Teacher Intentionally Put Students Into Gorilla Cage With Gorilla

I  am shaken up by the  killing of  innocent  Harambe, the  gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. I am also  angry at the negligent parents, who according to witnesses,  let their child run wild and  who, smilingly  and cavalierly told the press “accidents happen.”  It was not news to them that their child was rambunctious. That is why they needed to be even more vigilant  This disturbing incident  bothers me so much becuase it personally  hits close to home for me. I too was in a gorilla cage with a gorilla. I wasn’t there because I fell  into the cage like the little 4 year old boy. Instead, I was in a cage with a gorilla becaused  I was forced  into the cage   by my high school journalism teacher , the late  Marlene  E. Adams.

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Gorilla With Human Emotions Who Tried To Protect Boy Should Never Have Been Killed


Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.34.26 AMWith all that we have learned about Gorilla communication throughout the years  and how intelligent  and loving they are and how they can communicate with humans via sign language, I am devastated  by  the murder of Harambe a 17 year old Silverback Gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. Gorillas have  similar emotions  to humans as we have learned from researchers and Koko, the famous  signing Gorilla. It must have been  emotionally devastating for Harambe  in his final moments when he realized a gun was pointing at him.

He was not harming the child even though he picked  up the child .

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 7.09.32 AM

Most likely he was moving the child away to protect the child. This was not a Gorilla who had a history of violence,.He was most likely doing what the famous sign language Gorilla did  with her pet kitten and that was to comfort it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.39.45 AM

Apparently the child was running around  and fell into to Gorilla’s habitat. It is unconscionable that a beautiful animal is dead as a result of a mother’s negligence of her wild child. The child who was 4 should have been taught better and should not have been running around unsupervised. Even though the child was in the Gorilla’s space there was no indication that the boy was being harmed.

It was an ignorant Zoo worker who made that call  and used firearms which caused the Gorilla to die.

Let’s say for argument’s sake that  the boy was being harmed. Why use a weapon to kill the beautiful anima?. Why not use a tranquilizer gun? Why not use medicine instead of bullets?

The whole ordeal  particularly sickens me in that I have  studied animal communication throughout my career. As a result,  I  know how Gorilla’s think and communicate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.38.58 AM

Look at this photo above, Look at how a gorilla is able to express their emotions and to express their needs.They not only do it when they are trained, they do it naturally, in the wild . That is how they communicate with one another.


One of the most extraordinary experiences I had when I was visiting the Tsavo in Kenya was witnessing  a baboon using sign language when she encountered tourists on a bus  where she  signed ” Feed me”.


I was fortunate enough to have documented this incident in photos which I have now framed and hung in my office to always remind me how we are all one and how communication is the essence of life.

While that was a Baboon, Gorillas also communicate without being taught sign language as they do it with one another in the wild.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.39.25 AM

They can even paint and have their own sense of creativity and art as you can see in this photo above.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 6.34.17 AM

Critics on social media have blamed the mother, which is justified in my view. Discussion is that she will have to pay for what happened. But she is not alone in this mess. The Zoo should be held accountable ,along with the person who used a real gun as opposed to a tranquilizer gun.There is no excuse for this. There should have been a plan in effect for a situation like this which would arise where a tranquilizer gun is kept near the habitat for such emergencies.

I am almost certain that the Cincinnati Zoo will lose revenue for this horrific incident as many people have reported that they would boycott the zoo and never go there again.I can’t blame them.

I am not a fan of zoos with the exception of the San Diego Zoo where the animals are allowed to roam free. I love going there and seeing how the giraffe’s hang out with other creatures.  That in my view is the only  way  to have a zoo. RIP Harambe.




Aaron Hernandez Telling Body Language As Guilty Verdict Is Read

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.43.11 AMRight before the verdict is read we see a cocky and stoic  looking Neanderthal  looking short foreheaded  Aaron Hernandez with his head held high.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.43.36 AM

As soon as he hears the verdict of “Guilty in the First Degree” his eyes close.This indicates that  he is closing off as this is not the verdict he expected to see ot hear.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.43.49 AMHe immediately turns to where his girlfriend and mother are sitting in the courtroom to look at their reaction and perhaps to give them a nonverbal message.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.44.00 AMIn seeing them sob, his own emotions begin to come to the surface as he gets a case of  dry cotton mouth  as he moves his mouth to the side.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.44.17 AMHe purses his lips to hold back emotion and to deal with the dry cotton mouth as his autonomic system is kicking in.  Note that the he bald guard begins  looking in the direction of Hernandez’ emotional mother and girlfriend.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.45.41 AM

