Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.18.18 PM.pngWhen someone begins a statement with “So” it is not a got sign in the telling the truth department.  His looking down is also a red flag in terms of being honest and forthright.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad  says “we don’t have any chemical weapons” and says this in a monotone with a glottal fry as he dies off at the end of his statement which is usually a major signal of deception,

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.23.15 PM.png

He then gets really breathy and his breathing changes as he says “we gave up our arsenal two years ago.”. This is also a signal of deception in most cases. As he says this he looks down and you can see the visible change in his respiration as he uses more upper chest breathing.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 3.26.50 PM.png

He says even if r had them we wouldn’t use them ( said in an unemotional montone) , he then says UH ( another signal of deception in this contexts) as he says he have never used UH our chemical arsenal in our history. His head is cocked to the side as you see here which is also often  signal of deception considering the context. His voice is breathy and waivering and not solid as one’s voice would be if they were being forthright in denying chemical attacks.

When asked by the interviewer what happened, he doesn’t make sense. He says “as I said” but he didn’t say .. Then he blames it on Al Qaeda.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.23.04 PM.png

With head still cocked to the side and monotone low intensity and low volume speech pattern, he covers himself for liable as he says It is our impression that the West – the United States is hand and glove with the terrorists. As he says this there is a mono-expression which means no emotion and no reaction on his face. And then he raises his eyebrows which means he is doubting what he has just said which is a signal of deception

He continues to die off at the end of his sentences and is barely audible which is yet another signal of deception. He continues to cover himself by saying “that is what we believe .” He doesnt accuse, he just gives his opinion so legally he can’t get into hot water.

He says that the US made this up as a pretext and “that is what ‘we” believe.” He says it is propaganda and thereas no investigation. As he says this he is still monototne and dies off at end.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.30.45 PM.png

Now look at his body language,turned inward His  toes  are turned inward whichin dicates insecurity on his part which is also reflected in his tone and voice pattern and his fingers are interlocked as he gestures.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.34.40 PM.png

You also see a shoulder shrug which further indicates deceptive movement as he continues to point the finger at Al Qaeda.And he begins his next statement with a long EHHHHH sound which does not do much for his credibility in my view.

“About the attack it is not clear whether it happened or not”, says Asad. He dies off at the end as he says this which is a signal of deception.

He also shows the back of his hand as she gestures which can also bee seen as a signal of deception along with his barely audible voice which speaks volumes to me.

He then says we don’t know if it   happened or not as you  can’t tell since there are so many “fake videos” out there  on the internet now. He says they are Al Qaeda who shave their beard wore white hats and appeared as humanitarian  heroes which is not the case. As eh says this he strugs his shoulder.

He also questions of the children were really children of that area or if they were dead at all. The then asks who committed the attack if there was an attack?

The fact that he is asking questions, instead of giving answers concerns me.  When people ask a myriad of questions as opposed to giving facts, it is often suspect and leads one to believe they are not  being forthright.

He says you have no information at all as he shrugs his shoulders. Well since he is being accused, why not get some information and show proof that he didn’t do it as he said. But by asking questions and pointing the finger and speculation it makes one further dowt Assad’s veracity  of what he is saying and credibility.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.47.36 PM.png

At the end he gets defensive and puts his hand between his legs indicating that he is feeling vulnerable in doing this gesture. He gestures with his palms to him and that is also not a good signal as far as being truthful is concerned in my estimation.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 4.49.38 PM.pngAnd finally what really makes me believe he is not being forthright is that when he is asked if he thinks this is a fabrication, looks down and shakes his head no when he should be shaking it yes as he relies, :”Definately, a 100 percent  and stammers on the words huh hundred percent. His voice and tone is also disturbing to me in that it is too monotone and he is way too inaudible

In order to get a baseline of how Assad sounded earlier in his speeches, his voice appeared strong and audible and his gestures were more formidable and forceful. So that leads me to believe he knows a lot more than he is saying in the interview to the BBC.


