Toxic Ex Playmate Dani Mathers Body Shames Woman Due to Her Own Flawed  Body and Face Issues 

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There is a saying that ” when you point the finger at someone,  there are three fingers pointing back at you.” So, when  ex -Playboy Playmate, Dani Mathers body shamed an innocent woman by taking the woman’s photo while the woman was naked and showering at LA Fitness- a woman  who was doing something  good for herself like going to the gym and getting fit, it was appalling.

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What kind of person would do this? It is a person who has an overly inflated sense of self,  who thinks they are so pretty and look better than others. But truth be told, pretty is as pretty does and Dani Mathers is pretty ugly in terms of her character as far as I am concerned. And further truth be told, deep down to the core of her soul, Dani Mathers most likely  does not  feel  that good  about her own flawed areas of her face and body, or she would never have projected her own body shame on to someone else. Because she was able to hide  behind the  Playboy brand for so long and all the perks that came with it, it masked her true self loathing. Unfortunately for her, millions of people have now seen the truth about Dani Mathers and her life will never be the same as she will be shunned, perhaps forever.It’s starting to happen now as she was fired from her radio gig and she will see that life will become very hard for her to get ahead in life. Some things are forgivable, but  this is not one of them because it speaks to her character and to the core of who she is.

I have known so many Playboy Playmates throughout the years.Unfortunately  there are those who think much like Dani Mathers. I have worked with so many of them as my clients in my private practice, to help them improve their communication, speaking, and voice skills when they have to do interviews, acting roles, or have to open their mouth in public.

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It is ingrained in them by their fellow Playmates, Hugh Hefner, his staff, and men  in general, who look up to the Playboy myth, that these girls are special. Men  literally drool over them. I have seen it with my own eyes.  They can’t wait to get  close to them. Men ask for their autographs on photos and pay these women to write something nice to them. Men will pay a ridiculous amount of money on ebay to purchase their used bras, panties, old shoes, tee shirts, and  whatever else these entrepreneurial  Playmates are selling online -from porn videos to nude photo shots of them.Others manage to bag suckers who feel that it is  honor just to pay their bills, with little or nothing in return. For some men, only a weekly or monthly phone call from the Playmate will do. For other men, a weekly meal will suffice. These smitten men often pay  monthly rent, phone bills, wireless services, acting classes, modeling photos, car payments, insurance bills, and even give them a monthly stipend. Others buy them cars, pay for plastic surgery, botox, fillers, makeup, clothes, computers, mobile devices, lavish meals, and trips to exotic places.

Men shower them with gifts, clothes meals, and  free travel on a regular basis.  This constant attention from so many different men gives these Playmates an attitude – an attitude that they have power  (which they do have when they are young and pretty and which they lose as soon as they age) and that they are above anyone else. This spoils so many of them. Doors open for them left and right, like it did for Dani and that spoils them as well. They have the contacts and the Playboy brand that carries many of them pretty far.

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When they are young, many Playmates  often feel they can get away with anything and they can. Lots of men line up to date them because they think it is prestigious among their peers to have a Playmate on their arm,  date her, or even marry her. The smart Playmates  or lucky ones marry well. They find some incredibly wealthy man who supports them in high style for the rest of their life, like Barbie Benton (Hugh Hefner’s ex)  did  when she married real estate tycoon George Gradow. Others  aren’t so lucky or smart as they end up marrying sick  fanatics who try to  control them, end up abusing them, or even killing them. That is the other extreme and sadly what  happened to  Playmate Dorothy Stratton.

Many go from one rich boyfriend  to another, to keep them in style and pay their expenses. Others  may join high end escort services, where they meet top men  from politicians to rock stars,  A list actors, corporate owners, producers, directors, and even princes. Did you ever wonder how some famous well known guy met his wife , who happened to be a former Playmate? Well now you know. Others  may even possibly become high end call girls.

Some of them actually have a charismatic  personality and talent like radio host and former View cast member, Jennie McCarthy.  The Playboy brand allowed her and others access to people who could help them with their careers. If  Kendra Wilkinson or Holly Madison had not been Playmates, appeared with Hef on “The Girls Next Door” reality show, and used their connections,  they would never have  their own reality shows, highlighted in Vegas, endorsed products, appeared on Dancing With the Stars , married a high profile athlete, or appeared  in the tabloids on a daily basis. No one would even know their name.

