Joan Rivers Vocal Problems- Was There Malpractice During Her Endoscopy?


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Joan Rivers was my client around the time  of her late husband Edgar’s death. She was referred to me by her ear nose and throat physician Dr. Edward Kantor  in Beverly Hills to help her learn to not abuse her vocal cords and to help her use her speaking voice more effectively.  So it came as no surprise when I learned today that  she went in for an endoscopic procedure at Yorktown Endoscopy Center in NYC so that her doctors  could get a closer look at the function of her vocal muscles.

We all remember Joan as having a machine gun like gutteral sounding hoarse voice as we not only heard her verbal jabs during her comedy routines, but  her vocal jabs to her laryngeal muscles and vocal cords. When a person sounds hoarse and often lose their voice,  it is not uncommon to have a laryngeal endoscopic procedure done so that the physician can visualize the vocal cords to check for how they function or  whether there is  paralysis, vocal nodules,  or vocal ulcers. 

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The procedure using a  transnasal flexible laryngoscope  or laryngeal oral scope is  used for  this office-based diagnostic procedure which is extremely well tolerated and  performed on patients of all ages from newborns to someone who was 81 like Joan Rivers.

Before the endoscope is inserted topical anesthetic is placed in the nasal cavity to avoid stinging and burning during the procedure.Then they sit in an upright position and the scope is passed along the floor of the nose into the back of the throat to a level just above the vocal cords.It is essentially a painfree simple procedure. 

Next the  patient is asked to breath deeply and say the “ah: sound which allows the physician to directly observe the structure and dynamic motion of the  vocal cords which they can view on a video screen .There are no side effects of the procedure and the anesthesia spray usually wears off in about an hour. 

So if Joan was undergoing this simple non invasive non life threatening procedure, what happened? Why was her airway cut off? Did someone do the procedure improperly? Was a technician doing the procedure or was it a licensed physician? Was this a case of malpractice? I have to ask these questions because it seems odd to me that her airway would be closed off.

Also lets say her airway was closed off,  why did a clinic of  this kind or any kind not have life saving equipment to open her airway? If she had a heart attack, why was there no immediate cardiac life saving devices on the premises? Why was she deprived of oxygen for any length of time?  Why wasn’t she given oxygen immediately? This bothers me. Why were there not life saving emergency devices available and if they were why weren’t they implemented asap? 

I am so disturbed by this for several reasons. First,  I knew Joan personally along with her daughter Melissa and I know the horrible toll it will take on Melissa and her son, not to mention the toll it will take on Joan, if she survives.

Secondly I had personal experience with something like this happening in my own family. My dearest brother Manny was intubated improperly by a doctor who was only a doctor for 7 months. As a result my brother became a vegetable and died. I can never get over this and carry this severe emotional  pain with me  my throughout my life. So I cry for Joan and for Melissa and for her son Cooper as I know exactly how they feel to know that someone they loved had to die  or become incapacitated in such a horrific manner. 

I have no doubt that with the resources available to Melissa there will be a thorough investigation as to what actually happened and who may be possibly  responsible.

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It is so devastating that Joan was looking and feeling so good as it was reported hours earlier. Now her life is changed forever- and not for the better .

Joan is now in a medically induced coma and depending  on how long she was deprived of oxygen to her brain, she will most likely never be able to do what she did before. For some people that may be viewed  as a relief because  they found her humor politically incorrect and mean spirited. For others who enjoyed her humor and her views it is a great loss.

Joan’s politics, point of  view, and humor aside, no one should be going into a non invasive relatively simple procedure and end up potentially brain damaged in in a medically induced coma where they may never be able to speak  or live.





Oscar Pistorius Body Language in the Courtroom Casts Doubt



While his family denies  that disabled champion runner Oscar Pistorius took acting lessons to prepare himself for trial and others swear that he did take lessons, the bottom line is that something is not right in terms of how he presents himself in the courtroom.

As a jury consultant  and someone who has prepared witnesses for trial, I can assure you that acting lessons are the absolute worst thing a person can do to prepare themselves. People need to be genuine and show genuine emotion and speak in a manner. They need to show body language that will not alienate a jury, but rather objectively allow them to hear the message.

In observing Oscar Pistorius’ body language throughout the trial, I noticed many things that are rather odd. His emotions often do not seem to match the situations being discussed or his body language seems to be over the top as far as his emotions are concerned.

He seems to be tuning out which will not endear himself to the judge who, is the only one who will be deciding his fate.


The one thing that I noticed is that he is always covering his ears. In  essence he doesn’t want to hear all the gory details about what he did to Reeva. He wants to block it out and that is what he is doing by literally blocking his ears. But that behavior is off putting.  He needs to sit there without his hands over his ears and listen to every word. If he shed emotion, it needs to be genuine . He needs toface the details of what he is accused of doing.



Not only does he cover his ears, but he covers his head with his papers as you see in the photo above. It is akin to someone wanting to  pull the blankets over their head and not leave their bed or the house. This signals extreme shame and guilt  over what he did. He wants it to all go away as he is in essence, hiding.



