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Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Way Too Happy Over Kate Plus 8 Cancellation
September 3, 2011

Several months ago I shared with you that I believed Kate Plus 8 would be cancelled because there would be very few eyeballs watching the show. People are not interested in seeing grown children and tweens , who  do not possess any outstanding talent being exposed on TV. People also do not want to see train wreck in the making. Paul Peterson , President of A Minor Consideration and former child actor has made us all aware of what often happens to child performers when they grow up and it often  isn’t pleasant.

Jon Gosselin was not being petty or playing ” tit for tat” during and after his divorce from Kate on this issue. Instead he was being a very responsible father  by loudly vocalizing that he did not think  it was good for the kid’s emotional and physical well being  to be on TV at this point.

But as we know Kate saw it differently. She even had the audacity to say publicly that the show was good for them emotionally. She insisted the kids were fine and lied on national TV interviews that the kids had any emotional problems. She  was adamant that Colin and Alexis were  not having any problems when in fact they showed violence at school.  So now that the show has been cancelled,Kate Gosselin’s body language  is way too’… To Read More Click Link


Kate Gosselin’s Anger, Pettiness, and Signals of Deception on the Today Show As She Discusses Kids Expulsion from School And Blames “The Divorce”
December 6, 2010


After watching Kate Gosselin’s  latest interview with Meredith Vierra  on the Today Show I saw an angry, bitter, and petty woman who just can’t let go of her hatred towards Jon.

She is in such denial that she does’nt have any clue that her inner hatred and anger is being mirrored by those kids and literally destroying them. As she took her anger out on Jon and continues to be filled with hatred, her kids are taking their anger and hatred out on the other kids. at school

They have anger issues because she has anger issues.  It’s not because of the divorce. It is because she is so angry about the divorce and that anger carries over to them.  Lots of kids are products of divorce and they don[t go around beating on and cursing at other kids.


Kate began the interview  kicking her legs. When someone kicks their legs when they are about to be interviewed it means they are very uncomfortable and are not looking forward to the interview because they probably will not be forthright with you.


Then in a monotone she says ” We are doing great” as she opens her eyes wide. This eye widening is often a signal of deception. Then she says We are very happy and adds the word “actually, ”When you have to add the word actually” it  most likely  means that things are not actually that great.

When Kate was asked about whether the  two of the kids were expelled from school she cocks her head to the side. This is  often a signal of deception. She then  speaks in a staccato hyper articulated  speech pattern  saying ” That is false.” When one does that,  it is usually signals deception. Also there was a lot of fidgeting with her hands. This  is another sign of deception.

Now we hear her convoluted attempts filled with ums. It does not make sense as it is disjointed. She is searching for words as she knows what she is saying is complete spin and nonsense.”

We have a situation where we my kids um are in an academic situation where academics  um are pushed and I fully support it. Combined with kids who were having to just go through with a divorce. Their parents suffering some of those normal feelings

When someone speaks in fragments like you see above  they are lying, When they speak in tangents they are lying.

The telling thing here is her words ” their parents suffering.” It shows just how narcissistic she is.  She doesn’t say the children are suffering but  instead brings it back to herself, saying that she is suffering.

Then she says and the two collided and they were not doing well  with the combination. What about a simple YES THEY WERE EXPELLED BECAUSE THEY ARE TROUBLED EMOTIONALLY!!

Body language wise look at Kate’s upturned palm.  What this means is she is begging for  Meredith and the audience to  to believe her roundabout circumvented deceptive  answer.

Look at Meredith’s facial expression.  It says that she isn;t buying Kate’s nonsense. either.


Kate says I felt so alone, I talked to other moms who had gone through the divorces. This is is NOT about Kate and her divorce.  It is about the kids but she is obviously too self absorbed to see that.

Then she protests so much as she shakes her head NO,  knowing full well what she is saying is complete BS as she says ’Its  NORMAL Stuff as she shakes her head no.

Then she suddenly looks down. This is a huge indicator of deception as she says I did what I could do we mutually  agreed. I brought them home with a private tutor

Then she says  …um um (she smiles as though she remembered to say something she left out as part of her spin)   She says and Early education teacher…

Kate is speaking in fragments which means she is most likely reciting some rhetoric she was no doubt told to say . She obviously messed up  her lines.’’

Then she shows just how in denial she is as she recites : It is dealing with  the very normal results of a divorce.”

WHAt???????? Most kids have parents who get divorced and  d they don’t beat one another and curse them like her kids allegedly  did.  How about admitting that their anger is the result of a hostile hateful and  angry mother whom  they no doubt mirrored. They saw her anger and abuse towards their father almost every  day of their young lives.’

Kate 7

Kate obviously knows what she is saying is complete BS. That is why she purses her lips in an attempt to hold back all the BS.


Then Kate Gets bitchy as she has to say how  Good  she is and how BAD  Jon is. She just has to tell one  just how she reached out to him first, and how it depend on the day and the hour , thus giving  him yet another zing . This is a man she not only emotionally   destroyed and emasculated throughout her marriage by hitting him and belittling him, but now  she has removed his voice

The man isn’t even allowed to go on the airwaves to defend himself or he will get fined and lose what little he does have.


Why does she have to go there? Why  can’t she leave him be? If he is the father of her kids and always will be as she made sure to say on the show, then she needs to leave him alone and stop trashing him.

He loves his kids and is the reason they will probably have a chance at life. He has only given them love nd affection.

Now that he has a beautiful lovely and beautiful woman in his life – Ellen Ross,  those kids will  finally know about a  healthy  male female relationship. They will see a man and a woman who respect one another not a man and a woman who constantly bicker like they saw with Jon and  Kate .

Then she says And Honestly when I think of the old days I try to email him and write him and give him a call. When someone starts a sentence with Honestly chances are they are not being honest,

Then Meredith relayed to Kate how  Jon apologized on his twitter account publicly for what he did to Kate. Instead of acting like a mature adult and saying I appreciate it or petty Kate  says she doesn’t consider interviews  and twitters an apology and that she never got a an  apology yet.”

HOW PETTY!!!!!!!!!

Kate,  get over it! Talking like that is what will ruin your kids forever. Your pettiness will transfer over to them.

Then she disgustingly says ” Strangely  and ironically  I have forgiven him..’’

If you have really  forgiven him then why the shoulder shrugs which indicate deception. Why all the  high drama?  In my view Jon is the one who needs to forgive you for abusing and emotionally torturing him until he went over the edge.


Then she leaks out  ” people who are close to me are upset that I don’t get that angry. And who are those people, Steve Neild the bodyguard?

Then  on the next breath she leaks out  “I am angry,” Then she changes her mind and says   What good does it does it do I don’t have time to waste”

But her expression and vocal inflection say it all. She scrunched up her face and goes up at the end of the statement as though she is asking a question. She clearly knows she does not believe what she is saying.

Kate, here is a very valuable message to you. Since the  therapist is  allegedly already  in the house to take care of the two angry home schooled kids, why not have a session with the therapist as well? The therapist can  help you get over your anger towards Jon.’

Your anger is making the kids angry which is destroying their little lives. Your anger is being mirrored by them in school. You talk about sending them back to school . Well here is a secret. They will never make it back and succeed there unless you get to the root of the problem-your deep rooted anger.


Kate haven’t you done enough to punish and destroy Jon? You have silenced the man so he cannot speak up or speak back. You have taken away opportunities for him to make big money on the media and now you are suing him for 125K for child support.

Please tell  us how this man is supposed to earn a living when you have destroyed his opportunities. Tell us how he is supposed to have a full time job and have no money for nannies and maids and still  take care of the kids when you are out and about?


