Paula Deen’s Body Language, Fake Tears, Insincere Apology, and Racist Punchline Tuned Off Fans and Sponsors

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Deep down, Paula Deen did not  feel that  she did anything wrong. Hence you hear her empty sounding hollow apologies. She made three apologies, one worse sounding than the other.The body doesn’t lie and neither does the voice.

Her tears were non-tears with no liquid in them. And worse or all she used a phrase”I is what I is” which is the punchline of a racist joke.  She went from the fire into the frying pan and fried her reputation for good.

Had she said, “Look I said that 20 something years ago out of anger at one particular person.  I am ashamed of it. Let’s move on because I am not a racist and for anyone to think so is wrong.   But let us use this as a teaching moment that whether we are black or white we must eliminate that word from our lexicon because it brings hurt to everyone.Let’s stop using it in our music and  everywhere else.”

She also needed to put her money where her mouth was and say that she was starting up an educational fund where she would go to schools along with other professionals to teach children about not using hurtful words and telling racist jokes to hurt others.

But instead she got way too defensive about a black guy having a gun to her head and then ending it with an over the top dramatic statement about throwing a stone so hard that it should kill her and then shockingly saying “I is what I is.” She didn’t say “i am what I am”but made reference to  racist joke.

Here is the joke:

There was a black guy and a white guy.
They were debating over whether god was white or black.
The white guy said that there was only one way to find out and that is to
So they go up on a hill and they pray, and pray, and pray.
Finally they hear a voice say, “I am what I am.”
The white guy jumps up, and says, “Aha, I told you he was white.”
The black guy jumps up and says, “What do you mean? That didn’t prove
“Yes it did. Because if he was black he would’ve said I is what I is.”

Her insincere apology and defensive explanation on the Today show  is the reason why she has been dropped by so many including Walmart and Target and her diabetes drug company.

It is not that she said the N words over two decades ago. It is that she now showed no remorse . it was  her body language and how she said it that turned people off.


Lindsay Lohan’s Body Language In Liz and Dick Was Wooden with Monotone Voice


Lindsay Lohan may have been a precocious  child actress who made scenes seem believable when she appeared in Parent Trap and Freaky Friday. However, as an good adult actress in  her Liz and Dick performance, she needs a lot of work in the acting department in my view . Her performance was one dimentional,  stiff and mechanical in most places. It was devoid of natural emotion which made the lines she recited unbelievable .

In other places when she did invoke emotion, it was completely over the top. In fact her facial expression and fake tears were so over the top in places that it looked comical. . It as like watching a beginning actress perform  her first role .’’

The lack of vocal inflection amplified the wooden performance. There was also  no chemistry between her and the fellow who played Richard Burton  There was way too much kissing for so little chemistry on screen. This made it very uncomfortable for the viewer to watch.

In my view, Lindsay has  clearly lost her  acting “chops”.   It is no wonder why. Acting is not like riding a bicycle where you can get on and ride after decades of not riding. Acting , like it does for athletics, requires steady practice and skill. She may have been a natural actress as a  child. But as an adult she needs practice,  skill and  formal training. It is a different ball game for a child actress and an adult actress. She simply does not have the skills and it showed.

Instead of spending years in courtrooms and in the tabloids she needed to spend them in an acting class so that she would never have done such a sloppy over the top and wooden performance as she did in the suicide scene which turned out to be comical.


She clearly relied on cigarettes as props in almost every scene. It was an acting crutch. The focus was on the cigarette and not on her. Yes we got that people of that era smoked but not all the time.




Besides the mechanical acting which any beginning actress could have performed in my view, her speech pattern also did not lend itself to being credible. She was sloppy in her cadence and did not articulate her words.

Also several times in the script she used the term “screwed” as a  colloquialism. This

term was not part of the slang back in the 1960’s. No one used the term “screwed. ”For this gaffe I blame the writers .  I also blame the writers on their lame dialogue. No one speaks like they wrote. It was awful. Lindsay’s monotonous uninflected  delivery of these awful lines didn’t help matters either.

Elizabeth Taylor had impeccable diction and Lindsay’s rapid paced delivery of her lines destroyed the illusion of Elizabeth Taylor.




Whenever she laughed in various scenes  you could hear  breathiness and a raspiness. It sounded like a smokers laugh. It was not pleasant to  hear.

