Treyvon Martin or George Zimmerman- Who’s Screams Were on the 911 Tape?

People saw something, heard something and they said something. They  got involved by calling called 911. They gave information. They all said they heard screaming . One caller actually was able to capture the screaming as he called 911 as you can hear it on the  tape. In listening to the blood curdling screams, it is very hard to tell who’s voice it is.

George Zimmerman has a higher pitched voice so it may have been his. There is also a  deep guttural primitive sounds of  the voice which may sound like someone’s life was as stake. The tones were different.  At one point the pitch was high and  at the other point it was  a raw and guttural voice which was painful to listen to.  To read more click link below


Cindy Anthony’s Voice and Body Language Show Lies On Stand In Attempt to Protect Casey

One of the most tell tale  signals of deception was when Cindy discussed that she purchased the car with stains in the trunk. As she said this her voice croaked and trailed off. This indicates a lie. It was her vocal cord muscles closing off because the muscles functioned tightly as they  knew that a lie was being told.

Cindy looked very defensive as she spoke as you can see by her raised shoulders and her pulled back body.

When a person jabbers on and on and on and on chances are they are lying. Cindy did such jabbering when she spoke about her passwords at work and reasons why she couldn’t verify her time of being home or at work. She gave way too much information and made way too many excuses for it to be truthful. She went off on tangents that had nothing to do with what she  was asked. This is also an indicator of deception.

She  purses her lips after she says that she looked up” inhalation.” That is usually a signal of deception. Casey looks surprised that her mother was trying to save her behind.

She also shows a signal of deception when she speaks about “neck breaking” and how she looked it up because there as a youtube video that said neck breaking skate boarding. This is not true as indicated by her head bow and shoulder shrug and sticking her own neck forward.

She pursed her lips again when she said she searched “acetone” which is also a signal of deception.

Here we see the lip  purse when Cindy is busted about looking up chloroform and looking it up 84 times. She said she looked up chloroform which was ridiculous. It was obvious that she lied based on her tone and based on her body language.

Here we see Cindy scratching her eye  as she discusses how the computer was on all the time and how she didn’t need a password to get on and how she asked Casey to get on the computer, If she had a laptop why did she have to ask Casey if she could use the computer.

No matter what Cindy says, the jury will see through her. They will hear her deceptive vocal tells and they will see her deceptive body language  tells. They know she is lying to save her daughter’s life. They saw her break down and now know she is trying to back track.

The judge will give an order to the jurors not to base their judgement  because they  sorry for anyone. The jury will not forget Cindy’s  most real breakdown on the stand  and her not even looking in Casey’s direction. Then they will remember her mouthing I Love You to Casey as she left the stand the second time she testified. Now the third time she is covering up. They know what is going on. They will see right through her,

Cindy’s protecting Casey says a lot a about how Cindy really feels about Caylee. Apparently Cindy cares more about the person who murdered Caylee than she does about Caylee being murdered. If I am seeing  this so clearly, a jury will as well.I think they will be angry that they are being manipulated by Cindy, who showed a great deal of unlike ability on the stand today.

Charlie Sheen’s Wife’s Voice Pattern on Her 911 Call Shows She Was Both Terrified and Embarrassed When Telling the Truth About Her TOXIC Husband’s Abuse


I just finished doing the Nancy Grace Show where we discussed “Hollywood Bad Boy” Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen is definitely NOT a “ Bad Boy.” Charlie Sheen, as I said on Nancy’s show tonight, is a TOXIC MAN!

Recently, I finished writing a new book which will be out later this year from Adams Media, called TOXIC MEN- Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable, so I definitely know a thing or two about the topic. Charlie Sheen definitely fits the profile of one of the most TOXIC MEN- an abuser who will continue to abuse women over and over again.
This is a man who allegedly held a knife to his wife’s throat and threatened to murder the mother of his twin nine month baby sons.


In listening to Brooke Muller’s voice and speech pattern n the 911 call, she is initially hesitant. She pauses as she says “ my husband had me with with (repeats) a knife and I was scared for my life and he threatened me.” The tone definitely sounds like a person who is in anguish as there is a lot of vocal tension. This indicates that she is telling the truth to the 911 operator

When the operator asks her if there are other people there, Brooke says that they were other people there who separated them. When the operator asks who are those other people who are there , we hear Brooke pause. Her hesitancy indicates that she is being protective and she doesn’t want to reveal names.

Several times she mentions that she “has to file the report” and is cut off by the operator who then asks her where he is “with the knife.” She immediately reports “he is in the other room” said in a matter of fact voice, indicating that she may have been experiencing a state of shock over the whole situation.

When she was asked if there was someone in the room with him, she said there was and they were helping him pack to leave. Then she once again says that she “must file the report.” This clearly shows her desperation and anguish at finally not allowing Charlie to get away with what he perhaps may have done to her in the past.

