Trump’s Body Language Shows Shame As Well As Anger at Bill and Hillary


As Donald Trump begins his apology, we see his furrowed brows and wrinkling of his forehead and  a tight jaw,  which indicates he is very angry that he has to make an apology for actions he did 11 years earlier.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.01.23 PM.png

His tone is very defensive and his anger escalates as we see his lower jaw jut forward as an indication of this anger.


As he continues to apologize, we hear a monotone which is very unlike Trump’s usual inflected and lively ,animated tone. His eyes could also be caught moving back and forth  as he was clearly reading the teleprompter in his scripted message in a monotone voice.
Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.09.20 PM.png
Then he says what we would never expect to hear out of Donald Trump’s mouth, “I pledge to be a better man tomorrow.” As he says this, he  brings shoulders together and slightly hunches over, indicting shame and sincere contrition.
Then  Donald moves his body forward as though he is addressing you personally.  We  now see the Donald we know, animated  and intense as he says that ” this is nothing more than a distraction.”
Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 3.12.41 PM.png
He is now his facially animated self as he says” we are less safe than we were 8 years ago”.  As he says this,  he turns his head to the side which appearrs to be a sincere gesture based on the context in which he is speaking.
Next, he says “ I ve said some foolish  things” as once again he pulls his shoulders inward  as a signal of embarrassment and shame.
Now we see a very confident Trump as he says ” there a big difference between words and actions of other people. As he says this he squares his shoulders in confidence . And then, in a more animated and louder tone he says ” Bill Clinton has abused women and Hillary Clinton has bullied, attacked, intimidated and shamed his victims.”
In general, he was sincere and showed remorse and shame for his actions as was demonstrated via the shame gestures of pulling his shoulders forward and hunching over a bit. However, he was angry that he was put in this situation of being no doubt forced to atone for his behavior as indicated by his monotone, reading the script, and angry facial  language of a furrowed brow and wrinkled forehead and tight jaw. But then we see the Donald we have come to know as he comes out swinging with squared shoulders as he uses this opportunity to pummel Bill for his abuse of women and Hillary for her behavior towards Bill’s victims.
Once again, this is a body language blog, not a political blog. I am not showing any favoritism or partiality towards one candidate over another. Donald Trump is the focus of this blog because he was the one who apologized. If Hillary was apologizing I would do an analysis of her body language.

9 thoughts on “Trump’s Body Language Shows Shame As Well As Anger at Bill and Hillary

  1. The only thing Donald Trump is sorry for is getting caught. The “apology tape” is an excuse to try to implicate Bill Clinton (and, by association, his wife) in worse sexual acts that Trump’s hot air tape.

    It’s also engages in two different logic fallacies – non causa pro causa ( or post hoc ergo proper hoc) and ignorantia elenchi. Taken together, these imply , “How dare you come after me for saying things everyone says!?! Don’t you know this is all Hillary’s fault for being married to Bill who is worse than I am! Don’t you know who I am?”


    1. I, and I’m sure many others, would love to hear Hillary or Bill say any apology over their many grievous acts. Bill, for the many lewd and criminal behaviors towards women. And Hillary, oh my. As bad as he is, he looks like a Sunday school teacher next to her. From all the abuse she inflicted on Bill’s victims, to the many scandals dating back to the 70’s and up to the present, to the violation of national security, breaking of laws, violations of duty as well as many, many lies to the American public and Congress. She said a fake apology for using a private email server, but her apology was not authentic. She knew what she was doing was wrong. It was criminal. And she, in her fake apology, attempts to make us think it was a silly, juvenile mistake. She’s only fooling her few supporters who need to wake up. Trump may have a big ego, and have a potty mouth but at least his apology was sincere. (His potty mouth, according to many who worked in the White House, is nothing compared to Hillary’s! From what has been said by many that have worked for and around the Clinton’s, she is rude, mean and vulgar)


  2. With respect, your blog is heavily biased in favor of Trump. You shouldn’t claim to be otherwise. It’s evident in the language you use to describe the candidates’ actions and words, in this post and all other posts.

    For example, in your first observation of Trump’s body positioning, you say “…which indicates he is very angry that he has to make an apology for actions he did 11 years earlier.” It’s reasonable to claim that he is angry but the cause is unjustifiable. You are already pardoning his actions and showing your bias.

