Keith Papini’s Body Language Disturbingly Odd on 20/20 Could Wife’s Alleged Kidnapping Be a Hoax?


When someone cannot make eye contact during a 6 part interview,


when they cry  alligator tears with no liquid coming out of their eyes in a 6 part interview,


when the recovery time of an alleged crying breakdown is too quick with milliseconds in length,


when someone inappropriately laughs,


and shows duping delight,


and suddenly pulls their nose.


and when I  hear:

a.  stammering,

b. too much information ( re which hands were chained and tucking in her chain on the freeway so someone would stop)

c. too many convenient  explanations     like why it would make sense for 2 women to be the abductors as opposed to 2 men when questioned by the reporter) and when

d. things  that are too coincidental ,like the balloon launch and  her conveniently re-appearing at Thanksgiving.

it makes me concerned that something about this case and this entire story is amiss. It makes me question if we have all been hoodwinked and whether this is a hoax. I am not saying it is a hoax. I am not accusing anyone of it being a hoax. I am just questioning it.

Here is why I am concerned:

  1. Thanksgiving being mentioned too many times. The fact that Keith  mentioned Thanksgiving several times ( how it was Thanksgiving day and his phone rang, and how Sherri had a conversation with law enforcement about Thanksgiving etc.)  Could this have been a hoax and a  plan by the couple for Sherri to be “released” by Thanksgiving. Maybe maybe not. Maybe it was a coincidence.

2. Seeing  the photos of the couple.


There were too many posed and professional photos like the one of him lifting her up in the air like a ballerina and her looking directly into the camera with his eyes closed, looking away from her. It is a posed photo that is disturbing to me in light of the circumstances. It shows a man who is in control of his wife as you can see in the second black and white photo where he is seen engulfing her with his arm. Are these people with bigger dreams than being a housewife and a salesperson?

3. Keith  being Too In Control. Keith was indeed was in control during the interview as he volunteered up way too much information, some which was contradictory. For instance ,Sherri is allegedly bruised and battered and fragile,  yet he is able to get on the floor with her and the kids for a family hug, which he revealed at the end of the interview. That seemed odd to me.

4. No Photo of Sheri Post Trauma.  Why wasn’t there  photo of how Sheri looked after her alleged ordeal? If she was too vain, why wasn’t  she shown in silhouette or why didn’t we just hear her voice?  Why was Keith the only one speaking for her when it was her ordeal? If she was shown perhaps more people wuld have seen for themselves what happened  to her.

5. Control Freak Keith ? The next thing that concerns  me is  Keith is way  too much in control of this situation, which may possibly indicate to many people  that  perhaps he may have had something to do with the situation. He  allegedly  doesn’t call his wife, but  instead uses an app to track her phone’s location . This indicted  to me that he may be the type of control freak husband  who  may go to extremes to track his wife. He either doesn’t trust her and has to check up on her regularly or he is a control- freak abuser type man.No matter what- this is a huge red flag to me.

6.  Phone App. He used  the phone app and said  she was at the mailbox a mile away. He said he got into HER car and drove to the mailbox. Why did he drive her car  not his car? And again why drive anywhere? Why not call her?   For someone who doesn’t bother to call his wife’s phone, he sure makes a lot of other calls like to his mom and to his kid’s daycare center. Is he calling them to set up an alibi? He called  the school to ask when Sherri picked up the kids and they told him the kids were there. Were the kids conveniently left there? Did he go get the kids immediately?  Did he feel relieved the kids were safe? He didn’t mention that. Instead, he said his family members stepped up and took care of them and he was happy they did that.

7. Selfishness?  And from the interview  I gathered he perhaps may be  a selfish type of man. He said he was glad she was found because he didn’t want to raise his kids alone without her. When asked if he was concerned the kidnappers were out there and if they could do it to someone else, he said no, he was just glad she was back. That is the wrong answer. If someone is kidnapped and returns, one has a concern that the kidnappers  are still on the loose. So that is another thing that makes me and others  question things. Also the fact that he said  NO he was wasn’t concerned was upsetting to many.

8. Sherri’s  Neatly Found Phone? He leaks out telling information as he  volunteers he wasn’t looking for a phone, he was looking for Sherri. That is odd. Wouldn’t Sherri be with her phone? Then he conveniently finds her iphone off the side of the road, with the cords neatly placed on the face of the phone. He seems to be a neat freak type of guy as we saw how neat his house looked . So if that is his pattern, did he neatly place the phone there? Also his taking a  photo of the phone is very peculiar to me personally. Was he setting up an alibi or offering proof that he had nothing to do with the alleged kidnap by “finding” her phone and talking photos to prove it? Why didn’t he wait for law enforcement to do that and to look for tire tracks or something else that may give a clue. The hair on the phone cords was also too obvious to me.It appeared like it got ripped from her head. Those cords are plastic or silicone, so hair wouldn’t usually stick to it so neatly.  Also there is  visible proof of long strands of hair on the cord and then he says her hair was cut off by the abductors. This  shows there is some charge about the hair.This may or may not be of concern.

9.  “Taken” ?  Also he keeps using the word “taken” too many times, He doesn’t say “kidnapped “or “abducted ,but” taken” To me that may be  telling. Also he never mentioned that he was concerned at her being alive or whether someone killed her. He was just concerned that she was “taken.”

10. Attention and Laughing.  He also seems to love attention as we gleaned from the interview. He smiled readily when he said he wanted the marines and a swat team to find his wife. He even laughs at this. This is very indicative of someone who may  crave attention. In addition, he said he was glad the neighbors and the “world” was looking for her. As he said this his eyebrows raised and he smiled in delight. When he said  “everyone in the  whole world is looking for her right now” he laughs like he is enjoying the notoriety that everyone in the world is looking for his wife. His laugh may have possibly indicated duping delight to me that he was thrilled the world got involved .

Also when his son asked him if he was looking for his mother, Keith treats it lightly and laughs. He makes light of it when it is not a laughing matter. In fact to a little boy, it is a very serious matter. He then says to his son “were gonna find her and get her back”. How can he be sure he is going to get her back unless he knows this for sure, or it is a set up? We don’t know this for sure.

11.  Shoulder Shrug?  He said in the interview he was ” gonna do everything he can” to find his wife, but he   shrugs his shoulders. This is often a signal of deception. Why was he shrugging his shoulders?

12.  Not Concerned if She is Dead or Alive?  Then he says something revealing in my view. He doesn’t ask is she is alive or dead . Instead he asks “is she hot,  is she cold,  are they feeding her.” Who thinks like that unless he knows that it is a “they” and not one person. Did he know the “they” he is referring to ?  Did he know what happened? Did he set it up? Did he pay for someone to torture her but not kill her?   That is just speculation . Did he know she was live? Is that why he wondered how she was being treated.? Why did he use those terms?

13. EGO? Then we see he has a pretty big ego and it also validates he may possibly  in control over Sherri as his main thought, which is off  and most revealing, is ”  I thought of her screaming my name  and me not being there.” WHAT??? If someone is kidnapped why would  you think they would be screaming your name? Is he subconsciously revealing that she may  be screaming his name because she may know he is behind this? Why would he think she was screaming his name?  It is too odd a statement to overlook.

14. Not Finishing Though About Birds?  He then says he sees birds and he is thinking of birds. He doesn’t say he saw birds and thought there may be a dead body  around the birds and that the body could be his wife. So that is very odd to  to me as well.MOst people would think of a dead body if the person was missing for so long.

14.  Relationship With Son. His relationship with his 4 year old is very disturbing. He allegedly tells his 4 year old that mommy is missing after a few weeks. A 4 year old is pretty sharp. Wouldn’t they ask and wonder where their mother was all that time? Then the cockamaymie story about the boy seeing his mother and telling her she is not supposed to cry when she is happy is absurd to me in my view. What was also telling was that  he says the boy was in his arms while she held Violet the 2 year old.I also dont buy the story that the son is looking at a poster of his missing mom with his hand on her face and tears in his eyes. A 4 year old  would have tears rolling down his face,  not tears  in his eyes. Wouldn’t he ask about mommy before a few weeks?

15. Makeshift Violet.  And speaking of Violet,  way too much information  was being revealed when Keith relayed that Sherri rolled up a rag or some cloth when she was allegedly in captivity and cradled it and called it Violet. To me that sounds indicative of a psychotic breakdown or perhaps is it something he or she made up? Who knows what really happened?

