Jodi Arias Mother’s Body Language Shows Disrespect in the Courtroom and Hostility Towards Jodi


Jodi Arias’s mother sits each day in the courtroom with another woman who looks similar to her. The reason they look so similar is that they are twin sisters.

But what these twins are doing in the courtroom is not helping Jodi. They are laughing and chucking with one another as though they are sharing inside jokes. This is very disrespectful  and is not helping Jodi in terms of jury perception.

The rest of the time her mother is looking non reactive or hostile as she gazes ahead to look at Jodi. Juries do look at family members. They see how family members react , if they are present , and how they behave.

The mother doesn’t look over at Jodi with any loving look. When there are salacious sexual details out of Jodi’s mouth as the camera pans to her, there is no emotional reaction. It is a though she is watching paint dry on a wall.

The only emotional reaction is when she is laughing with her sister. Does she think this trial is a big jok?. Or is she secretly happy Jodi finally got what she deserved for  possibly being such a bad daughter in her view. Ther eis clearly some deep seated hostility between them.

There does not seem to be any love lost between the two of them. Perhaps  her mother is angry for Jodi for either revealing the family  beating secrets or  for lying about  being beaten by her mother.

In the courtroom  Jodi said how she was severely beaten as a child by  both her mother and father as she said “ Life was ideal up until I was aged seven. Parents would spank us and around seven-years old it started getting more intense.”

Just as a note most abusive parents dont start spanking at age 7. They do it way before that time, so this statement seems like a lie to me.

Then Jodi continues, ‘My dad started using a belt.My mom began to carry a wooden spoon on her purse.”It was a wooden kitchen spoon and if we misbehaved she would use it on my brother and I, she would hit us hard with it.’It left welts on my body.“Dad didn’t leave welts as often as my mom – she also used a belt. “

In my view this last statement was way too much information about her dad and the welts which also make me question how truthful she was being. Also belts leave welts so one again she appears to me to be lying.

Then Jodi adds, My dad was quite intimidating so didn’t need to use strength to get his point across. My mother did.’

Now here is where it is very revealing concerning Jodi and her mother’s relationship. Jodi was asked in court if she loved her mother, She  took a pause and quietly responded, ‘yes’.

That quiet yes, and the pause says it all. It shows  ambivalence. It wasn’t a loud yes or a yes that could be heard but a quiet yes. It spoke  loud volumes about their relationship.

Jodi a;sp talked at length about the relationship she had with her parents growing up and claimed she was subjected to beatings.

‘They were intense and increased in frequency as I got older,’ Jodi  said. ‘I don’t recall how many times a week but it could be any thing from four times a week to once every two weeks.‘I didn’t like being hit so I would squirm around a little but the more we did the harder we would get hit.

 ‘My mother broke my brother’s hand once when he tried to block one of her blows. As I got into a teenager, my dad would get rougher and rougher.

So here is where she contradicts herself regarding the beatings. First she says her dad was just intimidating anf didn’t need to use strength to get his point across and then she says he got rougher and rougher.

She added: ‘When I was younger I remember feeling betrayed and confused that my mother was beating me.’As I got older it made me mad and I didn’t get why she was punishing me. I was mad at her and it hurt. I loved her but it put a strain on our relationship.”

Her adding I loved her was once again too much information and when she used the word BUT and said it put a strain on their relationship, it clearly shows her ambivalence towards her mother.  The she goes on to say

‘My dad never beat me with his fist – he would just shove me into furniture and the piano, tables, desk, chairs, whatever was around. One time I even passed out. This was when I was 16 or 17. Not as often with my dad as with my mom. If I did something to upset them it would happen. Sometimes I got grounded. I loved my father even when he was beating me.’

Again this contracts what she said earlier about her father not using force to make his point. So now we she he used so much force that Jodi passed out. Again it appears to me that she is lying. When she said  I loved mu father– it was in the past tense which is significant as well. It also showed her ambivalence that she loved her father even when he was beating me.”

She then  told the packed courtroom that the beatings continued throughout high school. She also stated  that one night she snuck out at night with friends and when her parents woke up and found out, she said her father hit her across the face, knocking her to the ground.

Once again it shows how she lied earlier about her father not using force. Knocking someone to the ground takes a lot of foce.

Following the end of the relationship with a young man Jodi moved in with, she said that she moved in with her grandparents after she broke up with the boyfriend  because she did not want to return to the abusive atmosphere of her parents’ house.

While Jodi is full of lies, this may be something that may ring true. She may have had problems with her parents for whatever reason.

The one thing that we have seen for sure is that there is no loving relationship between Jodi and her mother.

When  Jodi’s mother isn’t busy laughing with her sister or having no visible facial reaction to Jodi, she is taking copious notes- maybe she’s keeping a journal as well.