Without hesitation, she immediately responds to the operators question as to what room Charlie is in and what room she is in. Then the reality of the situation sets in and you can hear her severe anguish leak out as her voice constricts while she says” I thought I was going to die for one hour.” She is completely devastated and one can feel her anguish and the panic she must have endured as you hear her speak those words in her distressed tone.

Then you can clearly observe her emotional pain after she is asked what is her husband’s name. She hesitates in embarrassment for approximately 4 seconds while she no doubts contemplates the fact that she now must finally expose her husband. Her hesitation is reflective of the fact that a part of her wants to protect him and his reputation while the other part f her wants t finally let the cat out of the bag and reveal the truth once and for all.

This behavior is so typical of so many women who are victims of abuse.
Then she completely breaks down with sobs as she has difficulty catching her breath after revealing his name . Her voice cracks as she is put on hold for a moment by the operator. She lets out a sob as se speaks to someone else in the room.

When asked if he still had the knife she quickly responds” yes “ and describes what type of knife it was- a switchblade. She then says that he is trying to leave right now . Her voice shows a glimmer of calmness as soon as the operator tells her she will stay on the phone with her until the police get there but then Brookes voice immediately cracks and constricts when she says that ” he’s trying to sneak out the back”
Right before she hangs up with the operator, when the officers arrive, you her hear her voice choking on sobs.

So the bottom line is that no matter what else is said and how they are now spinning it PR wise to make Brooke look bad, is there is no way Brook was making this up or lying to 911 or to the police in order to get back at Charlie. Any other excuse anyone comes up with concerning Brooke doesn’t matter because you can clearly hear what happened in her voice. Just as the body doesn’t lie, neither does the voice. She was terrified!!!This TOXIC MAN Terrorized her!!!!


The arrest warrant affidavit that was just released quotes Brooke Mueller Sheen as saying that the actor straddled her on a bed with one hand and grasped her neck and the other while holding the knife. She said Sheen told her “You better be in fear. If you tell anybody, I’ll kill you.”
He also told her, “Your mother’s money means nothing, I have ex-police I can hire who know how to get the job done and they won’t leave any trace,” according to the affidavit.

There is no way Brooke is making this up in my opinion based on the fear and terror in her voice.


Today’s news is clearly designed to make Brooke look bad and to spin it in Charlie’s favor, that Brooke was a problem so therefore he was “justified” in his behavior” This is unconscionable as this little game smacks of the “blame the victim” mentality.

They make it appoint to let us know that Brooke Mueller has been arrested twice previously, once on an alcohol charge and the other time on a cocaine charge.
Then a ccording to the spin is that Brooke went to rehab for alcohol abuse while she was five months pregnant with the couple’s twins, adding more controversy to their marriage.


To further make her look horrible and to justify Charlie’s actions, they state” that she was confronted after bottles of booze were found in her car.When one of the couple’s twins was born with a heart problem, the couple argued bitterly and Charlie told Brooke the medical problem was her fault for boozing while pregnant.”

Alcohol may or may not have anything to do with the baby’s heart condition It was reported that Brooke was said to be drinking five months during her pregnancy. We don’t know if she was drinking before that or she just started drinking at 5 months. But if she just started drinking while pregnant at five months , the heart would have already been developed as it develops in the first trimester.

In order to attribute the baby’s heart problem to alcoHol abuse while pregnant it is essential to determine exactly what type of heart condition the baby has.

If the baby has a ventricular septal defect (VSD) or atrial septal defect (ASD) then chances are that there may have an alcohol related connection. But having said that this heart condition is associated with a myriad of other symptoms associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome such as Intrauterine growth retardation, growth deficiency in the fetus and newborn in all parameters including head circumference, weight, height, delayed development with decreased mental functioning which could range from mild to severe.

Facial abnormalities including small head (microcephaly); small maxilla (upper jaw); short, up-turned nose; smooth philtrum (groove in upper lip); smooth and thin upper lip; and narrow, small, and unusual-appearing eyes with prominent epicanthal folds and limb abnormalities of joints, hands, feet, fingers, and toes are also evident in Fetal Alcohol syndrome.

We don’t know if the child suffers from these other ailments that would be associated with the specific heart malformations I described. In essence the child could not have anything else wrong with him with the exception of a congenital heart defect that may have had nothing at all to do with Brook’s alleged alcohol intake ( I guess my post doctorate in Medical Genetics from UCLA School of Medicine came in handy for something in this post ).


The PR spin also adds that both Sheen and Mueller had been drinking that night. It also said in good PR Spin fashion that Sheen, who has been through rehab twice, has not publicly addressed his relapse.

A relapse? Well I don’t care how he relapsed, holding a gun at the throat of the mother of your 9 month old twin baby boys and threatening to kill her is attempted murder in my opinion. Don’t blame it on alcohol. There are a lot of alcohol relapsers and abusers out there who don’t do this.