Obama and Xi Body Language at G20 Shows Much Tension Between the Two


Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.20.48 AM

Since this is not a political blog, I am not going to get into the politics of the G20 taking place in China. Instead, I am going to comment on the body language of  US President Obama and China’s  leader Xi Jinping. The bottom line is that there was a lot of tension between the two. As you can see in the photo above, their  their interaction was frosty..They are both giving one another the “cold shoulder”as both of them have their shoulders raised in relation to the other, Their bodies are also turned away from one another and there is tension in both of their  mouths and in their lower law and jin indicating anger towards one another.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.22.41 AM

Their photo op with a handshake was also very tense. Both of their lips are pursed and there was tension in their lower jaws. their bodies  are turned away from one another. While Xi literally gives Obama the “cold shoulder” as you can see as he turns out with his body facing the camera.  Obama attempts to turn his body towards Xi. Xi’s thumb is on top as the two of them shake hands for the photo op. This  is  a demonstration of a power play  where Xi appears to literally be on top and in control.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.22.59 AM

In another pose where the two leaders are shaking hands for the camera, Xi’;s thumb  is still on top of Obama’s as he seems to be the one tightly  grasping on to Obama’s hand,.Obama shows anger here as his hand is balled into a fist as there is tension in the muscles in his hand. There is also a great deal of tension in Obama’s body as he appears stiff. While his shoulder is facing Xi, his head is  also  leaning towards  Xi, but Xi’s head is leaning away from Obama which further indicates tension and  perhaps even dislike towards Obama, as though he is repelled by Obama. The dislike is apparently not one sided as Obama feels the same way towards Xi. His facial expression says it all. as his eyes are tight and lips are pursed in a phony smile. The fact that they are both looking n different directions is also a signal of negativity between them. Xi also has a phony smile and is extremely stiff with tension as she stands next to Obama. One can  actually feel the tension in this awkward moment between the two.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 7.25.39 AMWhen th When the two of them are sitting down next to one another, things do not fare much better. Obama has his arm covering his upper body which is a signal of defensiveness. The fact that his hand is curled up in a ball shows that he is also angry- angry and defensive when sitting next to Xi. Obama’s  anger is also reflected in the tense muscles in his lower jaw.  as he purses his lips. Xi does try to lighten up as he leans more in Obama’s direction in an attempt to be more engaging towards Obama. But the reality is that his true feelings towards Obama has leaked out through his pursed lips and tense smile.

The bottom line is that they both appear to be very uncomfortable and even disturbed by one another. No matter how they try to appear cordial in front of camera, the body and face do not lie.  In essence, there is no love lost between these two world leaders .

Netanyahu DOES NOT Make Nazi Salute During UN Speech As Media Suggests

To even insinuate in the media that  Israel’s Rime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is making a Nazi gesture during his UN Speech  and to try to connect his gestures  with a vulgar dictator in a devastating era is both ignorant and irresponsible. It  indicates that

a. it is a slow news day so news is being manufactured or

b) someone is out to stir up hatred.

Both Associated Press and Reuters have published photos of Netanyahu indicating that he made a shocking gesture. They have it completely wrong.

Dr. Lillian Glass Bo…

A Nazi salute and Nazi gesture devised by Aldoph Hitler in the 1930’s is where the the right arm  (not the left arm as seen in Netanyahu’s photo)  is extende to at least to eye level,  the hand is straightened the hand so that it is parallel to the arm and the thumb is tucked in as you can see in the photo of Adolph Hilter.

As you can see Netanyau’ s thumb is open and the gesture is not rigid. It was done to express distance

To even insinuate  associating Netanyau with this gesture is ridiculous, especially considering  the fact that many of his family member’s lives were  destroyed  and many were murdered by  Hitler’s regime during the Holocaust . 

Rupert Murdoch’s Sincere And Humble Body Language

It takes a big person to admit wrongdoing and an even bigger person to accept a heartfelt apology.

 Media mogul Rupert Murdoch felt so bad about the murdered girl who had her voice mails hacked into that Murdoch ”held his head in his hands, many times” as he apologized to the girl’s parents for his newspaper’s culpability.

