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Day 4 Jose Baez Sets The Record Straight, Is Concerned About Body Language Analysis While Casey Appears More Focused
May 13, 2011


On day four of jury selection, Jose Baez got up in court today and said that he did not tell Casey to stop acting like a two year old which was previously  reported throughout the mainstream  the press. If that is the case I accept that and feel that he is owed an  apology as mainstream media reported this as a fact.


Jose was also  mentioned that he was concerned about body language experts and  body language analysis.  No doubt he must have read my analysis and viewed my interview on Orlando’s Wesh 2

Whether he likes it or not he must realize is that the jury will be looking at every single body language nuance when it comes to him, Mason, and Casey. His every move is under the public microscope whether he likes it or not Casey will be under the microscope and he needs to make sure she presents herself in a way that gives her an equal  advantage. That means he needs to stop her grooming and fidgeting  and crying and flirting, laughing, giggling,  and touching and carrying.

It also means in my view they will be looking at his interaction with Casey and at Cheney Mason’s interaction with Casey and ter and  the rest of the attorneys interaction with Casey. They will notice laughing and  playfulness, touching and even perceived  flirtations .

The body doesn’t lie! People do form opinions by what they see and what they think they see. Whether they are  accurate or not, people make assumptions based on how others come across body language  wise and communication wise.


Today Casey appeared to be in a better mood. Her hands seemed to be working  much better than they were on Day 3. In fact they appeared to be working rather well and she used her hands in an animated fashion while speaking to a woman in red outfit and when she was writing.  She was all smiles. It seemed that she and Jose were also  in much better spirits with one another as well. So any  negative looking  issues which may have appeared to be between them appear  to have been resolved.



Casey was less fidgety and didn’t groom herself as much. So someone  must have finally set her straight. She looks much better when she sit  up, focuses and pays attention without the extraneous body  movements.

This is a drastic change in what we have been seeing of Casey during the past few days  It will be interesting if Casey can keep this up. If so, she has a much better chance of being perceived more positively and thus get a better chance at having a fair trial.

Does Casey Anthony’s Body Language Indicate She’s Continuing To Manipulate By Claiming Illness or Is Reality Finally Setting In?
May 12, 2011


Besides her alleged non- tearing crying behavior,  which appeared to me to manipulative and will not work in her favor with regard to the jury pool, Casey has now drawn even more  attention to herself by claiming illness.

Yesterday she was lead away by deputies after she was seen showing one of her female attorneys, Ms. Simms, what was wrong with her hands.

Casey kept opening and closing her hands and  looking at them.  Ms. Simms appeared to be very concerned as she leaned over to Casey and tried to give her some helpful hints and comfort her as we can see in the photo above.

Her illness  even garnered her some additional physical contact with another attorney in Baez’s office Ms. Ruiz  as  she placed her hand on Casey’s shoulder to comfort her.

 This is obviously the only physical contact Casey received throughout the day. She certainly did not receive any of her usual touches from Baez or Mason as she has received in the past. 

Not only were Baez and Mason focused on the very important jury selection process, there appeared to be  some  tension between Casey and Baez in my view. Baez appered very disturbed about her crying in front of the jury pool and allegedly according to the press  told her to not act like a two year old .

The withdrawal of  his affections may have possibly affected her greatly and added to her anxiety levels. Casey has never before seen Jose so serious faced towards her and so unresponsive. This may  no doubt be  upsetting her internally and having an affect on her motionally and physically.

Previously we have seen Cheney Mason continuously touch her and place his hand on her back and give her lots of attention. There has been  a lot of  back and forth whispering going on as he addressed her every question and concern. But in the jury selection process he has been ignoring her. He is preoccupied and completely focused on picking the right jurors for her trial.

There is no doubt that she misses the physical attention from her two male lawyers. Thus, she may have acted out in hopes that they would come to her rescue and comfort her with a physical touch. Instead, they essentially  ignored her.

The only physical touch she received was when the two officers gave her physical  assistance to lead her into the back room.

 We can see in the above  photo that Casey does look a bit pale and she is blowing out large puffs of air as she exhales through her mouth. She does this in order to oxygenate herself.

The furrowed forehead leads me to believe that Casey may very well be in some sort of physical discomfort. But that physical discomfort may have been brought about by the emotional discomfort she is feeling because of her alienation of  attention from Baez and the lack of focus on her by Mason.

