Trump’s Body Language Shows Shame As Well As Anger at Bill and Hillary


As Donald Trump begins his apology, we see his furrowed brows and wrinkling of his forehead and  a tight jaw,  which indicates he is very angry that he has to make an apology for actions he did 11 years earlier.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.01.23 PM.png

His tone is very defensive and his anger escalates as we see his lower jaw jut forward as an indication of this anger.


As he continues to apologize, we hear a monotone which is very unlike Trump’s usual inflected and lively ,animated tone. His eyes could also be caught moving back and forth  as he was clearly reading the teleprompter in his scripted message in a monotone voice.
Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.09.20 PM.png
Then he says what we would never expect to hear out of Donald Trump’s mouth, “I pledge to be a better man tomorrow.” As he says this, he  brings shoulders together and slightly hunches over, indicting shame and sincere contrition.
Then  Donald moves his body forward as though he is addressing you personally.  We  now see the Donald we know, animated  and intense as he says that ” this is nothing more than a distraction.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.12.41 PM.png
He is now his facially animated self as he says” we are less safe than we were 8 years ago”.  As he says this,  he turns his head to the side which appearrs to be a sincere gesture based on the context in which he is speaking.
Next, he says “ I ve said some foolish  things” as once again he pulls his shoulders inward  as a signal of embarrassment and shame.
Now we see a very confident Trump as he says ” there a big difference between words and actions of other people. As he says this he squares his shoulders in confidence . And then, in a more animated and louder tone he says ” Bill Clinton has abused women and Hillary Clinton has bullied, attacked, intimidated and shamed his victims.”
In general, he was sincere and showed remorse and shame for his actions as was demonstrated via the shame gestures of pulling his shoulders forward and hunching over a bit. However, he was angry that he was put in this situation of being no doubt forced to atone for his behavior as indicated by his monotone, reading the script, and angry facial  language of a furrowed brow and wrinkled forehead and tight jaw. But then we see the Donald we have come to know as he comes out swinging with squared shoulders as he uses this opportunity to pummel Bill for his abuse of women and Hillary for her behavior towards Bill’s victims.
Once again, this is a body language blog, not a political blog. I am not showing any favoritism or partiality towards one candidate over another. Donald Trump is the focus of this blog because he was the one who apologized. If Hillary was apologizing I would do an analysis of her body language.

Trump Shows Off For Billy Bush With Toxic Talk About Women As Bush Eggs On And Instigates Trump Hug Soap Star


In analyzing the hot mic tape, from Access Hollywood,  Trump ties to “get down”  by showing off  and trying to  bond with Access Hollywood anchor, Billy Bush,  who is half his age as they both engage in graphic “locker room talk”  about women. But when  reality hits and a  beautiful woman, a soap star named Arianne  actually ends up in  front of Trump, we see  a different story> We see that Trump is all  bravado and all talk as he greets her professionally. But then Billy instigates the situation by  encouraging Trump to give the soap star a hug which turned awkward.

Donald shows off  to Billy Bush how he took a “Nancy” ( perhaps Nancy O’Dell, Bush’s co-host at the time) and  tried to hit on a Nancy, a married woman and even took her furniture  shopping but that she shot him down “like a bitch.” Trump’s use of the word “bitch” is not referring to the actual definition which is “female dog,” but rather the colloquial term which according to the urban dictionary means “Modern-day servant” or aA person who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status.” So in essence, Trump was relaying to Billy how he :degraded “himself by going after a woman and failing with  his advances towards her. He justifies the failure by stating that she was married.
Also, the fact that Trump would want to hit on a married woman shows how Trump is into the challenge and how little respect he may possibly have for the sanctity of marriage, since  most people would consider a married woman off limits.
In licking his wound from getting  rejected from this married woman, Trump  now cuts her down by saying how she has the “big phony tits” . The use of the  slang word “tits” as opposed to “breasts”  is a more demeaning term as he describes how the woman changed her looks. In essence, he is using a derogatory term to trash “Nancy” for rejecting him.
Then, Billy  excitedly screams out to Trump that his “girl is hot as shit”. In the purple. It is hard to tell to whom they are referring. It can’t be Melania who  actually is Trump’s “girl”  ( his wife). The sudden excitement in Bush’s tone indicates that it is a woman he has just noticed  is wearing purple. The  “your girl”  reference may be  a  reference  to the girl Trump is about to meet for the show or to do a scene with in the soap opera as that women turned out to be wearing purple. But it is unclear as to the exact identity of the woman in purple.
Bush is hyper reactive as he yells out “Woah” “My man” to Trump, thereby indicating that he looks up to Trump as it pertains to women.

