Toxic Donald Sterling’s Body Language Shows More Racisim, No Sincere Apology, Distain Towards Magic Johnson

ImageDonald Sterling’s leaked private conversation with girlfriend V. Stiviano told us in no uncertain terms he had racist views. He then tried to spin it with another “leaked” tape, which in my view, he leaked personally, this time. In that tape he talks to a friend and says how he said all of those racist things because he was trying to impress V. Stiviano and get her into bed. CNN’s Anderson Cooper asks him if he trusts anyone because his most recent tape was “leaked.”.As you can see in the screen shot above, Sterling licks his lips when asked this question. To me is a clear signal of deception and reveals that he no doubt leaked those tapes himself. He doesn’t answer Cooper’s question,  which  also speaks volumes about his role in the newly “leaked” tape.

He then says that he doesn’t do interviews and that the only one he talked to was Magic Johnson. That made no sense as Magic is not the media to whom he would give an interview. Sterling  goes on to say he spoke to Magic Johnson twice and said “He knew the girl.”  said in a surprised tone.” By calling Stiviano “the girl” it is clear that Sterling has distanced himself from Stivino. On the “leaked” conversation between Stiviano and Sterling, Stiviano claimed to Sterling that she didn’t t know Magic. But now Sterling finds out that Magic does know “the girl” as he said that Magic apparently “knew the girl well.”



When  Anderson Copper asked if Sterling apologized to Magic.  Sterling looks down and  hems and haws  as she says “uh uh if I said anything wrong then I’m sorry.” In essence he is saying that he did not apologize to Magic. He also says “if” I said anything wrong which says that he still does not believe he said anything wrong.


Though his words say Magic “is a good person” Sterling’s body and facial language leak out something completely different. They leak out disdain for Magic. In fact , Sterling’s next words show his true feelings as he cuts Magic down by saying that he doesn’t think Magic has done everything he can to help minorities.


Then Sterling looks down and says “I’ll say it” as h.e shrugs his shoulders, “He’s great.” But he doesn’t believe that Magic is great as he shakes his head “no,” and also purses his lips in anger. He then goes on to say how he doesn’t think Magic Johnson is “a good example for the children of Los Angeles.”


Sterling says he made “a terrible terrible mistake and he is here to apologize.” But he does’t say he is sorry with his words or his body language. His tone is monotone and his face is moonfaced. There is no sincere emotion when he makes this statement. Deep down it reveals that he really does’t think he did anything wrong. Even though he feigns remorse and hurting “so many innocent people, “he finally reveals that he hurt himself. That si the bottom line. If he feels bad about anything it is that these words leaked out, which hurt his standing as a Clipper’s owner. He is also a very bad actor as he draw out the /o/ sound while saying ” I’m soooo sorry. I am so apologetic.” No one says they are apologetic.  Instead, they say they apologize if they were being sincere.

But just when you think Sterling’s public persona can’t get any worse, it does.  In his  voluntary interview on national TV with CNN’s Anderson Cooper he says that “Magic acts so holy even though he made love to every girl in every city” in America and he had Aids. What he has done is accuse Magic of knowingly spreading the AIDS virus to women across America. This is slander. I am sure that Magic’s attorney knows this as well.  Talk like that will  no doubt add to Magic’s financial coffers. so it will be even easier for Magic to afford the team.



Then Sterling goes on to say when Magic has “those AIDS” he went to his synagogue and prayed for him. In essence by saying this, Sterling  is trying to tell us how good  a person he is and how self righteous he is.  But  he  says it with anger through his clenched fists which reflects how  deep down he clearly detests Magic.

But on the next breath he says that he could have criticized Magic for getting AIDS but he didn’t, yet another lame attempt at showing how magnanimous he is. Then he asks Anderson Cooper what Magic Johnson has done. Anderson replies that he is a business person. Sterling immediately interjects “He has AIDS.”  In essence Sterling has just said that all Magic has done with his life is get AIDS. Anderson corrects him that Magic has HIV not AIDS.

Then Sterling goes over the top yet corrects himself with regards to Aids. He now says that” Magic Johnson made love to every girl in America and catches HIV “. He then then says he thinks Magic should be ashamed of himself and go into the background. What Sterling is doing  here in psychological terms is protecting. He is ashamed of himself and knows very well that he is the one who needs to be in the background, not Magic.