Jon was apparently livid when Kate  left their  kids with a teenage babysitter whom he did not know and  the sitter was instructed by Kate  not to talk with Jon.

Kate just dismissed these concerns. The fact that two of the children showed behavioral problems would be a red enough flag for any parent to take their kids off the air. Jon has tried.let’s hope that  he succeeds before it is too late.Let’s hope that a disaster can be avoided. .

Does White House Party Crasher Michaele Salahi’s Body Language,Facial Tells, and Voice Pattern Say She Is Lying About Having MS?
September 16, 2010

I am not a medical doctor and I did not do a physical examination on  Michaele Salahi. I also did not check her laboratory tests to see if she does or she doesn’t have MS.  But as a doctor with a PhD  who has spent a lot of years studying communication and body language,  I do find her reaction on Fox and Friends rather odd. I am not accusing her of lying about her alleged disease but something is not sitting right with me on many levels.


Michaele says she has been secretive about having a disorder for 17 years where   family members and her “best friend” didn’t know until now. So why go on national television to tell everyone now?

Is it to  possibly create   publicity for her show -The Real Housewives of DC?  Is it  possibly to  generate  book sales so people can read about her “secret”.  Or is it  possibly  due to the fact that she was so vilified and even more  hated since she pulled that stunt on the View about Whoppie hitting her,that she  wanted to throw a pity party so people would feel sorry for her and not hate her as much? Is  Bravo and their PR minions  behind this  because they may fear a  backlash with people turning off the show? Did they let her go to town and talk about her disease in hopes to generate sympathy and interest in  her,  so people will tune in and watch how she is dealing with her alleged  medical condition?


When Michaele spoke of her alleged MS,  she did not appear like a sympathetic character to me as she was sharing her “secret”. Something was way off. The fact that she lied about so many things in the past may add to my skepticism and the public’s skepticism about her story.

She lied about being a Redskin cheerleader. Even her author Diane Diamond, whom I  know personally and respect,  confirmed  she lied. She lied about having a formal bona fide  invitation to the White House party.

And according to  a just released  statement by Bravo, she lied about not being able to speak about the invitation to the White House because Bravo gave her instructions not to speak to anyone about the incident including  to members at the Congressional hearing . It seems like Michaele was ready to throw Bravo under the bus to protect her image, but Bravo  threw her under the bus first and busted her.


So who is to say that this woman who appears to be so hungry for another 15 minutes of fame,  would not lie about having a debilitating disease?

When one sees that much desperation in this 44 year old , it is easy for others to  assume she  would do anything for that  fame- even showing her anorexic looking body  with  alleged full frontal nudity on the pages of Playboy. Personally I can’t think of anything more repulsive than seeing this woman naked in  any shape or form.

If she is lying, all I can say is heaven help her because  it is not good karma coming her way.

And for the record if her revelation about MS was a way to explain away her skinniness, it didn’t work either. Those who have done research on MS said that weight loss is not associated with the disease.


Michaele and her husband Tareq have been known to throw charity events as a way to meet and hobnob with the rich and famous. They raised money for such causes as children, leukemia and lymphoma, and even for a Navy Retirement fund. But there has been no mention of  raising funds for MS.

People who usually have a disease or have a close relative or friend  with a disease will often raise money for that cause. Socialite Nancy Davis  did that with her MS Foundation and Montel Williams who also has the disease has been raising money for the cause. Michael J. Fox raises money for Parkinson’s Disease which affects him. Then there are people like Elizabeth Taylor and Sharon Stone who have had special people in their lives who died of AIDS They have dedicated themselves to raise money for this cause in honor of the people they loved.

So it is odd that someone who suffered from a disease for 17 years and who was in a position to raise charitably funds,  did not raise money for a fund that would have been near and dear to them personally.


Seconds into her interview, Michaele  began the theatrics of feigned upset and emotion. There were no visible tears which she was seen wiping away. In addition,  her recovery time from her “upset” was too quick. There was no transition time. She went from an upset expression to an immediate genuine smile. When that happens it means that the person was’t really all that upset in the first place.

She looked over at Tareq as if to get some sort of cue to begin  her waterworks. Only no waterworks came, no matter how hard she tried.

She  tried to wipe away a tear,  but there was no liquid or tear to wipe away. While she attempted  to create upset with her eyes and forehead,  her lips and mouth are a giveaway. When someone is upset, their lips go downwards, not upwards in a smile. If you cover her eyes in this photo you will see that she looks like she is smiling. That shows that the upset is not a  genuine emotion.

She also managed to straighten her hair. When someone is upset, they don’t fix their hair or fiddle with it. That is often a signal of deception.

Then you see her touching her neck and pursing her lips. It was a lot of  over the top drama for someone that has allegedly had 17 years to adjust to the disease. All of these histrionics were over the top and no doubt designed to garner sympathy from the viewer. In fact Michael was so “distraught”  that she could not even speak.

If someone was suddenly told they had a debilitating disease, I could see them getting choked up or sobbing a bit or getting teary eyed. But she has had 17 tears to digest the fact that she has this alleged disease. That certainly is enough time to process what has allegedly happened to her.

So I found her reaction on television where it looked as though she feigned being speechless and choked up, lacking in credibility.


Here is what is terribly wrong with this picture. When one is upset, there is a transition period of a few seconds where they go from one emotion into the next. She immediately went from a feigned sadness to bright happiness. It is not natural and it validates to me that something is very wrong here.


As Diane defends Michaele, Michaele is all smiles and confidence and  nods in agreement as Diane says she is not anorexic ,  not a White House crasher, and how she is always picked on.Micheaele even smiles and nods in agreement.

It was as though this little back and forth was rehearsed as  suddenly non choked up Michaele tells Gretchin the host of FOx and Friends  she is ready to speak.

And then  she speaks at an over the top manic sounding clip where she is brimming with  confidence. She  tells of how her family and best friends didn’t know of her condition. As she says thi,  she leaks out tells of looking away. This is often a signal of deception.

She then goes into the third person,   sounding like some sort of spokesperson as she says how a lot of people with chronic illnesses don’t talk about it. The she says YOU KNOW any type of disease YOU KNOW whether it is heart or whatever you deal with(pauses and swallows hard) breast cancer… When someone says you know several times in a sentence , it means they are usually  trying to convince you of something.

Then we see yet another signal of deception as she said I kept it personal because I never wanted to be judged , I never wanted PITY.Right after she says PITY in a  loud voice as if to emphasize the word,  we see a shoulder shrug which is a clear signal of deception. Of course she wants pity. That is why she is on national television now  telling everyone she allegedly has MS.

Now we really see the signals of deception in full force as she opens her eyes widely which often happens when a person is trying to convince you about something that is not necessarily true. You can see in the photo. Her tone is also defensive and so is her body posture as she defensively leans back. She says “I certainly wanted to hold on to my job. ” 

She then opens her eyes widely as if to  once again convince the listener to believe what she has just said.  But her shoulder shrug is a huge giveaway. It says that she is not telling us the truth.  Hold on to her job?  What job?  Wasn’t she working with Tareq and social climbing? What job did she hold?  We are talking about 17 years here.

You may think that what I will say next may sound a bit far fetched. But here I go anyway. Maybe her MS  revelation  is a little insurance for her to keep her job at Bravo. In essence she has  let Bravo know that she has an illness and if they fire her now , knowing  she has MS,  she can sue  them for discrimination and firing her because she has a disability.

After seeing her accusing Whoopie of hitting her and reading about all of her legal issues  and lawsuits and not paying her bills and all kinds of other  messes, I would not put anything past her and Tareq.

