Diet Soda Dangerous For Bones and Body Language May Be Why You’re Depressed Suggests NIH




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Ever wonder why you may be feeling depressed? It may be due to the Diet Coke you ordered to go with you meal at lunch A new study indicates sodas and other sugary drinks — especially artificially sweetened ones — could be related to depression.

According to the research, which will be officially released at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting people who drink 4 or more of soda daily are about 30 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people who don’t drink soda. Coffee drinkers are about 10 percent less likely to develop depression than people who don’t drink coffee.


The study that The National Institutes of Health did was very comprehensive as they examined more than a quarter of a million people 50 and 71  years of age and studied their drink consumption during 1995 and 1996. Ten years later, these people were asked whether they were ever diagnosed with depression since the year 2000.

According to their study “the risk appeared to be greater for people who drank diet [rather] than regular soda.”

“Our research suggests that cutting out or down on sweetened diet drinks or replacing them with unsweetened coffee may naturally help lower your depression risk,” Honglei Chen, who led the study, said in a statement. ”

Not only has Diet Soda been linked to depression, it has also been linked to bone disease. According to the NIH Health Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases website.  Ingredients found in soft drinks, can raise your risk of osteoporosis


Phosphoric acid, a substance found in many soft drinks which can affect bone health, causing  high phosphorous levels leading  to weak bones. Since osteoporosis can occur at any age, it is of particular concern for children who can get the disease in their youth.

So it is your best interest to stay away from carbonated drinks so that you won’t be at risk for depression or distort your body language and posture as a result of  bone disease.


Does the Defense’s Expert Witness Psychiatrists Have Psychological Test Results In Addition to Information on What Casey Allegedly Told Them?


There is no doubt in my mind that Casey may have  manipulated the defense  psychiatrists like she has manipulated everyone else with whom she has been in contact  to date, as  we have seen. Who knows whether she and her defense team concocted something for her to “reveal”  to the psychiatrists that  would help her case .Who knows if she thought of it on her own.

 Did she tell them that:

 George and Lee molested her or molested Caylee? Did she tell them Caylee drowned in an accident when Zanny the Nanny was at watching  her and that she was protecting Zanny? Did she say she was afraid Zanny would kill her and that is why she didn’t come clean in 31 days? Did she say that she did research in renting the movies about a killer and kidnapper  so that she could glean some insight in her own investigation as to whom may have taken Caylee?

What ridiculous story did Casey most probably  concoct to both of the psychiatrists?  Needless to say that if  she told them anything, it would have to be  written in their notes and as part of their assessment.



 Now let’s talk about Expert Witnesses. These  psychiatrists are expert witnesses for the defense. They are paid by the defense team and are retained by the team ONLY  because they offer something that could be valuable to the case or help to discredit the other side.

Some expert witnesses are more credible than others. Some expert witnesses like myself will NEVER take on a case just for the money just to say what the attorney wants in order to help win their case.

I have turned down numerous  cases because I refuse to play that game. I live with myself and in my own conscience and could NEVER compromise my dignity for money or fame or anything else. I never have and never will do such a  thing. 

Unfortunately there are others whom I have seen who are not as discriminating or forthright. Their motivations whether it be financial or otherwise are such that they will do whatever is wanted for whatever their reason , They may not believe in the case or in  the client,  but if the money is right, they will often do it.


 Aside from  what Casey may have revealed to the psychiatrists on the defenses side,  I want to know what tests were given to Casey., Was she given the MMPI (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality test) to help get a real look into her psyche. Was she given a battery of  other psychological testing such as projective tests, or tests to analyze her  perceptual and cognitive abilities, neurolinguistic test, other tests. This  is essential to know.

If the defense has offered up  their psychiatrists I believe that the state needs to have their own experts in the field to see if their views differ from those of the defense. Chances are they will differ greatly,

 If the psychiatrists has videotapes their sessions with Casey, I would love to  see Casey’s  sessions  so that I can pick up any body language cues to see if she as manipulating them or lying to them. I don’t know if  many of the psychiatrists would recognize these signals since  most are not trained in that arena.

 If they do offer  up a tape, audio or video, the state  definitely needs to check those tapes and do  a behavioral analysis, looking  for  signals of deception throughout the tape. They need to  offer up the results from someone like me to help refute the testimony on the defense psychiatrists.



