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Body Language of the two Boston Terrorists
April 20, 2013


Former Special Agent D. Vincent Sullivan who was also head of the FBI’s behavioral Analysis Program and I teamed up to write the book Body Language of Terrorists which we highly recommend especially during these days of terror. The book tells you how to recognize terrorists and those who are involved in nefarious and malicious acts.

In the book we tell you about the terrorists body language, facial language, voice patterns and speech communication patterns which are red flags that these people may be up to no good. Our research is based on countless hours of studying the body language behaviors and speech and voice patterns of numerous terrorists from Chechnya’s Doku Umarov to the 911 bombers to the homegrown terrorists, to the Underwear bomber, the Shoe Bomber, and  others to numerous to name.

For the past few days we have been doing a great deal of national  media discussing the findings in our book and analyzing the body language of these two Boston terrorists.

In this blog we will share our findings about these terrorists based on the FBI’s video’s and photos of now deceased 26 year old Tamerlan  and now captured  19 year old  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


This surveillance photo of Tamerian is very revealing. It shows that he is wearing a heavy jacket which was not weather appropriate.It was also buttoned or zipped  up when the weather  did not warrant it.  The jacket is also is oversized. You can tell by the sleeves and by the waist  that it is a bit  large for him. Oftentimes terrorists will wear bulky clothing in order to hide something like weapons. Her he is carrying the bomb backpack and he is patting his abdominal area. This is often seen when terrorists wear suicide vests, which was the case with Tamerian.


Tamerian has now opened his jacket exposing his tee shirt. There seems to be a dark vest-like garment under the tee shirt which was the suicide vest as was discovered after he was killed by police in a shootout. He is trying to be inconspicuous and also disguise his identity with sunglasses and with the bill of his hat covering his face.

His brother Dzhokhar  is seen following him wearing a white hat with the bill in back, exposing his facial identity, He is also clutching his mid section and continued to do so throughout his walking in back of his brother. Terrorists have often been seen clutching their mid sections when they are trying to conceal a weapon, which was the case with Dzhokhar.

Note that these two terrorists are walking single file. This behavior was also seen with the 911 terrorists. They do this to disguise the fact that they are together but their single file approach is actually a red flag that they are indeed together.

Numbness, Anger, Fear and Anxiety are the 4 types of emotions which are often exhibited on terrorist’s faces.  Numbness may be due to drugs as was the case with the Mumbai  terrorists. Anxiety can also occur in their body language manifested by excess movements of the arms and legs and rapid speech patterns.


Gilbert Junior who is an auto body repairman reported to the press that Tamerian was very agitated and anxious as he demanded to have his car back even though the work on it wasn’t finished. He remarked that his anxiety displayed in his body movements  were in marked contrast to his demeanor at other times.


When the 19 year old brother in the white cap walks in back of his older brother you see him looking to the right and then  to the left as though he is concerned about anyone noticing him. This  behavior is often seen in terrorists.

ImageThe FBI Photos of these two brothers reveal facial nuances which many terrorists can exhibit. Once again we see the slack jaw  and slightly opened mouth of Tamerian now wearing a black hat and sunglasses to disguise and hide  his appearance . Tis facial expression may also indicate the fear he is experiencing as his autonomic nervous system has taken over his body functions.

In contrast there is a  mask-like smile on the face of his brother Dzhokhar. We saw a similiar facial expression on the Mumbai bombers. Dzhokhar has no concern about disguising himself as he wears his cap backwards and weears no sunglasses. Perhaps there is some arrogance displayed by this behavior. Perhaps he believes at this point  he will not get caught.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 9.27.08 PM

There have been many comments from family members and friends  that these two young men were very bright an they were good boys. Those who knew the young men were shocked that they could ever be involved in such a nefarious act. But this is not at all surprising. There were many young Somalian men in their late teens in Minnesota who were  excellent  students and who were headed to Ivy league schools upon graduating from high schools. But they took a trip to a Jihadist training camp after being recruited and brainwashed and they returned to the US with the intention of committing acts of terror.