To keep up the perks that come with being a former Playmate, most know they have to keep up their looks. Otherwise, the reality is that it is over for them.  This has happened to a number of former Playmates I know. So those who want to still stay in the game, go to all lengths to make sure their body is thin by  getting lipo, ribs removed, fat injected, breast and butt implants, face peels, and lip fillers. And who pays for this when so many of them don’t hold a job, other than an occasional model or acting gig?  With so many of these women, especially as they begin to age, it is often  the  smitten man or many smitten men. In the past they would never give these men the time of day. But now since they are aging and need the upkeep, they will gladly deal with these once shunned men, just because they  will pay for different aspects of upkeep for that Playmate image.

So no doubt, Dani Mathers had a lot of perks for being a Playmate. She even had over one million Facebook followers who liked her page. That is a lot of followers, many of whom sang her praises on a daily basis, flattered her ego, and told her how beautiful she looked in the latest photo she posted. She got  modeling  opportunities and doors opened for her.

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She got a lot of business opportunities to represent certain products because she had so many followers . In fact she hawked her own edible marijuana line to her over a million followers.

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She even had a gig as a  radio host, something that may have never happened had she not been a Playmate. But unfortunately for her that radio gig appears to be over.

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All of this fan adulation, open career opportunities,  and socializing with celebrities must have gone to her head, just as it has done with so many Playmates of the past I have known.  It is no doubt that she most likely  really believed that she was above everyone and that  any woman who didn’t spend the fortune to have all the cosmetic enhancements or  those who were not fellow Playmates, were beneath her. Others were worthless and disgusting in her mind. That is why she essentially wrote that she was disgusted looking at the naked woman in the gym and that her eyes could not unsee what she saw.

All of the perks she was lucky to receive in her life since being a Playmate, clearly  didn’t build her character , as she showed little compassion or concern about anyone other than herself. That is why she showed no compassion and felt the necessity to put someone down . Her true character was also revealed when she wrote a letter of apology to the Playmates, and not to the woman she harmed and shamed or to a letter to the  the gym, where she most likely got a free membership like other Playmates in the past.

But if we look closer at Dani, we will see that she does have some body issues  of her own that I am sure she is well aware.  We all have flaws and none of us is perfection when it comes to our body and face. In fact  many of the Playmates you see in the photographs  are either airbrushed or photoshopped. They are well made up and well lit and placed in very flattering positions, using the right camera angles.

As someone who knows a great deal about body language and body image and body aesthetics, I will point out Dani Mather’s body and facial flaws, which she is no doubt well aware, which will show you why  deep down, she may have felt so badly about herself that he felt so compelled to trash someone else’s body.

For one, Dani’s body is out of proportion.  Her arms appear too skinny in contrast to her breasts. Her hips are too large in relation to her breasts and her legs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.07.21 PM

She is also very boney in appearance if you look at her back.  It is not attractive and makes her look fragile. Her  breast implants don’t  look natural.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.28.45 PM

Her breast implants leave a lot  be desired as they seem to just have been just placed on her chest. In fact, her cleavage looks odd and  indented  as she is too thin and boney to have such a large sized cup. There are also unattractive moles on her chest and abdomen area.  In my view, she needs to get them removed now or they will grow much larger as she ages and will look unsightly. Additionally, her arms look skeletal and odd, especially in this photo.In my view it is not sexy or attractive.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 6.30.53 PM

Here is another photo of her skeletal  arms and legs which seem incongruous to her breast implants.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 8.29.19 PM

Her buttocks are flat, misshapen and  bony, and she suffers from swayback where there is too much curvature in her  lower spine. Without makeup you can also see that he skin tone appears to be rather pasty.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.37.52 PM

Her abdominal area is misshapen and it looks as though  she may have had some bad liposuction or bad body sculpting. You can see her hip bones, but there is fat protrusion around the hip area which is odd. The lower area of her stomach  also protrudes.In my viwe this does not look attractive. Also her arms appear too thin and th boney elbows make them look out of proportion.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.41.17 PM

Overall, her body proportions look off as she appears to be high waisted. Her knees als look knobby and bony. In looking at her photo in comparison with other Playmates, she appears to be one of the shortest Playmates in stature, which would eliminate her chances of becoming a model.  Perhaps her lack of height also contributes to her low self esteem.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 6.35.02 PM.Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 5.39.50 PM

Facially she is out of proportion as well ,with a  wide based, troll- looking , ski jump nose ala Richard Nixon style. The columela of her nose droops down too much in relation to her nostrils, which is not perfection as far as nose aesthetics is concerned. Her smile is also not that attractive with prominent chin and masculine appearing jawline. The indented lines on her face under her cheeks are  too deep and seem to age her For an almost 30 year old, these lines are a bit too deep.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.13.28 PM

She also has an abnormally  large and wide mouth  which seems to take up most of her face when she smiles or laughs as you can see which makes her face seem out of proportion.