16. Defensiveness. His defensiveness is also cause for concern. Police said in the  presser , they don’t know if it is or isn’t an abduction. Keith  is defensive as he says ” I know she was taken. My family knows she was taken” as  he smiles a duping delight smile. How does he KNOW she was taken when Law enforcement isn’t sure she was taken?

17. Sister and Sister in Law. Her sister and his sister, they didn’t seem to be too emotional when discussing Sherri going missing. That may or may not seem relevant.


18. Polygraph and Nose Pulling? What was also very telling to me was that he took a polygraph. Polygraphs can be manipulated as that is why they aren’t admissible in a  court of law.Is he possibly a  sociopath as they can often beat a polygraph. He may also not be directly involved and may have convinced himself of that. But to me what was telling was when the reporter asked if during the polygraph they asked “did you have anything to do with her disappearance?” While he said no problem, he  shakes his head  and pulls his nose,  which to me indicates his autonomic nervous system is working overtime and that there is some charge on what he may or may not know.Also who did the polygraph test? What were the results? A polygraph is non infallable.

19.  Too Detailed?  He gets way too detailed as he talks about her taking off  the bag over her head and having no idea where she was, shrugging his shoulders as he says this. Also how was she so close to a freeway?  I wondered how she knew the freeway was nearby. He then says she screamed so hard she coughed up blood. That would be the opposite. You wouldn’t be able to speak if you screamed so hard . Coughing up blood may be due to lung issues or intestinal issues  or may be due to her starving for 22 days. In working with so many people with vocal conditions too much screaming results in a loss of voice not blood.

20. Making It About Him. As he talks about her bumps and bruises and her losing 15 percent of her body weight he says he hugged her for 20 minutes and then felt nauseous. Again he makes it about him- his nausea at looking at her.He should not have said this as if she sees this it will make her feel worse than she already must be feeling.

21. Vague about Branding .Also he was very vague about the branding and until pressed by the reporter he wanted everyone to assume it was on her face but later admitted it wasn’t on her face, when he was essentially called on it.What wasn’t he upfront about it?

22.  Slow Speech. What also was telling was that he was searching for words when he said very very slowly  “it made me sick that there are people out there who could do  do something like this” all said with non-tears.

23.  Hispanics Wearing Masks for 22 Days. What else is suspicious to me is that there was a black SUV and one woman had curly black hair while the other had straight black hair with some gray in it and bushy eyebrows as their faces were always covered. I don’t buy that. They had covered faces for 22 days? No way.  And  to boot they didn’t speak English. Apparently they cut off her hair. Why would they do that unless there was a personal vendetta. It is way too personal an act. Also wouldn’t they feed her to keep her alive so they could get money for her?  Wouldn’t they show some compassion if she was a mother, especially if they were mothers or the 2 Hispanic women were mother and daughter.  How come they didn’t kill her?  Could the truth be that there were no Hispanic women?

24.Too Quick Answer for Being 2 Women Opposed to 2 Men.  He also has too quick an answer when he says it makes sense that his wife would go with two women who asked for help as opposed to two men. If she didn’t see their faces , how were these women driving with a bandana or a mask? Why would Sherri offer to  help or get into their car if she never saw their faces. Then these women allegedly drove 2 1/2 hours and she never sees their faces then or afterwards for for 22  days. This makes me even more suspicious. Is this a hoax?

based on my body language and communication observations I question a lot of things. Are they both in on it or she did it alone? If she did it , was to get back at her control-freak husband?  Was it  a cry for help on her part.? And yes she could have chopped off her own hair, starved herself, punched herself ( like the women who was going to falsely accuse her rich husband of beating her when surveillance camera revealed she was beating herself) or  perhaps punched herself using the chain she had with her, and could have even branded herself or she could have gotten the brand earlier  before she was allegedly abducted.  These are possibilities. If they are in this together then  was it  for a shot at their 15 minutes of fame and fortune?

A. If it was sex traffickers they wouldn’t want a 30 something year old woman and they wouldn’t starve her, beat her ,or cut her hair off in my view. Otherwise who would have sex with her in that condition?  They would release her somewhere when they discovered she was too old and it would be immediately not 22 days later in my view.

B. If it was female sex offenders they usually don’t go for older women. They go for teen boys or girls.  There was also no mention of her being around a male so there was no male sex offender in the mix. While sex traffickers are  known to brand their victims, did she brand herself or paid to be branded like people are paid to be pierced,  before she was allegedly “taken.” Maybe the branding was thrown in to point fingers to sex traffickers and get people to not think about it being a hoax. Again this is speculation but food for thought.

C.  No one asked for sex, money, and no one died  so is this  manufactured?

There also people who are severely mentally ill who  create such scenarios. Remember the runaway bride? Remember that Tawyana Brawley? They  all said  they were beaten and treated horribly when in fact they did it to themselves.

Could all of this high drama kidnapping  be a ploy from the couple to make them famous and to get money?  Keith in the interview certainly got off on the fame part and people knowing  about them and the “world: looking for her as he revealed in his delighted smile.

Were they  paid for the interview ( directly or indirectly)?  So maybe that is what happened.  Maybe not. Nothing else makes sense to me in this case. It is all very confusing.

I hope and pray that it is not a hoax. If it is not a hoax I hope they catch the people that kidnapped her. If it is a hoax then it is a terrible shame.

I also want to say I am not accusing Keith or Sherri of anything. I am not accusing them of this being a hoax. I am merely asking questions which perhaps many people who saw Keith’s performance on 20/20 might ask.

















121 thoughts on “Keith Papini’s Body Language Disturbingly Odd on 20/20 Could Wife’s Alleged Kidnapping Be a Hoax?

  1. DR….you have hit everything on the head. I too, felt all of this during the interview. This guy is waaaay too vain and gave waaay too much info. etc. One other thing : do 4 year olds say, “Dad, you can tell me anything” yo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. And back atachs Goldie. Answer those questions. All I want is their answers. I am not ASS uming anything. ASK Keith why the resucer said she had long hair when she was found and now her hair is cut off as he said. That isnt ASS uming anything. It is ASK ing.

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    1. I caught that too. I asked my co-worker if her 4 yr old made statements like that and she said no also.
      Also, no asking for help finding the offenders and staying in a different place, not for safety but for privacy. Doesn’t add up for me.


    2. I think both of these “wanna -be” attention seekers are trying to pull a fast one. I mean look at the photographs, Sherri with that goofy smile , really thinks she’s a bag of chips and more. The sister who said “oh Sherri’s a super mom”. Really, because she makes them breakfast, doesn’t work and puts them in daycare so she can exercise excessively to maintain her childlike body? Not to mention the creepy husband. These people had more professional photographs taken of themselves than an aspiring model. They were bored with their boring, lower middle class lives and all of their “fun” social media pics weren’t panning out so they devised a plan.
      Sherri was treated and released from the hospital. Really? She was “battered and starved” but she went home for a turkey dinner. Ok. Until I see actual photos of her so called battered body I will remain extremely skeptical of these 2 attention seekers. So many “details”, and yet NO pertinent details about the actual abduction. Seriously Papini couple. A higher than average IQ is needed to pull off a legit hoax.

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      1. And still. The 50 grand donated to the setup GoFundMe account. Never explained #1: where is it NOW. Just a vague blurb “they returned it”…by some random person …um…not buying it. #2: Why a GoFundMe account set up, missing for 20 days? And why? Law Enforcement is looking for her. For an all out search Private Donations are not required… ludicrous. Set up a GoFundMe account immediately to “help” ? Then it’s explained as going to be used as going toward her “recovering from trauma?”. I think not. Victims of Crime Programs are there for that. If GoFundMe accounts are set up for that, well gosh, I am setting one up to pay for all the shrinks etc from the PTSD I still have from my husband shooting himself to death right in front of me. Umm, I think a billion bucks should do it. Any amount will help, THANKS!