The girls parents showed their ability to forgive by stating that they hope that News of the World will now publish the truth and not engage in these nefarious activities.

Besides holding his head in his hands several times which means “woe” and despair” and “extreme  contrition,” when mobbed by  the press  he managed to once again express his sorrow for what had happened. He placed his hand over his heart which indicated  heartfelt sincerity and true sorrow.

He continued to hold his hand over his chest as he turned around, which indicated his sincerity and true sorrow for what happened.  


Obama and Netanyahu’s Body Language Reveal They Can’t Stand One Another

After looking at the body language of  President  Obama and  Israeli Prime Minister  Benjamin Netanyahu,  it is safe to say that there is no love lost between them as they show signals of mutual disdain for one another.  We usually see world  leaders act more diplomatically and  hide their true inner feelings when they appear in public. But this is not the case with the American and Israeli leader.  

The expression” if looks could kill “certainly applies to the above photo.  Obama’s  veins are literally popping out of his forehead in anger as he gives Netanyahu a steely gaze with furrowed brow.  Obama also has his hand on his lower jaw. He  contorts his lip in a snarl, much like an animal does when they are angry and ready to attack.  This facial expression  is an expression of intesnse disdain towards another person. 

The visible  persperation and shiny skin  quality to  both the President and Prime Minister’s  forehead and midface  also  reveal the intense negative emotion they must both be experiencing.

In the above photo you can see the shiny persperation on Netanyahu’s forehead indicating the emotional toll this is taking as he hears President Obama speak. The fact that Netanyahu’s head is cocked to the side indicates that he is in doubt of what Obama is saying and doesn’t agree with him or believe him. The slight jutting forwrd to Netanyahu’s lower jaw indicates that he is angry.

Obama’s curved fingers as she expresses his thoughts signify anger. His lowered  eyelids continue to  reflect  his anger when he speaks as well.

When it is  Netanyahu’s turn to speak we see that his open handed gesture and wide eyed look  indicate that he is being open and communicative. Obama on the other hand is not receptive to what he has to say as he hold on to his lower jaw in anger . You can see the degree of  Obama’s anger as you observe the indentation in the skin made by Obama’s pointer finger.  He also  literally gives Netanyahu the “cold shoulder”  as the shoulder is sharply  pointed in Netanyahu’s direction.

Obama’s finger point is an extremely hostile gesture.  His cupped and shows  continued anger as does his steely eyed gaze. You can also see evidence of Obama;s outward anger as you can observe his vein and muscles s popping out on the side of his neck. Their heads are mirrored towards one another, indicating that they are literally going “head to head.”

Netamyahu returns the steely glance but tries his best to contain himself  by holding on to his hands. But his anger leaks out as he subconsciously points his pointer  finger towards Obama as if to mirror Obama’s admonition.

This photo reveals the most awkward handshake two leaders have ever given one another. It is an angry  handshake which indicates that neither side will budge. Ther is a stiffness of the hands and fingers and the upward thumbs indicates that they are both vying for power.

 Neither one wants the other’s  thumb on top, which is an indication of power. Netanyahu’s curved fingers and extended pointer finger on his other hand indicates how he really feels about having to shake Obama’s hand. He is angry and  cannot stand to do  it.

The same holds true for Obama who stares down at his hands in anger and hostility. Both have tight jaws and forced smiles with lots of tension in the jaw region which screams of anger towards one another.

This photo says a lot about posturing as they attempt to gain their composure. They both are seen grooming themselves, straightening up their pants and pulling up their belts and buttoning jackets, This  is often a signal of  discomfort.  They have so much animosity towards one another that they cannot even look at one another. When people look in opposite directions it usually means that they are not like minded. This is definately the case here. these two are clealy not like minded.

They can’t seem to get further away from one another as they are turned away from one another . Netanyahu even turns away his head in disgust and gives Obama the cold shoulder  as Obama tries to contain himself by clasping his hands together. However  Obama’s  rage leaks out through his extended   thumbs. Obama’s feelings are clealry mirrored in his his tight lipped sneer as he gazes downwards.