While Casey may very well  have been crying out for attention, I believe that she may have also been having a genuine anxiety attack.  With Baez and Mason focused on other things, there is no longer anyone  there to coddle her emotionally. From Casey’s perspective , it may have been a huge mistake  to turn away the only person who has continually shown her emotional support her own mother.

 After rejecting her mother’s Mother Day visit, the one person who could now  help her cope with her high  anxiety levels. It is very possible that we may be seeing more of this physial manifetion of her emotional  state as she has no one to turn to for attention and support.  We may be seeing more and more of  her  physical manifestations brought about by her emotional state. There may very well be continued  numbness in her hands and trouble breathing. She may very well feel light-headed and dizzy with a rapid heart beat  with  sharp pains in her heart as her levels of anxiety skyrocket throughout the trial.

Casey Anthony Does NOT Cry Real Tears On Day 3 As She Hears Charges Against Herself For Second Time! Casey’s Not Looking At Jury Pool May Scream “Guilt”
May 11, 2011


Casey looked a lot better today as she entered room , appearing more refreshed. This indicates that she must have had a shower and more sleep. pont She also spend mort time grooming her hair coiffed into a split ponytail with hair around her face.

  Once again she was  not seated between  Jose Baez and  Cheney Mason .  Instead  she was  situated between Ms. Finnell and Baez’ attorney Ruiz with whom Casey has developed good rapport. 

While it was reported in the press that that Casey was crying, Casey was  clearly NOT crying real tears! They were not genuine tears.  Instead,  they were her usual manipulative fake non liquid tears we have consistently seen her use for manipulation . The reason I say that they are fake is because there is no liquid coming out of her eyes and that people do not cry one eye at a time.

Yes her nose was red but anyone’s nose would be red if someone wiped it consistently. As the first few charges were read,  Casey does not put her Kleenex up to  her face. She does breathe heavily as she pushes out a burst of air through her mouth. She also shakes her head “No” as the beginning charge is read.

 Ms. Ruiz is disturbed about Casey’s alleged crying behavior as she writes frantically on her notepad with her red pen. Casey finally reads the note and stops her fake crying as she continues to look down, away from the jury pool.

Jose Baez gets wind of what Casey is doing as well. He turns over to look at  her and he is clearly annoyed about it.

What Casey does not realize is that she has already began digging her own grave with her negative first impression. She has made all the jurors feel  uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable enough just being in a courtroom and now seeing Casey look like she is boo hooing it makes them feel even more uncomfortable, therebty adding to their stress levels.

What is even worse is that  by her behavior of not having any eye contact with the jury pool as the charges were read, Casey has essentially told potential jurors  she is” guilty” by not looking at them.

Jose Baez Allegedly Admonishes Casey And Keeps His Distance From Her On Day 2 While Casey Appears Entertained By Jury Selection
May 11, 2011


 Gone are the fun and games, chuckles, flirtations  smiles and touches that Jose Baez appered  to bestow upon  Casey Anthony. Jose has  dramatically changed his tune based on his body language and demeanor.

After  losing almost  every motion to stifle evidence, he has suddenly sobered up as  he  may realize that defending Casey will be a Herculean task. At this point, all he can hope for in my view is to  try to save her life from the lethal needle.


When Casey turned on the  manipulative waterworks for sympathy for  the entire jury pool, Jose was furious. We have never before  seen Baez  like this . He has never had such a serious and mean faced expression towards Casey  as we see in the photo above  in my view. Allegedly he told her to stop acting like a two year old.according to the press.

Not to get too Freudian here, but  if this is true look at the choice of words Jose used- two year old! Caylee was a two year old when Casey allegedly killed  Caylee . He  could have said ‘child’ but id  he specifically said two year old” which I believe is highly significant in terms of how Jose may  really feel towards Casey now.

After he allegedly scolds her, Casey  gets upset and defensive and refuses to interact with Jose. She refuses to look at  him. This is  not a good idea on her part,  since Jose may very well be the only thing that  stands between her and the needle.

Jose was checking out the jury pool and being very observant.  He was no doubt looking for certain initial impressions and tells  which might  indicate someone might not be a good juror. He needed complete focus and concentration. The last thing he needed was Casey’s manipulative side-show to distract him.