I must also add that her rapid rate  of speech and  over the top frenetic  body movement  also appear to me to be giveaway that she may not be telling us the truth about her situation.


She says in frenetic tone and  movement  that maybe all of this happened with the White House for a reason so  that I can do something good to help someone else .” As soon as  she utters these words she then  shakes her head NO which is a huge signal of deception.

She also knows she is full of it as she continues to speak with her shaky voice and  talks about strides  they are making. Who is making these strides and what does she have to do with it?

In my opinion, the he only person she is  doing anything good for  is herself!

So now we know why Michaele was on TV talking about her MS. It was to sell her book and to not have people hate her for crashing  the White House party. She has made an excuse that if it wouldnt have been for the White House fiasco she wouldn’t be talking about her MS , whereby she can now  help people.’

But how is her telling the world she has MS helping anyone?

Is she giving all of her money she earns from the book to an MS foundation? NO! Is she giving her Bravo salary to an MS foundation? NO! Is she even doing a fundraiser to raise money for MS? NO!

The whole thing was sickening and self serving in my view. Michaele fails to realize that the  public is NOT stupid. They can see right through her. She is yet another itless untalented self-serving  television creature with nothing of value to  offer, only deception and self serving goals.

Kate Gosselin’s Body Language In Step With Bodyguard Steve in Mexico As They Wear Matching Colored Tops
September 14, 2010


When two people are in step and their feet are in synchrony chances are they are often  a couple.


When they share similar facial expressions, it usually m eans that they are like-minded.


 When  they are seen wearing  the same colored top it also usually means they  are  like-minded.


 When they  walk in step ,have similar facial expressions, and wear the same colors, chances are even higher  high that they are a couple.


When someone looks adoringly at the other party and smiles a genuine smile as you see Kate smiling towards her bodyguard, it indicates that there is  often emotional  closeness and a lot. Kate of affection. Kate”s smile is one of the most genuine smiles we have ever seen her smiling. I don’t recall seeing  such a smile when she is around her kids. We  definitely  never saw her  smiling  like this around Jon. Could Kate be in love with her bodyguard?  Could Steve be the hot romance of her life?

There has been talk in the past that when these two travel there are adjoining rooms. Were they in adjoining rooms  on this trip to Mexico as well? Were they on the same room? Is Steve still married? If he is still married,  does he have an open marriage?

It was also reported that an eyewitness saw the  the two of them getting very cozy with legs touching legs this summer when they were away together. Were the two just as cozy in Mexico? Were there eyewitnesses this time or were they more careful to  take their  coziness  behind closed doors if they happened to be cozy? These are just questions which come to mind when you see people together so often.

 Now before Kate lovers get their panties in a bunch and accuse me of telling lies, I say to them ,  first of all.  I don’t lie. And most import  of all,  the body doesn’t lie and neither do these photos . Steve Neild  the bodyguard and Kate look like they are  are very close to one another, even though Steve tries to look professional with an often  non-smiling serious facial expression. The other “tells” seem to me to be huge give aways.

 And while I am on the subject of  bodyguard, why in the world would Kate need a bodyguard? There are no mobs around her. She is also in Mexico where she is not known.  She is simply a reality celebrity  and  only became one because she is  a mother of 8 because she took fertility drugs. She’s not Lady Gaga or Madonna. To me her bodyguard is nothing more than her traveling companion  and perhaps maybe more. Only the two of them know for certain what goes on behind closed doors. The rest is speculation. But the fact that they are so much in synch is not speculation.

Since  the two of then spend so much time together they cannot  help but  become like-minded. When people become like-minded, anything can happen-  even a love affair. Now I am not accusing Kate and Steve of having a love affair as I am not  privy to their private comings and goings. But based on these photos and their body language they look like they are very much in synch and they look very, very close to one another.

 And finally we see how Kate has once again created a statement of deception and some PR spin for herself  where she told  the world on Regis and Kelly how when the kids are with Jon,  she sits at home  by the phone to wait for their calls where they cry that they want to return home.  This certainty didn’t seem to be the case as she walked in step with Steve in Mexico,  wearing  matching colored  tops.  And she certainly didn’t  look very lonely as she also reported on the show.

Kate Gosselin’s Disdainful Body Language and Ugly Verbal Digs Towards Jon Are Harmful to the 8 Kids
September 12, 2010


 With two television shows on TLC, View, Emmy, and DWTS appearances under her belt and a huge PR machine behind her, whether you love her or hate her Kate  Gosselin  appears to be here to  stay. She’s here to stay for  one reason and one reason only- she brings in eyeballs viewer’s eyeballs. Those fans who love her, watch her because they love her. Those fans who hate her often want to see  what she will do next.  Then there are those who are curious. They  watch her to see what all the fuss is about. As long as she gets eyeballs watching her, she is here to stay. When the eyeballs turn away to another channel, Kate Gosselin will be nothing more than a faded  memory. TLC is her guardian angel and  they have invested a lot of money on star building this “itless” persona. Some TLC  exceutive or “suit” as they are called  in the business thought it would be a good idea to make Kate a star, so they set forth on that quest.

They made her look great but that is about it. She can’t act, sing, dance, has no expertise . Please don’t tell me that she is an expert on  motherhood. Popping fertility drugs and having sextuplets does not make one  an expert  in parenting or child rearing. Getting an advanced education in the subject,  where you are aware of all the nuances in the scientific literature  gives you that expertise ,  along with experience of working with a lot of different children that do not happen to be your own  offspring. 

 She cannot host because she is way too consumed with  Kate. Also the smarminess, entitlement, selfishness,  anger, sarcasm, hostility, and inner  hatred that  leaks out with consistency is so deep-rooted that it will be very difficult to get  that  under control without years and years of the therapy.In my view that is who she is. She demonstrated  it in her original show, DWTS, on many  talk shows on which she appeared,  and most recently on Regis and Kelly.

Why was Kate on Regis and Kelly when she had nothing to promote?  She was no doubt put there by her PR  minions where TLC  is obviously the helm. She was on the show for one reason only- damage control!

Why would esteemed Anderson Cooper ask her those obviously  pointed questions if he was not fed those questions by her team?  It was no doubt done to was clearly done to  spin it Kate’s way . It  was obvious that the questions could be answered by her in a way to make Jon look bad and make her look good. It was done to  quell the recent hoopla that appeared all over the internet where all the hysterical sextuplets  were clearly  heard sobbing at the top of their lungs and wailing.  hey didn’t want daddy to leave and they appeared terrified  to go home to Kate.



 Even though she has pulled it together with  awesome makeup complete with red glossy lips , a  toned  body with muscular arms ,  and a  beautiful face, I am still of the school that  pretty is a pretty does” and there are too many instances when I believe Kate’s behavior just hasn’t been pretty.

When a parent tries to pit their kids between them and their ex,  it is time for me to speak up. That is exactly what Kate did on Regis and Kelly. She pitted her children against  her  and Jon by trashing him in front of millions. And don’t tell me he did the same to her on national TV. That was then and this is now. And two wrongs don’t make a right. It was immature and hateful on BOTH of their parts. But now that over a year has gone by it is clear that she needs to speak about her hatred and anger towards Jon to a therapist, not to Kelly and Anderson in front of millions of people.

It makes her look disturbed, bitter, immature,  and very UGLY inside and out.  Her  anger at Jon’s past behavior with his cheating, running off at the mouth on national TV, and acting irresponsible is misdirected.  Instead, she  needs to take a good look at herself and her role in abusing this poor guy to the point he had enough and went off the deep end. Yes, years of constant emotional abuse  can make a person behave as we saw Jon behave.  


