Sexual Assault of CBS Reporter May Be A Warning Sign to All Female Reporters Who Cover Stories In Countries Where Women Have Limited or No Rights

The case of CBS Chief correspondent Lara Logan’s rape and beating by a gang of Egyptians in Tahrir Square who were  celebrating the stepping down of President Mubarak is  beyond appalling. But it is not at all surprising. This  isn’t the first time that a beautiful  female reporter has been violated.

In 2008, a  similarly beautiful blond  reporter,  Joanie de Rijke, a Dutch journalist went to search  for the Taliban in Afghanistan and found them. But she did not find them hospitable. Instead  fact found them to be a violent bunch of rapists who held her captive and repeatedly raped her.

Like Lara Logan, de Rijke was released by her captives, but she was not released until a week later only after a $137,000 ransom was paid on her behalf while being continually raped.

The ordeal obviously took it’s toll on her psychologically as she no doubt suffered from Stockholm Syndrome whereby she identified with her captors by stating ‘They also respected me, ‘They are not monsters.

Any man who rapes a woman is clearly a “monster!” A rapist respects no one- not even himself!

Two years later beautiful reporter  was in Mumbai trying to cover a story  when an angry mob attacked her and tried to rape her.  As the camera lights went out you can hear her guttural  sounds of distress  as she is heard yelling “STOP IT!”  There so no doubt whatsoever that the sound that was heard emanating from her voice was the fear for her life.

While rape and attempted rape is bad enough there is nothing worse than  a woman journalist losing her life because she is reporting in a part of the world that doesn’t respect women and doesn’t acknowledge that they have equal rights.

Zahra Kazemi, an attractive  Canadian freelance photojournalist who was arrested after taking photos outside a Teheran prison during a student  protest  not only suffered torture and rape, she was ultimately killed due to her injuries.

Beautiful Iraqi journalist and  reporter  Atwar Bahjat unfortunately suffered the same fate back in 2006. The Al-Arabiya television presenter was kidnapped, raped  and murdered in Iraq. Bahjat  died  of  bullet wounds to  her  head, neck and chest.

Her rapist ended up confessing to her murder as he stated  in a videotaped confession” We parked beside the main street, I asked the girl to step out and I told her, ‘You are pretty and I like you, and I want to have sex with you,”. Bahjat refused. But I put the pistol to her head, and I raped her.


So now we have Lara Logan who was not physically killed.  But there is no doubt that there was a part of her  that died On February 11, 2010, when  the  humanity and dignity was taken away from  this  39 year old mother of two young children.

The same thing could have happened to her CBS colleague Katie Couric who by the grace of God got out of Egypt  in time, after  being harassed and abused on the streets of Cairo. CBS news anchor   Katie Couric  was suddenly surrounded by a group of angry  men. Her face shows her fear and upset over the situation.


So the question arises “ Should news outlets allow female journalists to cover stories in various parts of the world?

I say NO WAY!!   Let us learn from these incidents. These parts  of the world that are simply not safe for anyone, let alone women, Look at what happened to Anderson Cooper who was repeatedly hit in the head by protesters during the protests in Egypt or Miguel Marquez who was recently roughed up and beaten in Baharain .

While I along with every other American, Canadian and  European is all for women’s rights and women’s equality, there are places in the world where women will never be equal, let alone  have any rights.

In some countries, a woman still must walk in back of a man. They must not speak back to their husbands or they will get slapped and abused. If their husband dies, they cannot go out alone and fend for themselves.

A male relative must do their bidding. If they have no male relative they are simply out of luck. In some parts of the world a woman needs a man’s permission to do anything. A woman cannot  vote or drive, travel abroad or stay out late with friends. They cannot  go to restaurants without a man and they must ask a man’s permission before doing anything. In some countries, a woman’s worth is considered half  a person.

If a woman is raped in certain parts of the world, it is often considered her fault that she was “dishonored” and honor killings to get  rid  of the woman for  embarrassing her family are common.