As well as not wanting to hear the details at the trial, he also does not want to see them. He does not want to see the results of his actions via the gory photos  as he tightly shuts his eyes and pinches the bridge of his nose in a self comforting gesture.


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.33.34 AM The gesture where he pulls down the skin on his face is a self mutilation type of gesture which often occurs when a person is feeling guilty and there is no way out. It is a  literal form of  self punishment as we see Pistorius doing here.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.32.44 AM

This photo is of Pistorius’ aunt and uncle crying. With their furrowed brows and squinted eyes, they show genuine tears of  sadness at what happened  in this tragic situation.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.32.29 AM

In contrast here are Pistorius tears. He hides his face as he cries which to many observing him may indicate that he is faking his cry. Usually when one is in emotional pain, they don’t care who sees them cry. They just express their sorrow and upset openly. Many may feel this is contrived and he may have something to hide.


Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.32.15 AM

He cries too often and his recovery time from his cry is too fast. When people recover too quickly from a cry to a normal non crying facial posture it takes them time to recover. He does it almost immediately which may indicate that he is doing all of this crying for affect.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 9.31.51 AM

The above cry seems too intense . This facial gesture would occur if someone is in severe extreme grief, where they cannot contain themselves or control their emotions.  His hand over his mouth shows that there is something he doesn’t want to reveal. And his tightly squinted eyes are not congruent with the crying emotion he is attempting to display. With a squinty eyed cry the mouth is usually open. That is not the case here.

As a body language I feel that something is off with Pristorius and his emotions. Usually I see an incongruent emotion and body language when the person is medicated or on drugs. But that emotion is usually a more dull or blank  facial appearance.

When someone shows the inconsistency of emotion as Pristorius has been doing throughout the trial, it shows me that either he has forced this on his own in terms of trying to project what he thinks the judge wants to see, or that he has been prepped  or coached in some way.

If he did take acting lessons, he did himself a huge disservice as he looks like a very bad actor trying to force emotion. It takes years to perfect acting skills, not a few weeks or months. So if he did take the lessons, they clearly did not work. On the other hand if he did not take lessons and he is acting like this on his own, he is also doing himself a huge disservice because he is not putting his position across in a genuine manner.

In the US judicial system if he was in front of a jury of his peers my belief is that he would be convicted based on his body language and vocal tone alone. Whether you want to believe it or not the truth is that juries can and have often  judged someone on these things even if all the evidence points in their favor. But Pistorius only has to convince one person whom he refers to as “My lady” throughout the proceedings.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 10.02.25 AM

If My lady” uses her  legal skills along with her genuine common sense and pays attention to the defendant’s body language, facial, language, and vocal tone, she will come up with the right verdict for Oscar Pistorius as his communication skills and body language speak volumes.


Rush Limbaugh’s Insincere Apology Reflected By His Body Language, Voice,and Facial Expression

While Rush Limbaugh’s words may have said he was sorry for calling  the 30 year old law student a “slut” his body language said something completely  different. As you can see in the photo above he is looking down and reading his apology. When you give a heartfelt apology you don’t look down and read it. Instead, you speak it form your heart.

Next his voice was monotone and devoid of emotion. When you apologize there is the sound of contrition in your tones. There was none here. Then as we see in the photo above there was a lot of lip pursing. This means that Rush was angry that he had to apologize at all.

Now look at Rush’ hand as he apologizes. The palm is down and fingers are splayed. This body language gesture means that he is not being sincere.

As he continues we really see his anger through his body language a he makes a fist when he apologizes. When someone makes a fist as they speak to you, they are angry. Rush was angry that he was forced to apologize. No doubt he meant every word he said about the young woman. He just was angry that the advertisers were pulling out and that he had to succumb to an apology.

When Rush said that the advertisers no longer wanted to advertise on hisshow, while he indicated he didn’t mind through his matter of fact  intonation, his  body language said the opposite as he pursed his lips and swallowed hard.

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Herman Cain’s Accuser Sharon Bialick’s Body Language, Speech and Voice Pattern Show Signs of Lying

As you know by now I cannot stand SPIN, fakeness, phoniness, lies and manipulation. I hate  it when people think that the public is dumb and will buy any story put in front of them.

As someone with no  political agenda I am able to see things objectively and clearly . So no matter who the candidate is,  I don’t like what is being done to them.  That is the case with candidate Herman Cain and his latest accuser  Sharon Bialeck. Her accusations were made at the side of  strong Demoratic supporter Gloria Allred, who made sure she stood breast to breast with Sharon, to insure she got  into every photo op shot of the two of them together.

So what is wrong with this picture (besides the fact Gloria Allred is in it)? What is wrong with the picture is that

  1. Bialek’s  body language , speech and voice scream multiple signals of deception and
  2.  her  story makes NO sense whatsoever as she inadvertently ends up painting herself as the aggressor  and not the victim


 Body language wise, as I watched her over the top recitation at the presser,  it wasobvious  to me that she was  most likely in my view making this stuff up. If she is telling some truth then she is disgruntled because

  1. she hit Cain up for a job when she was fired and he didn’t come through for her,
  2.  and or someone put her up to this (like perhaps Gloria Allred who may possibly have solicited her as a client) ,
  3. and or she is desperate for her 15 minutes of fame in hopes that it will help her career.