Thank goodness Anwar Alawaki is no longer alive as he was one of the top recruiters of young men to encourage them to carry out  exactly the same acts that these two Boston terrorists did.But there are other  Alawakai type recruiters who prey on confused young men like Tamerian and Djhokher.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 5.19.07 AM

It was revealed by Tarian’s aunt that he dropped out of school. Obviously his boxing career wasn’t doing as well as he expected . He committed a huge sin for a Muslim man as he had premarital sex and a baby , now age 3, with his Portuguese girlfriend . He was conflicted and lived a conflicted life. So he sought refuge in Al Qaeda which fueled his hatred towards a country and it’s people that gave him every opportunity for freedom and to make  a success out of his life.  Now he has no life. he is dead.


While this photo shows  gruesome body language , it shows the brutal  shocking  reality of what can happen to  someone who becomes a terrorist.  In our view, all  potential terrorists need to see what can happen to them if they succumb to the influence of others and try to carry out terrorist acts. There is no place in heaven for them and they will never  meet up with the 72 virgins. There is only agonizing pain and death as it was for the  once promising Tamerian. Now his body language shows the horror of his being a lifeless corpse riddled with bullet holes and livor mortis as his blood poured to the surface of his skin.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.54.20 AM

His 19 year old brother  was also riddled with bullets. This once promising student who wanted to be a doctor is now being treated by doctors in an attempt to save his life so that he can provide more information about who was behind this bombing tragedy.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.51.50 AM

Who knows how he will emerge from his surgeries. He will have a lifetime of  pain and torture from his injuries and from his upcoming trials. Massachusetts  does not have the death penalty. So at 19 he will never again see the light of day. He will never experience the freedom that this country offered him. He will never live his dream of becoming a doctor.Even though he may still be breathing, his young life has ended  just like  his older brother’ s life has ended.

Screen Shot 2013-04-20 at 4.52.22 AM

James Holmes Courtroom Body Language and PhD Program Pressures
July 25, 2012

I recently appeared on Entertainment Tonight where I discussed the body language of the Colorado Shooter James Holmes. For those of you who may think he may have been faking his strange  and contorted facial expressions, the answer is “no” . The reason I say this is because his behaviors were too consistent.



 He struggled to keep his eyes open an to pay attention to what was going on, but he could not do so. He was either medicated or sleep deprived.

While it is not common to medicate someone during a court proceeding such as this because the person needs all of their faculties present to comprehend what is going on around them, it is not unheard of to medicate someone who is a danger to themselves and to others. If someone has been on medication, they will often let the person continue taking their prescribed meds. It was reported that Holmes was acting violent in his jail cell as he allegedly spit at guards. Perhaps he was medicated to avoid this  type of behavior  in the courtroom.

His actions could also be a sort of withdrawal reaction from alleged medications he may have been taking as well.

While he opened his eyes widely and often  quickly nodded out. It showed that he was clearly struggling to stay awake.

There were times where he had an obvious  reality check as his facial expressions leaked out fear ,  with the whites of his eyes showing all around. He also leaked  out sadness. His sadness was depicted by his furrowed forehead, knitted brow, and his frowning down tuned mouth.

There were times where he appeared to stare into space while there were other times he stared downwards. His nodding out may have also been a coping mechanism to deal with the reality of his actions in not being able to face them.

My thoughts are that he may have very well had a psychotic episode which caused his horrific “lone wolf terrorist behavior.” Oftentimes such psychotic breaks  can occur in a person’s 20’s.



It has been reported that James Holmes, who was adopted by his parents  was a very shy child. It is also reported that his mother had some concern that he was an isolated child and didn’t have a lot of friends.

James managed to occupy his time with video games according to reports and with academics.



He excelled in science and wanted to become a neuroscientist. He even worked at the prestigious Salk Institute.

There is videotape of an 18 year old fresh faced dark haired young man discussing his future plans as a scientist. He was able to live out his dream by being accepted into the PhD Program at the University of Colorado in neuroscience.


 Apparently, he took his first year oral exams and then abruptly dropped out. While the University isn’t revealing much due to student privacy issues, it has been suggested in the media that he di not pass his exams and or the program was going to terminate him so he quit instead.

Having received a PhD myself I can assure you that it is one of the most difficult things one can do. Besides the actual academic pressures and research requirements, and  grueling oral and  lengthy written examinations, there is  often the departmental politics to contend with. Most students aren’t prepared for this, but it does exist.