He adds insult to injury by saying that Magic does nothing for the Black people and then stops himself short by saying there is no such thing as African Americas which further displays  his racism.


In fact he realizes at this moment as you can see in the above screen shot, that he has just dug himself even deeper into the racism pit as body language wise he covers his mouth as to stop himself from saying more. He even apologizes as he knows very well what he just did.

Then he says “they” all want to play golf with him. Clearly the “they”  he is referring to are Black people. He then says he does’t think “Magic is a good example for the children of Los Angeles and then get AIDS.” Even though Cooper previously corrected him that it was HIV and not AIDS, Sterling  still insists that Magic has AIDS. In essence he is once again blaming Magic for getting AIDS.

Not only does he disparage Magic with these comments, he says Magic does nothing to help minorities but “he” Donald Sterling “gives away millions to help minorities. Once again Sterling ties to show how righteous and good he is. He then asks  Cooper ” Does he do that?” In essence, Sterling is saying that Magic Johnson does’t give Millions to minorities.


Once again we see the rage in his body language as he talks about Magic as we see Sterling’s clenched fists. Then he once agin shows his racist colors by saying how Jews, when they get successful will help their people but that Blacks don’t do the same.  He then admits that he might get in trouble again for what he has to say as he states “maybe they don’t want to help anybody.” In essence he is saying that Blacks don;t want to help anybody,

He begs to be forgiven, but his body language  and facial language shows that he is insincere. He does’t think he did anything wrong.

Hearing the Toxic words  that ha=ve come out of Sterling’s mouth has me convinced more than ever that that there no place for such backwards and Neanderthal thinking in the NBA. After hearing this racist and hate filled interview, I cannot imagine any team owner not voting to remove him. Now it is no longer about the leaked private racially charged tapes that were made public by V. Stiviano or her minions. Now it is Sterling by himself who voluntarily showed his ignorance and  racism to the world through his interview which has no doubt left many speechless.

His ugly and very Toxic swipes at Magic are his warped attempt to disparage Magic in hopes of swaying public opinion against Magic so that he won’t be supported in purchasing the team. But it all backfired and alienated even more people as most wonder what kind of Toxic insensitive person could actually blame another person for catching a sickness. Magic is a hero and despite his HIV- not AIDS, he has been able to flourish and become a leader in the Black community. He has shown that an HIV diagnosis is not a death sentence and that one can live a productive life. He has given people jobs and invested money to start businesses in the Black community for years. Everyone knows this about Magic. For Sterling to distort the facts about Magic shows just how desperate Sterling is feeling these days. His whole world is caving in on him and he knows it. We all saw it in this interview.





Tiger Woods’ Dead Dad In Manipulative Nike Commercial Can’t Spin Tiger’s Profanity, Cursing,Using God’s Name in Vain,Disrespectful and Entitled Body Language at Masters

No matter how much spin is out there is out there with Tiger Wood’s handlers  in trying to resurrect  his image from being a “man whore”, the real Tiger Woods non- manufactured image  is still there . His body language complete with his nasty cursing, his damning God, yelling, grimacing,   self entitled immature spoiled brat entitlement emerged all to see during the Masters.


While people do curse when they play sports, in Tiger’s case his was unacceptable for someone who grew up with the game and knew the rules and the etiquette involved. Also the fact that he knew the world was watching him and every move would be scrutinized also indicates just how self absorbed he is and the fact that he simply  that he just didn’t care.

The fact that he referred to himself in the third person as he cursed “Tiger Woods You suck” speaks volumes as well . It speaks to self entitlement and  seeing himself as a product and an  entity that is above all- Tiger Woods the almighty being  rather than as a regular  person.

Tiger apparently spewed forth  his tirade of profanity  and curses on several bad shots ( three bogeys in four holes on the front line) while staying in contention Saturday at the Masters .


How  dare Tiger use the Lord’s name in vein as he yelled “ God damn it!” after a poor shot off the sixth tee that led to back-to-back bogeys.

In all of his press conferences Tiger has said that he has gone back to his religion his  Buddhist roots. What bullshit!  What hypocrisy!

No Buddhist would use God’s name in vein ever!  They respect everyone and every religion. This is a huge insult and further indication that all of his words in his phony pressers were written by someone else to manipulate the public so that they could view  a new and improved image of Tiger Woods.

I find saying the Lords name in vein equally as egregious as I have found the rest of his despicable behavior.