Perhaps the mother  is plannig to write a tell all book telling us how awful Jodi was as a daughter, what a liar she wall all her life and how she  lied about being hit by her as this mother  cashes in on her daughter’s infamy.


Katie Holmes Appears To be More Interested In Photo Ops Than Suri’s Misery

There are no photos more heartbreaking than seeing a child fearing a little innocent puppy. Katie Holmes has been parading little  Suri around  NY like a show  pony to show how much better off Suri is now that Tom is out of the picture and to show what a great mother she is. Well, she is NOT a great mother in my view. She is using little Suri for photo ops and it is sickening.  Every single day Suri has been paraded in front of the paparazzi and there is no doubt that she and or her PR flaks are setting up where and when to shoot the photos.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Paparazzi are not on every street corner in NYC or in LA waiting for a celebrity to make their next move so they can take photos to be placed in a magazine on on an internet site. While the papps may be at certain hangouts stars frequent like Mr.Chows,  Spago, or at a specific celebrity function, or at 435 N. Bedford Drive Medical Office Building or nail salon or eyebrow waxing place in Beverly Hills,   if you see them  at a park with they children or  at the zoo, or at a pet store you can rest assured that the celebrity or the celebrity’s PR person called the papps to tell them where the celebrity will be and what time they will be there. That is why you are seeing Katie and Suri everyday in  so many photo ops doing different things. Do you really think that the papps hang out in pet shops waiting for a celeb? Of course not!

And besides,  Katie has an underground  garage (remember that is the reason she gave Tom as to why she wanted to move there). So if  she didnt want to be noticed all she had to do was get into her  car with tinted windows in her private property underground garage where no one would see her. But she wants to be seen and it is obvious.

In essence she is thumbing up her nose at Tom and saying “Nya nya nya nya nya , Suri and I are happy without you, so there”!) But the truth is Suri is absolutely miserable and horribly unhappy based on her body language. In fact Suri is even more miserable than she was when Tom was in the picture.

Most recently Suri was dragged to a pet shop. It is obvious that this child has not been around a lot of animals as she was absolutely petrified . She was in terror of the little puppy. If Katie gets her the puppy it will be a cruel thing to do to Suri and an even crueler thing to do to the puppy.

Suri is obviously frightened in the pet shop but her mother is doing nothing to comfort her. She does’t even take the little girl’s hand to let her know everything will be OK. Instead, she ignores Suri and her feelings.

Here precious Suri is panic stricken in the pet store. She looks as if she is about to burst into tears any second. Is there anyone there to comfort her? NO! Look at her hands, She is wringing her hands with anxiety and worry. If Katie is so concerned about Suri, she needed to be there at this exact moment to address Suri’s fears.

Suri can’t even look at the puppy she is so terrified. No doubt, this is the first time she was ever in a pet store with all it’s strange smells and animals in cages.She is holding her hands in front of her  showing she is feeling very vulnerable body language wise. Now her lips are turned down and she looks like she is ready to cry.  Now is the time Katie needs to be bending down to comfort her,not below for the photo op the next day.

Katie is all smiles but it is all for show. Look how much physical distance there is between her and and Suri. Suri looks miserable. She is clearly unhappy. When two people in a  photo have such mismatching facial expressions, rest assured that something is wrong and the photo is contrived. Suri had hunched shoulders, something we NEVER saw when Tom was int he picture. She is feeling vulnerable and sad. Her self esteem is suffering based on her body posture.

While Katie does have a bigger smile on her face and now shows her teeth in photos (something she never did with Tom) and wears more casual youthful  and colorful clothing, seeing her in the press each day indicates that she is trying very hard to make a point.

Katie can certainly get one of her six to eight body guards to discretely pick up some ice cream and a cup of coffee for her. She doesn’t need to be photographed getting these things unless she wants to be photographed.And she desperately wants to be photographed with Suri as a prop.

While Katie shows off her smiles, her prop-  little Suri still looks miserable. The only smiling photo of her was at the zoo, while looking at an animal. But when she stopped looking at the animal she was her usual sourpuss self.

Each day Katie has put Suri in the news engaged in different activities. Since Katie apparently spent so much time with Suri in the past, why wasn’t she doing these things with Suri earlier? In one week Suri has been photographed looking

miserable at the zoo

miserable eating ice cream

miserable doing gymnastics at Chelsea Piers

miserable going to the Children’s Museum

and completely miserable on play dates with children to whom she cannot relate.

While Katie wants to show that now that Tom is not around, Suri is a normal child playing with another children. But that is not the case. Since Suri has never had a lot of little friends her age with whom to socialize and since she has been isolated in her formative years, it is very hard for her to relate to other children.