While his PhD student status is pure speculation on my part at this point, it may be possible that James was able to cut through the program academically,  but he may have fallen victim to  departmental politics. Maybe professors noticed his odd behavior and reacted negatively and gave him a hard time. Maybe they just didn’t like him for whatever reason and looked for reasons out get him out of the program.

Whatever the case, James Holmes saw his lifelong dream of becoming a scientist some to an end. His entire identity was caught up in this now shattered  dream, so he  may have felt he had nothing to live for.

No doubt anger brewed inside of him as he lost his academic standing and his hopes for a promising career. His anger must have escalated when he found out that he would now have to vacate his apartment because the management did not rent to those who were not U of Colorado students.

Being an alleged isolate, James apparently did not have anyone with whom to vent his frustrations and anxieties. He obviously felt he had nothing to live for as his world was closing in on him, so he retreated into his Batman like fantasies of  acting out his rage at his plight  though the persona of The Joker. Allegedly , after he was apprehended, he told police that he was The Joker.

He knew what he was going to do and set up an elaborate death trap in his apartment which would kill anyone who entered it- law enforcement or the apartment manager or  the owner who was forcing him to vacate his dwelling.

After seeing the film the Dark Knight, it is clear where his ideas about the use of gas and gunning down innocent people came from.  There is a chilling  scene in the film where innocent people are shot at the Stock Exchange. It was reminiscent of what James Holmes did at the Colorado theatre.



 James Holmes  will undergo a battery of  psychiatric evaluations to see if he is competent to stand trial. If not, he will most likely be spending a good portion of  his life  in a mental institution like John Hinkley or Mark David Chapman. If he is not found guilty by reason of insanity, then he will be spending the rest of his life in a prison cell or on death row.

No matter what happens, the horror of this story is that innocent lives of young people  were taken for absolutely no reason at all.


 It is impressive that Warner Brothers said they will be donating a substantial amount to victims of the shooting and to their families. But even though this is the right thing to do, it still can never bring back these promising lives due to Holme’s horrific actions. Those who survived will also have to deal with a lifetime of post traumatic stress and all of it’s complex related symptoms and  complications.

Bobbi Kristina’s Self Destructive Body Language vs Nick Gordon’s Attention Loving Body Language
March 17, 2012

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s adopted “brother/ fiance is loving the limelight. He is now a  new star and loving it.  Here he walks  out of Starbucks carrying two coffee cups with his ramrod straight  posture and uplifted head , indicating lots of self confidence





















Toxic Men: School Shooter in Ohio Caused By ” Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano” Who Was Bullied
February 28, 2012

As the author of the best selling book Toxic People  

as well as my latest book Toxic Men has just been released in paperback, I came up with the category of Silent But Deadly Erupting Volcano. This category says it all when it comes to 17 year old T.J. Lane who shot and killed fellow classmates and injured others in his Ohio high school.

Many of his fellow students said  he was “quiet”. Others  said he was sweet. One student who played basketball with him after school several years ago said he seemed happy when he was around him and that he was shocked because he wasn’t a violent kid. Another student at his church group said that he was  “a nice boy.”

But others said had a “simmering temper”. And  my view is that “simmering temper’ was fueled by inner rage that was not verbally expressed.

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Bobby Brown’s Toxic Body Language in 2002 Sawyer Interview Reflects His Current Toxic Behavior
February 23, 2012

In a few weeks my book TOXIC MEN will be out in both the paperback and the ebook edition The book can also apply to women as well s there are  indeed TOXIC WOMEN.  In fact the book should have been called TOXIC MEN AND TOXIC WOMEN but the publishers decided on Toxic Men which I am not thrilled about as the focus of the book discusses TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.

recently, no better example of a TOXIC RELATIONSHIP  is Bobby Brown and the late Whitney Houston’s realtonship. This woman had not been in her grave more than 24 hours when we learned that  her ex husband Bobby Brown is ready to release a tell all book about their relationship  in order to make money on her death and to make himself relevant. That is just the tip of the iceberg. This is the same man who did NOT immediately  get on a plane to see  daughter  Bobbi Kristina as soon as he got word that Whitney had died. Instead he proceeded with his concert in Mississippi   ….  TO READ MORE click the link  

Toxic Man Omar Sharif’s Body Language As He Abuses A Woman in Public
October 28, 2011


There is nothing that sickened me more than seeing , Omar Sharif of Dr. Zhivago fame  a one time heartthrob to many women back in the day, physcially abuse a woman in public. It was shocking and appalling.  He severely slapped  a woman simply because she wanted to have her photo taken with him.Apparently   she was overzealous and did not wait her turn to be photographed. nued to  . He let her know she did wrong in his eyes, not only by his physical slap but by his verbal slap as he continued to berate her .