No doubt, she must be well aware of her own  her body imperfections which were pointed out above.  The illustration  of her body flaws are not done to be mean, but rather to show you what she may also be seeing  on a subconscious  level when she is alone and naked and looking  into the mirror at herself.

On a surface level, she has convinced herself that she looks great and is flawless. This is  is why she openly posts the flawed photos of herself.  It is as though she is in denial. In addition, there are so many followers, fans and smitten male worshipers telling her she looks great, that a part of her has come to believe she looks great. But deep down, probably knows better. Otherwise, she would have never body shamed the innocent woman. In shaming the woman,she  projected her own self loathe on to this woman.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.05.20 PM

The tone of her voice was equally as troubling when she made her  public non heartfelt phony apology. It was not an apology to the innocent woman, but rather  a statement insisting she’s not like that and she won’t do it again.  It was pure selfishness and narcissism at it’s peak.  It was ALL about her and not about the other woman she shamed and harmed.  There was not an ounce of sincerity on her facial expression or in her tone.

Dani said she was Snapchatting and wasn’t familiar with how  Snapchat worked. Once again, it was about her, not the woman she shamed. She said she was Snapchatting to a personal friend when she wrote “ If Can’t  Unsee This You Can’t Either.” What kind of person makes fun of another person and sends it to a friend? A TOXIC BULLY does this. A TOXIC MEAN  GIRL does this. This video she made added fuel to the fire and angered people more because they knew it was phony and non heartfelt.

Dani Mathers revealed her true character. She is Toxic Person. I know a thing or two aboyt Toxic People having written the best selling book on the topic. She is not a good person because no good person would think of shaming or bullying another innocent person and make fun of them. There are some things which cannot ever be forgiven and this is one of them in my book.

She has not only hurt this  innocent woman, she has hurt other women who wake up each day not feeling good about their bodies. She hurt women who do whatever it takes to get themselves to the gym to try and help their bodies. She hurt every woman who is uncomfortable seeing herself naked. She hurt every woman who has been teased and humiliated about her weight.

Apparently LA Fitness was having none of this and did the right thing by calling the police and reporting her. But the police may not be able to do anything about it unless the woman comes forth and presses charges. I hope this is the case. I hope that the woman sticks up for herself and fights back. I pray that she doesn’t retreat into herself,  become depressed and devastated by what has happened to her. I hope the woman seeks financial remuneration for her emotional distress that this horrible incident  will have caused. With her million followers and edible marijuana business, Dani may very well be able to afford the lawsuit filed against her. It would case any woman emotional distress. In fact, it has caused most women who  found out what Dani  Mathers did to this woman, emotional distress.




Huma Abedin’s Body Language in Documentary ‘Weiner’ Shows Agonizing Emotional Devastation of A Humiliated Wife

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Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 5.16.13 PM

After seeing the  documentary “Weiner”  which won best -film at the sundance Film Festival and is about Weiners attempted comeback as a NY mayoral candidate, I found the film o be  very disturbing.

While there were some humorous moments throughout the film, fascinating behind the scenes footage where you can really see how political people and their teams spin things,and electrifying moments showcasing  Anthony Weiner’s intense charisma, the film saddened me.   Continue reading

Orlando Terrorist’s  Father ‘s Body Language Shows Duping Delight, Detached Monotone, and Defensiveness When Discussing Son

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After listening to several interviews given by Siddique Mateen the father of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen it is my personal opinion that he may possibly know much more than he is expressing about his son in interviews. I make this observation for many reasons which I will share in this blog. The one thing that bothered me is his intial cool calm and collected demeanor. He also looks way too polished with a well fitted most likely designer suit complete with scarf and matching tie and a crisp shirt. He seems too well dressed for the occasion.But that all changed towards the end of the interview when he was directly confronted with what his son did. Throughout the interview  in my view, he appeared to know a lot more about his son than he was revealing to the press.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.17.39 PM