On Day 2 of jury selection Jose wanted Casey as far away from him as possible. He sat her between the two female attorneys on the team, Ms. Finnell and Ms. Sims. It was interesting to note that there was no flirtatious behavior and smiles and touching as there had been with Baez  and  Mason.

Jose sat right near Cheney Mason, who also distanced himself from Casey on Day 2. Mason also needed complete concentration without Casey’s whispers and touches.

 Jose  completely ignored Casey.  This appeared to clearly upset her as we can see. She appeared to ignore him as well.  


 But she does manage to sneak a peek at him to see if he is looking at her, which he is not.  It is clear that Jose’s attitude has completely changed towards Casey based on this interaction.

Today and perhaps everyday from now on, Jose will have no time for Casey’s nonsense. He is serious, focused, and nervous as we see by the praying hand position as he listens to Judge Perry’s response  and subconsciously praying that it is in his favor.


Jose’s inexperience and apparent lack of knowledge is a very sore spot for Jeff Ashton. The following three photo screen shots  are actually quite hilarious in my view.

Look at what Jose is doing to Jeff Ashton as Jose speaks in front of Judge Perry.  Jeff has his hand on the side of his head as if to say “This guy is giving me a headache.”

Exasperated with what Jose is saying, Ashton leans back in his chair with his mouth open and looks up at the ceiling  as if to say “Heaven help me! I can’t take this guy!”

And finally Ashton  shakes his head “No” three times  and then appears to put his cupped hand near his jaw which is a body language signal for anger. He also cocks his head to the side which means he doesn’t believe or agree with what Baez is saying.

Even though Jose can frustrate any seasoned lawyer, he has done the best he can do with only a few years of practice experience under his belt. 


 The jury selection process is taking a toll on Casey’s physical appearance. She is in fear most of the time as indicated by her bulging eyes where you can see the sclera or whites of her eyes.

The stress has also taken a toll on her skin as she has developed quite a few forehead wrinkles for a 25 year old.  There are dark stress bags  of puffiness under her eyes and her skin has broken out.

This is quite a contrast to the Casey Anthony of just a few years ago, where she was  the happy-go-lucky party girl.

Casey also got a case of the “itchy scratchies” which often happens when people are under stress and  tension. It is because the increased blood flow causes the person to feel discomfort and  itch and scratch. We saw the facial expression of discomfort as Casey began to scratch her  own back. 


But when Casey is occupied and entertained, she does manage to get out of stress and tension mode for a while. It  shows in her facial expressions as you will see below.

Here Casey is amused with the story about the man leaving  his son to his to care for  his two cats when he was hospitalized and  how it didn’t work out well. Casey tried to hold back a smile but she couldn’t. She may have identified with the fact that  the man’s son was being irresponsible as she has been with Caylee.

 Judge Perry found the story funny as well as he chuckled.


 When Judge Perry said to  the man  ” You didn’t  lose any of these animals as a result of the neglect.” Casey continued to smirk and smile. In my view it showed a bit of her sadistic nature.


Casey also smirked and smiled as she identified with a woman’s 30 something year old son whom the woman felt could not care for her  younger 15 year old son. Obviously the theme of irresponsibility resonated  with her.

Casey also leaked out a little disdain and jealousy when one of the jurors said that he was getting married.

It is interesting  to note that Casey’s parents were not in the courtroom. They finally got the message that Casey doesn’t want them around her. But most likely they will claim  they weren’t there becuase  can’t afford the gas or the hotel accommodations in Clearwater.

Casey Anthony’s Body Language of Fear, Cries Real Tears As She Hears Her Charges Against Her While Dressed “Mendendez Style”
May 10, 2011

In looking at this new mug shot of Casey Anthony,  there is no doubt that her facial expression screams “fear. ” With her wide  bulging eyed appearance, you can see the whites of her eyes as an  indicator of fear.

No doubt reality has set in that she is on trial for the murder of her little daughter. Her fear continued to be pervasive in the courtroom as she consistently  had her hand up to her face to cover her mouth.

There also  appeared to be some deep breathing as indicated by her  raised shoulder movement as she  took in air and exhaled,  which indicated that she was oxygenating herself in order  for her body to compensate for the nervous activity it was going through. 

 Casey even appeared  bite on her fingers as they  were  near her mouth. She also  could not help herself from her grooming behavior which she continued to do before the jury came in. This may also been due to her nervousness.