But there is one thing I completely agree with that Tiger said during his cursing and profanity tirade. He said “Tiger Woods, you suck!: You absolutely do suck as a human being and because you are a deceptive hypocrite!!! You obviously could not live up to the spin of your handlers and minions. You are what you are. And what you are is a man of very poor character.

You need to apologize to everyone for your immature behavior on the greens. Your cursing, and profanity showed a complete disrespect for  the game that made you a superstar. Your using of the Lord’s name in vein was unconscionable. To use God’s name before the words damn it is the worst thing you can say. What does God have to do with your stupid golf game?

If you developed prostate cancer or penile cancer,  I doubt you would be damning God, but rather praying to God that your cancer wasn’t as advanced and that you would receive the best treatment from the best doctors to  to save your entitled and ungrateful life

No matter how well you play golf or whether you win the Masters you have lost it all in my eyes.   .


The one major  thing my wonderful readers have learned about me from reading my blogs is that I am all about the truth and absolutely hate bullshit and spin. I will call it out every time. I hate when people think that the public is stupid and attempt to manipulate them . I AM the public and I resent when anyone is trying to sell me a bill of false goods.

I have said it before and I will keep saying it. The public is NOT dumb!  In fact, the public is brilliant and they are savvy. They are NOT naive, They know it all and they know when they are being used and manipulated.

While spin PR may have worked in the 1950’s and 60’s 70’s and even in the 80’s  when there was little  no internet whatsoever  and people were more unaware and more naïve. Nowadays,  to think that it could work is ridiculous.

Back in the day, the public could easily buy the handsome movie star  Rock Hudson’s who were portrayed as family men when they were nothing of the sort. The studio PR teams would spin their yarn and the public would buy it.

But today things are completely different. Whether  PR teams  are trying to manipulate Kate Gosselin’s image to be the mother of the century and to make her a likeable woman, no matter what they say or what venue the put her in, the real Kate Gosselin soon emerges . Her body language, face, speech and vocal tells say it all. You can’t fake it. You see through it.

The same is now true with Tiger Woods and how his handlers have tried to spin and manipulate  his image, complete with resurrecting his dead father into the PR mix. You cannot manipulate  because if you do you will lose in the long run. Let’s see what Tiger’s spinners did and how it didn’t work.


First his handlers resulted in having Tiger do a series of mea culpa television press conferences. The first one was a disaster with no one believing a word he said and seeing right through the manipulation.

So his handlers sought out two Tiger friendly interviewers, one from the Golf Channel and the other from ESPN, to ask only 5 minutes  of well rehearsed questions.

Everyone saw through that manipulation as well. When Tiger’s handlers saw that people weren’t buying being manipulated with only five Tiger friendly minutes, they decided to go  primetime with  a free for all presser where Tiger was put on the spot and all journalists, not just Tiger friendly ones, could ask a question. They knew they better do something to improve his image before his comeback at the  Masters.


People felt manipulated as Tiger vowed to take a break from golf until he got sorted out. Anyone who knows anything about rehab knows that it doesn’t happen in only 45 days. Tiger is not all better and now ready to play golf. When asked about his rehab and if was going to continue with it, we clearly saw signals of deception. He looked away and hemmed and hawed,

Going back to or continuing with his rehab was the furthest thing on his mind. This translates into “I only went into rehab because my PR handlers and minions thought it may make me look good.” Well guess what Tiger? It didn’t make you look good, It made you look bad because NOBODY was buying your fake rehab.  And certainly after watching your body language where you looked like a deer in the headlights when asked about rehab, you weren’t even buying your phony rehab. It clearly showed all over your face.


There is no question in my mind that Tiger believes he has no problem and that if he wasn’t tied down with Elin there would be no need for rehab. He would just be another “dawg-like” athlete on the prowl.

He verbally  claims to love Elin  more than anyone in the world but vocally with his monotone and facial and  body language belie him. When you really love someone more than anyone in the world your voice has a bounce and a lilt to it. You are not monotone sounding. Also your face radiates that love. Your eyes and your cheeks lift as you smile and show your teeth. You do not frown nor are you mono-faced.

In my view, Tiger knows Elin  clearly detests him and will most likely never forgive him.  She refuses to be seen publically with him, go into his house or take vacations with him and share the same bed according to sources in the know. That doesn’t bode well for reconciliation.

