Hillary Does NOT Put on Southern Accent- Press Makes It Up! Instead Hillary Shows Warmth and Charm

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There is nothing more that irks me than when I see my fellow journalists getting on the bandwagon and make things up just for the sensationalism and to get a headline that attracts eyeballs. As I have said countless times, I am NOT  a political person. I  ONLY report things as I see them from a body language and communication standpoint, not a political standpoint. That is why when I read the headline “Hillary Puts on A Southern Accent” I had to speak up.

As a person who is well versed in accent and dialects having taught a large number of A list Hollywood actors how to gain various accents for specific movie roles as well as how to lose accents, I can assure you Hillary DID NOT put on a Southern accent during her recent interview in the South.

What she did do, is something,I suggested she do in my last blog about her, when she did her first campaign speech. That was to use more vocal inflection and get rid of that stiff staccato tone and flow out her tones. She incorporated what I suggested  this new etah interview.

What not knowledgeable  journalists in the area of voice, speech, accents, and communication skills  like Shoshanna Weissmann reported as Hillary having an accent,was simply Hillary using great communication skills for the very first time.

She was warm, flowing in her tones , smiled genuine smiles and was not as stiff as she usually is when speaking. Her  gestures

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.26.08 AMHer gestures were much better but she still used the off- putting finger point which is very alienating to those listening to her. She needs to put a top to using that gesture and only use it whenever she is angry. Finger pointing  with the index finger extended towards someone is a universal signal that is used around the world to express  Anger.

As you can see Hillary is smiling. She is not angry. She is talking about things that are not anger proucting so she needs to stop this gesture.

Then she used another gesture which she also needs to lose. It is the hand balled into a fit with the thumb extended that all Presidents and Presidential hopefuls used to get their points across.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.39.51 AM

It is a stupid gesture who’s origins date back to the Kennedy era whereby some ignorant speech coach told JFK to use it and unfortunately it has stuck. It is a gesture  that makes no sense in my view because it shows incongruency.  For instance a fist shows anger. A thumb up shows things are good. So what this stupid gesture says in reality is ” I am angry things are good.” It makes no sense and Hillary needs to lose it asap.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 8.40.14 AM

The next inappropriate gesture she needs to lose is the karate chop gesture when she speaks. It doesn’t work and makes no sense in terms of what she was discussing- running for her first term and not her husband’s third term. It is an angry gesture that is alienating and reflects that she is angry that people may assume she is continuing her husband’s and Obamas’s terms as she mentioned.

So my fellow journalists, my message to you is STOP SPINNING IT! Report what you see and hear that is accurate. Do not report what you don’t see and hear in hopes of getting a nationally read story. When you do  this, like was done here, you lose your credibility. That is why the public  so often doesn’t believe what they read from journalists. The public is  not dumb. They know that there is spin like the spin that was demonstrated here. No Southerner or Northerner, Easterner or Westerner would ever agree there was a Southern accent put on by Hillary. It is false reporting and makes you, fellow journalist, look bad.

And for Hillary, my advice to you is to stop making wrong gestures- misleading gestures. Instead stay real and genuine like you did during this speech when you spoke. Show that vocal warmth with lots of inflection in your tones to express what you want to say. Smile like you have done as it is very inviting and makes people want to hear what you have to say.

Phoniness will not work in this election. People want real  gestures that match what is said. They don’t want choreographed or contrived speeches and rhetoric and gestures.  Being honest, sincere and genuine  is universal language of today.

Governor Rick Perry’s Angry and Scared Mug Shot Body Language

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I will preface this blog by stating that I had the opportunity to meet Governor Perry at the Governor’s reception at the Governor’s mansion in Austin when I spoke at the  Texas Woman’s Conference. He and I and my mother Rosalee had a lovely chat and he couldn’t have been more gracious and charming. He was so attentive to and taken with Rosalee (as most people are) which delighted me. 

As many of you know by now from reading my blogs and hearing me speak in the media,  I am not a political person and have no agenda, either personal or political, other than to objectively read a person’s body language. 