The fact that this allegedly happened 14 years ago is suspect in itself . Why did she not come forward then? And don’t tell me she  is a victim of sexual harassment who suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

She didn’t look much like she had PTSS when she smiled and showed the most incongruent elated facial expression at the end of her speech as she  implored Cain to make things right. Then she gives a political speech about the times we are in and the leaders we need. People with PTTS don’t talk like that. There is clearly an agenda here in my view.

Look at Gloria, who can’t even look at her client.  In fact, she  doesn’t look at Bialeck throughout the whole presser. Allred clearly  knows the drill and has obviously orchestrated all of this public zoo like drama as looks down making  sure Sharon is following the script she most likely  wrote for her.

Bialeck Initiates and Instigates By  Flirting and Flattering Cain

 Bialeck  begins by saying  how she met Cain and how he sat next to her at the National Restaurant Association convention . She slips up by saying’ During the conversation” and then corrects her self by saying “ the convention “ rather. When someone stumbles like this it is usually a signal of deception. She is reading words which are not heartfelt and most likely not from her directly.

Then she  relays she thought  that Cain was an inspirational  speaker. She said to him “When are you running for President?” As she relays this, she shakes her head “No “ and purses her lips and looks down which most likely means that she did not say that. So there is another signal of deception here.

If this occurred 14 years ago as she said, the thought of a Black man running for President was not even a consideration as it is now. So that means if it did happen she was merely flattering him, toying,  and flirting with him becuase she knew quite well that during those days,  a decade and a half ago, a considering a Black man for President was not a reality.

She then says he invited her and her boyfriend to attend an exclusive party and says she felt “honored to be included.” That means she didn’t deserve to be included  and knew deep down she didn’t belong there, but felt grateful  she could attend. Also the use of the word honored means that she allegedly held Cain in high esteem.

Fired From Her  Organization, Allegedly  Manipulates Head of Organization , Cain To Get Her  Job Back

Then she said she was let go (FIRED) by the Foundation and was  devastated. WHY was she let go? That is the burning question. She said she was devastated. Why was she devastated ?

She then puts blame on the organization by stating that she felt she was doing well in the short time she was there in terms of fundraising. Well maybe her definition of well and her bosses deinition of  “doing well “well were two different things.

As she describes her personal story of being” let go” FIRED , there is a marked difference in her delivery. She is fluid and fluent and isn’t reading from the script. So it rings true she was  indeed fired and that she was indeed upset by it.

Allegedly her “boyfriend”  said for her to reach out to Cain, as she, he  said Herman seems to think kindly of you. WHY would he think so kindly of her after sitting next to her at dinner for a few moments?  Is it  because she was flirting and flattering him to death. Most likely.! It’s called kissing up to the head of the organization- the  boss.

She said she called Cain and he took her call and she told him she was let go and he said he was not aware if it. Don’t you think that if the head of the organization heard their employee was let go, they would want to know WHY that person was  let go?

Don’t you think that after he found out  what she allegedly did, he would want nothing to do with her?  Cain was a political person back then, so why would he make waves in the politics of his own organization and re hire a fired person? It does not make sense. Also it is suspect to me to call someone for  a job and just happen  tell them the name of the hotel you are staying at.

SHE Instigated The Alleged Meeting- NOT Cain And Shows Many Signals of Deception.

SHE  then explains since she was unemployed,  her boyfriend booked a room for her at the capital Hilton. Isn’t that a bit piggy of her? If you are unemployed and have no money and someone else pays for you to stay at the most expensive hotel in DC, wouldn’t you  let them know you couldn’t accept it because it was too pricey and

Relaying to the public that she took the room so freely sounds like she feels entitled to it and smacks of  a “gimmie gimmie  “gold digging” mentality

She asked where they should meet,  another aggressive act. She relays he said they meet at the hotel lobby bar. This means that he was not having hanky panky  or ulterior motives on his mind as he allegedly suggested   an open  public place.

When she discusses the suite  that she was arranged by Cain she shows deception as she explains that she thought it was her boyfriend trying to surpsise her That is too much information and indicative of deception.

Body language wise she he looks down and lip purses, further indicating signals of deception.’

Being in the restaurant hotel business, herself,  she could have finagled an upgrade all by herself. What would be the motivation of a man whom you met once upgrading you when he allegedly doesn’t know what you want or why you are coming to see him.

She says he  took her to dinner  and  he promptly said WHY ARE YOU HERE? Isn’t that odd that someone would ask you why you are there when you yourself set up an appointment to meet them and they meet you for a drink? Also if HE asked why  she was there, it indicates that he did not have any ulterior motive with her. He had no idea what she wanted from him.

Thus, we have seen  yet  another aggressive pattern by Bialeck. Did  she finagle him to buy her a dinner saying how hungry she was?  Did she flatter and flirt. Was she flattering and flirting  so much at dinner that he had to say WHY ATRE YOU HERE ?  Was he thinking, what in goodness sakes do you want from me? Are you a hooker or something?