Then there was hr usual flirting behavior and smiling with Cheney Mason as you can see above. The  most striking thing about Casey’s court appearance was that she wore a  pastel soft looking sweater that was reminiscent of the type of sweaters that the infamous Menendez Brothers wore to soften their appearance . No matter how soft and fuzzy it made them look,  it didn’t work. The Menendez brothers were accused  of murdering both of their parents and are now serving life sentences. 

So her soft sweater look may not work either. While a dark  suit  and light blouse would look more respectable as she fights for her life, frankly I believe when a jury hears all the evidence against her, it will matter what she wears. 

Her long hair cascading down her back  is a reminder  of how long she has been in jail without a haircut.

As soon as Judge Perry began speaking about Casey, her tears flowed like clockwork. The only difference is that this time, those tears were real as she cried when the judge spoke of the charges leveled against her.  The tears were motivated out fo self pity and not for remorse  for what happened to  Caylee.  Since we have seen how manipulative Casey tends to be, no doubt those tears were to garner some sympathy from all of those potential jurors.

Afterwards Judge Perry told potential jurors to ignore Casey’s emotional display. As soon as he said that, like clockwork, Casey immediately stopped crying. Usually when you are filled with real  and non manipulative emotion, even of someone tells you to stop crying, you can’t stop. You continue to cry if your tears are genuine. If you stop immediately, they most likely are tears of manipulation.

Casey’s  tears were a wrong move in front of her audience of  all of those potential jurors. They did not endear her to jurors. In fact it may have disturbed them even more. They felt uncomfortable being there as it was and her tears may have added to their stress and discomfort levels.

It was surprising to hear Jose Baez speak up because there were only three Hispanics and two African Americans in the jury pool and that it was not representative of jurors of Orange County.  But since he has such an uphill battle,  no doubt, he  felt he had to do something so  he could  use that information on  his appeal.

When people came back from the break Casey changed up her hairdo as it was now  in a bun , She kept her hands clasped to herself as opposed to over her mouth,  sat up straight and looked like a ballerina .

Casey looked serious until she encountered one of the male  jurors who point-blank said he thought she was “guilty.”  Immediately a flash of anger came across  Casey’s face as her lower jaw slightly protruded forward as she cocked her hed to the side while she glared at the juror . Hearing this may have been both an eye and ear opener for her as it was a reality check that jurors may very well find her guilty.

The female  guard in the background was on high alert as this was occurring as she kept a watchful eye on Casey.

There was one woman who said that her religion did not allow her to judge people and that she would be uncomfortable doing so. This is the type of woman that the defense no doubt wants on their side as she may be so angry that she was forced to participate that she may vote that Casey is not guilty. Also if she is very religious she may not want to vote.  for the death penalty for Casey. But if she is chosen for this jury I believe it may do a lot of psychological harm to her.

If someone is that ensconced in their religion, they may not even look at the facts of  the the  case. Like the gentleman who said he already had a view that Casey was guilty, without hearing all of the testimony,  the same holds true for this woman . No doubt she may  believe the opposite- that Casey is not guilty in the eyes of her religious views.

Why Did Defense Team’s Jury Consultant Suddenly Quit At The Last Minute?
May 7, 2011

Until jury consultant Richard Gabriel just quit being the consultant on the Casey Anthony case a few days before jury selection was to occur, I was very concerned. The reason is that he is one of the top jury consultants around. He has represented some of the most high profile cases and he has even written the book on the topic.

So why would he bail ship at the last minute? It is such an unprofessional thing for such a seasoned professional to do. I believe that there are  several reasons that may be possible. While it is merely speculation, below are some possible reasons.