Many believe that Governor Perry’s indictment was political while others believe that it was deserved. I reserve any opinion on the matter, other than to say that in his video where he explained his using his authority as a governor to want someone who had an alcohol problem removed from the office, he seemed very forthright and his argument made logical sense to me.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 5.00.17 PM

 It was clear after seeing the video where Perry showed district attorney Rosemary Lehmberg so out of control that she was so abusive to the police officers that she  had to be restrained in a special chair. So his actions were not unreasonable, in light of the fact her blood alcohol level was found to be three times the normal limit which indicated that she had a problem. If a district attorney could drive drunk it was clear that her judgement was impaired and that she may very well have an alcohol problem, which may  further impair her judgement in other situations- like being in charge of millions of dollars.  

Since Governor  Perry no longer trusted  her ability to handle her very responsible position, he used his authority and veto power  as a governor  to threaten to veto funding to her office unless she quit, a threat that he ultimately carried out by vetoing $7.5 million earmarked for the Public Integrity Unit that was intended to fight official corruption. 

The results were that Rosemary Lehmberg didn’t resign and Governor Perry was indicted by a  grand jury. He turned himself in to authorities and had a mug shot taken as you see above. Facial language wise, it shows that even though he is smiling, it is an angry tight lipped smile. His cheeks are not raised and he shows no teeth as he does when making a genuine smile. Below is a genuine smile, so you can see the difference from his mugshot. Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 5.06.37 PM In his mugshot there is a a lot of tension in his forehead, tightness in his lower jaw and around his eyes and cheeks. It is in great contrast to what we see in this photo above. In  the mugshot his head retreats backwards and the visible shininess,  most likely due to perspiration on his forehead and nose. This may reflect fear and high anxiety. Even though he is trying his best to hide that fear with the tight smile , his body says the opposite – that there is the fear factor that he could possibly be facing a 99 year prison sentence.  

Romney Sweats And Gains Control As Obama Swallows Hard And Shows Attentiveness

As they entered the stage ,both  candidates looked more friendly towards one another then they have before. They both had  more genuine smiles. They did the power handshake where they grab one another’s arm as they shake hands, just as they di in all three debates.

When we first see  Romney, he  appears nervous as there is sweat on his upper lip  and on his cheeks as he begins the debate. However, he is fluid and  passionate in his tone .

Obama  on the other hand displays his nervousness through his more stacatto  sounding speech pattern as he as he answers the first question. He also uses a thumb gesture   which makes no sense as he enumerates his points.

When Obama speaks for Romney,  Romney gets upset but smiles a tense smile and is fidgets  as he defends himself.  Then when Romeny speaks he shows a powerful presence as he says ” Attacking me is not an agenda. He speaks up for himself and doesn’t allow Obama to interrupt him or to misquote him.

For the first time Romney makes a frowning facial  gesture as Obama speaks which expresses how negatively he feels about what Obama has to say concerning Syria. When Obama responds he sounds defensive. He  still speaks for Romney instead of speaking for himself. Obama stammers  and is very stacatto and goes off on tangents in his response while Romney is more fluid and fluent in his response .  

Also Romney’s posture is more powerful looking with his more squared shoulders as opposed to Obama who’s neck is forward and shoulders more rounded. Obama’s posture  appears to be a more submissive body language posture.

Romney is very passionate and emotional in his tone and delivery. When he gets to the point and mentions  Israel and Poland and how the President was silent during the Iranian uprising

,Obama is very uncomfortable about this and swallows hard as you see his visible swallow. Obama doesn’t address these particular issues but circumvents as he speaks about other issues.

He shows anger by making a fist as he finishes his statement. Romney defends himself well as he enumerates and passionately discuses his five point program. Romney  passionately defends himself well when discussing education.

Obama tries to interrupt and Romney refused to allow him and told Obama that he had his facts wrong when Obama said the program happened before he was in office. Out of character, Obama seems to  follow in Biden’s shoes as he  smiles while Romney discusses the military.

Uncharacteristic the  Romney we have seen in the two previous debates, he now   makes a  second frowning gesture as Obama discusses the military. As Romney rattles off  statistics about the military Obama  swallows hard. He responds by putting Romney down by making a reference to bayonettes as he attempts to portray Romney as being out of date.