If she wanted a job all she had to do was call his office, meet with him in his office and ask him for a job in his office.  The operative word here is office .Done and  completed!  But her drink and dinner BS may have been leading him on to make him question her as to why she was really there.



Then she says she asks him to help her get her old job back  or get a job in a different department as she allegedly hits him up for a job.

So did he say, yes or no or maybe? The fact that she doesn’t relay what he said is suspect in itself.

She then reports he  allegedly takes her in his car and drives her to the National Restaurant Association and sexually harasses her WHAT ??????????

If he allegedly upgraded her to a suite  as she said earlier, don’t you think he would harass her in her upgraded suite he allegedly secured and NOT in a car.

She described what she wore and said he had a suit with his shirt open. WHAT??? What happened to his tie? And why was his shirt open? Did did she open it? Was she flattering and flirting  and unbuttoning his shirt?  This sounds like BS to me. If a man is interested in having sex with you, he di going to unbutton his PANTS not his SHIRT? And did he do this when he was driving her around DC when they were stopped  at traffic lights ?

She does NOT say he parked in front of such and such building and attacked me. This is nonsense.

This  most likely NEVER happened as she stutters  on her words while she relates he had with his shirt with his shirt open ,, When people repeat  significant words they are usually lying .

She looks down as she said he was going to show me around the offices . She touches her nose just like she did in the above photo when discussing the hotel drinks they most likely did NOT have.  Look at Gloria flowing the script along with her client.

As  Bialek describes  what she wore , she interjected UM’s  ( a huge signal of deception. As she said  instead of going in the office he reached over and…..   she SWALLOWS HARD- another huge signal of deception . As she says that he reached over and he put his hand on my leg , she has a shoulder shrug which screams LIE!

Also as she discusses how they met for a drink, she covers up her mouth as you can see in the photo. That is a signal of deception. Cain claims he never met the woman, let alone met her for a drink. Her tell certainly  may indicate this.

Also her response to Cain’s allegedly putting her hand up his crotch sounds bogus.

She asks him “What are you Doing ? You know I have a boyfriend? WHAT???????? Does that mean if she didn’t have a boyfriend it would be fine to touch her crotch?  Her response sounds very off. One would say STOP, DON’T , NO! One would not give the reason to not continue  as to their having a boyfriend. It makes no sense .

She also showed no anger or upset as she relayed this moment and in essence relived it.  That is another HUGE signal of deception.

She said she told her “boyfriend” and  a mentor and that she was embarrassed. Of course she didn’t tell them the details because nothing probably happened because she told them nothing.  If  something sexually inappropriate  really happened and your alleged boyfriend was the one who supposedly suggested you set up the meeting, don’t you think you would tell him everything?  And who is this “boyfriend”?

Then she leaks out the above facial expression which is inconsistent with what she is saying. Her eyes needed to be open wide and eyebrows raised as she spoke of ‘surprise”. Instead she makes a closed off disgusted look with head cocked to the side which is another huge signal of deception.  Also she minimizes what she says by saying  “kind of normal”.

Bialeck  Beams and Smiles At Her ALLEGED  “Harasser” 14 Years Later?

Her face literally   lights up whens he said she saw him again. She said in an upbeat voice  as she said you remember me?   He obviously didn’t remember  her  among the  hundreds of thousands he has met over the past 14 years.

As she describes his speech, he says as he spoke he had the same infectious presence when she first heard him. She lights up and  beams a huge smile as she says this. Here is a HUGE clue of deception in my book. When  you have been sexually harassed by someone,  he last thing you do is flatter them publically or even go to see them.

The last thing you would do is light up and beam a smile. Instead your brow would furrow and you would have a look of disgust and anger on your face. Bialeck had a beaming smile instead.

Does This Smack of  A Political Agenda  or Setup? 

She said that when she asked if he remembered her,  she wanted him to come clean for HIS SAKE AND FOR HIS CANDIDACY When someone is harassed they are not thinking of the other person’s sake or their candidacy. She also self corrects which is another signal of deception.

Then she gives some altrusitc BS by saying she is the face  and voice behind women who are afraid to come forward voice.  Puhleeeze!!!!!!  Now I am convinced that this must have been written by  by Gloria  or her minions as the rhetoric sounds way too familiar. It sounds like what  many of her other clients have all said in their pressers as she sttod breast to breast with them in front of the microphones.

When she starts her final statement with a political message of  how America is in turmoil and what kind of leader we need, I am even more  convinced someone put her up to this. If you are harassed you are not thinking about your country in turmoil.  She  also smiled as she said this. This is incongruent behavior with someone who was harassed.

In the above photo she scratches her face and looks down at significant points in the speech. This usually indicates deception.

She claims it happened 14 years ago . Why come out NOW when he is running for office? It is because she and those who most like likely wrote this speech want to smear up his candidacy.

Based on her body language, voice and speech tells this is NO shrinking violet. She seems like a strong willed aggressive woman who speaks her mind.  She is no shrinking violet or some little victim.

