Dina Lohan Flirts With Dr. Phil Using Manipulative Body Language

My hat goes off to Dr. Phil as you can  see what an amazing professional he is in terms of how he handled Dina Lohan during her interviwe on his show. He didn’t let her get away with anything. He set boundaries and he didn’t put up with her

trying to control the situation and acting like a big shot in the TV world . As she asked if the cameramen were rolling and used TV lingo she did so in an attempt to put herself on even footing with Dr. Phil. But it  backfired as Dr. Phil called her on it.  he let her know that it was not his first day in television and that he would handle all the television technical issues.

When she realized that she couldn’t gain control or the upper hand or manipulate Dr. Phil or the interview she resorted to flirting as she raised her shoulder in a coquettish manner and smiled in order to try and manipulate Dr. Phil with her sexuality. But that clearly did not work.

Then Dr. Phil gets serious and asks if she went to college. WE see her in defensive mode body language wise as she covers herself up and holds on to her elbows as if to brace herself for the upcoming  hard hitting questions.

She says she went to NYU and was a dance major as she flits with her hair. She obviously didn’t finish college and her body language reflects charged emotion not he topic. As she was asked about Michael, her ex  she tries to take control by telling the camera men to cut.

She is clueless that this is Dr. Phil’s show and he is the one to say cut not her. He is is control not her.

When the camera crow goes about their business and continues filing she messes us the interview by turing away and holding up her hand indicating that she wants them  to cut out what she said.

Dr. Phil is not having any of this nonsense and must have shot her a serious no nonsense look as she immediately retreats and becomes small as she hunches over and puts her hand on her face as she gives a frustrated look of  upset resignation that she has lost control and it can’t be her way.

Dr. Phil is compassionate as he tells her to take a breath as she complies. Then he resumes questioning about Michael . Instead of answering she says to dr. Phil- I feel were’ on a date.” How inappropriate yet how revealing. She once again resorts to trying to get her way and control over the situation through flirtation.”

Dr. Phil asks her a simple question  about Michael and she turns away and says that;s a loaded question which surprises Dr. Phil as it was a simple question.

Now look what happens when Dr. Phil asks her about when the abuse by Michael started . She inappropriately laughs and turns away crinkles her nose and raises her shoulder  and in a flirtatious manner laughs and says ” On my honeymoon.”This was inappropriate body language for the question which was asked. It was her way of  not wanting to go down that line of questioning.

Dr. Phil probes , What happened on your honeymoon?” She inappropriately turns away  and acts coquettish as she says “He threw a bible at my head” said as if she was asking a question. Her voice also  died off at the end of the statement so you could barely hear her. She inappropriately laughed as she said this. Based on her tone and body language tells I wonder if that is true. I wonder if Michael really thew a bible at her head on their honeymoon. To me it seemed like there were many signals of deception.

Then she repeats herself and says that she can’t believe she is saying this on camera as she looks down.Dr. Phil finds this unbelievable as he repeats what she says “On your honeymoon he throws a bible at your head.”  She should shrugs, looks down and acts flirtatious. When he asks if she thought it wouldn’t happen again, she shakes her head no when answering in the affirmative, looks down and shrugs her shoulders once again which to me may indicate deception on her part.

Dr. Phil asks her about the lowest time in her relation with Michael. Once again in high dramatic fashion she turns away from the camera and says :” Can we stop”, one again trying to manipulate and gain control over the interview. But of course there is no stopping.

She fakes  crying as  she immediately continues on devoid of upset and crying. At this point she carries a prop- a kleenex.

She leaks out yet anther flirtatious signal reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe as she says “you just have to know when to get out” in reference to Michael’s abuse. Her body language does not match the content of what was said. She then smiles, a coquettish smile as she shrugs her shoulders.

Then as Dr. Phil proceeds to ask her anther question pertaining to Michael and his alleged abuse, we she her wiping away a non tear and wiping her non tears from one eye. people crying with real tears from both eyes, not one eye. Then she lets out two fake sniffs as Dr. Phil asks her to speak about the time Michael showed up at her home. her recovery time was too quick, devoid of emotion as she begins to speak.

She then goes into flirting mode agin as she raises her shoulder , gives Dr. Phil direct eye contact as she smiles and in a breathy tone says “Do I really have to talk about that?” Dr. Phil calmly replies ” Do you?”

She then smiles and points at him and says “You’re good” in yet another attempt to gain control over the interview and manipulate.

She then laughs and turns into little girl mode as she says Can I go home now?

Dr. Phil was having none of it. he called her on everything from her denial about Lindsay to what she was on the show. He finally had enough of her not being genuine as he dismissed her and ended the interview.

Watching this over 50 year old flirting to get her way and sticking poses was pathetic and sad . Her denial about Lindsay  was reminiscent of how Lindsay  like Dina is  unable to  take responsibility for her actions and blame it on others.

After watching this very disturbing interview  it is so clear why  Lindsay is the way she is and why she does not have a chance in life unless she unplugs from her  mom manager’s influence and control and gets into some serious therapy to deal with the negative effects her mom has had on her.

Both of her parents leave a lot to be desired. We have all heard from mouthy Michael throughout the years as he has trashed Dina in the press . After watching this interview with Dr. Phil, apparently there may be a lot of truth to what Michael has said about Dina.

You could really see the competive nature she has with Lindsay


Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Way Too Happy Over Kate Plus 8 Cancellation

Several months ago I shared with you that I believed Kate Plus 8 would be cancelled because there would be very few eyeballs watching the show. People are not interested in seeing grown children and tweens , who  do not possess any outstanding talent being exposed on TV. People also do not want to see train wreck in the making. Paul Peterson , President of A Minor Consideration and former child actor has made us all aware of what often happens to child performers when they grow up and it often  isn’t pleasant.