Apparently,  she has been treated like a little adult and not a child according to reports. She allegedly has been raised to do whatever she wants. That won’t cut it when she interacts with another child. There has to be a give and a take. Clearly this is not happening with the other children as you can see in these photos.

She ignores the other children. There are no smiles and no interaction.Suri could care less about her new friend(s). Her body language shows she is completely disinterested.

In fact, she so disliked being around one of her new playmates (an older Asian girl) who was as equally not responsive to her, that Suri reverted to a toddler and demanded her mother pick her up and carry her. Katie obliged.

Most six year olds don’t act like that. Thy don’t want to be a baby and be carried around unless there is something wrong with them emotionally. They want to show they are big girls and boys as they assert their independence and walk by themselves.

If Suri hasn’t had much contact with other children she will have a miserable time at school where other children will be forced upon her.

Also her teachers will definitely not be treating her like a little adult but as a child. Suri will also not get her way all the time. If she doesn’t want to do something that is required of her, she will no doubt be punished . Her permissive upbringing of doing whatever she likes will not work now that she is away from Tom. This will all be foreign to her and highly distressing. I would not be surprised if she acted out as a result.

Going to a strict Catholic school may be a rude awakening for her as she never had any discipline. She was never told “No” that she could not do whatever she wanted. No doubt, her classmates will have had this type structure in their lives which makes them easier to handle. Suri will be like a fish out of water. It will be a shock to her going to a Catholic school which is full of structure and discipline. Because her personality and habits are already formed (we all are by the time we are 5 years old according to Gessel Child Development) she will be even more miserable.

Suri was groomed to go to a Scientology school since she was a toddler and like it or nor, she would probably do much better there in my view than she will in a very structured Catholic  school environment.  The die has already been cast and it will be difficult to transform  the  early values and ideas that have been instilled in her and that are now a part of her.

Suri appears to be very insecure and very needy and very immature for her age with her insisting that she be carried like a baby and holding on to her blanket and her favorite stuffed animal. While it is acceptable for a toddler and a for a four year old, it is not acceptable for a six year old. There is something wrong with a child who can’t leave the house at that age without something to pacify them.

With a reported six to eight  strange body guards around her at all times how could this child not feel insecure and uncomfortable? At least she gre up with her Scientology body guards and feels more secure around them.

Since Katie and Tom are so diametrically opposed to the way they believe in raising child, Suri will no doubt go through additional stress when she is with Katie and  then when she visits her father, who will treat her  the complete opposite  of Katie.

I believe that Suri will suffer emotionally. It shows already. She may need a child psychologist help her cope with her stress, especially as she goes to school and if she begins to act out.

If she did see a child therapist, which she may very well need, rest assured that her father will be furious since Scientologists don’t believe in or respect therapists. Heaven forbid if the therapist recommends ritalin or some other medication for Suri. Remember how vehemently Tom reacted to Matt Lauer when they discussed children being on medication during their infamous Today Show interview where he put Brooke Shields down for needing meds dring her post partum depression? It would certainly be ironic if Tom’s own daughter Suri ended up on medication to help her.

Since Katie has full custody, Katie has full say in what is best for Suri, which may very well include medication if needed.

It is so sad that Suri is now having and will most likely continue to have a hard time adjusting to her new life.. It shows in her body language.

She has a lot of catching up to do in terms of learning to be disciplined and in terms of her social interaction in her upcoming environment. My only hope is that Katie worries less about her own image and photo ops in her desire to  let the world know how well she is doing without Tom, and instead focuses on Suri’s major issues.

The bottom line is that Suri looks miserable as we can all see. Her miserable look is not based on a few photos. It is based on all her photos. This is not a happy child. At 6 years old,  a child needs to be happy.  They need to laugh and smile most of the time. She is clearly not happy being paraded around every day and having the papps shoot her photos. There  also seems to be a lot of tension between her and Katie.  Perhaps a visit from her dad would be a welcoming site and bring the smile she so desperately needs to her face.

“Toddlers and Tiaras” Toxic Parents Help Create Speech and Voice Disorders, Jaw Abnormalities and Selfish Entitled Children

Watching the show “Todlers and Tiaras” is l much like watching a  very bad car accident. You are shocked at  what you have just witnessed. The most disturbing of all the characters  I have ever seen on the show is a child named Mackinzie Myers. There is absolutely NOTHING  whatsoever adorable  or precious about this  Toxic child.  In my view she is an ugly child both inside and outside (Yes I called a child ugly) created by  very ugly parenting.

Her  sparking dresses, elaborate hair do,  masacared eyes and  glossed  lips can never mask her Toxic demanding selfish, mouthy behavior where she rudely demands and shouts to her mother. She  orders her mom  around like an unpaid  servant and in a demanding tone asks  “Where’s my drink” There is no   please or  thank you.  Worse of all, her passive  mother accepts this Toxic behavior.

