“The body doesn…

“The body doesn’t lie. Neither does the voice or speech pattern.” – Dr. Lillian Glass


Prince Willliam Doesn’t Need Justin Beiber’s Toxic Advice on Propecia Where Side Effects Include Impotence and Man Breasts


Justin Bieber clearly needs a reality check. The  cheeky teenager had the audacity to insult the Royals by his Toxic statement that  Prince William’s thinning hairline is downright embarrassing. 

Beiber  obviously doesn’t believe that  “bald is beautiful .“ But when he hits his late 20’ or early 30’s we may hear him singing a different tune (no pun intended).

Bieber told UK’s  Rollercoaster magazine. “I mean, there are things to prevent that nowadays, like Propecia,” Bieber said.

He added, “I don’t know why he doesn’t just get those things, those products. You just take Propecia and your hair grows back. Have you not got it over here?”

 Justin expressed is naivety and ignorance on several levels. On one level, there are those who  gladly accept themselves and their thinning hairline and don’t care  about it. They believe there is a lot more to them than the way they look and how many hairs they have on their head.

 Besides many women like myself  think men who are bald are sexy , just as men who have thinning hair, or a lot of hair, or greying hair ,or any colored hair are sexy. For these women a man’s hair is irrelevant when it comes to his looks and attraction.

Next,  the Prince as  with many men, would  no doubt much prefer having a few less stands of hair than suffer the side effects ofPropecia (like erectile dysfunctionimpotence, low libido and gynecomestica (man breasts).

 These men who don’t share Beiber’s Propecia  sharing advice know that the devastating truth for many men who take the drug is that the side effects did not disappear after they stopped taking Proecia and that years later still suffering in silence with a seriously reduced quality of life due to erectile dysfunction and impotence.

The purpose of this site is to spread the word  to others considering using Propecia and also to provide as an informational exchange and gathering place for those who are already suffering.

So  here is a message to uneducated Justin. Justin before you make ignorant statements like recommending that the Prince or anyone else begin using Propecia when they see a few less hairs on their head, know what you are talking about.

 Believe it or not, because of the enormous stage Beiber has and the number of males he can reach through his music, he has a lot of people’s ears-both males and females. The last thing  any male teenager or young adult (or  man at any age) would want to do would be to heed Beiber’s advice without knowing the risks that the drug could potentially change their life forever- and not in a good way.

Dolphin Body Language Helps US Military

The Straight of Hormuz may be closed by Iran. As a result, the  US military will send in their very best allies, They will send in dolphins who have been trained to detect mines with their unique communication skills and body language .

All dolphins  have sonar , so advanced that  they can differentiate specific coins from hundreds of  feet away . The  US Navy have many  b dolphins who are taught to hunt for mines and drop acoustic transponders nearby.In the above photo you can see dolphins with a  tracking deviceattached to its fin.

The the dolphins only detect the mines, they don’t destroy them and they are unharmed according to the military.

These  US dolphins are being  trained and used for peace purposes unlike the Iranian dolphins which were purchased 12 years ago from the Soviets who’s navy initially trained them  kill and attack warships and frogmen. All of these killing dolphins who were  trained to attack enemy frogmen with harpoons attached to their backs, or to drag them to the surface to be taken into captivity were sold to Iran, because the trainer could no longer feed them after they were sent to an aquatic attraction in Sevastopol.

Many of these killer dolphins are capable of undertaking  kamikaze strikes against enemy carrying mines that would explode a ship on contact with its hull. In fact the dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller. Dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller.

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Octomom Neglects Medical Care for Child With Cleft Lip Which May Cause Speech Defect


Otomom Nadya Suleman  was on the  Today show with her  out of control brood. The kids were running around and being babysat by  Today Show anchors Natalie Morales,  David Gregory, and Ann Curry as well as Nadya’s oldest daughter. 

While  all of the kids were adorable,  they were undisciplined to the point that one of them ran backstage and had to be retrieved by the oldest daughter Aliya. 