And please to all you Kate fanatics who take it as a personal affront when anyone says anything that may not be music to you eyes or ears about Kate.  I say  the  following to you:

 If you are such a good and loyal  fan of Kate’s then you need to  be a real friend and a fan and let your friend know when they are messing up. You need to send Kate a message that she is messing up her children emotionally, by acting the way she did on Regis and Kelly.

I don’t want to hear about  what you think about my credibility. After the education, background, and experience I have and the years I have devoted to the study and analysis of body language,  I can assure you that I am credible enough  be used by top media outlets around the world and in law enforcement an in the legal field  and to have been a qualified witness in both state and federal courts. So I am not concerned with what you think of my credibility simply because I add my opinions to my body language analyses. That is what blogs are for- to give your opinions.

And please don’t waste my time telling me I am writing about Kate  because I am jealous of her or I want to enhance my own populatity.   I am jealous of no one. And just for the record, I have been around  well before there was a Kate Gosselin on television.  And as far as popularity goes, I have millions of books around the world that bear my name. So I don’t need Kate Gosselin to enhance my notoriety or for people to read my blog.  Thousands of people read my blogs each day with or without Kate Gosselin as the  subject matter.


Substitute host  Anderson Cooper asked if her relationship with Jon was as contentious as it appears to be.  Kate  nodded her head yes and tightened up her jaw and let out a hissing  snake like sound as she said Itssss ya now. She then shrugged her shoulders and let loose with her first jab towards Jon. You can really see the anger and hatred Kate holds towards Jon. It’s in her jaw. Look at the enormous tension . There is so much tension and anger that you see  dimpling. In addition, look at how her lips are pulled back in anger. When a person harbors hatred and anger it is readily seen in their lower jaw as we see with Kate.

In typical Kate form  as she continues to remind us how good she is and how bad Jon is she jabbed ” I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible. I’ll speak for myself , How’s that?”

I’ll tell you how that was Kate.  It was awful!  It was  unnecessary and downright nasty. You did not have to go  there!   And you said he is the kids father. STOP ! End of Sentence! Stop the facial contortions and snide smarminess. It makes you look small and petty and downright UGLY.All the enhancements that were done to you physically mean nothing if you act bitchy, witchy, and snitchy.

Then in order to make herself   look good again and redirect the spin  in response to the video of a few weeks back when all the kids were crying in the car  after they arrived at her home  and screamed that they didn’t want daddy to leave, as you see below 


 Kate  makes a contorted phony expression  with a phony laugh. You can see the phony expression with her furrowed forehead,  raised eyebrow and tight non genuine  smile,  where there is tension around the corners of the mouth.  The facial gestures are incongruent which indicates phoniness. She states  that she “ waits at home  for a phone call from the kids asking when they can come home.”


That is horrible! It is so obvious what she was doing!  She has the national forum and was getting aback at Jon and spinning her image. The ony thing  is that she spun is her image  into the ground. It made her look awful and revealed who she is.  

If  TLC’s PR Dept.  put her on that show and directed the spin so they can have her loveable when her new show debuts, they need to be ashamed of themselves in my view.   It completely backfired. She was anything but loveable.  Jon has been punished by TLC enough in my view. He got the message loud and clear to not talk to the press. Now this has added insult to injury. Jon is a person too.

He has no forum to speak about Kate because he is not allowed to do so or he will get sued. So it is a one way street where Kate can trash him and he can’t say  anything to defend himself! It is unfair and appalling.

I doubt  that with all the  things she has going on in her life professionally,  that  she waits by the phone  with baited breath just  to hear which child will call asking to come home .  And if the kids  do call, what does she do about it?

a.  Does she come and get them?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

b. Does  she call  Child Protective Services because they are so miserable and thinks Jon is harming them?

c.  Does she  believe Jon is abusing them by forcing  them to stay  in unlivable conditions –  his little apartment  with a few toys as opposed to their  luxurious big home with a truckload of toys?

d. Is she making  this  all up?

Chances are  the correct answer is it is d . She is making this all up .



Kelly Ripa also knows that what Kate is saying is complete BS. Look at Kelly’s body language. She pulls  up her shoulder and tucks in her head and crosses her arms over her body. This is a defensive motion as she is not going to let Kate get away with her nonsense . In  reference to Kate’s ridiculous statement of how the kids call her and want to come home, Kelly asks Kate  in a deliberate  and measured tone  Are they are they allowed to?  


Kelly immediately changes her body position as she awaits Kate’s answer. You can see Kelly is not comfortable  with Kate or the answer she knows Kate is about to spin. You can see that Kelly’s shoulders are raised which indicates she is upset and displeased.  It’s similar to what  a cat does when they are upset and uncomfortable they raise their hackles. They are on alert. Kelly is on alert for Kate’s answer .You can even see how Kelly has pressed her hand on her lap to center herself as she is about to listen to Kate’s  nonsensical spin.


And Spin it Kate did!   Kate says that it’s hard to tell your kids why  they can’t  sleep in their beds and play with their own toys. Well maybe it is time that Kate stop trashing Jon and tell the kids that they need to  learn to compromise and sleep in a bed  away from home that daddy has prepares especially for them. Maybe she needs to tell then  that they can  bring their own special toys when they stay at daddy’s. Maybe she needs to tell them that  daddy who loves them and wants to  see them  .

Maybe it wouldn’t be so hard for the six year-olds to understand why they have to sleep  at daddy’s house  if she would stop trashing Jon. Maybe Kate needed to have thought about  this situation before she abused the daylights  out of Jon and emasculated him  for so many years until he   had no choice but to leave her. Her constant abuse was the catalyst for his going off the  deep end in my estimation.  

 Here we really see her signal of  deception as she says she  talks about the kids and says she is “there for them.” She shakes her head NO  as she says this and looks down and away ,  knowing  very well what she is saying is complete BS .  She is not there for them. She is there for herself  as she runs around  the country doing book tours and TV gigs. 

 She clearly knows that it is a spin to get back at Jon and to make herself good like the perfect mommy . The PR spin was designed  to help her get that positive image now that her show is going to début int he near future.

The only thing she  did  that rang true was when she said  “I’m Lonely”  She made a genuine sad expression when she spoke those words. So  I believe that when  kids are  mot around, she is indeed lonely. After she alienated so many family members and friends throughout the years, what she says does seem to ring true.


Anderson Cooper then paraphrases all of her spin and  bluntly says So what you’re saying is that  they don’t enjoy being with him. Kate immediately looks down and with a  slow tentative articulation pattern says   looks  Some of them don’t mind.

Why would anyone in their right mind say something know that will hurt the kids in the long run? In essence she just trashed Jon by telling the world that the kids don’t  like being with their own father who has shown them nothing but love, tenderness and affection  since their birth.  He hs been the more emotionally nurturing of the two. 

 If  what she is saying that kids dont enjoy being with him,  it is no doubt because she put that  through into their little heads to choose between her or Jon. If the kids didn’t want to be with daddy why would they wail for him to not leave them when he dropped them off?

And why in the world would anyone go on national television  and say something like this?  This will have emotional repercussions as far as the children are concerned.  What we have just seen is exactly why  I have insisted all along that Jon and Kate  get a qualified counselor  to help them properly handle  these children so that  they don’t have to be in the middle of their emotional mess.  



After Kate showed her ugliness with all of her digs towards Jon, she then had to get yet another dig in by  saying  how it’s only been three months since Jon has taken the kids on a regular basis and how it is all so new.