Mackenzie  is even seen  on camera with her angry puss as you can see in the photo  telling her mother  not to speak to her and go away as she waits her turn to go on stage to compete for a beauty title. She actually says to her mother  “I’m not doing what you tell me” “Go way.”

To read more click link below

George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

Dr. Phil’s last installment of the Anthony interview was  exceptional in terms of revealing who George and Cindy really are as people. George Anthony essentially

divorced Casey He said that he   believes it is impossible to reconnect with Casey. Those are very powerful words, especially from George who has displayed  wimp-like communication  all along,

He said her was shocked by the verdict and shook when he heard it. This means  his body language reflected  so much anger,  he physically could no longer  control  his body movements.

He also said   he  believes Casey  should be held responsible for Caylee’s death, indicating  George has finally taken off his blinders. But all his power was

quickly lost when he spoke about Casey babysitting  his future grand baby Cindy spins and spins the molestation allegations against George.But her verbal spin do not coincide with her body language tells. To read more click  the link below






Casey Anthony’s Body Language Shows She Will Be Hated By Any Jury

Above is Casey Anthony with her new oversized sweater with the sleeves rolled up over her collegiate striped  black and gray checked blouse with it’s sleeves rolled up, It looks  as though she is making a fashion statement.

Her hair is in a pony tail but there is  a long coiled curl which she must have spent days twisting for it to look like that which she wears pulled over on the side.

And what does she do as soon as she gets into the courtoom besides haveing a  nauseating smile on her face? She  grooms her hair, pats it down at the top and plays with the coil. A jury will HATE watching her do this all day long!

They will also HATE  it that she will have on a different outfit each day. Since they are not the most stylish outfits and look hideous and inappropriate on her  with her form fitting sweaters  and low buttoned tops,  Jose Baez needs to get  that   this is not a fashion show and that her choice of outfits will negatively affect a jury (especially women jurors).

He needs to dress her in the same black outfit for her whole trial.It can be washed  or dry cleaned each week but it needs to be a very conservative pair of black pants, a black blouse and a black jacket that fits her well.

Cindy should go to  Sears or Macy’s or Ross or one of the many discount outlets in Orlando and  to get Casey a back one piece pant suit with some black low heeled pumps with a black shirt underneath.  That is all Casey should be wearing for the whole trial. Period!!

She needs to be wearing black out of respect  to show she is in still mourning over the death of little Caylee and in mourning for her future.

Of course we have all seen that she is elated that Caylee is dead  but Jose at least needs to put her in black anyway when she is in front of a jury so at least she gets a fair trial and they don’t hate her more than they already will because of the inappropriate clothing she is wearing to court.

And while Cindy is at it she needs to lose the sandals and the ugly dresses and that awful white sweater and buy herself an identical black pant suit and a well fitted bra in her size so that her breasts don’t hang down  on her stomach. I am not being mean or catty here. I am being serious. A jury looks at everything and I mean EVERTHING!!! Ans she needs to loose the Caylee is still alive act and stop protecting Casey and just answer the questions that are asked instead of going on and on and being ugly and hostile and defensive.

She needs to see a therapist to deal with what SHE contributed to casue Caylee to be dead at Casey’s hands. She needs to work out her own guilt issues privately and not in the courtroom. The car smelled like a damn dead body as she said on the 911 tape. She said it and that is the truth. It smelled like a dead body because there was a dead body locked up in that car for days if not weeks-  her granddaughters body which was put there by her daughter to get back at her for throwing her out of the house.

And  while  Cindy is out shopping for Casey and herself she needs to get George a real man suit with a real man tie.  George needs to man up and dress like a man in mourning. He has lost his grandaughgter and will lose his daughter forever. He needs to mourn that loss and needs to also mourn how he abused her with his non- parenting. If he sexually molested her he needs to wear black to show he is in mourning for doing this egregious act.  And by chance  if he didn’t molest her, he needs to wear black to be in mourning for  having a daughter who tried to throw him under the bus.

He needs to wear a black suit with a white shirt and a TIE!!! The tie can be in Caylee’s favorite color- purple to honor her, But  he needs to wear a TIE  and dress like a MAN for the first time in his adult life!

And as for Lee, he needs to also wear a black suit and a tie and black dress shoes not tennis shoes. He needs to take a shower and shave and brush his teeth and comb his hair . He needs to look clean in the courtroom out of respect fro those who are forced to look at him.


As soon as Casey walks into the courtroom, she needs to show some humility.

But humility is not something that Casey has. She prances into the courtroom each day as though she is some type of rock star.