    I think you’ve valid points in analysing his sincere regret, but then you finish with, “However, he was angry that he was put in this situation of being no doubt forced to atone for his behavior…” and “But then we see the Donald we have come to know as he comes out swinging with squared shoulders as he uses this opportunity to pummel Bill…”

    Again, you justify his anger in a sympathetic way. You have no proof that he was “No doubt forced”. Not only that, you don’t consider other possible emotions indicated by a “furrowed brow, wrinkled forehead, and tight jaw” like disagreement with his words or shame.
    Then, according to you, Trump “pummel(s) Bill”. ‘Pummel’ is a word that favors Trumps actions. ‘Cheap shot’ is a verbal phrase that is biased against Trump. ‘States’, ‘says’, and ‘concludes’ are examples of unbiased terms you could have used.


    1. No it isn’t as I remain non biased. . It is just the truth. And you no doubt, not being a supporter of Trump felt inclined to say this. And to answer your concerns
      1 re stating after 11 years, I am reporting the facts. It was an incident that he spoke 11 years earlier when he was beginning as a media star and trying to impress a young and impressionable Billy Bush by how effective he was with women ( which turned out to not be the case as we saw on the video). I am not pardoning anyone;s actions. I don’t condone pussy grabbing of any sort.

      2. Trump has never apologized for anything. He was not happy to do this at this juncture so whatI said makes sense and is accurate as no doubt the RNC forced their hand for him to do this. If he wasn’t forced into it you would have seen more contrition on his face instead of anger. But then his anger suddenly surfaced in a full blown way,HE did indeed square his shoulders and turn his focus on Bill and Hillary. So once again what I am reporting is indeed accurate.

      3.I don’t justify anyone’ anger. Anger is anger and I report it.You are seeing what you want in this blog and not what is. And after studuing the nuances of body language and verbal and non verbal communication for 30 years and writing books ont he topic those are the tells that go with anger. The shame was evidenced through a micro-tell where he pulled his shoulders forward.And yes, like it or not that signifies shame.

      Pummel is an adjective that is stronger than the word said or rect. He pummeled.He went for Hillary and Bill with all his verbal might nd let loose his verbal anger. That is the word which accurately reflects the word he used. Cheap shot is not a pejorative term either and does not reflect any bias on my end towards Trump.

      With all due respect only I as the author of the blog can tell you my intentions as to whether I am biased or not towards Trump, not you as you do not know what is in my mind or my actual thought. Only I can tell who my actual thoughts and I am telling you I am not biased towards Trump. If I was I would openly sing it from the highest mountains and say that I support him openly. But I don’t. I am non-biased and can be that way because I know both of them on numerous occasions. They have both been gracious and lovely to me and I have no hard feelings towards either of t hem.

      That is why I can report exactly what I observe from my expertise in an objective manner.



      1. If you really are not biased, then take my comment, among the many others, as constructive criticism. Your writing style is not objective. It’s full of judgement, opinion, and unsupported inferences. Of course, you can continue to do so but don’t claim it as fact. That is terribly misleading.

        For example, in your opinion, I “no doubt, not being a supporter of Trump felt inclined to say this.” You make this claim without evidence. I, being the only one who can tell you my actual thoughts, shall clarify. I felt inclined to say something because some other people surely trust what you say unquestioningly. Those people should know when your claims are and are not backed by evidence. I could have made my initial comment on so many of your blog posts. You have been interjecting personal opinion with fact for years.

        I know you have 30 years of personal and professional experience. That’s why I’m commenting. I hold you to a higher standard than someone without that experience. I know you know the difference between a peer reviewed paper and a story or a book. Im not criticising you for writing stories. I’m criticising you for claiming they are facts.


  3. I find it interesting in the comments are criticisms about a very good critique, that ones don’t ideologically agree with, therefore, labeling Dr. Glass as being ” biased…… not objective……full of judgement, when that is exactly how the accuser is being. And on top of it, offering “constructive criticism”. I find this absurd. To offer the author, a professional and expert, “constructive criticism”. Claiming the expert is not stating fact, as if their own accusations are in fact, fact. Someone is confused, and I doubt it is the real expert.


    1. If you had any of the education necessary for an MD or PhD, you would know that Dr Glass does not offer sufficient evidence to support her claims. A BS would be able to identify all the problems in her various blog analyses. I think you, and only you, are confused.


      1. Professional jealousy much “Dr” Ken Glade chiropractor who adjusts bones. Why don’t you stick to you area of expertise a and I will stick to mine- the area I spent 30 years doing. if you knew anything about my field you would know that it is based on science and it is also an arti in being able to read that science. So back atacha as your comment is BS.


  4. Dr Glass, wow. Firstly, I never claimed to be a chiropractor. I wrote my name as Dr Ken Glade to show a point that anyone could claim to be a doctor in these comments. Note its similar to Kat Smith. Secondly, I think its highly respectable to read body language and micro expressions. I think the claims that you make in your blog posts are not reliable.


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