In essence she let everyone know that Jon was being bad and only now stepped up to the plate with the kids. Once again whether that is true or not is no one else’s business.  This dirty laundry did not have to be aired out on public. And why did she wait until the end to say this? It is because her intention for being on that show was to make Jon look bad. She and TLC did not carry out their goal. It made her look bad instead.

 If that is the case  and it has only been three months, then Kate should know that this is an  adjustment period and the kids need to be encouraged about this new  arrangement,  not given subliminal messages to tear them in two and mess up their  little minds about which parent they need to show more loyalty.


No matter how well coiffed Kate’s hair looked or how shiny her red lip gloss was or  how toned her arms looked in her red sleeveless dress,  Kate’s open  anger and hostility  towards Jon make her look  ugly!

  Her inner hatred contorted the muscles in her face. The sarcastic digs and  smarmy,   nasty tones negated all the hard work her stylist and make up artist did  in putting Kate’s look together. Kate looked like a bitter bitten woman.

But more than her looks, the effect that her bitterness and hatred will have on her children is more serious. These children  need to see a mature  adult as a role model . They do not need to see their mother acting like a nasty, angry,  and centered child  having a  temper tantrum.  Kate needs to grow up and let go of her hate because hate spreads. These children do not need the added burden of dealing with hate. They need love the grow and flourish.


Dr. Lillian Glass Tells The Truth and Never Lies About What She Sees, Including Kate Gosselin and Bodyguard’s Body Language
August 22, 2010

Oftentimes different magazine, internet,  and television show venues  will ask me what I think about a particular celebrity or newsmaker’s relationship. They will often present me with a series of photos or videos and ask for my assessment.

 Most recently HollywoodLife. com  asked me to comment on the relationship between Kate Gosselin and her bodyguard Steve Neild. I gave them my honest assessment based on various tells which I observed. This is only my opinion and my view. I did not  personally hang out with  Kate or Steve or witness their alleged coziness firsthand.

Apparently there have been documented reports of  physical sightings where Kate and her body guard have become rather cozy with legs touching legs. In fact the esteemed Huffington Post reported it.

I stated in the blog that that Kate seemed to fancy her bodyguard based on her body language. Steve, on the other hand continued to show professional decorum as you can see in these photos below.

Apparently,  the Kate Gosselin lovers  and fans on their  “Kate Plus Eight Gosselin Family Fansite”   were all up in arms and got their panties in a bunch stating that I made up lies to  promote myself and to insult Kate. This is not true.

In the first place, I do not need Kate Gosselin to promote myself. I have being doing body language analysis well before there was a Kate Gosselin in the media. As far as insulting Kate is concerned, it was never my thought or intention to insult Kate. I was merely describing my personal body language observations.  

Here are some excerpts from the article:

 We told you earlier that Kate and longtime bodyguard Steve Neild got cozy while vacationing in Bald Head Island, N.C. during the week of Aug. 9. A shocking eyewitness report from The Huffington Post alleges that the duo were sitting side-by-side, legs touching, on the beach!

Photo #1: “Her head is cocked like she’s interest to know what Steve thinks. He is kind of in control here and she’s not used to that. Look at her toe, they are in sync step wise, and there’s one foot where her toe is facing him — she really likes him. Her shoulders are a little rounded and hunched over meaning she’s being a little subservient. The fact that his hands are in his pockets shows he’s hiding something like he’s hiding what’s going on between them.”


Photo #2: “Look at the way she’s looking at him. It’s like he’s her man servant and she can yell at him. Her foot is directly in the back of him and she’s looking at him like she’s trying to control him and tell him what to do. Kate’s legs are spread wide which means it’s very casual and very very comfortable with this guy … overly comfortable.”

Photo #3: “With her hand on the hip it’s kind of like an arrogant and defiant pose. Her shoulders are rounded again and she’s leaning into him. The distance between them is too close like he’s trying to keep it hidden and professional, but she’s giving it away. It appears in this photo that she likes him more than he likes her with the way he is facing.”

Photo #4: “Her face shows that she’s very happy around him. You never see Kate smile. She’s a step behind him and there’s not a lot of distance between them. They are also in sync again and that indicates she likes him. Again, he has a hand in his pocket which reveals he’s hiding something.

 It’s definitely possible they are having an affair. She’s very comfortable around him.”


Notice that I said  the word “possible”, I didn’t say they were  100 per cent  having an affair , I said “possible”.

Whether you love Kate or not you have to admit that anything is possible, especially when people spend as much time around one another as these two apparently do, with reported adjoining rooms in hotel stays.

 I am not saying they are or they are not having an affair as I am not in their room.  But I will say that they do look rather cozy in my view.’’


As a result of this article many Kate supporters, didn’t bother to read what I said exactly but instead,  blindly went off half cocked. They looked at a headline which I did not write and made many comments where they tried to minimize my background and education  in an attempt to dismiss what I had to say in order to make themselves feel better.

So I decided to address and clarify  their issues so there would be no misunderstandings.

Being an open person with nothing to hide, I will address the  concerns and comments from the Kate loving fans  so they can rest easy.

  1. What I do in body language analysis has nothing to do with  neurolinguistic  programming. Body language analysis is both and art in having experience in knowing how to read others and a science based on research concerning specific behaviors which indicate specific meaning.

2. Kate’s alleged “pigeon toedness” that a commenter suggested was not a factor in  describing her body language tells with Steve Neild

 3. As far  as any comments I made  regarding the  Gosselin kids are concerned, when Jon and Kate were going through their split up, I was a proponent of their speaking with a counselor to help them with the transition, especially since the divorce was so public, ugly and tense.

 Kate even publicly  stated how it was difficult for the kids and how the kids were acting out at the time. I believed and still believe that seeking the advice of a licensed professional that specializes in treating children who appear to be acting out or undergoing stress, can only help a child.

4. As for my background, I am more than happy to share it with you. I am not a medical doctor – an MD. I  do have a PhD in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota and a Masters Degree from the University of Michigan in Speech communication. I also have a strong background in the study of psychology although I am not a practicing or licensed psychologist. I have a post doctorate in Medical Genetics  from UCLA where I was the only PhD in an MD program where I closely examined structures and behaviors related to specific genetic disorders. My training in this field has been  instrumental in terms of my developing my body language reading skills.

I have spent close to three decades doing communication and body language analysis not only for my clients in my private practices, but for the Hollywood community for various films and television shows,  as well as using my skills in the law enforcement and legal communities. I have also written numerous books on the topic and lectured around the world.

 5. As  far as being a Kate Hater is concerned, I do not hate Kate as I have said repeatedly. In fact, I  respect that she has numerous mouths to feed and has found a way to earn a living in the media to support her children. I believe that she is indeed very lucky to have a guardian angel like TLC to support her and her family.

 6.And finally, I have  discovered is that there are lot of Kate fans or shall I say “fanatics” who cannot bear to hear anything they may perceive as negative when it may in fact not be negative at all. To them, I say, take off your blinders and look at what” is”, not at what is the fantasy you created there to be.

 If  Kate is having an affair with her bodyguard, that is her business. Maybe they spent so much time together and found they had a lot in common. Maybe they fell in love. Maybe he fell out of love with his wife. Maybe he has an open marriage, Only Steve and Kate know this for sure. Like everyone else, Kate certainly deserves love.  As I said anything is “possible.” While it is possible that they are an item, it is also “possible” that they are just very cozy close intimate friends. Only time will tell for

Did Jon Gosselin Try to Gain Public Sentiment or Are the Children Really In Fear About Going Home To Kate?
August 6, 2010

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am not Jon bashing.  I am merely asking a question here. In the past we have seen these two go at it to make one another look bad. I was wondering of this was one of those times or if those kids are really suffering  at the hands of Kate. The tone of their crys were haunting. As someone who knows a lot about the human voice and sounds made from that voice, including crying,I can tell you for sure that those were not crys of hunger, or lack of sleep, or not getting what you want such as a a toy. They were crys of fear, terror,a nd angusih. 