Jurors will also HATE it when she walks into the courtroom with that sickening flirtatious  grin on her face.

In sync with public sentiment, there is no doubt that many of  the  jurors will fantasize about  slapping that smile  off her face as soon as they start hearing what she allegedly did to that innocent baby girl she birthed.

After watching Casey all this time, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be despised by a jury. They will see right through her. Casey cannot help herself from her OCD like grooming and her smiling.  Even though she stopped grooming and smiling  for a while after Jose no doubt tried to coach her, she is back to her old behaviors which shows that just as  a leopard does not change its spots, Casey does not change her aberrant behaviors.

When they hear her history and couple it with her in court behaviors she will be TOAST!

No matter how she looks, she  may very well get the death sentence because of how hated she will be after the jury  is forced to spend months with her and being exposed to  of what is important to Casey-, her hair, her grooming, her clothing, and of course  her flirting.

If Cindy or George write a book about this trial and what happened I pray that no  one buys the book.  I pray that no book publishing company gives them an advance to write these exploitative books and if they do that company  should be boycotted because they are making money off of a dead grandchild.I hope amazon doesn’t put it out in ebook form or allow the Anthonys to self publish it.

There is nothing more the Anthony’s  can tell us . We are sick of the whole family’s  manipulation and   lies. We have seen it all with our own eyes and heard it with our own ears.



Cindy Anthony’s “Slip of the Tongue” in The Courtoom Referring Caylee As Her “Daughter” And Lee Anthony’s Attorney’s Similiar “Slip of the Tongue”


When Cindy Anthony  took the stand wearing  her white sweater and beach sandals, she appeared  nervous as evidenced by the  twiddling of her thumbs over one another and her periodic cracking vocal tones.

Body language wise her thumb twiddling was  a form of self soothing behavior as she tried to calm herself down.

Then the Cindy which we have all come to know over these past 2 and ½ years  shortly emerged. We saw a controlling and oftentimes belligerent and whiney Cindy who remarked in a hostile tone I’m trying to answer the question!” as she looked in the direction of Judge Perry.

 Oftentimes we  observed where Cindy tried to take charge of the proceedings while giving her answers to both the defense and the prosecution. She quickly realized that it was the court and the court officers who were in charge- not her.

But the most poignant discovery of watching Cindy’s testimony was her  “Freudian slip” or slip of the tongue.”  Even though it may seem like an innocent mistake , calling one’s granddaughter their daughter, it is not a mistake  at all. It speaks volumes as to what is really going on in a person’s psyche.

On the stand, Cindy spoke the following words:

My husband and I were cooperating with the police department to find our DAUGHTER  Granddaugher  Caylee.”

As you can see Cindy immediately corrected herself by saying  granddaughter, but no doubt she has fancied herself as Caylee’s mother, ever  since Caylee came out of Casey’s womb when  she was the first to hold the baby and bond with the baby.

She also made it a point to let the court know that she did not knowingly cooperate with law enforcement to help build a case against her daughter Casey.  I believe that this is true since she went out of her way to thwart all efforts by law enforcement, even though she was the one who contacted them in the first place.  Remember when Cindy gave law enforcement the wrong hairbrush Casey’s instead of Caylees.’

I also believe that she made a point of saying “unknowingly” so that Casey would get the message.

 Casey did give her mother a fleeting glance as we see here as Cindy tried to have some type of communication with Casey. Cindy is hunched forward and her back is rounded. Casey;s posture is the opposite with squared shoulders. Body language wise it shows how Cindy appears to be asquiesng to Cindy and in essence begging her for her aknowledgement and pleading for her daughter’s attention. In essence her daughter has the upper hand.  


But  then Casey quickly detacheds and averted her gaze from Cindy. Casey knows he is the one ion controla nd love it. Sadisticallys he will not  give Cindy the peace of mind to lieratally make peace with her. She has dismissed Cindy as Cindy keeps looking at Casey assl the while Cindy walks out of the courtroom. Casey has the control and is loving it.

  Cindy clearly looks like a broken woman in my view. She has gained a considerable amount of weight either from possible antidepressants or other  medication, stress eating,  or both. Who can blame her after what she has been through with a lifetime of living with her sociopathic daughter that culminated in her granddaughter’s murder, which may very well have occurred  at the hands of her daughter. 


No doubt that Cindy has gone through a lot. She had no idea that her initial  911 call to Law enforcement would essentially be the end of her life as she once knew it.  We have seen her go through  many phases during these past two and a half years. We have seen her anger, vitriol, lashing out at police and law enforcement, mean spirited,  name calling,  and ugly words as she degraded the real  Zanaida Gonzalez  by  saying that she will never be a 10, which made Zanaida cry.