He tries to swallow hard as the cotton mouth is really getting uncomfortable as his tongue now protrudes.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.45.51 AM

As he swallows his eyes close in response to the frustration that he is unable to get their attention in making eye contact with them.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.44.45 AM

Hernandez physically moves his head to get a better look at his loved ones as he shifts his eyes all the way in their direction, no doubt wanting to make eye contact with them through their sobs. But as you will see later they are not able to look at him and he cannot catch their eye gaze because their eyes are closed shut, covered and dripping with tears.Note that the guard is not liking what Hernandez is doing as he observes what is happening.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.46.01 AM

The guard doesn’t like what Hernandez is doing  in having so much physcial freedom in turning his head  towards his loved ones, so he whispers something to him like “put your hands in back of you.”

  • Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.46.47 AM

Hernandez does what he is told and leans his head down as he is cuffed by the guard.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 7.47.03 AM

This the is reason Hernandez could not get satisfaction and some emotional comfort from his loved ones- his mother and his girlfriend. They were too busy covering their eyes and stifling their sobs and dabbing their fingers in their eyes to  blot  their tears. The mother’s tears were no doubt for the loss of her son whom she will never see again in this lifetime. The girlfirend’s tears were no doubt that she  lost her big bank bucks and now has to go at it alone and downsize.  While  Hernandez will still get his NFL pension  as long as he is alive, it will mostly go to paying off his lawyers as he had been struggling to pay them throughout the trial according to reports. Since money is scarce and lawyers fees are high, his girlfriend will no longer be living in the manner she had been accustomed to live and that means her home may even have to be sold from under her.

Aaron Hernandez finally got what he deserved, not just for killing this innocent man who happened to be his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend. He got what he deserved for what he did all his life. He was a thug and a bully and flew off the handle and harmed and killed others for pettry perceived slights. He was allowed to get away with everything for so long.

In Florida when he was in college he was allowed to get away with his egregious behavior simply because he was a star player. The NFL also turned a blind eye until they could do so no more. He has felt entitled all of his life because he was allowed to get away with it so much simply because he played football.

It is time we stop idolizing thugs and those engaged in criminal acts and turn a blind eye simply because they can catch a ball, run fast or tackle someone. Those are misplaced values. Now Hernandez will spend his life where he belongs and will never smell freedom. But unfortunately he will be hailed a hero in prison like OJ has been while incarcerated.

Katie Holmes Appears To be More Interested In Photo Ops Than Suri’s Misery

There are no photos more heartbreaking than seeing a child fearing a little innocent puppy. Katie Holmes has been parading little  Suri around  NY like a show  pony to show how much better off Suri is now that Tom is out of the picture and to show what a great mother she is. Well, she is NOT a great mother in my view. She is using little Suri for photo ops and it is sickening.  Every single day Suri has been paraded in front of the paparazzi and there is no doubt that she and or her PR flaks are setting up where and when to shoot the photos.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Paparazzi are not on every street corner in NYC or in LA waiting for a celebrity to make their next move so they can take photos to be placed in a magazine on on an internet site. While the papps may be at certain hangouts stars frequent like Mr.Chows,  Spago, or at a specific celebrity function, or at 435 N. Bedford Drive Medical Office Building or nail salon or eyebrow waxing place in Beverly Hills,   if you see them  at a park with they children or  at the zoo, or at a pet store you can rest assured that the celebrity or the celebrity’s PR person called the papps to tell them where the celebrity will be and what time they will be there. That is why you are seeing Katie and Suri everyday in  so many photo ops doing different things. Do you really think that the papps hang out in pet shops waiting for a celeb? Of course not!

And besides,  Katie has an underground  garage (remember that is the reason she gave Tom as to why she wanted to move there). So if  she didnt want to be noticed all she had to do was get into her  car with tinted windows in her private property underground garage where no one would see her. But she wants to be seen and it is obvious.

In essence she is thumbing up her nose at Tom and saying “Nya nya nya nya nya , Suri and I are happy without you, so there”!) But the truth is Suri is absolutely miserable and horribly unhappy based on her body language. In fact Suri is even more miserable than she was when Tom was in the picture.

Most recently Suri was dragged to a pet shop. It is obvious that this child has not been around a lot of animals as she was absolutely petrified . She was in terror of the little puppy. If Katie gets her the puppy it will be a cruel thing to do to Suri and an even crueler thing to do to the puppy.

