Body Language of Recent Trump Accusers All Show Signals of Deception with Hillary Supporter Gloria Allred at the Helm

Having written the book Body Language of Liars, I know a thing or two about deception. As  a result of my  intense analysis of all of Trump’s recent accusers of his sexually harassing them, I have found that they  showed signals of deception. And unlike Gloria Allred who is representing many of these women,   I Ido not have an agenda. I am unbiased in my reporting and do not favor one candidate over another.  Gloria Allred is clearly a staunch Democratic supporter and was even a delegate for Hillary Clinton.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 2.14.16 PM.png

I have never been a delegate for anyone . I am in no one’s political pocket. I have met both candidates up close and personal  on several occasions and they have both been warm and gracious to me. I have no hard feelings towards either of them. Even though this blog is about Trump,  knowI would do the same thing for Hillary if accusers came out about her and showed signals of deception.

First and foremost why would anyone report Trump’s bad behavior 24 days into the election and not sooner? They had a whole year to do so. Yet now it comes out. This does not sit well with me.

There is no question that Trump acted like an immature teen 11 years ago as he was trying to impress  Billy Bush he was “the man”  but if you really stop and  analyze what Trump said , he was talking about his being a famous celebrity  ( and he was a new one at the time with his show the Apprentice)  and how as a celebrity he found he  had  access to women , many of whom would him you do anything to them and who allow him to cross all boundaries  “including grabbing their pussy” Yes,it was crude and lewd and unbecoming of a  man running for  the highest office in the  land. But he was not running for anything then, He was just another entitled celebrity who found that he could take liberties because he was famous.

Unfortunately this is  a reality and extremely common with many male celebs as I have seen it with my own eyes. Because they are rich and famous they have access to the most beautiful women, many of whom would do anything for them just to touch that fame. I have seen it with my own eyes.I have seen female fans take liberties with celebs. I even saw one come up to a celeb with whom I was dancing and grab his genitals right in front of me.  Look at all the rock stars. Many of them have admitted that they got into the business to get women. Many of them wouldn’t even garner a second look if they weren’t in a band or had fame with the exception of Brett Michaels.I have also seen it the other way. I have seen a celeb have his arm around a woman’s back whom  he just met and try to unhook her bra. And she bragged  of it later and laughed about it. So it works both ways.


Trump is all bravado when it comes to his being the ladies man as he admitted during the debates . As we all heard and saw he admitted that he grabbed no one’s pussy.


Trump is all bravado when it comes to his being the ladies man as he admitted during the debates as he admitted that he grabbed no one’s pussy. We also see how his bark is bigger than his bite when he got of the bus and didn’t even touch the  soapstar  even reach his hand out to her. She was the one who did as you cans see..


He didn’t  have any contact with her until Billy Bush told her to hug Trump.  And even then he was stiff and stand-offish. She is the tone who touched and grabbed him.

Trump may be a lot of things but he is not insane and he does not go around touching women’s privates. Now that the bus incident happened and was blown way about of proportion in my view in terms of EXACTLY what he said and how it was interpreted, it gave license to a lot of “15 minute of Famers”and wanna be;s to come out and tell how he harassed them.  Well if he harassed you , I ask ALL of them “WHY DIDN’T YOU COME OUT EARLIER?”  Why did you need Gloria Allred to hold your hand when you fake cried and do a presser?  And these allegations occurred 25 to 38 years ago. The did not happened yesterday, last week, or even 5 years ago.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.07.56 PM.png

Let’s look at the body language of these accusers. I won’t even bother with the ridiculous contestants who said Trump went backstage when they were dressing because that is ridiculous like Miss Vermont’s claim that he came backstage at the Miss Teenage America Pageant.

First of all these girls are always in some state of dress or undress as they get in and out of costume changes in minutes to get ready for the next song and dance number or gown or bathing suit competition So backstage is a giant dressing room with everyone from dressers to technical people to choreographers, to producer to other  TV people  to executives who own the pageant ( like Trump) – men and women, coming in and out freely.

There are also racks that the girls can go behind if they are super shy. The woman have chaperones at all times and there is no foul play.  This is especially true in underage pageants like Miss Teenage America. This I can assure you as I have been a judge in the Miss USA Pageant before Trump bought the brand. If I owned the brand, I would be backstage as well to make sure there were no issues. And there are issues backstage- plenty of them that often require  an executive in charge’s decision.


Here is a former  Miss Utah who has accused Trump of kissing her on the lips.This is a clearly ridiculous non-story and smear attempt. For someone who is describing how Trump kissed her on the lips this former Miss Utah is sure smiling a lot as she describes both encounters with him. If she was so put off by the kisses he gave her why didn’t she turn her head or tell him to stop it. I would never let anyone kiss me I didn’t want to kiss me- not even once and definitely not twice And then she describes it as a quick peck.