Then Trump calls Bush a “pussy” which according to the Urban dictionary is  slang for “women’s genitals” or for “someone acting weak or cowardly”. In either case, it is a demeaning reference that Trump is making towards Billy Bush.

Then the two of them see a woman, and are not sure who it is. Bush says that it better not be the publicist. He then reassures Trump that “it is her”- meaning  the woman whom they are supposed to meet- a soap star.
Trump gets back into “impress Billy Bush mode” by saying that he needs some Tic Tac ( a breath mint) in case he starts kissing the woman. He continues on by saying
that he is attracted to beautiful women and starts kissing them like a magnet. If this is true and not just bravado, it shows that Trump has no boundaries. In this day and age just kissing any woman to whom you are simply attracted to like a magnet, can find you ending up in a sexual harassment or a battery suit. Billy further encourages Trump as he engages in a hyena- like cacking laugh.
This causes Trump to further try to impress Bush with his next statement – that he just kisses and doesn’t even wait. If this is true, the statement shows an impulsiveness on Trump’s part as well as a disrespect as he doesn’t “even wait” for the woman’s reaction  or permission to kiss her. Instead he just lays a kiss on her.
 Then Trump goes on to even further impress Bush by letting him know that when you a star, women will let you do anything ( which is sadly true having witnessed it first hand in Hollywood throughout the years). But the statement shows an objectification about woman and a disrespect for those who let him do anything to them. In afiton, the statement reflects his entitlement.Bush of course, eggs Trump on by saying to Trump “whatever you want.”
As a result  of  Bush’s verbal encouragement,  Trump steps it up a notch as he  escalates his “impress Billy Bush” talk by using more shocking references to show just how far  he can go and relays  all he can do to woman, simply  because of his star power.
He shockingly says “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” Now we hear Bush cackling away. Then Bush  immediately changes the subject and refers to the woman they are about to meet  , whom he and Trump observe from their vantage point on the bus. Bush, in reference to the woman , says that all he can see is legs. Trump agrees that the woman’s legs look nice.
The next statement  reflects how concerned Trump is about his own image as he says that “it is always good that you don’t fall out of the bus” like former President Gerald Ford did. Obviously Trump is preparing to make an entrance from the bus as Billy instructs him to push the door handle down and out.
Now we see Trump emerge from the bus. But we don’t see Trump kiss the woman in the shoulderless dress. Instead, we see Trump  simply taking the woman’s hand as she extends her  arm for a handshake.
Trump appears gentlemanly  in contrast to his ” on- the- bus -impress- Billy Bush rhetoric” and cordially tells the woman it is nice to see her .
and then Trump  introduces her to Billy Bush.
Billy greets the woman by name- Arianne, as they shake hands while Trump looks on  in the distance.
The woman turns to Trump and asks him if he is ready to be a soap star? Trump looks directly at her, making eye contact as he stands  a professional  arms-length distance from her, while Bush now continues on in the  background.
Trump is being very professional as he stand at a  safe distance from the woman with his straight posture as his focus is on the task at hand- her making him into a soap star.
But after hearing all the “pussy” talk and Trump’s  talk about  spontaneously kissing beautiful women “like a magnet,”   Bush seems to be surprised that Trump wasn’t delivering  all that he told Bush about  during their on the bus chat.
So Bush, forgetting the intention of why Trump was there with this soap star in the first place- to have the woman try to turn him into a soap star, Bush immaturely and unprofessionally focuses on his and Trump’s on- the -bus personal conversation and tells the soap star that Donld just got off the  bus and  inappropriately asks her to give Donald a hug.
She is taken aback  as she literally  pulls her body back while looking at Bush as though  he is crazy.  Trump’s mouth is a bit agape as he seems surprised by this as well.
But  Arianne  obliges and puts her arm around Donald’s shoulder. Unlike his on-the bus- ungentlemanly rhetoric, Trump acts as a gentleman  by asking Arianne if she would like a little hug, especially  since Bush has manipulated the situation that was not Trump’s idea or intention to hug Arianne. Because he was feeling awkward about the situation ,Trump uses the word “darling” as he refers to  Arianne , he says this  in order to create more comfort during an act which is more intimate than he originally intended- a hug.
Trump reluctantly seems to give her a hug and a reluctant tight lipped kiss on her cheek as indicated by his stiff  body language and tight facial muscles His head does not move towards her and he is not smiling. This indicates that he does not seem to pleased about doing this . Furthermore, he says to her “Melania says this is OK.” This shows the reality that Trump was indeed thinking about Melania and trying to not disrespect her publicly. Even though he showed a of this  bravado  to Billy Bush about what he does when around beautiful women, truth be told, it appears to be all talk and no action as we have seen in this scenario.
While this exchange  between Donald Trump and Billy Bush took place in 2005, eleven years before Bush became a big on air celeb and Trump had any inkling of running for the highest position the land, it shows two men being obnoxious and disrespectful about women  where one  is showing off for the other while the other  is egging him on. But when push comes to shove, all that bravado and toxic talk about woman is just a lot of hot air as we saw in  the tape.  Trump didn’t  do what he claimed to do in regards to  women.
Since the emergence of this tape. both men  issued an apology. Bush said he was young and immature  and that he is embarrassed by this tape. Trump has also issued an  apologiy for offending anyone who listened to the tape.