Body language wise, as Obama  says Israel is a true friend, but surprisingly slightly shakes his head no.

When Romney discusses  Obama’s “Apology Tour” Obama squirms and there is  obvious tension around his jaw. As he disusses how a President having to show strength Obama shows nervousness and swallows hard.  In his response Obama looks down and stammers. When Romney tells how Obama traveled to the Middle East and how  skipped Israel and how everyone noticed Obama didn’t respond directly. Instead, he circumvented and talked about how he went to the Holocaust museum when he was campaigning.

Romney refuses to answer a hypothetical question which shows his power and control.  Romney is   direct in discussing how Democratic senators wanted Obama to reduce tension with Israel. Obama ignores this and speaks about Bin Laden and uses an emotional story about a little girl who lost her father during 911.

When Romeny speaks Obama appears to be very attentive and genuinely interested in what Romeny has to say. In his final statement,

In his final statement, Obama Looks into camera which is good. The  Pitch of voice goes up lots of extraneous movement showing tension and nervousness. He is more fluid in his speech than he usually is and does not hesitate like he usually does. But he uses too many gestures which are distracting , many which are incongruent with what he is saying. He points at the end which is not good and also he frowns throughout his message.

In Romney’s final statement, he looks directly  into the camera. His expression is positive and encouraging. He doesn’t gesture that much and when he does his gestures maje sense in terms of being congruent with what he is saying. He has a more pleasant expression. He is more passionate in his tone and inflection as well as in his facial expression. His posture was strong and confident  with shoulders squared and head up.


This was by far the best performance by Obama and a continuation of  a great performance by Romney, I would say that both candidates held theit own. Unlike the last debate, it  was more comfortable  to see a non angry Obama who was more poised and in control. It was also good to see a passionate and inflected Romney. They should both be proud of their performances.

Biden’s Body Language, Facial Mugging, Inappropriate Smiling, Pointing, and Interrupting During VP Debate

Once again my analysis of the vice presidential candidates is not a political assessment. It is merely an analysis of the candidates body language, communication, and speech patterns.

Both candidates did the “Power Greeting” where they both clasped one another’s arms as they shook hands. Both candidates were well spoken, dynamic and passionate in their delivery.

There was no question that Ryan was up against a very formidable opponent and he knew it.  Debating with Biden  often left him dry mouthed as he took seven sips of water throughout  the debate .

There were also  several  occasions where you could see him visibly swallowing which also indicated dry mouth due to anxiety and tension.

You could also see him visibly breathing and oxygentating himself as he listened to Biden. But all in all he did extremely well  against his well spoken sonorous voiced opponent- Vice President Biden.

He clearly held  his own.  With the exception of taking notes at the beginning when  Biden spoke, most of the time Ryan looked directly at Biden when the Vice President spoke.

Ryan  even interjected some humor when Biden said “Bunch of stuff” and  said  about Biden” He’s Irish.” He also added  humor when he said to Biden that we all know that  “the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way” as Biden found this humorous as well.

He was passionate in his delivery, especially at the end of his speech and clearly got points for looking directly into the camera and speaking directly to the public,

unlike Biden, who looked down and peppered his speech with a lot of  “uh’s and um’s.  

While Biden was well spoken he was not very gentlemanly in terms of his debating behavior with constant interruptions,

inappropriate smiles while his opponent was speaking,

laughing,  looking down  and facial mugging. It was distracting and disconcerting and  did not put him in the best light. In fact it made him appear, smug, arrogant, and condescending. What added to the impression of  appearing condescending was when he kept referring to his opponent as “my friend.”

While pointing is a genuine  gesture when expressing a point which you are passionate about when someone is constantly pointing as Biden was, it displayed anger , aggressiveness, and a condescending nature. Biden was vocally aggressive as he spoke louder and often had a staccato cadence.