Suri is obviously frightened in the pet shop but her mother is doing nothing to comfort her. She does’t even take the little girl’s hand to let her know everything will be OK. Instead, she ignores Suri and her feelings.

Here precious Suri is panic stricken in the pet store. She looks as if she is about to burst into tears any second. Is there anyone there to comfort her? NO! Look at her hands, She is wringing her hands with anxiety and worry. If Katie is so concerned about Suri, she needed to be there at this exact moment to address Suri’s fears.

Suri can’t even look at the puppy she is so terrified. No doubt, this is the first time she was ever in a pet store with all it’s strange smells and animals in cages.She is holding her hands in front of her  showing she is feeling very vulnerable body language wise. Now her lips are turned down and she looks like she is ready to cry.  Now is the time Katie needs to be bending down to comfort her,not below for the photo op the next day.

Katie is all smiles but it is all for show. Look how much physical distance there is between her and and Suri. Suri looks miserable. She is clearly unhappy. When two people in a  photo have such mismatching facial expressions, rest assured that something is wrong and the photo is contrived. Suri had hunched shoulders, something we NEVER saw when Tom was int he picture. She is feeling vulnerable and sad. Her self esteem is suffering based on her body posture.

While Katie does have a bigger smile on her face and now shows her teeth in photos (something she never did with Tom) and wears more casual youthful  and colorful clothing, seeing her in the press each day indicates that she is trying very hard to make a point.

Katie can certainly get one of her six to eight body guards to discretely pick up some ice cream and a cup of coffee for her. She doesn’t need to be photographed getting these things unless she wants to be photographed.And she desperately wants to be photographed with Suri as a prop.

While Katie shows off her smiles, her prop-  little Suri still looks miserable. The only smiling photo of her was at the zoo, while looking at an animal. But when she stopped looking at the animal she was her usual sourpuss self.

Each day Katie has put Suri in the news engaged in different activities. Since Katie apparently spent so much time with Suri in the past, why wasn’t she doing these things with Suri earlier? In one week Suri has been photographed looking

miserable at the zoo

miserable eating ice cream

miserable doing gymnastics at Chelsea Piers

miserable going to the Children’s Museum

and completely miserable on play dates with children to whom she cannot relate.

While Katie wants to show that now that Tom is not around, Suri is a normal child playing with another children. But that is not the case. Since Suri has never had a lot of little friends her age with whom to socialize and since she has been isolated in her formative years, it is very hard for her to relate to other children.

Apparently,  she has been treated like a little adult and not a child according to reports. She allegedly has been raised to do whatever she wants. That won’t cut it when she interacts with another child. There has to be a give and a take. Clearly this is not happening with the other children as you can see in these photos.

She ignores the other children. There are no smiles and no interaction.Suri could care less about her new friend(s). Her body language shows she is completely disinterested.

In fact, she so disliked being around one of her new playmates (an older Asian girl) who was as equally not responsive to her, that Suri reverted to a toddler and demanded her mother pick her up and carry her. Katie obliged.

Most six year olds don’t act like that. Thy don’t want to be a baby and be carried around unless there is something wrong with them emotionally. They want to show they are big girls and boys as they assert their independence and walk by themselves.

If Suri hasn’t had much contact with other children she will have a miserable time at school where other children will be forced upon her.

Also her teachers will definitely not be treating her like a little adult but as a child. Suri will also not get her way all the time. If she doesn’t want to do something that is required of her, she will no doubt be punished . Her permissive upbringing of doing whatever she likes will not work now that she is away from Tom. This will all be foreign to her and highly distressing. I would not be surprised if she acted out as a result.

Going to a strict Catholic school may be a rude awakening for her as she never had any discipline. She was never told “No” that she could not do whatever she wanted. No doubt, her classmates will have had this type structure in their lives which makes them easier to handle. Suri will be like a fish out of water. It will be a shock to her going to a Catholic school which is full of structure and discipline. Because her personality and habits are already formed (we all are by the time we are 5 years old according to Gessel Child Development) she will be even more miserable.

Suri was groomed to go to a Scientology school since she was a toddler and like it or nor, she would probably do much better there in my view than she will in a very structured Catholic  school environment.  The die has already been cast and it will be difficult to transform  the  early values and ideas that have been instilled in her and that are now a part of her.

Suri appears to be very insecure and very needy and very immature for her age with her insisting that she be carried like a baby and holding on to her blanket and her favorite stuffed animal. While it is acceptable for a toddler and a for a four year old, it is not acceptable for a six year old. There is something wrong with a child who can’t leave the house at that age without something to pacify them.