Not that I am defending Kate by any means, I am just curious as to whether things are that bad or manipulate  to look that bad.

I recently received countless emails from my dear readers and fans asking me to analyze the body language of Jon Gosselin and the Gosselin kids when he drove them up to the gate of their home and they were sobbing. Many reported that they felt the video was heartbreaking and wanted me to analyze what I thought was really going on.

I have to admit that after initially watching the video, my heart went out when I heard terror in the  sound of the voices of the  sobbing children. It seemed that they could not stop sobbing. At first glance it looked like the kids were sobbing because they love their father so much and they didn’t want him to leave them after spending time with him. It appeared that they felt  terrorized  that they had to go back home to Kate. Maybe that is the case.


But  there may be another side to the situation as well.  On a closer inspection, it appeared to me that the whole video might possibly be contrived and manipulated by Jon in order to get some media attention and public sympathy and to make Kate look bad. Not that Kate hasn’t proven to look bad on her own.   The whole situation makes me want to ask a number of questions . Not that I am not accusing Jon of anything, I am just asking questions.

First of all how come there is only one paparazzi there? Usually there are lots of papps but that day there was only one. And how come the papp was asking such leading and spinful questions? And how come Jon spoke to the papp when he was instructed to never speak to them? It was my undertsanding that as part of Jon’s legal agreement with TLC he is to not say even one word to them. 

The papp loudly and openly asks Jon  if Kate will come out to meet him.  To me , it seems that the question was rehearsed. Jon immediately responds, as if on cue, that probably the nanny will be the one to come get them.  As I said, it is odd in that Jon has been instructed to not speak to the papps. But in this case, he speaks. It’s like this little movie scene was shot with the purpose of letting   the audience  know that Kate can”t even bothered to pick up her own kids and  that the nanny has to do it.

It is also very  odd that  does Jon not have the entry code to get through  the gate to drop his own  kids off  in front of  their own home. I am told that Jon has been banned from entering the gate of the home, but I would think that he would be given  the code in case of an emergency situation. If that is the case, I think it is very wrong. Those are his kids and he needs to have the code.If  Kate doesn’t want  Jon to bring his girlfriends or anyone else on the property then Kate needs to work that out with him. But to not give him the code is unconscionable. If that is the case and he does not have a code it is as though he is waiting therein the role of a   delivery person,insted of the  is the father.

When Jon reached out to touch the intercom and said “I can’t hear you.” It was said in a monotone devoid of inflection or concern. Granted he has always had a monotone,but most people who were tired and couldn’t get thorugh after a long day and upset kids, would should a little more inflection and upset in theor voice.  Who was on the other end of the intercom and why could Jon not hear them? Why didn’t he try and try again to contact them or to push specific buttons until he could finally hear them?  Was there really  anyone at the other end of the intercom at all? Did he pretend there was someone there?  Why did he give up so easily? Why didn’t he use his cell to call the house to tell whomever was there  to open the gate to get the kids into their home? I am just asking these questions, as another point fo view.

Then Jon gets out of the van and says “I love you too. hold on.”  He then goes over to the sliding door of the van  to get access to the  kids . As he enters the van and confronts the kids he says the words  “don’t panic,”

Why would he say “don’t panic” , That was an intersting choice of wors. As he said that I could  definately hear that the crys were crys of panic and terror. Were they really panic and in terror becuase they had to go home to Kate;s house> What is going on in there to cause them so much panic? Or the other side of the coin is , did Jon possibly say something to  them  which frightened them or caused them to panic ?  Did he say something to them scared and afraid?

Instead of closing the door behind him to console  several of the crying children,  he manages to leave the van door open so that papp can conveniently shoot  all the footage. The kids definatey sound terrorized.

Were the kids really crying  becuase they were so frightened to go home becuase they felt something bad would happen to them  or did  Jon  say  something to those kids to get them to cry like that?  Why are they all crying at once?  Why do they sound so scared?  

As a body language and communicaiton expert I have studied various crys and what they mean. That is why I am even writing this blog. That cry is not the whining cry of not wanting to do someting or the cry of being overtred and cranky. Those crys were crys of fear and terror. They were jarring, unlike other crys. The fact that the same type of  cry was amplified by all of those kids was very disturving.

Maybe one or two kids might cry at once, but the fact that ALL of them seemed to be sobbing in unison makes me wonder if he didn’t say something to ALL of them that indeed caused then to “panic.” or they were indeed panicked to be at Kate’s home. I don’t ever remember any of the  kids crying in unison like that on any of the previous Jon and Kate  shows.

Jon gets to the first row of kids and hugs one of them. Then more screaming and wailing little voices are heard as Jon goes to the next row of kids and attempts to comfort them as well. Then Jon goes  back to the first row of kids and comforts them. Why do these kids need all that comforting? . Six year olds can usually be comforted with reassuring words. It is difficult to comfort infants becuase they don;t have the words to tell you what is wrong. But had the words to express themselves, yet their  emotional distress  did not ease, even after they were allegedly comforted by Jon. That is diconcerting.

Even though there are still wails and screams, Jon steps out of the  van. Conveniently,  younger twin, Maddy shows up with outstretched arms with two little fists at the end . In essence she is requesting a hug from daddy. But her clenched fists show hidden  anger.  So does her lack of genuine  smiling. She is upset about something. Maybe she was upset that she didn’t get to spend indicudual time with Jon or maybe she was told to come out to greet the van  and maybe she didn;t want to do it. 

They hug in an awkward embrace as Mady then turns her head to the side as if to purposefully face a  camera man. She then walks into the van and Jon follows her in. Maybe he called her to help quell the sextuplets.

Suddenly, her  her twin sister Cara shows up and waits her turn to hug Jon.

She awkwardly waits outside the van until Jon comes out. At one point she reaches her arms out Jon as if to hug him, but his back is turned.  In the meantime, Jon  is still comforting the screaming kids with MAdy ont he van as well. It is not helping.

Then he closes the door and awkwardly  hugs Cara from the side , who like Mady turns her head towards the camera sans smile. It looked odd and  unnatural, as though she wasn’t that  happy to see Jon. It looked as they were hugging in a position to get a good camera angle. Jon spends several seconds hugging her. Was that done for the camer or was she summonded to the van to help him quiet the upset children?

Meanwhile, all the kids are still screaming  and Jon suddenly  goes from the  loving looking action of hugging  to severely yelling at the kids  as he  turns away from Cara and towards the van.

He loudly screams ‘ENOUGH! THAT’S ENOUGH! The kids still scream and sob as he helps Cara into the van.  He is obviously frustrated and had enough of their terrorized screams. My only question is why are they screaming?

They sob in terror as he shuts the door with all of the kids still in there.

He then walks away from the van with  six screaming kids and the twins  locked up inside of the van. His hands are in his pockets and he looks down as the papp  conveniently  says in a tone that makes him sound like a bad actor “The kids  seem really upset to leave you. I imagine you feel the same.” To me this may have possibly  sounded scripted. It sounded like it was a planned act to get the public to think that the kids were sobbing because they were leaving their “wonderful” dad and forced to go back to their “mean”  mother  that he was devasted  to leave them becuase they were going onto a house of terror. My only question again is are they really that terrorized or did Jon say something to them, even inadvertenly that created this panic int hem.   Jon then  gets into a male  friend’s car.