Another child  fell in between a Today Show set and had to be  picked up by Ann Curry.While the  scene was disturbing enough, there was something else that I observed that upset me greatly.

 One of Suleman’s octups who was born with a cleft lip has not yet had surgery to repair his lip. This  is unconscionable ! Nadya needs to be reported for child neglect for not taking care of this child’s medical condition in my view.

Cleft  lip repair is usually done  when the child  between 6 and 12 months.It   is essential to do the repair when the child is that young in order to  help eliminate speech problems and feeding  problems as the  child develops.

 If the surgery is put off until much later,  proper development of   speech skills may suffer.  The child may not be able to adequately develop their bilabial sounds of p, b, m, and w. Nadya”s  child is now 2 1/2 years old. He needed to have had the surgery at least a year ago.

If Nadya has put off this baby’s surgery, what else has she put off with regard to the health needs of the other children? I hope he is being monitored on a regular basis by social workers. Someone has to look in on her to make sure these kids are all right and to make sure this baby’s lip will be repaired soon. www.drlillianglass.com

Jurors Believed What George Told River Cruz About An Accident That Snowballed And Did Not Like How George Fought With Baez

According to the alternate jury who has been the only juror speaking up on behalf  of the 12 jurors seen above, they believed that Caylee’s death  was an accident that snowballed.  That term was the exact one used by George’s mistress River Cruz. They believed River and  what she said George  had told her about Caylee’s death being and accident that snowballed.

The alternate said that they also believed that George knew about it and helped in the cover up. If that is the case, now it finally  makes sense  to me that that George was not involved in the family interrogation when Casey was questioned by her mother and  Lee as to what happened to Caylee.

They also did not like it when George was belligerent with Jose Baez. They did not like how he argued with Jose and how he spoke to Jose. The jury loved Jose Baez. I have always told you this since day one. I have always said how a jury would like Jose because of how he presents himself and I was correct in that they did like him.

They did not like George and I knew they wouldn’t. They did not like that he cheated on his wife and  had an affair with River Cruz. They did not like that he lied as they believed he had an affair.

They also did not believe the “smell of death” that George spoke of in relation to the car when he picked it up. They said that George having been in LE would have reported it to the police. He said the man with George who was with him when he picked up the car  didn’t smell it, so they did not buy what George said.

They also said they  they didn’t believe the body was in the trunk and that none of them could see a stain. The also found the hair in the trunk to be a problem.

Because they liked  and trusted Jose so much, they believed what he told them about a very serious accident that was covered up. In addition they did not like Ashton and felt he di not prove his case. Likewise, they did not like it when Ashton sparred with Jose Baez.

The jurors also believed the myriad of Casey’s  friends who came forth and said she was a good mother, according to the alternate.

About Casey’s  lying, he said that Casey lied years before anything happened to Caylee and that wa just how her dysfunctional family operated.

Once again, I believed that they were swayed by Baez because of his passion and how well he presented his and Casey’s side to them.

The alternate said that he wanted to know from the prosecution,  how Caylee died and that is a question we will never know for sure. He said that he wanted them to have  presented more evidence

The alternate is very brave to speak out in all of the morning shows and said that the other jurors will not come forward.

In fact the media set up  chairs with the jurors numbers on them and  no one showed up. Based on public sentiment, the jurors are now afraid to speak up. They are afraid of death threats like the one;s Cindy and George received. They want to go home to their lives in Pinnelas County and be done with this stressful  six-week experience.

Finally he praised Judge Perry and the Sheriff’s Department for treated them well when they were sequestered. www.drlillianglass.com

River Cruz Shows No Signals of Deception About Affair With George Anthony But Credibility Is In Question With Regard to Past History



River Cruz   aka Krystal Holloway reached  out to me after I did a blog stating that she appeared to be credible with regard to her having an affair with George Anthony.  I saw a  videotape of her being interviewed by  a WESH 2 reporter and saw no signals  of deception.  She and I discussed her relationship with George Anthony in great graphic detail. At that time I felt she was telling the truth.