If the defense didn’t do a battery of tests on Casey, the state definitely  needs to do it and offer up those results to the jury. The MMPI is the most comprehensive form of testing and measures so many variables. It is  a long and exhausting test that can give a complete picture of a person  fromHypochondriasis concern with bodily symptoms, Depression Depressive Symptoms,  Hysteria Awareness of problems and vulnerabilities , Psychopathic Deviate Conflict, struggle, anger, respect for society’s rules, Masculinity/Femininity Stereotypical masculine or feminine interests/behaviors, Paranoia Level of trust, auspiciousness, sensitivity, Psychasthenia Worry, Anxiety, tension, doubts, obsessiveness ,Schizophrenia Odd thinking and social alienation, Hypomania Level of excitability, and even  Social Introversion, just  to name a few of what is examined in the testing. There are also many other variables which I have not mentioned here.

 Because the test is so well researched and so highly reliable, and provides an objective measurement of a person’s personality, it is often used in court cases to give personality assessments of defendants where psychological information is  important to the case.

 I believe that it is  certainly is important in the Casey Anthony case and therefore must be offered up in court in my view since it provides valid descriptions of a defendants problems and characteristics in clinical language.

I hope that the state wins the motion to not allow any of the information of the defense’s so called psychiatric experts . To me it will be a waste of time especially if there is no formalized testing from Casey to back up what she told them. The state said they were concerned about the impact of what the two psychiatrists would reveal if they were made public. As expected,   the defense  objected to this motion.

 The state’s Jeff Ashton said that   since the defense’s  experts claims rely on what Anthony told them, it would be impossible to verify the claims without having Casey herself take the stand. This is definately the case in my view. Frankly I think Casey should take the stand. I would love to hear things from her mouth and to see how he story has changed over time. I would lloe to see and hear her body language nuances as she testifies ont he stand.

So this Friday we will find out what Judge Perry has to say as to whether or not we will be seeing the two psychiatrists taking the witness stand in the near future.

David Hasselhoff’s 5150 Psychiatric Hold at Cedars Sinai May Save His Life

Yesterday I blogged about David Hasselhoff and if he didn’t sort himself out, he would end up having the same fate as my former neighbor, the now deceased actor Dennis Cole, who sadly died a cold and lonely death in a Florida ER after taking drugs and alcohol. I said in my blog that I hoped Cedars Sinai Medical Center would put David Hasselhoff under a 5150 Psych hold and thank goodness my prayers were answered! I am thrilled about that.

I really thought he might be a severe danger to himself as well as to others especially if he got it in his head that he was fit enough to drive. Thank goodness the staff of Cedars saw fit to put him under observation for his own good. This was the exact same hold that Britney was put under when she had her issues and it was thought she might be harmful to herself. Look how wonderfully Britney Sears has done. I pray that David will do just as well.

When Britney Spears was having her issues, two years ago an anonymous blogger called “dissent” on a website called wrote what I thought was an absolutely ridiculous blog, accusing me of diagnosing Britney Spears and making other silly and false allegations. As a media psychologist to which all of my fellow media psychologists can attest, we give our opinions and explore all possibilities that could have been ailing a particular newsmaker.

We report and educate about what we see based on our experience in these matters. It is just our opinion. It’s exactly what political pundits do, except they do it with politics. Just as the political pundits are not in the White House or in the meetings where political negotiations are taking place, likewise, we media psychologists like Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura and Dr. Drew or a host of others, do not see the patient up close and personal and share their diagnoses. That would be against the law an din violation of their HIPPA rights. So we can only speculate as to the possibilities, much like legal commentators do in the media with profile criminal cases.

I wanted to know who could make such a ridiculous and false allegations and explain the situation intelligently. But the person was “anonymous,” so there was no one with whom I could communicate. I wondered what kind of “axe this person had to grind”. Was it towards media psychologists in general or was it towards me personally, or both? I found out that it was indeed both.


So in researching all her blogs, taking the information she supplied by her own words I was able to uncover the identity of this anonymous blogger- Leslie E. Packer was ‘dissent” of She was not a media psychologist like myself, but rather a Tourette’s Syndrome Psychologist with what I believed was a definite “axe to grind” against media psychologists (her blogs indicated she was not a fan) and a definite “axe to grind” against me. This became clearer to me especially after reading one of her later blogs. It looked like she had no doubt heard or had seen me on a popular television show and dissed my work in the area of “body language.” Little did she realize that it was due to my Body Language Analysis skills (skills used by enforcement and by the FBI) that I was able to uncover her identity. So to you- Leslie E. Packer, “dissent” and Tourette Psychologist or anyone else who is like minded, “don’t get your panties in a bunch” as the urban dictionary would say. I am NOT diagnosing David Hasslehoff. .