At some points in the debate it may have been seen as verbal bullying. In fact he appeared testy and aggressive with the moderator as well. The  constant interruptions,  facial mugging when his opponent was speaking , inappropriate smiling, laughing,   constant reference to Ryan as “my friend here” and pointing did not make Biden a winner from a body language and communication  point of view.

Mitt Romney’s Passionate Body Language at The Republican Convention


Those of you who regularly read my blogs know that  unlike many of my body language colleages, I am not  politically motivated and not herald any party line. I merely report my observations.

At the Republican Convention,  Mitt Romney gave the speech of his life. We have never before seen Mitt Romney this articulate, passionate, enthusiastic, compassionate, emotional or clearer in his message.

It was not a message of hate towards his opponent. In fact he said he wished Obama hadn’t failed. There was no animosity towards Obama in his tones.

Usually Romney speaks in a boring monotone that tends to trail off at the end. But that was not the case as he spoke at the convention. He was the complete opposite with inflected tones where there was an ebb and flow to his voice. He was easy to listen to. He was not boring. In fact he was captivating as his voice went from soft to loud and higher to lower pitch. He paused significantly to make key points.

There was an enthusiasm and a passion  as he discussed what he would do if he was elected President as he outlined his five step program and said he would create 12 million new jobs.

We saw a side of him that we never saw before. On the campaign trail Romney has come across as weak and clinical in his discussions of what American’s want.

But in this speech, he came across as  caring and  compassionate. For the first time really spoke to the people in a genuine and casual manner.

He was also emotional and is eyes welled up and there was a crack in his voice s he spoke of his dad and of his mother. One got the sense  that he really loved and missed his  now deceased parents. One also got the sense of how big an influence his mother was in his life as he sais she would be proud of all the Republican women in politics.

His tone turned to that of cheerleader as he loudly relayed that his wife, even though she was a housewife to his five kids could have done anything in her life.

Romney really let the public in as he told us about himself in a very genuine, folksy, humble way

 The best thing I appreciated throughout his speech was that he was genuine with his emotions and with his body language.


There is nothing that irks me more than to see a politician doing the phony and lame pressing  of their thumb against their index and pointer finger when they speak to an audience and want to point.

In fact Paul Ryan did it the night before Romney spoke and it was annoying.

Back in the Kennedy era, JFK was very conscious of image and public perception so he hired a speech coach to help him prepare for all of his public appearances, many of which were televised.That speech coach came up with that lame gesture which has turned up with every President except Johnson like a bad penny.


George Bush (Sr. and Jr. did it) Clinton did it, and Obama does it.

It is annoying and contrived and is  apassive aggressive gesture. The President  and other politicians want to point to get their emotion across , yet  they waters it down with the lame political gesture.

But in his speech,  Romney did not do the phony gesture. At the end of his speech he pointed. That  was genuine emotion . In fact, he was the only politician I have ever seen who actually pointed to the audience whereby he expressed his true feelings and passion and was refreshing to see.

Romney has  clearly shown  through his performance at the Republican Convention that he is indeed  a formidable candidate that exudes warmth and a leadership presence. Like Obama, he is also likable candidate based on how he came across.At least they are on the same level playing field from a communication standpoint.

Now Romney  needs to continue using that warm and genuine and inflected tone filled with emotion and enthusiasm from now on as he continues his campaign against Obama  which will help him  attract additional voters.

Herman Cain’s Alleged Mistress Ginger White’ Body Language Says She’s Truthful and Still Has Feelings

As I said previously , my blogs have no political or any other agenda. I just report objectively what I see and hear. This blog confirms   my lack of showing favoritism towards any candidate.

When Sharon Bialeck  came forward with Gloria Allred in tow as she who claimed  Herman Cain sexually harassed her, I observed many signals of deception and a story that made absolutely  no sense to me when she told of how Cain allegedly put his hand up her skirt and her mere reply was “You know I have a boyfriend.”

Most people would say something like  ”Stop it” or What do you think you are doing?”  They wouldn’t bring up their boyfriend as an excuse.