If a man rapes a woman, nothing usually happened. Under Egyptian President Mubarak’s rule, if a man raped a woman and found guilty, he was sentenced to three years in prison, but the operative words here are”  if he was found  guilty”. Most of the time, the men are not found guilty and if they have to spend time in prison for their act, they are essentially on vacation, with little or no punishment or censure from members of their society.

So what will happen to the Egyptian men who were found guilty of raping  journalist Lara Logan?  Most likely, nothing will happen to them. It is doubtful that anyone will come forth and report the names of the actual rapists for fear of retribution themselves. In fact many would consider the rapists heroes for dishonoring an” Infidel” – an American infidel at that.

Her savage beating  of a reported “sustained sexual attack” actually means that she was no doubt gang raped. There is no way in my view that they will find her gang of rapists, let alone punish them.

It has been reported in the media  that she was saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers but who knows how accurate that report was. The fact that she got out alive is a miracle in itself. The fact that she  reconnected with her news crew,  returned to her hotel and was able to walk aboard a plane on the on the first flight out of Cairo to the US  the next morning is also a miracle.

I don’t believe any woman should be put into harm’s way. They are defenseless in certain countries and need to know all of the possible consequences before they commit to such assignments.

More than anyone else the world, the Israeli Defense Services know the dangers of women in combat in certain regions in the Middle East. Several years ago they  temporarily took on women in front line roles as part of a test  which investigated women in combat.

The results were so bad that they determined that  women could  no longer serve front line roles in the Israeli military but women could still serve in other forms of combat such as
fighter pilots , artillery gunners and most roles in the navy.

The bottom line is that any woman who insists on covering stories in certain parts of the world where sexually assaulting and  raping women and women journalists are common practice, are taking their lives into their own hands.

 The world is not always kind to women and like it or not, in many places they are less than equal.


Rush Limbaugh’s Mocking Chinese Leader’s Accent and Language Is Toxic Behavior


As someone who has taught celebrities accents and dialects for various film roles I am very much attuned to when and where an accent can be imitated. A film role where an actor is depicting the accent of a character  for a role or  a comedian imitating an accent for an act is appropriate. But what   inappropriate in my view is a political talk show host mocking a political leader’s language and accent.

Rush Limbaugh not only  imitated Chinese leader Hu Jintau’s  Chinese accent but  made fun of the Chinese language by saying the leader was just saying” ching chong, ching chong cha.” I believe this crosses to line and is totally unacceptable. To add insult to injury Limbaugh had the audacity to say on the radio that he  “did a remarkable job” of imitating China’s president for someone who doesn’t know a language spoken by more than 1 billion people.”

 He may be the only one that thinks he did a remarkable job as this is clearly a distorted way of  thinking.  In fact Asian American lawmakers nationally have denounced his actions. While  Limbaugh may have been entitled to  disagree with the content  of Hu’s speech and share his views on what the Chinese President said,  he was not entitled to mock and make fun of the Chinese language or speech pattern or how the Chinese leader spoke. This was offensive.


 In fact many Chinese American leaders  such as California  Senator Leland Yee views what Limbaugh did as racist and derogatory towards  the Chinese people.

People have been so upset about tit that they have called for a boycott of advertisers on Limbaugh radio show and rightfully so.

To justify his insensitive behavior Limbaugh  said “Back in the old days, Sid Caesar, for those of you old enough to remember, was called a comic genius for impersonating foreign languages that he couldn’t speak. “But today the left says that was racism; it was bigotry; it was insulting. And it wasn’t. It was a service.”

 Limbaugh’s crude and rude behavior is not a matter of left or right. It is a matter of what is wrong and what is right and this behavior was wrong. Back in the day this type of humor may have been tolerated but today comments about other people’s races would never fly.   


Old time comedians like the acrid and biting Don Rickles  who made a career making derogatory  comments about other’s races and religions under the guise of humor is not amusing  in today’s world and  would never fly.