On msnbc he was asked “Was your son radicalized” The elder Mateen, shakes his head no and then breaks eye contact and immediately  looks down which seems to me to be a signal of deception and may indicate that  he may have know  that his son was indeed radicalized.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.25.09 PM

Then Siddique  leans in really really close to the interviewer as though he is desperately wanting the reporter to believe he is telling the truth when that may not be the case

Then he immediately pulls away as he says how his son came to his house and was relaxed , He kept looking down and pulling away when the reporter pressed him to say more. The father kept saying his son was relaxed. He says he didn’t see something different and then he gets physically close to the reporter once again stating that he wished he would see something different or he would have stopped it and taken action. He went on to say how his son  was a polite boy.  The fact that he refers to his son as a “boy”  when in actuality his son is an almost 30-year-old man  . His statement somehow did not ring true to me in my opinion.

Then the reporter lets  him know that his son did a horrific act and that this was a side of his son and he was no polite by when he did this.

Surprised by this, the father replies” I know: I wish he was alive so I could ask him a question But he says it in an unemotional monotone that just doesn’t seem to be genuine to me. something happens which I find quite revealing and upsetting at the same time.

Then something happens with the father’s facial expression  which I find quite revealing and upsetting at the same time. It is called “duping delight.”. It is what happens when someone leaks out a smile or a pleased look when asked a significant question. Here the father  says he would ask his son “why did he do that”. All of a sudden as you can see there is a flash of  a smile on his face which seems very out of place. It is often an indication that someone may be deceptive or that they secretly may be pleased at what had taken place.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.27.59 AM

Here you can see that ‘duping delight” smile.He goes on to say how  his son was born and educated int he United States and how he was living in his own home and when he came to visit his  father his father didn’t notice any emotional behavior  from his son.

He then said that one time when he was in Miami he noticed the behavior of on couple in Miami and  a little  got ticked off  and said look at this. He said that the two guys were kissing each other in front of his family and kids. As Siddeque says this his jaw juts forward, indicating that this thought seemed to make him  made him angry as well. There is also a look of disgust on his face as he says it.  When asked what he said in response to his son

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.34.05 AM

When asked what he said he looks down and breaks eye contact which may mean that he is trying to manufacture something that he said to his son.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.39.49 AM

And then he comes up with Yes showed it;s just a normal, But as he says this we see a side glance which means he most likely didn’t make  this tolerant statement  to this son.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.41.57 AM Then the reporter helps him out and

Then Siddeque, on the next breath, said that his son had a “normal reaction” and that;s it. If he considered his son getting ticked ofd as being a “normal reaction” than he must have felt the same so we see that he may not have been truthful in what he was saying.

When asked how he felt that his son targeted the gay and lesbian community on a club and killed 50 people and is asked what triggered his son. His father looks away and  says that I don;t approve of this and that everyone in the Unites States has the freedom to run his life as he likes his life and no one has the right to impose anything, As he says this he fidgeted in his seat which may mean that he is uncomfortable saying what he said and may not really believe what he is saying. He then says he doesn;t approve of what his son did,

Then he says for the second time, regarding his son : I wish he was alive, I want to know.: This indicates that he was upset that his son has been killed , He then defends his son by saying “He was the type of person that he got enough attention from the family good education and  had a good job so I am as shocked as you are. But he says this isn a calm unemotional monotone whuch makes one wonder if he was that shocked about his son or if he knew a lot more than he is saying.

Then all of a sudden the reporter sais Did you know he had these weapons? And for the first time you hear a change in his monotone voice and his pitch goes up and he  becomes more animated in his voice and body language and says No I wish I did know. His voice gets louder.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 2.58.58 AM

He then points to his  own chest and defensively says “If I did know that he purchased that weapon this would not have happened . I would have had him arrested.”

Then the reporter says this is hard to understand that he just say his son hours before he went on this rampage, And the father defensively answered”Exactly” as he pulls his body back and claims that his son who went on this rampage was a different person.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.05.27 AM.png

As soon as the reporter says that his son pledged his allegiance to ISIS, the father stammered and pulls his head and body back and says “I don:t believe that: but then immediately contradicts himself and says : Why did he do that? If he did do that he was wrong.” I di not know what he called  ( Allah Akbar) If he did do that he was wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.08.20 AM

AS his father says that he looks away which may indicate that he may not actually believe what he was saying.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.11.44 AM

His father then contorts his face as  he says ” based on what I know of him I didn’t see any indication , I hate terrorism and I hate those people ISIS and they should be destroyed.” When asked if he taught these things to his son his  reaction was \as he raised his eye and shrugged that “Terrorism was the enemy of the holy man.”

