Putin’s Body Language Shows He Detests Royal Family and Obama While Other World Leaders Show Disdain Towards Him


There is no question that based on  Russian President Vladimir Putin’s body language there is no love for any members of the royal family from the Queen to Prince Charles. In fact, he completely ignores them as evidenced by his facial expression and faraway gaze. There is no question that  he wishes he was elsewhere instead of at the D Day memorial celebration. Int he photo above you can see how he doesn’t even look in the Queen’s direction as Obama tries to help her down the stairs. No doubt he could care less if she made it down the stairs safely or fell down the stairs as he would not be the one to pick her up.Image

Perhaps the person he detests the most is Prince Charles whom he completely ignored as he even turned his back to him as you can see in this photo above. It is understandable since the Prince of Wales’s reportedly compared him with  to Adolf Hitler a week earlier.

Immediately  Putin held a press conference in Saint Petersburg and said that the Princes’  comparison of him to  Adolf Hitler was “unacceptable” and “wrong”  that remarks of this kind are “not what monarchs do”.

He even gave a direct personal message to the prince, he added: “Give my words to Prince Charles. He has been to our country more than once, if he made such a comparison, it is unacceptable and I am sure he understands that as a man of manners.”

Putin added: “I met him personally, as well as other members of the royal family. This is not what monarchs do.”But over the past few years we have seen so much, nothing surprises me any longer.”

Well, Putin’s words were certainly and understandably  reflected in his body language when he was in close proximity to Charles and the Royal Family. There was nothing phony about Putin as his body language revealed his true feeling towards them. He refused to make nice and to be diplomat with the family. He was angry and rightfully so as Charles had no business sticking his nose into political matters. He is merely a figurehead with no power or authority. Putin was right when he said” this is not what monarchs do.”


As everyone  including Obama, clapped when the Queen arrived, Putin refused to clap, let alone acknowledge her. As you can see from his body language  based on his cupped hand in a pre-fist like position, he was angry.

Putin’s disdain was not only directed towards the royals but towards Obama as well. Putin walked well ahead of Obama especially since he was walking with the detested Queen.


They clearly kept their distance publicly  appeared to play cat and mouse with one another sneaking glances at one another.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 1.19.12 AM

They made it a point to ignore one another as you can see here in the photo below.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 1.17.46 AM

When they did meet face to face then was considerable tension revealed in both of their body language.Look at Putin’s neck where his major  vein is exposed in tension and anger.Also look at the tension in Putin’s face and jaw and in his eyes as he glares at Obama.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 1.18.16 AM

The body language of the other world leaders were not warm and fuzzy towards Putin in light of his invasion of Ukraine. The Ukraine President Poroshenko looked disgusted with Putin as you can see here.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 2.27.55 AM

German Chancellor Andrea Merkel didn’t look to thrilled with him as she gives him a questioning look.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 2.26.48 AM

 UK’s David Cameron looks very angry at him as well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 2.27.06 AM

The only one who seemed to treat him warmly based on his body language was the French President Francoise Hollande. There was a genuine smile and warm affection between the two.

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 2.27.19 AM



Prince Harry’s Naked Body Language Moves

Before Prince Harry remved his clothing we can see that he has showing very confident body language as he definitely had ” game “with the ladies. His body language shows that he is attracted to a several of them as his feet are pointing directly in front of one of he ladies while he blatantly checks out  another  female- a tall one  donning sunglasses on top of her head.

As this voluptuous blond walks away fromt he group. Harry turns a well develpoped  muscular shoulder in her direction and smiles  and proceedes to leave the group to follow her .

As he follows he, continues to check her out her assets  as he has a  smug cheshire cat knowing smile on his face. His body language is confident  with  his straight shoulders  and confident swagger  as he has  yet to approach the woman.

In contrast Harry is suddently not that confident when he removes his clothing in a game of strip pool and is completely naked.

Suddenly his body language does not reflect all the self confidence and swagger he had earlier. Now he displays embarrassment as he  cups his to hands over his genitals and as he raises his shoulders and hunches over his upper chest. No doubt with a woman’s naked body  pressed against his buttocks he may very well we aroused and his feeling vulnerable in not wanting to reveal all.

Here we see Prince Harry hiding his privates behind the buttocks of  this naked young lady . With his legas spread wide and feet pointing forward it l and the muscle tension in his naked buttock it looks like Prince Harry is highly aroused and  ready for action.

While this type of behavior may be no big deal for a single twenty something male in Los Vegas where” what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but it is a big deal for a royal who’s antics obviously did not stay in Vegas but were posted around the world.

There is no doubt that his grandmother, the Queen  who prides herself on what is proper, will not be too thrilled about this, just as she hasn’t been too thrilled with Harry’s  public drunkeness throughout  the years and his donning a Nazi uniform complete with swastika in the past.

But then again, maybe the Queen has come  to expect this type of unroyal behavior when it comes to Harry. After all his mother Diana was  allegedly seen in a very uncompromising position in the bushes with Major James Hewitt with whom she was smitten

and with whom many still believe may be the true biological father of  Harry based on their uncanny physical resemblance

No matter what the case, Harry obviously had  a lot of fun in Vegas where he sowed his wild oats. He obviously doesn’t care too much about Royal protocol as he knows he wil never take the throne in his lifetime. So  in the future we can continue to expect see Harry ‘s name in the headlines  publicly doing what is considered very unroyal behavior and continuing to make his grandmother the Queen cringe.