On the other hand it seems to be  a different story if you want to poke humor at your own race or culture like Chris Rock does or Margaret Cho does when she imitates a Korean accent. But someone else who is not of that ethnic origin does it, suddenly they are on you are on touchy territory.  In that case it is no longer funny, it becomes hurtful.

Yee is not the only one who found what Limbaugh said to be upsetting. His protests are joined by Asian-American state and federal lawmakers who say Limbaugh’s comments are” inciting hate and intolerance amid a polarized atmosphere.”A number of civil rights groups, including Chinese for Affirmative Action, Japanese American Citizens League and the California National Organization for Women, have joined Yee in calling on sponsors to pull advertisements from Limbaugh’s program.

An online petition has been created on Yee’s website.

“I want an apology at the very least,” said New York Assemblywoman Grace Meng, a Queens Democrat. “Making fun of any country’s leader is just very disrespectful for someone who says he is a proud American.”

She added: “He was, in his own way, trying to attack the leader of another country, and that’s his prerogative as well, but at the same time he offended 13 percent of New York City’s population.”

Fourteen  million Asian-Americans live in the United States and their may even be more if one counts mixed races. California alone has more than 12 percent of the state’s 38 million population.

Right after Yee  and other Asian-American lawmakers demanded an apology from Limbaugh,Yee shared that he  received racist death threats and obscene phone messages.

This is unconscionable! Receiving death threats just for wanting an apology from a socially insensitive radio host and defending his ethnic heritage against racist attacks?

Thank goodness it has been reported that Yee’s staff has received additional security training to deal with this Toxic situation. But the bottom line is that in this day and age  it is very poor  judgement  to  poke fun an anyone;s language or their accent. Rush needs to step up and admit he made and error in judgement and apologize .



Pastor Terry Jones’ Body Language Shows Trepidation and Reluctance But He’s Painted Himself Into A Corner Making Him Likely To Proceed With His Koran Burning

Based on his body language and speech pattern Gainesville Pastor Terry Jones  shows considerable fear and trepidation. He does NOT appear to  want to go through with his act of burning Korans. He does not show someone who is 100 percent behind doing what he proposes to do. You can see what I am speaking about as you look at this video of the Pastor during his ABC Nightline  interview.

 The perspiration pattern on his face as well as his stuttering and stammering  constant uh;s , and hesitations as well as the  stumbling over words,  shoulder shrugging and

the lip licking  are all indications that he shows trepidation. He knows what he is doing is not right but he said he just wanted to make a statement.  

Initially,  he most likely  did this publicity stunt  as a way to bring  attention to himself and to his small church. He said he did  as only a  “Warning.” In fact he tried to leave himself a way out by stating that he is still praying on it and that if he gets a sign from Lord he will not go through with his plan.

 But now it has grown into something that is way over his head with world leaders weighing in. He has clearly heard the message from  President Obama  to  Secretary of State Clinton  to  General Petreas. Even the Vatican that said  “ Don’t do it.”  The NYPD and the FBI  have openly told him not to do it.

He has even seen what his actions have already created with Muslims now burning the American flag in retaliation.

 Even though his  body language  and speech patterns on the Nightline interview with his sweating and stammering clearly indicate  he knows  what he is going to do is  not right, he  has somehow managed  to convince himself that if Jesus  was alive, he would burn the Koran. This distorted thinking along with the eyes of the world upon him has pushed him into a psychological  corner. This means that he will defiantly go through with his act.

It is much like telling a teenager not to do something. They know you are giving them the right advice. But  because  they have a  stronger desire to rebel,  assert their independence,  and express themselves, they go  ahead and do the wrong thing  anyway. It is no different in this situation. The world has said NO, and out of rebellion,  Pastor Jones  is going to do it anyway.

His words indicate that he knows the consequences for his actions. He  stated that he and his congregation were  willing to die for his belief. He said he will even be carrying arms. He has herd the deth threats against him and knows there may be bloodshed. So  now he may very well  feel that he doesn’t have a choice but to go on with his Koran burning as scheduled.