  1. Maybe he already got what he wanted- notoriety and name recognition. He got the best press possible in on the highest rated 48 hours where he performed a focus group of people who ended up acquitting Casey. Mind you it was a focus group and not a mock jury trial which many viewers were lead to believe. In any event he got his name known and maybe that was why he took on this high profile  case to begin with.
  2. The feedback from this show  and his involvement was extremely negative so maybe he wanted to get out before he actually began work on the trial. Many called him a manipulator of justice which may have had an impact on him.
  3. He may have discovered something about the case  as he was doing his work that made him realize Casey was guilty and  therefore he may not want have wanted to be involved with helping to get a guilty person off.
  4. He may have developed a conscience as he worked on the trial and felt that he couldn’t live with himself if he helped her in any way.
  5. He may have received threats and such vile emails and feedback and calls from passionate people who believe Casey is guilty. Andrea Lyons and Jose Baez have both reported receiving threat and hate mail because of their defending Casey. He may have been frightened away from continuing to assist in  Casey’s  for fear that something might happen to him or to his family.
  6. If he did succeed in manipulating the jury pool in  Casey’s favor and Casey was found not guilty the hateful repercussions towards him would be enormous.
  7. Perhaps he found out the secret location where the jury would be pooled from and realized it would be a losing battle.
  8. He may not have wanted to have such  a significant loss on his  pristine record.
  9. He may have realized that he would never get paid even if he was promised payment at the end.
  10. He may not have had the  three months to devote to this trial and work for free if he received a paying job during those months.
  11. Perhaps all the press he received from the 48 hours piece increased his business from attorneys to the point that he has become overwhelmed and now needs to focus on his new high paying clients.
  12. Maybe he had arranged with Jose all along to  only conduct a focus group that would show Casey in a positive light  for the pre trial publicity so that both he and Jose could benefit. Maybe he never had any intention of actually engaging in  the jury selection process.
  13. Maybe he couldn’t stand working with Jose Baez or Cheney Mason and found it unbearable to continue working on the case with them.
  14. Maybe Casey tried to manipulate him as she has done with every other man with whom she has come in contact and it
  15. He realized that picking a jury will be a losing task and he may not be successful in picking a jury, especially with the Sunshine Laws in effect in Florida
  16. He may have believed that the media has tainted the jury pool to the point that he could never chose a jury for Casey.
  17. He may feels that that he has been stifled in how to properly vet potential  jurors they have a bias on the case after  Judge Perry would not allow him to use  a questionnaire to ask jurors what they feel about the case and what they heard about the case which could take one hour per juror.

Whatever the reason he is no longer on the team. Initially I was very concerned that there would be an unfair playing field with him at the jury selection helm because the prosecution had no jury consultant on their team.  Now that he is gone, there is a much better chance that there will be a fair trial for Casey Anthony in terms of what jury has been selected.

Family Dysfunction Can Not Explain Why Casey Anthony Didn’t Respond for 31 Days
April 21, 2011

The defenses’ argument that Casey Anthony didn’t respond for 31 days due to “family dysfunction” and that Casey  feared her father’s violence and mother’s wrath is completely lame in my view. No jury will buy it in my estimation. Even if that is the case, they will wonder why she didn’t go to brother Lee or to one of her friends or boyfriends.  

They will especially not buy that “fear of coming home and telling her parents because she feared their wrath” excuse. After  looking  at the Jailhouse tapes of Casey and her parents, they will clearly see  that it is SHE who runs them, not vice versa. She is the one in control.

Her father George even point-blank tells his daughter she is in control. If they read his jailhouse letters he sent to her, they will see him literally begging for her to see him. This once again indicates that it is Casey who is in control.


George has been an absentee non- involved father it appears,  based on her comments to him “ Act like a father for the first time in you life.”  If she feared George’s violence, she would never have spoken to him like that.  

Yes, George may very well have a temper when pushed to his limit as we saw him on the lawn of his own home when he reacted violently. But under the circumstances, it is not difficult  to understand his outbursts when people were on his property and name calling. All of the shame, embarrassment and trying to keep it all together finally got to him.

Just because he may have shoved a few protesters does not mean he beat up on Casey and that she feared his violence towards her. If that were the case, as soon as she was in the home, he may have let her have it when she refused to say where Caylee was located.

Did he molest her? That may very well be a possibility. But that still wouldn’t account for her waiting 31 days to come home or to tell what happened to Casey. Apparently, when her father encountered her and spoke to her about the gas tanks she said something vulgar to him. If someone fears you, they don’t mouth off to you because they are petrified of what the person  may do to you.    

If Casey claims that George beat her and also beat Caylee and she was saving Caylee from George, this will be the lamest thing she can ever say.

Caylee was the one who brought joy into George’s life. He has been the one who has grieved the most for Caylee it appears.   From the tattoo of Caylee over his heart and the sincere body language and communication in terms of how he discusses her, he clealry adored her.  It doesn’t make sense that he would do Caylee any harm. There is no motive in my view. Why would he destroy the only one thing in his life that brought him joy. Since he had no job, it wasn’t his work that brought him joy. It certainly was not Cindy that brought him joy  based on what we have seen of them and what we have heard of their past troubles.