It is not as though Tiger had one indiscretion or two. Instead he had a lot of indiscretions with prostitutes, hookers, call girls, porn stars, and party girls. Even though Rachel Uchitel, a Tiger sex partner who earned millions and millions of dollars to keep her mouth shut and is legally fighting everyone who calls her a hooker or a whore or a prostitute, many believe she will always be considered one of these adjectives in the mind of the public no matter how many legal suits are filed or how much PR spin she does.  Even if she ends up appearing on Dancing With the Stars, people will always see her in a negative light.

Tigers refusal to discuss what really happened that night with Elin and then defensively stating that the press shouldn’t think that Elin did anything wrong – like committing domestic violence is in essence telling us what did happen. His refusal to come clean and telling us that there are things between he and his wife he wants to keep private says it all.


If nothing really happened he would explain why he ran out of the house shoeless with a fat lip, snoring on the ground after he hit a fire hydrant and why Elin smashed his windows out of his Escalade.

But  there is no explanation because the public is NOT stupid!! They can put two and two together and come up with the number four. Most believe that Elin found the text messages, made some calls, a woman answered either Jaime Grubbs or Rachel Uchitel and  then Elin  the  phone at Tiger which hit him in the lip.

They believe that perhaps she wasn’t finished with him and with all of her adrenalin rushing, picked up the handiest object lying around the house- a golf club and began swinging it at him once again hitting him in the mouth only this time knocking out some teeth. (Maybe that is why he is now wearing clear  invisible braces  to splint his repaired  broken teeth.)

He knew the damage a club in the hands of his angry and out of control wife could continue to do so he ran for shelter and safety in his car.

But he didn’t expect Elin to smash out the windows, which took a lot of force.  So  he sped up and ended up crashing.  Then we didn’t hear from Tiger for days when the police tried to interview him but he was not available.

Of course he is going to say Elin didn’t commit domestic violence. If he admitted it, she could go to jail and his kids would suffer and would not be cared for by their mother. The last thing Tiger would want to do is care for those kids fulltime. So he kept mum and sang Elin’s praises.

When all is said and done, the bottom line is that Elin’s no show at the Masters speaks volumes.


Tiger showed signals of deception, anger throughout his man interviews. The fact that he didn’t come clean with what really happened on that fateful night he was found lying in the street and his telling us to  simply read the police report showed his arrogance. There was too many times where he showed his annoyance and insincerity throughout his many PR spin interviews.

The ONLY time Tiger showed ANY realness and connection was when he spoke of his dad.


So Tiger’s  handlers, who were aware of this positive blip in the public’s response, decided to capitalize on the only good thing about Tiger’s interview and the only thing they must have discovered in their focus groups that the public was buying- Tiger’s sincere love and deep relationship with his dad.

That is why they USED footage of Tigers now deceased father’s voice. It erroneously gave the impression that father was talking to his son and asking him why he did what he  did. I thought it was hoaky and was in very poor taste.


I despised the fact that Nike used a dead man and Tiger’s real emotions towards his dad  to manipulate the public in an attempt to pull at their heartstrings so that they would see Tiger in a better light and forgive him for his indiscretions. Their obvious message was poor Tiger lost his dad who guided him and that is why he strayed. PUHLEEEZ!!!! We are NOT naïve simpletons.

Their plan worked  just the  opposite. It was insulting and an example of shameless manipulation. It showed how Nike was willing to go to any lengths to try and sell their product.

Their warped thinking was obviously developed by someone in the Nike organization who didn’t understand the implications of social psychology and public sentiment and human behavior. That is why it had an opposite impact on the public.

The  public was livid  at the thought  that they were being manipulated. The fact that he lost his father and acted that way made Tiger even more reviled because his father did not tech him to act so irresponsibly. Or did he? Was he a role model for Tigers ’bad behavior?

Either way, it raised all sorts of negative feelings. So obviously the father thing didn’t work at all.


Whether you win or lose, it really is how you play the game. If you play the game as an obnoxious self entitled jerk who damns God you have lost the game in my eyes.

No matter if you win the Masters and have another green jacket to keep in your closet, or you gain millions of additional dollars in endorsements if your disrespect someone else’s religion, damn God, or curse away like a spoiled nasty foul mouthed and undisciplined child, you are a loser! That means YOU TIGER  WOODS!