She  let me know about her brushes with the law  and her sister’s  serious criminal background as well.   She told me about her name  River Cruz  being a combination of her mom’s last name and a nickname her father called her. She  said she and her sister  Skye both  changed their names  because they liked these names better.  She told me that  that she was reluctant to come forward about her affair  and kept it a secret.  But when detectives came to her house and showed her the text messages and phone call records she came forward.

She also told me she did lie to the detectives and told them she didn’t have an affair when she did  because  she was scared and wanted to protect George because he was married. She  said she  was ashamed of  herself for doing so .  She said she knew it was wrong to have an affair  with a married man.

 I  then told her that lying to LE was a very bad thing and that her credibility would always be in question because of that. She stated she was aware of that.

She told me that she wanted no part of the media and that her sister Skye was the one who sold the story to the Enquirer.

I asked her in April 2010  if George told  her what  happened to Caylee. She told me that George said it was an accident that snowballed out of control. I asked her what kind of accident? I asked if it was a chloroform accident or whether George was telling her that because he was just trying to protect Casey. She said she didn’t know because that was all he said to her. 

She also shared that she met  Cindy  as well and that Cindy was overly medicated. She also said George told her he had no money and could not buy groceries so she gave him a few thousand dollars of her saved money.

River then shared with me how upset she was with all the media attention on her and didn’t want it. She said that the bloggers were saying hateful things  about her. I suggested that she stop reading the blogs and ignore it. She said she was very depressed about it. I then suggested she speak to a licensed therapist in her area. She said she could not afford it. I then suggested she speak to a clergyman.  She said she would seek help.

The next day I became aware  that she had attempted suicide and remained hospitalized for several days. She called me a couple of days later to let me know she was OK.  I  and encouraged her to seek professional help on a regular basis.

Based on the tonal quality and speech content  when I spoke to her over  the phone over a year ago  I did not hear any signals of deception in my analysis.


River was very nervous on the stand. She took many deep breaths and her eyes opened widely. She made several facial contortions  indicative of nervousness. When she spoke of the origination of  her name River Cruz to Baez , it was the same thing she told me a year earlier.

Image wise  don’t think River was dressed well for her day in court. I think she needed to have worn a dress, makeup, and worn  her hair down in my view.


When asked if she had in intimate relationship with Mr. Anthony she did not hesitate and showed no signals of deception and her voice was clear. George looked at  her in anger and embarrassment as there were several times he looked down. Cindy hid her head but did manage to sneak a peek at River.

The same is true when she was asked if Mr. Anthony came to her house. She said he came about twelve times  which  sounded believable.

Here we see George with his finger over his lip which means he wants her to not reveal the details of their affair. He looks down in embarrassment as he knows what she is saying  is true.

Here we  see George hiding behind an audience member when River was asked if she gave him money. It indicates that she very well may have given him money and that he was embarrassed by it.

Here River talks about what George said about it being and accident that snowballed out of control . When she described where  she sat ( (on the floor) and where he sat (on the couch) I knew it was true as she said the same thing to me. When she said she did not ask him anything further I again knew she was being truthful because she said the same thing to me.

When River discusses the money, Cindy sneaks a peek at River again  while George looks up and wishes this was over. There were no signals of deception when it came to her discussing that he gave her money.

She is not lying about being with George during the memorial for Caylee. She showed no signals of deception and told me the same thing. She also told me that they had done something intimately that they  never did before and the fact that he never contacted her after the memorial devastated  her.

She did not go to the media after the relationship ended until the detectives came to see her two years later. This is true as she says it confidently with no signals of deception. She also discusses the text George sent  that  the police presented her with that said Thinking of  You I need You in my life. That proves the affair  to a greater degree in my view.

As she says this Cindy sneaks anther peek.

On cross examination  Ashton was very aggressive when he tried to insinuate that she inserted herself  into their lives for publicity. She said she did not which is truthful as she never would have gone  the press had the detectives not shown up at her door. If she had a plan to do so, she would have done it well before two years.