In my view something is amiss with regard to the father’s  words and his body language, If he told his son that :terrorism was the enemy of the holy man, it means they obviously had a talk about terrorism” so Siddique may very well  have known his son’s thoughts on the subject.

  • Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.32.42 AM

In doing research for my book my book The Body Language of Terrorists which I wrote with former FBI Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan,  I find it hard to believe that the son didn’t exhibit some type of emotional reaction before he was going to commit his act of terror. Usually, there would be evidence of being in an altered state or some type of emotional reaction. Yet the father insists that his son was “normal.”  To me,  this may indicate that his father may have observed and perhaps knows a lot more about his son than he was telling the press.


Teacher Intentionally Put Students Into Gorilla Cage With Gorilla

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 9.17.33 PM

I  am shaken up by the  killing of  innocent  Harambe, the  gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. I am also  angry at the negligent parents, who according to witnesses,  let their child run wild and  who, smilingly  and cavalierly told the press “accidents happen.”  It was not news to them that their child was rambunctious. That is why they needed to be even more vigilant  This disturbing incident  bothers me so much becuase it personally  hits close to home for me. I too was in a gorilla cage with a gorilla. I wasn’t there because I fell  into the cage like the little 4 year old boy. Instead, I was in a cage with a gorilla becaused  I was forced  into the cage   by my high school journalism teacher , the late  Marlene  E. Adams.

Continue reading

Gorilla With Human Emotions Who Tried To Protect Boy Should Never Have Been Killed


Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.34.26 AMWith all that we have learned about Gorilla communication throughout the years  and how intelligent  and loving they are and how they can communicate with humans via sign language, I am devastated  by  the murder of Harambe a 17 year old Silverback Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. Gorillas have  similar emotions  to humans as we have learned from researchers and Koko, the famous  signing Gorilla. It must have been  emotionally devastating for Harambe  in his final moments when he realized a gun was pointing at him.

He was not harming the child even though he picked  up the child .

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.09.32 AM

Most likely he was moving the child away to protect the child. This was not a Gorilla who had a history of violence,.He was most likely doing what the famous sign language Gorilla did  with her pet kitten and that was to comfort it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.39.45 AM

Apparently the child was running around  and fell into to Gorilla’s habitat. It is unconscionable that a beautiful animal is dead as a result of a mother’s negligence of her wild child. The child who was 4 should have been taught better and should not have been running around unsupervised. Even though the child was in the Gorilla’s space there was no indication that the boy was being harmed.

It was an ignorant Zoo worker who made that call  and used firearms which caused the Gorilla to die.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that  the boy was being harmed. Why use a weapon to kill the beautiful anima?. Why not use a tranquilizer gun? Why not use medicine instead of bullets?

The whole ordeal  particularly sickens me in that I have  studied animal communication throughout my career. As a result,  I  know how Gorilla’s think and communicate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.38.58 AM

Look at this photo above, Look at how a gorilla is able to express their emotions and to express their needs.They not only do it when they are trained, they do it naturally, in the wild . That is how they communicate with one another.


One of the most extraordinary experiences I had when I was visiting the Tsavo in Kenya was witnessing  a baboon using sign language when she encountered tourists on a bus  where she  signed ” Feed me”.


I was fortunate enough to have documented this incident in photos which I have now framed and hung in my office to always remind me how we are all one and how communication is the essence of life.

While that was a Baboon, Gorillas also communicate without being taught sign language as they do it with one another in the wild.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.39.25 AM

They can even paint and have their own sense of creativity and art as you can see in this photo above.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.34.17 AM

Critics on social media have blamed the mother, which is justified in my view. Discussion is that she will have to pay for what happened. But she is not alone in this mess. The Zoo should be held accountable ,along with the person who used a real gun as opposed to a tranquilizer gun.There is no excuse for this. There should have been a plan in effect for a situation like this which would arise where a tranquilizer gun is kept near the habitat for such emergencies.