Tiger Woods Body Language During Master’s Presser Shows Spin, Manipulation, and Anger During Questioning About Elin, Who’s No Show Speaks Volumes

Tonight at 7:30 PM  on CBS on  The Insider You will see my exclusive body language coverage regarding Tiger Woods body language during his press conference Where he was asked some major questions regarding his relationship and his past behavior.

It is clear that Ari Fleisher is new SPIN advisor did his job and told Tiger how to spin it. However, there is no way the public will ever buy Tiger’s spin. It is completely manipulative- especially when he plays the “poor me victim look how injured I was card in an attempt to feel sorry for him, all the while avoiding he real question about his past egregious behavior.


If his surgeries and knee problems weren’t isn’t enough to try and garner public sympathy as an excuse for Tiger’s bad past, he does a mea culpa on how all of this caused him to miss his son’s first birthday.

He says that missing his son’t first birthday hurts and hurts a lot, as he looks down and says so in a monotone voice. PUHLEEEZ!! Why didn’t he think of his son’s first birthday when he was in bed with all of his sex partners?

There is no question that his spinmeister threw in his son’s birthday as a ploy to try to tug at emotional heartstrings as he mentions it three times. This is another clue that it is spin. When someone repeats something  that often, it usually does not ring true.  The SPIN did NOT work! The publc is NOT stupid and there is no way that they are buying it!


Tiger was ever evasive when asked about his rehab with constant uh ums and shoulder shrugs  and  looking down. There is clearly no continued rehab schedule on the books.

Here’s a clue that all of this is BS and Spin. No one gets rehabbed for sex addition or pain pill prescription addiction in 45 days. It takes a lot longer. That is why I believe all of this was spin from the beginning, The fact that Tiger went into rehab was ONLY because he got caught with his pants down- literally ! If he didn’t get caught the word REHAB would never have crossed his lips.

Tiger has all the rhetoric down- all the buzz words-  like the word  “entitlement” and all the 12 step lingo. But to me they sound like words. The do not ring true.


Case in point. When a reporter asked him if he felt entitled, Tiger immediately  asked the reporter what he meant. If Tiger was really sincere about his entitlement issues, he would have answered it with the same rapidity and confidence he answered questions concerning his golf game.


The only time Tiger sounded confident, where his speech was  at a rapid clip and he showed a verbal bounce devoid of uhms and hesitations, but rather life and enthusiasm in his voice,  was when he was talking about getting back out there and playing golf.

In doing so, he was radiant! He glowed as he smiled  a  huge bright genuine smile when he talked about his favorite subject.


The most arrogant part of his presser was when asked about his accident. He was evasive, as he essentially said to read the police report. That spoke volumes. It as a though he was trying to distance himself  from what happened and make it OK. No doubt  his new spinmeister Ari Fleisher told him to do this.

It was obvious what he was doing in this regard. The only problem is that no one can forget that he was lying on the ground snoring with a fat lip according to the police  report to which he is referring.


And speaking of fat lips and mouths., it was interesting to note that as Tiger smiled he was wearing invisible  braces over his front teeth. Tiger had the most perfect teeth in the past.  So why is he now wearing clear plastic  invisible braces  on his teeth? You really see it when he smiled brightly when talking about getting back into his golf game. .

Did Elin really hot him with a golf club as the  rumor goes and really  give him a fat lip and knock his teeth out of alignment to boot?

If so, is he  perhaps  wearing dental braces for that purpose- to realign and straighten out  the teeth she may have allegedly damaged teeth?


Tigers steely glare and his tight jaw were the signals of anger that he let out when he  asked if wife ELin was coming to the Masters. He said she was not. To me that said it al!!! This is ois comeback and the most important Golf Tournament of his life at this time.

When we do not see Elin’s support, it is very difficult for us to support Tiger as well. While he may be a great golfer, the respect for him is completely gone as far as Elin is concerned in my view. Otherwise, she would be standing my her man’s side.

But obviously she has enough self respect and self dignity to not show up to be on display to help her husbands tarnished image.


Tiger has still not taken full responsibility for his actions even though he says he has,. His head shaking  No when he said “I take full responsibility for what happened,”  should have been shaking  Yes.

To me that spoke volumes. It speaks to the fact that while he has al the right words and the right rhetoric, he is clearly  something completely opposite. He still hasn’t fully embraced what he has done, as he is till in denial body language-wise.


