Pastor Terry Jones’ Body Language Shows Trepidation and Reluctance But He’s Painted Himself Into A Corner Making Him Likely To Proceed With His Koran Burning

Based on his body language and speech pattern Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones  shows considerable fear and trepidation. He does NOT appear to  want to go through with his act of burning Korans. He does not show someone who is 100 percent behind doing what he proposes to do. You can see what I am speaking about as you look at this video of the Pastor during his ABC Nightline  interview.

 The perspiration pattern on his face as well as his stuttering and stammering  constant uh;s , and hesitations as well as the  stumbling over words,  shoulder shrugging and

the lip licking  are all indications that he shows trepidation. He knows what he is doing is not right but he said he just wanted to make a statement.  

Initially,  he most likely  did this publicity stunt  as a way to bring  attention to himself and to his small church. He said he did  as only a  “Warning.” In fact he tried to leave himself a way out by stating that he is still praying on it and that if he gets a sign from Lord he will not go through with his plan.

 But now it has grown into something that is way over his head with world leaders weighing in. He has clearly heard the message from  President Obama  to  Secretary of State Clinton  to  General Petreas. Even the Vatican that said  “ Don’t do it.”  The NYPD and the FBI  have openly told him not to do it.

He has even seen what his actions have already created with Muslims now burning the American flag in retaliation.

 Even though his  body language  and speech patterns on the Nightline interview with his sweating and stammering clearly indicate  he knows  what he is going to do is  not right, he  has somehow managed  to convince himself that if Jesus  was alive, he would burn the Koran. This distorted thinking along with the eyes of the world upon him has pushed him into a psychological  corner. This means that he will defiantly go through with his act.

It is much like telling a teenager not to do something. They know you are giving them the right advice. But  because  they have a  stronger desire to rebel,  assert their independence,  and express themselves, they go  ahead and do the wrong thing  anyway. It is no different in this situation. The world has said NO, and out of rebellion,  Pastor Jones  is going to do it anyway.

His words indicate that he knows the consequences for his actions. He  stated that he and his congregation were  willing to die for his belief. He said he will even be carrying arms. He has herd the deth threats against him and knows there may be bloodshed. So  now he may very well  feel that he doesn’t have a choice but to go on with his Koran burning as scheduled.

In Pastor Jones mind,  saving face appears to be  more important than ever. He sees the eyes of the world watching him. If he backs down he will think that the world is seeing him as being cowardly.  Little does he know that the act of desecrating one’s  holy bible is cowardly.

An ideal situation would be that  someone whom he respects who is not like minded  share with him  that going ahead with his plan is cowardly. He needs to hear that if he backs down the world will not see him as being cowardly or weak. On the contrary, he  will  be seen as a person who did not incite violence but could help create peace. 

In a Democracy, one does have the Right to Free Speech. However, you can’t yell” fire”  in a crowded building.  This is exactly what Pastor Jones is doing here. He is screaming “fire”  in an  already flammable world where tensions run high. He is inciting the flames of hatred against America amongst Muslims worldwide.  

Pastor Jones did what he wanted to do- bring worldwide attention to  himself and to his church. But now he needs to back away from taking his publicity stunt to the next level and creating a stage for world violence.

Unfortunately unless there is some bonfire ordinance in Gainesville, Florida  that you can’t have an open fire  between 6 and 9 pm on a  Saturday night the Pastor will go through will his unfortunate  act. Only an act of  law or an act of God could prevent this event from taking place. If it does take place, the repercussions will be frightening.