Pence Body Language Calm Controlled Kaine Hostile Nervous and Moderator Weak





Before I begin discussing the VP  candidates in the debates, it is essential that I speak about the moderator Elaine Quijano, of CBSN. While her makeup was done well and she had shiny hair and nice long fake lashes that accented her appearance, in my view, she  was clearly not ready for prime time in moderating these debates. She was weak and let the candidates completely overpower her. She had no gravitas and her voice lacked inflection. She didn’t focus on her questions and firmly insist that they answer. instead, she  let them run roughshod over her. She had no control  whatsoever over the candidates and is a large part of why this debate took a negative turn in many instances. She needed to stop the interrupting immediately. Instead she did nothing.


My observations strictly involve both candidate’s body language and communication, not their political beliefs as this is a non-partisan blog.

From this standpoint, Pence came out the winner. He was cool, calm and collected and level-headed. His posture was excellent and his facial expressions and body language matched what he said. His voice was powerful and inflected and his body language and voice showed confidence.


Pence used  the words “ridiculous” and “false”  and  made facial expressions to indicate that he thought Kaine’s accusations were  ridiculous as he  shook his head when Kaine said something he deemed false or over the top. He even said  to Kaine “come on.”

He was not going to allow Kaine to put words into his mouth and called him on it.


On the other hand, Kaine came out of the box with hostility and with a low blow comment about about being scared of the Trump Presidency. It was uncalled for and made Kaine look bad. Pence didn’t go there until later on in the debate when he spoke of Hillary’s emails and server and confidential emails.

Kaine also had a phony grin. When he was uncomfortable, he smiled a phony smile. He seemed to be programmed with rehearsed rhetoric. When he said  the slogan, “Hillary hires and Trump fires,” Pence called him on it and asked if he himself work on it.

He also came out of the box mentioning his wife. It was odd because his wife had nothing to do what he was discussing.

He continued making the same  attacks we have all heard about Trump instead of speaking about what he and Hillary would do as President and Vice President. These hostile rehearsed low blows didn’t elevate him in the public’s eyes in my view.

His interrupting was done so often that it became obnoxious. It made him look very bad. It showed that he was impulsive, immature, and lacked control. As he constantly interrupted, he continued talking over Pence and tried to run roughshod over him. But it didn’t work. It was disturbing to the listener, who couldn’t hear either candidate because Kaine was speaking over Pence. What is interesting is that whenever Pence said something that hit a nerve with Kaine, Kaine interrupted, instead of waiting his turn and dealing with the issue at hand.

And what made him look even worse was that whenever any question was asked, he brought up Trump’s taxes. It was as though he had nothing else to say. He also did not answer many questions and went around in circles which made him seem like he really didn’t know the topics well. He recited rhetoric we have all heard before like a “loyal soldier,” as Pence called him. But to me, it sounded more like a “loyal parrot” who just said what he memorized. There was no genuine emotion or inflection behind what he said, only anger and hostility.