I am almost certain that the Cincinnati Zoo will lose revenue for this horrific incident as many people have reported that they would boycott the zoo and never go there again.I can’t blame them.

I am not a fan of zoos with the exception of the San Diego Zoo where the animals are allowed to roam free. I love going there and seeing how the giraffe’s hang out with other creatures.  That in my view is the only  way  to have a zoo. RIP Harambe.




Ted Cruz Starts Toxic Wife Feud By First Posting Photo of Melania and Then Cries Victim When Trump Fires Back

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.35.38 PM

It seems that  Donald Trump is being criticized by the media for attacking Ted Cruz’ wife’s looks. But what the media doesn’t mention is that Cruz started this whole debacle by doing a campaign ad where he showed Trump’s wife n a sexy pose done years ago when she was a top model.Cruz’ headline read ” Meet Melania Trump Your Next First Lady.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.35.38 PM

Then on the bottom of the ad Cruz says ”

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.35.58 PM“or you can Support Ted Cruz on Tuesday”  as you see in the above photo. It was Cruz’ attempt to take a punch at Trump via his wife indicating that she was a woman of loose morals to pose provocatively in this photo.

In essence Cruz was attempting to pander to the evangelicals who may take offense with this pose. But what Cruz didn’t expect was that his Toxic plan backfired on him as his opponent certainly had something to say about his wife Melania being put up for ridicule in his political  opponent’s campaign ad. It should also be noted that Melania’s photo occurred close to a decade ago before she was Mrs. Donald Trump.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.36.29 PM

So in defense of his wife and to express his displeasure, Donald tweeted  “Lyin Ted Cruz just used a picture of Melania from  a GQ shoot in his ad. Angered, Trump then went on to warn Ted Cruz to be careful or that he would spill the beans about his wife.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.50.21 PM

What Trump was most likely referring to was the  above headline  which indicates  that a police officer found Heidi Cruz sitting on an expressway with her head in her hands.  Perhaps she may  have been having some type of mental breakdown at the time, which was 10 years go.  So if Cruz was going to bring up Melania’s photo from 10 years ago, Trump decided that he too, would bring up something from Heidi’s past.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.41.27 PM

Then Trump decided against “spilling the beans” about Heidi’s issues and just put up a photo of Heidi along side of Melania. What  Trump was really saying was that his wife is more beautiful. The meme received a lot of criticism because it was a bad photo of Heidi Cruz, while it was a good photo of Melania in repose.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 1.36.58 PM

Then Cruz had the audacity to cry to the press that Donald was awful. Cruz then  displayed false bravado and toughness he said” no one messes with my wife or my kids.”  If Cruz wanted wives off limits then he shouldn’t have started with Melania un the first place.

In essence, it showed his true character, It showed that of someone who was an Instigator- one of the 30 types of Toxic Terrors I discuss in my best -selling book Toxic People. 


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.25.29 PM

Ted Cruz was willing to dish it out and start the dispute. But  when someone fought back, Cruz  acted Toxic and cried that this was unfair and how mean Donald was being by insulting his wife. Cruze was the one who insulted Melania. It was childish and immature and speaks volumes about his lack of character in this situation.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.20.31 PM

So Donald Trump retweeted photos of his wife and Heidi Cruz, using a more flattering photo of Heidi, which showed they were both attractive women. This was his gesture and way of wanting  to stop the feud and lay off any wife criticism.

But in this entire feud where so many have commented and have pointed a finger at Donald trump, most have failed to realize or recognize that it was Cruz who started it all by first posting a provocative photo of Melania with an equally provocative headline and caption. That is what I wanted to point that out in this blog.

Once again, as a journalist and body language expert who regularly appears in the press to provide my expertise, I  want to remind my readers that this blog is not a political statement towards one candidate or another.  I remain objective in my reporting and observations.


Elections A Sad Time for Personal Relationships


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Elections are a sad time for relationships and friendships. It is a time where people  often show their narrow mindedness as they are willing to pull the trigger and  end lifetime relationships ,  just because they can’t simply can’t “agree to disagree.” Marriages have suffered and schisms between family members have  deepened -all because of how people feel about one candidate or another. Sometimes their discovering  differences in your political belief may be the catalyst  they needed to lash out at you as they  may never  have  really liked you. Or worse, they may have always  been jealous or envious of you and now this is their  opportunity to  express their jealousy by speaking ill to you and to letting you have it.