Tiger kept mentioning how the fans were accepting of him. He appeared to be very concerned about this. He knows how vilified he has been recently. So now,  to see smiling fans,  no doubt made him feel better about himself.

Maybe this experience himbled him. Maybe he will be more respectful to his fans,.He certainbly took them for granted in the past. Now knowing that there are some people out ther who don’t vilify him and accept him may allow him to gain a newfound appreciation for those who are in his corner.  His body language shoed genuine excitement and enthusiasm when disccussing his fans.

But when asked about how his peers were towards him, His body language  spoke volumes. Even though he said how excited he was that he receivd hugs from his peers and seemed surmised at how well he was accepted and received  by his peers as he mentioned it several times. When someone mentions things several times like Tiger demonstrated it is often  a way of convinncing themselves that what they are saying is true.

The bottom line is that his body language revealed the truth. His shoulder shrugs and tight smile indicated that a lot of his peers weren’t so accepting to him and he very well knew it.


When Tiger goes on to say how ell her represented his sponsors in the past, It became clear to me what this presser was all about –Sponsors and trying to get them back on the bandwagon.

To me that was the bottom line. He already gave one lame public apology that didn’t ring true, with his mother hugging him at the end showing that all is forgiven. Then he did  another one for ESPN and  yet another one for the Gold Channel with controlled questioning by tame  Tiger friendly interviewers.

Now he does a forth lame interview  and opens up the questioning to all journalists. Why? In my view it is all about sponsors. It all boils down to dollars and sense and that his why Ari Fleisher suggested that he bite the bullut endure some intense and uncomfortable moments  of questioning in hopes that he would persuade public opinion and get more endorsers on the gravey train.

Maybe some sponsors will see fit to take Tiger back if she wins the Masters. I personally will have no respect for them if they do that. I strongly feel that no one should be rewarded for bad behavior . I will see those companies as hypocrites and it will not make me want to use their products.  Their taking Tiger  back will have the opposite effect on me that they intended it to have.


For some people, all that matters os whether Tiger can play golf. If she succeeds many will turn a blind eye.But for man,y the fact they they were duped with his cookies and milk pure squeaky clean image can never be forgotten.

My view is that no matter how well he plays his image will be tarnished forever. No matter how many pressers he gives witrh mea culpsas that don’t ring true, what he did will never be forgotten.


The fact that his wife Elin is not showing up says it all in my book. She is the one who really matters in all this. Unlike the wives of past cheaters . who have  stood by their men for whatever reason like Hillary Clinton and disgraced ex- governor Elliot Spitzers wife, Elin has refused to do so.

I must say that U admire her for it.  He fooled her and destroyed their family.Whether or not she  allegedly got physical with him and engaged in domestic violence  is another matter, Many can’t blame her if she did. Others are appalled. We will never know the true circumstances of what really happened- at least not yet!

But her  not showing up at his most important gold game and making his debut may hiry Tiger more than any alleged golf club to his mouth. Her no show says

: I will not be made a fool of. I will not subject myself to being used any longer so you Tiger can gave a clean image again. It says while you go out there and try to regain  your crown of glory on the golf course, I too am maintaining my  crown of clory as as woman with self esteem wgho can hold her head high because I am not a hypocrite and doing something I don’t want to do – show phony support for you.”

No Ari Fleisher or any spin meister can spin what is real and what is in someone’s heart. And via  Elin’s no show, we clearly see what is not in her heart as far as Tiger is concerned-  her forgiveness for his degrading her. She is saying that she wants no part of his spin and for that I have tremendous respect!

Don’t Be Blinded by Tiger Wood’s Celebrity! His TOXIC Alleged Cheating Behavior Towards Wife Elin and Lack of Good Communciation Could Destroy His Family

  • I just finished writing a sequel to my best selling book “ Toxic People- 10 Ways of Dealing With People Who Make Your life Miserable.” The sequel and new book is called “ Toxic Men- Identify, Deal With and Heal from Men Who Make Your Life Miserable.” Adams media will be publishing it and you will see it on shelves next year in 2010. It is not about male bashing or man hating. Instead, it is a very realistic book that empowers both men and women. There is a section in the book that clearly reflects what happened between Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren. The above photo, however, reflects the two of them in happier days.