Kaine was phony in his gestures as they were not sincere. He tried to make the phony gesture we see so many politicians making, with the index and pointer finger both pinched against the thumb. Only Kaine just pinched his two fingers together while her balled the together three fingers into a fist. This indicated a lack of confidence in what he was saying.


While steepling can make you appear confident, doing it at the wrong time, like during a debate can make you appear smug and arrogant which was the case with Kaine.


In a televised shot showing the candidates from the back of the table, Kaine was seen moving and kicking his legs, indicating that he was nervous.

He also showed nervousness by sipping water four times during the debate. He was cotton or dry mouthed and he was seen swallowing  hard when Pence responded to his accusations. He often licked his lips as well, which further indicated nervousness.

The pitch of his voice also reflected his nervousness as it was a little high indicating tenseness of the muscles when he spoke. It was not a commanding voice and did not reflect gravitas. He also seemed to go around in circles in discussing topics which he didn’t have a strong handle on.


While the finger point towards another person means anger, a finger pointing upwards in Western culture shows arrogance. There was a smug,  tight, insincere smile and an arrogance when he spoke.


When Pence called him out on not putting words into his mouth Kaine was shaken up. He was literally taken aback as she pulled back body language wise, tightened his lips and physically retreated  as you can see in the  photo above.


When Pence spoke, Kaine often looked down.He did not look connected in many instances. This may have also indicated his nervousness.


What was very interesting was when Pence spoke on certain issues, Kaine shook his head “yes” as though he agreed with Pence on a subliminal level on many of these issues.


The only time Kaine showed sincerity and a lack of rote rhetoric was when he spoke of his faith.He said he was against the death penalty. But then he was confronted by Pence who profoundly wondered how someone could not be for the death penalty and not be pro life. Kaine seemed to be taken aback by this. Deep down he, no doubt, realized the hypocrisy of favoring life for a criminal and not favoring  life for an unborn who was in the later stages of being formed.

If you think I am being hard on Kaine and not on Pence you are right. It has nothing to do with  politics. It has to do with how he presented himself and he presented himself poorly.  He did not come across well with his interrupting,  low blows, smugness, and rote rhetoric. He did not come across well bringing up the same topic (Trumps taxes) for every question he was asked. It would be like Pence bringing up Hillary’s  having a private email server in her home and mentioning the erased emails at every question.  If Pence behaved as Kaine did I would have said the same thing about him. But that is not the case. Instead, Pence came across more mature, in control and more Vice Presidential or even Presidential in my view.

We must never forget that  a A Vice President is only  a heartbeat away from becoming a President at any time.

Former Miss Universe Shows Signals of Deception regarding “Miss Piggy and Miss Housekeeping” Trump Accusation


Putting politics aside or how you may feel about Donald Trump, the specific accusation that the former Miss Universe  Alicia Machado, who gained 60 pounds, made about Donald Trump calling her “Miss Piggy and “Miss  Housekeeping” shows multiple signs of deception from looking away, to incongruous head movement in relation to speech, to duping delight, to specific speech tells indicative of deception.

In analyzing the Inside Edition video, where she speaks to my dear friend Jim Moret, whom I have known ever since we began our careers as reporters at the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles-KABC TV, I have seen many signs of deception as she reports that Trump called her “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping”. Continue reading

Trump Clinton Debate Body Language -Nervousness and Nastiness

While Hillary and Trump both made good points and presented themselves  well in many instances, there were some some not so good points as you will see in this blog.


The worst thing about the debates was the personal attacks made, which Hillary started. Trump did not start out the debate with being nasty. In fact he was gentlemanly in his tone and demeanor.  However , when Hillary started with him, he gave as good as he got.

But this is not what voters wanted to see. They wanted to hear from each candidates mouth what they would do and what the issues were. The worst thing that Hillary did was say what Donald said. He immediately interrupted her to let voters know that what she was saying was  not true. All candidates needed to speak for themselves and not have the other put words in their mouths.


When they both arrived on stage, Trump placed his arm around Hillary’s back in a gentlemanly fashion. He was also much softer as he began  the debates until Hillary started  the attack about his father, which changed the entire tone of the debate.  Trump was having none of that and solidly defended his father as he said while he got a sizable loan when he started his business,  he grew it into a billion dollar business and that is what he would do to the country.


When Donald spoke Hillary often looked down as he spoke.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-14-13-pmShe also often glared at him as you see here.


