Trump Shows Off For Billy Bush With Toxic Talk About Women As Bush Eggs On And Instigates Trump Hug Soap Star

In analyzing the hot mic tape, from Access Hollywood,  Trump ties to “get down”  by showing off  and trying to  bond with Access Hollywood anchor, Billy Bush,  who is half his age as they both engage in graphic “locker room talk”  about women. But when  reality hits and a  beautiful woman, a soap star named Arianne  actually ends up in  front of Trump, we see  a different story> We see that Trump is all  bravado and all talk as he greets her professionally. But then Billy instigates the situation by  encouraging Trump to give the soap star a hug which turned awkward.

Donald shows off  to Billy Bush how he took a “Nancy” ( perhaps Nancy O’Dell, Bush’s co-host at the time) and  tried to hit on a Nancy, a married woman and even took her furniture  shopping but that she shot him down “like a bitch.” Trump’s use of the word “bitch” is not referring to the actual definition which is “female dog,” but rather the colloquial term which according to the urban dictionary means “Modern-day servant” or aA person who performs tasks for another, usually degrading in status.” So in essence, Trump was relaying to Billy how he :degraded “himself by going after a woman and failing with  his advances towards her. He justifies the failure by stating that she was married.
Also, the fact that Trump would want to hit on a married woman shows how Trump is into the challenge and how little respect he may possibly have for the sanctity of marriage, since  most people would consider a married woman off limits.
In licking his wound from getting  rejected from this married woman, Trump  now cuts her down by saying how she has the “big phony tits” . The use of the  slang word “tits” as opposed to “breasts”  is a more demeaning term as he describes how the woman changed her looks. In essence, he is using a derogatory term to trash “Nancy” for rejecting him.
Then, Billy  excitedly screams out to Trump that his “girl is hot as shit”. In the purple. It is hard to tell to whom they are referring. It can’t be Melania who  actually is Trump’s “girl”  ( his wife). The sudden excitement in Bush’s tone indicates that it is a woman he has just noticed  is wearing purple. The  “your girl”  reference may be  a  reference  to the girl Trump is about to meet for the show or to do a scene with in the soap opera as that women turned out to be wearing purple. But it is unclear as to the exact identity of the woman in purple.
Bush is hyper reactive as he yells out “Woah” “My man” to Trump, thereby indicating that he looks up to Trump as it pertains to women.

Then Trump calls Bush a “pussy” which according to the Urban dictionary is  slang for “women’s genitals” or for “someone acting weak or cowardly”. In either case, it is a demeaning reference that Trump is making towards Billy Bush.