As far as fearing Cindy, there was no question that  Cindy would no doubt  yell and scream and carry on as we have all seen her do. But Casey was the one  in control in that relationship as Cindy enabled her as Cindy  constantly covered for her,  just as she is doing  now .

Casey  was so in control over Cindy that she manipulated her by not telling her she dropped out of school and didn’t have a job and that there was a Zanny the Nanny . It was a “cat and mouse”  type of game Casey played with Cindy  for years to “get one over” on her.

There is no doubt that Casey detested Cindy for trying to control her and Caylee. While you can see that controlling behavior of Cindy’s  in the jailhouse tapes when Cindy says to Casey to look up so she can see Casey’s eyes. But then you can also see Casey’s hatred and sadism towards Cindy when Cindy was crying and Casey was laughing. Caey  says to her father, “What is this one crying about?” Casey was loving that she got Cindy upset. She was loving the control she was having over Cindy just as she loved the control by punishing Cindy for threatening to throw her out and keep Caylee.

Casey made sure that she would have the final control over her not being thrown out and cindy keeping Caylee by taking Caylee from the  home and never returning with her. Casey knew this would devastate Cindy. Caylee had never been away from George and Cindy for less than a day, so for Cindy to not make calls  to law enforcement and try to find Casey and Caylee after 10 days, let alone 31 days speaks volumes. It speaks to Cindy’s  stubbornness and pride and her own disdain towards Casey.

Having said all of this, even though she and Cindy had a dysfunctional relationship, there was no excuse for her to not tell Cindy right away. In fact,  the sooner  she told Cindy, the sooner she would havesadistic joy at seeing Cindy in pain over the loss of Caylee. But it  was Casey’s attempt to remain in control and to figure out what to do to explain away what she allegedly did to Caylee.


 Even if she detested and feared her parents, what about good old brother Lee? Apparently she loved him. After all, as she said on her facebook page, he was the coolest brother one could have. Why couldn’t she tell him during those 31 days?  She certainly didn’t fear him as we can see from the jailhouse tapes. Until recently, when she discovered that he had manipualted her for law enforcement, she thought he was her biggest ally.

And then there was her best friend Amy Huizinga and her other friends and the myriad of men. Why couldn’t she confide in them?

It was because she was  in the process if concocting her kidnap Zanny the Nanny story to explain what happened to Caylee and not have anyone point the finger at her allegedly doing away with Caylee.It was to work on the  story that it was someone else’s fault Caylee went missing- not hers.

There was no doubt that Casey  was in her  own world of denial and passive aggressiveness.This wasn’t the first time Casey displayed her denial and passive agressiveness. She definately displayed it when she was pregnant with Caylee and didn’t  tell her mother until she was well along in her prgnanacy. Cindy had no idea Casey was pregnant and even told her own brother Rick Plesea that Casey was a virgin, after  he confronted Cindy about Casey’s weight gain. Casey obviously does not deal with things right away and apprentlhy hopes the problem will just disappear on its own just like she did in this case with Caylee.   

 The longer that Caylee was  not around, the  longer Casey didn’t have to think about her parents or Caylee . The longer she could spend partying and having fun in the moment. We saw it when she partied and got” Bella Vida”  tattooed without thinking of Caylee.

After all, why should she?  In Casey’s abberant thoughts , Caylee was nothing but a huge burden to her. She didn’t even want Caylee  in the first place and allegedly thought so little of her, that  when she allegedly did away with Caylee,  she threw her  dead body into a garbage bag, just  like a piece of trash.

  Her motives to do away with Caylee were strong.

  1. Caylee kept her bonded and connected to her mother Cindy whom she detested.
  2.  Caylee interfered with her social night  life.
  3.  Caylee interfered with her daily life of doing whatever she was doing when she wasn’t working.
  4. Caylee interfered with her sex life, her boyfriends and spending time with them.
  5. Caylee interfered with all the attention that was supposed to go to her.    
  6. Caylee was a vehicle to be used to  hurt Cindy.
  7. Caylee was a source of competition which she resented.
  8. All the money that was spent on Caylee. her clothes and toys could have been spent on Casey.