The quality of her  voice is also of concern to me as a former voice and speech consultant who worked with countless actors to help heal their vocal pathologies.

Her voice is hoarse and husky. It does not fit the voice pattern of a 20 something young woman. It makes her sound considerably older and harsher.  This voice quality if often  heard when there is  vocal pathology often associated with too much drinking , or smoking or drugging and misuse of the voice.

When people sound like that on a consistent basis it can often  be a sign of  a physical issue from vocal nodules, vocal polyps,  contact ulcers on the vocal folds to even throat cancer. Now I am not saying Lindsay has throat cancer. I am saying that with an voice like that,  she desperately needs to see an ear nose and throat physician for a major medical checkup.


While I take pity on Lindsay for her Toxic parents who  constantly appear to “sell her down the river “ in order to get publicity  for themselves by taking from their daughter’s limelight, ,the public is not so forgiving when it comes to acting.

Countless  actors have Toxic families but it doesn’t interfere their acting. In my view, her family issues  clearly have clearly  affected her acting skills. She needs to spend  every day in acting class or with a private acting coach to get some skills if she wants to be a serious actress . Most important f all she needs in invest in  a voice and speech coach.

Casey Anthony Dad Gets Cold Body Language Reception from Jeff Ashton At Victory Party

After looking at the video footage of George Anthony , who had the unmitigated gall to insert himself into the news once again by purposely showing up as an unwelcome guest  at Jeff Aston’s victory party in his race for State Attorney for Orange and Osceola counties, it was apparent that Ashton was not happy about Anthony’s presence.

George was not invited and  based on the body language of Jeff Ashton, George was clearly not welcome.  This was Ashton’s night, not George’s. A nice thank you note would have sufficed. George did not need to show up.

George clearly  did it for his ego as he no doubt misses all the press attention on im and playing “Mr. Golly Gee Poor Me Victim.”  His ego, no doubt became fulfilled everyday when he was in the news. He defended his daughter Casey and did interview after interview claiming her innocence at allegedly killing her daughter Caylee until  the tables turned and he was  being accused of molesting Casey , was  subsequently found not guilty. George’s presence was also a statement  to Casey that he was siding with prosecutors and that he is not happy that Casey  was not found guilty and is now free. It also says that he is still angry at Casey for throwing him under the bus and accusing him of molesting and sexually abusing her.

George showed up at  the victory party at Friendly Confines in  Winter Park shortly after the media announced it was a win for Ashton. George no doubt showed up to let everyone know that the reason Ashton won was because of the Anthony case and that he is still relevant.

Well truth be told, George is not relevant and Ashton won the election despite losing the Casey Anthony case, not because of it.

Body language wise Ashton was not thrilled to see George. Ashton did not smile  a wide smile or do the eyebrow flash one does when they are genuinely happy to see someone. Instead he had a look of surprise on his face reflecting that he didn’t want George to be a part of this.

He di not embrace George or hug George. Instead there was a very distanced handshake. That means that their hands and arms were extended far away during the greeting as they shook hands. This indicated  that Ashton was trying to keep George as far away as possible form him.

The handshake was short  and there was  no lingering on either side  . Ashton quickly broke away and turned his back on George as George then awkwardly tuned away.

George clearly felt the embarrassment based on  the sheepish expression in his face,

Ashton’s subsequent  intriew to the press was also telling as he was monotone and guarded in his tones . He stammered through the interview as he said “ When I  was informed that George Anthony was there I , I , I was surprised”.

Look at his facial expression as he sais this. Does this look like a man who is talking about being happy that he saw someone at his victory party? The answer is a resounding NO! Look at the down turned  lips and look of disgust as though he just smelled something bad as he recalls the incident.

HE then says “I was surprised” yet he shows no look of surprise. Instead he leaks out anger as he makes this statement with a clenched jaw.

I wasn’t expecting him to to appear. But but…. ( look at Ashton’s look of revulsion once  again as though he is going to throw up as he continues

by saying “   I was pleasantly surprised ) as he shakes his head NO and has no smile) as I had not seen him “ (as he turns  away his head) in a long time. I shook his hand uh and he uh congratulated me. “

Ashton turn his head as he says this because he wants to literally turn away from this interview and not discuss George Anthony. He was obviously annoyed George showed up and it showed in Ashtons tone of voice and in his signals of deception,

His stammering and eye blinking all reflect that he is not saying what he really wanted to say which most likely was “ I wish this jerk would not have shown up to my party as he had no business being there.”