She also gave him a smug look as he spoke as she pursed her lips.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-7-21-14-pmBut when he called her on something or defended himself ,she would exhibit an inappropriate  mask-like phony smile.

screen-shot-2016-09-26-at-6-35-01-pmTrump was more real in his facial language towards Hillary as he showed genuine upset as he furrowed his brow and pursed his lips when she said something that upset him.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.54.45 PM.pngscreen-shot-2016-09-26-at-8-53-50-pm

They were both guilty of making that phony politician non- gesture to express their points as they pinched their thumb with their index finger.However Trump did it less often than Hillary.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 8.59.16 PM.png

In fact, he pointed more which was a genuine gesture to reflect his true emotion of anger, based on what he was speaking about.

Now I will analyze each of the candidates separately and  in more detail.


To start, Hillary never looked better.  Her hair  was well coiffed  and the blond highlights looked great on camera, Her makeup was impeccable. Unlike many of her pant suits in the past, this  pant suit was very well tailored and fit well as it was  a great orange- red color  for television. Her posture was excellent and she spoke well as her voice was  formidable and strong. She was more animated and less monotone and mechanical than she had been in the past. She was articulate and flowing in her tones. She never hesitated vocally or speaking wise. Anyone  who ever had any doubts about her health could see that she didn’t show any symptoms on stage which may have indicated  that she maybe in poor health.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.12.18 PM.png


But there were some not so great points with Hillary . Whenever she was “busted” by Trump or called out for something she did, she had an annoying  smug grin to mask her upset. In essence, she was covering up her true angry or embarrassed feelings with a smile.  You could tell it was a phony smile becuase her eyes didn’t crinkle.  It was not genuine. If she was irritated, she needed to show that on her face and not hide it.

She was nervous initially  and swallowed a lot as Donald spoke.  Initially, her blinks were slow but as the debate progressed she didn’t  have this slow blinking, which  I believe was due to fake eyelash discomfort. I recognize that blink because I have done it as well when my  fake lashes needed some getting used to and there were  camera lights shining in my face.

But most of all, we saw a really nasty side to Hillary. Trump started out gentlemanly and soft in his tone, but Hillary started the personal attacks. This nastiness is not what the public wanted to hear.These were personal attacks that were uncalled for like talking about Trump’s father and his wealth. Trump was upset by this and retorted that even though he got a loan from his family, he grew that loan into a billion of dollar business.

Then Hillary pulled out the Bill card which lead Trump to call NAFTA the worst decision made. Then Hillary continued being nasty by telling Trump he “lived in his own reality.” That was uncalled for. He did not attack her “reality”.

Then she did the unconscionable and promoted  her book out in front of millions of people saying “it is coming out tomorrow”. That looked cheap and unPresidential in my view. Also whenever Trump spoke here were moments that she showed that she agreed with him via her body language as she nodded her head. Butfor the most part, she had a smug look on her face. Then she advertised her website, which was also not a very Presidential thing to do  during this debate.

Then she got super nasty and in essence called Trump “crazy” and made up the names  like “Trump Loophole” and “Trump Plan”  as she increased  her attack on him. Again these attacks did not make her look good. Then she accused him of “Bait and Switch.” She in essence called Trump a “Racist” and brought up an old court case where he was in a class action suit, which  he explained as occurring when he was young. He then went on to say what a great relationship he had with the Black community and how he did not allow racism in Palm Beach at his property. But in my view  he should have turned to Hillary and and said enough of this nastiness from you. He should have said loudly, I AM NOT A RACIST. SO DON’T DARE PAINT ME AS ONE. He needed to be much stronger with that.

Then Hillary said that  the reason why she wasn’t out campaigning was because she was preparing for the debate and preparing to be President which was also a hit below the belt. Then she started to put words in Trump’s mouth that Trump said he didn’t say. He called her on the fact that he didn’t say them  and she put those words into his mouth. She hit him hard and below the belt  with saying that he stiffed someone who worked for him out of money. Trump responded that the person didn’t do a good job.  All of this back and forth initiated by Hillary was uncomfortable for many to watch. It seemed very “Housewives of Whatever Reunion Show” instead of a Presidential Debate.