So she is making a mountain out of a molehill here. If it was a long drawn out makeout kiss or a French kiss with a tongue in her mouth I could see her point. But this is ridiculous. And fyii in showbiz a quick buss on the lips is often standard fare. And at 3:22 you see where she leaks out the truth that she didn’t think he was trying to hit on her, yet she comes forth 15 years later. And then she is asked about what she thought about Trumps leaked bus tape and she immediately cries on cue and starts talking about her little daughter and cries bigger tears as she says “you think of sending your little daughter out there with men like that” WHAT???? Trump was talking about grown women not babies when he spoke to Billy Bush on the bus.

Then she says you look at your sweet innocent daughter and this is the world I am raising her in as she referred to an incident by Trump on a bus that occurred 11 years ago, which is less worse than times are now. She doesn’t have to send her baby daughter anywhere . If her daughter turns on the radio and listens to some hip hop,she is bound to hear far worse things than Trump said as she listens to being called a bitch and a ho and other vile references.

If her daughter goes online she will see far worse than what Donald Trump said. She will see nudity and sexual acts and if one of her her little friends show her the right link to click. She may even see porn or Kim Kardashian engaging in a lewd oral sex act. And then this former Miss Utah leaks out how her father worked for Ronald Reagan. After watching this laughable contrived tape, it is clear that this was yet another smear attempt.

And if someone did this to Hillary and tried to smear her in this way, I would say the exact same thing. Mis Utah’s 15 minutes of fame has just backfired on her in my view. In her attempt to smear Trump, she smeared herself.


screen-shot-2016-10-15-at-2-41-02-pmNow we see a Gloria Allred client with Gloria  at her side holding her hand as she fake cries  just like Gloria does for all of her other clients during her pressers. This woman is a  Season 5 Apprentice  loser who hit Trump up for some money for a restaurant she wanted him to invest it. perhaps he said no and that is her motive for coming out 24 days before the election.

What first struck me as odd was the way she spoke to Trump calling him  “dude” and using colloquial terms that no one would say to a boss – especially Trump if she was previously on the Apprentice and if she was looking for him to invest in her business. I also doubt that Trump would use the term “tele tele” as he is not one for cutsie  indirect phrases as we have seen. She said  that she said to him “COME ON MAN GET REAL” First of all if Trump was told this (having the narcissistic personality that he has) he would have told her to leave. Trump cannot tolerate disrespect and this disrespectful verbiage would have turned him off. completely. Also why would she say “man” to someone whom she was looking to do business with. Based on his personality type I seriously doubt her tries to kiss her again after he rejected her and mocked her by saying  “get reeel” as she said. It does not ring true to me. Then she reported she said “Dude you’re trippin right now.” To me that is complete BS as if she made any reference to Trump  “trippin” or drug related, he would kick her out immediately as he is extremely anti -drug of any sorts. Also who uses those phrases to a boss or someone with whom you were going to do business? The answer is no one!

Then she shows just how ridiculous she is by saying that he showed her a fruit basket to show her how important her was? Are you serious??? Trump, a billionaire  real estate mogul with the number one hit show on TV  doesn’t have to show anyone a fruit basket to show how important he is. He IS important and if she didn’t  realize that it shows that this is completely bogus in my view.

When one reads her allegation and stumbles over the words  that is the first sign something may be amiss. She has a fake crack in her voice which recovers too quickly for there to be any truth in what she had said. When your voice cracks and you are upset you continue that cracking for more than a millsecond.You may even be rendered voiceless as a result of the tesnion on your vocal cords. So when the recovery is so quick, it is usually fake. There were no tears as well. And if there were tears it would be even more ridiculous to show emotion over an event that happened 11 years ago in 2005.

And what was she doing in a hotel room with Trump in Beverly Hills in the first place? If she was there for dinner  as she said why didn’t she meet him at the restaurant or in the lobby and not in his hotel room?  It makes one wonder if this  this a consensual sexual liason that was about to take place.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.04.47 PM.png

Now we have an accuser who claims to have been on a now defunct airline – Braniff Airlines with Trump, sitting in First class 38 years ago!