Then when I saw the interview that Cain’s wife did with  Greta Van Sustern  as she  who “stood by her man”  I saw  a  sweet and well meaning  woman with  down to earth demeanor as she vehemently insisted her husband was innocent and the Herman Cain she knew was not the one portrayed by thesewomen. She strongly claimed that the Herman Cain described is not the one she knows for all these years and that she is not one of the wives who is the last to know.

Well unfortunately after hearing what Ginger White had to say and studying her body language, poor Mrs. Cain is indeed the last to know.

I observed that body language wise, Ginger White was forthright in her admission that she had an affair based on her body language Ginger was pained as she spoke. She was telling he truth……..To Read More Click On The Link Below 



Herman Cain’s Accuser Sharon Bialick’s Body Language, Speech and Voice Pattern Show Signs of Lying

As you know by now I cannot stand SPIN, fakeness, phoniness, lies and manipulation. I hate  it when people think that the public is dumb and will buy any story put in front of them.

As someone with no  political agenda I am able to see things objectively and clearly . So no matter who the candidate is,  I don’t like what is being done to them.  That is the case with candidate Herman Cain and his latest accuser  Sharon Bialeck. Her accusations were made at the side of  strong Demoratic supporter Gloria Allred, who made sure she stood breast to breast with Sharon, to insure she got  into every photo op shot of the two of them together.

So what is wrong with this picture (besides the fact Gloria Allred is in it)? What is wrong with the picture is that

  1. Bialek’s  body language , speech and voice scream multiple signals of deception and
  2.  her  story makes NO sense whatsoever as she inadvertently ends up painting herself as the aggressor  and not the victim


 Body language wise, as I watched her over the top recitation at the presser,  it wasobvious  to me that she was  most likely in my view making this stuff up. If she is telling some truth then she is disgruntled because

  1. she hit Cain up for a job when she was fired and he didn’t come through for her,
  2.  and or someone put her up to this (like perhaps Gloria Allred who may possibly have solicited her as a client) ,
  3. and or she is desperate for her 15 minutes of fame in hopes that it will help her career.

The fact that this allegedly happened 14 years ago is suspect in itself . Why did she not come forward then? And don’t tell me she  is a victim of sexual harassment who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

She didn’t look much like she had PTSS when she smiled and showed the most incongruent elated facial expression at the end of her speech as she  implored Cain to make things right. Then she gives a political speech about the times we are in and the leaders we need. People with PTTS don’t talk like that. There is clearly an agenda here in my view.

Look at Gloria, who can’t even look at her client.  In fact, she  doesn’t look at Bialeck throughout the whole presser. Allred clearly  knows the drill and has obviously orchestrated all of this public zoo like drama as looks down making  sure Sharon is following the script she most likely  wrote for her.

Bialeck Initiates and Instigates By  Flirting and Flattering Cain

 Bialeck  begins by saying  how she met Cain and how he sat next to her at the National Restaurant Association convention . She slips up by saying’ During the conversation” and then corrects her self by saying “ the convention “ rather. When someone stumbles like this it is usually a signal of deception. She is reading words which are not heartfelt and most likely not from her directly.

Then she  relays she thought  that Cain was an inspirational  speaker. She said to him “When are you running for President?” As she relays this, she shakes her head “No “ and purses her lips and looks down which most likely means that she did not say that. So there is another signal of deception here.

If this occurred 14 years ago as she said, the thought of a Black man running for President was not even a consideration as it is now. So that means if it did happen she was merely flattering him, toying,  and flirting with him becuase she knew quite well that during those days,  a decade and a half ago, a considering a Black man for President was not a reality.

She then says he invited her and her boyfriend to attend an exclusive party and says she felt “honored to be included.” That means she didn’t deserve to be included  and knew deep down she didn’t belong there, but felt grateful  she could attend. Also the use of the word honored means that she allegedly held Cain in high esteem.

Fired From Her  Organization, Allegedly  Manipulates Head of Organization , Cain To Get Her  Job Back

Then she said she was let go (FIRED) by the Foundation and was  devastated. WHY was she let go? That is the burning question. She said she was devastated. Why was she devastated ?

She then puts blame on the organization by stating that she felt she was doing well in the short time she was there in terms of fundraising. Well maybe her definition of well and her bosses deinition of  “doing well “well were two different things.