Trump’s hair and make- up were not done well so he did not look his best for this debate. His hair looked washed out and the style looked strange. For the next debate, he needs to follow Hillary’s lead and get a darker base color and some blond highlights put in which shows better on camera. That  would make him look  much better. He also needs to lose the grey on the sides. His makeup also didn’t look great.  He needs to use MAC NW 25 as that would be a perfect shade for him. Also he needed some mascara , and the lids covered with makeup as well as his eyes looked too beady. The blue tie didn’t work. He needed to stick to red as it would make him look more formidable than he did with the blue tie.


 Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 9.26.31 PM.png

When they spoke about Bait and Switch his  upper lip was perspiring, indicting that he was upset by what was said. His  autonomic nervous system was working overtime showing that he was nervous and a little off of his game initially. But then he recovered mid- debate and was back to his old confident self.  During the time he showed a bit of nervousness, his breathing was audible and shallow at times i There was nose scratching 9 whch was seen with Hillary as well) and a lot of water drinking for his “cotton mouth” or dry mouth.You could tell her was nervous in the beginning as his lips and mouth seemed dry as she spoke.

The absolute worst thing Trump could have said when Hillary called him on not paying taxes was that he “was smart.” That did not go over will with either party and was a terrible comment that I am sure he regrets saying. It made him look bad as though we, the non-billionaire people have to pay taxes and he can skirt the tax issues because he is smart. People go to jail for not paying taxes so this was the wrong message to give. Whether he meant it differently in terms of taking advantage of the tax system in regards to his business , it came off very poorly.

When Hillary called him a racist should have turned to Hillary  loudly proclaimed I AM NOT A RACIST so DONT DARE PAINT ME AS ONE. He needed to be much stronger in pointing that out. Those who know Trump well know that he is not a racist and he needed to let everyone know that in no uncertain terms.  He needed to say that he was sick of these false attributions to him. However, he did give it back to Hillary when he said that she called Black people “Super Predators.” He also gave it back to her when he said that it was her people in her campaign that put out the photo of Obama in Kenyan attire and that Sidney Blumenthal who worked directly under her was the one who started the birther issue with Obama.

He also called her on ISIS and asked what many were thinking -why she didn’t do something about it before. He also made some good points about who hacked the system and said he didn’t know. But he lost points when he called someone out for being 400 pounds as he said “who knows it could be Russia or China or a 400 pound person in their bedroom.” He could have eliminated the 400 pound person example.

While Trump got it from Hillary  several times, he  gave it back as he said he  would release his Tax returns when Hillary releases the 33 emails she erased and called her on it by saying it was horrible what she did. She simply replied in a cold rehearsed tone as she said that it was a mistake .But she still didn’t address  what happened to those emails.


I really like Lester Holt a lot as a host and as an interviewer. I have even had the good fortune of having him interview me on the Today show.  But as a moderator he left a lot to be desired in this debate. He allowed the personal attacks which he should have cut off in my view.  He let both candidates walk over him and didn’t keep the time limits  fairly.


I have some advice for both candidates for the the next debates.

  1. Stop putting words in one another’s mouth and telling what the other person said. Let them say it for themselves.
  2. Next, stop the nastiness. Only speak about what YOU would do and leave it at that. Leave it to the voters to figure out.
  3. Speak emotionally and passionately and be real in every way as you share your thoughts and views with the public in a non- rehearsed phony manner.
  4. Be respectful to one another and stop bringing up their issues or things about their family or what they did. Let them discuss defend their issues with the moderator, not with you.
  5. Stop the nastiness in ads and on the campaign trail. Don’t even mention your opponent. Just mention YOU and what YOU plan to do.


After the debates they both walked out on stage and appeared cordial but Trump was not his usual peppy, electric, charismatic  self. He was more subdued.


He wasn’t smiling as much as he usually does when he is around his family. He looked as though this debate took a toll on him. He seemed reflective and didn’t go down into the audience to mingle like Hillary did. Perhaps he didn’t expect it to be that nasty.

And as a reminder to any haters. This is not political as I am not political. This is an analysis of what each of the the candidates said and how they said it and the impact of their body language and communication on the public.  I addressed BOTH candidates fairly and honestly and did not give any preferential treatment to one over the tother.


Body Language and Speaking Advice From Dr. Lillian Glass to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton During The Debates

The biggest debate of the century will take place Monday night on September 26, 2016. There is a lot riding on this debate because it will tell us so much about both candidates as we see them up close and personal.As a body language expert and communciation expert I am sharing my advice for ech of them indivudually and for both of them as candidates.