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    3. It is strange that the woman who called the authorities reported that the woman on the side of the road had long blonde hair, yet it was reported that her hair had been cut. I broke my ankle once, not a complicated or suspicious situation and I was kept longer than 2 hours at the hospital. If I had been starved, was emaciated and had been beaten and branded with a bleeding throat the hospital would have kept me for more than 2 hours just to prevent infection, emotional issues etc. If she was emaciated then she absolutely had to have been dehydrated as well. It would seem there would have been mandatory toxicology tests expected to be done required by law enforcement officials. Another thing that this article failed to mention was that her husband initiated the Gofundme account the day after she disappeared. Who would do that? Her search did not require payment taxpayers pay for this function it does not charge a fee. Also her Pintrest page was bizarre to say the least. It has since been wiped out but you can still see a screen shot of it in some of the articlesweat. She a had blog prior to her wedding to Keith where she went on how strange it will be to actually “live” with a man, when she had already been married and lived with her first husband who was a man incidentally. Why would she write such an immature and stupid remark? What by the way qualified her title of “super mom”? A stay at home Mom puts her kids in daycare so she could go jogging when none of her neighbors had ever seen her jogging previous to this? Last of all, those photos of them are creepy. They were recent, looked oddly staged and she is staring into the camera intently which came across to me as hugely narcissistic. Please also note that she displays an ample breast size in the pictures and her wardrobe seemed to show her endowment, usually a woman who is 5 feet tall and weighs 100 pounds as her husband reported is not top heavy especially after having 2 kids. People that knew her have said that she had a boob job 2 weeks before she was “taken”, considering her husband was the only income they had and works at Best Buy they had a pretty extravagant lifestyle with cosmetic surgery and daycare. Oh yeah- no woman is going jogging 2 weeks after implants trust me I have them, the doctor wouldn’the have ever approved it and it would be excruciating.

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      1. That is what I am seeing when I read your article. It sounds like he may be obsessed and lives in a fantasy world where she only loves him and could never change. I am wondering if they had relationship issues, or maybe he had illusions of the possibility and pre-emptively decided this would make her love him when he is there to take care of her after everything was done.

        Just a speculation.


      2. I am sensing that she was trying to escape a sociopath. -or maybe she is the sociopath.

        There is something about her friend that disappeared 18 years ago…
        IMO one or both of them know more about that.

        RUMORS abound, none that I can subsubstantiate.

        I am thinking this is a case of DV by a very sick individual who may very well have been involved with the disappearance of another similar looking teenage beauty and homecoming “Queen” 18 years ago.

        Sherri and Tera Smith were co firmed to be friends.

        “Tera Smith (pictured)  was a high school friend of Sherri Papini. She disappeared without trace on August 22, 1998 after leaving her rural home in Redding, California for an early evening jog”

        [b] About Keith [/b]
        ” We didn’t know him at all until this happened, but we knew Sherri through her friendship with our daughters.”

        Sherri’s friend from high school and KP’s wife (Sherri herself)were both abducted within the same relative area 18 years apart ?
        One never be seen again and the other returned beaten, branded and starved. Why was she spared? Who took her?

        Why dId Keith go talk to Tera’s dad? What did Keith hope to gain from that conversation?

        What are the odds regarding Keith?
        Less than getting struck by lightning IMO.

        Then there is the post to some racist blog that was allegedly done by a high school friend who has never been identified according to Mrs. Papini’s ex husband ….

        If never identified who knows it was a high school friend?
        I’m not pointing fingers, but Keith was a high school friend.

        Yet he has been cleared because he passed a polygraph

        LE needs a sniff test!!!

        Much appreciation to Sheriff Bosenko and the Shasta area officials!

        Keep digging!!!

        All thoughts are my own and have nothing to do with Lillian Glass.

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  2. The dead giveaway to me is that no person would broadcast names and ages descriptions of his children, and distribute recent photographs of them, if he really believed that the desperate, sadistic, evil abductors were still out there.

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  3. Yes, exactly! All very good clues indicating a hoax that I too noticed throughout the case and interviews. Seems like a scam for money and fame to me as well. However, I feel that Keith, Sherri, Sherri’s sister, Keith’s sister, and Sherri’s parents, Cameron Gamble, the anonoymous donor, whoever actually “took” Sherri and hid her for 22 days, and possible other close family members and close friends were all in on this together. A lot of money will come from this. I think they will all see a cut.

    The only one point I haven’t seen anyone comment on thus far is when Sherri’s mom said live on tv after Sherri was missing that “She just wants her daughter back”. She also said she cried ” once”, but is now just too angry that her daughter was “taken” and can’t cry. Being a mother myself that just doesn’t seem right. Never did you ever hear a real concern as to whether she was still alive or not from family, including Keith. Throughout 22 days it was “give her back, we just want her home safe, bring her back”, ect. How were they all so confident she was alive?

    Did officials look at video surveilance and speak with the woman that thought she saw Sherri at a gas station with two men on 11-22, just two days before she was found? In the womans statement she said the woman she thought was Sherri was “very pretty” and looked a lot like Sherri. If it was Sherri, by then she wouldn’t be looking so great with all the bruises, broken nose, and neglect, right? Meaning the bruises, hair cut, and branding all could be from 48 hours before she resurfaced- indicating it all was staged. Some or all of the bruising could have been done with professional makeup as well. (Water proof). The alleged 13-pound weight loss could have happened before she was taken or it may have really been more like a 5 or 6 pound weight loss while gone. When you are that thin to begin with, it’s easy to become or look emaciated quicky just by losing 5-10 pounds. She was already on the border of a weight issue.

    My only other thought is that Keith appears way too controlling and selfish. All about himself. Me, me, me.. I read somewhere that just two weeks before Sherri was “taken” she had breast augmentation. If so, who trains for a race two weeks later? You have to wonder if he went along with the surgery, but then after got upset and jealous of all the (male) attention Sherri must have gotten from it. Maybe he couldn’t deal with it and was upset she had the enhancement? Then planned the abduction to make money, to get back at her.. Who knows? Maybe initially just to pay for the surgery, but then when he saw all the national attention the case was getting decided to not stop there and had her “kept” longer than he planned to gain more money and attention. I can’t see Sherri staging this alone due to Keiths lies, no eye contact, strange statements, too much detail, and his consistent trying to prove she was taken from the get go. (Took pics of her phone). I feel almost certain it was the couple who planned this abduction together, or the slight possibility he was upset/resentful and controlling and staged it himself. But regardless, whether from the planning stages or the beginning of the case all the individuals listed above KNEW she was coming back alive by thanksgiving. How? IMO.


  4. DR. GLASS you do not know the family and you base your opinion on an edited 40min interview that took 4 hours to complete. Keith is a great friend of mine, you’re an idiot.


    1. I am not an idiot and for you to say that may reflect that that is what you are Dustin Edwards- an idiot! Exactly! As a body language expert I do not need to know everyone I analyze. I analyze criminals for court cases and I don’t know them. I analyze celebs and I don;t know many of them. So that is how I work. Your friend Keith did the worst interview ever as the internet is abuzz with questions concerning his credibility. His behavior seemed odd to me and I stand by what I head and saw. No one put a gun to his head and told him what to say and what not to say. He has no eye contact. he laughed at inappropriate places etc, And where is Sherri in the interview? Why isn’t she speaking for herself? And what was she specifically doing in those 22 days? Did the Hispanic women have the masks on for the entire 22 days while they were speaking Spanish? I understand your need to defend your friend but we need a lot more answers to the myriad of questions that arose because of his interview. And BTw I do not condone name calling on this site as since you name called you are no longer welcome here. This is a site that welcomes differences of opinion and freedom to expresss oneself. It does NOT welcome abuse or nasty language bullying or name calling Dustin Edwards.

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      1. Real professional doc! What dog do you have in this fight? Self aggrandizemant, much? Keith may be out on the airwaves too much for you taste, but it’s an active investigation and all facts are not necessarily revealed yet. You strike me as remarkably unprofesional for popping off this way.


      2. Yes a real doc and real professional. That is who I am Ray Kitzerow. I have absolutely NO dog in any fight. Just looking at body language and seeing something very ODD. If it was an ACTIVE investigation why is he out there spouting off on 20/20 as that is not helping any investigation. So yes he is out on the airwaves too much for anyone’s taste where there is an active investigation. Who allowed him to go on the airwaves. And as far as popping off- I don’t pop. I just state what I hear and see and what I heard and saw on 20 /20 wa very ODD behavior. I did not accuse him of anything. I simply asked questions.