Body language wise these photos are extremly disturbing. They show the intense hostility each one of these world leaders  feels towards the other on a very personal level.  This will make any discussion  between them extremely painful  and  most likely  fruitless. It is difficult to communicate, let alone  negotitate with anyone whom you simply cannot stand.

William and Kate’s Body Language An Inspiration and Welcome Break From World’s Toxicity

In these days of tsunamis, earthquakes radiation leakages, tornadoes, fires, wars, killings, kidnappings and murder, and a world filled with Toxic hate from bullies who make others lives miserable until they commit suicide  there was nothing more welcoming to refuel our souls than to see two genuine people in love  Kate and William Wales. It was so touching to see them exchange their vows

What made most of us shed a tear or two was knowing that the last time William and his brother Harry  walked into that cavernous Westminster Abby they were filled with  with pain and loss. Even though it was different now, they must have had waves of emotion when they thought of their mother and how she could not join them to see this joyous occasion.

Seeing Harry  with his head bowed down as he entered the church  made me think that he must have had some mixed emotions at that moment.

William  was excited and nervous as one could tell from his lip licking due to his  “cotton mouth” when he first entered the church. But his nervousness subsided when he approached friends and family and felt   their warm embrace. He complimented some of the female guests and told them they looked lovely. Seeing people he loved and who loved him back was the best thing that could have happened to him as he headed  down the aise  of the church to wait for his bride.


As soon as Kate stepped out of the  Queen’s Rolls Royce and  on  the red carpet to begin her journey,  you could see immediate signs of a future Queen with a straight and regal posture. Even though she no doubt had twinges of  nervousness, one would never know it. She seemed like a seasoned professional royal.

As she walked down the aisle with her father it was the most beautiful sight. No casting agent for a Hollywood movie could have done a better job picking the right Princess or father of the Bride than the reality we were seeing thunning people in front us. As soon as Kate walked in, Harry looked back to give his brother a rerassuring thumbs up.

William obviously  agreed as he saw his bride in her gown for the first time as he told her she looked  stunning- beautiful. She was beaming when her almost husband acknowledged how fabulous she looked – words which most every woman would love to hear from their man.

During the ceremony there was lip licking  on both of their parts indicating nervousness. But as soon as they were pronounced man and wife all of that nervousness subsided.

This photo above speaks volumes . As soon as they became man and wife we can  see how loving and supportive William  is towrds Kate . Look how he leans in towards his towards his bride. He is protective and helps guide her through the day with all of its specific royal requirements. No doubt he will help guide her through her duties as the newest member of the royal family.

 Kate’s question to William, ” Are you happy? as soon as she entered the carriage spoke volumes. It showed that she was concerned about her man and his emotions and feelings. It was not all about her. It was very telling in terms of their relationship and how genuine it is. It showed how caringand loving she is towards him.  When a couple matches their facial expressions  as you see here, it means they are in total synchrony and like-minded.

 Then there was the most important moment of the entire wedding- the kiss. At first William gave her a very short millisecond unexpected kiss,   which was much of disappointment to those who waited and waited to see the expression of their love and romance. Later on, he turned to her and said “OK now let’s kiss.”  as he gave her a much longer and heartfelt kiss which was more like what the public was waiting for and  wanted to see. Right after William kissed her, he began to turn a different shade of pink as blushed after  his public sharing of what was usually their private moments.  One could feel the love between them.

Apparently, it was reported that the two of them never left one another;s side for one moment during the celebrations which took place afterwards.  It clearly indicated that they were now a team.

That is how  a successful marriage must be in order to survive in this day and age. The couple must be best friends and they must be a team.They must take time to really get to know one another as William and Kate did. They learned about one another through the seasons,  through their highs and lows and they know what they can expect from one another in the future.

William’s brother Harry said it best during his speech as best man. He said that brother William had inspired him. He showed him what true love was all about. I think that both William and Kate both inspired the world with their mature and genuine love and marrying the right person for the right reasons.