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This year has been the most exciting year of my life as I lived out the dream I have had since I have been 16 years of age- to become a filmmaker. Now I am bona fide film director and producer with my first film “Reinventing Rosalee” which I screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

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It is a film that has touched and motivated everyone who has seen it thus far as its message is that it is “never too late to live your dream”- a message that I  myself and now doing as a filmmaker. The film is about a 101-year-old former Holocaust survivor taken prisoner in a Siberian gulag during WW2. She came to America and lived life with her husband of 60 years and two children. After her husband died and three years later her son died in a medical malpractice tragedy she lost the will to live.   But then a miracle happened. At 86 she became an actress, traveled the world in her 90’s, won a senior beauty pageant at 94, was seen by millions in a Super Bowl commercial at 97, wrote a book of all her original sayings at 99 and at 100 rode the sled dogs in Alaska.

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Thus far the film has won 38 awards from around the including, Russia, Germany, India and the UK.  Seven of those awards are for “Best Director” and “Best Female Director”. Getting those seven awards to confirm to me that I am indeed a  film director – something that I will continue to be.

I just signed my film with a distributor and I am very excited about that and to see what all it brings in the new ventures of this exciting film. Since there will be screenings of the film in New York and in LA it will become Oscar-eligible so we shall see what will happen.

This film has struck a nerve with people and I am thrilled that it can make a difference in people’s lives. One person who saw the film had not seen his parents in 10 years. After seeing the film, the made a reservation the next day and flew to see their parents. Another person who saw the film told me that this film was the best medicine for depression. They had been depressed for years and after seeing this film they had a renewed sense of hope in their life. And countless people who have seen the film have shared with me that it is motivating them to live their own dream and that it is never too late.

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I am one of those people who is living their dream as well and Rosalee, the star of the film who also happens to be my mother has motivated me to do so. Attending screenings of my film, film festivals, meeting wonderful and exciting people, and walking the Red Carpet which I did in Cannes and will be doing at the Los Angeles Film Awards at the famed Raliegh Studios this month has been a dream come true. Rosalee and I will be going to the Jersey Shore Film Festival next week to screen our film and meet some exciting new people.

My plan is to go all the way with this film to see where it goes. I want to reach as many people as I can int he world thru this film so it can enhance their lives as well. So few times does a film impact you so much that you go out and do something positive in your life

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I am not resting on my laurels . Now I really know firsthand what that really means literally as I have 38 laurels now for this film.

Now I am busy working on my second film- a documentary that will also impact people’s lives in a positive way as that is the mission statement of my production company Your Total Image Productions.( http://www.yourtotalimageproductions.com _Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 8.14.06 AM.png

In fact, while I am going to be in New Jersey next week I have several interviews lined up of people whom I am filming to be in the film. So there is no grass growing under my feet as the expression goes.

In additon, I am developing another documentary film along with 6 other feature films which include two romantic comedies, a psychological thriller, a historical drama, an action-adventure film, and an animated feature film.



3 thoughts on “Dr. Lillian Glass Film Director Producer

  1. Wow congrads to you, you are an inspiration to all of us. I really enjoy your blogs and books and I still practice your exercise’s from your “Talk To Win Book”. I wish lots of success for you.


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