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      3. The problem with a lot of doctors/regular people too is that they judge everyone according to a book or a class or whatever that says, ok, touched his nose, something is off. Everyone reacts differently. It’s like me when I’m nervous I laugh. I’ve been in many situations were something is assumed because hey they took communications or psychology and they think they are so smart and act like God but they are soo off it’s comical. Another reason why even regular relationships, job atmospheres suffer. Example, oh he/she had this look so must have been thinking this. So much miss communication. Btw I’m a perfectionist like apparently Keith is, everything about him seems normal to me. You know what, all of you that think this was a hoax, why don’t you write a letter to the police working with this and raise concern or do something else that is productive instead of doing what you’re doing. It’s sad, if she was found dead then this talk would not be going on. But because she was found alive all this is happening. Yes, maybe information is being kept from us for a reason, it probably come out soon. Leave the poor family alone and maybe analyze you and your family for once. And if its a hoax, we will find out. But if it’s not, boy did we just make healing for Sherri and her family so much more difficult, and made them more bitter too. No matter what class we took or what book we read or even how much education we have (which is great) please remember we are not God. Only God and Sherri really know what happened so maybe stop being paranoid about every little thing and moniter yourself for a day and think, hey, I sure do a lot of things that only I can explain that people would think is strange if I was in the situation. Open minds people. Educate yourself with the real world.


      4. Yes you are right God and Sherri know and the police are very capable of handling matters themselves.That is why you are not an expert Psanna as it takes more than a class. With me it was 30 years of experience. her husbands behavior was odd on 20/20 and gave the wrong impression as did his statements which caused many people to ask questions. No one in this blog accused him. Questions were merely asked.

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      5. Why not just accept this for what it is; an observation by someone familiar with body language?

        This was a good read. I don’t agree with all points, but some of them do make you wonder. We probably just need more details, and hopefully, we will get them, whether it be a hoax or a legitimate abduction.

        You don’t need to come here and attack the person writing on their own page if you don’t agree. Matter a fact, it’s easy to say, “I don’t agree” as it is to say “You’re an idiot.” Only one sounds better than the other.

        This is another person’s perspective. A person with a specific skillset. Other perspectives help us understand life better, so let’s appreciate it, instead of attacking Dr. Glass.

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      6. I do not know how you call yourself a Body Language Expert. many people do not look people in the eyes when talking, many people laugh at inappropriate times, being nervous, having cameras and lights in his face, Redding California has a lot of human trafficking here, we have many sex offenders and drug problems, Our town is right off the I-5, where it is easy to grab someone and be off and on the freeway, I think the women dropped her off since Sherri’s face was everywhere, posters were every where, her face was all over the news. and perhaps Sherri after all she has been through, did not want to face questions and cameras. “”but we need a lot more answers”” why? why can’t you and people like you just be thankful she is home with her family and be thankful it did not happen to you or someone you know?????


      7. No my dear Revecca sorry to disappoint you but after 30years of body language work I believe I know what I am talking about and those people who do not look people in one’s eyes when talking and laugh at inappropriate times may show signals that are revealing in the specific context in which they are speaking. SO perhaps you may want to read my books on body language to further educate yourself.

        I never said Redding California does not have a lot of human trafficking, sex offenders and drug problems. Had Keith not gone on TV and raised concerns based on his ODD behavior no one would be questioning anything. Yes we need a lot more answers and that is what people like me want as we certainly are thankful she is home with her family. If it happened to you we would be thankful you were home and would ask no questions if your husband didn’t go on the most popular TV show and act ODD.

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      1. I know this is a year oldbut I was reading some of the back blogs and that is how I ended up here..I just want to add that the police has now came out and said that they have ruled out any kind of sex trafficking or rape.Sherri had a males DNA on her clothing that did not come from a family member or a friend.However, she was wearing clothing that was given to her by whomever she was cohabitating with during her time of being missing..It has also come out that Sherri was having an online relationship with some man that lived in Detroit,and that the investigators went there an interviewed him.they do not believe he had anything to do with her going missing however it was noted that he had been in California right before she was taken by whomever she was with during the time that she was assumed kidnapped..They also went to three other locals near where she had been found but refuse to comment on that part for now..I have seen the pictures of her that were taken two months after she was returned and pictures of her 7 months later (I believe it was 7 months) and in the first set you would never think that she had been beaten so severely just two months before to the point of her nose being broken with scarring and burn marks..She had her hair covered up but that doesn’t mean anything the newer set shows her picking up her kids from daycare and well one thing we can tell is that she was not a real blonde and that her hair is almost to the middle of her back.What I find so odd about this case is that her family had filed complaints against her in the past her mother called 911 saying that sherri was self harming herself and wastrying to blame it on her and that she wanted them to know that she had not touched her daughter in that way..Her sister called 911 stating that she believed that her sister Sherri had tried to break into her home or had broken into her home by kicking the door down ( she did not say what kind of door it could have been a storm door which in a fit of rage sherri could have kicked it down) Her father called 911 and filed a complaint saying that his daughter had broken into his house and had stolen his checkbook but later dropped the complaint because the checkbook suddenly reappeared..I know this is old info but it seems like Sherri has some mental health issues especially with the self harming and then trying to frame her mother as the one abusing her.There are two articles that I found and if I can I will share them to this forum because one of them is very odd about how the neighbors had heard this really strange and loud noise coming from the Papinin’s late one night and ten minutes later they heard Sherri screaming like a crazed animal..They said that up until that night you never heard a peep from them and Keith’s excuse was weird if I can post it I hope someone will give their opinions about what he had said that night..

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    2. You, oh friend of KP, are an idiot for thinking we all are. A GoFundMe account the day after she is “taken?” Really? The FBI et Al DON’T USE FUNDS FROM PRIVATE DONATIONS TO SEARCH FOR MISSING PERSONGS NOR DOES IT PUT SAID MISSING PERSON HIGHER ON THEIR PRIORITY LIST FOR SEARCHING you flaming IDIOT.

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      1. LMAO!
        I usually have so much to say . . .
        Today however, I am going to stay ‘Silent’ with my WORDS!
        Simply enjoy,
        The ‘Sounds’ of LAUGHTER!

        THANK YOU, Valsawolverine!
        For giving ‘THAT’ to me, on this day! 😉

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  5. Makes me sad you all this this way about someone I went to school with and know. He is such a sweetheart and loves his family, wife,kids so much. You can all think how you think or believe what you want… but just because someone that is not normally on the spot with cameras in your face all the time during a tragic moment of his life is not acting the way you want them to or the way you think they should you blame them…smh


    1. He may be a great guy but that did not come across on camera and he had a 6 part series to express himself. He has poor eye contact and never once looked at the interviewer. He laughed at inappropriate places. And no one forced those camera to be in his face, he did the interviews n his on free will. Was he paid for the interviwes or for the use of the fmily photos as that is often done.So I wonder if money was exchanged for the use of the photos for the interviwe. Bottom line is he is such a good friend of yours why don’t you ask why Sherri didn’t speak. What didn’t we see her? Why did the woman who rescued her says he had long hair and he said the hair was cut off. Where was this brand? What did the brand say? WDid the Hispanic women who didn’t speak ENglish and only Spanish ever take off their masks in 22 days? What was Sherri exactly doing for 22 says? What were the details of what she did from sunrise to sunset? And most of all why the inconsistencies. His behavior was very odd as was his action in my view and I stand by my personal opinion in that regard as I have indicated in my blog.

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      1. He “inappropriate laugh” was when he was talking about his kids what they said… and about how she tucked her chains in because she thought people would not pick her up because she looked like she was from prison… it was him thinking how cute and innocent she can be even in that situation. As for her not talking yet well crap give her some time! Her world was just flipped upside-down, she is trying to recover and heal. This case is still under investigation and they will not say what the brand was. I can speak tell my face turns blue… but there’s always going to be people that Juse don’t believe and think the worst.


      2. Well Lana or Alanna based on the names you used with the same email address there is Nothing funny about a woman kidnapped in chains or tucking it in, sorry! And back atcha CRAP it sure didn;t take a lot of time for her husband to get his puss all over the airways. And if she is recovering an healing I am sure the family hug in the floor when she was so fragile didn’t help her any. Neither did her husband’s interview which is raising so many questions in so many. And if the case is still under investigation, why have the husband open his mouth and do countless interviews. WAs it for the money? Did they pay him for the use of the photos like they do in so many instances? Was it for fame and notoriety? Please ask him these questions Lana as so many want to know.

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    2. This whole situation is just fishy, whether you know him/them or not. Don’t think you know more than others about what goes on behind closed doors. You know as much as we do when you AREN’T with them or talking with them, whatever. I am expecting to see you on KRCR; “You just never think it would happen to someone you know…ya know?” haha.

      It was interesting how you negate 30 years of experience and education in one comment. Statistics do not lie, and you better believe many people have similar gestures or behaviors when something is amiss. That doesn’t mean we can pigeon hole every damn human, but scientific theory typically doesn’t lie and that is the point. Body language experts are a real thing and know more than you think you do.