On the contrary, she is a woman who LOVE, LOVES, LOVES the media attention!!!  She was beaming on all the morning talk shows

In these above photos this look like a sexually harassed woman who was traumatized by what Cain did to her 14 years ago. To me she is the voice and face of someone who finally got her 15 minutes of fame or infamy.

Does Ghadaffi’s Speech and Body Language Indicate Ill Health, Knowledge His End Is Near and Desire to Leave Legacy of Destruction Just Before He Dies?

 Why now after 41 years has Libyan leader  Muamar Ghadaffi become so vocal and violent  where he has ordered mass killings of his own citizens and even ordered the sabotage of the oil fields?

 In observing his body language and actions during his last  rambling speech which often was disjointed , my view is that he has been given some bad news regarding his mortality and he is now determined to leave his mark of destruction.

 In his rambling speech that does not make sense at times he looks  consistently frightened . His cotton mouth indicates  that he is tense and  pressured . He is full of anger and rage and even  wide eyed fear as determined by his facial expression in the photo below.


His left fist was clenched consistently as he gestured. This indicates extreme anger. What is most striking is that while he gestures with his right arm but  his left arm barely moves during his negative emotion filled speech. This may possibly indicate that he perhaps has suffered a stroke or has a lesion to the right side of his brain which may be indication for this physical response.

The left side of his brain which affects speech and language appears to be intact as he can form adequate sentences and phrases. The fact that his speech is fragmented and disjointed my thus be due to psychological  implications – severe depression at knowing  and realizing his soon to be his fate.

 It may also give some credence as to the recent Wikileak reports about  the cables which were intercepted about various world leaders that Ghadaffi always traveled with his Russian nurse. Now we may be seeing exactly the reason why he  may very well need a nurse by his side at all times.

  The phrases from his speech  below validate that he knows his end is near and how he wants to leave as a hero- a martyr.

 “I have paid the price of my remaining here “

“It’s not possible that I leave this place”

“I will be a martyr at the end”

“My father warrior of the warriors over there that is my grandfather my uncle they are warriers and generations”

“We will lead the whole world and cannot be stopped”

I have paid the price of my remaining here.”

” I am higher than other leaders in the world”

 This rhetoric clearly indicates  how desperate his  attempt  is to make himself known to the world and to leave something  of himself behind that will always be remembered – chaos and destruction.

Pastor Terry Jones’ Body Language Shows Trepidation and Reluctance But He’s Painted Himself Into A Corner Making Him Likely To Proceed With His Koran Burning

Based on his body language and speech pattern Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones  shows considerable fear and trepidation. He does NOT appear to  want to go through with his act of burning Korans. He does not show someone who is 100 percent behind doing what he proposes to do. You can see what I am speaking about as you look at this video of the Pastor during his ABC Nightline  interview.

 The perspiration pattern on his face as well as his stuttering and stammering  constant uh;s , and hesitations as well as the  stumbling over words,  shoulder shrugging and

the lip licking  are all indications that he shows trepidation. He knows what he is doing is not right but he said he just wanted to make a statement.  

Initially,  he most likely  did this publicity stunt  as a way to bring  attention to himself and to his small church. He said he did  as only a  “Warning.” In fact he tried to leave himself a way out by stating that he is still praying on it and that if he gets a sign from Lord he will not go through with his plan.

 But now it has grown into something that is way over his head with world leaders weighing in. He has clearly heard the message from  President Obama  to  Secretary of State Clinton  to  General Petreas. Even the Vatican that said  “ Don’t do it.”  The NYPD and the FBI  have openly told him not to do it.

He has even seen what his actions have already created with Muslims now burning the American flag in retaliation.

 Even though his  body language  and speech patterns on the Nightline interview with his sweating and stammering clearly indicate  he knows  what he is going to do is  not right, he  has somehow managed  to convince himself that if Jesus  was alive, he would burn the Koran. This distorted thinking along with the eyes of the world upon him has pushed him into a psychological  corner. This means that he will defiantly go through with his act.

It is much like telling a teenager not to do something. They know you are giving them the right advice. But  because  they have a  stronger desire to rebel,  assert their independence,  and express themselves, they go  ahead and do the wrong thing  anyway. It is no different in this situation. The world has said NO, and out of rebellion,  Pastor Jones  is going to do it anyway.

His words indicate that he knows the consequences for his actions. He  stated that he and his congregation were  willing to die for his belief. He said he will even be carrying arms. He has herd the deth threats against him and knows there may be bloodshed. So  now he may very well  feel that he doesn’t have a choice but to go on with his Koran burning as scheduled.

In Pastor Jones mind,  saving face appears to be  more important than ever. He sees the eyes of the world watching him. If he backs down he will think that the world is seeing him as being cowardly.  Little does he know that the act of desecrating one’s  holy bible is cowardly.

An ideal situation would be that  someone whom he respects who is not like minded  share with him  that going ahead with his plan is cowardly. He needs to hear that if he backs down the world will not see him as being cowardly or weak. On the contrary, he  will  be seen as a person who did not incite violence but could help create peace. 