Jon Gosselin was not being petty or playing ” tit for tat” during and after his divorce from Kate on this issue. Instead he was being a very responsible father  by loudly vocalizing that he did not think  it was good for the kid’s emotional and physical well being  to be on TV at this point.

But as we know Kate saw it differently. She even had the audacity to say publicly that the show was good for them emotionally. She insisted the kids were fine and lied on national TV interviews that the kids had any emotional problems. She  was adamant that Colin and Alexis were  not having any problems when in fact they showed violence at school.  So now that the show has been cancelled,Kate Gosselin’s body language  is way too’… To Read More Click Link   http://drlillianglass.com/body-language-blog/2011/09/03/does-kate-gosselinsbody-language-reveal-shes-happy-about-cancelled-show-becuase-shell-have-her-own-show/


Both of Lindsay Lohan’s TOXIC PARENTS Are Stifiling Her Recovery Which May End Up Killing Her

 When someone is trying to rehabilitate themselves and stay focused on their recovery,  the last thing they need is the high drama  of their parent blabbing all over the news media. This back and forth between Dina and Michael  and BOTH of their latest TOXIC  shenanigans can destroy everything Lindsay Lohan is doing on Rehab at Betty Ford.


First, Dina allegedly  tries to sneak a photo crew in to Betty Ford to capitalize off of Lindsay’s rehab. Now she is allegedly trying to shop the first interview when Lindsay gets out of rehab. To me this is revolting! This is a sure-fire formula for Lindsay not healing and  not getting on with her life.  At this point in her rehab  process Lindsay has NOTHING to say in any interview.

She has only been in rehab for a few weeks and needs the solitude and focus to deal with her issues and her demons. Two of those demons are her TOXIC parents and what they have  done to her. She has already allegedly mentioned her father in her rehab sessions(which by the wasy should never have been leaked to anyone). But she has yet to address her mother as far as we know.

 I think that her mother is not acting motherly here. If  she was she would never allow her daughter to  any interviews unless her daughter was well  into her  recovery.

This leads me to question whether Dina actually wants Lindsay  to be in recovery.  As a train wreck Dina can go on camera and go into her denial  about Lindsay as she has done repeatedly. She can continue to  say how Lindsay just falls down a lot and how there is nothing wrong with her. She can continue to blame the media and world for Lindsay’s condition.

One of the reasons Dina is possibly fearful of Lindsay’s recovery is that she may end up losing her cash cow after Lindsay is sober enough to see  through the veil  of her substance abuse. Only then will Lindsay see  how Toxic her mother has been to her and how she has ridden on her coat tails. Going clubbing and partying with Lindsay  was clearly riding on  Lindsay’s coat tails. It was inappropriate to say the least.

If Lindsay recovers,  she will no doubt have the mental and emotional wherewithal to fire her manager mother and get a legitimate manager who has her best interest at heart. She needs someone who can really get her  re-focused as an actress and singer. Lindsay has wasted the best years of her life and really needs someone who knows what they are doing to jump-start her career in the right direction.

No matter how talented an actress is , like it or not,   there is an expiration date as far as far as being a  lead actress goes. So Lindsay needs to keep this in mind as she focuses on her rehab and staying on course.


Michael  Lohan is one of the most Toxic Men out there in my view. Anyone who can sell his friends out by taping their conversations and take nude photos of an ex fiancé and sell them is despicable. Lindsay does NOT want to have anything to do with her father and who can blame her?

I think that this is the best thing she has ever done. No one has poisoned Lindsay’s mind against Michael. Instead, Michael has poisoned the well himself by yapping about Lindsay’s every move.

The latest is thatut was reported that  he wants to go off the wagon and feign a drunken state and show up on the steps of Betty Ford.  He wants to enter into Rehab for the sole purpose of seeing Lindsay and joining her in rehab. He said he will stop at nothing to see Lindsay.

I am sure that he will stop at nothing. If he succeeds and sees Lindsay when she is not ready to see him or  she refuses to see him,  the results can be disastrous.

I don’t even want to imagine how disastrous, but rest assured, Lindsay who has been known to act out self destructively in the past, could do it again, Only this time she may possibly do something that would  end her life forever. And yes, Michael would be the catalyst for that.

She obviously has so much rage towards Michael for a number of reasons and rightfully so. If  she is tormented and pushed by Michael  during these delicate times , I will hold Michael completely responsible for whatever disastrous event  happens to her.

If Michael is so concerned about Lindsay’s wellness, he  needs to back off and butt out.  He needs to stop the back and forth with Dina in the media. This is only hurting Lindsay. If there was no Lindsay in the picture, no one would care about Dina or Michael.

But  unfortunately, Michael’s trash talking and butting out will never happen.  By the look of things,  in my view Michael  seems to love himself and  the press a lot more than he loves his daughter .

My book TOXIC MEN comes out next month from Adams Media and speaks about men like Michael Lohan and what can be done to deal with and heal from them. No doubt this book could definitely help Lindsay deal with Michael. If you would ike to order a copy go to http://www.amazon.com/Toxic-Men-Ways-Identify-Miserable/dp/144050007X\


Soon Judge Eldon Fox will decide Lindsay’s fate.

Will he sentence her to 60 full days in  jail  for violating her  probation?   Will he let her continue on with her rehab at Betty Ford? Will he find her another facility? Will he sentence her to 60 days and then to a year of rehab and then to a halfway house?  Wouldn’t it be great if he issued a gag order pertaining to Lindsay that NEITHER parent could comment on her in any way? Maybe then she could finally heal  in peace .http://www.drlillianglass.com