In Pastor Jones mind,  saving face appears to be  more important than ever. He sees the eyes of the world watching him. If he backs down he will think that the world is seeing him as being cowardly.  Little does he know that the act of desecrating one’s  holy bible is cowardly.

An ideal situation would be that  someone whom he respects who is not like minded  share with him  that going ahead with his plan is cowardly. He needs to hear that if he backs down the world will not see him as being cowardly or weak. On the contrary, he  will  be seen as a person who did not incite violence but could help create peace. 

In a Democracy, one does have the Right to Free Speech. However, you can’t yell” fire”  in a crowded building.  This is exactly what Pastor Jones is doing here. He is screaming “fire”  in an  already flammable world where tensions run high. He is inciting the flames of hatred against America amongst Muslims worldwide.  

Pastor Jones did what he wanted to do- bring worldwide attention to  himself and to his church. But now he needs to back away from taking his publicity stunt to the next level and creating a stage for world violence.

Unfortunately unless there is some bonfire ordinance in Gainesville, Florida  that you can’t have an open fire  between 6 and 9 pm on a  Saturday night the Pastor will go through will his unfortunate  act. Only an act of  law or an act of God could prevent this event from taking place. If it does take place, the repercussions will be frightening.

Obama’s Body Language Bowing to Akahito is A Big Hit in Japan.Lighting Obama on Fire Will Be A Big Hit In China

Obama bowing on Japan
President Obama got a lot of approval from the Japanese for this body language. In Japan the lower you bow means the more respect you have for someone. As you can see he has bowed very low indicating extreme deference. In a culture where age is revered, Emperor Akihito, who will soon be turning 76 was shown a sign of admiration. So Obama’s very low bow was a good thing for intercultural relations.

I am a firm believer that if you go to someone’s countryMIcheel patting queen<
a. know the rules and protocol before you go
b. follow the rules and protocol while you are there and
c. continue to show respect for the people and the country while you are there.

Perhaps the President leaned from the faux pas his wife Michelle made a while back when she casually patted England’s Queen Elizabeth on the back when they visited the Queen their Buckingham Palace . While I personally thought it was a very sweet gesture of affection on Michelle’s part- a gesture that a warm American would make, she was not in America. She needed to follow the protocol of what is expected when dealing with a Queen of England.

As Michelle unknowingly put her arm in back of the Queen like we do in the US, the Queen ‘s body language showed she was uncomfortable . She did not like what was happening. The Queen’s body is turned away from Michelle and her arm is stiff and in an awkward position (near Michelle’s buttocks}. The Queen does not reciprocate and put her hand on Michelle’s waist as one would expect. No doubt this an awkward moment for the Queen as her body language showed. She was not used to people breaking protocol which was established among the British Royalty for centuries.
There is no question that the queen wasn’t too happy about this as you can see her clenched fist on Michelle’s buttocks. That is a clear sign of inner anger and upset. It indicates that she was not happy with this. The Queen was not alone in her feelings as the British press gave Michelle a lot of flak for breaking protocol and as they saw it, not showing respect for the Queen.

Tomorrow Obama goes to China where they will be doing something that most Americans would find offensive. Apparently they have constructed a huge bust of Obama modeled after his Man of the Year photo in Time Magazine. They will be lighting him on fire very few minutes. They have constructed holes for gas to escape as the stature will ignite every few minutes. In the US that would be a huge insult to burn a President but apparently it is not in China. There it is the biggest compliment. It means he is “ so hot right now.” In fact the artist who constructed the work said “this piece represents energy and life that Obama has given to the world.”

So as the saying goes ”when in Rome do as the Roman’s do.”

TSA Airport Screener’s Body Language, Hostile Tones, and Abusive Behaviors Stimulate Traveler’s Airport and Air Rage.