We have seen Cindy’s  desperation to save Caylee by trying to throw others” under the bus” from  a fictitious Zanida Gonzalez to Casey’s ex friend,  Amy Huizinga  to  ex boyfriend , Jesse Grund. 

We have seen  delusional pleas where she repeatedly stated in the media that she believed Caylee was still alive even after Caylee’s little bones and skull were discovered and they were determined to be  Caylee’s remains.

 We have seen her inappropriate outbursts and witnessed  even more inappropriate behaviors,  where she rubbed her son Lees thigh during an initial interview one  of the morning shows. We also witnessed her  non- stop rubbing of  Lee’s back during Caylee’s memorial service.

We have heard her defensive tones and hostile words as she blamed and lashed out at everyone from detectives to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla to members of the media, even referring to Orlando 9  reporter Kathy Bellich as “witchy poo” in one of her jailhouse letters to Casey.  But Cindy always failed to lash out at the one she  most likely knows in her heart killed Caylee -her own flesh and blood  daughter Casey.

She did lash out  at Casey initially  by stating that the car smells like a dead body  was in it which is perhaps the most honest thing that has come out of her mouth to day. 

But then  Cindy did everything in her power to backtrack and distance herself from what she  knows really happened to Caylee.




In my view Cindy’s aberrant behavior has  a lot to do with her guilt over her relationship with Casey and with what happened to cause Casey to leave the home with Caylee in tow, only to be heard from 31 days later.

My take on the situation was that she and Casey had a miserable relationship from early on. Casey learned to lie and manipulate her mother as  Cindy thought she had Casey under control.

When Casey was pregnant,  Cindy was in complete denial and told her own brother that Casey was not pregnant since she was a virgin. Casey could not even feel comfortable confiding in her own mother that she was having a baby . She had to hide her pregnancy until she could hide it no longer.

As soon as Caylee was born Cindy grabbed the baby and was the first to hold her and bond with her. Cindy  became Caylee’s mother, for all intensive purposes.  which rendered Casey  the jealous sibling.

We hear that jealousy in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy spoke of what Caylee like to eat- bagels . Casey blurts out What about me? I like bagels too.”  That statement speaks volumes as does the one where Caylee said in her jailhouse tapes Caylee is me.

Cindy apparently displaced her out of control daughter Cayey with a brand new “daughter”  she could easily control- an innocent baby version of her  daughter  Casey but in a new and improved form – little Caylee. That is why her slip of the tongue in calling Caylee  her daughter instead of Casey happens to often. So does the confusion of their names.

Apparently Cindy may have had a role in naming Caylee. It appears to be a combination of the names of her two children , Lee and Casey. Hence, Caylee.

For all intensive purposes Cindy was the mother of Caylee  in comparison to Caylee’s irresponsible biological mother Casey,  who most likely  wanted nothing to do with  of the baby.  In fact she may have   resented the baby. Cindy paid for the baby’s expenses, insurance, medical bills, clothing and food. She even gave the baby her own room. She was rarely away from her new “daughter” Caylee.

In the analysis I did  several months back when Casey was filming Caylee without speaking to the child and ignoring her need for interaction

 and even  filming Caylee’s  crotch,  we see a sadistic Casey who clearly was anything but a nurturing loving mother, 



So when there was no  contact with Cindy’s  “daughter” Caylee for  4 weeks the  number one question is WHY? Why did Cindy not try and find Caylee,  whom she had never been apart from for more than a few days? Why did she not try to locate   Casey  and  get Caylee and take her home to sleep in her own little bed?

Why did she wait that long? Why didn’t she call all of Casey’s friends or hire a PI  Dominic Casey after a week of her “daughter”  Caylee being  gone? 

The reasons are  simple to me. They  are because of  Cindy’s  “ I’ll show Casey” attitude and her  self pride, her  anger at Casey, and finally, Cindy’s   downright stubbornness. If she would have taken action when Caylee was away from her for a week, perhaps Caylee would have been alive today.


While Casey and Cindy  always went  head to head according to brother Lee, Cindy allegedly had a huge fight with Casey the day she left with Caylee.  Cindy said to Caylee ” I AM THROWING YOU OUT AND KEEPING CAYLEE Apparently she said this to Casey after she learned that Casey took  money from Cindy’s mother Shirley Plesea.

But this was not the thing to say to her disturbed  daughter. These words Cindy allegedly spoke   are what I believe pushed Casey over the edge.

While Casey was a low grade sociopath with lying and stealing in a cat and mouse game to evade and to “  get over” on her mother,   I don’t believe she was ready to murder anyone until Cindy pushed her fatal button.

In fact there are reports from Casey’s  friends that Casey was a “sweet girl”and a” nice girl” even though she was reported to have issues with the truth and lied constantly.

