Exploiting A Dead Amy Winehouse Including Her Body

This photo is the ultimate in bad taste im my opinion. In fact it repulsed me. These are Amy Winehouse’s bodyguards posing with her cremated remains minutes after she was  cremated. To me it looks like a staged photo by one of the magazines who perhaps  paid them for this morbid  shot.

Precious, beautiful and talented larger than life,   and yes addicted and self destructive Amy was reduced to nothing more than a green bag.

If these men were her bodyguards why weren’t they guarding her body from all the drugs she was taking?  Why didn’t they rush her to the hospital if she wasn’t feeling well?   Why weren’t they around when she needed them? Obviously one checked up on her and found her dead. Why didn’t he check on her all night and stay with her?

If any of these men write a book about Amy or get money from magazies to TV shows it will be a crime in my view.

Then there was Microsoft one of the biggest and well-respected companies in the world who tried to exploit Amy. Because of the public outcry they were forced to apologize for their  Twitter tribute to British singer Amy Winehouse that encouraged mourners to purchase Amy’s  music from them.

Now there is also a sickening clothing vendor in the UK who is selling Amy Winehouse clothing. Granted she helped design them but it is wrong to start advertising them when the poor woman has been burned in a crematorium a day earlier. Showing photos of Amy wearing the clothes on her sickly anorexic body is also disturbing. What message does it give to young girls who look at Amy’s overly skinny arms?

The reality was that precious Amy was very very sick. If you look at this photo you will see her distended malnourished belly , her visible and extended ribs, gaunt face, and hair loss which are all signs of  physical sickness.  Why didn’t  someone step in and take charge and help this woman get well? They needed to show her this photo of herself to   give her a touch of reality.

But Amy was on her own path.She even said how she was her own worst enemy.  Her wonderful parents tried to help her repeatedly to no avail. I have no doubt that her marriage to Mr. Fielder Civil was the start of her demise as she looked very good before he came into the picture. No wonder her father Mitch detests him. Did he get a vulnerable Amy hooked on drugs?

Because Amy was so sick and died such an untimely death she does not need to be exploited. Of course more people will want her music in order to remember this great talent. People who never heard of her are now hooked on her gorgeous voice and amazing  songs which she wrote by herself. There is nothing wrong with that. But exploiting her in other ways is just plain wrong.




The Brilliant Beautiful Bipolar Amy Winehouse Finally At Peace



When singer Amy Winehouse rose to the to top of  the music scene she was charming and adorable, beautiful and  incredibly talented. She knew how to sell herself with her beehive doo and cat like painted eyes which was inspired from her fascination with the girl groups of the 60’s.

Before she made it big she had a more natural fresh faced look.   A video of her speaking about her favorite artists and her work showed she was arm and pleasant and extremely self confident as you can se/

Year after year as she performed she became more beautiful and more radiant.

When she did her Rehab video, she was at her peak as you can see in the above photo. It is a shame that she did not do the opposite of what the lyrics in the song suggested and “go to rehab” and stay there until she could function properly.

Amy w. She was quoted as saying that she did not like fame or seek it, She said she was a musician.

But she got fame sought her out as you can see by the crowd at the Glastonbury event . The adulation and the public scrutiny was too much to bear. She began to self destruct.

She began drinking and drugging.

Her marriage to husband Blake Civil Felder may have fueled her drug  addiction. Here we see a zoned out Amy and Blake trying to feed her a pill of some sort off of the tip of his tongue.

Amy’s relationship with husband  Blake ended badly in violence  and in a divorce.

She had several bouts in reahab and stated that she was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. She also stated in the press that she rrefused to take any drugs to treat the condition.

In one very poignant interview she said I am my own worst enemy, The interviewer tried to correct her and said you mean you are your won worst critic. Amy looked at him and said, no I am my own worst enemy.

Amy hanging out with musician Peter Doherty of the group Babyshambles and doing drugs with him proved she was right- that she was indeed her own worst enemy. She admitted to drinking a lot . here was no doubt that she was taking drugs as it was captured on a video on youtube.

From the looks if this photo with the sores on her face  she may very well have been doing meth.She also got extremely thin.

Her face broke out and some of her teeth fell out as a result of the drugs. She smoked and drank in an attempt to medicate herself and to deal with emotional pain she was experiencing.

She ended up in the hospital on several occasions  which may have been drug related. She tried to go out n the road again and was met with boos and hisses in Serbia and other countries when she just stood on state and didn’t sing. her backup singers had to take over.

Whether it was the extreme embarrassment of being booed off a stage, being overwhelmed by performing, not wanting to do it anymore, her heartbreak over Blake, being so severely addicted she couldn’t cope, Amy either did herself in purposely or accidentally.

If Amy would have stopped taking drugs to medicate her  and started to  take  bipolar medication to mediate her , she may be  still be alive.

Her father Mitch was very supportive of her throughout her life and throughout her career, It is ironic that his daughter died the day he was to make his singing debut in NYC. As soon as he found out, he rushed home.

My heart goes out to Amy’s dad and mom and to the rest of her family. Her short life inspired so many with her  music.  It also  serves as a huge lesson to young people that drugs can kill. RIP Amy!