Prince Willliam Doesn’t Need Justin Beiber’s Toxic Advice on Propecia Where Side Effects Include Impotence and Man Breasts


Justin Bieber clearly needs a reality check. The  cheeky teenager had the audacity to insult the Royals by his Toxic statement that  Prince William’s thinning hairline is downright embarrassing. 

Beiber  obviously doesn’t believe that  “bald is beautiful .“ But when he hits his late 20’ or early 30’s we may hear him singing a different tune (no pun intended).

Bieber told UK’s  Rollercoaster magazine. “I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia,” Bieber said.

He added, “I don’t know why he doesn’t just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

 Justin expressed is naivety and ignorance on several levels. On one level, there are those who  gladly accept themselves and their thinning hairline and don’t care  about it. They believe there is a lot more to them than the way they look and how many hairs they have on their head.

 Besides many women like myself  think men who are bald are sexy , just as men who have thinning hair, or a lot of hair, or greying hair ,or any colored hair are sexy. For these women a man’s hair is irrelevant when it comes to his looks and attraction.

Next,  the Prince as  with many men, would  no doubt much prefer having a few less stands of hair than suffer the side effects ofPropecia (like erectile dysfunctionimpotence, low libido and gynecomestica (man breasts).

 These men who don’t share Beiber’s Propecia  sharing advice know that the devastating truth for many men who take the drug is that the side effects did not disappear after they stopped taking Proecia and that years later still suffering in silence with a seriously reduced quality of life due to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

The purpose of this site is to spread the word  to others considering using Propecia and also to provide as an informational exchange and gathering place for those who are already suffering.

So  here is a message to uneducated Justin. Justin before you make ignorant statements like recommending that the Prince or anyone else begin using Propecia when they see a few less hairs on their head, know what you are talking about.

 Believe it or not, because of the enormous stage Beiber has and the number of males he can reach through his music, he has a lot of people’s ears-both males and females. The last thing  any male teenager or young adult (or  man at any age) would want to do would be to heed Beiber’s advice without knowing the risks that the drug could potentially change their life forever- and not in a good way.

Queen Elizabeth’s Body Language Showed Anger and Humiliation At Olympics Opening Ceremonies

With her tight lips pursed together and  furrowed  brow and clenched jaw, there was no question that her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was  very angry about something the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics.

No doubt it had something to do with her entrance into the  Olympic stadium. The Queen is a woman who is all about protocol and pomp and circumstance. She has taken her Queenly duties and her Queenly image very seriously for the past six decades. She is not used to being laughed  at or  being the brunt of a joke or  even used to making fun of herself. She is used to taking herself  and her position very seriously.

But on opening night of the Olympics, she was reduced to not following protocol in terms of how a Queen enters an room or an arena. For the first time people were laughing at her entrance and she  let it be known that she was not

amused at all.

Apparently she  or her handlers agreed to having film  shot of her with James Bond actor Daniel Craig at the Royal Palace. She may have thought that all she had to so was walk down the hallway followed by Daniel Craig and her precious Corgis and that would be the end of it.


There is no doubt that someone did not inform her that a likeness of her would be seated in a helicopter next to actor Daniel Craig.


And that the likeness would be a man


who would be dressed in the same outfit that she wore  and who would be

leaving the helicopter she was in with Daniel Craig and


parachuting into the stadium, only

for her- The real Queen, to make an entrance into the  Royal Box at the Olympic Stadium  and to only   hear the French language as she arrived. This was England and she needed to be be hearing English not French , even though French is  supposedly the official language of the Olympics.

The parachute stunt  clearly did not amuse  the 86 year old at all, who had a dour expression the rest of the evening. In essence she clearly felt that her dignity was  insulted.

Then she had to endure watching nurses on hospital beds with sick children which was to depict Health Care int he UK. She was not amused. In fact, she was angry at had to keep it all in and contain herself as any Royal has been taught to do.


Her eyes had a steely gaze and her lips were pursed as she continued to hold back her anger. When the  athletes  from the UK marched past her, she couldn’t even crack a smile


The Queen was in her own thoughts- thoughts of feeling anger and humiliation. She even resorted to picking at her fingernails and focusing on them as a means of self soothing. She was clearly upset and could not focus on anything else so she picked her nails as a means of  comforting herself.

No doubt she must have felt like sticking her finger nails into the organizer Danny Boyle,  producer of Slumdog Millionaire, and whomever else came up with the lame brained plan of her entrance into the stadium. In another century no doubt he  and the others who were responsible for this would have been sent to The Tower of London to be tortured.

But in this century it was the Queen who was tortured by having to watch an Opening Ceremony that many  UK observers believed had a political slant to it.

This is  a Queen who represents  the values and style of her ancient ancestors. Things are done in a proper way  and form and there is no room for digression or humor in her role as Queen. That is in stark contrast to Prince William who would probably have parachuted into the stadium himself and who doesn’t seem to take himself seriously, thanks to the upbringing by his late  mother Diana.

But the Queen is of a different era and her sensitivities were clearly not considered. There is no doubt that she felt like a buffoon with billions of people around the world looking on. Thus one can understand why she wasn’t amused and couldn’t shake her feelings of  anger humiliation which she endured throughout  the entire evening,

No doubt she probably wanted to leave but felt that it was her Queenly obligation to stay and suffer through it all.