    So before any of you get on Team Tiger because he is the best golfer that ever lived, look at the whole picture. Don’t be blinded by his looks, his fame, his celebrity, his wealth, his power, his skills, his talents or his endorsements or the fact that he has a whole community in Dubai named after him, The Tiger Woods! Too many are willing to look the other way because of a person’s celebrity status.

    Too many are willing to hide their heads in the sand and give the celeb a “free pass” because of who they are. Who cares who a person is? Toxic behavior is Toxic behavior no matter who is doing it- even beloved Tiger Woods!


    The bottom line is the man allegedly cheated or was thinking about cheating on his wife and she scratched the hell out of his face and chased after him with a weapon, he held near and dear to his heart- a golf club. He apparently told someone in detail about what happened before his Escalade hit a fire hydrant.

    Allegedly, Elin confronted him about reports that he was seeing another woman. The argument got heated and she scratched his face up.

    So Tiger made a hasty retreat for his Escalade when Elin followed close behind with a golf club. striking his SUV with the club several times as he drove away. This no doubt “distracted,” Tiger who thought the vehicle was stopped, and looked to see what happened and ended up hitting the SUV hit the fire hydrant and then hit a tree.

    He also told the informant that he had been taking prescription medication for an athletic injury which explained why he seemed somewhat out of it as authorities and paramedics arrived at the scene.

    While I personally do not condone physical violence of any kind, many would say that Tiger had it coming. If he could destroy this stunningly gorgeous family and all the love that was there for a stupid indiscretion there is no way I would support Team Tiger on any level. I am almost certain that his late beloved father coach and mentor wouldn’t tolerate this behavioras well.

    Look at these heartwarming photos. If Tiger could cheat on his beautiful and loving family, then he is a stupid TOXIC idiot ! I hope that if this is the case he gets himself into therapy and sorts himself out immediately. Elin will have her own hell to contend with for scratching him and banging up his car.

    Even though she was livid and thought he no doubt deserved what he got, she was clearly not using her head at the time. There is a huge price she may have to pay for her actions. Everyone must know the reality of this and not act blindly when you feel like clocking a cheating spouse.You can fantasize about what you wouold like to do, but don;t do it!


    In the state of Florida, domestic violence is taken very seriously and is a crime. Charges for first time and repeat offenders range from a first class misdemeanor to a felony. If you are found guilty you may be facing any of the following:
    Mandatory jail time
    No contact with the victim/spouse or your children
    Loss of access to your residence
    Fines and court costs
    Anger management classes / Mandatory counseling
    Community service
    Batterer’s intervention program
    Multiple criminal charges
    Permanent criminal record
    Loss of right to own a fire arm
    Inability to practice certain professions

    First time offenders like Elin may be eligible for a pre-trail diversion program whereby charges could be dropped. If you she establish that you acted in self-defense, the court could reduce or dismiss the charges. But repeat offenders and those who violate an Order of Protection face even harsher penalties.


    Tiger Woods has a lot of fans out there and one of those fans could be a judge who could really throw the book at Elin. There is the real possibility she could be separated from her gorgeous babies and spend time in jail for this and face criminal charges. It would be a horrific shame if this happened.

    I hope and pray this does not happen and I hope and pray that the two of them gets counseling asap to help whatever ails their not so well relationship. We definitely don’t want to see them going down the same road as the Gosselins.

  • David Beckham’s Body Language Shows A Tender Loving Father As He Comforts Son Cruz

    David Beckhams body language as he comforts his youngest son Cruz Beham is touching. You an feel the love and tenderness as David comforts him. With dad’s open hand pressing the side of Cruz’s head and his other open hand caressing Cruz’s body, he’s giving Cruz some relief from what’s ailing him.

    Cruz’s rounded shoulders (a defensive posture) and fetal like snuggle into daddy indicates ,no doubt, that little Cruz was not a happy camper. He may even be crying. Whether he may have fallen down and is physcially hurt or whether he got into an argument with his brothers and got emotionally hurt, daddy was there to make it all better. I love it!

    While middle son Romeo seems more intered in what’s in older son Brooklyn’s hands, Brooklyn shows concern for his younger brother’s emotional state. Looking in in Cruz’s direction with his head cocked, he is apparently wondering if his younger brother is is all right.

    How could things not be all right now that he is in daddy’s loving arms. This is so sweet and precious. Seeing Soccer Superstar David Beckham in action here with his son makes me an even bigger fan.