In a Democracy, one does have the Right to Free Speech. However, you can’t yell” fire”  in a crowded building.  This is exactly what Pastor Jones is doing here. He is screaming “fire”  in an  already flammable world where tensions run high. He is inciting the flames of hatred against America amongst Muslims worldwide.  

Pastor Jones did what he wanted to do- bring worldwide attention to  himself and to his church. But now he needs to back away from taking his publicity stunt to the next level and creating a stage for world violence.

Unfortunately unless there is some bonfire ordinance in Gainesville, Florida  that you can’t have an open fire  between 6 and 9 pm on a  Saturday night the Pastor will go through will his unfortunate  act. Only an act of  law or an act of God could prevent this event from taking place. If it does take place, the repercussions will be frightening.

Octomom’s Body Language on Oprah Shows Denial, Misguided Perception, and a Cry For Help While Oprah’s Body Language Showed Disgust

Days later, I am still  haunted by Oprah’s “Day In the Life of Nadya Suleman.” In observing Nadya’s body language, I can clearly say that this woman is misguided and disconnected from the reality of her very serious  situation. With her inappropriate laughter, at one extreme, and on the other extreme with  her deadpan lack of appropriate facial animation and expression, monotone, meaningless mea culpa  filled with self deprecation,  and her  misguided  and unrealistic views, there is no question that Nadya is in need of some serious help.


 Nadya said that  her intention in appearing on Oprah because she was sick and tired of people having the wrong idea about her.  So she wrote to Oprah to have her on the show and Oprah obliged, albeit unwillingly, based on Oprah’s body language.

Oprah, was clearly not too keen about having  Nadya on her show  and it  showed  in . Oprah’s uncharacteristic stiffness, lack of smiling, tenseness in her face  and a turned –off vocal tone, showing disgust.

 Oprah Winfrey even  said on  the show  that she  “had reservations” about interviewing Nadya Suleman, That is why she  initially  refused to  join in on the Octomom media frenzy,  until she received  a letter from Nadya  telling her how she wanted the world “to see her for who she is.”


 If you are not  promoting a book , a TV show , a  product,, or some charitable cause, why  go on Oprah?  While Nadya says her intention for going on the show was to set the record straight, I think that it may have been a lot more calculated on Suleman’s part.

 Perhaps she thought that by going on Oprah, she could  play the victim role , with the hope of  Oprah bailing  her out of her mess, like Oprah has done for so many of her guests in need throughout the years.

 Oprah has been known to give away houses, college educations, seed money to start  businesses,  pay mortgages, and buy cars for previous guests .

 So, perhaps Nadya thought why not go on Oprah and allow her to film her life with her children. This way,  Oprah could see what a difficult time Nadya was having  with all her chaos and perhaps  Oprah would now provide her with more nannies, a bigger home, pay off her mortgage, provide a trust fund for all the kids for a college education, or all of the above.

 But by the tone of  Oprah’s voice and the direction of her questioning, along with the  regular flashes of  a disgusted  facial expression, Oprah was  having none of it.

She clearly let Nadya know that Nadya and her brood were on their own, sans Oprah’s help.

 At the end of the show Oprah offered  up nothing to Nadaya except for wishing her  well in an uncharacteristically  non- Oprah-like  unenthusiastic tone..


While many would say that Nadya’s  appearance on Oprah  brought in a larger viewership that day and for that alone, Oprah should have rewarded Nadya with a little something like paying off her  mortgage so that Nadya and her kids would have a roof over their heads and their home wouldn’t  go into foreclosure.

 But  after watching Oprah for decades, this is not how Oprah works. Oprah is all about empowering people and helping those who try to help themselves. She doesn’t give them the fish. Instead she gives them the fishing pole so that they can be empowered to do things on their own.

 After listening to Oprah’s questioning  of Nadya,  you could see Oprah getting more tense body language wise and more angry facial language and vocal wise because  she soon discovered that talking to Nadya was like talking to a wall.

Nadya  had no intention of helping herself.  For example, Nadya was insistent  that she would NEVER  ever put her kids on television . She even remarked that it was “boarderlinbe abuise.”

Oprah then probed  further asking Nadya if  someday will she feel  forced to put her kids on TV to  earn money so they can survive, Nadya was adamant that she would never do it. Case closed!

 Nadya then went on to say that she did appear on the cover of a magazine in a bikini but that is not who she is and that when the money runs out from that media gig,  she doesn’t know how she will survive.

 Nadya’s answer  it appears was  a clear ploy to get Oprah to feel sorry for her as a person who had “:no way out.” It was as though  she was waiting for Oprah to   say. “ Oh poor Nadya. Here is some  money so now all your problems will go away.”

But Oprah did nothing of the sort. Instead Oprah  probed  deeper with her questioning and Nadya was even more adamant that she would not put her kids in the media.


 Nadya’s  stubbornness at not wanting  her kids on TV and her hypocrisy of  having  posed bikini-clad  for photos for money  to feed her kids  turned views off..  This, along with her  now actually having her kids filmed   on TV  showing  them in a  day in her life  reeked of hypocrisy and contradiction.