    3. Ted Bundy by all accounts was a great guy. Heck that is what helped him become one of the greatest serial killers of all time.

      Nice guys can be nuttier than squirrel poop you know.

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    4. Oh please. And?? Blablabla. Such a good sweet guy. And? So SICK, I DO MEAN VOMITING SICK, of you Pappini dorks’ SICK PUTRID PERSONAL ATTACKS on people discussion and POINTING OUT YHE OBVIOUS GLARING B.S. of this entire farce. BLOWING UP ON PEOPLE on Facebook about it with vile filthy memes and calling me a fucking ninny, a poor excuse for a human being, etc. for DARING TO POST ANYTHING TONGUE IN CHEEK DOUBTING THIS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS SCENARIO TGAT NO ONE IS BUYING. F### ALL YOUR “Oh they are soooo nice I grew up with them” crap. And you must be one of the ones blasting filthy insults and bullying me and others on social media and shrieking how lacking in CLASS AND TASTE I AM AND AM JUST A LOW LIFE PIECE OF SHIT. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all ONE F###### PUKE BEHIND THE KEYBOARD DOING THIS to bully people to be timid for challenging the complete utter BULLS####. STUPID. You ARE. WE AREN’T. YOU ARE FOR THINKING WE ARE. End of story A##hole. Tell me I can’t spell too you s###bag, you aren’t worth going back and editing for. F### you and all your below the belt FILTHY disgusting SLANDEROUS insults and vicious ATTACKS and CYBERBULLYING which carries a sentence of up to two years in PRISON. I have file a report by the way. I know others who have to.

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    5. Blablabla blablabla such a sweetheart loves his family blablabla. And??? You FOOL. Quit sniveling and SCOLDING you whiney dumba##. These aren’t “opinions”, or hateful empty “accusations and YOU KNOW IT DAMN WELL. So get OFF THAT B.S. SICK OF ALL OF YOU PAPINI HOAX WHINERS AND BULLIES. Like we look for news stories to pick apart and “force facts to make them NOT FACTS” Good God. Like SCOTT PETERSON DIDN’T MURDER LACI PETERSON AND THEIR UNBORN CHILD. How about you start writing letters to the governor on his behalf citing the meanies “assuming” when HE’S SUCH A SWEETHEART AND YOUUU GREWWWW UPPPP WITHHHH HIMMMM. You flaming idiot.


  6. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this article, you clearly are out of touch with the actual situation she dealt with. Your accusations are based upon a singular interview; and ridiculous questions such as why wouldn’t she show a picture of herself has a simple answer: this is an ongoing investigation, and although he released more information than the authorities, a certain amount of privacy should be given to them. I’m sure if you were to be in her situation you would want all the privacy you could have. Keith took the polygraph to prove to people (like yourself) that he was never involved with this to begin with. I would like to spend the rest of my day debunking all of your points, but quite frankly you clearly don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. For someone who is a doctor, you clearly lack quite a bit of common sense.


    1. I am not ashamed of anything. Keith needs to be ashamed of himself for telling the reporter his wifes hair was chopped off when the rescuer said it was long. He needs to be ashamed of himself for doing a family hug with her on th floor when she was allegedly so fragile. He needs to be ashamed of himself for enjoying all the attention in the media. He needs to be ashamed of himself for assuming the public is stupid. That is how we can tell about peole- from single interviews as we examine their body language and communication patterns. And a lot of ongoing investigations take place where we see the victim like we did with Elizabeth Smart so don’t give me that lame excuse. And open your eyes Kim Wyckoff– if it was so private why would Keith be blabbing his head off all over the media and giving SPECIFICS of the case like what was worn by the alleged perpetrators and all about which hand the chain was on. And if it was ME GOD FORBID or YOU KIM WYCKOFFF I am sure you wold not want your husband blabbing all the details and perhaps putting the case in jeopardy. And I don’t put much stock into a polygraph test. Wh gave it and under what circumstances. AS you will see in the blog I NEVER accused Keith of being involved or not involved in his wife’s disappearance. I simply asked questions. Also if he is so close to you why didin;t he do what most normal logical people would do and just call her instead of tracking her phone. That is very ODD!!! And FYI I do care about other’s opinions as I do about my own. So if you can debunk what I asked then please debunk away as much as you can. Spend all day and all night to answer my queries. As it stands now I am not alone in my questions a the public also has the same questions. And don’t dare tell me I don’t care for anyone’s opinions as I always care about how people think otherwise I wouldn’t allow comments on this blog, so son’t be so flippant with you comments.And no Kim Wyckoff for someone who is a doctor I have a tremendous amount of common sense and my common sense tells me there are so many unanswered questions

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      1. I totally agree with you Dr. Glass– you many unanswered questions and inconsistencies. When the husband spoke to his son after the mom was found he said Guess what buddy — I got I found your mom – he had nothing to do with her return …or did he?? And now they have left their house, leaving 2 dogs there and may never return. Things just don’t add up. I would not be surprised if it was revealed to be a hoax.

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    2. How about this thought for you. According to hubby and wifey, 2 violent kidnappers are still out there .
      You have 2 small children. Yet hubby finds it appropriate to give an interview on national TV? BS. Actual victims would be so traumatized and fearful, they would retreat immediately to an unknown location . His interview did nothing to alert the public He had zero info about the kidnappers. Garbage. 911, lady with long blond hair on the side of the road. Hubby, they cut off her hair, and so on and so forth.

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    3. Oh please. And?? Blablabla. Such a good sweet guy. And? So SICK, I DO MEAN VOMITING SICK, of you Pappini dorks’ SICK PUTRID PERSONAL ATTACKS on people discussion and POINTING OUT YHE OBVIOUS GLARING B.S. of this entire farce. BLOWING UP ON PEOPLE on Facebook about it with vile filthy memes and calling me a fucking ninny, a poor excuse for a human being, etc. for DARING TO POST ANYTHING TONGUE IN CHEEK DOUBTING THIS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS SCENARIO TGAT NO ONE IS BUYING. F### ALL YOUR “Oh they are soooo nice I grew up with them” crap. And you must be one of the ones blasting filthy insults and bullying me and others on social media and shrieking how lacking in CLASS AND TASTE I AM AND AM JUST A LOW LIFE PIECE OF SHIT. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all ONE F###### PUKE BEHIND THE KEYBOARD DOING THIS to bully people to be timid for challenging the complete utter BULLS####. STUPID. You ARE. WE AREN’T. YOU ARE FOR THINKING WE ARE. End of story A##hole. Tell me I can’t spell too you s###bag, you aren’t worth going back and editing for. F### you and all your below the belt FILTHY disgusting SLANDEROUS insults and vicious ATTACKS and CYBERBULLYING which carries a sentence of up to two years in PRISON. I have file a report by the way. I know others who have to.


  7. Yes sorry Alanna* and only time will tell. For now I’m just happy she is home with her family and safe. Happy her children have their mom to tuck them in at night.


  8. Interesting that “friends” of this guy would go through the effort of seeking out articles of his misdeeds so that they could defend him. Or could it be that these “friends” are actually people involved in this hoax? Or Keith himself?

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    1. Right, if I was so offended on their behalf, I wouldn’t be reading online. there’s a lot more out there than what is written here.
      I’m not an expert, but after seeing the interview, I’m just waiting till they get busted.

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  9. Yes Alanna* sorry and I thought I posted this but I must have not. Anyways what I wrote was, only time will tell. I am just happy she is home safe with her family and her children have their mommy again to tuck them in at night. Not trying to fight over anything and everyone have their own opinions. 💓


    1. Alanna it’s vnot opinions, it isn’t personal ATTACKS as you idiots resort to. This is going over how UTTERLY ludicrous this so called “taken” scenario IS. So quit with your OPINION forum you FOOL. GET LOST. YOU ARE STUPID.


  10. Sutton tells PEOPLE, “I definitely remembered blond hair…. As far as the length of it, my brain could have filled in the detail by looking at photos her. It was fast — I just caught a glimpse of her as I drove by — but I have this memory of a panicked look on her face. And now reading what her husband said I feel horrible. I didn’t see the chains, I just saw somebody who really needed help.”
    This is from people magazine. The lady they interviewed was one of 20 or more calls I read in the apparently she pulled over at the next exit and not near Sherri. I thought this might answer the question about the hair.


  11. You nailed it, Dr. Glass. And it is not just this one interview, it’s been the same all along. Also, this guy, Cameron Gamble, who got involved could use some body language analysis of his own, he makes the hair on my neck stand up.
    Thanks for calling it like you see it!