The bottom line is that the defense will not succeed  if they present their theory of Casey’s fear of her parents to a jury. They  will  simply wonder why she didn’t get help from someone else if she was  so afraid of her parents.

Casey Anthony Jury Consultant Seen on 48 Hours Only Did “Focus Group” Which Acquitted Casey Anthony, Not A “Mock Trial” Which May Have Given A Different Result
April 18, 2011


I saw  the 48 hours piece where they showcased Casey Anthony . They used a lot of early footage from a previous 48 hours before Caylee’s bones were discovered. The reason they most likely  aired it  again  in my view,  and just added a few elements like Linda Baden’s opinion and the focus group by Richard Gabriel,  was simple – ratings and sweep season.

Sweep season is the time of year when shows and networks do everything in order to garner huge ratings. If they do get the ratings during April and May, they get top advertising dollar for their show. So in my view that is why viewers saw the show again.


As far a Linda Kenny Baden is concerned, isn’t she supposed to remain quiet as a former attorney for Casey? Aren’t  attorneys supposed to never speak about a client or their case if they are no longer representing the person? Aren’t there some ethics that they have to abide by in this regard? Personally, since she was a member of the defense team in the past, she has no business discussing the case, especially on the air.

I could understand it is she was a legal commentator and it wasn’t a case she was involved with, but to me it verges on being a bit unethical. She admitted that Casey lied and then on the next breath said there was no DNA on the duct tape and that it didn’t have Casey’s or Caylee’s DNA on it. Of course it wouldn’t have anyone’s DNA on it if it was underwater for months and months and eaten by animals and plant growth was on it.

The fact that duct tape was anywhere near Caylee says enough to me if I was a juror.  It wouldn’t matter if it had Caylee or Casey’s DNA on it. Just the fact that it was near her and that the  child was dead would make me put two and two together in  terms of what Casey did with that duct tape in relation to Caylee.

Then when Linda admitted Casey lied and was so nonchalant about it, I found it appalling. She in essence said, so what if Casey lied!  That doesn’t mean that if she lied,  she murdered Caylee. Well,  Ms. Baden, it also can mean that if she lied, she didn’t NOT murder Caylee.  Casey didn’t just lie to a boyfriend or to her parents. She lied to law enforcement which is HUGE! She send them on a wild goose chase which is HUGE!!!! A jury will hate that!


I thought that the focus group was  very misleading to viewers. It  gave the impression that a  mock trial was done and Casey was not found guilty of first degree murder. This was only a focus group . It was was NOT  a mock trial. The focus group evidently acquitted  her of first degree murder. All of  those in the  focus group  gave her involuntary manslaughter. They said it was an accident and that poor Casey was afraid to tell anyone or call her parents.

 In a real trial it is essential to know who is on that jury. Who were the people on this jury? Were they  young single mothers who identified with Casey? Were there people who didn’t get along with their parents? Were there any men who may have an affinity for Casey?


During jury selection these perspective jurors will be asked a multitude of questions before they are accepted by BOTH sides to serve on the jury. Baez and Gabriel will want to choose people who were young single moms, girls who like to party or partied hearty in the past, non educated people white single men in their 20’s,attractive young women and men, non religious people, people who have had problems with their parents  in the past and still do, people who have been sexually molested in the past, people who have not been that responsible in their lives.

The prosecution will want scientific type people, educated people who don’t have any difficulty understanding the English language, Latinos (who tend to be very family oriented), strong Black women who are no nonsense, men and women tend to be very family oriented, people with no parental issues, no sexual molestation or abuse issues, responsible people, professionals, single  mothers who work and have a job.

When you do jury selection it is not based on political correctness. Instead, it is often based on cultural  behaviors of certain sex , educational,  racial, and ethnic groups as well as behavioral manifestations. To be a great jury consultant you have to know people from all walks of life and how they most likely think.

Richard Gabriel is a  very good jury consultant as he has done it for many years and even wrote a book on the subject. That is why I am very concerned about him. He will choose the very best jury to benefit Casey, just as he chose the best focus group which acquitted Casey.   

The prosecution needs to be up to par with Gilbert or even better and one step ahead of him. Unfortunately the prosecution has decided to not use a jury consultant as they want to do this on their own because of budgetary and who knows what else reason. Those in charge of the attorneys have naively stated that they want to treat the Anthony case just like they treat their other homicide cases in Central Florida and not get caught up in the media frenzy.