 I have no doubt that Oprah could have helped   if  Nadya would have only  shown signs of wanting to help  herself. When Oprah openly asked her that if someday, wouldn’t she feel that she might have to put her kids on TV, Nadya barely let Oprah get the question out  as she chimed in that she was  appalled  at the suggestion, calling it “ boarderline abuse.”

As Oprah  asked  that question I could see the wheels turning in Oprah’s mind .  Oprah is the most powerful woman in the television world with her OWN television  network incidentally   called OWN (Oprah Winfrey  Network) . Oprah could have  easily given  Nadya a prime time show  like TLC did with Jon and  Kate plus 8 where we watched these multiples grow up. The show could have provided  Nadya with  more nannies and  more financial help  to address the children’s needs.

 If  Oprah was behind Nadya’s show .Oprah would have NEVER abused any children  by having them filmed for their own show. There is no doubt in my mind that she would have abided by the  strict child labor laws ,

 Oprah could have definitely helped Nadya in a legitimate way. But Nadya was too unaware and disconnected to the reality of her situation   allow Oprah to help.

 Oprah didn’t offer her the fish.  Instead,.  though her line of questioning , Oprah was no doubt was offering Nadya the fishing pole,  with the opportunity to do a show so she could support her kids.

But as  soon as Oprah head the words “boarderline abus” e the wheels stopped turning in her mind as  to how she could help Nadya get out of her dire financial  situation. Oprah was done!


 Nadya’s  misguided perception of  putting her kids on TV is not abuse , especially if  Oprah was involved in doing a show with her. As long as there were proper things in place like the  number  hours they could be filmed, having medical help on hand, having psychologists the team available, having educators on hand, there would not be abuse.


 Abuse is what we saw on  TV in watching the day in Nadya’s life . Neglect is abuse and those kids are clearly neglected emotionally.  She knows it and even mentioned that she feels guilty she cannot give them enough attention  or supervision.


 The little baby with the ear infection, needed immediate attention STAT . He needed to be taken to the emergency room immediately and not  have to wait until Nadya made a call to get someone to help. That baby did not have to suffer in pain until Nadya’s helper got out of bed in the middle of the night, went to the bathroom, got dressed, got in their car,  to  arrive at  her house to get the baby to put him in her car , to buckle him into a baby car seat, and finally  drive him to the ER.

 Instead, Nadya  needed to have someone on hand right then and then to grab the child and take him to the ET immediately so there would be less time that the child had to suffer in agony.


 The woman is  so overwhelmed and sleep deprived , that she  and not able to give each child  the correct  supervision. There are not enough nannies to go around during the day with only three nannies for 14 children. That is one nanny for 5 children.

The fact that there are  NO nannies at night, is appalling . Oprah was even appalled any this and  told Nadya  she needed night nannies.

 How can Nadya  Not have  nannies  at night? It is a MUST!

  Night time is when children need can  need help the most,. This is the time  when they  often get scared and cry or something often  goes wrong with them  health wise. The fact that these babies are  left crying all night long   with no one to comfort them , I find this highly abusive and  unconscionable.

 There are thousands of  reputable and decent  people  out there who would love to volunteer for a night shift to hold and care for any of those crying babies.


 If it wasn’t for the Oprah camera crew,  who knows what would have happened  to the baby who was stepped on by their older sibling!. Who knows what damage was done to that child.! That was only one incident that we saw when there were camera filming the children..

One can only imagine what else goes on in that household when there are no cameras..


 Seeing  the baby with the  open cleft lip at that age disturbed me  greatly. Having spent a lot of my early career working with patients who had facial deformities, I know a lot about people who are born with cleft lips and palates.

 I know that  surgery is usually performed during the first 3 to 6 months to repair  a cleft lip and between 9 and 14 months to repair the cleft palate. . This baby apparently only has a cleft lip. That lip should have been repaired at least 6 months ago,

 To allow this child to live with a gaping split in his lip where it will make his eating, swallowing,  and speech and language development problematic as he grows is abuse in  my book. It is unconscionable to not  repair the child’s cleft and to have let it go untreated for so long a period



WE all know that  most parents of babies rarely get a good night’s sleep. But when a human being ONLY gets 2 hours of sleep a night and that situation has been going on for over a year, this is very bad.It is not only bad for the parent but very bad for the child.


There have been enough studies in the literature throughout  the years  concerning  sleep deprivation  and what happens to a person if they have no slept for long periods of time, The bottom line is that they cannot function properly. They cannot make the right decisions, Their  perceptions are distorted, Their physical coordination and reaction time is impaired. They become less emotionally stable and more emotionally labile..

 With Nadya  getting a reported 2 hours of sleep per night, it is no wonder that her perceptions are distorted .How can she properly  care for all of these children if her perceptions are misguided and she doesn’t think clearly?  She could make a lot of mistakes in terms of how she cares for these children thereby endangering their welfare..



Nadya  mentioned several times how her 8 year old boy acts up and how he is more of a handful than her 8 babies. Maybe he acts up because he needs the attention. Maybe he acts up because  he is troubled.