Screening travelers at the airport for weapons or dangerous items is definitely a necessity these days. Perhaps even taking off one’s shoes, albeit inconvenient, is acceptable if it prevents a terrorist from lighting up his shoes like the shoe bomber was planning to do mid flight. But what is NOT acceptable is the generalized hostile behavior and the rudeness of TSA screeners at the airport towards innocent travelers. After seeing this up close and personal, I decided to do something about it and contacted the TSA.

On my recent trip to Orlando, Florida and back I did some research and studied the body language and vocal tones of ALL of the TSA workers I observed and found that 98 percent exhibited hostile body language and vocal tones. There were only a small 2 percent who said“ please” or thank you to passengers or had a smile. I also witnessed that the hostile attitudes of the workers often resulted in some type of angry tone and hostile interchange with various travelers.

Because I was feeling so bad after I finished passing through the airport security line as opposed to my feeling so good when I entered the line, I decided to see if other passengers were feeling as badly and to objectively observe what it was in the screeners actions and body language was making passengers feel so bad.

In my particular case, I was happy, chipper and excited when I entered the line because I was going to the other “happiest place on earth” besides California’s Disneyland. I was going to Florida’s Disney World to see Epcot and most important of all, to take my precious, wonderful and adorable mother on a surprise to see her favorite singer in the world, Argentinean performer Daniel Bouchet. He happened to be performing in Orlando on a Saturday night, so I decided to surprise my mom with a weekend trip to Orlando to see him. I was also feeling good because I just completed writing the last chapter of my latest book so it was a kind of reward trip for me as well.

But as soon as I took off my shoes and placed them in the container where I placed my laptop, I was jarred by the barking hostile loud staccato tone that said “don’t put your shoes there!” “Laptops have to be separate!” I then took the shoes out and stuck them on the conveyor belt to which I was barked at in a disgusted hostile tone “ You have to put your shoes a container!” Now I had to get a container even though other people were in line. So I did what she said. I passed through the line, but her tones left me a little shaken.

I recalled another incident I observed a month earlier when I flew to NYC a I heard a TSA officer yell at an attractive young woman wearing a jogging outfit to take off her jacket .which was actually not a jacket but the other half of her jogging outfit. Politely I heard the young woman say with a smile that it wasn’t a jacket but her top“ Then I heard “You have to take off all jackets!” The girl once again pleaded and told the TSA worker she had nothing underneath just a bra.” In a robotic reply in a hostile tone was “ All jackets have to be taken off” as she made the girl a glass booth after she called a supervisor. Then a supervisor and a team of other TSA worker, let the young woman pass. By this time the young woman was clearly visibly shaken up.

It was not only humiliating for the young woman, but it was an upsetting thing for passengers to see because “there by the grace go them.” It could happen to anyone based on the whim of a TSA security worker or their ignorance as it was in this case or their robotic blindness to follow the rule of “no jacket wearing,” without using their common sense or a modicum of flexibility.

But back to back to my experience after I went through the security. After collecting my bags I stood at the end of the line just to examine the faces of other travelers who may now be feeling as bad I was after going through the security check. I decided to specifically look for specific facial “tells” on their faces to determine tension and upset. Almost everyone I looked, until I had to leave to catch my flight, shared the same expression of having some degree of facial tension.

Although I didn’t hear any altercations between passengers and TSA security workers at this juncture, I thought back to the countless times I did observe an alteration between an upset passenger with a hostile and rude security guard. In recalling back, there is no doubt that tone of voice and body language were the contributing elements to the upset.

On my way back from Orlando I clearly observed these aggressive hostile body language and facial language and hateful tones by most of the TSA workers. One in particular a large morbidly obese woman of color spoke to an elderly woman in a wheelchair in such an ugly tone that it upset the woman to the point she was visibly shaken. The woman complained about the TSA officer running her dirty gloved hands through the woman’s hear twice. The woman assured her that there were no weapons of mass destruction on her hair and the security worker responded in a hostile manner.

There was absolutely no need for this and I clearly let this be known by contacting the with the supervisor and sharing with him what I had seen his employee do to the innocent woman. He made note of it and said he would speak to the TSA worker about it.