Did Jon do this in order to get the  public  to think  they didn’t want to go back to their mother’s home, but rather wanted to stay with him becuase life with Kate is unbearable?

While Jon has been and affectionate and loving parent on a consistent basis ,  did he cooperate with the papp to  to gain attention and to once again be in the press or is this a real problem for the children?  The only way we will ever know what really happened is the find out from the kids and until they are old enough to write a book about their experiences int he Gosselin household then we will never know for sure.

Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s Violent Body Language, Smugness, Emotional Abuse, and Lack of Empathy Towards Vienna on Bachelor Reunion Showed A Toxic Man
July 7, 2010


In the last season of The Bachelor, Vienna Girardi was clearly the villain while Jake was seen as the good guy.

But after watching the Bachelor Reunion with Jake and Vienna, the roles have completely reversed. My new book, which will be released this coming November called  Toxic Men, Identify, Deal With and Heal From Men Who Make Your Life Miserable describes men like Jake Pavelka to a tee.


Before it got to the point where Vienna was upset in tears as seen in the photo above, there was a lot of back and forth and accusations between the two of them. They both accused the other of lying. He called her a liar who went behind her back to the tabloids. She said that she had no choice because she knew him. He told her that he didn’t know him. But when she  called him a” fame whore”. He actually laughed . He had nothing to say because it may have rung true to him.

Then he accused her of  cheating and being  with a “boy”. He didn’t say she was with  a “man” but instead called him a “boy”. This spoke volumes about Jake’s insecurity. Even when Vienna told Jake that the “boy” was a gay friend of hers, he ignored what she said.  

He  had his mind made up and that was that. Nothing Vienna said could change anything.


 Jake showed that he was  arrogant, smug, cut off  from communication, unsympathetic, completely into himself. He clearly showed behavior of a control freak who demanded that he be listened to!

When Vienna tried to apologize to him, he could care less. He was detached and arrogant. He then told her in the most gruff and harsh tone to “BE QUIET!

 How dare him speak to anyone like that! One wouldn’t even speak to an animal in that tone of voice. It was highly abusive and very disturbing to watch.



When Jake told her to “BE QUIET” his body language was abusive as well,  in that he presented his back hand to her.

 This is a very hostile gesture and can often be a precursor towards physical violence. When a person shows you the back of their hand during an argument, if they are angry enough at you and out of control enough, they could literally “back hand you”.

Jake also kept shaking his foot indicating that he wanted to get out of there. His body language was saying that wanted to leave and be far  away from Vienna.


If the backhanded violent gesture wasn’t enough, Jake then did something very shocking. It actually repulsed me to the point that I lost complete respect for him.

If  Jake  could be this  violent body language wise when telling her to stop interrupting him on national television, what could he do to her when the cameras were off of  them and they were in the privacy of their home?  

Jack  did a  mock karate chop on his thigh when he yelled at her to stop interrupting him. This is a HUGE red flag in my view. Gestures like that can and have  often lead to  physical violence. When someone punches a wall or punches their fist, or karate chops their thigh to get a point across it may be a dangerous signal and something to watch for 


Jake  told Vienna not only that he was  angry  bit that that she disgusted him. Telling someone you are angry at them for something they did is one thing.

 But telling them they disgust you is another. When you are angry there is hope that you can repair a relationship.

But when a person says  you disgust them, there is no hope for any repair. It is over. It means that you  have lost complete respect for the person.

You have taken away their dignity by making  a statement like that. and there is no going back. 


 Vienna was so devastated by the Karate chop, the yelling at her, and the verbal abuse that she retreated into a fetal position while sitting.

She  literally curled up into a ball with her head on her lap as she sobbed.

What was even more disturbing to see what Jake had done to her through his emotional abuse wa to see that Jake didn’t  even bat an eye. He could care less. He showed absolutely  no humanity.

Instead, he was focused on himself.  He leaned away  from her and tried to explain himself via  anger,  with his fist-like hand clasped to his shaking foot. He showed no compassion towards her  whatsoever.

The selfishness and lack of compassion on Jake;s part can never be forgotten. It reflected who he truly  is as a human being.



Vienna finally got the inner strength to get up and leave the set. That took a lot of guts on her part. As a seasoned professional in the media, the biggest sin one can ever commit is to walk off a set. But in Vienna’s situation, what she did showed strength. She was not going to take Jake’s abuse any longer.  But before she left the stage, she told Jake the truth about himself that he was the meanest person she ever met.

 Once again Jake didn’t bat an eye. He didn’t even look at her. He was more concerned with himself. He had no concern with her emotional state. He didn’t even go after her when she walked off the stage. He didn’t even try to comfort her. That was a huge turn off to viewers.

After watching Jake in action, I cannot imagine him having an acting career except for roles that may call for a TOXIC MAN like the one he exhibited on the reunion show.

Dr. Lillian Glass First to Predict Bachelor Jake Pavelka’s and Vienna’s Relationship Wouldn’t Last Based On Their Body Language.
June 23, 2010


Bachelor Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi  have just broken up and I am not at all surprised. As soon as  Bachelor Jake Pavelka  Vienna to be his bride  I knew for sure that they wouldn’t last based on their body language signals. In fact, early into their relationship,  US Weekly Magazine asked me to so an analysis of the two of them.  You can clearly see what I had to say.  All of the photos of them looked contrived. Vienna looked more interested in publicity than she did in Jake. There was absolutely NO chemistry between them as you can see.


Vienna announced   the world via the press  that in the six months they have been living together, couple had not had sex for the past four months it was no surprise. She said he was full of excuses from a. fasting b. he didn’t feel like it and c. he wanted  to wait until marriage. As a result Vienna said that she wrote him a Dear John letter as she spent most of their six month relationship crying.

But if you look at their initial photos  above, there was indeed a sexual attraction on Jake’s part. Perhaps he got burnt out with her or turned off two months into the relationship.


In this recent photo of Jake you see him pulling away from her.  Their bodies are also turned in the opposite directions and Vienna is clealry the agressor here with her arms tightly clasped around Jake’s waist.

Finally, Jake is angry. When anyone puts their hand in a fist, especially, hen they should be hugging you, they are mad. That gesture, along with his head pulled to the side and the tight phony smile indicates there is no love coming from Jake.

When anyone pulls their body away from you it means they are clearly not into you.  In essence, his body language is saying that he wants to get away from her.

Vienna’s revelation  that “their love appeared made-for-cameras only.” is definitely true as we can  see in this photo.


Like the lyrics from an oldie goldie song  says “If you wanna know if he loves you so, it’s in his kiss, that’s where it is.”

If a man doesn’t kiss you with passion, especially early on in your relationship you can kiss that relationship goodby. If he gives you tight-lipped grandma pecks, its over!!!!

Vienna reported to the press  “He kisses me only if we’re on a red carpet if cameras are there,” “Besides that, I have to ask for a kiss – and if I do he’ll pucker his lips and just peck me. I’m like, that’s how I kiss my grandmother!”

I completely believe what Vienna is telling us. Back in March when they were at an event for Perez Hilton, Jake was seen wiping off Vienna’s kiss. That is a huge indication that something was wrong.He lso pulls away from her as you can  see.


The bottom line is that body language can tell you a lot of about relationships – other people’s relationships as well as your own.

So pay close attention to how someone moves, acts and  speaks whenever they are around you. Always remember that if their kiss doesn’t feel right, then something is definitely wrong.

Gosselin Children’s Body Language Show Sadness, Humiliation, Upset, and Distance Around Kate
April 26, 2010


Whenever you see anyone with bowed head and rounded shoulders,  it means they feel shame or embarrassment or humiliation. It is interesting that the three  kids  in closest proximity to Kate,  Colin, Hannah, and Alexis are the ones who show this distinctive body language.