 What was more appalling was looking at the video frame by frame and seeing how he gets enraged, slaps her, goes off on her, feels guilty about it, tries and  to make nice, Now  he  becomes   angry at her for making him angry. Below  is a frame by frame analysis of  whathe did to her.

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Arnold and Maria’s Body Language Showed Issues From the Beginning of Their Relationship
May 18, 2011

If you look at the earliest photos of Arnold and Maria and follow  them to throughout the years to the present day, you will see a common theme. That theme is that they are completely not like minded. They never appear  to be looking in the same direction, which reflects the fact that they were never on the same page. Look at the photos below and you will see how they consistently look in different direction,

Maria is looking towards the camera while Arnold looks off to the side when they were first dating.

It continued when they got married as you can see in their wedding photos. And it continued throughout their marriage as you can see int he many photos of them below.

They never appear to be in synch with one another as they look in two distinctly different directions in practically all of their photos.

In many photos of the two of them together,  there is a great deal of physical distance between them, which is a very  bad sign for any relationship.

There are also countless photos where Maria trails behind Arnold. They are not on equal footing. He always seems to be stepping out ahead of her. It indicates that it is all about him and that she is a  mere appendage. She is there to make him look good.

In their later years together,  it appears that  could Arnold doesn’t even seem to acknowledge Maria. He essentially ignores her. It appears as though it could be anyone standing next to him. Body language wise, they  continue to look in different directions which mirrors what they have done throughout their lives together. 


Maria clearly adored  Arnold as can be seen in so many of the photos. She looked at him with love and affection, but he rarely  if ever, returned her affections publicly.

When she would reach out to him as you can see in this photo, he would  essentially ignore her.

She was often the aggressor  in their public displays of affection as she initialed kisses and other  displays of affection,He continued to  appear awkward and non responsive as he did not reciprocate  her affections.

He continued to ignore her throughout the years which rendered her looking very unhappy.

In fact, in their later years together ,  she looked absolutely miserable whenever she was around him.

No doubt, when  she learned of his constant alleged womanizing, she became increasingly  unhappy.  So when it was announced that Arnold had an affair and impregnated his mistress while there  was an initial shock,  it is no surprise. Rumors of affairs and harassmentswirled around him for years. 

But what did come as a surprise and spoke volumes about Arnold was that his and Maria’s housekeeper was the mistress and lived and worked  under the same roof as they did for two decades.To me that is the ultimate in Toxic Behavior.

Apparently the housekeeper  told Arnold that the baby was his when the baby was a toddler. Arnold did the right thing and  financially supported the boy and the mother. But who knows if he supported the boy emotionally.  Now the boy is ten years old and it is said that he looks exactly like Arnold as reported by TMZ. In the pixeled out photo above, you can see how the boy  resembles Arnold especially around the mouth and jaw area.

My main concern is   about the psyche of this young boy who has had to keep his father’s identity a secret until now.  Who knows if he even knew Arnold was his father until now? I do hope that Arnold has the sense to put the boy in therapy to help him cope with  the  public’s  now  knowing that he is Arnold’s illegitimate son.

There is no doubt that some agressive  journalist will out this innocent young boy and not respect his privacy. After all there is a lot of money in paparazzi photos of a young newly discovered mini-Arnold. Perhap the mother and the boy will expose themselves publicly on their own. Whatever the case, the boy will need a strong support system for what lies ahead of him.

The pain Maria must be experiencing must be excruciating. She has been humiliated,  betrayed and used in a very public way. Arnold sought her out and married her as a vehicle to help him achieve the American Dream. What better way of achieving the dream than by marrying into the Kennedy family. Her Kennedy family immediately  legitimized him. It transformed him from a caricature  of a muscle head  bodybuilder   to member of America’s  most  a respect and revered clan. It  gave him even more contacts and pushed him up the social ladder until he became Governor  of  California. After achieving his goal, it appeared that  he had no more use for Maria. He had nothing to lose by coming clean ten years later when he was finally out of office.