It was then and thee that I came up with a better idea. I thought that I should be speaking to ALL TSA workers about it. I should be giving the seminars in how to Communicate the passengers in a respectful manner and not create unnecessary hostile reactions and upset innocent people all day long. I needed to show them how to comport themselves not only using the right tones and words but the right Body Language as well so that they won’t create defensive reactions.

I also needed to show them what to look for in screening those who may be terrorists. I needed to teach them the specific “tells” that terrorists and others who wish to commit nefarious acts do with their bodies, faces, and tone of voice and speech patterns. I needed to show them we what to look for so that they don’t harass innocent passengers and treat them like terrorists.

The horrific behaviors of the TSA Screeners have essentially turned them into terrorists who terrorize innocent travelers. After speaking with several stewardesses I was informed that business is down. They shared that many people simply aren’t flying as much anymore and they lost a lot of business Why should they fly? If they are treated so poorly and harassed every time they fly, many feel, why bother? The airlines have lost a lot of business because of the improperly trained and hostile behaviors of the TSA Screeners. I am convinced of that.

TSA can still catch terrorists or potential terrorists with verbal honey rather than vinegar. They can still catch “evil doers” with a smile and a kindwords as opposed to treating every one as if they were ready to blow up a plane. Through their hostile and rude actions, they are blowing up the travel industry with less people flying.

When pilots with their proper identifications and security checks aren’t allowed to carry on their standard tool boxes onto a plane to fix things on the plane in flight, that is a huge problem. If TSA worried about the pilot’s identity why not do what they did at Epcot where they take everyone’s fingerprint as they go through the turnstile? Why not match the pilot’s fingerprints with a pilot fingerprint database. If he passes the check, give him his box of tools so he can fix something onboard mid-flight that could save a passenger’s lives.

Instead of moaning and groaning, I did something about my observations. This morning sent an email to TSA offering up my services to train security workers how to a. treat passengers with respect and b. how to screen for real terrorists., not innocent men, women, and children. Hopefully they will respond. Hopefully they will allow me to provide them with a seminar that can result in making a difference the next time to decided to go to the airport and take you next trip.

Fashion Designed To Curb Swine Flu Impedes Body Language

Swine Flu Fashion Impedes Body Language and Communication Patterns
Swine Flu Fashion Impedes Body Language and Communication Patterns

While it is a very clever, ingenious. and practical idea for fashionistas who appeared at a recent fashion show Barcelona, to design an article of clothing to help curb the intake of potential swine flu germs, it doesn’t do much for a person’s body language, facial language or their voice patterns.
Because there is an automatic physical barrier of cloth already up, covering the person’s nose and mouthm psychologically people may tend to add to that defensive barrier as we see in this photo. The model’s tense eye gaze and somewhat furrowed brow illustrate clearly what I mean. It doesn’t make one look very friendly and inviting Instead it’s rather alienating to others.
Smiles are so essential for warm interactions between people. So if a smile is hidden, people are not able to project the accurate message they may intend to project. People may misread them. Thus, fewer people will be making the first move when it comes to readily approaching others.
As for speech and vocal projection, the added material covering the nose and mouth can create a muffled effect, thereby disturbing one’s ability to fully project their voice. Even if the material is thin, it still creates a barrier which closes off the best optimum conditions through which the sound waves must travel to make a sound and to hear the correctly articulated sound.
As the cloth impedes the movement of the lips and teeth and tongue, a lot of sounds may be distorted. So instead of hearing “Go” we may now be mis hearing it as “No”, thereby adding to the confusion of communication where there is so much confusion already. For most of us it’s a constant ongoing battle to decipher what people really mean and whether we interpreted correctly. This fashion statement certainly is not going to improve matters.
But having said all of this for some, it still may be worth wearing this new item of clothing if it does in fact prevent this frightening and deadly disease (H1N1)- a disease that has unnecessarily taken too many lives already.