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  12. I am so glad you wrote this. I, like you, have no idea if this was a hoax or not, but I definitely have some burning questions. #24 that you posted above is right at the top of my list. Sherri was with these 2 women for 22 days but doesn’t know what they look like?? I mean, really?? She says a car (dark colored suv) pulled up with 2 women in it stating they need help. Were these womens faces covered up with masks or bandanas when they pulled up?? And if so, at what point would it be a good idea to trust two masked females vs 2 men as keith stated. Or, ok, given benefit of the doubt, lets say they jumped out of the suv before she even knew what was happening, grabbed her at gunpoint, and stuffed her in the car. Why would they then take the extra time to take her phone and make sure it was laying perfectly on the ground, face up, with earphones laying on top ?? Im thinkin they would be wanting to get the hell outta there and it would just be left on the ground or mayb thrown back off the road, but not just laying face up like that. I don’t know, there are just some things that arent adding up here for me. I’m not an investigator or detective by any stretch of the imagination, but for me personally, I want to know why we dont have any more information about the dark colored suv. I understand they dont want to “jeopardize the investigation” but it would be nice for the public to have a little more information about the car than that. I live about 20 miles from where sherri was “dropped off”. It would be nice to have an idea of the kind of car Im looking for that could be rolling through my neighborhood with two armed women in it. Does she really not know what kind of suv it was? Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Chevy..?? How about about a year?? How about a span of years ?? This is something about this case that I am not understanding. I would think that would be one of the first things they questioned her about so they could release that to the public to be on the lookout for. I don’t know, these are just the questions I have. Im definitely not saying this didnt happen, because obviously something did happen, but theres also something about this that seems a little shady.

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    1. So well said! Yes after 22 days you would think there was more she could divulge Her friends who have accosted me on my FB page have said they can’t reveal all because it is an ongoing investigation. I say that if it is an ongoing investigation why was allowed to go on 20/20 the most popular show in the US and display his ODD behavior? Since you live in the area you have aright to now details so you can be on the lookout for the alleged assailants.

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      1. Maybe because the police believe that it is a hoax also. They probably want him to do as many interviews as he can to poke holes in his story. He is very descriptive about her physical appearance after her “kid napping”. I thought it was odd the way he said his son put his left hand on his moms photo and his eyes welled up with tears. Also the whole “you can tell me anything dad” nonsense was comical. I think Keith has been watching too many Shirley Temple movies within those 22 days. And the cloth that she held to ” rock” her daughter? The “signature blond hair” comment. If I was kid napped I would not want my husband going on TV , with picture of my kids, revealing their names, and my house. During the time she was missing her mom played games on facebook AND talked about her support from Trump. Her sister isn’t even her facebook friend! If my daughter was missing the last thing I would be doing is playing games on fb and talking politics. I would be 87lbs! I would like to know what happened ? Did she approach the SUV? Was she grabbed from behind? Did they keep her in a small room? Was she able to go to the bathroom? How often did they feed her or give her water? Did they try to communicate anything to her as to why they took her? If she was in such bad shape why was she treated then released? Why isn’t SHE talking? It was said that her parents own a storage facility for RVs, could she have been there the whole time. No ONE seems too worried about her in their interviews before she was found. I think the whole family plus that Gamble man is on this. I know you don’t want to call it a hoax Dr. Glass, but I will.

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  13. Knowing this family personally I am disgusted by this article from a “professional”. Your observations may come from your training but it proves that books can’t teach you everything and that no individual can be JUDGED (which is what you are publicly doing) by watching an interview. This was not a hoax but a horrible crime that ripped apart a family and community. Trolls and haters spend their time writing this garbage.


    1. If you know the family personally then tell Keith to get his puss off the airwaves because he is creating people to question him by his ODD behavior.And FYI that is what I do I JUDGE- I judge everyone in the public eye in terms of their body language and communication from politicians to criminals to celebrities to sports figures to singers. If you have a problem with that then don’t read my blog.And you are right to speak of yourself in the last sentence as you state ‘Trolls and haters spend their time writing this garbage”

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    2. Being you ‘know’ this family & are familiar with the ‘Workings’ & ‘Rippings’ of this Case!
      You may want to tell them to ‘REFRAIN’ from spending all them so-called ‘Donations’ from the “GOFUNDME” account, as this was in effect, created on the premise & basis that it was to go towards ‘SEARCH’ Efforts to find the ‘Victim’ of a ‘kidnapping’ or, in worse case scenario – Assist in helping the family ‘RECOVER’ in the event of ‘death’!

      Should this ‘INVESTIGATION’ come to its conclusion & be found to have been ‘contrived’ – By that I mean: Planned, Organized/Masterminded & further Executed by the Papini family … Full restitution of those monies will be expected & no doubt, I expect ‘Ordered’!

      So, wherever it ‘Is’ – That your ‘Friends’ have jetsetted themselves off to …
      Do let them know – That it is probably best, that they ‘govern themselves accordingly’!

      Because until this whole ‘Mystery’ is solved & the Mrs’ KIDNAPPERS are ‘arrested, charged & convicted’ (in the very least – IDENTIFIED by LE)
      Something here, simply isn’t sitting quite ‘right’¡¿!

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    3. Oh my my my Kathleen oh my my my disgusted, indignant 💔🗑oh dear oh my. And???? GET LOST. We aren’t going to STOP AND BE SILENT ABOUT UTTER LUDICROUS NONSENSE BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST OUTRAGED, DISGUSTED! OH DEAR! KISS OFF! WEIRDO!


  14. Well “Doctor” I think you should find a new hobby besides attacking people who have been through a horrible ordeal just so you can gain some attention. The interview was done less than a week after they were reunited, and you know what would be weird? If he was normal and DIDN’T display everything you discussed in this article. He was and still is emotionally unstable I’m sure, and that was obvious in his video. I’m disgusted you would post something like this if you are truly “a professional” because I for one would not hire you. You assume too much and obviously obtained all your information from articles online (which news flash not everything you see online is true). Furthermore, everything in the video had been released besides his personal opinion of things and details about the kids reactions, etc. Everything pertinate to the investigation that was in the video was released by the sheriff. One reason I question that you’re a professional is the fact that you asked why Sherri wasn’t there? Are you kidding me? This interview was less than a week after she was found… she wouldn’t even see her own kids right away let alone appear in front of the entire world. There is so many feelings and behaviors people in captation experience and if you analyze behavior you should know this. I do not know Sherri, but as someone with empathy and humanity I wish her well because she has been through a lot and she has to not only overcome this but also put up with people like you who turn her experience into a publicity stunt… that’s funny it looks like your a hypocrite.

    P.S. where did you get you Doctorate? Because your analysis sucks and I think you should get a refund.


    1. Well Riley you say I should give my doctorate back because I have an opinion different from your or I am asking questions- something you may need to do if your eyes were wide open when you saw the 20/20 interview and watched Keith act oddly.If he was so emotionally unstable she needed to stay off the airwaves. And no one is asking you to hire me as I am sure you to don’t work for the court systems, I based my opinion on the 20/20 performance and have not seen other interviews. If the sheriff allowed him to go on camera like he did then I question the Sherif’s judgment as no one should have let him go on camera so ill prepared and not trained for the media.Also we did not see a timeline date stamp of when the interview was done. All we saw was the interview and if you said it was done so soon after the wife was found then he reallyha dno business going on air. This is not a publicity stunt on my part but as you see by the comments many think it may be a publicity stunt on Keith’s part. Thee are many unanswered question and I merely asked them,thereby exercising my 1st amendment rights. I did not accuse him of anything ot say he is guilty of anything. I merely asked questions, something perhaps you need to do as well Riley Kate.

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    2. Oh my my my Kathleen oh my my my disgusted, indignant 💔🗑oh dear oh my. And???? GET LOST. We aren’t going to STOP AND BE SILENT ABOUT UTTER LUDICROUS NONSENSE BECAUSE YOU ARE JUST OUTRAGED, DISGUSTED! OH DEAR! KISS OFF! WEIRDO!


  15. You don’t seem to be an expert. I think its safe to assume this is a blog for a person who works at McDonalds and watches a lot of soap operas. So much information you provided about these people is completely incorrect. I can’t even begin to name them ALL. People need to stop getting info and spreading info they get from blogs, thinking it’s essential or knowledgeable in some way and realize these writers are speculating and giving false info, and if you spread that same info you got from a ‘blog’ you are just as bad.