As she describes her personal story of being” let go” FIRED , there is a marked difference in her delivery. She is fluid and fluent and isn’t reading from the script. So it rings true she was  indeed fired and that she was indeed upset by it.

Allegedly her “boyfriend”  said for her to reach out to Cain, as she, he  said Herman seems to think kindly of you. WHY would he think so kindly of her after sitting next to her at dinner for a few moments?  Is it  because she was flirting and flattering him to death. Most likely.! It’s called kissing up to the head of the organization- the  boss.

She said she called Cain and he took her call and she told him she was let go and he said he was not aware if it. Don’t you think that if the head of the organization heard their employee was let go, they would want to know WHY that person was  let go?

Don’t you think that after he found out  what she allegedly did, he would want nothing to do with her?  Cain was a political person back then, so why would he make waves in the politics of his own organization and re hire a fired person? It does not make sense. Also it is suspect to me to call someone for  a job and just happen  tell them the name of the hotel you are staying at.

SHE Instigated The Alleged Meeting- NOT Cain And Shows Many Signals of Deception.

SHE  then explains since she was unemployed,  her boyfriend booked a room for her at the capital Hilton. Isn’t that a bit piggy of her? If you are unemployed and have no money and someone else pays for you to stay at the most expensive hotel in DC, wouldn’t you  let them know you couldn’t accept it because it was too pricey and

Relaying to the public that she took the room so freely sounds like she feels entitled to it and smacks of  a “gimmie gimmie  “gold digging” mentality

She asked where they should meet,  another aggressive act. She relays he said they meet at the hotel lobby bar. This means that he was not having hanky panky  or ulterior motives on his mind as he allegedly suggested   an open  public place.

When she discusses the suite  that she was arranged by Cain she shows deception as she explains that she thought it was her boyfriend trying to surpsise her That is too much information and indicative of deception.

Body language wise she he looks down and lip purses, further indicating signals of deception.’

Being in the restaurant hotel business, herself,  she could have finagled an upgrade all by herself. What would be the motivation of a man whom you met once upgrading you when he allegedly doesn’t know what you want or why you are coming to see him.

She says he  took her to dinner  and  he promptly said WHY ARE YOU HERE? Isn’t that odd that someone would ask you why you are there when you yourself set up an appointment to meet them and they meet you for a drink? Also if HE asked why  she was there, it indicates that he did not have any ulterior motive with her. He had no idea what she wanted from him.

Thus, we have seen  yet  another aggressive pattern by Bialeck. Did  she finagle him to buy her a dinner saying how hungry she was?  Did she flatter and flirt. Was she flattering and flirting  so much at dinner that he had to say WHY ATRE YOU HERE ?  Was he thinking, what in goodness sakes do you want from me? Are you a hooker or something?

If she wanted a job all she had to do was call his office, meet with him in his office and ask him for a job in his office.  The operative word here is office .Done and  completed!  But her drink and dinner BS may have been leading him on to make him question her as to why she was really there.



Then she says she asks him to help her get her old job back  or get a job in a different department as she allegedly hits him up for a job.

So did he say, yes or no or maybe? The fact that she doesn’t relay what he said is suspect in itself.

She then reports he  allegedly takes her in his car and drives her to the National Restaurant Association and sexually harasses her WHAT ??????????

If he allegedly upgraded her to a suite  as she said earlier, don’t you think he would harass her in her upgraded suite he allegedly secured and NOT in a car.

She described what she wore and said he had a suit with his shirt open. WHAT??? What happened to his tie? And why was his shirt open? Did did she open it? Was she flattering and flirting  and unbuttoning his shirt?  This sounds like BS to me. If a man is interested in having sex with you, he di going to unbutton his PANTS not his SHIRT? And did he do this when he was driving her around DC when they were stopped  at traffic lights ?

She does NOT say he parked in front of such and such building and attacked me. This is nonsense.

This  most likely NEVER happened as she stutters  on her words while she relates he had with his shirt with his shirt open ,, When people repeat  significant words they are usually lying .