According to his own words, David Hasselhoff has apparently been battling alcoholism for years. He has been hospitalized at least five times with alcohol poisoning. He returned from Canada on Wednesday and saw a doctor. He had been drinking before that and also resumed drinking afterward. His several-day booze bender resulted in a seizure and transport to the hospital via ambulance Friday. www. reported that people close to him want to place him in a lock-down rehab facility to treat his alcoholism.


I agree with David’s family members who have his best interest at heart. Enough of the cover ups. Enough of the enabling. Enough with the excuses. No one is buying it anymore. PR spinners are not doing you any favors, David. What Albert did by put a newspaper up in the fanning it in front of the TV camera so the press wouldn’t get a good look at you was not helping you. We saw your sad behavior anyway. We all saw how out of it you were as you got into the limo when you returned from Canada. It was so sad to see.

Alcoholism and getting help for it is nothing to be ashamed of. Millions of people suffer from this disease and have been helped throughout the years. The first step is to admit you have a problem and that you have the disease. As soon as you that you are on your road to recovery. Maybe this is the best thing that could have happened to you. When according to reports things got so severe that you were so disoriented that you didn’t recognize people you knew, it is time to make a commitment and get the help you so desperately need. That will be the BEST Christmas gift you can ever give yourself and those whom you love.


Also David, remember that Hollywood loves a comeback and a great success story. So we will all welcome you back with open arms. The public will embrace you even more as you will have shown your strength in admitting you have a problem. You will also have inspired so many others that may be in a similar situation.

I know you would love to inspire others just by what I have observed about you on America’s Got Talent. I have been very impressed by your compassion towards others on the show. Now show yourself the same compassion and get onto a program and stick with it. Too many people out there love you. You cannot keep putting the burden of your sickness on your daughters and not get help. You owe it to your daughters, to yourself and to your millions of fans. I know that would be the best Christmas present that you could give everyone.

Kate Gosselin’s Body Language Shows She Either Ignores Maddy or is Agitated Around Her

.kate and cara gosselin

Kate might as well have left her older twin daughter Maddy at home instead of taking her on her errands. As you can see in this first photo Kate walks  three steps ahead of an annoyed Maddy, looks in the opposite direction Maddy in which is looking, and doesn’t even realize her daughter is behind her. Kate  is more interested in talking on her phone. Maddy who seems to be  struggling to keep up isn’t too pleased that she is not getting the “quality” and “alone” time that  she was no doubt promised with mommy. Maddy’s  facial expression shows she is quite stressed.


kate and cara gosselin

Now that Kate is finally off her cell phone you would think she would show a little attention to Maddy, but she doesn’t. Instead, Kate continues to walk two steps  ahead of her daughter. Kate  appears to be ignoring the little girl even though she took her hand. The little girl leans her head away from Kate. There is clearly no mother daughter bonding, connection, or interaction going on here.

kate and cara gosselin

But when there is finally an interaction it is not a pleasant one at all. Even though Kate manages to slow down so that Maddy can catch up with her stepwise, there is  still a lot of physical distance between them as far as their bodies are positioned.  There is  a tense scowl on both of their faces complete with neck muscle tension and furrowed forehead which shows  and anger and upset between mother and daughter.

    In watching five seasons of the show, Maddy is definitely the one child which needs the most attention and the most love. On the show she is usually seen pouting, kicking, yelling, crying, screaming, slapping, hitting, or expressing some type of upset. The only time I ever saw her happy was when she was an episode in front of a camera taking modeling photos with her sister. This clearly demonstrates how much she craves attention and being noticed. Her relationship with Kate on the shows also demonstrates how poorly connected the  are. Maddy is full of rage towards Kate and the photos of them on  this little outing makes it clear as to the reason why Maddy feels so angry. She is constantly  ignored and disrespected by her mother. When she finally is paid attention to, it is with anger and hostility on Kate’s part.  

   My feeling is that Kate needs to  spend less time trying to be famous on camera, less time doing  interviews trashing Jon, and spend  more “real” quality time with Maddy in a qualified child therapists office so that she can help Maddy get to the bottom of her anger towards her mother. She and Maddy both need to be in a family therapy situation where Kate not only learns better communication techniques, but learn how to  communicate more love and affection towards Maddy – something poor little Maddy  is obviously starving for. Kate needs to do it now, before it is too late.