    To be able to confidently comment on this subject as an ‘expert’ you would need significant past work in similar cases, which I dont think you have.. Im not talking about a stupid speculative blogging site either.

    Good luck in your hate.


    1. I actually am an expert- expert enough to be hired in federal and state courts to give my opinions on cases.And BTW nothing wrong with McDonalds or soap operas. Some of the best people in th world eat there and watch them.If my information is so incorrect why don;t you begin to name them ALL. Blogs are speculative. That is why they are BLOGS. Otherwise they would new news stories in the mainstream media. Nothing false about my information I presented. They are only my observations of Keith’s ODD performance on 20/20.
      And I have FYI done a lot of work on a lot of cases in my life. As also miss, since you state that is your moniker, hate consumes the hater as I hate no one and for those who hate me for writing a blog about my personal thoughts and observations in exercising my 1st ammendment rights, I pity them- just like I pity you “Miss know it all.” the name you gave as your moniker

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  16. Can you tell me why u think he passed the lie detector tests then? Do you think he is that capable of all this….I’m sorry but I know people (close friends of mine) who know either him or her and I don’t believe this was a hoax. I think people may be too afraid to admit that something like this could happen. When you look into anything in life too hard you can make it seem “weird”. Why can’t people just leave them alone at this point?


    1. No I can’t.Who did the tests and how were they done.Many are able to pass lie detector tests as we have read so I don’t know why he passed it or if he passed it or the circumstances of how the test was taken. I DO know that his behavior on 20/20 was ODD!!! I stand by that. I never accused him of being a hoax. I simply asked questions. Of course things like this happen. Look at Elizabeth Smart. I am not saying it didn’t happen to Sheeri. I am saying his behavior was ODD or :weird” as you state. People can’t seem to leave him alone becuase he is thw one who opened the can of worms by acting ODD on camera so there are many unanswered questions.

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  17. Ok “Dr” 🙂 whatever you say. 🙂 maybe you should read my post again since it’s “seems” as if you are dealing with it on an emotional, not logical stance. Wishing you the very best! P.s. Since there is concern with this family making money from this… I wonder if you possibly make some money from blogging about this… huh. Motives motives. Good luck!


  18. Dr. Glass, I would be interested in your analysis of the Mom’s page. paying attention to the timeline, comments and details. – I am baffled as to why she “pepped” up prior to knowing that Sherri would be found, she really seemed to be genuinely normal around 11/21, and even the week after the disappearance.


  19. Sounds like a whole lot of assuming to me. The main piece of info tht will answer everyone’s questions are prob confidential until the investigation is over. And if you had jst went through what Keith did then you would prob want to laugh and cry at the same time too. Glad Sherri is home safe hope they find her captors and I will say prayer changes things. Good possibility their plan was to kill but God had another plan. There’s too many critical ppl out there that don’t hve patience to wait on all the details and results and all the assuming is making things worse instead of better. All I ask is for you to put yourself in that families shoes and think of how you would want everyone else to treat you and what you would want them to say about you. Just a thought.


    1. That’s what blogs are about assuming and speculation.If you want facts go to the scientific literature or to a newspaper article. No one accused Keith of anything in the blog. Questions were merely asked.Keith’s 20/20 appearance is what sparked all of the questioning because of his odd behavior. He should never have done the interview and waited until the investigation was over as now there are a myriad of questions. His actions created the firestorm which drew criticism towards him. No one is treating anyone badly. They are merely curious and want their questions answered like the one about the masks being on the 2 Hispanic women. Were they on the faces for the entire 22 days and did they sleep in their masks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I heard Keith state she would not have gotten in the car with two men.

        SO she got in the car with two women with masks on?

        Abductors should have been caught by now. The other thing that is weird is seeing a whole family album exposed when a few photos of HER face would have been enough to identify her.
        I am just stunned at how gullible people are!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Lol. Yeah, Lou, I did put myself in the family’s shoes. And I think that Keith Papini is either a moron or a conman for releasing the names, ages, descriptions and photographs of his young children when these supposed killer-wannabees are still on the loose.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I put myself ‘in’ Keith’s position, too .
        BUYING A NEW TRUCK WITH PUBLICLY DONATED FUNDS – That were ‘Meant’ to help find my MISSIN’ WIFE, or Heaven forbid, Help my Family should she turn up ‘deceased’!

        NEVER Once, crossed my train of thoughts!!!
        God knows – I certainly wouldn’t have DONE IT, had she been found & brought back home to me!!

        Liked by 1 person

  20. Hi Dr. Glass I’ve read your blog for many years you make insightful observations you don’t pick on any. These comments seem like they are written by the same people. Very disturbing.


  21. You are brilliant dr glass, graceful, logical and non-defensive. Mild manner in response. We are human and shouldn’t have the wool over the eyes Although we can’t read minds, body and language are very much present for deciphering. That can be challenging for most.


  22. Dr. Glass –

    Read with interest your analysis and stated concerns. Concur, instinct immediately said there’s just something wrong with this case.

    And all the detractors here seem to be able to do by way of rebuttal is moralistic scoldings, insults, emotional outbursts, and fanciful claims of close relationships with the parties involved.

    As of this evening, 06 DEC, ’16, NYPost quotes the sheriff as stating that no one including Mr. Papini has bee conclusively ruled out.

    If two women actually kidnapped this young lady, why’d they let her live to implicate them?

    Where’d they go? Any similar abductions reported? I’ll bet not. Sex trade/white slavery? Always possible even for ‘older’ women, but why mar the ‘product’, let alone release her?

    Why not simply addict her and sell her off?

    Yesterday, it was reported that the Papinis had fled their home for the ‘north country where there’s snow on the ground’, leaving their dogs behind.

    Abandon one’s dogs/pets? Why? Cruel, to say the least. A neighbor reported they have ‘relatives with big money up north’. Isn’t that interesting? Wonder which set of in-laws?

    There are so many questions which all but ask themselves and as of yet are begging to be answered.

    Good investigators, be they medical, forensic, law enforcement, what have you, ask lots of questions, over and over in different ways to get at the truth. Don’t mean to preach to the choir, but it’s curious that some would castigate you for so doing, as asking questions is what we do; how we sinter truth from the abstract.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Thanks, Dr. Glass.

    I agree with others, what a huge coincidence that so many people who actually know the family happened to read this and comment here. What are the chances? Hmm…This just makes it look more like a hoax.

    The dead give-away–according to Keith, “A hood was also placed over her head so she could only see the eyes of her captors”..This is absurd. Sherri’s own eyes might only be visible if hooded, but her vision wouldn’t be limited to the suspects’ eyes.

    This is as fake as all get out and so is the husband’s performance and account; it sounds like a script, Sherri’s “signature” blonde hair? Give me a break.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. It’s crazy how people who support her can be so hateful towards anyone who questions the Papini’s integrity. All of her horrific injuries are all coming from Keith. People are forgetting the Sheriff compared them to a sprained ankle and she was only treated and released from the hospital. Not realistic for horrific injuries. The Sheriff has said she was branded, however we don’t know to what extent. Is this a severe burn or superficial? Keith has put s 10 on a 2 for everything. I love you stand your ground!! Being able to voice my opinion with professional back up is kind nice!! I am looking foward to the investigation to come out to have all their followers be blindsided!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Note that the attacks are “ad hominem”, they attack Dr Glass personally, or claim to know the family. Not one of them is able to produce a logical, rational argument in response to her questions.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Exactly! Just give me the answers to my questions. I would love to hear them. Prove all the naysayers wrong. But you ar eright not 1 question has been answered by their friends in a rational way. All they can do is name call and threaten.Here’s a tip for all my readers communication wis. If you pose a question and someone doesn’t answer it respectfully or they bully, insult, or curse you out with foul language chances are they can’t answer the question and they are stumped ot not telling you the truth.

      Liked by 2 people

  26. On other sites, there are a lot of people who claim to have went to high school with Sherri, and its a different story. they all seem to think it’s a hoax and that anyone who knows her, knows it’s a hoax. I’m just waiting to see. If it’s real, I’m sorry for the family. If not, somebody needs to go to jail.


  27. Great article, all the same questions we’ve been wondering about. I know the area well, a dark SUV with two masked Hispanic women would have caught the attention of the neighbors. The HS friend Tera Smith, is not unsolved, the police firmly believe Troy Zink is responsible for her disappearance and sadly likely death, they just never had enough evidence to charge him. The phone was the first red flag to me, and if she was released in the condition Keith reports, she would have required at least one night in a hospital.