But now he now, he claims  that he   wants her back. It may be  because of the negative repercussions on his ego and on his reputation and not because of anything else. Arnold was the untouchable Golden boy ever since he landed int he US. He was an action hero on film and an hero to some  in real life. Now he has quickly gone from hero to   zero. 

But if he does happen to  wins Maria back and does a mea culpa, things will look up for him once again as he does the Media Forgive Me tour.

While many feel that Maria should never allow him back into her life, love is stronger than anyone’s opinion, There is no doubt that  she clearly loves him. That is one of the main reasons she has not rushed to file for divorce.  Her strong Catholic faith may also sway her in the direction of keeping him. In the end,  is her decision alone as to what  she needs to do for herself. Will she follow in the footsteps of her grandmother and the other Kennedy women who were constantly cheated upon, yet  grinned and bared  it? Or will she be the first of the Kennedy women to actually leave and show  some self respect ? .

Even though she has asked for people’s advice and feedback during her transition period, ultimately, she has to listen to what is in her heart.

The woman has  recently gone through the loss of her uncle Ted who had brain cancer , her mother who had cancer, her father with Alzheimer’s, th ending her reign as First Lady of California and all that the position  entailed, her kids maturing  and headed for lives of their owny and eight  years of being away from a high profile media career .

The last thing she needed to  add to her  already existing pain was to discover that her husband of over two decades fathered an illegitimate child with a housekeeper, who worked for her. The woman added to her pain fo betrayal by  carrying  on an affair with Arnold right under her nose and under her roof.  If the housekeeper worked for Arnold and Maria for two decades, no doubt that Maria  must have felt she was a loyal employee. So to be  betrayed by a  husband and a trusted employee is enough to send anyone over the edge. 

John Edwards Suicide Threat Shows Cowardice , Selfishness-If Carried Out He Should Unselfishly Donate Organs
April 10, 2011

Former Senator and VP and Presidential Candidate John Edwards may very well face criminal charges for his violation of  federal campaign laws. He allegedly removed some of his  campaign  funds to coffers to pay for  mistress Rielle Hunter and baby’s expenses. There is evidence put forth by his assistant Andrew Young who confirms what he did, saying   he lied for Edwards in a cover up where he claimed to be the babydaddy.  The FBI and IRS have done extensive probes, leaving no stone unturned.

That was why Edwards kept denying that he was the babydaddy. But I figured out he was the babydaddy anyway and was the first to call it publicly in the media. 



I don’t know what this Toxic Man didn’t sell some of his assets or do a few speaking gigs to pay for his mess. He made millions and millions of dollars when he was an attorney. He could have spoken to his money manager and worked things out. But in sick mind he may have believed that the mess he got himself into occurred while he was campaigning, so why not have the campaign funds take care of this!

 He  could no doubt get  50 to 100 thousand dollars  per talk and a few talks could have taken care of his financial woes instead of  his doing something illegal.

If a jury finds Edwards  guilty, could end up being cellmates with Bernie Madoff. It might not be such a bad thing since he is one of few people in the world with whom Edwards shares so much in common. They sociopaths in my view-  both liars, heartless, cheaters, soulless creatures who have no feelings of remorse. They even  both lost their  sons.  


Apparently, last month, his , legal team told him there was a strong chance he could be indicted. According to sources he “completely lost it” and sobbed non stop and said  .”I won’t go to jail. I’d kill myself first.”

Edwards has allegedly mentioned it over and over again that he would rather do  himself  in than go to prison. This wimp would probably get a maximum of five years and he would be 62 when he got out. He would probably do less time for good behavior so he might even be 60 when he got out.


 Also I am sure they would isolate him so he wouldn’t have to worry about being shived or beaten or being someone’s girlfriend.

 He would have plenty of time to relax, work out and exercise, and write his” mea culpa I found Jesus ”  book in prison . They might even give him  a prison job like picking up trash, cleaning toilets or picking  weeds just to humble him a bit. He may even do some jailhouse consulting with other inamtes on their cases. But he has to never have their legal papers in his cell or he will get additonal jailtime.  

 Since he has no conscience, he wouldn’t be spending anytime crying over Elizabeth or the past. His tears would only be for himself and his predicament. His anger would not be at himself but rather at those horrible people who did this to him.  He could never accept any accountability for his actions.