She looks down as she said he was going to show me around the offices . She touches her nose just like she did in the above photo when discussing the hotel drinks they most likely did NOT have.  Look at Gloria flowing the script along with her client.

As  Bialek describes  what she wore , she interjected UM’s  ( a huge signal of deception. As she said  instead of going in the office he reached over and…..   she SWALLOWS HARD- another huge signal of deception . As she says that he reached over and he put his hand on my leg , she has a shoulder shrug which screams LIE!

Also as she discusses how they met for a drink, she covers up her mouth as you can see in the photo. That is a signal of deception. Cain claims he never met the woman, let alone met her for a drink. Her tell certainly  may indicate this.

Also her response to Cain’s allegedly putting her hand up his crotch sounds bogus.

She asks him “What are you Doing ? You know I have a boyfriend? WHAT???????? Does that mean if she didn’t have a boyfriend it would be fine to touch her crotch?  Her response sounds very off. One would say STOP, DON’T , NO! One would not give the reason to not continue  as to their having a boyfriend. It makes no sense .

She also showed no anger or upset as she relayed this moment and in essence relived it.  That is another HUGE signal of deception.

She said she told her “boyfriend” and  a mentor and that she was embarrassed. Of course she didn’t tell them the details because nothing probably happened because she told them nothing.  If  something sexually inappropriate  really happened and your alleged boyfriend was the one who supposedly suggested you set up the meeting, don’t you think you would tell him everything?  And who is this “boyfriend”?

Then she leaks out the above facial expression which is inconsistent with what she is saying. Her eyes needed to be open wide and eyebrows raised as she spoke of ‘surprise”. Instead she makes a closed off disgusted look with head cocked to the side which is another huge signal of deception.  Also she minimizes what she says by saying  “kind of normal”.

Bialeck  Beams and Smiles At Her ALLEGED  “Harasser” 14 Years Later?

Her face literally   lights up whens he said she saw him again. She said in an upbeat voice  as she said you remember me?   He obviously didn’t remember  her  among the  hundreds of thousands he has met over the past 14 years.

As she describes his speech, he says as he spoke he had the same infectious presence when she first heard him. She lights up and  beams a huge smile as she says this. Here is a HUGE clue of deception in my book. When  you have been sexually harassed by someone,  he last thing you do is flatter them publically or even go to see them.

The last thing you would do is light up and beam a smile. Instead your brow would furrow and you would have a look of disgust and anger on your face. Bialeck had a beaming smile instead.

Does This Smack of  A Political Agenda  or Setup? 

She said that when she asked if he remembered her,  she wanted him to come clean for HIS SAKE AND FOR HIS CANDIDACY When someone is harassed they are not thinking of the other person’s sake or their candidacy. She also self corrects which is another signal of deception.

Then she gives some altrusitc BS by saying she is the face  and voice behind women who are afraid to come forward voice.  Puhleeeze!!!!!!  Now I am convinced that this must have been written by  by Gloria  or her minions as the rhetoric sounds way too familiar. It sounds like what  many of her other clients have all said in their pressers as she sttod breast to breast with them in front of the microphones.

When she starts her final statement with a political message of  how America is in turmoil and what kind of leader we need, I am even more  convinced someone put her up to this. If you are harassed you are not thinking about your country in turmoil.  She  also smiled as she said this. This is incongruent behavior with someone who was harassed.

In the above photo she scratches her face and looks down at significant points in the speech. This usually indicates deception.

She claims it happened 14 years ago . Why come out NOW when he is running for office? It is because she and those who most like likely wrote this speech want to smear up his candidacy.

Based on her body language, voice and speech tells this is NO shrinking violet. She seems like a strong willed aggressive woman who speaks her mind.  She is no shrinking violet or some little victim.

On the contrary, she is a woman who LOVE, LOVES, LOVES the media attention!!!  She was beaming on all the morning talk shows

In these above photos this look like a sexually harassed woman who was traumatized by what Cain did to her 14 years ago. To me she is the voice and face of someone who finally got her 15 minutes of fame or infamy. www.drlillianglass.com