No matter how confident Donald Trump has come across in the past, there is no question that he may have a lot of concerns regarding this debate in terms of how to best handle himself. The same is true for Hillary Clinton. Trump may be wondering  how aggressive to come across towards Hillary, especially when there has been such public speculation with regard to her health issues. Hillary onthe other hand, may be wondering how to address Trump  should he come out swinging- verbally that is.

The key body language tell that viewers will be looking for deals with the level of the candidate’s confidence. Do they come across Presidential or not? Do they do or say things that reflect the office? Do they show tentativeness or nervousness?

So what are the signs to look for to help us determine if  a candidate is nervous vs confident?  Here is a list below: They may be                                                                         a.  perspiring indicated by wiping their face or hands  or sweat above upper lip and forehead                                                                                                                                                        b.rocking back and forth or fidgeting                                                                                               c.having extraneous hand movements                                                                                                     d. saying like um or uh a lot                                                                                                                         e. licking their lips a lot                                                                                                                                   f. taking deep breaths to oxygenate themselves                                                                                   g. looking down                                                                                                                                                   h. talking too fast                                                                                                                                               i. taking too slow                                                                                                                                                j. not getting to the point                                                                                                                               k. rambling and talking too much                                                                                               l.excessive eye blinking                                                                                                                                   m. throat clearing                                                                                                                                              n. nose pulling, scratching  or wiping                                                                                                          o. face scratching

Many of these “tells” can also signify whether the candidate is telling the truth or lying That is why you must listen for the context as deception can only be discovered in the specific context. For instance if Hillary is asked about her emails and you see any of these body language tells, it may indicate that she may not be telling the truth. Similarly, if Trump is asked about his taxes and you see any of these signs in the context during which he was asked the specific question, then you may question whether or not he is forthright.


The advice I have for Donald trump is

  1. Don’t talk about how great you are. We already know it as we have heard it way too often from you.                                                                                                                                           2. Don’t yell and get  overly hostile or aggressive. Keep your cool and show that you can be level headed under pressure.                                                                                            3.Use inflected and modulated tones so it doesn’t appear that you are shouting at Hillary, which will alienate people.                                                                                                    4. Don’t go over the top with high dramatics.                                                                                5. Stick to the issues and don’t get off point,no matter how  much you are tempted to do so.                                                                                                                                                           6. Keep being real with your gestures and body language as that is what makes people relate to you.                                                                                                                                                7. Tone it down by not doing or saying anything embarrassing as this is your moment to shine in front of 120 million people.
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The advice for Hillary is:

1. Do not cough as it will validate what so many feel about you- that you are ill. Take a cough suppressant before you go on stage so you won’t have that issue since they are not stopping the debate incase you have a choking fit.                                                                                 2. Get more animated. Don’t sound so boring.                                                                                  3.Don’t use that sing song cadence where you lose the message in terms of what you want to convey.                                                                                                                                                              4. Don’t shout to get key points across. Instead use inflection to make your point. 5. Stop with the phony pointing gestures used by JFK back in the 60’s because his speech coach said it was the right thing to do. It is NOT the right thing to do. If you are angry or you want to make a point- point with your pointer finger instead of  using that phony gesture where you pinch your pointer and index finger to your thumb.                                                                      5. Stop smiling when you are upset as it make you look phony.                                                        6. Don’t spin things as it only makes you look worse. Instead, tell the truth and if you messed up give a sincere apology.                                                                                                              7. Stop having a defensive tone. If you are upset let you face say ot along with your words.Make sure your facial expression matches the tone of what you are saying.


And to both candidate here is some major advice:                                                                                   1. Please be respectful to one another. Both of you have worked extremely hard to get to this point and need to be commended on your victories thus far.                                                    2.Do not attack one another and say what the other candidate did or thinks. Let them speak for themselves without your putting words in their mouth to make them look bad. What you don’t realize is that when you do this, it make you look bad. So don’t get nasty and hit below the belt. Keep it classy and elegant.                                                                           3.Stick to the issues and get your specific  points across. Tell us what you will do without discussing your opponent in an attempt to make them look bad. Make yourself look good by not making the  other person look bad. All the voter is interested in is the issues not your personality.  We want to know how you really think and feel about  the issues athand and how it will affect our lives in the future.