With a reported six to eight  strange body guards around her at all times how could this child not feel insecure and uncomfortable? At least she gre up with her Scientology body guards and feels more secure around them.

Since Katie and Tom are so diametrically opposed to the way they believe in raising child, Suri will no doubt go through additional stress when she is with Katie and  then when she visits her father, who will treat her  the complete opposite  of Katie.

I believe that Suri will suffer emotionally. It shows already. She may need a child psychologist help her cope with her stress, especially as she goes to school and if she begins to act out.

If she did see a child therapist, which she may very well need, rest assured that her father will be furious since Scientologists don’t believe in or respect therapists. Heaven forbid if the therapist recommends ritalin or some other medication for Suri. Remember how vehemently Tom reacted to Matt Lauer when they discussed children being on medication during their infamous Today Show interview where he put Brooke Shields down for needing meds dring her post partum depression? It would certainly be ironic if Tom’s own daughter Suri ended up on medication to help her.

Since Katie has full custody, Katie has full say in what is best for Suri, which may very well include medication if needed.

It is so sad that Suri is now having and will most likely continue to have a hard time adjusting to her new life.. It shows in her body language.

She has a lot of catching up to do in terms of learning to be disciplined and in terms of her social interaction in her upcoming environment. My only hope is that Katie worries less about her own image and photo ops in her desire to  let the world know how well she is doing without Tom, and instead focuses on Suri’s major issues.

The bottom line is that Suri looks miserable as we can all see. Her miserable look is not based on a few photos. It is based on all her photos. This is not a happy child. At 6 years old,  a child needs to be happy.  They need to laugh and smile most of the time. She is clearly not happy being paraded around every day and having the papps shoot her photos. There  also seems to be a lot of tension between her and Katie.  Perhaps a visit from her dad would be a welcoming site and bring the smile she so desperately needs to her face.

Body Language of Sadistic Trump Son’s Glee After Murdering Innocent Animals and Lame PR Spin

After seeing  the photos of  Donald  Trump sons Eric and Donny’s  facial expression of glee as they posed in front of dead animas  they murdered as Eric  carried a beautiful dead leopard who’s life he snuffed out, I was sickend. The they show happiness spoke volumes. Real men in touch with their masculinity  dont delight when they kill . Men who are trying to pose as macho men  who are not  really masculine do this becuase they are so weak as men.

Their father Donald Trump  divides people into 2  categories – winners and losers.While Donald is a winner in my view his animal murdering sons are losers. And PLEASE do not tell me they killed these animals to feed a village in Africa, That is insulting! The press release on this is a joke. The public is not dumb! They get it!  They killed these animals to show they were macho and manly men. They get that these are two weak nurds with no




Dolphin Body Language Helps US Military

The Straight of Hormuz may be closed by Iran. As a result, the  US military will send in their very best allies, They will send in dolphins who have been trained to detect mines with their unique communication skills and body language .

All dolphins  have sonar , so advanced that  they can differentiate specific coins from hundreds of  feet away . The  US Navy have many  b dolphins who are taught to hunt for mines and drop acoustic transponders nearby.In the above photo you can see dolphins with a  tracking deviceattached to its fin.

The the dolphins only detect the mines, they don’t destroy them and they are unharmed according to the military.

These  US dolphins are being  trained and used for peace purposes unlike the Iranian dolphins which were purchased 12 years ago from the Soviets who’s navy initially trained them  kill and attack warships and frogmen. All of these killing dolphins who were  trained to attack enemy frogmen with harpoons attached to their backs, or to drag them to the surface to be taken into captivity were sold to Iran, because the trainer could no longer feed them after they were sent to an aquatic attraction in Sevastopol.

Many of these killer dolphins are capable of undertaking  kamikaze strikes against enemy carrying mines that would explode a ship on contact with its hull. In fact the dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller. Dolphins were allegedly trained to  distinguish foreign and Soviet submarines  use just by the sound of their propeller.

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George and Cindy Flaunt Swimming With The Dolphins As Part of Their PR Image Spin Campaign

The first thing that came to mind when I saw these photos is that the poor dolphin needed to have his mouth and nose and belly  disinfected from TOXIC George and Cindy kissing and touching  the dolphin.

These photos are nothing more than a PR spin to humanize George and Cindy and make them more likeable after getting so many death threats since the trial ended. They expect you  to say” Awww isn’t that sweet. Look at George and Cindy frolicking with the dolphins. Look  how affectionate they are. Aren’t they wonderful?”