Also when he got out, there would be the mea culpa tour to feed his ego and put him back in the limelight to promote the book he would have written in prison. He will no doubt have found Jesus and become a minister of sorts and  preach the gospel of forgiveness on his media tour.

Then could  convince himself that he is loved  by the public and that all is forgiven. Even though the reality is that most  will hate him, his kids – legitimate and illegitimate will probably forgive him and love him. It might be harder for the oldest daughter though as she was old enough to see what torture he put her mother through.

He could get 50 to 100 K a pop for lectures on the  lay speaking circuit  or the religious  speaking circuit, He could be  speaking about how bad he was and  how he destroyed so many lives by his cheating and how Satan made him do it. He can say how Satan made him break Elizabeth’s heart which killed her. He can then say how now that Jesus is in his life full-time  he is a changed man . He can tell us how being in prison made him take a  good hard look at himself and see the light.It may sound repulsive but there are many public speakers out there who have been cheats and swindlers who have written books on how bad they  once were and  ended up in prison and now make a good living at telling the world to give them a second chance int he world. 

Characterwise they are often still the same and just found another way to manipulate people. Edwards is no doubt the same type.    



Who knows, he may also be offered a reality show. Look at how bad behavior  appears to be rewarded  these days from Charlie Sheen to Kate Gosselin.  The teen moms can beat up on their babydaddys and all sorts of drama can occur complete with jail time and they still have a show.

 Kate Gosselin  can beat up on her husband, verbally abuse her kids and lie all over  the airwave,  be obnoxious and still gets rewarded with a show, a DWTS appearance, and co-hosting the View. The same thing can happen to Edwards. Having a show would feed his ego and his pocketbook. 


Since he has had so much experience as a politician, he could be a political advisor to some up and coming candidates and share his knowledge with them.


Most important of all when he gets out, he could be a real hands on father not just a photo op for political pictures dad. He can go to  recitals and plays and ball games with his kids, who will still be of ball game  and recital age. He can make amends and do right by them- especially with his oldest  and already grown daughter.

 He could help the kids with their homework and watch them grow. He may even decide to have more babies with Rielle or with someone else he finds more fetching and more “Christian” now that he has a new image to uphold.


But obviously Edwards is too small minded to think these things through. He obviously  has a pattern of not thinking things   through like his cheating with Rielle and how it would devastate Elizabeth and  his not admitting the baby was his, which will have last repercussions on the baby as she matures.

 Clearly he is not thinking through his suicide plan either. Suicide is not the answer. If he is depressed then he needs to get some antidepressants and a good shrink to work things out.

He actually could turn his life around. While it will be an embarrassment for his kids to have a dad who is a convicted felon, who fell from grace, if he lives they can at least say they have a dad.

It will be even more heart wrenching for them to know that they had a weak coward of a dad who was so selfish that he did himself in  during hard times, rather than have a future with them.

Edwards may want to meet with Reverend Jim Baker  of  Jim and Tammy Faye fame, who had a similar fate. He went to prison, came out, got  remarried, started a new family, lectures and is doing quite well these days.


But if Edwards insists on being his selfish stubborn foolish TOXIC self and makes good on his  suicide threat when he is indicted, I hope that at least he will do one unselfish act for once in his life-give his organs to others.

Each of his kidneys , heart, lungs, corneas, pituitary gland, ear bones, jaw bone, facial skin, body skin, heart, and other organs can be used to save or better someone’s life.

 Maybe then can he not only get some of the respect back from others but some self-respect, if there is any after a person commits suicide.    

Chris Brown’s Punching Dancing Body Language and Spiked Glove on DWTS Reflect Inner Anger
March 30, 2011

As the Body Language Expert for Dancing With the Stars   on Season 8 and doing analyses for Entertainment Tonight and various magazines, all I can say is that I am appalled that Chris  Brown was allowed back into the ABC Family after his window punching incident last week.

I am not alone in  my disgust that he was allowed on DWTS  as host Tom Bergeron and top female dancer Cheryl Burk were equally disgusted. Although Tom tried to be the pro that he is, his stiff body language and half smile gave away his displeasure. He even mentioned publically that he wasn’t thrilled about Chris being there and it showed in his  ambivalent half smile and  in Tom’s tight  body language on the show.