 In fact I spoke to Casey’s ex boyfriend  Jesse Grund’s minister  father who reached out to me. I asked him what Casey was like. He said  to me that Casey came from a  troubled family,  but that she adapted quite well into his family – the Grund family  as everyone loved and accepted her.

After hearing that from Mr. Grund  as well as the accounts of her friends, of which she had many, it confirms my thoughts that Cindy’s words and actions are what must have  pushed Casey over the edge.  



In my view, Casey took Caylee and most likely put tape over Caylee’s mouth and chloroformed her so she would sleep and not make any noise in case she woke up after  Casey stuffed her in the trunk  while Casey  went out partying.  When Casey opened the trunk  the following morning,  Casey found that Caylee was dead. Instead of telling someone , Casey  kept it to herself and concocted the Zanny story. This is my view.

Casey had absolutely  no feelings for Caylee because she never bonded with the child. To Casey,  Caylee was a” troublesome sibling”  who got in her way of partying and her love life. When her latest boyfriend let Casey  know that he didn’t want kids, Casey may have felt justified in her actions with Caylee,  in order to keep her man. 

Casey was desperate. She felt she needed her new man because after all he gave her a roof over her head now that Cindy finally kicked her out of the house for good.

Casey was no doubt feeling great  that  she had a man, a place to live,  freedom to come and go without Cindy’s watchful critical eye, and best of all- no and burdensome Caylee to hold her back. Now  she could have a Bella Vida– a beautiful free life.

Even better was that she knew her mother Cindy would be pissed when she discovered there would be no more Caylee . Sadistically it is my belief that Casey  was thrilled about the pain and anguish she knew would lie ahead for Cindy when Cindy  discovered that ” a nanny stole Caylee”.

There is no doubt that Casey thought she could get away with her concocted story. Why shouldn’t she? After all she got away with telling her mother so many concocted stories like she had a job  and  a babysitter for Cayleee  when she had neither.

 I believe there was no doubt in Casey’s mind that she could have her cake and eat it too. She felt she  could have a new life with her boyfriend and that everyone would believe her fake  story about what happened to Caylee.

Casey was so arrogant,  entitled,  and manipulative that she thought she could “get over” on law enforcement, just  as she “got over” on her mother all these years. That is why she sent them on a wild goose chase and had no remorse  whatsoever in doing that.

She stuck by her Zanny story and never wavered.  Why shouldn’t she? She always got away with lies in the past,  so why wouldn’t Casey  think she could get away with this one?

But now she is beginning to see the walls begin to close in on her. The shock of her life was discovering during her brother Lee’s testimony that he  was not the loyal brother she once  thought. The person she never thought would betray her was apparently the first one in line to do his sister in. He played both sides of the fence trying to get  information for law enforcement,  while making his sister think that he was one hundred percent loyal to her.



Lee’s attorney also  once  publicly made a “slip of the tongue”  as well when he referred to  Caylee as  Lee’s “ daughter” not his “niece.” Casey also made  numerous  accusations  that Lee sexually  molested her. Whether it is true or not we do not  really know at this point .

Apparently  it may have been revealed to the public  that George and Lee are not the father of Caylee.  But the question remains as to what type of testing was done to prove that point.

After  tests were done to determine George and Lee’s paternity,  only  recently, according to a recent article in USA Today, discuss the reach that came out of Baylor College of Medicine regarding  new and improved gene tests that  can now reveal children born of incest without the need to test for either parent’s DNA, doctors have recently  reported. Here is a link to the article in  USA Today

Having read this , it may very well be possible that the tests done on George and Lee may not have been as up to date  or as sophisticated  or accurate as this recent test which is now available.

I am NOT saying that George or Lee are the biological  father of Caylee. I AM saying that there are now  more sophisticated tests available to determine whether a child  was born of an incestuous union than there were when George and Lee were tested a few years ago.

 Since it has been recently discovered that one does not need the DNA from either parent any longer to determine if a child was produced by incest,  I am simply  asking if   these new tests were conducted on George and Lee? 

Was the child’s remains investigated with these new and improved genetic testing techniques?  If not, perhaps it might be interesting to conduct such testing.   

No matter what the result,  suffice it to say that  in my view, we are clealry seeing that  the Anthony family members are extremely TOXIC.    

Casey Anthony Continues Flirting, Grooming, and Smiling in the Courtroom

I have repeatedly said that the body does not lie! I have also said that no matter how hard a person tries to conceal their thoughts and feelings,  the truth eventually leaks out from one’s body language and facial expression . It doesn’t matter how hard the person tries to hide it.  That was the case with Casey Anthonys last appearance in the courtroom.