Then the two of them see a woman, and are not sure who it is. Bush says that it better not be the publicist. He then reassures Trump that “it is her”- meaning  the woman whom they are supposed to meet- a soap star.
Trump gets back into “impress Billy Bush mode” by saying that he needs some Tic Tac ( a breath mint) in case he starts kissing the woman. He continues on by saying
that he is attracted to beautiful women and starts kissing them like a magnet. If this is true and not just bravado, it shows that Trump has no boundaries. In this day and age just kissing any woman to whom you are simply attracted to like a magnet, can find you ending up in a sexual harassment or a battery suit. Billy further encourages Trump as he engages in a hyena- like cacking laugh.
This causes Trump to further try to impress Bush with his next statement – that he just kisses and doesn’t even wait. If this is true, the statement shows an impulsiveness on Trump’s part as well as a disrespect as he doesn’t “even wait” for the woman’s reaction  or permission to kiss her. Instead he just lays a kiss on her.
 Then Trump goes on to even further impress Bush by letting him know that when you a star, women will let you do anything ( which is sadly true having witnessed it first hand in Hollywood throughout the years). But the statement shows an objectification about woman and a disrespect for those who let him do anything to them. In afiton, the statement reflects his entitlement.Bush of course, eggs Trump on by saying to Trump “whatever you want.”
As a result  of  Bush’s verbal encouragement,  Trump steps it up a notch as he  escalates his “impress Billy Bush” talk by using more shocking references to show just how far  he can go and relays  all he can do to woman, simply  because of his star power.
He shockingly says “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” Now we hear Bush cackling away. Then Bush  immediately changes the subject and refers to the woman they are about to meet  , whom he and Trump observe from their vantage point on the bus. Bush, in reference to the woman , says that all he can see is legs. Trump agrees that the woman’s legs look nice.
The next statement  reflects how concerned Trump is about his own image as he says that “it is always good that you don’t fall out of the bus” like former President Gerald Ford did. Obviously Trump is preparing to make an entrance from the bus as Billy instructs him to push the door handle down and out.
Now we see Trump emerge from the bus. But we don’t see Trump kiss the woman in the shoulderless dress. Instead, we see Trump  simply taking the woman’s hand as she extends her  arm for a handshake.
Trump appears gentlemanly  in contrast to his ” on- the- bus -impress- Billy Bush rhetoric” and cordially tells the woman it is nice to see her .
and then Trump  introduces her to Billy Bush.
Billy greets the woman by name- Arianne, as they shake hands while Trump looks on  in the distance.
The woman turns to Trump and asks him if he is ready to be a soap star? Trump looks directly at her, making eye contact as he stands  a professional  arms-length distance from her, while Bush now continues on in the  background.
Trump is being very professional as he stand at a  safe distance from the woman with his straight posture as his focus is on the task at hand- her making him into a soap star.
But after hearing all the “pussy” talk and Trump’s  talk about  spontaneously kissing beautiful women “like a magnet,”   Bush seems to be surprised that Trump wasn’t delivering  all that he told Bush about  during their on the bus chat.
So Bush, forgetting the intention of why Trump was there with this soap star in the first place- to have the woman try to turn him into a soap star, Bush immaturely and unprofessionally focuses on his and Trump’s on- the -bus personal conversation and tells the soap star that Donld just got off the  bus and  inappropriately asks her to give Donald a hug.
She is taken aback  as she literally  pulls her body back while looking at Bush as though  he is crazy.  Trump’s mouth is a bit agape as he seems surprised by this as well.
But  Arianne  obliges and puts her arm around Donald’s shoulder. Unlike his on-the bus- ungentlemanly rhetoric, Trump acts as a gentleman  by asking Arianne if she would like a little hug, especially  since Bush has manipulated the situation that was not Trump’s idea or intention to hug Arianne. Because he was feeling awkward about the situation ,Trump uses the word “darling” as he refers to  Arianne , he says this  in order to create more comfort during an act which is more intimate than he originally intended- a hug.
Trump reluctantly seems to give her a hug and a reluctant tight lipped kiss on her cheek as indicated by his stiff  body language and tight facial muscles His head does not move towards her and he is not smiling. This indicates that he does not seem to pleased about doing this . Furthermore, he says to her “Melania says this is OK.” This shows the reality that Trump was indeed thinking about Melania and trying to not disrespect her publicly. Even though he showed a of this  bravado  to Billy Bush about what he does when around beautiful women, truth be told, it appears to be all talk and no action as we have seen in this scenario.
While this exchange  between Donald Trump and Billy Bush took place in 2005, eleven years before Bush became a big on air celeb and Trump had any inkling of running for the highest position the land, it shows two men being obnoxious and disrespectful about women  where one  is showing off for the other while the other  is egging him on. But when push comes to shove, all that bravado and toxic talk about woman is just a lot of hot air as we saw in  the tape.  Trump didn’t  do what he claimed to do in regards to  women.
Since the emergence of this tape. both men  issued an apology. Bush said he was young and immature  and that he is embarrassed by this tape. Trump has also issued an  apologiy for offending anyone who listened to the tape.