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.37.01 PM.png

She began by showing photos of her as a young woman with short hair to show how she looked back then. As we all know by now, Trump has and has always had specific preferences regarding women and beauty and with all due  respect this woman does not to me seem like she would have been Trump’s type . Trump tended to be more attracted to a curvier  and bustier woman that was more glamorous.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.37.15 PM.png

As she recounted the alleged incident I see many signals of deception from her hands moving and her fidgeting, excessive blinking. When she said that it was a shock that Trump’s hands were all over her she does a micro head movement where she shakes her head no. This means that his hands may not have been all over her. Also if there are no body language signals that you are interested  in Trump or flirting with Trump his narcissistic personality  would not pursue you. So my question is ” Did you give Donald any signals that indicated you were interested in him for him to make that alleged move on you? Di d you say anything provocative to him or were you indicating that you may have wanted to get involved with him on a physical level?  It takes a lot of effort to move the seat divider so if there were no signals coming from you, Donald would not have wasted the effort based on his personality type. I should point out that there was a man who was an alleged witness to the event from the UK who said he say this woman all over Trump and up  in his space.  When she says she hesitates to use the term : he was like an octopus with 6 arms allover the place: she shakes her head no which is also a sign of deception on her part.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 3.52.56 PM.png

Then she blows it when she says if he stuck with the upper part of her body she “might not have gotten so upset but when he started putting his hand up my skirt :. As she says this the palms of her hands are not showing- only the back of her hands which to me shows deception. She also purses her lips after wards which is another signals of deception to me.

The fact that she says its Ok to touch her top but not her lower part, says a lot to me. Itis all related to the ” pussy grabbing comment.” that she is no doubt riding the PR smear train about.  As a woman if a man touched my breasts I would be just as upset as if he touched my lower parts.

In fact one day I was walking along a busy street in NYC  on my way to a meeting when  a stranger wearing a nice  suit came up to me and suddenly grabbed my breast and then briskly walked away.   I immediately ran after him and clocked  him in the jaw and screamed at him while he was standing there holding his face. So as a woman if I didn’t want a man to touch me  I wouldn’t allow any part of me to be touched and I would have made sure he knew it. That was not the case with this accuser. She said she would have been OK for him to touch her breasts and not her “pussy”. Then when she says :that was it” she looks away and looks down, further indicating deception to me. And that was it for me as I could no longer listen to this woman who clearly had an obvious :pussy” related agenda which she essentially leaked out.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.04.37 PM.png

Now we have yet another accuser from the 1990’s Apprentice who leaked out a smile as you see here. That is the first signal of deception. If  I was telling you the story about that Toxic Man on the streets of NYC who grabbed my breast while walking  down the street, you can rest assured I would never be smiling. Instead you would see a furrowed brow and a lot of upset as I re-lived the incident. This was not the case with this woman- Kristin Anderson. She continues to smile and has a shoulder shrug and says “the person on my right unbeknownst to me was Donald Trump.”

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.08.33 PM.pngThis indicates clear deception to me with the smile and shoulder shrug. How could anyone who has not lived under a rock not know who Donald Trump was. Also the smile shows deception to me.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.11.04 PM.png

Then she said  “Trump did touch my vagina through my underwear”. Look at her facial expression!  You see a raised eyebrow and wrinkled forehead which indicates the expression of doubt which clearly shows she is not being honest here in my view. One would not show doubt but rather anger if someone touched their vagina.

Again this is all BS and getting on the PR  Pussy Grabbing Smear Train based on the bus  conversation with Billy Bush.

And for those accusing me of supporting Trump. I would support anyone including Hillary  who was falsely accused and he is clearly being falsely accused by these woman who show multiple signals of deception. To me it is maddening and despicable.

And of course if you look at who Kristen Anderson’s lawyer is. Tt is none other than Gloria Allred, the Democratic operative who is 100 percent in Hillary’s camp and is doing this obvious dirty job to  take Trump down as best as she can.

Well it won’t work because  people know Gloria Allred’s game and intentions and people can see that these women all have an agenda and are trying to pull the “pussy card” based on Trump’s  bus conversation with Billy Bush.screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-11-17-20-am

The race card didn’t work with former Miss Universe Alicia Machado when she clearly lied as it was discovered. Trump never called her Miss Housekeeping or Miss Piggy as was determined via her multiple signals of deception. Her credibility was also shot as it was discovered she wanted to murder a judge and had a nefarious spast. She then came out to say she was no longer talking about her allegations towards Trump, because they were not true. if you are telling the truth you suddenly do not shut up about it like she did. Also if Trump was such as pussy grabber why didn’t she say he grabbed her pussy? I will tell you why. It is because  the tape on the bus had not yet come out and Gloria Allred didn’t get to her to represent her.

So let’s  STOP all this nonsense. Let’s get to the real issues as what both Trump and Hillary can do for our country and stop the distractions and focus on pussy grabbing.

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 4.28.27 PM.png














15 thoughts on “Body Language of Recent Trump Accusers All Show Signals of Deception with Hillary Supporter Gloria Allred at the Helm

  1. To be clear, I’m not attacking you. I’m just curious and have a few questions.

    1. How can you definitively analyse body language or micro-expressions without first establishing a base line? For example, how can you see deception if you don’t know what truth looks like?

    2. Isn’t it possible that the victims’ timing is more related to the release of the Billy-Bush-Bus tape rather than the election?
    It may be to smear Trump as you claim, but I can also see how a victim might be scared to report against someone of power and wealth, especially in a he-said-she-said situation. I mean, even with the tape, the victims are facing a lot of doubt and victim blaming.