While Casey Anthony may have been coached  to sit up straight or be given an image makeover  with a unique hairdo the truth always prevails as far as body language is concerned. The truth is that Casey is still flirting with attorney Jose Baez in the courtroom and it is clearly not endearing . It is   definitely not charming. In fact it is incongruent with why she is in court in the first place.

Anyone accused of murdering a child, especially their own child has absolutely  nothing to smile about whatsoever. The last time we  saw Casey beaming with smiles and laughter in the courtroom was when a  law clerk on her legal team was ambushed by Jose Baez  and was unexpectedly sworn in as an attorney.

But now there is clearly nothing to smile about. Her latest appearance in court dealt with some very serious matters on which her life hinges. They involve  very major issues in her cases that her  in terms of what would or would not  be admissible.

The second Casey is seen walking into  he courtroom there is a smirk on her face. No doubt, after being locked up in her jail cell with little or no human contact all this time. she is trilled to be out among people. But the fact that she enters the courtroom with a smirk on her face is disconcerting. It does not matter that she has a form fitting blue sweater  which showcase her  curvy figure to make her look  sexy and appealing. It does not  matter that she has  new hairdo. It does not  matter how good she looks if her behavior and actions are inappropriate.

While it is true that studies have shown that if a person looks good, they are perceived more favorably by a jury, that theory  is null and void  when behavior is inappropriate. Casey Anthony’s recent  courtroom behavior is inappropriate in my view, especially as it pertains to Jose Baez. Perhaps the photo above reflects her anticipation that she will shortly be seeing the object of her falsities Jose Baez.

While she always seems to have her ritualistic behavior going on where she grooms  herself , she is doing even  more  self grooming than usual.  Note the double handed hair groom . It may have been done  in anticipation of seeing Jose.

Now we see her facial expression change as she begins an anticipatory smile.  That means that she is getting excited that she will be having  an upcoming interaction with Jose. Like a school girl she readies  and  vigorously grooms  herself  so the  man she finds attractive Jose, will  in turn find her mutually attractive.

Jose sits  down next to her and Casey  does an initial eye flash of excited recognition.  But she  then does a body language behavior that clearly indicates flirtation and coquettishness. She immediately breaks eye contact and gazes downward, all the while trying to suppress a smile. But  he cannot do it for long. The truth always leaks out  body language wise.

She  beams a huge toothy smile as she is beyond thrilled to see Jose < She immediately  notices a change in Jose’s appearance  namely his new hair cut.  She lasers in on his hair change.  She obviously likes what she see as she can’t stop smiling. We  even hear her saying  to Jose  that he cut his hair.  No doubt  Jose’s  new closely cropped do makes him look hipper and younger in her eyes and  she lets him know it . Her shoulder is rotated forward indicates a  flirtations action.  She has an open-mouthed tooth showing smile which indicates that she can’t hide that  she  genuinely likes what she sees.

There is no doubt that Jose is flattered . Both Casey and Jose are now laughing at something the see in the  monitor in front of them. It must really be amusing because Jose’s cheeks are raised an his eyes are crinkeling. We have rarely seen Jose with this type of expression. Instead,   we usually see him with a very serious facial demeanor.   Casey continues to self groom as  subconscious flirtation with Jose.

No matter what they are looking at, it looks bad to others who are watching them.  It would be one thing is Jose was looking at something  in the monitor and it amused him  or that it was something he found funny.  But the fact  Casey is joining in  and being equally amused is very disconcerting.

What in the world could be funny two both of them at a time like this? I guess that Casey needs to find joy and laughter where she can because when she is sentenced to a lethal needle there will be nothing to laugh about.

And yes- that is a very real possibility especially if a jury sees her laughing and smiling and flirting and carrying on like she doesn’t have a care in the world. To a jury it will be sickening.  That is what happened to Amanda Knox who  now sits in an Italian jail cell accused  of murdering her roommate.

Like Amanda’s jury who saw her laughing and acting as though she did not have a care in the world. If Casey acts similarly,  her actions will anger a jury as well.

It will no longer matter is there is a male juror who finds her sexy or attractive or if a female juror identifies with her or takes pity on her. It will all be  negated when she leaks out her true self.  When she shows that  she  amused and laughs and flirts jurors will take that as a signal that she has little or no feeling about what happened to her own daughter Caylee.

Afterwords we see Casey begin to  rigorously groom herself even more . At one point she even turned away so that we could see the back of her hair  which she creatively coiffed into  in a very unusual looking  do. It looked like a combo if thee different styles she  flung over her shoulder  to one side.

The bottom line in all of this is that  while  Casey’s looks may indeed be  a factor  in how she is perceived on a jury, it won’t  matter if she leaks out her lustful feelings towards Jose and her uncaring non feelings towards Caylee.