Rosie’s Tweeted Apology to Melania Insincere

screen-shot-2016-11-29-at-3-37-11-amAnalysis of Rosie O’Donnell’s tweet where she allegedly apologized to Melania for asking if Baron was autistic, showed insincerity and  embarrassment at all the backlash she received.   O’Donnell wrote the following tweet:

 “I apologize to @MELANIATRUMP – i was insensitive in my RT – i am sorry for the pain i caused – it was not my intent – i am truly sorry.”

Look at the i’s. She begins it with a capital I but in three other places she uses the small  “i” indicating that she is embarrassed and ashamed. It shows a lack of self confidence in her statement. But in my view, she is embarrassed not by what she said, but embarrassed  because she got caught and the backlash was so strong against her. People who were even her fans let her have it for calling out her nemesis’ 10 year old son as being autistic.

As further indication of her embarrassment, she got rid of her twitter account to the public and made it private. that is a huge indication that she is retreating in shame from the public who lambasted her.

When she says she was insensitive in her RT (retweet) she is attempting to share the blame in stating that it wasn’t really her fault because she just tweeted what someone else tweeted in the first place. Also the use of the word “insensitive” shows insincerity. Had she said I was “wrong” it my retweet it would have been a stronger more real apology.

She said I am sorry for the pain I caused. What about saying that she is sorry for tweeting misinformation. In saying this she is making it about her -and showing how she things she has so much power to cause another pain. If she was truly sincere she would have said I am sorry “you were hurt.” It makes you wonder if she did indeed enjoy causing that pain. After all, she despises Trump. So anything to hurt him- like hurting his wife and his son would certainly not cause her to feel sorry. She also  doesn’t say she was in pain for hurting Melania.

Also there is too much repetition of the same phrases and same theme  ie. “I apologize”, “i am sorry”   “i am truly sorry”which smacks of deception. The word “truly” means just the opposite here.There is too much information and the adjective reflects that she is trying too hard to convince Melania how sorry she is.

The most telling tell of all is that she did not even  mention Baron. He is the one that really deserves her apology.




7 thoughts on “Rosie’s Tweeted Apology to Melania Insincere

    1. I can’t see how you got that just from this blog analyzing to Rosie O’Donnell’s tweet about calling out a child for being autistic. I just reported what I observed.Had she written th tweet as I suggested in the blog I would not have mentioned it. It is so sad Patricia Nicholl that your eyes are so clouded with hate that you cannot be objective so you react with such vehemence towards Trump as you ust demonstrated. If you read my blogs you would have known I know bothTrump and Clinton and like both. Now that Trump is the President(elect) I will discussing him not Hillary as the election is over.


    2. So what if Dr. glass is pro Trump? (not saying she is) you’re PRO Hillary.. eeewww.. you for cooties..

      Seriously Patricia, that is how silly you sound.


  1. For Rosie to expect a conversation about Trump’s kid is ridiculous. Autism conversations started a long time ago–one good thing came out of Jenny McCarthy and her goofy anti vaccine campaign.


  2. Try to imagine if anyone had said the same about one of Obama’s daughters. Oh, hello, it’d be over then.
    Children should not be drawn into politics, and neither should wives, unless they insert themselves.


  3. This is going to sound insane but I have this gift that I can “feel” what other people are feeling when I see or hear them.
    Today I was watching this stupid video saying Barron’s autistic and I started crying when it showed that tweet where Trump was talking about the kid he knew. He was very affected and is very upset and the kid’s condition. The Trumps are also extremely upset about those rumors (which is not new).
    Anyway, personally I don’t think little Barron is autistic, and my heart hurts just to think someone could mess with that beautiful little angel. Even worse, an adult woman messing with a kid. No way.


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