When I look at the comments  on Facebook telling friends to unfriend them if they vote for a certain candidate , it is extremely  disturbing. People who have had lifelong friendships and relationships have now ended all communication  because they don’t see eye to eye in terms of which candidate they support. For many, it is their attempt to associate with those who are like-minded to and reject anyone who thinks other than their way.It is a shame because there is much more to a relationship and a friendship than your political beliefs.

As a human behavior and body language expert, I NEVER put my personal views out in public as I  MUST remain neutral at all times. I have done this since the 1980’s when I was first asked to give my feedback on various candidate’s body language in terms of how they performed during various debates.

But no matter how many times I state upfront that I am not a political person or  that I am not supporting any candidate when I provide my insight, there are still a few ignorant individuals who insist that I am supporting one candidate over another.

This happened to me during the  last election where Obama was debating Romney. As we can all recall, Obama’s performance during his initial debate was less than stellar, as he later admitted. As a result, I  expressed in the media in the Associate Press , how poorly he had performed. While most agreed with me, there were some Obama supporters who couldn’t see past their nose when it came to Obama. They appeared to play the “Emperor has new clothes” game  when in fact he was “naked” as they refused to see Obama’s poor performance at the time – something that Obama himself acknowledged.

While there are always haters out there, two of my  haters were people with whom I had gone to high school. One of the haters , whom I never even  knew went to my high school, was in my third-grade class. I hadn’t  thought about her in decades and was even unaware that she had friended me. All I remember was that in grade school, she was a frizzy dark haired girl who used to oddly hold her mouth open whenever she drew pictures.

The other hater was someone whom I had nothing to do with in high school. Since I never associated with her in high school or paid her any mind, from  what I learned from several who apparently knew her back in the day,  she  apparently was not very bright and was  a  “mean girl.”  This “mean girl clearly grew up to be a “mean woman.”

The frizzy- haired  first hater  whom I hadn’t  thought of since third grade, unloaded a barrage of hate  towards me in defense of Barack Obama.  Even though I tried to quell her hate by assuring her that I was merely reporting as a body language expert and not someone who had a political agenda, she  continued to ignore this, unleashing even more hateful remarks. My Facebook friends and fans took offense at what this hater was doing and let her know in no uncertain terms that she couldn’t communicate to me in the way she was communicating and tried to drum it into her that I was not saying anything political, but  merely reporting what I observed during he debates. But this didn’t seem to phase this hater, who continued her tirade until I unfriended her and blocked her.

The second hater ( whom I met and chatted with during a  class reunion) was a friend to the first hater. She let me know that she didn’t appreciate how I  and my fan base reacted to  her friend- the first hater. She then proceeded to let me  have it. She actually went off on me as she defended Obama and chastised me for my observations in the press.

Then she suddenly emerged from the  alleged “mean girl” into  a  “mean woman”  by personally attacking me by telling me I was nothing more than a “talking head” on TV and how some of her other high school friends (including a former cheerleader )felt the same way. As she said this to me, I had to laugh  for two reasons. One was that she was acting just like an immature high schooler and secondly, as others reported to me that she wasn’t that bright back in the day,  she still was seemingly not that bright as an adult. In her attempt to insult me by calling me a “talking head” anyone who speaks in front of the camera and gives commentary as I do is a “talking head“. Unbeknownst to her, the term  is not a pejorative adjective as this hater intended it to be. Instead, it is a noun –  what someone is and does. Needless to say,  I defriended and blocked this hater as well.

Sometimes, the fact that you have a political opinion that is different than someone else’s opinion, is just the opening they need to unleash their true inner feelings towards you. While their verbal volcano may explode  under the guise of a difference in politics,  but the truth of the matter is that it is often something deeper with them as they take  the opportunity to let you have it. Perhaps they did not  like you all along or were jealous of you  and your achievements or where you are in your life as opposed to theirs. So this is their opportunity to let you have it, just like the “mean woman” did to me.

So if you find people unleashing on you just because you support one candidate over another know that there is often something a lot deeper going on  with them like jealousy inner hate, or their lack of self-worth. Mature people who have a solid and positive sense of self and know who they are  can”agree to disagree.”  They don’t have to hate on you just because your politics differ. While they don’t have to accept your candidate they can accept you as a person and as a friend. As the saying goes,  they don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”