 Cheryl who publicly spoke of her own abuse was disgusted that an abuser would appear on the same show are herself. She said that even though she could do nothing about it she wasn’t happy  but did what she could do to in speaking out and expressing her displeasure.



His anger not only appeared off the stage it appeared on the stage as well with his punching dance moves that looked like he would be better in a boxing ring than on a dance floor. In the photo above you can see the anger in his clench fists and extended knuckles. 


Before Chris appeared in his devil red and black suit with chains on the  there was what I thought a very contrived and cheap shot. A little boy in a white suit yelled out “ Hey it’s Chris Brown” as the little boy  began to tumble on to the stage and break danced.  

That disgusted me that a little kid was being used to promote  Chris Brown. I think associating Chris Brown with the little excited kid was a  disgusting ploy to enroll other kids. The fact that a kid essentially introduced Chris Brown’s performance and then began to perform himself was merely used as a distraction to help mollify Chris’ negative perception. After all who can;t feel warm and fuzzy towards a little break dancing kid in a suit?

As Chris took to his singing and dancing he began what I thought was indicative  of who he is as a person– an angry hostile man.   His punching moves in his first dance were a complete a turn off  and highly inappropriate .  If he was there to rectify his image he certainly didn’t do it with his dancing moves.

While his acrobatics were impressive I still couldn’t shake the photos etched in my brain of Rihanna’s face  that was pummeled by him.

 As I recalled what he did to the window at ABC I got even more disgusted by him. To  think of the  force he used in breaking this sealed and reinforced  window was also repulsive to me. Anyone else would have been arrested  and put in jail but celebrity justice is no doubt what kept him free. I kept thinking of that and it was maddening.  He was even invited back to GMA to explain himself which further sickened me as anyone else would NEVER have been invited back to GMA or to any show ever again for that  hateful and dangerous antic.

Thus, it was impossible for me to appreciate any of  his talents. When I heard the audience clapping loudly and standing to their feet , there was no doubt in my mind that this was choreographed as well. It further disturbed me as to why this nasty violent creature was being celebrated in any shape or form.Why he was allowed on the DWTS stage in the first place was beyond my comprehension.

But clearly, someone high above made sure that Chris would be successful in spite of himself. It no doubt appears to be  all about  dollars and cents.

  But to me, this violent out of control creature simply looked   like a  mean devil dressed in red and chains. I would never purchase anything  with he was associated. In fact I would encourage others to boycott him as well. We simply cannot showcase and honor those who  are violent. There is enough world violence out there and we certainly don’ tneed it in our artists who’s aim is to entertain and bring us joy.

Then he was introduced for his second song set as he wore a white suit with lights on it that changed colors designed to  distract people . I did like the lighted suit that changed colors as I did like the  backup dancer’s neon looking outfits and the choreography. But that still didn’t change the reality. To me he is still a  Toxic Man who happened to be wearing a lighted suit that changed colors.  

Then Chris was done performing and  I saw Chris Browns face drenched in sweat as he held  his  silver metal spiked fingerless  glove up to his face as he as in a praying hand position with his hands clasped together. I found this incongruity of  prayer and violence sickening  and hypocritical. Brown was thrilled the  DWTS audience received him well and pressed his praying hands together as an act of humility and forgiveness. But to me it said cockiness with is head even cocked to the side. He “got over” on everyone.  His mindset was that even though he was violent and out of control, he was  still loved and revered !    

As a violent creature who beat up Rihanna a beat up a window, in my view Chris Brown should not be wearing  that glove as it could prove to be a lethal weapon if used  inappropriately on someone.

His handlers  who were so concerned about his image forgot a crucial element. They forgot to not allow him to dress in a spiked  metal violent  glove. So their image makeover with his hair back to black and his DWTS appearance backfired as the boxing like punching dance moves , hostile hands and  hateful and hostile weapon- like glove said it all!

George Lopez Self Hate-Calls Kirstie Alley Fat Pig When He’s Fat Himself
March 26, 2011

There is an old saying that goes when you point the finger at someone there are there are often three fingers pointing back at you. This definitely  seems to be the case with George Lopez after he made fun of Kirstie Alley after her Dancing With the Stars appearance by calling her a fat pig.