But it has just the opposite for me and countless  others. I see it as a continuation of their BS.

How dare these TOXIC people enjoy anything let alone a vacation. Cindy and George need to be in jail like anyone else who  washed the smell out of Casey’s pants, sprayed Fabreez in the car, washed  Caylee’s doll and LIED on the stand. Why are they free? Why is Cindy not in jail for lying about chloroform and her whereabouts when she as at work?  Anyone else would be in jail and wearing a jail uniform not a wet suit.

And TOXIC  George needs to be in a cell for lying about his affair. Why are these Liars- people  who obstructed justice given so many special privileges when anyone else would be doing time?

If you look at the above photos you will see they are of very high quality. That means the paparazzi did not follow then into the Dolphin pool and take photos of them. These photos were taken by the Dolphin experience company. They company would NEVER release photos of their guests to the press. The would lose their business and have lawsuits if they did. All the company cares about is that the guest is happy and  safe and that the dolphins are healthy and happy.. To  them Cindy and George are not important  or celebrities. They don’t need the few thousand dollars that a photo agency would pay them. They make millions of dollars a year on tourists wanting to swim with dolphins.

So that means TOXIC George and Cindy released the photos of them with the dolphins  themselves or had a PR agent do it for a fee. In any event it is thumbing their nose at all their “haters” and saying look you can’t kill me or  hate me because I am on vacation. HA HA     HA HA HA!

It is sickening that they are on vacation with other people’s money. It is sickening that loser George  who could never find work and squandered away family savings on internet porn and gambling according   to many sources,  will  now become  a millionaire when he may have perhaps moved Caylee’s dead body or may have had something to do with Caylee’s death. Listen to Cindy’s tape of Sargent Allen where she said someone helped Casey move the body.

Did these people send us all on an emotional wild goose chase? And please please don’t tell me that these poor parents went through a lot and that you feel sorry for them. Don’t tell me you are a parent too and feel for them. If you feel anything but disgust for them you need to look at yourself.Do you set boundaries with your children? How do you handle your child’s aberrant behaviors? Do you lie, cheat, and steal and manipulate ? If so, do you teach your children these traits like the Anthony’s did?  If so, then I can understand why you identify with these TOXIC PARENTS.

Unless you have your own TV show where you need a “get”  which means  having George and Cindy  on as guests to  give your show ratings, like some people out there, don’t  bother defending  them to me becuase I am not interested in hearing it.

As people find Casey despicable, George and Cindy stand  right three next to her in my view. Casey is the way she is because of them. They taught her how to lie and how to manipulate, cheat, and blame. I hold them  completely accountable. They set no boundaries with her and who knows what they did to her. Who knows if George didn’t molest her or have sex with her .Know what many young ladies who are promiscuous have a history of being sexually molested at an early age.
I cannot get past George not  asking who the father was when  he was told Casey was pregnant, showing up in the delivery room as Casey gave birth, not getting involved in the interrogation of Casey when she first came home and Lee and Cindy wanted to know where Caylee was.

We know DNA showed Lee was not the father but what about George? Was his DNA information sealed and if so why? Is he the father of Caylee?  Did Cindy name Caylee  and treat her like she was her own child because she was George and Casey’s child?  Did George treat Caylee like his own child because she was his child?

Allegedly Cindy’s Texas cousin stated George was an accomplice to the crime. If that is proven to be true he should be in prison forever. Also why did he want to commit suicide? Dr. Keith Ablow  whom  I really respect says  he never saw a grandfather try to commit suicide unless they were guilty. Was George guilty of something like being the father of Cayleee and of having something to so with her death?

With these unanswered questions.  seeing George swim around with dolphins like he has no care in the world, is highly disturbing to see. Seeing Cindy enjoy her new-found wealth is also sickening. Her manipulation on the stand was appalling along with her theatrics.

I hate that these two TOXIC PEOPLE will be getting rich off of the hair, bones, and skull of a little innocent baby. It is  horrible that  a trial just ended and the gruesome details of the child’s death came out and these horrible people are smiling such bright smiles and  enjoying themselves. How could one ever smile such a bright smile when a baby died such a gruesome death?  Or did she really drown on a pool  or in a pool of chloroform and George an Cindy know about it all along? Were  they just manipulating everyone with their theatrics ?Is that why they are finally OK now?

And for those of you that say to me “Leave George and Cindy Alone” I reply Noooooooo! They need to leave me and leave you  alone and the world alone and get the heck out of the limelight so they are never to be heard from again. Any books and films they do or shows they are on need to be boycotted as I see it.