3 thoughts on “Trump Shows Off For Billy Bush With Toxic Talk About Women As Bush Eggs On And Instigates Trump Hug Soap Star

  1. Wow, how much did Donald Trump pay you for this “analysis”? The woman he hugs is wearing purple to clarify that for you, and he doesn’t say Nancy O’Dell rejected him “like a bitch,” he says he went after HER like a “bitch.” Maybe a dog in heat. Why is it so impossible for you to accept that hes capable of reprehensible behavior? What the heck are you viewing that no one else sees? How much footage do you need to witness until you admit it’s a lot more likely that Alicia Machado was the honest one?? Doesn’t motive matter?


    1. What is wrong with you, you nasty hater.
      1. Donald Trump didn;t pay me anything as I am in no one;s pocket and I am on no one’s side politically.

      2. And you don;t have to clarify for me that “The woman he hugs is wearing purple” as we ONLY knew it after he emerged from the bus. Prior to that it was unclear. And to clarify it for you, Billy Bush instigated that Arianne ( the woman in the purple ) hug Donald. Donald did not initiate the hug.

      3. And the fact that bitch was used is the point I was making which was used as a degradation.

      4, And if you could actually read the blog with clear open eyes instead of all the hate you have in them you would see that I do indeed accept that Trump is capable of reprehensible behavior and state this clearly in my blog.

      And to answer your question i am viewing his body language where he was not the one who instigated the hug but that Billy Bush encouraged Arianne to hug him and I am hearing a statement analysis of someone who is disgustingly disrespectful about women and talking about entitlement that he grab their pussy because he is famous.

      And if you didn’t get that from my blog that you haven’t read it or read someone else’s blog.

      And Yes Alicia Machado was found to be a liar and what she said turned out to be false. This was a woman who had an self reported eating disorder way before Trump. He had a criminal past and even threatened a judge’s life. So her character was in question. I stand by what I wrote as there were too many signals of deception I observed with her. And if motive matters, it was Trump who owned the brand of Miss Universe which is about beauty and perfection and publicly letting people know that he was standing behind Alicia Machado and not firing her – a person who gained 60 pounds and who was not what he signed up for in repping his brand he owned at the time. So his motive was to do a presser at the gym to let it be known he was working on the weight she was criticised for gaining by the press and she was working out at the gym. So YES indeed motive matters.

      This is not a political blog so take your political hate elsewhere. It is about body language and communication skills of all newsmakers.s So the motive here is NOT political and not pro Trump or pro Hillary. It is just a report on their body language and communication based on my 30 years of expertise in this field.


    2. Why are you so ready to crucify Trump, as well as the author/expert of this blog, which you are able to access for free? Why is it so impossible for you to accept the analysis? So impossible to accept Trump may be a decent person? You seem very angry that there may be a different analysis, different from the biased rhetoric of the mainstream media and hateful Hillary and her team. How rude you are. Don’t claim the analysis is done by someone viewing what no one else sees. MANY have seen the obvious, biased smear tactics of leftist-controlled mainstream media. MANY have seen thru it. And MANY are not buying it. The export author of this blog is clarifying professionally what many have felt. Many, such as the tens of thousands that show up at Trump’s rallies (he’s obviously more popular than Hillary. While at Trump’s rallies, there’s still 5-10,000 outside of the huge arenas filled with 20-30,000 people, while Hillary can’t even fill a school gymnasium. She has to do fake rallies in front of green screens). It was obvious and clear with the bitch thing, Trump was referring to himself, acting like “a bitch” demeaning himself by being in the servant role of taking a woman furniture shopping to get on her good side. The analysis is very good, clearly well done. It is interesting how the people obviously on the left all scream out that Trump is a “hater” and “hateful”, yet all too obviously spill out vitriol and hatred to anyone not agreeing with them. This is done on blogs, at rally’s, even at restaurants. I have never seen a more hateful group of people as the entire left liberals. Wow, this election cycle has been a real eye opener. It has caused me to run over and embrace the right.


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