She was also being honest when she said that she went to the National Enquier who she believed  presented her story in a non sensational way.  Here she stood head to head with Ashton.

Ashton was overly aggressive as he discussed the story being more sexy if she had an affair with George. She calmly said that she did have an affair with George which once again appeared credible  without signals of deception. She said it with confidence.

When Ashton brought up the letters where George referenced  Cindy, it didn’t matter. Cindy knew her  as well.  Even though I don’t see the significance  of this it makes me very upset that River knew Cindy and had an affair with her husband a married man.

 She admitted she lied and she was truthful about lying. Ashton was really trying to push River’s’ buttons after that but she maintained her place as to what she heard George say. She did not waver and showed no signals of deception.

Ashton’s way of  interrogation insinuated that River was a publicity seeker and that she conveniently told the press she had an affair when she said she did not do so. I can understand how he might think that when she lied to LE that she was lying  that  did have an affair.

She was so flustered  by Mr. Ashton’s questioning , that she took off her top. She was honest  with Ashton . When  Baez questioned her  she told the truth about their affair and about how her sister went to the media two years after the affair.

Then it became too much for River. She was asked to read her statement where she said how George said it was an accident and she broke down on the stand.

She is telling the truth. George looked away and crosses his fingers in a prayer like and self comforting position. He knows what he said is true.

The bottom line is that River was telling the truth and showed no signals of deception whatsoever during her testimony. It was Mr. Ashton’s tone   during his questioning and her feeling flustered as well as her previous lies that cast doubt on what she said on the stand.  www.drlillianglass.com

Cindy Anthony’s Voice and Body Language Show Lies On Stand In Attempt to Protect Casey

One of the most tell tale  signals of deception was when Cindy discussed that she purchased the car with stains in the trunk. As she said this her voice croaked and trailed off. This indicates a lie. It was her vocal cord muscles closing off because the muscles functioned tightly as they  knew that a lie was being told.

Cindy looked very defensive as she spoke as you can see by her raised shoulders and her pulled back body.

When a person jabbers on and on and on and on chances are they are lying. Cindy did such jabbering when she spoke about her passwords at work and reasons why she couldn’t verify her time of being home or at work. She gave way too much information and made way too many excuses for it to be truthful. She went off on tangents that had nothing to do with what she  was asked. This is also an indicator of deception.

She  purses her lips after she says that she looked up” inhalation.” That is usually a signal of deception. Casey looks surprised that her mother was trying to save her behind.

She also shows a signal of deception when she speaks about “neck breaking” and how she looked it up because there as a youtube video that said neck breaking skate boarding. This is not true as indicated by her head bow and shoulder shrug and sticking her own neck forward.

She pursed her lips again when she said she searched “acetone” which is also a signal of deception.

Here we see the lip  purse when Cindy is busted about looking up chloroform and looking it up 84 times. She said she looked up chloroform which was ridiculous. It was obvious that she lied based on her tone and based on her body language.

Here we see Cindy scratching her eye  as she discusses how the computer was on all the time and how she didn’t need a password to get on and how she asked Casey to get on the computer, If she had a laptop why did she have to ask Casey if she could use the computer.

No matter what Cindy says, the jury will see through her. They will hear her deceptive vocal tells and they will see her deceptive body language  tells. They know she is lying to save her daughter’s life. They saw her break down and now know she is trying to back track.

The judge will give an order to the jurors not to base their judgement  because they  sorry for anyone. The jury will not forget Cindy’s  most real breakdown on the stand  and her not even looking in Casey’s direction. Then they will remember her mouthing I Love You to Casey as she left the stand the second time she testified. Now the third time she is covering up. They know what is going on. They will see right through her,

Cindy’s protecting Casey says a lot a about how Cindy really feels about Caylee. Apparently Cindy cares more about the person who murdered Caylee than she does about Caylee being murdered. If I am seeing  this so clearly, a jury will as well.I think they will be angry that they are being manipulated by Cindy, who showed a great deal of unlike ability on the stand today.