    3. I agree that Trump’s ‘bark is bigger than his bite’ but I’m not as sure as you that he ‘has no bite’. You admit other celebrities take these liberties. Why not Trump? In his own apology video, he says “I pledge to be a better man tomorrow”. That makes me question, has he been this way for the past 11 years, since he was 60 years old?

    4. This one is not a question. I just want to say that different people have different thresholds. You discredit the on-flight accuser by pointing out that she would be okay with breast touching but not any lower. Just because you would punch a man who touched your breast does not mean all women would. Some people fight, some people flee, and some people freeze. Also, some people can cope or even be okay with some amount of unwanted touch, especially the type of person that freezes. If the touching goes beyond that, it is no longer okay.
    Just a general comment.


    1. You know, why didn’t all those women accuse Cosby of doing what he did years ago, instead of the few who did? Because he was a man in power who could leave them without work or money or reputation.

      Why didn’t Trump get handsy when he got off the bus? He was being filmed and knew he was being filmed. While he’s an idiot in a lot of ways, he’s not stupid enough to grab a woman’s vulva on television.

      To Dr. Glass:

      You say he has never grabbed a woman’s “p*ssy.” How on earth do you know that?

      You say that one of the women wasn’t pretty enough for Trump to bother to assault, and you say things like “was that woman sure she didn’t give signals indicating she wanted that behavior.” That’s victim blaming. You also say that Trump didn’t act interested in her before the sexual behavior so that meant he couldn’t have behaved that way. Except, you know, sexual assault isn’t because someone feels horny, it’s because they want to show their power over the other person.


      1. It is not victim blaming.It;s the truth. And if you listen to the entire bus tape he didn’t day he actually grabbed pusies. he said you Can grab them by the pussy. He also denied doing it at the debate and showed no signals of deception so I stand by what I wrote..


  2. Dear Ms. Glass,

    What does it indicate when a person habitually wags an index finger when lecturing or giving long answers? How about raising arms as if in supplication? Both in front of the public or peers.

    Thanks in advance, Sally



  3. Thank you for this. I am not a body language expert, however, it has always fascinated me. I have analytically watched the footage of these woman accusers. I seem incapable of watching anything without me subconsciously analyzing it! Along with the convenient timing, their mannerisms, and the all too obvious Gloria Allred to the rescue, it seemed apparent these women are false accusers. Especially The Apprentice 5 accuser – reading form a script, with Allred hovering over her, making sure she stays on cue. Who needs to read a written statement when supposedly recalling what should have been a very emotional incident. As I recall, all of the sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton, including the mother of the son he fathered while governor of Arkansas, they all came forward very quickly. They didn’t wait decades, or have fake tears, even though their experiences would have been awful. They showed anger, and frustration. I hope and pray all the schemes of the liars (Hillary especially) are all exposed (but then they are being exposed and as usual, the mainstream media is ignoring most of it, because it seems the important news in America is not illegal immigrants or imminent nuclear war with Russia, it is Trumps potty mouth.) Thanks for your article – it was fascinating.


    1. Couldn’t a lot of the body language that you used as evidence also be signs of nervousness or stress? Fidgeting or excessive blinking could be due to nervousness of being video recorded or stress of reliving the memory. Playing with your hands could be self soothing.

      Dr. Glass –
      What about accusers who made claims months and years ago? Like Ivana Trump, Jill Harth, Temple Taggart McDowell?


  4. I don’t care about pig-in-a-poke-Trump or our inevitible next President Hitlery Clinton!
    Write about Casey Anthony! She is MY President.


  5. Dr. Glas, thank you so much for this article! Sometimes it is so difficult to see who is telling the truth, that it really helps to have the unbiased observation you provide.


  6. What about the People magazine journalist accuser? The media is saying she told 6 people immediately after the incident even though there were no eye witnesses in the room when the alleged incident took place. Can you tell if she is being deceptive?


  7. OMG.. I dont have a degree but you said out loud what we’ve been thinking all along!!

    Im sure you’ll get all the haters but you keep on giving your perspective..
    You are not alone and we are ALL entitled to our opinion.


  8. I trust your analysis, Dr. Glass. The motives of Gloria Allred are under suspicion and automatically casts doubt on these testimonies.
    I’m repeating remarks I accidentally wrote under the Madonna post. I don’t blame you if that post didn’t make it!
    Trump appears to be interested in girls and his daughter Ivanka, and that’s much,more more disturbing than these allegations. I don’t believe mature women interest him.
    The lack of emotional control and need to even talk locker room junk at 59 years old makes me question his emotional health. But, the photos of him touching his daughter’s hip and allowing Howard Sfern to refer to her as a piece of xxx is not normal. Behavior.


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