While I understand the PR spin here, I along with most intelligent people out there will not buy it. Stan Rosenfeld, Charlie Sheen’s PR man whom I know very well and absolutely adore, is clearly doing his job for Charley and according to he is apoplectic as a result of the recent events surrounding Charlie. Although Stan made a nice try PR wise, to gain sympathy for Charlie, I seriously doubt anyone is buyng it with the exception of other abusers and the TOXIC judge who let him loose on $850 bail for this crime.


Nancy Grace was appalled that Charlie Sheen was let loose and given a meager fine for $850 and allowed to go back to LA and be on the set of Two and A Half Men. I shared in her repulsion at the egregious situation . When she asked me if I was also referring to the judge when I used the term TOXIC MAN, to a refer to Charlie Sheen I agreed that it applied to both Charlie and the Judge for giving him what I thought was a little slap on the wrist for attempted murder.


Brooke’s behavior and recanting following the incident is so typical of women who are abused, In fact studies show that women go back to their perpetrators 7 to 12 times before they finally leave their abusers .No PR Spin or payoff or lawyers can change what we heard with our own ears in that 911 tape. Her voice was genuine as was her fear and terror that she may have been killed with a knife at her throat. She even said that for one hour she thought she was going to die.

Brooke must get in into a women’s group for domestic violence so that she can fully understand what happpend to her. All the therapy in the world won’t help. What she needs is to see and hear other women in her similar predicament so she can see she is
a. not crazy and that
b. she did the right thing in reporting him and
c. she will overcome this.

She needs a support group where she gets that she is not alone during the times where she will experience a roller coaster of emotions.

In my opinion Brooke, needs to forget about staying with Charlie for the sake of the kids. She needs to run away from him as quickly as possible and never look back. When someone hlds a knife to your neck no matter how drink they allegedly are, you can NEVER go back. Also knowing his past with other women should be validation that she is not alone and should toss him to the curb.


Brooke Mueller’s accusations concerning Charlie are remarkably consistent with his ex-wife Denise Richards’ accounts of his behavior, including an incident where he told her “I hope you fucking die, bitch. You are fucking with the wrong guy,” and threatened to have her killed.

Sheen also served two years’ probation for a 1996 assault on then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland when she filed a lawsuit claiming he beat her up, and then threatened her to keep her quiet.
Ashland filed her lawsuit against Sheen Feb. 6, 1997, claiming that on Dec. 20, 1996, Sheen grabbed her by the hair and slammed her onto the marble floor of his Agoura Hills home, knocking her unconscious and splitting her lip so badly that she required seven stitches.

The suit also claimed that Sheen forced her to strip off and dispose of her bloody clothes, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about the assault. The suit charged the him with assault, battery, negligence, false imprisonment and emotional distress and asked for unspecified damages. Police investigated the claim and prosecutors quickly filed criminal charges against him for misdemeanor battery with serious injury.

Sheen initially pleaded not guilty to the charges but on June 7, 1997 he entered a plea of no-contest to the criminal charges and was sentenced to a one-year suspended prison term and two years probation, had to pay $2,800 in fines and restitution, perform community service and attend eight counseling sessions. Obviously theses counseling sessions didn’t work as he was in the same situation with other women!

Then there was yet another woman a year earlier in 1995 who Charlie allegedly bet up for not having sex with him

Charlie also ran up a six figure bill for Heidi Fleiss’ call girl prostitutes as he was one of her company’s highest paying Johns, which was reveled at her trial.

And finally in 1990, in an incident deemed an accident, he shot his fiance Kelly Preston, who is now John Travolta’s wife. Shortly fter the incident where Sheen shot Preston, they broke up.


Thirteen years ago when he was sued by Brittney Ashland, Sheen’s attorney at the time called the suit “a cheesy attempt at extortion” saying “it’s the typical price you pay for being a celebrity in today’s age.”

At his sentencing, Sheen reportedly told the judge “I feel this is very fair, and I’m grateful… you will not see me back in this courtroom,” according to The Los Angeles Times.

Well, Sheen wasn’t able to keep his promise to the judge. A year later he however, and violated his parole in 1998 after he was turned in by none other than his father, actor Martin Sheen, for a cocaine overdose. He was ordered to undergo a drug rehabilitation program.

Now, over a decade later, Charlie Sheen will be facing yet another judge in a courtoom for attempting to murder his wife. Let’s hope the judge isn’t smitten by Charlie’s celebrity as he apparently may have been by just letting Charlie go with small $850 fee.

This time, if Charlie is not held accountable for his yet another hateful act towards a woman, the next time he abuses yet another woman (or even Brooke if she fails to get away from him), we may be reading about her in the obituary pages and seeing Charlie in a criminal position, where no PR spin will help him.