Personally I think they are being extremely naive. This is the case of the century besides OJ .  This case requires a LOT of special attention especially since they have Richard Gilbert on the defense team . If they get someone locally do help them out they will be doing themselves a huge disservice. They need someone equal to or savvier than Gilbert who can really read people and who can make sure that someone has not leaked into the jury box who with certain prejudices  which may be harmful to the prosecution and justice being served.  

You not only need jury selection expertise who need someone in the courtroom for two months of the trial who is looking at each of the jurors and scrutinizing them when you examine and cross examine the witness to see how they are perceiving you. You need to see which juror is with you and which ones aren’t. Only an astute jury consultant can tell you what is really going on.   


Casey cannot control her behaviors. Her arrogance and aberrant behaviors will surface just as they surfaced every time  she appeared in the courtroom thus far.

We have all seen her up close and personal and frankly she is not likeable. They will also detest Cindy when she gets up on the stand and they will be repulsed by brother Lee. Some may find sympathy for George while others will detest him as well. When they see the jailhouse tapes of him they will see kowtowing he is towards Casey and will not respect him in the least. So Casey’s dysfunctional family which she obviously runs and controls will have a negative impact on how the jury perceives her.

A jury will like Jose in my view who may very well be her only saving grace int he trial. No matter what you think of Jose and his lack of experience  and past behavior a jury will like him more than they like anyone else on Casey’s team.As they say in Portuguese , he is less worse.  A jury will be completely turned off by Cheney Mason if he keeps touching and whispering to Casey and is accepting of her flirtations. They will wonder what is going on between the two of them.

In contrast the jury will love Linda Drane Burdick’s professionalism and demeanor and will respect Jeff Ashton’s bold and direct and no nonsense approach.

  Who is on that jury is the key to what will happen to Casey Anthony. Friday Judge Belvin Perry said that he would keep the cameras on when they have jury selection. That will be awesome to see. I can’t wait to watch it.

Having just done jury selection on a capital case in Orlando, Florida last month, since I chose a jury of six plus one alternate. It may be different in Casey’s case but I don’t think so. Everything will rest on what they think and feel about Casey and what they think she did or didn’t do to Caylee.

A defendant may have all the evidence working in their favor and the best attorneys, but if the jury can’t stand you or doesn’t believe you, you can forget about it. To many jurors, fact that Casey lied to law enforcement means that she could easily lie about what she did or did not do to innocent little Caylee.


When Cindy said that Caylee was not Casey’s  child, she belonged to all of them it spoke volumes to Then when she denied that Casey had a problem with her she was either in denial or lied .  Of course Casey had a problem with her or she wouldn’t be in the predicament she is in. Cindy told Casey that she wad going to throw her out and keep Caylee so Casey left with Caylee. The reason why Casey did whatever she did to Caylee was because of Cindy and their relationship in my view. Cindy was large and in charge and tried to take over. Casey resented it and in her sociopathic passive aggressive way eliminated Caylee from the picture.

‘I don’t buy that it was an accident as some of the focus group attendees said in the 48  Hours piece. Even if Casey gave Caylee chloroform to put her to sleep and then  put the duct tape over Caylees mouth to keep her quiet in case she woke up in the trunk where she was placed so that Casey could party this is not an accident. Even if  Casey was too drunk and accidentally placed the duct tape over Casey’s nose and mouth  instead of  just her mouth, that was not an accident in my view. Even if Caylee drowned in the pool, that was not an accident in my view. How can a child drown in a pool if a parent is there holding the child? If Casey was on her cell phone and left Caylee in the pool by herself that is not an accident. Subconsciously Casey wanted Caylee gone and out of her life and proof of that was her partying when Caylee went missing.

There is no excuse or explanation one could manufacture for that to happen. Deep down Casey resented Caylee and any “accident” was done subconsciously  on purpose in my view. I hope that the prosecution will probe into this so that no juror comes away thinking that Caylee’s death was an accident. When an accident happens there is an immediacy of dealing with it- not 31 days later. And her fear of her mother is bogus. As a jury will see from the jailhouse tapes,  Casey  ran both her father and her mother!  The only “accident” was that Casey considered Caylee a huge  accident when she became  pregnant with Caylee and lost her social freedom. Tragically,  Casey made Caylee pay for that” accident”  with her life.


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