His name calling seems to be more about him than it does about Kirstie. When George looks in the mirror there is no doubt he has not come to grips with his the physical changes that have resulted perhaps due to taking  the weight gaining anti rejection medication for his kidney transplant or the resulting excess fluid retention in his body.

His lashing out at Kirstie’s weight may very well be due to the fact that he cannot cope with his own weight gain and  subsequent body changes ,resulting self loathe.

If we look back at the re runs of his television sitcom from 2004-2007 we see a much more slender and  healthier looking George.  Since this photo was taken,  his face has become wider and bloated. His  present day complexion  looks more pallid and looks even more pitted than before as his his eyes  now often have more of  a budging appearance to them.



A few months ago I was in the makeup room at CNN and met a beautiful woman who was also having her makeup done in the seat next to me.  We were discussing my new book called Toxic Men. She immediately told me that she needed to read that book as she as getting a divorce from her husband.

She then proceed to tell me her name, Ann , and hand me her business card which said Ann Lopez, producer. On the card it also said that she was the producer of George Lopez Productions. It was then that I realized that the Toxic Man she was referring to was comedian George Lopez

She proceeded to tell me how George had an unknown birth defect with kidneys the size of raisins. In 2005  , doctors said he was going to die unless he had a kidney transplant.  She volunteered to give him one of her kidneys and he gladly accepted.

Then after saving  his life, she found out he was cheating on her  with prostitutes by reading the tabloids. She was shocked and demanded a divorce. But to make himself look good, and to make Ann look like the villain in the marriage, Lopez has been telling the press he divorced his wife (who he had been married to since 1990 for  21 years  and with whom he had a daughter) because she was overweight.

Ann was a heavy set woman and was always that way since he married her in 1990. She was that way before and after they had their daughter in 1996. Obviously her size never bothered him or he overlooked it because he knew she was a wonderful woman who was devoted to him. In fact in his book Why You Crying? he said

I want to tell you about a woman I have been married to for ten years, my wife, Ann, who speaking truthfully, saved me from myself. Who saved me from destroying myself because of my background. Who saved me from wasting my life, drinking my life away, never fulfilling my dreams because of what I had come from, and truly believing and loving — truly the first person to ever truthfully, unconditionally love me.”

But the problem was that George didn’t love himself. He couldn’t accept that unconditional love and the Ultimate gift of life from Ann. So what did he do? He sabotaged himself by having affairs with hookers.


Three weeks after his kidney surgery in 2005 he felt well enough to play golf. According to medical reports he was given anti-kidney rejection drugs. Whether it was the anti-rejection  drugs, or the fluid retention from  his non transplanted kidney not working, George put on a considerable amount of weight as you can ein the photo.

Instead of addressing his own  weight issues, he lashed out on his wife Ann, on Bristol Palin whom he said  got heavier after she appeared on DWTS, and   now he’s beaten up on Kirstie Alley.

He would have stuck by  the Kirstie weight bashing “ joke”   if the public had not rebelled in a big way.

People would not accept what he said about her being a pig and neither could Kirstie. In fact she lashed back and called him a “drunk pig” who had  a little too much vodka.

People are very sensitive to Kirstie’s plight.  They have seen her struggle  with weight for years

from being a failed spokesperson for Jenny Craig

to her doing  her own sitcom “Fat Actress” where she showed her struggles with her weight.

The unflattering  tabloid ambush shots of her being overweight and eating fattening foods, which  also kept her weight battle very public.

She addressed  her weight on every talk show and even came on Oprah to show her progress on Jenny Craig as she wore a bikini. Her body language on the show clearly showed how ashamed and uncomfortable and self-conscious she was as she hid her lower body in a gossamer pareo .

She constantly  made jokes about her weight. But those jokes were simply to hide her pain and her self-consciousness.

Before she began  DWTS, she took off 60 lbs  of her own which she said was due to her own weight loss program.

But the real weight loss will come now under Maksim’s guidance. There there is no doubt that Kirstie will be svelte once again.
After witnessing Kirstie’s weight struggle’s throughout the years, the public is sympathetic towards her and wants her to both  win and lose – win the mirror ball trophy on DWTS and lose the weight.

As for George, my advice to him is to   focus on his own weight loss since the issue of being fat concerns him so much.

Perhaps a stint on DWTS might do him some good as well.


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