them to their state licensing board. The board needs to know about their licensees and welcome that information. No one has the right to hide behind their badge of being a nurse and get away with harsh treatment of patients in need.

Every nurse takes the following oath called the Nightengale Oath after the most famous nurse,  Florence Nightengale:

” I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly, to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, and will not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession, and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the physician in his work, and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.”

 If a nurse does not follow this oath, they need to be held accountable and immediate action needs to be taken  just like the actions taken towards Jessamy Reed Fisher at UCLA ER. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated. The public has a right to know about their behaviors so they don’t experience the same thing or have their health or treatment jeopardized.

Aaron Hernandez Cocky Body Language and Smiles in the Courtroom Will Turn Off Jurors

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 10.42.40 AM Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is on trial  in a Massachusetts courtroom for  the murder of his fiance’s sister Odin Lloyd. . While  prosecutors their case  case that he killed another man.

While he has a serious facial expression as he appears to listen carefully to the evidence against him displayed on the monitors, he often laughs and jokes with his fiance or with his family members when they are present.In fact, he appears very charming and beams his dimpled smile.

He has been reported to have a swagger when he walks as well and a cocky demeanor as he sits in his seat.

What he doesn’t realize is that his body language and facial language will be working against him.Jurys as well as judges  don’t like seeing happy or cocky people when they are on trial for murder. So this may very well influence how the jury voices as well as his sentencing.

Jodi Arias Allowed to Live As Travis Alexander’s Death Teaches Us About Trusting Our Instincts When We Realize Someone Is Toxic

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.01.24 PM

The verdict is out and  Jodi Arias will not die by lethal injection, nor by any other means, after slaughtering her ex boyfriend Travis Alexander. Even though 11 of the 12 jurors felt that death would be the right punishment for her, there was one lone juror who refused to commit to having Jodi put to death.

As someone who does jury selection and trial consulting for a living, you can never ultimately predict  what will happen in a real trial. Even if you ask jurors who are serving on a death penalty case if they could in fact choose death as one of their choices and they answer “yes”, when push comes to shove and they have to make the decision as to whether someone lives or dies, many cannot choose death after all..

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.00.47 PM

When the judge told the jury that they had to decide on an outcome after four days of deliberation, I knew that Jodi would most likely  not be put to death. Now she has to await the judges decision, which will occur in April,  as to whether she will spend life behind bars without parole or life with parole after two and a half decades when she will be in her mid fifties as you can see by this art rendering of her aging.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.05.06 PM

Whether or not she gets life or life without parole, there will be times at the harsh Perryville Prison  where Jodi will be baking in the scorching Arizona sun, in an open air cage, that she may very well have wished she received the death penalty when the other prisoners make her life a living hell.

The bottom line is that Jodi will be living under harsh conditions where she may spend most of her time in isolation in order to protect her from other prisoners  because she is such a high profile case. This could be the worst torture of all for Jodi Arias who thrives on attention and manipulation of others. If there is no one to manipulate or to give Jodi, her attention fix, life for her may not be worth living.

In any event, one does not have to be killed to receive just punishment as Jodi will soon discover in her new home.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.04.28 PM

One of the most anguishing sites at the trial was seeing Travis’ sister, who loved her brother so much, break down and cry in such pain. She was inconsolable, while  Jodi  was at the other end of the courtroom showing no compassion and no emotion as you can see below. Perhaps she was in shock. Perhaps she had expected to receive the death penalty.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.03.38 PM

One of the things that jurors said after the trial was that  throughout the trial, Jodi showed no remorse for what she did to Travis. This was not surprising to me. The bottom line is that Jodi actually believed that she was was a woman scorned. In  her warped thinking,  she no doubt felt that Travis got what he deserved. That is why she showed no remorse and no genuine emotion. She did not feel sorry for what she did to him. She felt that he abused her and used her and he had what was coming to him.

While almost all of the jurors felt the opposite, there was one juror who obviously thought along the lines as Jodi. She too, felt that Travis abused her and used her.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.05.32 PM

While so many people remarked that Travis was a wonderful guy, truth be told, he was full of contradictions. He wanted to follow his faith and not engage in sex before marriage, yet he continued to engag in sex with Jodi. He told Jodi she was not the woman for him and wanted to find a pure Mormon wife, yet he continued to engage in sex with Jodi. He told Jodi to leave him alone and not stalk him, but yet continued to allow her into his life and into his bed. He allowed her to clean his home. He allowed her into his life, instead of calling the police and getting a restraining order against her and being vigilant about her ever being in his presence.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 8.05.48 PM

When Travis first met Jodi he was taken with her. he thought she was beautiful, glamorous and super sweet. But her sickeningly sweet tones belied her. They reflected a great deal of psychopathology. As Travis got to know Jodi, he realized there was something very wrong with this woman. Yet, he continued to take her to bed and have sex with her. He continued to travel with her.

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He  eerily voiced his concern about Jodi being a serial killer to many of his friends. Even his friends picked up on the fact that there was something off about Jodi as they asked in disbelief, if she was always that “sweet”. It was that sickening sweetness that didn’t ring true to either Travis or his friends.

But being the nice guy that he was and wanting adventure as well as ” having his cake and eating it too”, he ignored his instincts. He ignored what he saw and what he heard out of Jodi’s mouth. He ignored her tones and her actions.He ignored his own gut level reactions that he shared with friends, and unfortunately,  he ignored the action he need to take. That action was to stay completely away from Jodi and never allow her  back into his life under any circumstances. He needed to cut off the phone calls and the visits for good.

His lack of listening to  and trusting his initial instincts about Jodi and acting upon them,  tragically  cost him his life. I am in no way blaming the victim – blaming Travis. Instead, I am pointing out how his death can serve as an example to all of us and to our children. If we see and hear and feel something is not right about another person, we must cut it off asap and never look back.

When the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, when you feel queasy or nauseated around the person, when you have a tinge of fear around them- run as fast as your feet will carry you and never look back.

And remember to never trust anyone with a high pitched baby girl sickeningly sweet breathy, monotone,  voice quality devoid of demotion. This voice often reflects a passive aggressive personality. Their voice indicates that they are hiding something and not revealing their true selves.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. There is alway a  “cause” and and an “effect”. The “cause” of Travis engaging in sex with Jodi and then taking a shower to get ready to take another woman out of town created the “effect” of  having a very disturbed woman  brutally murder him.  The cause of his not listening to and trusting and acting on his negative  instincts about  Jodi, created the tragic effect of him leaving the earth way too soon.

Travis did not die in vain. His death teaches us  that we all to pay close attention to that gut level feeling that tells us something is wrong with being around a specific person. If you are around someone where you even joke about them being a serial killer, get away from them as soon as possible. Your instincts are screaming that something is wrong.  Had Travis listened to his gut and trusted his instincts and never allowed Jodi  into his life again, he would probably be alive today.   May he rest in peace and may Jodi be held accountable  and deal with the effects that her actions caused for the rest of her natural life.