Emotional and Humble President Trump During His Victory Speech as He Vows to Bind the Wounds of Division



In his victory speech,we have seen Donald Trump as we have never seen him before. As he walked down the stairs on to the stage, he looked as though he was going to cry ,as you can see in the photo above.


Seeing the audience truly humbled him as he digested the fact that he would be the next President of the United States. As he walked down stage you can see, he was overcome with emotion and looked choked up.


As he spoke, his tones were even and measured, calm, and on even keel. He was very gracious about Hillary saying that  he owed her  a debt for the service she has done to this country and said how hard she worked. He then spoke of binding the wounds of division and was  passionate and sincere as he spoke. He also said that for those who did not support him, he was reaching out for guidance to unify this great country. 

Then he spoke of improving the infrastructure of the country and how veterans would be treated as a priority and not forgotten. He said how countries abroad  will be dealt with fairly. And finally, he spoke of seeing common ground.


This was a Trump who was not polarizing as he spoke. He did not mention walls, deportation, borders,  ISIS or Hillary’s criminal activities as he did throughout the campaign.

For the first time, we saw his young son Baron up close and personal as he stood beside his father. Standing up there on the stage  for so long would be a challenge for anyone, let alone a 10 year old boy who stood so straight and tall between his parents. Donald thanked Milania and Donny and when he mentioned Ivanka there was a loud roar and lots of applause. He thanked Eric and his daughter in laws. Then he thanked those who helped him during the campaign including  Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee, Generals, the Secret Service and NYPD. There was no mention of the FBI in his thank you’s for obvious reasons. 


Vice President Pence  was also emotional and looked as though he was about to cry as well, when he came up to the stage to introduce Trump. But I noticed that there was something off with Trump’s reaction to Pence, as he thanked Pence last,as an afterthought. He briefly shook Pence’s hand and  quickly pulled away. Pence seemed to want more time and attention,  but Trump, who was very warm and fuzzy on the stage to those he thanked, seemed tense and distant from Pence as he turned around and quickly broke the connection between the two.  This made me wonder if there was some tension between Trump and Pence.

Did Trump regret his choice for Vice President? Did he feel that Pence was not loyal enough to him on the campaign trail? Did he get turned off with Pence for not defending him more intensely during the VP debates? Will he ever forgive Pence for distancing himself from him and giving his “strong” support for House Speaker Paul Ryan, who was running for reelection for his Wisconsin congressional seat? In my view Donald will never forgive him for this. Nor will he forgive Pence  for saying that he “cannot defend” Trump’s comments about women, when Pence  should have said that he cannot defend what Trump said on the bus 11 years ago,  and not generalize it to all women. Doing so, further inflamed the situation.  

It was interesting to watch the election coverage on all of the major networks like CNN and FOX and MSNBC, NBC, and ABC. So many of the commentators like Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly looked shocked at Trump’s win.

Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 12.50.01 AM.png

ABC’s Martha Raddatz, who  was so obviously biased and grilled Trump during the debates, actually looked as she was going to cry.

As a journalist myself,  I am appalled at how these people covered the campaign with their extreme bias. Now that we have come to find out via Wikileaks how many of these so called “journalists” were in Hillary’s pocket, I think they should all be fired. I think that the networks should get rid of all of them and start fresh. The only decent reporter was  veteran reporter Brett Hume, who spoke of his being unbiased and fair to Trump during the election.

CNN, now known as the Clinton News Network, will suffer the most as will all the  mainstream media.  Wikileaks pointed out they were all in Hillary’s pocket. American’s saw the deceit with the media and now will never trust them again. All of their numbers are dropping as a result, and rightfully so.

That is why Drudge, InfoWars and several other online venues have now emerged as the new mainstream media.

And finally, people like limelight chasing  attorney, Gloria Allred and her daughter Lisa Bloom, need to be held accountable for their irresponsible behavior in parading women around, who later admitted that Trump did not harass them or rape them. In analyzing the body language and speech  of so many of these women, as Gloria sat by their side as they read a script, which no doubt Gloria prepared, I could see how they were laden with signals of deception. I also am livid at what  her “mother -like daughter” Lisa Bloom did in pulling her shenanigan of holding  a presser for the alleged rape victim who was a no show. She wasted everyone’s time and energy.  Then the alleged rape victim admitted it was a lie.

This was unconscionable on Lisa’s part.An attorney knows if they have a case or not or if their client is telling the truth or not. It is one thing to support one’s candidate, but it is another thing to deceive the public and try to destroy someone by crying rape when it did not happen.

What Lisa did hurts the real victims of rape. What Gloria did hurts the real victims of sexual harassment. So many of the women received payment for coming forth and clearly lied. I would never again take anything Gloria or her daughter  Lisa ever said in the media seriously. In fact, I would not ever allow them on the media for pulling this garbage. If Donald was not the President, I am certain that he would sue both of them.

Whether you have supported Hillary or Donald, it is important to keep an open mind now that Donald is our next President of the Unites States of America.










9 thoughts on “Emotional and Humble President Trump During His Victory Speech as He Vows to Bind the Wounds of Division

  1. Thank you for the commentary/summary of election victory speeches. Already the SJW’s criticizing Trump’s parenting for Barron Trump being up so late. They need to shut up. Loved his victory speech (except when he was ridiculously overly gracious to Hillary. We know he was being diplomatic, but please! “owe her a debt of gratitude” for all her service to the country??!! I am seriously outraged about that comment. He KNOWS she is the most corrupt politician on the planet and deserves to be in prison. SHE owes America a huge apology, and how can she ever repay Americans for the grief she has caused, the lies, the money she has robbed, the 10’s of thousands of lives that were lost because of her agenda! Appalling. His new AG Trey Gowdy will clean up house there (if she’s still in the country, however, she has already transferred billions to Central Bank of Quatar and they have residence now in a country that does not have extradition with the U.S. Hmmm. Good back up plan). I doubt Trump is petty enough to hold any grudges to Pence. Pence is a good man & Trump chose wisely. He knows Pence has been a huge asset. Now Trump needs to thank the real journalists out there reporting fairly. Journalists like Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, Judge Jeanine Pirro, and you! Roger Stone helped as well by true reporting. Even though the media almost totally ignored the bombshells on Wikileaks, which didn’t seem to affect the election much (shows the sad state of affairs in America), Julian Assange is an international hero for being a true and authentic, unbiased and non-partison whistleblower & truth teller (he’s actually a liberal!) We so appreciate your reporting thru out the 2016 election. Would LOVE your analysis of the facial expressions on Putin’s face as he was clapping, learning the news of Trump’s victory (it was shown as him receiving the news, but who knows if it really was. Pic of him clapping, wearing a red workout jacket & white shirt). God bless


  2. He behave d deplorably during the campaign and his “humility” doesn’t make up for his severe offenses against Muslims, Latinos, and Blacks. Though I guess we don’t really count, right.
    He has a champion in you, though. It’s virtually impossible to be completely unbiased.


  3. Dr. Glass – what did you make of the way Trump walked far ahead of his family to give his speech? Usually the winner is hand in hand with their mates.


  4. That is why Drudge, InfoWars and several other online venues have now emerged as the new mainstream media.

    So screw mainstream media because its liberally biased but conservative and libertarian bias is alright??


    1. No one wants to listen to any network that is completely biased and I include CNN and FOX. Druge tells it like it is on both sides. That is what you want to read. Also the BBC gives an international perspective on things so I like listening to them. What these journalists did was the cardinal sin of any journalist. The first thing you lean even in jr. high when you take your first journalism class like I did is YOU MUST ALWAYS REMAIN NON_BIASED.


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