  28. Most people do not buy their childhood home. Why? Because even 20 years later mom and dad’s room is still gonna be mom and dad’s room.

    I am betting if you get some cadaver dogs on the lot they find the high school girl from 18 years ago who went missing. Damn shame they stole her story and threw a happy ending on it when she is still missing.

    As far as the letters, he is a creeper and probably a pedophile and fancies himself an Alpha male. But once he is put in jail, he will have more Wiener in him than an Oscar Mayer vehicle.

    I was less than 3 minutes into the 20/20 interview and I knew this was full of shiitake mushrooms.

    Hopefully they are exposed and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

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  29. Thanks for the write up ! I enjoy reading your posts ! I do wonder why the ONLY pictures I saw of her missing was ones that looked professionally done? .. why not post pics of what she would look like in normal settings.. and in different types of pics.. casually pics? Ones that would make her more recognizable ?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Thanks for the enlightening post! As soon as I heard about this story I knew there were quite a few things ringing alarm bells, although coming here and seeing what you wrote made me see ALL the hinky stuff I wasn’t aware of (and/or didn’t catch).

    A slightly offtopic question regarding the eye contact and laughing at inappropriate times. Sorry if this is answered elsewhere on your blog (please point me to it if it is!). You seem to be saying if I’m reading it correctly, that lack of eye contact = deception, coupled with inappropriate laughter as well = deception.

    Are there any mitigating factors or situations where this is not the case? ie. is there a case or a situation where lack of eye contact doesn’t mean deception? I ask because due to my history of severe child abuse and subsequent PTSD, I almost *never* look at people when I’m talking to them – especially people who I consider to be in power over me, and due to the anxiety caused by my PTSD, oftentimes I will give some nervous laughter at inappropriate times, too.

    That’s why I ask. I know I’m not being deceptive, I just have issues with social anxiety and dealing with other people. Would “human lie detectors” like you consider me to be deceptive if you were to do an analysis on me? What if you were made aware before/after you saw me regarding my history/diagnosis (thus a reason why I might act that way)?

    Just interested. Thanks for the fantastic post – I’m off to read more of your entries!

    PS: I haven’t committed any crimes as far as I know, except maybe jaywalking, so I guess you won’t be doing any analysis on me anytime soon hehe 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  31. I think there is definitely something up with this whole story. Watch the interview with the sound off, it looks like he’s reciting a shopping list, now look at his face, it has zero emotion, no lines on his forehead, around his eyes, he’s completely in control, no anger, no disgust as he recounts the story of his wife’s abduction, anyone would be showing all of these emotions. Also as he recounts the story he doesn’t break eye contact, he holds eye contact in an attempt to convince the interviewer that he’s telling the truth. Also, all of the posed photos had me questioning if they are seeking fame, and the fact there’s too many details in his account and the fact there has been no photos or ANYTHING from Sherri, this is unusual…and the fact they let her go? None of this adds up, this whole thing stinks to me. Keith is definitely not telling a truth in this interview, or he knows it not to be the truth.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. A couple things really bothered me. First, if I really believed that my wife was kidnapped, held hostage, and tortured by sadistic gangsters who were still on the loose, I would NEVER go public with the names, ages and descriptions of my children. Nor would I release and publicize recent photographs of them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Second, I don’t get the “sex trafficking” angle. How many recent cases have there been of 30-something, middle class housewives, being kidnapped by sex traffickers? I can’t even think of one case. Yet many of the “experts” and commentators would have us believe that this is an everyday occurrence.

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  33. I’m would hazard a bet that the people “defending” K&S are in fact, Keith and Sherri. Damage control. For those of you that believe this crock..

    1. Great description of captors! Latinas, eyebrows, ears, hair. Seriously?? If she SAW that, she saw how TALL they were, she saw how much the WEIGHED, she saw what they were wearing on their bodies. I mean really.
    2. The phone was “placed” there. The Sheriff said it. What don’t you understand about that?
    3. He goes immediately to the GPS tracker. He doesn’t CALL OR TEXT HER. There is no one alive that would do that BEFORE calling or texting her. Oh wait, I know who would do it, men whose marriages are in trouble, and men that are not strangers to domestic violence. He went to that because that’s what he does..he tracks his wife. He doesn’t talk to her…he tracks her.
    4. His interview is about him. It is all “I”
    5. He voices NO concern at 2 kidnappers roaming around. He voices no concern for his family or the public at large.
    6. The pictures to find her that he gave LE and the public are on average, 7 years old! Who does that? SEVEN YEAR OLD PICTURES. Perfect pictures. Photoshopped pictures.
    7. He takes pictures of the phone in the grass. Uh…what?? You would immediately pick up the phone. Immediately, not snap pics of it. C’mon people.
    8. The gofundme money is not being returned. It is theirs. To keep. Woot! for them.
    9. Keith states that he did not know Cameron Gamble but there is proof that Sherri and Gamble’s wife know each other and have commented on each others social media.
    10. Keith “blindsided” LE by releasing details they did not want released. Why does someone do that? To sabotage an investigation, that’s why. He thumbs his nose at LE because HE knows best and he’s covering all the bases.
    11. Does anyone truly think that Cameron Gamble inserting himself in this investigation is NORMAL?? He suffers from the worse case of short man syndrome I’ve ever seen. The whole ransom thing was ridiculous, bizarre, but think how it will play when the movie comes out!
    12. Here’s a big one…your wife is missing and you’re up grooming yourself, your phone rings and you DONT ANSWER IT cuz you don’t recognize the number!! Then 2 minutes later in the interview you LIE and change your story and say that you “didn’t hear it in time”. Please…your wife is answer the phone, especially at 4:30 in the morning.

    The list goes on and on and on. Literally, it goes on and on.

    Anyone that cares to learn more…go to Peter Hyatts blog. He’s done analysis on Keith’s initial statement to GMA and on the “ransom letter” that Gamble read.

    I hope LE can prove this was a hoax and when they do, I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent. I hope that includes some type of hate crime as she blames Latinas. Keith uses the words “race war” and “subhuman”. This is the language of white supremacists.

    Keep blogging’re right on the money.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Keith has not been ruled out as a person of interest.

    I want to know something. People do image searches all the time in catfishing to see if someone is real. I don’t know how, but people talk about it often. Why hasn’t anyone done an image search to see where they are? There are pictures of the hills/mountains outside the cabin they’re in.

    Why didn’t the “rich family members” offer a reward? Why the Go Fund Me? Why were her parents playing games online, posting about Trump, going to races, etc while she was gone?

    And. Why would Sherri be starved but not dehydrated? The LE said that Sherri was treated and released, like you’d see with a sprained ankle. Clearly Keith, at least, has a flair for the dramatic, though by all accounts from classmates and the racist stront Sherri posted on that site & her now-deleted racist-leaning Pinterest pins (so much for Keith’s claim that this “private family” didn’t use social media before Sherri was “taken”), she’s attention seeking herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *clearly Keith…because his description of his wife’s body is so far off from what LE has stated. If they’d had a picture it might be, MIGHT be plausible…no. I can’t believe it. These people release pictures of their defenseless babies, but they won’t show one photo of Sherri? They’ve got no legitimate reason to not release a photo of her. It’s not like they’re concerned about kidnappers. Keith said as much in this interview.


    2. I’m sensing …
      We’re all going to be told next – That ‘One’ of the Kidnappers WAS in fact ‘ZENAIDA FERNANDO GONZALES’ aka ‘Zanny the Nanny’! 😉


      (Apologies, Dr. Glass!
      I couldn’t help myself & keep this ‘potential’ contained any longer!)

      Liked by 1 person

  35. It’s funny how all of the pro-papini-ers posted on Dec 6. Im sure K set up a google alert using his name to bask in the glow of being talked about. And Sherri’s. He would have gotten this blog as a hit. If K&S didn’t post all of the above comments, then he must’ve told people on Insta-Twit-Face to do it.

    I do think Gamble is involved. She might have taken his survival course, and that was turned into an abduction story, helping give SOME reality to the story.

    I suspected the story stunk from the get-go and I also felt he is a “narco-path”. I think this is all for attention, though I wonder if it was the only way to cover up her injuries if he lashed out physically.

    And I saw an interview with the sisters together. His looked like she was emotionally indifferent about Sherri. Talk about body language and vocal tone! Either she doesn’t like her or she hated having to waste her time pretending. She offered no support to Sherri’s distraught sister.

    Liked by 1 person

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