 Whatever the case,  the fact that this boy is acting up needs to be immediately  addressed by a professional. By neglecting  and not getting this boy proper help in the form of a therapist or counselor she is doing him a huge  disservice.


Nadya has all the right words and  says all the right things to show us she has  psychological  insight with regard to what she has irresponsibly and irrevocably done.

She says  the 14 children came from “my own childish desires.” She says shew as “selfish and immature.”

As she self deprecates in telling us how bad and dumb she was to do this , she offers up no solutions for her problem.

Her monotone indicates that she has robotically discovered that it is  much easier to agree with what the public thinks of her than to argue with them as she did early on when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show fighting with her mother. .

All of this is manipulation in my view. Her agreement  with public sentiment is a way of shutting them up. What more can you say when you point the finger at someone and they in turn, point the finger at themselves in agreement  that they were wrong?  You can say nothing!

So  now that she has shut people up by agreeing with them, she can now play the victim role and to the hilt and tell them how bad off she is in hopes that they will  now help out. After all, she agrees with them as to what a bad thing she did.


Nadya  tries to get you to feel sorry for her as she tries to justify her actions for accepting $100,000 for a bikini photo shoot in a  magazine by appeasing  any detractors and saying she feels “a tremendous amount of guilt”  There is no  doubt in my mind that she LOVED IT!!

Personally I have spoken to many limo drivers who have chauffeured Nadya back and forth to her many media gigs and they  ALL tell me she LOVES all  the attention.

Even though she tries to paint herself as this prim and proper innocent woman who just made a mistake because she loves kids so much, she no doubt  LOVES  that she  has  been offered a role in a porn film “three times. ” While she  says she found  being offered these film roles  “disrespectful,”there is no doubt in my mind that it flattered her very fragile ego.


Nadya’s immaculate makeup, manicured fingernails, low cut tee shirts, figure hugging dresses, and short skirts  not only scream for attention but scream that she wants to be seen a sexy. What better validation for your sexiness than to have a porn company offer you a film deal!


Pushing  awkward  multiple  giant strollers to go to to a public park for a few minutes of playtime with the kids  is bound to get anyone to look at you., l et alone the paparazzi..

That is exactly why Nadya does it. She  no doubt LOVES the papps and loves the  public attention. It is what fuels her.

She does not hate the papps as she says. According to my sources, . she has even contacted them to let them know of her whereabouts so that they can  film her.


When we saw  Nada in a  day in her life on Oprah talking to her eldest child who didnt want to go to school and told him that  it was illegal for him not to go to school. She also said  that  and if he didn’t go to school social services would come and take him away  or disrupt he family/

As we heard Nadya tell this to her little boy, it was clear to see that Social Services is in the forefront of Nadya’s mind.

There is no doubt that they are watching her like a hawk and waiting for some major slip up, so that they can  to intervene,

When Oprah asked her if she would consider giving the kids to foster families to help take care of them, Nadya  adamantly  refused to consider the thought and said she would do anything  in her power  to make sure this never happened. But it may very well happen.

The ONLY way this will never happen is if she earns  enough money to properly support these kids, get more nannies and more help  for the kids, so that all of their immediate needs can be addressed.

She needs to have more time to sleep so that she can function properly. She needs to stop living in the illusion that she will find some work out there to support her family that isn’t media related. It will NEVER  happen. Who will hire her? She cannot start a business of her own and take care of this family. There is only one solution.



The only way Nada cn earn enough money for her kids and still be with her kids is if she puts her  them on TV so that we can all watch them grow up. As far as abuse and exploitation, if  child labor laws are followed and there is a therapist on hand at all times I foresee that this can be a win- win situation for all.

Say what you will about Kate Gosselin,, she never has to worry about having enough  money for her kids. She may have to worry about other things like their psychological health. But she will at least have enough money to afford therapists for them in the future if and when they need one.

Love her or hate her, Kate has taken advantage of her situation and  made a cottage industry out of her sextuplets  as they are cared for financially, They will never starve to death  and they have enough money in their trust funds to attend college if they choose to do so.’

This cannot be said for Nadya’s kids. People will continue to  notice them and know who they are just because  Nadya  is their mother ,. Her excuse at wanting to givev them a normal life is naive. There is no way they will ever have a normal life based on their circumstances.

So in order to give them a better life, why not share them with the public and afford them opportunities they could never have?  The one thing ,Kate Gosselin  said about her show was that it gave the kids experiences and opportunities to do things they could never do  because there was no money to do them.

For that reason alone Nadya should consider having them on a show, Besides people love watching babies grow, especially multiples as we saw from Jon and Kate Plus 8’s popularity.

That is why in my view, Nadya needs to write another letter to Oprah, Only this time she needs to let Oprah  know that she reconsidered having her kids on TV and  gives the OWN  Network first choice in making a  decision to produce and air  her show.

By having a show featuring the kids, there will be a very public watchful eye over them so that no  harm can come to them, In addition  Nadya or her  children will never have to worry  where their next meal will be coming from..