Ashton’s body language showed clear evidence thathe didn’t want George there. He does not like George as indicated by his body language. The faced George to the side. He did not face George directly and his toes were not pointing directly in front of George which would have indicated that he liked him.

He had his shoulder up towards George and in essence gave him the cold shoulder  as you can see.The handshake was short and there was a lot of physical distance between he and George which is a signal that he wanted to keep his distance from George.

After they shake hands and Ashton breaks away he turn away and has a tense smile and literally moves away from George.

Then Ashton abruptly and  immediately turns away from George and looks down as if to break any contact ot associatation with him. Ashton clearly knew what George’s motive was. It was no doubt in Ashton’s view to put attention on George and to take away from Ashton’s moment . Ashton clearly he was having none of it and that is why he spent so little time with George. he wanted no part of the association at his party.


George defienatly got he message as she sheepishly turned away and looked down in embarrassment with no place to go. He wasn;t smiling as he clearly got that he was not welcome there.

Ashton ends the interview my saying :It was nce to see him: but his body language says something elese as he leaks out a slight head shake that indicated  no he a not glad to see him and he continues to frown as he makes this statement in a monotone unenthusiastic voice. He also immediately purses his lips as you can see which indicates he has nothing more to say on the topic.

Self Absorbed Manipulative Body Language of Casey Anthony’s Latest Self Video

A  video blog made three months ago was just released  of Casey Anthony discussing her favorite topic- herself!  As repulsive as it is for me to watch, I managed to sit through it and analyzed her body language,  voice and communication patterns.

In general we see Casey with her new image which mirrors her mother Cindy’s  image complete with  short bleached blond hair that resembles her mother Cindy”s outdated do-  the very person she detests and the cause of all of her troubles.

To read more click below 

Scott Sternberg Peddles Casey Anthony for 3/4 of a Million Dolllars

Nothing  repulses me more  than hearing anything out of  liar Casey Anthony’s mouth, aside from producer Scott Stenberg trying to cash in on the action and make a quick  buck off her back and the back of a dead baby. If he sells it I am boycotting it and him to boot.

No one deserves to make money off of  a dead baby- CayleeMarie Anthony. We have wasted enough time  dissecting this case. We have heard ALL that Casey Anthony has to say with her body language and repeated verbal and vocal  lies.

We have  even heard her  liar mother  Cindy lie repeatedly  on the stand and in the media. We have heard the same lies from her father and brother Lee .  It is over! Let this precious baby rest in peace.

If Scott  Sternberg whom I happen to know personally sells this sleeze for the  three quarters of a million dollars….


George Anthony Severs Ties With Casey, Cindy Says He’s No Molestor, And Offers Wimpy Opinion About Casey Babysitting

Dr. Phil’s last installment of the Anthony interview was  exceptional in terms of revealing who George and Cindy really are as people. George Anthony essentially

divorced Casey He said that he   believes it is impossible to reconnect with Casey. Those are very powerful words, especially from George who has displayed  wimp-like communication  all along,

He said her was shocked by the verdict and shook when he heard it. This means  his body language reflected  so much anger,  he physically could no longer  control  his body movements.

He also said   he  believes Casey  should be held responsible for Caylee’s death, indicating  George has finally taken off his blinders. But all his power was

quickly lost when he spoke about Casey babysitting  his future grand baby Cindy spins and spins the molestation allegations against George.But her verbal spin do not coincide with her body language tells. To read more click  the link below






How Can George and Cindy Anthony’s Marriage Last When They Disagree About What Really Happened to Caylee?


As George Anthony appeared on Part 2 of his interview on  the Dr. Phil Show,  once again,  he was a liar when it came to discussing  his relationship with River Cruz . In fact Dr. Phil asked him Did you have a romantic relationship with River Cruz?

George  says No sir  and smiles his goofy fake Stan Laurel of Laurel and Hardy fame smile. He  swallows hard,  which is a major signal of deception, especially  in the context of what was asked.

Dr. Phil then told him that he didn’t want to play the semantics game.   He asked George if he had an intimate relationship with River. Once again George swallowed hard and blinked repeatedly which  indicated deception.

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