They also show sadness on their faces.Perhaps she yelled at them or scolded them or shamed them.  In any event, it is clearly  reflected in their body language.


Kate, on the other hand, is fiddling with her hair, no doubt making sure her extensions are in place and that  she looks good for the papps she says she hates. Kate’s open mouth and lack of smiling eyes and non-  raised cheekbones may indicate that she is upset or complaining about something.


It is also interesting that Kate is being consistent in favoring  one of the girl sextuplets, Hannah. Hannah   appears to be the only child  who’s hand Kate is holding.

Even her favorite child’s head is bowed and shoulders are rounded, as Hannah looks down at the ground. This indicates that  Hannah also may be feeling  shame, upset,and embarrassment as well.


Alexis  walks  a step ahead of Kate to Kate’s left. Alexis’  head is the most bowed and her shoulders appear to be the most rounded  of the three.

Her head  seems to be bowed the lowest of the three  children, which may indicate that she is still being shamed or perhaps even yelled at  by Kate in this photo ,as she  appears to be  in Kate’s direct line of vision.


Little Colin, no doubt  also feels the same negative emotion  as his  two sisters, based on his similar dejected body language.  He is  five steps away to the right of Kate and seems to be cut off  from the entire group.

He too, does not look very happy as he looks down.  So, in a protective move, Colin appears to have distanced himself from his mother as well as the entire brood.


The other children  trail three steps behind Kate. But they do not look shamed or embarrassed. Perhaps they are too far back to hear Kate’s vitriol.


Aiden’s body language shows that he is alerted that something may not be right ahead.

He looks up-and turns his head to be in the line of vision of his mom, Kate.


Mady, the younger of the twins who used to be the one to act up and demand attention and cry all the time on the show and the one who never seemed to help with the other  kids, now  seems to show a maternal side in this photo.

She reaches out and places her hand on Aiden’s back in what appears to be a comforting  gesture. Mady also seems to have a caring and concerned expression on her face.


Maybe Kate wanted to look her best for the papps she hates, so she didn’t want to ruin her photo op by shlepping two huge stuffed animals around.  That is why she may have delegated the task over to the twins Cara and Maddy.

Mady seems to just be carrying her own toy under her arm, while poor Cara, the one who was seen as the responsible and mommy- helping twin on the show, seems to be struggling with a large bag which appears to be dragging.

The bag contains her toy, an identical one to Mady’s  and a lot of other items as well.  She is off to the side and appears to be focusing on being able to carry all of the items.


Kate always used to describe  little Joel as being” under the radar. ” Well he certainly is in this photo.  His head isn’t bowed so he did not hear any of Kate’s possible harsh or shaming  words. He stands close to the nanny , who  also  stands in back next to him holding his little  hand.

The nanny also appears to be holding the littlest of the Gosselin sextuplets, Alexis’ hand as well.

Leah  has upright posture, which shows she isn’t  shamed or feeling humiliated. She stands close to the nanny holding her blanket over her arm and  focusing  on what’s ahead of her.


Jon no doubt worked out a deal where he allowed the kids back on TV in exchange for forgiving his debt to TLC. Do I think that it is a good idea for school age kids to be on TV and have cameras following them around all the time? Not really.

When they were younger it was sweet to see them grow up right before our  eyes. But now that they will be going to school and interacting with their peers, it may create some additional problems for them.

If their peers tell them that they saw them on TV, the correct answers IS NOT as Kate instructed Leah  to once say to her classmates on one of the last shows”  I don’t want to talk about it.”  I hope Kate is not continuing to  misguide her children to say this. If she continues to encourage this , she will be responsible for having them alienate their fellow students.

Personally , I think that the kids have enough money with trust funds set up for them for their future, so they really don’t need to be on TV to earn more money. But that is a choice Kate made, Jon caved into, and TLC has definitely made, in order to secure continued revenue from a  winning media franchise.

I think that a show featuring the kids will do very  for TLC  as a lot of people will love the kids and will watch it. Perhaps TLC gave Kate her own show as an insurance policy in case Jon ever  changes his mind decides that he doesn’t  want  the kids on TV anymore.

Personally I think they should offer a show to Nadya Suleman  rather than giving Kate her own show. Nadya  really needs the money and their guardian angelship.Maybe they can just film Nadya’s  babies growing up and leave the school age kids alone so that they can have some privacy.


Personally I cannot imagine a successful  a show featuring  ITLESS Kate alone without her kids. Let’s face it, the only reason  she is in the media at all is because  of her kids.

The woman in my view has absolutely nothing  whatsoever to bring to the table. She is not a professional. She is not knowledgeable. She has not been the “mother of the year” with being abusive to  ex husband in front of her kids as well as being verbally abusive to them.

She is not interesting or watchable in my view. She is not talented and she is definitely NOT likable. No matter how hard TLC tries to revamp her image by dressing her up and placing hair extensions in her head,  or getting her to cry on cue or coaching her what to say in interview, she is still Kate. The real Kate will always emerge and it will take years of therapy to see a real change,  if change if we can ever see a change at all.

Personally I think her personality issues that we have all seen run very deep. Her inner anger, self absorption, not getting along with family members and alienating so many who were her friends and who worked with, her speak volumes. Since she would need a licensed therapist to diagnose her underlying pathology. Therefore,  I will leave that to them.


I truly  wanted to give Kate the benefit of the doubt  before she began on DWTS. I figured that it was strain of her bad marriage, being the  only breadwinner, and caring for all the kids that made her behave so poorly on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

But after I saw her egregious behavior on DWTS, I soon realized that this is who Kate is and nothing can change her.

I can never forget how she treated the sweetest man alive ,Tony Dovalani on DWTS, causing him to almost quit. He was gracious to the end. Even though he said the right words, his body language couldn’t lie. He was thrilled that this nightmare was over!  He was thrilled that he didn’t have to work with this rude, self absorbed  and disrespectful woman any longer.


In his final interview, Tony spoke about Kate  in glowing terms. He said how hard she worked and how she had many things to deal with during the show.

But  his usually animated voice was devoid of inflection which indicted insincerity with regard to what he was saying about Kate.

He smiled with his lips spread across his face,  but clearly was not smiling with his eyes.  You could see no raised cheeks.

In addition, he  looked down and away from Kate as he sang her praises. It was a though he could no longer look at her. He clearly had enough and it showed in his final interview.


Kate’s rudeness and speaking while the other contestants were getting their scores spoke  volumes about her not caring about anyone else but herself.

And those PHONY non- tears! When she said to Tom Bergeron ,” Give me a minute.” as he tried to interview her right after she was  voted off the show, she no doubt needed a minute to conjure up those fake non tears.

It was very disturbing to watch. Kate’s  empty monotone devoid  of any inflection and emotion, clearly reflected her  false words in saying that she “loved” everyone on the show.No doubt the only one she loved on the show was herself.


As I said the public is not stupid and can see through all of this. They got who the real Kate is and  it was not pleasant.  In fact, it was disturbing!  No matter  how they try to spin  her new  show  by putting her in different job situations  or they do a show that will show her outer and inner changes, the public will never buy it.

The real Kate will always leak out. It is the same Kate we saw on Jon and Kate Plus 8, DWTS, the View and all the other shows she was featured on.

The FAKE- non tears are getting old. I hope the powers that be at TLC  don’t think that Kate’s crying which she did on every show she has been on, will garner ratings.

Instead it will be a sure fire way to turn even more people off with her.



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